Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Skillshare Class

Tatiana Ambrose, Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction To Creatives Teaching On Skillshare

    • 2. Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing

    • 3. How To Create Free Coupons

    • 4. My Top Facebook Groups To Promote Your Skillshare Classes

    • 5. Premium Enrollment Monthly Calculation

    • 6. Earn Bonuses From Your First Class

    • 7. Conclusion: Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

Welcome back to Part 5 of Creatives Teaching On Skillshare!

In today's class we are talking about facebook marketing and how to promote your Skillshare class because let's face it there will be a time where your class isn't enrolling as many students as you want. 

In Part 5, we will cover:

  • Pros and Cons of marketing your skillshare class on facebook
  • How to create free enrollment coupons
  • My top recommended facebook groups I use for marketing my class
  • How to calculate your monthly payout on skillshare¬†
  • What bonuses you can earn from publishing your first class on Skillshare

I want you to use your creativity and share your passion with the world, teaching online is not as intimidating as you may think. There are perks to being a Skillshare teacher! So go ahead and enroll today :)

See you in class,