Facebook Marketing Q&A - Likes But No Conversions, $0.0001 PPE Ads & Page Like Vs Boost Your Post

Rohan Dhawan, I Make Things Go Viral...!

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1 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. @AskRohanDhawan Episode 1


About This Class

Welcome to @AskRohanDhawan show where I will be covering online marketing questions each week that YOU ask me. This particular class will discuss 3 VERY important questions about Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising.


0:56 - Why are people liking my ads but not converting?
6:29 - Is it even possible to get $0.0001 per post engagement?
12:57 - Facebook Page Like Ads Vs Boost Your Post Ads

You will discover what to do if your post is getting a lot of engagement (likes) but NO conversions. See exactly how to handle this situation and increase your sales, leads or whatever your goal is. You will learn how to reduce your ad cost down (even to the possibility of $0.0001 per post engagement – often termed as the three zeros club). Last but not the least, you will find out which ads are better: Page like or Boost your post. 

How to ask a question?

Simply comment on this class discussion board to get your questions answered OR ask me using my handle @AskRohanDhawan on either Facebook or Twitter (I check them more often). If your question is something that others can relate to, then I will feature it in the next episode.

Who am I?

I have been involved in internet marketing for over 5 years now, and have created several lucrative businesses online. All my websites receive over 100,000 views monthly.

I want to share everything that I have learned over these years so that my students have the right tools required to build a profitable and sustainable business online. Ask me anything by mentioning me on my social media handle @askrohandhawan

What my students think of me?

"Want to make PASSIVE income aka money while SLEEPING? Look no more! Rohan, the teacher, not just pours all his knowledge in short digestible lessons but he also gives outstanding and FAST support."