Facebook Marketing : How to advance your business with the right audinece. | Vivek Kumar | Skillshare

Facebook Marketing : How to advance your business with the right audinece.

Vivek Kumar

Facebook Marketing : How to advance your business with the right audinece.

Vivek Kumar

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Overview of Facebook marketing

    • 2. Create and optimize your facebook page

    • 3. Start with free marketing with the right content

    • 4. Marketing with Effective Facebook groups

    • 5. How to start paid advertising

    • 6. Select your Marketing objective

    • 7. Secret of this Marketing tool

    • 8. How to run a successful campaign

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course, you will get the working strategy with results. Start with Facebook sign-up, an audience, marketing mistakes, how to solve them, marketing methods for better ROI and finally, if you did not get the result as I have discussed ... please let me know. Send a message. I'm here to help you

Facebook marketing is a great way to connect with the right customers and increase your business. Only you have to gather the right resource and use them correctly.

This is a small and productive course for those who are ready to take action with this strategy. Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur or want to start your advertising agency and much more. Everyone wants to master this skill.

You will learn all the ways that they will work or not. Facebook ads start with advertising and Finally connect with your audience.

Promote your products/services, get your clients, build your brand with the help of this course.

You can ask me directly as many as questions during any class. I'm always ready to help you.

If you want to know about the section of Business Manager, you will get an update of any class.

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Vivek Kumar


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1. Overview of Facebook marketing: all the U boat art of Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is part of hostile media marketing. Give traffic or pretence and toe outside or business people use Facebook toe, hang out and check daily items off their new bread. A bad news around the world Company used this door to show products and services to those people who have no knowledge off the brunettes. It's also the best way to entertainment. People are so very funny. Videos on for those and this is a part of marketing. There are more than two point do 1,000,000,000 Montel active users worldwide. So every business, whether it's online or off, like they try to find their client and one toe, I know how to get them with the help of Facebook. That's true. Your customers are searching for your products and you are also looking for some other doors, then will be helpful for business. Crowd Competition is increasing everyday, so marketing is playing an important role in an indigenous. There are so many off son available to the customer they are trying to figure out whether the Jews are not Facebook. Start drinking a user. When he signed off for the first time collecting from Merson about your interest. And so you seem the perhaps Philbrook can make ask agent gases about your interest and show you else that showed you're interested. It's only start with Facebook marketing. Think again about that. More than over Kato. 1,000,000,000 people are using the see their second single. They pretty much stay there and you condemned Beers Up is the mistake is a better way to develop any business if you learn from them. If you have made a mistake and you do not know it, then you are not going to improve or move forward. Whether you are in business or in life. Situation off first on Easy Mistake is a big campaign. I'm not saying Do not go with the big campaign, but don't know it starts with a P camping Only this is a good idea if you want to save time apart and money to be available. These mistakes Your Facebook page also plays an important role in your business. It's not about posting Lincoln then, without engagement, your base also having a seer school entry quite up to my Jason from battle time. Your cover for Doha videos tells the story about your business and defines what people are searching for. That is why it's a common mistake that people are not available. Your Facebook page also plays an important role in your business. It's not about posting belly condemned without engagement. Your face. Also have a seer school entry. Quite hope to my Jason from back in time, your cover for dough or videos down story about your business and defines what people are searching for. That is why it's a common mistake that people are not available. The next one will be an easier and random for my mistake. I made this mistake In my first years with me, we look for more results to start and take them. More is needed. It is better. Would we want to start with Finally one resource and start with other results are problems that you understand in the face of failure. If you're really the first place with business, then it will be great. Starting with your first mistake and learn from them is easy, counter mistaken. Make it clear now without moving it forward. This is a supreme mistake for every business, whether it's online or offline before starting any business understanding deeply. Don't try toe sell those things that people do not want but everything. People will buy things at a lower price. That is why we try to find a test advertising budget and people Miss Guy Glade for information and free of these products. Onley you need to review it on this side of their. So there is more than that. I know that this is working, but that is northern right way to do business. This will not work for any business in the long run. You understand it better if you're in your product is different and helpful for some people . So private Facebook ads and find your audience. That is why I'm telling you, whether you are selling your bring pool from or being in happily product, please be sure about Are people looking for the same or are these really great and valuable tease? If yes, then go within and get your customers is starting off with just their campaign is all about excitement. Meeting people start clicks and but Jesse operates, and your sales within month reach upto 1,010,000. It can be possible and Onley in some cases it did some time for your brands, value products and services. Every business face this problem in its time. So do notice. Start with just the paid campaigns, jack your business, your level free of charge and systematically after collecting some information just in the West a little and add what has met and therefore start lesson slow. The worst thing you can do is jump on a large scale with buzzard, and there's absolutely no clue or result. First bill your Facebook page and gets in a mature Still, If your basis is very new or don't have much engagement here, you might want to hold off on beer campaign. This defiance is how Lizzie is a business person. People, you'd say morose tools to collect all the information about an indigenous withdraw fee keywords and running at This is a better way to understand Andy businesses strategy, and you can get it glue have during an ad and get keywords with the minimum bidding strategy. Just get information, but do not copy and paste their heirs in your business hours. That's not going to work. I also come to understand that when I did it in the first month of my business. It's northern right me to do. Failure will come in your way because of your computer. Spent us tremendous amount of money and time to optimize the air that they are so into their audience. Their heirs will work. However, if you copy their full ed, you will not get a competitive that wanted. You can just copy somebody's air without knowing who what I doing and what's your business about. In the all the A certain person, your computers there are delivering true regions. Maybe you are saying wrong things at the right time. I think you are doing the wrong things to the right people. You end up failing, so do not do that. Have you ever visited your or other Facebook page? And it seems that all the contents were reposted repeatedly in a single day. I think your idea behind this increases the number off Alex and visitors on your product. It seems that you are justice spending your pace and your audience with the same content again and again. Don't surprise if they're like your page. Next one is promoting affiliate or sales based legs as your video spam condemned there is an old saying. You can take the horse in water, but you can not drink it by doing the same thing. You can get a lot of people on Facebook and click on your link. But when they go to affiliate sales space or deal direct sales bills, do not expect sales from them. You are thinking, Why do know people by? After all, they click your ads? They're not properly qualified due to their scarcity or simply due to accidental cleaning. However, you did not get the sales. Posting links directly is nor the right way to do with your products. You must first establish trust video audience. Some people may get a sort card to run their heirs or campaigns in a market is a cold automation tool, and people are getting results as well. But some tools are against the Facebook crumbs and condition that while it its policy, this can affect your advertising account. People used them because the claim 100% sales on organism and earn money while sleeping. If you are using these doors and make millions of dollars absolutely fabulous, but the business does not fully depend on optimism. If you have been in the business for a long time. You know that all businesses probably well in people's life. If they are getting results there you are in the best safe off your business. What will you learn in the scores? You can use this course as a business marketing for a start up. Because 30% of new business fills in its first year. You will clarify all your conflicting caution in this course. If you are thinking that just don't airs on Facebook and earned the number of sales daily, Facebook is not a money making machine. It's a great place to connect with your audience and Sarah valuable gifts, video products and services. I love walking through all the steps to create a successful campaign. So stay with me and ask as many as Kirsten you want, and it's still can find any results. I'm here to help. You will not get the same support anywhere you can learn from these my life campaign. I'm not telling you all the tools and matters. I will only teach you and will master the skills which I'm also using. In my business. It's easy to learn once you messed up this is skill. You will never get a failure in your business. Just invest in this is skill and get the customer for a lifetime. 2. Create and optimize your facebook page: If you have already Facebook, account for Facebook page and business manager count, then you can't escape this lesson. For Facebook marketing, one of the most effective ways is to set up a page for your fitness brand or for whatever cause. For many people, social media is part off their daily routine. If you didn't have a Facebook account yet, just sign off with your details. And after this you can look in me the details and your first job is done. It's time to great your Facebook pays. It is the best place to build your personal brand. So before getting started, defined your goals with Facebook. Bill, explore your business or community or public figure. So started anyone. We can create a Facebook page from your business manager. Also, Facebook business manager is the back and Facebook that allows you to control everything that happens on your Facebook business is both publicly and behind the scenes. Just create your Facebook page without an inside business manager and after that, control and manage your paid inside the business manager. Without further ado, let's get started. If you have business or personal brun, then write it down or if you want to create for the goes, then write it down selected category and then continue abroad. A profile picture for your pay. If you haven't right now, then you can do it later. Now upload a core picture and continue. After doing this, we'll do the rest of work inside our Facebook manager. Just type into your browser business. Dirt facebook dot com This is our demo account for staging purpose, but you will learn running a successful campaign from my business account. After enduring in your browser business dot facebook dot com, you will see the business manager account first. Unusual. Just create a business account from here. DYP, your business and a company. Facebook automatically souls your name here and dive your business email address. This can be different from your Facebook email address and now at your business details. Check carefully after somebody in details you will get confirm. It's an email your business manager countries Radio knob. You can add your Facebook based from here and at account or add people. Do your business military account. There are tons off features in the Facebook business manager. I'm going to tell you step by step through the most important parts to make sure that you are not missing anything first made some updating your profile. Check out. Have a few branded pages, both professional and personal. You delight their profiles and cover for those to promote their brand. Try Jackson and have that stories do not go be a base. Their profile. Many brands replicate a lot off the same factors between your sides. Blows or abs on their Facebook page. Now update. Your Facebook may 1st uploaded profile picture. Select the best part to make it attractive at a tower that uploaded. It would be great if you have a video for your cover. This is for the attention off your audience. You'll cover tells What did you business about? Let's start with business in four is still super important, particularly for your business customers. People want to know who you are. Click on about sex and and go for edit. Bracing for six in the past above description is one sentence super first description that gets right to the point. Another reason that about sex and needs to be the best one days is that whenever you're businesses check and a Facebook user tries to going over the name. A little box pops up, too, so it is along with the cover is link and sent for. Does it use? This is to its maximum effect in our case, be able to use this one. Marketing is not about your problems. It's all off people's choice. Fill this information. Write down your phone number, website, email address and your student hours if you have selected ever for your business added in prison. Um, if you need this, select your business products and serviced your conduct. Information needs to be full less. If you're a local business owner, addio, telephone number, address and all other conduct information to show people that you exist and that they can find you in real life. If your business is a chain with multi bill locates and you should consider creating your Facebook page for each location. Then the pages is start to show up at places, and our founding did awards. If you have and he had finally add a link to your privacy policy, busy save changes just as the name indicates. This is where you can tell the little bit about who you are in a very business camp room. What are your values on? How do you live by them? Are there any remarkable features that makes your business memorable? If someone is discovering around your Facebook MySpace enough to read this Tony, they really want to know more about you, so don't disappoint them. Let's take a look at this company story and get some idea so our 30% work. It's completely with our Facebook page less do some remaining work now published your baby story, this task the reader were the company stand for and what its value. No matter how you tell it, you need this information or you're about set up your call to instant button and then drove up your Facebook page or a tap in your cyber. It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in. The right mix of content with an effective CT button will help you convert farmer audience when creating a CT. Britain. Don't just tell your Facebook audience duty gets a so according to your business need select any of edible if you have a website lingo other perfectly that are clicking on the cold Western Britain, Very Villiard early in school and premier and finish so your city apartment is alive. Now let's take a look at the setting. Six. There are lords offsetting so many dead. The form can get really small when sifting through the Thompsons. There are a couple of key settings that you need to makes. You are unable. First is visibility. Is your pain visible to people on Facebook? Once your changes are modified on, your baby's ready, makes your it is visible. Second visited post. They want people to post to your base in a way that will be visible water. In general, the best practices toe have post Siri on, but with post more grace and enable meaning that people can impose and proposes. Do you? But you have a fighter. Say whether it's posted or not tired. If your business has an Internet focus, there are a couple off settings that you sued. Activate country restriction makes your You are visible to all the areas that your potential customer might come from. Now your face is in good condition and remaining steps. I will tell you in the coming lesson 3. Start with free marketing with the right content: it's time for posting content. Know what your friends are looking for? They always keep looking for something valuable. They won't inform ism, answers, bears or just a way to stay connected to her new project. They may have service, religion problems and questions. You'll have to step your game up to get you audience attends and grab those lights. Maintaining gives men with your post and ultimately get your audience to convert. Getting your peaceful place to a direct and more customers has a lot less to do with your business, then, about how you set up and manage the continue post answer and simply no, all the people who like to your base will get to see your debt. Actually, in most cases, only a small fraction of those people will see your death. Certainly, Facebook is actively working to limit free dropping exposer, and you would get until you can prove to eat that your content is really popular and matter video audience. Here are the steps that you sort of photo marketing Faithful is dead. One. Find your computers are Facebook. If you know their name, just simply type in Facebook. The first thing you need to do is to award reinventing a wheel that from your computer. What are they doing? Do not copy that. Onley. Get some ideas from them. Let's take an example. So we have some pages, really, due to social media, there is clear understanding off what the audience wants to see. Video mix of contend ranging from image, pose to live video branch, large and small are seeing tremendous growth. And gazing on Facebook is that number. Get your business's standard, understand it and come video on every list has businesses standard in remote stoves. LTD. Profile. Grand appear nous and condemned strategy. Understand that your NATO aliens has become familiar with house ordain brands for website are producing on Facebook. If they didn't make head and tail off your social media brand, they won't like your face anymore because it's so far from other industry standards. So your job is to figure out for Bayliss Standard Dennis Terlizzi. Other useful do So you can use for social media posts can for the amazing poster at all. This park for videos and greedy means human for video, just telling a story and all this part post app for Android and Also, you can find on iPhone. There are a lot of tools out there, but we are using them right now. If you need and you've or have any problem, then tell me I'm here to help you stay abnormal tree. What to do with your computer? Grandin. Lots of business owners post hold content on their social media accounts as well as their blocks. But in 90% of cases, content goes nowhere. People don't click on it like coming Go insane. What these people are doing it basically gambling. They're condemned for Resonate video audience. Don't do that, please. Now, to verify this, look at how many times that he's oh content God's here. Or like if you have no audience right now, you can promote your computer links and you will get some credit. D video. New audience. It's avian institution. You are not being or condemned because publisher off this link also get drunk again. You will get your Odeon. Possibility of this strategy is people will also like your base. Once you have built up in a his life, you can then start a Syrian your own condemned these leads to during traffic to your website Step number four. So we have just created a video for demo purposes with the help of human fight. So now pick your best performing condemned and scale of don't post content barely both condemned four times in a week. Post condemned with has bag with your brand or related to your business. Then take a look at your most performing content. At some point you are going even or other types of condemned and focus on the ones that performed the best upper getting this figure come up video on very low, preventing the president. Let's an example. This brand gets more like a dystopian, so get ideas and your article also has the quality. Then you come to this article. Maybe you should offer longer information more up to date with video and other graphic elements. Because of video marketing. Has future than a symbol exposed? A step Number six. Promote tagging and commenting by your users. This is a free promotion technique. Maybe you are going to medicine. Protects name When imposed, these four goals must drawing into your brand website or your Facebook page. You don't need to give just a free e book that has information people don't need anymore system. They already filled their brain with yourself for information. It's time to take action so people can find your correct inside your post and direct. Visit your website if their light and get say from here. Step number seven. Call your audience to take accent. If you have people who have already like you, remind them that they shall invite their friends. But first invite. Your friends are forgetting your base like you would see this information this work because of the birds of a feather flock together. People who say basically the same, pull off impressed and do you drink each of them? Step number big. It's time to use the insights of your bail. This is our damn obeyed, so there's no insight right now. They will talk about this isn't our advertising sex and so wait for him 4. Marketing with Effective Facebook groups: one of the most powerful ways to market on Facebook is through its crew feature. Although Facebook has been cutting back on the organic traffic it sends Facebook pages, the Facebook group have many advantages. When people say you're contending the group, they not only see the content, but also they can seals alike wouldn't when they clicked them. You have got new friends for your page. But the problem with the Facebook group, while the visibility for a lot of people, is quite good for the Facebook groups because it depends on the activity off group members . A. People are not active in your group that they won't get any notifications. This is a big drop. So have you promote using your own group? Fast thing you need to know is that you should create your Facebook group only when your Facebook page in the measure state just paired. Answer. So the audience inside you will let know who are your daughter audience. Once you have enough audience and this depends on your neck, you should then put up your group. It must be identical. Do your Facebook page. If you have a local that put your logo and motto there. The main keep the Facebook group is the extension of your brand that you created with your Facebook page. So give your group members reason for coming back and it's dead in your group. This happens only when will you give your friends and purity content in your group that is not available on your Facebook page. The 2nd 1 is Market Toe. Other groups. This is the most important part off Facebook group marketing Facebook Group. Just supplement for traffic for your Facebook page. You probably not grow as much as force, so you have to go to other groups which have already done a great job, a direct eyeball of audience that you want to direct, go to those group and become incredible member. This means in West time for them to become a local expert or credible authority. If you are the first person to always comment and your comments are always insight or bringing you information to the group and people sit up and will bear Denson, people will consider you as an answer for this community, and they most likely give you benefits about doubts that comes from your base. Once you have established credibility. Syria own bed content always engaged in any group dear, maybe headers and credits, but it doesn't matter. And my last in pretended, Don't be a spending person. Just post links in a group and don't come back. Use your Facebook page insights when you post high quality content in your groups. 5. How to start paid advertising: this is the next stage toe. Connect with your audience. If they don't know about you, it's time to find with the help of fits vocals, but first learned to use this tool. Just click on Great Years and you will get your answer manager, but we will do it from our business manager account. If you didn't connect your head account in your business manager, then you will not. So the audience inside stool. So please connect your account in your business manager that I have already told you. And now all upcoming lesson. You will go through with my business matter here, so I will say that the secret of a successful campaign. But first learn about arrogant audience Inside stool. Let's click on audience insights. Joe's an audience to start. Now, click on everyone on Facebook. It's time to create an audience that you want to connect with your business. Now choose their locus, and there are your audience. It could be anywhere around the world. The selector is rain and gender. 40 Rory ins. Now it's time to intrest sex and where we need to focus Facebook. They saw you many interest sex in here, but we need to understand Facebook's algorithm. There are over real target audience. Just visit your Facebook account and enter your target keyword Really? To do your business. Let's take an example. I want to find people that are interesting learning Razon. So why entered? Fight on in search bar builders such bar. There are many sections, but we will select pages and from sidebar, click verified. Then you will get many other similar business that are giving the same products and services as you are giving. It's time to find your audience also, so just go be any valuable babies and based in the interest section in your audience. Inside stool are preparing the number of interest you will saw your audience range. You can use other adamant Saxons to if they needed. You can see pages, likes a location and activity off your audience and read them carefully. The religion. See educational level and job title After getting an overview off your audience. Just save this. We've used this audience for our eggs 6. Select your Marketing objective: Now that you have to remind what your goals are, it's time to start about what kind of ads you will lead. Facebook has a variety of different ads type, and there's something for just about every type of marketing gold. The great thing about Facebook egg is that there's no one size fits. For all nonsense, you can accomplish the same goal with a variety of different else. Type to keep things as simple as possible thing or acts as falling into one of three categories are earnest consideration conversant. If you expect to survive and try in the world of social media marketing, you are going to have to trust the data that data doesn't like. And that's what I chose to focus on. I bring this up to draw attention to the reality that rather driven marketing, Mr Disease will always be the foundation for long term, consistent group. You can't pick the right type of head if you don't know what your role since our I won't be diving into deep each type. If I did that, we will be here only. Let's dive in. Facebook will help to choose an executive. Let's link and find out. You can place your mouse cursor at the side of any objective. I use many of them. But right now, only using one. Yes, of course. Because I will teach you inside my campaign. Have digital work on this ad. Upset has given me the best return of investment. Let's talk about in the next lesson. If you have any problems in this lesson, please type your message. I'm ready to help if you need it, but you need to walk before you can drink. 7. Secret of this Marketing tool: Yes. Sounds cool. If you learned 80 skills, you will get up to 50% return on investment in Facebook marketing and all my successful campaigns are built with this tool. I'm also using the free Wilson and is still getting the bathroom teachers from on my campaign. Just getting started for free signing with your Facebook. Come and continue and okay, Yeah, You have just taken the first step, Sierra login information about your vision. It slipped your role at people in your company, your clients and your experience with the campaign. Continue and connect your Facebook, be selecting Hobson and continue. And finally you were inside its marketing do in the sidebar. There are many sections, but we will only discuss that Really use it in over Facebook's strategy. If you want to know more about need sex, and I will update by new lesson. If you have any questions, just send me a message. So now it's time to discuss the giver sex and just enter a greeting decks for your first time for you to do your paid growth tool had its own at one day live chat. Saxon very chaired video golden terrifically without going to Facebook. Go back to our automation Saxon. Click on that keyword and creating you and keyword that is lead to your products or services. Great, and you reply for this keyword. This masses will big leeward when your audience clicks on this keyword. So right some valuable mansiz for your audience so that they can the leak or come to you. Do not miss Let them or just give some three books people are no longer looking for. Use less evils. You can add a burden. It's time a cold Jackson burden when they pressed this burden. Then, verily, go just enter a website. Errors you get had more absence if they needed. Now just published this keeper sex and you learn 60% skill for Facebook marketing. Now it's time for paid advertising. 8. How to run a successful campaign: Now it's time to run a successful campaign that will give you a general audience for your business. Just logon business. Familiar Collect on air Similiar. I hope you have corrected your ads. Account with your business manager. If you haven't, you can create your account inside business. May Earlier, you will see the animal near Death Sport, where you will manage all of your campaigns. Let's see how to create a successful campaign. Just click on, create this. Is your campaign desperate? Choose your campaign and give it a name that you will show in your report. You have the truth. Deception if they needed, create a split test. If you want to find the bass singers from your ads before running the actual campaign and budget optimization, it's apart off the bidding strategy. I didn't get much up. It's so I will not and make any of choice for this campaign. Now just create your headset. Give it a name. Your audience size is too broad. Let's make it healthy. Choose very wonder bread traffic. He will select a messenger. Now. The most important part of the campaign is the audience. Just look for the hopes and that meets the condition of your head customer ideas who have already interact with your business, and you dragged them with the help of Facebook pixels pixel that you have install on your website or any landing pages look like audience. Reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to your bastard Existing customers. You can create the look like ordnance based on your custom audience to create a look like you're custom audience needs to will have it least 1000 people. If you have already have a custom audience, then select your Robson and go with any sex. Um, but in our audience lesson, we have already saved the audience that we will use for this camping. Select your saved audience and look at your audience. Help from the sidebar looks great and your audience is defined for this campaign. You can also add it your audience. If you want to join something now policemen sex, and if you want to edit, just edit and choose where you want to show your heirs. But for the best address regional, leave it automatic. These estimated results depend on your daily budget for this campaign. When you change the daily budget, there will be some reflexes. This Upson van you choose schedule post and run on a specific day and times, and this one. It defines your ads delivery. Select your choice. Want to link clicks impressive and unique visitors, And this one is also helpful for ads. Hillary. With the help of Big Cap, you will get better rituals in pro person or the deserts off your red when you are charged . Selector. Upson Rituals link. Click and next is delivery type. Select a standard. If you don't want to spend your budgets as quickly as possible, this is the last sex. And will you need to pay attention because all successful campaigns depend 80% on the section. So please take a rest if you're tired. And if we start with your first mind, so bored this video and come back with full up a tentative energy, So let's get it started. It started with media flies. Choose your media if you have video files or for those If you want to get drawback from your computer or other running, it's just type into the search bar and select info and earth you will so active at and running ads in different countries, select your one and check the kind of running ads. It could be four toes or videos in their media sex. Um, just get an idea and past your ads, you can search for as many as brands as you want. So without wasting so much time, create your media I have already created with that always spark Post rules for getting media file have already been mentioned. If you want to know again, right your comment after uploading a media file. Just Jack Previ were. Here are more ups and do so in your health. Just type up text that you want to connect with the audience and convince people why the to your products and service. So make an attractive so your audience will split on ads and want to connect with you right a headlight. Tell them more about this. Each would be in gazing and attractive. It's time for call to accept button according to the product. Select your ups and re select get over because off the offered that we're giving with Burnitz, you are all perimeter. It is optional and used only for the purpose of analytics. Use if needed. Select Facebook pixels because it will track your ad campaign and gather information about the audience interacting with your business so you can create a custom audience with this tool, and it's very useful for an indigenous. The next time you will so add that have already been visited on your website and landing pill. It's easy to set up and install. Just create your own pixel and come back up there doing this. If you want to keep an eye on your audience with the help of Facebook, just previ your elves. It's time to set up your messenger. We have only because some templates that are using in running ads if you are running different ads every time you have to create a new template. Let's create. It will be great with emails and texts, so select this at your emails and right in its title. Now, this time you have tow, give them and afford that you promised in your head. Don't mislead them. Just give it free. Eva Copy in customer Sex and Jews Replay Button. After clicking it, they will get offers. Go to your manager at account and copy keywords that vacated and based here. Review in your messenger How your ads will look in your customers in books when they click or interact with your ads for the first time. I think it's working, and you can add more reply button from your manager account. But it would be nice to have it if you worked as a human being. Don't fully depend on boards. Just finished your template. You cannot added these only duplicate absence, so make sure you made your abs without any errors. Is time to confirm your ads? Wait for a few seconds and wait for Facebook advertising Team Review. If your heirs are error free or past the Facebook advertising policy, then it will go live within 5 to 10 minutes. 9. Conclusion: Hi. Everyone know what our campaign is now acting. I hope you have learned the skills to run a sector school campaign. You can also see our campaign and amount spent by the optimize our campaign. Therefore, the ghost prisoners is decreasing and we are getting the past regions. If you want to make changes, you can add it Any campaign if they do not have ended. After doing this, your ads will again the face review process. So don't worry, it will pass within Daniel. Now it's your turn. Just create your ads and connect with your audience. If you have any problems at these points, please let me know I'm here to help you. It is only one time investment for these campaigns. You can connect directly to your audience multiple times, collect on the order section and connect with them and you start getting don't know, just forced by something. Find out what major problems they are facing Are your products and services going to solve it? This is just soared Course on Facebook marketing. I didn't give you the infamous unjust you have already filled in your brain or from some were just a start. Your Facebook marketing for an image or your own business, I will have you to create a successful campaign. Thank you for watching.