Facebook Marketing: How To Improve Your Fan Page Performance | Kiss Sándor | Skillshare

Facebook Marketing: How To Improve Your Fan Page Performance

Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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14 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Three Benefits: Why You Should Use Page Insights

    • 4. Taking The First Step: How To Access Page Insights

    • 5. Basics Of Page Insights

    • 6. Page Insights Hacks: How To Analyze Data Like A Pro

    • 7. Hack #1: Pages To Watch

    • 8. Hack #2: Monitoring Your “Unlikes”

    • 9. Hack #3: Bonding With External Referrals

    • 10. Hack #4: Why Knowing When Your Fans Are Online Matters

    • 11. Hack #5: How To Create Viral Content

    • 12. Hack #6: Define Who Your Fans Are

    • 13. Conclusion

    • 14. BONUS - Working With Likealyzer


About This Class

This course will reveal to you the power of Facebook Page Insights to gain valuable insights about your audience and improve the performance of your fan page quickly and easily!

With just a few clicks you can turn your fan page into a traffic engine, increase the reach of your posts and ultimately generate more revenue by using a 100% free tool!

  • View key metrics about your page’s performance and make necessary improvements
  • Learn which posts have the most engagement
  • See data about when your audience is on Facebook
  • How to use a 100% free tool to increase the organic reach of your posts instantly
  • Crafting & sharing high-quality content that resonates with your fans
  • … and much more!

Moreover, I included a bonus lecture that will show you a little known tool called “Likealyzer” to substitute expensive social media marketing “experts” - 100% free of charge!

By the time you complete the course, you’ll be ready to reach more people on Facebook, drive more traffic to your fan page and sell more products by improving the performance of your fan page!





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Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I...

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