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Facebook Marketing: How To Improve Your Fan Page Performance

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Three Benefits: Why You Should Use Page Insights

    • 4. Taking The First Step: How To Access Page Insights

    • 5. Basics Of Page Insights

    • 6. Page Insights Hacks: How To Analyze Data Like A Pro

    • 7. Hack #1: Pages To Watch

    • 8. Hack #2: Monitoring Your “Unlikes”

    • 9. Hack #3: Bonding With External Referrals

    • 10. Hack #4: Why Knowing When Your Fans Are Online Matters

    • 11. Hack #5: How To Create Viral Content

    • 12. Hack #6: Define Who Your Fans Are

    • 13. Conclusion

    • 14. BONUS - Working With Likealyzer

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About This Class

This course will reveal to you the power of Facebook Page Insights to gain valuable insights about your audience and improve the performance of your fan page quickly and easily!

With just a few clicks you can turn your fan page into a traffic engine, increase the reach of your posts and ultimately generate more revenue by using a 100% free tool!

  • View key metrics about your page’s performance and make necessary improvements
  • Learn which posts have the most engagement
  • See data about when your audience is on Facebook
  • How to use a 100% free tool to increase the organic reach of your posts instantly
  • Crafting & sharing high-quality content that resonates with your fans
  • … and much more!

Moreover, I included a bonus lecture that will show you a little known tool called “Likealyzer” to substitute expensive social media marketing “experts” - 100% free of charge!

By the time you complete the course, you’ll be ready to reach more people on Facebook, drive more traffic to your fan page and sell more products by improving the performance of your fan page!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick. Your and I'd like to welcome you. I'll be half of my partners under kiss. Their brand new training calls Facebook page insights mastering. So this course will reveal to you the power off a little bit tool called Facebook Page Insights. It will help you to gain valuable insights about your audience at the market, and it will help you to improve the performance off your fan page quickly and easily. In this training, I'll show you things like how give you key metrics about three pages performance and make the necessary improvements to reach more people on Facebook without having to pay for acts . You will also learn which posts have the most engagement and why. This is the case. We'll discover data about when your audience is online when they're on Facebook, and how to use that information to increase the organic reach, offer post immediately and hate much, much more so. By the time to complete this class, you'll be ready to reach more people on Facebook, to drive more traffic to a website to a fan page and to sell more products by improving the performance off your fan page. If that's something that you want that Hey, this training is probably perfect for you. Join this class now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Meet & Greet: Hey there. What's going on? Patrick, Your and I'd like to welcome you to our brand new training called Facebook Page and Science Mastery. Thanks for being here with me today. I really appreciate your presence. So in this training, you'll discover a 100% free tool that will help you understand why and how people interact with your fan page and the content you post. You'll understand whether your current social media strand you works and have him prove it to get even better results instantly. So if you have a fan page in place, then I'm sure you'll love this training because I'll show you. How do you make the necessary adjustments to increase the revenue you generate from social media almost instantly? And he accomplished that wheel harness, the power of data and Facebook page insights. So I hope you are excited about what you're about to discover. And hey, I'll see you in the next video 3. Three Benefits: Why You Should Use Page Insights: probably you wonder why you should work with Facebook. Page insights. At least that's a question that I get asked very, very often. They're your three reasons why Page insights is an indispensable tool. With Paige insights, you can view key metrics about your pages performance. You can learn which posts have the most engagement, and you can see data about when your audience is on Facebook. So, for example, you can look at each of your posts and see which ones have the most likes the most Commons and most shares and the least negative feedback. You can use this information to create more of the types of posts that your onions is interested in. Scene. You can also learn about when your audience is on Facebook and published your post when you're likely to reach more people. So it's a great way to increase the organic reach off your post. All in all, Facebook page insights will help you to reach more people to get more traffic into craft battery content, and as a result, you'll learn more about the behavior off your current onions. You will get more website traffic, more email sign ups and at the end of the day, you can even sell war products and services 4. Taking The First Step: How To Access Page Insights: This will be a very short but important video because I want to show you how to access Facebook page insights now. To do that, locking into her Facebook account and then just go to your fan page at Baker is one of the smaller fan pages that we own a little. It's very, very simple. Can you see that? Have over here? It says. Insights. Well, that's the tap to access Facebook page insights who? Just go ahead and click on it. Great. And that's a Facebook page inside Stash Bird. In the next video, we'll show you around a little bit and explain to you all the key metrics and how to extract valuable data with this amazing tool. 5. Basics Of Page Insights: Okay, So in this video, I'll walk you through Facebook Page insights. I'll show you older, different features that this amazing tool has to offer. And then the following videos will take a look at how to make more sense off the data. I'll show you How do you handle the most important functions and how to take your marketing to the next level? Meaning how to generate more website traffic, how to increase their reach of your posts and so on. So the goal of this video is to show you around and to basically explain all the different features on the different sections inside Facebook page inside. So let's get started. The first pages, the overview tap right. So you can see the total amount of page likes new page like that. You gained the post reach and the engagement. Now this fan page that we run here, it's kind of an active, but it does matter at all because, well, if if your website if your fan page is active, then you will see the amount of peach lines that you gain here, or the amount of people that you're reached with your post. Okay, so this just gives you a brief overview of the General Peach performance. Then you'll see the top five most recent posts. Okay, so you see the post type the targeting on the total reach and engagement, then pages toe watch. You can compare the performance of your page and posed with similar pages on Facebook will talk about that later, but you can add pages here manually. If you want to monitor your competitors, they're like, Let's click on Likes. Well, first of all, we see, the total page likes in this case is it's 506. Then here we can even change and adapt the time frame that you want to take a closer look at right. We see the Net likes, meaning the organic likes, paid likes and unlike then you can see where your page likes have happened. You can see the number of times your patrons like, broken down by where it happened pretty interesting. In terms of regional, you see the post reach, meaning the number of people your post was served to right. Then, you see, likes comments and shares, and then you can even see height reported spam. And unlike information about that. And then we have the total reach off your entire fan page basically broken down into organic reach and page reach patriots. Well, we haven't about Paige and tap visits the number of times each of your peach taps was reviewed. Right then we have information about external refers meaning the number of times people came to her page from a website off of Facebook. So in this case is at baker google dot i t and google dot rs. Right post. This is a really important section that will take a closer look at later. First of all, you see when your fans are online and then you see basically all the post that you have published and a bunch of really great and valuable stats about, well, the type of post the reach and the engagement a particular post has generated. If you're publishing videos, while we have even information about that theme, amount of video views and information about 32nd views and also the top videos that you've published, right and then people, you can see well, basically who the people are that have like your page, you have information about your fans and the people you reach, which is not so important, but the fans. Action is definitely something you want to take a closer look at. So you want. You can see the distribution between your male and your female audience, right? You can see their age and also where they lift. You have information about the country and the city and even the languages that they speak . So as you can see, there's tons of information. First of all, you will not use all of that info. There's well, in my opinion, bunch of stats that are pretty much useless. Okay? And the reason why not so many people are working with peach inside because they have absolutely no idea or how to make sense of all the data, as you can see there thons of different metrics and data about your peach performance. But in fact, there are only six sections you want to take a closer look at, and that's what we will do in the following videos. Right? So, again, this was just a general introduction. I just wanted to show you what the different sections are, what information that Facebook page in science has to offer. But what I want you to do that. And that's That's an action item logging into Facebook and just basically play around with this tool for at least five minutes. Okay. You want to get a feel for what you can do? Just seriously do it. Log in playing around with Facebook peach insights for 5 to 10 minutes, you will see its lots of fun. Actually, Teoh to start gathering information about your audience about the performance of your page . And in the next videos, I'll show you how to work with that data. Okay, so now that you understood the concept, make sure to work with that tool a little bit, even though you don't have actually a clue what you're doing at that very moment. But it really doesn't matter. Okay? You will understand the next with you is a lot better ones. You got to feel for a Facebook page insights. So go ahead, take action, and I'll see you in the next video. 6. Page Insights Hacks: How To Analyze Data Like A Pro: Okay. Now that you understood the basic concept of Facebook page insights, I want to show you how to extract valuable data with this amazing tool. And the following videos will take a look at a few key metrics and techniques to make more sense of your data and which improvements to make to take your business to the next level. I'll see you in the next video. 7. Hack #1: Pages To Watch: the first really valuable Facebook page. Insight's feature is called Pages to Watch. You can compare the performance of your page in your posts with similar pages on Facebook. So what you want to do now is adding pages. Fan pages of your competitors probably even know them. In case you don't know who your competitive czar than just through a very simple research using good old friend Google and, well, just try to identify the five biggest and five most relevant competitors in your niche market phone. That's in this case. It's social media examiner Amy Poor, definitive digital marketer John Loomer, digital and online marketing rock stars. So what you can see here is the total amount of Page likes. New Page likes that these pages gained compared to your last week, then post this week, and the engagement this week came so lots of valuable day that. But now here's why this feature is so valuable. If you notice a huge increase in fans or an unusually high engagement, then go ahead and check out want these folks have been doing. Remember, your competitors are not really your competitors there. Your partners and the best case study of there. So what you want to do always is studying your competitors. You wanna learn from them, you want to learn what they do, and in this case, you can take a very close look at what types of posts they did and what topics they have covered. So if you see a drastic increase in likes or a drastic increase in engagement, then go to these websites, go to these fan pages and check out what they did. Probably there was something remarkable. So if you see something that worked, try to learn from that. Try to reverse engineer your process. Try to understand why a particular post really resulted in such a high engagement rate. And this run really help you to improve your business constantly. It will help you to craft better content. It will help you to well, talk to your fans in the different way, and it will really help you to step is staying more relevant and to drive more free traffic . Your fan peach. Because, as we all know, the higher engagement rate is, the more people you reach, the more people who are basically land ru website for free. Don't you won't have to pay for that traffic. So really trying to understand why the fan base of your competitors is growing continuously and why the engagement rate is so high in well in the particular time, in trouble again, make sure to monitor your competitors at your five biggest competitors to that section and monitor them from time to time if they gained new fans, or if the engagement rate went up drastically than try to understand what has happened on these fan pages. And besides that, if you're struggling with getting conned in eight years, Hey, this is just a great way. You get new ideas for new blood poster and your videos. Just go through these pages and just check out which post get a lot of engagement. And then you can just craft something very similar. So pages to watch is a really great feature that Facebook page insides has to offer 8. Hack #2: Monitoring Your “Unlikes”: another really important metric is the number off. Unlike Okay, so the fact that said you will always have some un subscribes, no matter how greater engagement is her great your condom. This I usually just watch for spikes in the unlike numbers. You want to try and correlate them with the activity on your page, and you really want understand why people are leaving your page? Okay, why they're really hit the unlike button. It is hard to NATO van the exact reason I know. But if there is an unusual spike, you will usually have a pretty good idea now the four most common reasons for someone to unlike your page or rolling following. First of all, maybe you're posting air 11 Contin consistently or low quality content, so it really happens that people are tired of content that's not relevant to them. So either it is low quality content. Or maybe you're exposing them to high quality condom. But it's not really what they're interested. It it's not really geared towards their problems, and probably you're not offering an adequate solution to their problem. So that's the first pretension reason, and well, to fix that problem. It's pretty easy. Just invest more time into researching and creating content and make sure that the content resonates with your ideal audience. Then a second reason. Maybe your content is not engaging enough. So you really want to entertain? You wanna educate? You want to inspire people? Make sure that the condom that you post on your fan peach triggers some sort off engagement . Then maybe the language was inappropriate. Maybe you just use some works that you shouldn't have been or the language that you used didn't resonate with your ideal audience of, For example, if if the average audiences like 50 years old and you were talking to them like to your best buddy than well, probably they were like, Okay, this page is not for me. Something weird is going on here, and these people will be like, OK, I really don't want to be a fan of this page anymore, because this is apparently not to pay for me, apparently and 30 years old for for all of that. And the fourth reason is that, well, probably you posted something that was too controversial. Now social media should be always a little bit provoking. There was I think it was going to have a sack. You, maybe you heard about that guy. He's pretty famous. He said that if you're not pissing some somebody, often social Media, you're doing something wrong now you want to be a little bit controversial on your fan page , but, well, maybe you talked about some religious topics. Or maybe you shared some political views that are different from the fuse of your of your audience. I know what you did that you really want to provoke your audience a little bit. You want to bring in a new view to look at things, but don't over do it. So long story short. There will be always someone who will, unlike your page. But if you will see some spikes and try to reverse engineer what has happened and again, the four most common reasons are that you were posting irrelevant content consistently or it was low quality content. The condom wasn't engaging in left, the language was and appropriate. Or maybe the post was a little bit too controversial. 9. Hack #3: Bonding With External Referrals: another really important metric that tells you where the traffic to her page is coming from . As this section here external refers, you want to increase exposure to your page on the science and bring you the most traffic. So if you see that there a particular website referencing to your fan page, obviously, if it's Google, then you can do a lot. But if it's like particular websites that refer to your fan page, then you've really wanted you two things first of all, get more active on their social media accounts. So when they have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, you want to be more active on their fan pages. Just add some real value, joined the conversations on their social media channels, and the second thing you really should do is to get in touch with the website owners so you can ask for a co or, well, just first in gas blogging opportunity or a potential partnership. So you really want to treat your competitors not as competitors bet as partners, as friends, as businesses, other business entities that can support you, get involved with them and try to make new friends in your market, right? So these are the people who do the very same thing that you do, Probably They have insights that you don't have. And if you really work in establishing long term relationships, then you will see it will have a huge impact on your business in various ways. So again, get more active on the social media channels of the websites that are referring to your fan page and trying to contact the website owners. Try to get him on the call or at least send them an email. Tell them Hey, I'm here. Things were referring. All the traffic. What can I do for you? Try to become best friends for them. You won't see. At the end of the day, all of that effort will pay off. 10. Hack #4: Why Knowing When Your Fans Are Online Matters: another incredibly valuable feature. ISS this one here when your fans were online. So Facebook Peach insides collects the day about when your fans were active on Facebook, which is a really great featuring, absolutely love it, because if you know how to use it, you can increase the organic reach of your posts very easily. So first of all, what you see here are the days when they're online. So we've got Sunday 490 fans Monday 496 on average. Tuesday 486 Wednesday 474 and so on. And besides that you see when there active during the day. So you see that the lowest amount of activity is between like 32 5 a.m. Okay, they're like only 41 42 people on average online. And then at six o'clock, things start to wake up slowly. And while the peak during the day is somewhere here around 5 p.m. With 273 people, that's when they usually finish work. Now, why is this feature of this action here is so valuable when you post them? This is a big mistake that most people Do they just post well sometime during the date? Okay, Sometimes they post like the schedule opposed for 3 a.m. symptoms they posed at at noon. Sometimes they posted seven. PM Sometimes they post at 11 p.m. Now, if you do not post a lot, if you just make like one or two posts a day, you want to make that post during peak hours and you want to make the post 30 minutes to like after an hour before your audience starts to be, like, really active on Facebook because then you can make sure that your post will actually get seen by the most man of people. So in this case, I can see that again. They start wake up at 6 a.m. And then 7 a.m. A little bit more, more people are active. 8 a.m. We have 205 9 a.m. 234. And while that it starts to go up right and starts to peak like here that that's a certain plateau that I'm reaching throughout the day. But this part here is very interesting. So what I would do? And this is what I do actually is scheduling the post for, like, 89 a. M. Right, Because that's when people start to wake up and then I can make sure that they will see that post instantly. If I would post on 5 a.m. then I would have to compete against my competitors to reach to you know, these people here, right? So I would have to grip to bridge this gap somehow, which would be actually pretty hard because, you know, their friends start to post something other fan pages start to post something, so chances are that nobody will see my post organically and to prevent that Well, this is what you should do. Just post like an hour 30 minutes before your most of your fans start to become really active. So in this case, it's around 8 a.m. Nine a. M. And, well, I just can highly encourage you to do the very same for your family. So go ahead, jangled when you're fans were active the most, and then schedule your post accordingly. You will see that it will help you to reach the most amount of people organically without having to spend money on paid Facebook ATS to give your business to give your post more exposure. Go ahead and give it a try. 11. Hack #5: How To Create Viral Content: Here's another thing you can do and that is using Facebook Peach insights to determine your best performing content. So can you see the section here? Old Post published Just go in post and check out this feature here and well, you can basically see everything that you have posted on your Facebook fan page. Now, here's what I always like to do. We have information about the type of poster targeting their reach and then the engagement . So what you want to do is select the engagement rate from the drop down here, right? And then you really want you to check out your best performing posts. A case of this when you're at the engagement rate of 12% here we had one of 4% 5% um, 6% engagement, great, 7% engagement, great, 83% engagement rate, and so on. So you really want to take a look at your best performing posts? A. When they're really take a close look at each and every one of them. And you want to try to understand why these posts triggered the most man of engagement, right? Was that the post type wasn't a specific type of article that you've published, so you really want to understand what your audience likes and draw your conclusions. Based on these conclusions, you can craft better content. For example, if you see that your audience is responding to video and you like your video than go ahead and post more video content on your fan page. If you see that your audience loves long form content, well, then go ahead and publish war long form content. If you see that they love pictures and letters, specific inspirational votes, then just go a hat and do that. So this is something I can highly recommend. It will help you to develop a better social media strategy. And here's another thing you can do and here's another great thing that you can do If you see that he posed is doing particularly well right. If you see that there there are certain posts that get, like really high engagement right right off the bat. Then you can promote that post with pay traffic. So in this case we've seen in the past that this this post here had an unusually high engagement rate. So we gave that post more exposure we promoted that post. As you can see, it reached 1.9000 people organically and almost 37,000 people with paint Facebook at. So if you don't have a lot of money to spend on Facebook ads and you want to allocate your budget more efficiently, well, then just go ahead and used this tool here to define what condom gets shared a lot and then just take the next step and create some paid Facebook ants. Give that post that is already doing well. Mawr exposure. Send some pay traffic, kid, because, as you won't see, if you kick started a little bit with P, traffic will get shared again, and this will result in free organic traffic. Long story short. If you're trying to understand what condom performs really well on your fan page, if you really want to understand what types off Contin, use witchcraft and future, then well used to section here to define and to determine that type of content that triggers the most engagement trying to understand what's the reason that this post performed so well that resonate so well with your with your fans with your audience and then just create more content that similar to the one that's already doing well. And if you have some money to spend them paid Facebook ads, you can give that best performing and viral content a little bit more exposure, which will result in free traffic for your business. 12. Hack #6: Define Who Your Fans Are: let's been released. You want to try to identify where your fans live, where they're coming from. So if you click on the people tap, you have some really great information about the core demographics off your audience. So in case of that big African, see that 24% off the fans are female, 76% are male. I can also see the age distribution. So I see that the majority 37% are actually 37% here and 10% here. So 47% almost half of the fans are between 25 to 34. So the audience is pretty young, generally speaking. And then I see that well forded and 28 or from Germany, 13 or located in Austria. And so on. 19 United States. I can even see the cities they live in. 98 in Cologne, 33 Berlin, 30 Munich, 11 in Hamburg. And so on. And I even have information about the language of state speak. This is a really important section to get a better and clearer picture of who your audience ISS and well, this feature has two major implication. The 1st 1 is that it will give you eight years for your at targeting. If you know that the majority off your fans is male and between 25 34 if you're running P traffic and pains, you want to try to. Optimizer adds towards that age group towards that demographic because, as you can see, that's just 37% of the audience here. So when you see that a particular age group or gender is really predominant, you wanna use that data to test new ATS to splittist ads and see if you get better results . If you really reach out to that particular group of people and also in terms of countries and cities, if you see that, well, you've got thons of fans from one particular city than try to region to the people living in that particular city on lease. If you drive, pay traffic to your block, post your products. I don't know what you're trying to you with with Facebook at, but what you can really try is to target particular cities. If you see that there is one or two cities that are really strongly represented, then just go ahead, uses information and start testing. Start split testing and see if you get better results. And the second implication is that the state will help you to determine what kind of content to publish and how to speak to your audience. Now, in this case, my audience is very young, so definitely use a different tone than if my audience would be like 45 years or 50 years and older. Also, I can see that 76% of my target audience is male. Only 24% is female. So probably I would make posted are rather geared store men than women. So obviously one appeal toe only off your fans. But if there's a particular group of people that is like, that makes up for, like 37% off your organ, just as in this case that you want to strongly focus on that group of people again, check out the people who like your page. Try to understand who your target audiences, who the audience is that you're speaking to try to understand where they live, in what languages they speak and also how the gender distribution is. Take a look at particular H groups if they're very predominant and then used that information to test new ads, used that information to work on your at targeting and also use these insights that you gained to craft better content and to choose a adequate language when you're talking to your audience. 13. Conclusion: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learn. We covered everything you need to know in order to harness the power of Facebook page inside. So just go ahead and take action, analyze your fan page and take your marketing to the next level. And, hey, if you have any questions than feel free to reach out, we're here to help you and will definitely answer all of your questions. So good luck take action. Do they keep me updated on your progress? Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon. 14. BONUS - Working With Likealyzer: There's another really great tool that I wanted to show you. It's 100% free, and it's really one of my favorite tools. That tool is called like allies. Er so what you can do with, like Leiser is pasting the your L off your fan page or defend peach of a competitors. ER and like ELISA will basically measure and analyze the potential and the effectiveness off your Facebook fan page and the performance of your Facebook fan page. So let's say I want to take a look at the fan peach of Starbucks, so I all I would do is just pasting the your l off the fan peach of Starbucks in here. Okay, then you want to cling on enger. Okay, great. And like Leiser shows immediately what you do well and what you can do better. So, as you can see personally, have the general fan page rank here. Okay, so you get some kind of rating and you can compare it to other pages in your industry. So you see the average like rain. Then you see the average rank and food and beverages, and then you can even compare your fan Page two similar brands. And you can see how how your fan page performs are the vantage of the competitors. So first of all, you have some info about your page information. Okay, so this case, everything looks well. User names, OK, website about location, milestone page pages like So if you see some Red Cross is here than that indicates that your page needs some improvement. So let's see. That would be a Red Cross next to the website in the websites action. So that tells me that I have probably should submit my website. I should include it on my fan page in case they have a website. So this looks fine here. Page performance. Well, people talking about this is pretty low. Okay, so basically, they're page engagement rate is also 1.9%. So there is some correlation here in this case. I know. Okay, I have to do something about it. If the engagement rate is low and if the percentage of people talking about that page is also low, then I have to do something to increase the organic, reach the engagement rate on my page. So if you see that there is not a green check mark next to these two sections than well, you should definitely improve your social media posting strategy and increase engagement. Great on your fan page, then post by pages post per day is like 0.37. That means that Starbucks should definitely post more often. On the other hand, they get quite a lot of likes comments and shares post purred per type. This also looks fine where well, their timing is bad. The length of the post is also not good. Um, it's between 105 100 characters, so you should always keep your posts assured this possible because the shorter your post is the Mawr attraction. That post will get curiosity. You should ask more questions. Can you see that? It's it's really fantastic turn because you see immediately what you do right and what you do wrong, then posts by others. Everyone compose on your 10 million. Yes, this is fine. Post by fans happens on a daily basis. Response rate is catastrophic. Well, this something that shouldn't happen. And actually, in case of Star Rex, I hope they see that it's pretty embarrassing, right? I mean, they they can probably afford to hire like a bunch of people, a bunch of social media Manager said. Take care of their fan requests. So it seems like the do not answer it all to the to the post to the questions off their fans. Response time is also that good at all, so they probably just post. But they don't do any social media monitoring. So long story. Short use like allies er, and you will see immediately what you have to improve. If you see that the growth off your likes a slow well, then you should do something about that. If you see that the engagement rate is low, people talking about your page that this metric your is also very low. Well, then you should do something to increase the engagement rate. The organic reach. If, like allies were tells you that you don't post on the regular basis, well, then just post more often. If the timing is bad, then you should improve the timing and check out when your fans are online using Facebook page insights. We already covered that if the length of the posts bet Bolan just do shorter posts if you don't ask questions Well, just ask more questions, okay? So make sure to work with, like, Leiser. It's a great tool. It's 100% free, so go ahead and check it out.