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Facebook Marketing: How To Build A List With Lead Ads

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. The Old Way Of Generating Leads

    • 4. The Revolution - How Lead Ads Changed The Game

    • 5. How To Create Your First Lead Ad Campaign

    • 6. How To Target Your Audience Like A Pro

    • 7. How To Master Interest Targeting & Pricing

    • 8. Selecting The Perfect Ad Image

    • 9. Setting Up Lead Forms That Convert

    • 10. How To Craft The Perfect Ad Copy In 3 Easy Steps

    • 11. Getting A Privacy Policy

    • 12. CRM Integration 2.0

    • 13. Six Key Facts & Strategies You Should Know

    • 14. Congratulations!

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About This Class

This course will reveal to you how to generate leads, build an email list and gather relevant information from Facebook users with a brand new form of Facebook advertising. 

And the best part is that you don’t even need a landing page to grow your list!

Exactly, you can say goodbye to a landing page if you want to reach out to mobile Facebook users.

You’ll discover what lead ads are, how to set up converting Facebook campaigns and generate hundreds of high-quality leads like a professional Facebook marketing agency with just a few clicks.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Reap the Benefits Of Generating Leads With Lead Ads

These days’ people expect to be able to do everything from their phones. Mobile phones are where people communicate and discover the things they like, but historically, it’s been difficult for people on mobile to signal to businesses that they want to learn more about their products or services.

That’s why a few months ago, Facebook introduced a new campaign objective called “Lead Ads” that gives a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, like newsletters, quotes and offers.

Now lead ads are available to advertisers everywhere with a host of additional features that make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses!

  • Build an email list without a landing page
  • Gather 100% accurate & valuable user information with lead ads
  • Pay up to 50% less per email address

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to generate hundreds of leads, build your list and gather relevant customer information without the need of a squeeze page.

In fact, building a list has never been easier, so get started today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick Urine. I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partners and or kiss to ready training. Calm, neat ants. Mastery. This course will reveal to you how to generate leads building email list and gather relevant information from Facebook users with the bread. The advertising future, which Facebook introduced in June 2015 and the best court is that you don't even need a landing page to growing. He knows exactly you can say good bye. Your landing page does Cui's page if you want to reach out to mobile Facebook users and get them on your email list. So in this training you will discover what that's our how to set up converting Facebook and pains and generate hundreds of high quality needs, just like a professional Facebook marketing agency with actually just a few clicks. In fact, dealing a list was never easier. So get started today and hey, I'll see you on the other side 2. Meet & Greet: Hey there, Patrick here, and I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partner, Sandra Castor Randy Training called Facebook Lead adds mastery. Thanks for being our student. I really appreciate your presence. So on June 25th 2015 Facebook announced a brand new way to generate leads. I remember when I read that announcement, I good, super excited, and I felt like it's Christmas Eve, you know, because lead ads sold a major struggle that Facebook advertisers have, which is collecting information from prospect on mobile devices. It's actually you big pain in the ass to interact with Facebook users on their mobile phones, and you will find out why that is the case and the following videos. But with lead ads, Facebook introduced a pain free and faster way to collect user information of meats in particular e mails and phone numbers from potential buyers. So lead ads are a total game changer and because they are so great, we decided to create this training. So in this course you'll learn what lead at our why they're so great and how they'll make your life easier. We will also cover had to create lead, adds bass practices to you create high performing at campaigns and much, much more. So that's what I have to offer. Let's get started and I'll see you in the next video. 3. The Old Way Of Generating Leads: So what is actually the old way of generating leads? What is the status quote? How does it work? And what's the problem about how we reach out to mobile phone users? And what's a problem about trying to get information from them? The standard process is really the following, so you have a Facebook user around them. Facebook user. Let's call him Joe and Joe is browsing on as phone and you're serving an at to joke, asking him, Teoh, opt in your promising him some big benefit, like Freeburg Webinar that he can join something in exchange for his contact details like his email address. Right? So if you want to capture Hiss contact information, Joe has to click on that at. And then he will get forwarded to something called the Squeeze Page right, which is a simple landing page, which is selling the free e book, for example, and, well, he has to opt in. So again, the process is pretty simple. Joe is browsing on his phone, he clicks on an ad, and then he kind of leaves Facebook to opt in on the squeeze page and to obtain the gift that you promised to him. Well, they're five problems associated with this process. First of all, the user has to leave Facebook, right? They have to opt in on a landing page on 1/3 party website. They don't know. They don't know you. They don't know who you are. So it feels kind of strange to them and probably know that they're They're people who really protect their email address like Fort Knox. So if something is suspicious, if they don't like the design, if they don't like the wording off the landing page, well, you know, people are skeptical in general. So and And that's a reason why it's really bad. If a user who doesn't know you yet who doesn't know your business if you want him to Upton to provide his contact information on the external websites they're leaving Facebook is really bad, Right? Second, it takes time and effort to complete forms. Well, you're reaching out to Facebook users on their mobile devices, right? And I mean iphones or, you know, the smartphones that we use nowadays are not bad, but still a pain in the ass to you kind of complete forms, right? It takes time. I personally really hate doing that. So mobile campaigns tend to perform worse than best up campaigns. When you try to get sign ups, if you try to collect information from your users. If you try to gather elites so it really takes time and effort to complete forms on the mobile device, it's a lot easier to do that on the desktop. But the problem is that you know more and more people are active on Facebook on their phones, So mobile traffic mobile advertising is, you know, the big thing that is going on right now. But it's like kind of hard to reach out to these people if you want together and eat right . So there is like, kind of a mismatch between the importance and the development of the mobile advertising industry and the tools and the strategies that we have to reach out to mobile users. Third Mobile optimized Web site Right, That's what you need. You don't only have to have a website. You also have to optimize it for mobile devices. Then don't forget about the low times. If the Internet connection is bad, chances are that users click on an ad and you pay for death Click. But the user actually doesn't see the website because it takes, like, 10 15 20 seconds to load. Right? So they wait and then they go like, ask through that So you pay for the click, but you don't even get an opt in. And the last problem is, it's split testing. I mean, split hissing is really important. That you really have to split is a lot with landing pages, right? With squeeze pages. You don't only have to split us the ad meaning the at Creative Pictures headline the ad copy in general. Different targeting meaning reaching out to the female male audience. Onley testing different age groups testing different keywords. No, You also have to split us the landing page right and also splittist different landing page elements like the headlines listing different benefits. Trying a different landing page layout if you really want to scale campaigns, if you really want to gather lots of leads, you have to test a lot. You have to test on the at level, and you also have to test on the website level. So that's the problem about generating leads again. The user has to leave Facebook it takes time and effort to complete forms and mobile devices. You have to optimize the website for mobile traffic. The low times are often pretty horrible and you have to split test on two levels, right? That's the old way off the current way off generating leads of collecting user information . And now let's take a look at how lead adds changed the game of generating leads. 4. The Revolution - How Lead Ads Changed The Game: Now we want to take a look at how lead ATS changed the game of generating leads. So what is different compared to the status quote with, lead adds, you have to walk the user through three steps. The first step is an at It's a specific ad that we crate and, well, surprise, surprise. This ad is called elite at So that lead at has a call to action. In this case, it's a subscribe button, and if the user clicks on that subscribe button, a window pops up. That already pre filled the information that he said has submitted to Facebook, right? In this case, it's his name and his email address. So the information is already pre felt, and the amount of information that is requested totally depends on how you create elite at Fort. So the default. The standard option, is that Facebook will ask to submit the email and the name off that Facebook user. And again, he doesn't have to fill in the information. Facebook will pre feel that information based on what he provided to the network and then, once he clicked on submit Step number three. It's just a simple success. Confirmation So Facebook kind of confirms that the information has be sent to you to the advertiser, and that's it. It's so simple. You don't have to direct the Facebook user to 1/3 party website to a squeeze page. He doesn't have to leave Facebook. It's really as simple as that. And the great thing is that Step number one and step number two is totally customizable, so you can obviously test and create different ad creatives against like the picture. You can select the headline you can select the call to Action Button and also the seconds that the lead at form, as I said before name and email, is the default. But you can ask for a ton of information like the email, the full name phone number, street address, city state, country, zip code. Also, lot of demographic information like the age, gender date of birth, Um, even for the work email, if you want to bother people while they work right, so there is really tons of stuff that you can really ask for, and it's totally customizable, right? So that's the basic process. You create an at step number two ever user clicks on your ad a window will pop up that pre felt hiss contact details already. Then he just has to confirm and submit the information, and that's it. That user became your lead. So let's just take one more look at how lead ATS changed the game of generating leads, right? So as we figured out in the in the previous video, the problem about the old way of generating leads is that the user leaves Facebook. Now the user doesn't have to leave Facebook, right? So you just get all of his conduct details within Facebook, which is really quite convenient for the user. It's great for you. Time and effort to complete forms. Well, with the auto fill, it's super easy. It's super quick to provide information to the advertiser all that a user has seduced to click the submit button because Facebook already pre fall the contact details that you were asking for in that the user has submitted mobile optimized Web site Don't that's not required anymore because you don't even need to squeeze page no times. Well, no low times anymore because you don't need a website. You don't need to squeeze, but you don't eat the landing page split testing as we covered before. We have to split us on the website and on the at level. Now you still have to split this. But the split testing is limited to the at level, so you have to split is different creatives and different hurry thing options. But you don't have to split us the landing page to squeeze page. So that's one element that we can totally abandon and that's landing page split, etc. So I hope you can see the huge potential off lead adds. What's important for you to understand is that generating leads and reaching out to mobile users is kind of difficult because off the five key elements that we pointed out and lead as kind of tackle all of those five problems, these air doesn't have to leave Facebook. The awful saves a lot of time and effort to complete forms. We don't have to mess around with landing page with squeeze pages, worried about low time's wasting budget unclip ext And during that, the user actually doesn't even see the landing page because the low time is like 20 seconds and we also don't have to split us so much rights. Elite ads are great. I hope you will work with them. That's the general concept. That's big revolution that is going on with, lead adds. I hope you got the concept, and now we'll move on to actually taking action. And in the next videos, I'll show you how to create Lead adds how to create campaigns, that you can just reach out your target audience to mobile users and get all of their contact information that you need. 5. How To Create Your First Lead Ad Campaign : Okay, great. So let me show you how to create your first lead at Campaign to get started logging and her Facebook ads account and make sure you're using Google Chrome because you can only create, lead adds if you use the power editor. And as you might know, Power Editor is basically 1/3 party Facebook tool that is a little bit more advanced than the Facebook ads manager. So it's easier to create ads with the Facebook ads manager. But the Power editor has features that the Facebook ads manager doesn't have and also campaign objective that the EPS manager doesn't have. And one of these campaign objectives is leet ATS rights of generate leads with mobile forms . So download Google Chrome logging into Facebook ads manager and then just click entire editor. Now the power editor is not super user friendly. Even though it got a lot better. It's still a little bit confusing if it's the first time that you're using the power editor in this course in this training, I will not give you a full walk through off. You know, every little feature that the power editor has to offer, because, really, that's actually a topic for a completely separate course. I will only shoot the features that you need in the steps that you need to take to create lead at campaigns. However, if you have more questions on this on that topic on how to use the power editor first, feel free to reach out. I'm here to help you. So if you have really specific power editor related questions, even if they were not directly directly related to creating need at Hey, feel free to reach out, I'll gladly share some advice with you and Andrea. Question. Then there is also the Facebook help center for businesses. So just Google, Facebook Help or Facebook advertising, and you'll find the help center on Google. Actually can even click on that button here, and he will get Ford into the help center. So they have tons of information about you know, all the basic features that you need to handle The power editor actually, like an expert, so the power editor is a great jewel to work with. Sometimes you have to work with it. Sometimes you don't have to you if you need to work with it, don't get scared. It's a little bit confusing. But again, if you need help, just feel free to reach out. Check out the Facebook help center. And if I get tons of questions, is that if I see that the power editor is really hot topic, then I'll just create a course on that and obviously will get it. Get that kind of update for free. So parades her great tool and, well, what is the first step to create a lead at campaign? Do you see that tap here? Well, just click here. Then you can either use an existing campaign or create a new one. This is what we will do. So let's just give it the name. Let's call it lead ants. One buying type. Keep you toe auction objective. Well, that's the first step in the F creation process of used the Facebook ants manager. So Facebook wants to know what you're trying to accomplish with your ATS with pay traffic. What would he want from Facebook? Do you want more brand awareness? They want clicks to website desktop app engagement. The one or local awareness are for claims. Page likes Well, we don't want any of that. We want lead generation. We want to generate leads, so just select this option here to create your first lead as campaign. Then again, you can use an existing at set, which is a sub level off a campaign, which is really important for the targeting and the budget and the pricing. So let's just create a new That's it. It's call, it adds it one. And then that's great or first at it's called it at one. If you're done, just click on the create button. Great. Now navigate to the ad set level, right? Just click here on view at Set, so the first step is to choose a fan page. Just pick your fan page here. Daily budget. Well, how much you want to spend on Facebook? Get started with something like 5 to $10 or euros per day. I mean, you really the one to spend too much money right of the bat, like hundreds of dollars, unless you have really a lot of money to spend. The beauty about Facebook advertising is that you can test small and scale later. So instead of spending all of your money on one campaign, create multiple campaigns with different at sets with different ads and try to test as many different parameters as many different at combinations as possible. And if you see something is working, then just try to scale it gradually. If you sing, if you see it's working for 10 bucks a day, then just increasing budget to $2050 than $100. So you really don't wanna spend too much money right at the beginning. Test small. Don't get too nervous. Don't get excited about the possibility of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per day if you want to, Facebook will gladly accept that money, but really to make the most out of your budget cast smaller get started with a small daily budget. Then just keep that adds that. Keep the ads running for 24 to 48 hours and check your results. And if you see something is working, well, then just try to skate a let and if you see it's not working well, then test right test Different pictures test different headlines tested different targeting and salon, so test small $10 or 10 years is totally fine. Then you can schedule your at. This is something a highly recommend I am. The type of person really tends to forget that. You know, I created an ad or a test campaign, and then it keeps running for for days. And if you're the type of person than you should really schedule an end. As I said before, Keeper at running for 24 to 48 hours to get first data to see how your lead generation campaign is performing. But don't let it run forever, right? You have to posit at a certain time Now if you're 100% sure that you will check your campaigns and one or two days after 24 to 48 hours, then you don't have to schedule an Andy. But you know better be saved then than to be sorry, just set an end date. So today is the 29th of December. Let's just set it to, you know, 33 or 31st off. December 6. How To Target Your Audience Like A Pro : next we have to define the audience. So let me just give you a quick walk through off the basic process. The most important things you have to consider. Well, what makes Facebook so special is theme. The possibility work with so called custom audiences, you can reach out to you website visitors. You can reach out to customers. You can just upload third party data or the data that you gathered from people interacted with your business. And you can just use that data on Facebook and reach out to those people or create look like audiences based on the people who turned into into bios who already gave you money. Or you can reach of the the people who made it a very specific section on your website. You can even reach out to the ones who didn't convert throughout a sales process right to custom audiences. It's a little bit more advanced. I will not covered the details of custom audiences in this training because again there's a super complex topic. But really, if you have website in place, something you should do is insulting a retargeting pixel, craving a website custom audience and just gathering data about your website visitors because you can reach out to them, right? If you have a block that's perfect, you can drive P traffic to your block and then just create a lead generation campaign, trying to reach out to your block readers and trying to convert them into your leads and then inter buyers instead of reaching out to you in the Facebook users. We haven't heard about you and your business before. If it's possible, don't reach out to strangers instead, reach out to the people who already know you and your business and retargeting website. Custom audiences is really great. If you have a retargeting pixel in place, then just go ahead and you can select the Web stick custom audience next. In case you don't have a website custom audience or you just don't wanna work with website custom audiences because you don't have a website, for example. Hey, no problem. There are still plenty of targeting features and targeting options that you have available . The 1st 1 is the location right, so you can tell her get everyone in a very specific location. People who live in this location people recently have been recently to that location or people travelling in this location. So in this case we have Germany here you can get even more specific biting a specific state or, you know, a zip code or address or a city you can get. You can get really laser targeted that in 90% of the cases you will probably just focused on the people living any specific country. So what is important about this section here? First of all, use of usual said two people live in this country because chances are that you will reach out to travelers and this is something you don't want to write. You really want to reach out to native speakers, people living in a particular location. So let's go with people who live in this location. Now, if there are multiple locations, you want to reach out your let's say, there's Germany, there's the UK and there's the United States. What some marketers do is they just try to target and reach out. You all off these countries On the asset level, this is something I wouldn't do on the ad, said level. Try to limit the location to one country. Every market is different, even though you're trying to promote the very same e book or you know the very same lead form, you will get different results. Because even though the topic states is saying the people in those countries respond differently to your advertising, try to keep things as transparent This possible For this reason, if there are multiple countries they want to reach out, you don't enter here like Germany, United States, who came Australia, whatever really limited to one country at a time. And if you want to reach out to more countries, just make the necessary adjustments on the acid level. Create a new asset and reach out to that audience. H that's the next targeting option, right? Generally speaking, I would try to reach out to the people who are at least 30 years old. This is what I doing 95% of the cases. The thing is, probably at the end of the day you want to sell some kind of products or services, and especially if these are higher to get items. Hey, if you reach out to the Facebook users that are 18 well, they don't have the money to spend. But if you reach out to the audience That's older than 30? Well, usually they have a disposable income. Sometimes they're married. They have kids. They have Children. They have money to spend even several $100 right? So as a rule of them, try to go for the ones for the audience that is older than 30. If you're trying to sell something that's more expensive at the end of the day, unless your business is geared towards an audience that is between 18 and 24 obviously you have to reach out to that audience. If, well, that audience is really your market gender. Well, you can target both men and women. Man Onley Women on Lee This is something that's really market specific. If you're trying to promote, for example, a yoga class for single mumps. Obviously it makes sense to reach out to women on Lee and not men right or a dating service that is geared towards men. Well, it doesn't make sense of reach out to women, then languages. This is something you shoot, keep blankets blamed by default and, well, what do you do with languages is reaching out to a very specific audience in the country that is speaking a language that is not the official language of that country. So, for example, if I wanted to reach out Teoh, the German speaking audience in the United States, well, I would have to enter the United States here and then, well, the language German. So I would target everybody who's living in the United States and speaks German. If I want you to reach out to the English speaking folks in the United States, well, I would just leave that blank, right. English is the official language of of that country of the United States of America. So there was absolutely no reason why should specify that it will even harm you reach because a lot of people don't provide information on their primary language for the languages they speak. And, well, chances are that you will just not reach out to the majority off a potential audience that you could reach right, so only if you're interested in any very specific audience that speaks a language that is not the official language of that country than go ahead and to find the language in that section 7. How To Master Interest Targeting & Pricing: targeting Well, we have four different kind of targeting options. On the very general level. That's demographics, interest behaviors and more categories, more categories and behaviors. This is nothing I would touch, and the first step on Lee later, if you start spliced, is protesting your at right. But let's take a look at demographics. Well, what demographics? Who should be pretty careful? Because he can get very specific so you can target your audience based on their education level. For example, only the ones who have been to grad school or college. Or if you click on financial, you can target people based on their income. Life events based on the relationship right there. Married, single engaged. So with demographics, you can get very specific results. You can get super laser targeted. However, this is also nothing I would do in the first step. I would mess around with demographics once I got first data, and if I see I can do any better with this politicizing I've done so far, I try to narrow down my targeting a little bit more to see whether I'm getting better results. However, if you know that you're only interested in a very specific audience, right? You don't care about anybody else. You just care about the audience. That is single because you are promoting a dating service that is geared towards single men , then specified here. So on Lee, if you're 100% sure that, for example, the people or the Facebook users who have been to college or to grad school or the Facebook users who are in a long distance relationship, for example, are your target audience, well, then specify that here. But if you're not sure if you know the long distance relationship people will perform better than the ones who are in in your relationship, then please do not touch that section right so demographics or something I was usually use later in the at optimization process, however, the interest action. That's definitely something you have to use so you can select from a bunch of interests here. And there's really tons of stuff to choose from something I would do. And this is something what most marketers don't. I don't know why, but instead of going for generic keywords like fitness, well, what's the pro problem with fitness or let's see running, you have a business that is offering running classes or, you know you have an online course, for example, that is preparing people to run the marathon. Well, I love watching sports events, for example, on the TV, but chances are that you will never, ever see me on the marathon that takes place in New York in 2000 and 16. Really, the chances are that people are interested in something because they just are interested in sports and fitness and boxing. But they're not so much interested that they would actually buy a product in that space or a yoga, for example. Well, maybe I just like you got because my girlfriend does. You go for whatever reason, but I would never buy a yoga course. So that's why you should focus on buyer keywords. Try to identify niche related products and services in your market if somebody liked a very specific product. So let's say I'm interested in social media marketing, and I liked the website of an espresso at Espresso is offering 1/3 party advertising tool for Facebook professionals, which is even a little bit more advanced than the Facebook ads manager. Well, chances are that I would probably buy a product that's related to Social Media marketing, right, because I liked a product in that space, most likely because I'm either a customer or I'm really super interested in that particular product or service. But my mother, for example, like Social Media marketing on Facebook because she knows that social media marketing is one of the things that make a living from but she would never, ever byproduct in social media marketing. So really try to focus on products and services in your market. Thes are buyer keywords, and the second group of Beira cures a really specific brands, and you competitive your competitors. So try to identify the biggest competitors in your niche market, for example, would be social media examiner and the Facebook marketing space or digital marketer or Jon Loomer. So really try to go for your competitors, especially the ones who are selling products and services. Okay, so short request recap. Interest targeting is great, but try to focus on products and services in your niche market and try to reach out to your competitors. Okay, so interest action really important. Tried to work with that. If you're don't wanna work with custom audiences. Then you can even add the connection type. So this a great way to reach out to the people who like your paint or use her abs or who responded to your event? Well, if you have a fan page and planes or an app, that's a great way to convert your APP users or fans into elites and buyers. So you might want to consider to include one of these options in your at targeting. If you're done with that section, just click unsafe next at placement. Well, that's mobile newsfeed off course. We want to reach out to mobile users with lead. That's also there is the option to reach out to Facebook users only when they're connected to a WiFi. Really don't do it because lead ads don't require a ton of data. Everything takes place within Facebook, so it really doesn't make sense to There were down the audience to the ones were only connected toe WiFi optimization and pricing. Seriously, keep it to the default option leads. Facebook will try to get as many deeds as possible, and they will do it automatically, right, and also the bid amount you can. You can enter a manual bit, but I would also just keep it to the automatic function at the beginning. You can mess around with that later. Wants to start split testing, and you want to see if you can get even better results. But really, at the beginning of the entire process, don't do it. Keep it to the default option optimized for leads, and the bit amount should be automatic. 8. Selecting The Perfect Ad Image : So if you're done, moved on by clicking on view at to navigate to the at level and you create your at great. So now it's time to really define the creatives off your at The first thing you have to define is the ad copy, which includes the at text headline and a news feed link description. Now we actually created a separate video on this topic. So in one of the following videos will cover what you should enter the entry years on share with ease and best practices to create a converting at copy. And I'll share with you what elements that copy should include to make sure that people actually join your email list and that you get as much contact information from your audience as possible. But in this really just want you to understand that you have to define the attacks, the headline and the use feed link description here. So Denver worry about what to enter your I'll provide you with detailed instructions so you can set up converting lead generation campaigns right off the bat. Then display your l. Well, in case you are working with a long and ugly your l you can use a shorter u u R L that will be displayed on your at it will appear on the actual at placement. This is optional, but you can do that, then image selection. If you click and select images, you can upload an image from your computer you have. You can choose an image from the image library, and then you have also access to stock images. Maybe you know that Facebook has agreement with Shelter stock, which is one of the biggest stock photography Web sites. Shoulder stuff is really expensive, but if you're creating at you have access to shelter stocks, high quality pictures for free, right so we can just get access to shutter stocks. Image Library, which contains millions and millions of really great and highly converting images. And they can just type in some keywords here. Let's go with food right and really there. There are tons of pictures that you can choose from. A lot of people get confused with the image selection, but here's for that can really recommend. And here's what you should do. First of all, images is something that we have to split test and you have to test. There's anything or something in the world is you should test. Then it's the image of you forgot free in a book, everything else. If you don't want to spend too much creating different Facebook ads working with different at sets, different ads, that's totally fine. I don't want to force you to do that, But if you're really serious about spending money on Facebook, and if you really want you scale and build your business, you've got to work with Facebook ads. You've got to work with different pictures. You've got to split this different images. That's the bare minimum. However, when it comes to selecting the images, well, get started with a image that this topic related. That is kind of pre selling what you're offering for free to get the contact information from your customer and something that's colorful and that stands out okay. So, for example, these images that you can see here they would all stand out on Facebook besides this one over here, right? That's an image. I was probably not used because it contains a lot of white, and it's not super outstanding, but images like that one here, and that when here, especially images, or this one in particular. So images that contain the cutters red, green, yellow and pink stand out, and the higher click through rate will be the better, the less you will have to pay for your ATS and the more people you can reach. So really try to focus on colorful and topic related images. Once it selected the image, you have to define the call to action button. As you can see, there are six different buttons. Apply no down would get quote, learn Mauris, sign up and subscribe. Well, the button that you have to select totally depends on what you try to do with Facebook when you try to do with your campaign. If you try to build up an email list, then just go with sign up or download, then lead Ford. This is the next thing that we really have to define its the second step for the user. I hope you remember the process. The first step is he will see the at with a call to action. That case, it's sign up right, and if you click something that for the ad he will get forward it to the lead form where we actually try to capture the information, and that's an extent this is what we have to customize now. 9. Setting Up Lead Forms That Convert : to create a new form. Just click on this tap called Creighton Before then. Name your form. Let's go with test one. Then choose a language for your form, right? This is the language your audience will see when they view your form. Well, it can be any language. Totally depends on your mortgage. Then click on next. Well, then, second step. What information would you like to ask for? The default option is email and the full name, right. But you can also request for your information, for example, of the email only. Or you can ask for more information like first name, last name phone number. Then there are some demographic questions like date of birth, gender, marital status, even the military status, work information, job title, phone number, work for number, work, email. So it really totally depends on what you try to accomplish on how much information you need . We'll cover some best practices later, but for now, I just want you to understand that you can really customize the form and asked for very specific information. The information that you need and in case you're not happy with the options at Facebook, provides Hey, no problem. Do you see that link here? You can click on Add a question. So in addition to the user information, you can add up to three questions. You can add an existing question or create your own. So if you click on that, there are some questions that Facebook already came up with. And while different industries like in the education sector E commerce B two B. So, for example, if we click on size of company, the question would be select the size off your company. Now you can leave the answer field blank so the actually user will have to provide an answer. He will have to type in something or you can, well, just defined the answers right? So just enter something. If that's one of the answer options that you want the user to click and then just hit Enter can just end at the 2nd 1 like 11 to 20 and then that's gonna like 20 plus anyone plus Okay , so this is pretty easy. If there is some question that you really have to ask and that's really relevant, then just browse through these options here, pick one, then check the question. Make sure it's something you really want to ask. You can either ask a open ended question by leaving the an tribute blank. Or you can define the answers that are available to the user. And, well, in case you're not happy with the options that face provided, just click on at custom Question, and then you can well, just come up with a question on your own. For example, do you have a fence age? Answer would be yes or no. I hope that makes sense. If that's what you want to ask, just click on next. Then you have to add a privacy policy, right? So entered the link to you, the privacy policy on your website and a legal disclaimer, if that's necessary. If you're them, just click on next. You just created a lead form, and the last step is to add a link to your websites. Once a person has completed the form, you can prompt them to visit your site, and the thing that you should basically do is to enter a download link. So just enter the links off your thank you page where you think them forward. You opt in and ideally want to provide a link to the gift that you promised in exchange for the conduct information of that Facebook user. Okay, so just enter the link download. If you're done, click on next. Great. That's a form that we have created. You can still go back or click on edit up here if you want to make any changes. If you're happy just taking great for perfect and last been illness, you can include conversion tracking. But that's not really necessary because you don't need a website to build up. An email is to generate leads, so that's the process of creating a lead at. I hope it's clear what you have to do. The process is pretty simple, so just make sure to take action. And what they promise in this video is to cover how to craft a converting message, right? How to craft a at copy that will result in a high up in rate and when this is something that will cover in the next video. So I'll see you in the next lesson, and I'll show you what you have to consider if you want to create lead campaigns that result in a really high up in right 10. How To Craft The Perfect Ad Copy In 3 Easy Steps: and this. Listen, I want to show you how to create a lead at copy that sells, as we figured out before. The APP copy consists of three elements. It's the headline, It's a description, and it's the attacks. The headline is located just underneath the at image. So on the right hand side you can see a great example off elite act elite at by digital marketer. And underneath the image, you can see the headline. In this case, it's viral block post template soberly in the handling, you should describe the lead magnet. If it's a free e book or a free guide, well, then just mention it there. If it's a video or a video Siri's or a webinar, you know, just really describe short and straight to the point what you're offering for free in exchange for the contact information off the Facebook user. Then the description is located underneath the headline and in the description, which is optional us. We saw point out the problem and phrase the problem as a question. You want the you want to work with a conversational tone on Facebook. This always increases the conversion rate and the click through rate, so working with questions is always great. There's something should always do in case of digital marketer. It's one to create block content fast. So really think off what problem you're solving with your lead magnet. If it's getting more website traffic, well, then just say it a cake. Do you want more website traffic because of problem is that your target audience has is a lack of visitors. If it's do you want, you lose weight. Well, then the problem that you're a solving is losing weight, right? Or being a little bit overweight. So really, think off. What is the pain point that you're tackling with your elite magnet and then just describe it, phrase it as a question and again keep it short and straight to the point. And then the attacks were just kind of the core of the entire At copy. It's located above the at image, and here's the thing. There's something most marketers forget with Lead ATS. You're kind of skipping the process off, redirecting a Facebook user to a landing page where he will opt in the inter opt in process happens within Facebook. So what you would do on the squeeze page on the landing pages provide a decent amount of information on the lead magnet. So even though your Squeeze Page visitor is getting the lead magnet for Freak, he's paying not with money but with his email address. So you should still tell him what he's getting. Since we're skipping the process of working with a landing page you're at your lead at is the landing page, specifically the attic. So you have to provide the same amount off information or an adequate amount of information in your attics about the lead magnet that you would provide on your landing page. So the way you would structure a landing page is starting with the headline, then followed by a sub headline, including at least three benefits and then a call to action at the end. And they want you to structure the attics. The very same, so started with a headline, it can be even a little bit longer. In case of digital market rates, bloggers want to great block and then fast without having to write a single line of text right than the sub headline, Download the content aggregator template and start craving viral post to date than three benefits. You'll also learn. How do you find popular content and so on? Right, So just really list three benefits. So the Facebook user can really make an informed decision whether or not the meat magnet is something for him or not, and then just include a strong cult action at the end. Like get this free template now. Short recap. The headline describes Elite Magnet. The description should state the problem that you're solving with your lead magnet. And then the text should be structured just the way you would structure a regular landing page, meaning start up with the headline followed by sub headline three benefits and that he and include a strong call to action. And that's a way to craft a converting at text at copy for your lead generation campaigns. 11. Getting A Privacy Policy: There's one more resource that I want to show you, and it's called free privacy policy dot com. So, as we figured out before, you have to have a privacy policy on your website in case you haven't got one free privacy policy is a great website. The great tool to get a privacy policy for free in really just a couple of minutes. So you really have to have one in order to create and run lead generation campaigns. This is a great resource that I can highly recommend to just create a privacy policy integrated into your website and create your first campaign. 12. CRM Integration 2.0: Okay, great. In this lesson, I want to show you how to access the leads that you have generated. The problem about lead generation campaigns is that the leads that you generate are not automatically sync with your CRM or other responder like a Weber mail chimp or active campaign. So you have to export your leads manually, and then just upload these leads to your auto responder like a Weber, and I just want to show you how to do it. So if you want to do it manually, if you don't want to use this software, this is the process. Step one. Just go to your fan page and then click on publishing tools, which is the fifth tap right above the Facebook tumbling cover picture. I hope you can see that once you click on that, you won't see something like this so you can access all of your forms. If you click UNL, eat at forms on the left hand side. Then just pick the lead form that gathered leads, click on download and just download a C S V file that you can use and then just uploaded to a Weber male chimp or active campaign if you're struggling with uploading the C S V file and integrating it with your other responder than get in touch with the other responder or check out there two turnarounds or F h. Q. Section A. Weber, for example, has a tonic for information on how to upload leads into an auto responder into a Weber eso really every it totally depends on what kind of odds responder you're really using. So if you're struggling to do that than just check out the F H Q section of that other responder, if you're looking for a more advanced solution, if you're trying to automate the entire process. And this is really important if you you're using CRM software like infusion Self, then there are too great tools and software says I can recommend the 1st 1 this drift Paraclete response and the second is sink sumo. So with these soft birds, everything basically happens automatically, right so you don't have to export the funds just away showed you If you get these tools, these air patrons unfortunately bet relief you if you're trying to scale things and if you're using infusion soft already or any other CRM software Well, then, these twirls are really necessary. If you try together hundreds of leads her day, you will have to export the funds manually every day and depending on how complex your CRM set up is. Well, sometimes it's not even possible to do it this way, right to do it manually. So if you are having this year, I am self to ramp in place. If you really want to scale things. And if you really want to gather hundreds of leads per day with with lead generation campaigns using this brand you at objective, then drift rock lead response for six units or two twins that I can highly recommend their paid. But they will make sure your life a lot easier. So that's how you access the leads that you have generated. And that's how you integrate your elites into your auto responder, or CRM. 13. Six Key Facts & Strategies You Should Know: Okay, then there's six more things I'd like to say before you start creating your first lead at campaign. The 1st 1 is and we already covered that the lead at is the copy off your squeeze pager landing patron not working with a landing page, right? We're skipping that part, so really, make sure to be as descriptive as possible on the at copy itself. So point of the problem that you're resolving Tell the Facebook user what he's getting in exchange for his contact information and really provide this much information as necessary on your lead at to sell that one. Okay, even though it's free, you're still asking for the email address off your prospect, so make sure he can make an informed decision whether or not he wants to provide his email address or not. Second, we covered interest targeting, which is the most basic form off targeting on Facebook. Interest targeting is great. However, if you want to step of the game, then you've got to work with retargeting. A retargeting is all about reaching out the website visitors, right? So as well as you've seen in the ads of that process, there was a section called Custom Audiences. So if you have website in place, if you want to convert your website visitors into elites than make sure to work with custom audiences, specifically website custom audiences and great retargeting campaigns, rather than using the generic interest or eating section. If you don't have a website in place, hey, that's on problem. It all go with interest or anything, but if you have one and if that website is getting a decent amount of traffic, then try to reject your website visitors first, because these are the people who will most likely become your leads and your buyers well, what's interesting is how much do you lead? Adds cost. Well, the only thing I can tell you is that you can expect to pay between 10 to 50% less pearl eat right so lead ads campaigns are less expensive than regular website um website conversion campaigns. So elite ad campaigns are typically less expensive than the traditional campaigns that you set up meaning sending pay traffic to a landing page of a external squeeze page and getting people getting Facebook users to opt in. However, something I have to say it really totally depends on your business on your niche. This is the results that we got these. This is the results that the people and our Facebook mastermind got. They have passed, elite adds. Some got even better results. They paid even up to 80% Last police. Some paid more per leet using any generation campaign than going with the old way of generating leads and going for desktop traffics and really, totally depends on your business and the amount of split testing that you do but typically expect to pay between in a 10 to 50% less police if you know what you're doing. And if you really put a little bit of time and effort into creating lead at campaigns that convert, the fourth thing is well lead at campaigns or mobile Onley. Right Lead generation campaigns are designed to reach out to mobile visitors and convert them into elites, so there's no desktop placement at the moment. Facebook is working on that, and that is also the reason why the standard the old way of generating leads is not that yet, right? So you can only reach out with mobile to mobile users only if you want to go for desktop traffic, you still have to work with landing pages, but still, most of the traffic ISS, you know, a mobile at the moment, and even War of the Facebook users will be active on mobile rather than on the regular desktop PC. So mobile. It's a big thing, and it's really important to focus on the mobile traffic a lot. And hey, would you? Should really do is split test, so you should still work with landing pages. But then go for the mobile traffic using lead ad campaign and then just see where you're getting better results, right so police don't do not abandon desktop traffic. Deaths of traffic is still great, and you can get so awesome results with desktop newsfeed ads or write that column ads. But really, lead ads are really simple to set up, kind off, try to split test between desktop placement using the website conversion objective and then just said a lead at campaigns to see where you're getting better results. The fifth thing is asked the information you need on Lee, as we've seen in the elite form generation process that by default you can ask your Facebook you can ask Facebook users for their name and their email. And then there is a ton of information that you can ask as well. In addition, right, you can even create custom question. So here's the thing. Every field that you at will decrease your conversion rate, so really ask for as much information. So really ask for the information that you really desperately need. And in 99% of the cases, it's the email on Lee. If you need more information, there are two options. Either you ask for that information right away, and you risk getting a lower conversion rate and you end up paying more per elite or which is the better way, asking for the email only. And then, once a person opted in really asking for more information, you were typically get better results if you do that. So if you act, if you ask for the email, ask for things like demographic information, date of birth, you know the work, email, any information that you need. So really, the more fields that you add, the lower you conversion rate will be typically, just go for the email address, and if you need anything else like their name or their where they live, the country they're in. Hey, go ahead and do that. But really, once the opted and just send him an email to their inbox, put an email template to your auto responder connected with your CRM or just a simple Google form and then just get more information from them. That's really avoid asking for too much information up front. This will just lower. You converted me. And last but not least, split testing is really, really important. I mean, we're kind of skipping the step of splitting the landing page, but you still have to split us on the at level. So split this different interest targeting keywords, splittist, different age groups reaching out through the male or female audience. Onley split is different lead forums splittist, different at copies, different images just the way you would splittist irregular lead at campaign on the at level. So splittist thing is limited thing. God, you have to split us a lot less, but you still have got to split us if you want to get great results. If you want to say 50% Pearle, eat right If you want to pay 50% less for lead than you would, usually with a desktop newsfeed campaign than you really have to split us. Split us the image at least, or the ad copy or both, ideally, and And if you want to take things to the next level, take the next step. Splittist, different targeting options, right? Age, gender, location. And the same applies if you working with retargeting and website custom audiences. So these are the six things I wanted to point out. Make sure to keep them in your mind when you work and when you create lead at campaigns. And, well, if you consider these six things, I'm sure that you won't get great results just full of the steps in this course in this cast. And hey, I'll see you in the next video. 14. Congratulations!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learned. We covered everything you need to know to harness the power off lead ATS. So just go ahead and take action, create your first campaign today and start generating leads. And, hey, if you have any questions, then feel free to reach out. We're here to help you and we'll answer all of your questions. So good luck. Take action. Do they keep me updated on your progress? Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.