Facebook Marketing: How To Boost Your Organic Engagement | Ali Mirza | Skillshare

Facebook Marketing: How To Boost Your Organic Engagement

Ali Mirza, Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur

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12 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Intro to this course

    • 2. Invite your friends to your party (Page)

    • 3. Comment as your Facebook page

    • 4. Grow your page followers by inviting the existing likes

    • 5. Post when your fans are online

    • 6. Conversation starters to boost engagement

    • 7. Use Facebook to find and share relevant VIRAL content

    • 8. Find and share VIRAL content using 3rd party tools

    • 9. Spy on your competitors & similar pages to find BEST content

    • 10. Use Facebook live to boost engagement

    • 11. Use relevant Facebook groups to boost engagement

    • 12. 2 Conclusion and next steps

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About This Class

We all know that Facebook has changed over the years

  • The organic reach is down

  • It's hard to grow without using Facebook Ads


BUT guess what!! It is possible.

You can still increase your organic reach and engagement without spending a lot of money on Facebook Ads.

That's exactly what we are going to learn inside this class.

You will see...

  1. Simple tactics to grow your business

  2. Hands on demos

  3. Real life examples

  4. Client case studies

You don't have to break the bank.

You don't have to spend on Ads like big brands.

You can use creative tactics and see more engagement & growth.

Join me inside the course and let's do it together!!





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Ali Mirza

Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur

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My name is Ali Mirza and I am the CEO & Founder of iSocialYou. I have been in social marketing industry for 10+ years and started iSocialYou in 2014. At iSocialYou I have worked with several mega brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging social brand and then generating leads from their social media presence.

I am also an entrepreneur at heart and have launched some prod...

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