Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

Doru Catana, from knowing to doing

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25 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. The 6Ws of Facebook Marketing

    • 3. Why Should You Even Be On Facebook As A Business

    • 4. Who Is On Facebook and How To Determine Your Target Audience Size

    • 5. Where Are People When On Facebook

    • 6. When To Take Action When It Comes To Facebook Marketing

    • 7. What Type Of Content To Create (Structure and Strategy)

    • 8. How To Take Action And Start Implementing

    • 9. Let's Create a Page

    • 10. Let's Make That Page Shine

    • 11. Let's Install Some Apps

    • 12. Let's Do Some Custom Tab Integration

    • 13. Create a Weekly Routine

    • 14. Creating Actual Content And How Do You Go About It

    • 15. Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

    • 16. How To Interpret And Analyze Insights Data

    • 17. Where To Get Video Content From

    • 18. Images and Stock Photography

    • 19. Book Recommendations

    • 20. Outsourcing Your Facebook Marketing

    • 21. I Don't Know Where To Start

    • 22. Internet Trolls Attack My Page

    • 23. I'm Out Of Content Ideas

    • 24. Dealing With A Crisis

    • 25. Last thoughts

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Project Description

Setup a Stunning Facebook Page and Run Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns Like a Pro

Concepts & Strategy

  1. Understanding the Mindset Before Implementing

    The purpose of this first unit is for you to understand the mindset of Facebook marketing and how to apply what you will learn to your business with its own specific needs and requirements.

    As a Project Step what you have to do now is write a list consisting of:

    • 5 Social Media Dos
    • 5 Social Media Don'ts

    with regards to your social media approach and content.

    You will need these guidelines later on when implementing the project.

Hands-On Implementation

  1. Take Action

    This Unit was all about taking action and setting up your page, creating a strategy and doing the actual work.

    What I consider essential is you go through all the steps for your own company page as soon as possible.

    A lot of studies say that if you don't take action within the first 24 hours of learning something changes of you ever taking action on that topic are greatly diminushed.

    So your next Project Step is:

    • create your Facebook page if you haven't already
    • add a custom design using one of the multiple options
    • create/schedule your first 5 posts
    • (optional) start your first facebook ads campaign (you can start with a budget as small as $30)


  1. Useful Resources

    Some of the top resources to help you implement a successful Facebook Marketing campaign for your business.

    So the Project Step for this unit is faily simple in comparison to the previous ones:

    • check the resources mentioned
    • test them out and see which one fits best your current business needs
    • report back with the results

What To Do When...

  1. Ready For Everything

    In this unit I went over some of the problems you might encounter and how to deal with them.


  1. You're Ready!

    You are now ready to go out there and start your own journey on the road of Facebook marketing success.

    This last Project Step is more of an open ended one and it requires only one thing:

    • Be committed

    Simpler said, keep creating content, keep interacting with your fans.

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