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Facebook Marketing For Beginners

teacher avatar Austin Iuliano, Social Media Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Facebook Marketing For Beginners

    • 2. Create a Facebook Page

    • 3. Create a Facebook Group

    • 4. Powerful Facebook Group Strategies

    • 5. Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

    • 6. Facebook Advertising for Beginners

    • 7. What Content To Create for Facebook

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About This Class

In this course, we go through the fundamentals of marketing your business using Facebook. Covering everything from setting up your Facebook business page, setting up a Facebook Group, my top strategies for using Facebook groups to find business, building a simple Facebook marketing system, and Facebook live streaming.

Meet Your Teacher

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Austin Iuliano

Social Media Consultant


Hello, I'm Austin. I am a social media consultant, keynote speaker, and influencer. I have built an extended audience of over 1 million followers in the live streaming space and helped my clients make over 2 million dollars in revenue. I make viral content on a regular basis by dressing up as a unicorn and dancing around like a silly person. I would be honored if you checked out my skillshare courses! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via email [email protected]

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1. Facebook Marketing For Beginners: in this video, we're going to talk about everything you need to know to grow your Facebook business page, Do it organically and do it correctly. We're gonna talk about setting up your Facebook business page if you've never done one setting up Facebook groups if you've never done one, we're going to talk about my fantastically powerful strategy for Facebook groups and why you want to join other people's Facebook groups. We're going to talk about becoming what I call a power user and why that is going to be your secret to getting that 1st 5000 new fans and new potential clients that super fun. We're gonna talk about Facebook live. I got some awesome strategies for you when it comes to live streaming. I was the number one growing live streamer when it first came out with meerkat and periscope long before Facebook life. So I got some secrets that I'm going to share with you. You're gonna love them. Everybody can do it. We talk about Facebook marketing and building you a marketing funnel and making it super easy for you. And I also share with you the mental shift you need to make so that way. Sales becomes really, really, really easy. Make sure you check it out. Sign up. Can't wait to see you guys in there and I'll talk to you soon. 2. Create a Facebook Page: Hey, guys. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna talk about is setting up a Facebook business page. If you've never done this before, I'm gonna take you step by step through the reason you want to set up a Facebook business. Page is really for two, maybe three reasons. One having a Facebook business page allowed to do Facebook advertising. If you don't know how to do Facebook advertising, I have a whole course here on skills here. You should absolutely check out because you'll learn everything there is to know about it. Two. Because when it comes to defining a niche and kind of winning the CEO game, your Facebook page is actually gonna rank really fast if you build it the right way. So, for example, if you Google my name right now, the one of the top things you're going to see is my social media links. That's because every social media that is out there Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, whatever you name, it has high authority. In the eyes of Google. It's called domain and page authority There, like 100 out of 100. They're right up there. And what that means is they rank very easy in Google in those first couple of places. So if you're doing personal branding like your name, well, that's an easy way of filling up the first page of Google with all of your name, especially if your name is common. Things is a great way of kind of building yourself up and be like taking those first couple of spots. If your name is uncommon like mine, it's super easy to get the whole thing, so those are two of the main reasons. The third is when people are searching for you and they go on your website, they're gonna click on your Facebook and you're in scram and all your other social media's and they want to learn as much as they can about you. People don't really just buy willy nilly. They do their due diligence, and your Facebook page can be a great resource for people. So on your home screen after you sign up, this is what you're going to see, and what you want to do is you want to come over here in this little arrow and click the little down arrow right over here and come to manage pages Now it's gonna pull up all of the different Facebook pages you may be a part of. I have many, but what we're gonna do is we're gonna hit, create a page. Now that's business. A brand or public figure. If you don't know you can, like, kind of play around. It's not too hard to figure out, but let's do a business or brand. If you're a local business, you definitely want to pick a business or brand. If you're a public figure like myself, you kind of do public figure. So you're gonna name it. Okay, So if it's your name, if you're building a personal brand over here on public figure, obviously it's your name. But when you're thinking about your business name, uh, obviously put your business name in if you have it. Another thing you can do is like Social Media Marketing by Austin Yuliana. So that way Social Media marketing is coming up first, Um, if you're a C p a right or our service based provider, you think about the words people maybe searching C p. A. Maybe one of them. But, uh, most amount of returns on your tax refund, you know maybe the name of your business page like I'm tryingto come up with some ideas. But let's let's just do something simple. Like your name Austin Uliano. I can't even spell my name. Right, I think. See, if it comes up now category over here. What you're gonna do is you're gonna describe what you do. So it's a marketing agency. You're gonna add your street address. This is extremely helpful because especially if you have a local business, your when people are nearby and they search for the thing on Google, you may pop up because if you're near buying, you put your full address in here Definitely nice. OK, so you go through and you make it. Now, I'm not actually going to go through this entire process. But what you're going to see is you're gonna see some version of this page, depending on what take the business. You are. The layout is going to be different. Things were going to be a little bit differently arranged. Don't worry about it, but basically it's going to look something like this. Now let me give you some tips and tricks. When it comes to optimizing your page, you want a photo of yourself. Even if you're a big company, the CEO put your face up there or a picture of your team. Don't put a logo. People do not engage with logos. People engage with people to create a video. Now this has sound on it. If you click on this video, you here what everybody is saying. You can also put at close captions here. The other thing you can do is create a video, but have an overlay right here pointing down to your opt in because this learn more. But in that, you see is a call to action. So when people come to your page, you're driving them there. So you're free offers or your marketing, which we won't get into later. This is where you can start directing people to it. This learn mawr. Sign up shop now, whatever it may be, you're going to have a bio over here. High quality images fill the entire thing out because people want to do their due diligence . If you collect Seymour, it should open up an entire bio. Now, if you look, not only does it describe me, has some photos. It has my skill share link. Go check out. That course has how to work with me. Has some free offers, and you could put a lot more in it. I just briefly went through this. You're also going toe have over here your products, your offers, things like that. Absolutely. Fill them out. Make sure you fill out every single thing you can on Facebook because it's going to be in your benefit. We're talking about this from the standpoint of building a business. If you're just a common person, don't worry about filling everything out. So this is how you set up a Facebook business page? 3. Create a Facebook Group: So let's talk about actually Facebook groups and why you may want to actually start, run and build one yourself. Great thing about Facebook groups building a community in Facebook is that on your business page. On average, you're going to get 3% or less of organic engagement. Which means if you had 100 people who have liked your business page, it's only going to send it out to three of those people. And to make matters harder is if those three people don't engage with your post, you just made its going to diminish the amount of people who see the next one the next piece of content you make. Whereas groups have a lot more potential engagement. That happens because groups aren't focused on selling 24 7 whereas a business page. That's kind of what you're doing. Therefore, if you want to start a Facebook group, here's how you're going to deal it. You're gonna come up here to that little arrow again, and instead of going to manage pages were going to go to manage groups. Now I'm a part of many, many, many, many Facebook groups, and we're gonna talk about why you're gonna want to join a bunch of Facebook groups. But you're gonna hit, create group and in here, you want a name? Your group. Now, I highly, highly, highly recommend that when you name your group, if you want people to find it and join it, then you want to name it something that somebody will search. Think about who your target audiences and your niche, and then put those words here in the group. So if you're looking about being an expert marketer like myself, you're gonna want to do something like, uh, around marketing, branding, graphic design, anything like that. If the group's purpose is to promote, you know, skill share, let's say you're gonna wanna put in promotion, skill, share promotion, group something along those lines. So think about the purpose of the group who will be potentially joining and what they're going to be searching. And you want to name it something like that. Now, if you I don't want just anybody being able to search it and find it, well, then you can kind of name something else like, uh, I don't know. You can name it something else and then send people to that group in some other capacity, but I highly recommend allowing people to search and find it. So after you create a group, then what you're going to dio is I'm gonna pull up an old group that I created called Building your Brand when I was really focused on personal brandy. When building your personal brand, you're gonna come to something like this. Now I recommend obviously putting in a cover. This is a very old cover looking old Austin. Yeah, been a while since I've been on here and I recommend making the group private because what you can do is you can add some questions in beforehand like, Hey, do you agree to follow the rules? How did you find us? And do you want this free offer? If yes, put your email address in the little section below, and what that will allow you to do is as people are joining if people want your free offer , which we're going to get into the marketing later than you can, you know, build your email list that way, which is a fantastic resource, but also making at private. You can moderate what the posts are, what people who are trying to join, look like if it's your target demographic or not. And then I also recommend that you focus on facilitating discussions and you're not just posting about yourself. You're allowing other people to come in and ask questions, and you build a community. As the community grows, you're gonna want to install moderators to help you kind of like Make sure this isn't a 24 7 thing you need to do your business made it bringing in your community manager that you fired to help manage that community and make sure rose so communities on Facebook groups are fantastic to build on here. I personally like joining other Facebook groups, and there's a specific reason and strategy I have. When I build these groups and join these groups, they'll be in the next video 4. Powerful Facebook Group Strategies: now that we got our Facebook page created and our Facebook groups and we are now going to start looking to build that community, how do we go about doing that? This is where one of my favorite tactics comes in to get your 1st 5000 ish potential community members. What it is is poaching from other groups. And here's what I mean. Facebook has an amazingly powerful search algorithm and search engine, and people like to self identify in these groups and engage in these groups. So think about who your target audiences and go. What sort of things would my audience be interested in? Where would they be hanging out and expressing and sharing content? So let's say, for example, I'm gonna pull something random out of the air. You are building a surfing app and your target audience is surfers, and this app you're designing is looking for people and would be interested in understanding what the waves are. You know what what's happening with the environment. What are the best techniques? What are the newest news that are happening in the surfing world? I am not a surfer myself, but I love surfing when I get a chance to do it. So I don't have all the lingo and this It would be actually perfect, because I would wanna have to do my research before I really jumped into that. So what you going to do is come up here to the search area and type in surfing and it's going to search all of Facebook, and then you're gonna scroll over here toe where it says groups and what you're gonna be looking for is groups that have multiple posts per day and or 1000 to 2000 plus followers per day. And you're just gonna hit join, so California surfing 10 posts per day. Boom. Odd click joint. Love of surfing 30 post today. Join right. And you would you would go down here, surfers. 80 posts in a day. That's probably one you could join. Might be full of spam. 80 Post is a lot of posts. Okay, so you're gonna scroll down here and you're gonna join is many of these groups as you can and fill out the information. Another example. Say your audience that you specifically work with is coaches, consultants, your graphic designer, and you like working with coaches and consultants because they always mean graphic design work. So I would say coaching I would put that in here that come over to the groups and I have joined a bunch of these groups are ready The coaching Jungle group. Coaching, mastery, coaching via technology, the art of coaching, right? Join, join, join, join, join. And when they allow you in and they accept you right, let's jump into one of these groups. Pick the coaching jungle here. What you're gonna look at is kind of what's going on in the group. Is it a good group to be a part of? What I personally look for is, are they facilitating discussion and interaction isn't moderated? Because if that is the case, then that also means there are eyeballs paying attention to it because this group is a value to people, right, Great graphic, By the way, I love this. So, as we scroll down here and we start looking right, this guy is clearly using it as part of his like mastermind group program. Good for you, buddy. You've built this up, and I'm seeing a lot of different discussion happening here. This is great. There's a great group, right? So then what I do is I come up here to the members section. It has 18,000 members. That's awesome. So I'm a smart person here. I like to be very strategic in my actions. And I hope you steal this. I click on the 18,000 members and I go Who are the ad Mons and the moderators? Right, Mark Nora. All right. And I would click the sea all admissions and moderators. The bigger the group, there's gonna be a lot more of them. Yet there are 18 and men's and moderators. And if I wanted to think about this in the right way is I would start building relationships with Mark and the other moderators off this group. I would friend request all of them at say hello, and I would start just talking to them, learning about them their business and becoming what I call a power user. A power user is somebody who is so well recognised by the admin. Is the moderators the people of influence that when you promote something there, like right on board, they're like, Yeah, way to go. Because every coach, every consultant, every expert out there who was like sharing their knowledge. They want their own community to do well. So we get really excited when our clients are doing well. That's why when people share their advertisements and how well they're performing in my Facebook ads Ah, project. I get super pumped cause I'm like, Yeah, see, it works and that's just good for everybody. So I joined these and they start talking to them and I start engaging with them. And then when I find an opportunity for a bit of cross promotion, ah, bid of affiliate marketing or something along those lines I presented to them, and if I built a relationship with them, they're much more likely to say yes. And when Mark or any one of these admits creates a post, it sends it out to all 18,000 members that, hey, there's a new post by this admin in the group, and there's now 18,000 new potential people who may be seeing your joint venture with this group. On top of that, this is where it gets really fun. If you've been a part of this group for a while and you're kind of a power user, Then what I would dio is I'd come over to the 18,000 members here, and instead of looking at Ammon's, I would start searching for people. Um, who are I don't want to leave this group. I would search for the new people who have joint, right. And I would see Okay, these are the members living in California, right? That's great, because I live in California. Maybe I can meet up with them new to the group. Oh, this is cool. Joined 24 minutes. Get what I would do here is I would reach out to that person, and I'd say, Hi, Rebecca. I'm a part of the coaching jungle. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I'm kind of self proclaimed welcome committee would love to learn more about where you're going, what you're doing, how I can help you. And now you're building relationships with new potential people, and you only need to do this in a couple of groups. Don't try and spread Europe itself very thin. Find a couple of really quality groups and really engage in them and become a power. Use it because then when Rebecca is telling you about what she needs and what she does, and you start like learning about this. You can start writing this information down somewhere and using this later on in your marketing. Copy Understanding who? Your target market is a little bit more refined, and you can also start becoming friends with these people, which builds up your Facebook your profile, which is different than your business page. You can have 5000 friends and a normal Facebook account, but those friends are more likely to, you know, accept your invitation to your Facebook business page or join your Facebook group that you're starting, which has a smaller niche that you're really targeting, and you could build something that has 18,000 people associated with it. So becoming power user joined these groups that air really targeted and with great discussion, and you, too, can actually build your own and build your business 5. Facebook Marketing Fundamentals: Okay, We've got our business page set up. We've got our Facebook groups up. We've got everything set up. Now. How do we go about actually getting people to buy the thing you are? Sally, this is called Facebook Marketing. One A one. And here's what we're going to do. We're going to talk about a simple, simple funnel. A funnel usually looks something like this. If you're a service based provider or a personal brand, they don't know who you are. You need to get them to know who you are. This is called the awareness stage, right? I know who this person is. I know the offer that they have. What service do they provide? The next stage is called consideration. Are they the best provider of said service for the price? How good of quality were to start portfolio look like How fast are they responsive? Are they right? All of those decisions people consider about before they actually make a decision to purchase from you in the last stage is conversion going about actually making that purchase , signing the contract, sending you the check or the payment provider, whatever. It may be a very simple system to create is when people learn about you through your online activities, you offer them something up in exchange for their name and their email address. This is called a free offer. An opt in. These mechanisms are really important because statistically, only 2% of the people who ever hit your website are ready to make a purchase, whereas the other 98% are just in that awareness and consideration stage trying toe learn. Therefore, when you get the name and the email address, you have an ability to follow up. Now there are tools like mail chimp or convert Kid or many other email marketing providers to use. Figure out which one you like use. I use convert kid. I'll give you a link of it in the description. It's my favorite platform to use, but there are plenty of them out there. Once you have their name and their email address and you've given that thing away for free now you have an ability to follow up with them one on one. This is called email marketing. We've all seen the email blast after email blasts that have come from people you don't have to send out one a day or two a day. If that's not something you can handle, maybe it's one a month, one a week. Just the ability to follow up and stay top of mind is extremely helpful. And lastly, is that conversion stage getting people actually make that purchase? It's all about removing the friction from when they say yes to purchasing. What steps do they have to take? Have you outlined it? Have you got have got people to go through it? Have you figured out where the friction is lying? What you can do to smooth that over talking about the awareness stage, those free offers? What I like to do when I consult my clients is help them build the most effective free offers. The ones that converts super high. The way you do that is you really have a defined understanding of who your audience is and what is the end result they wish to achieve. So let's say, for example, you are a instagram consultant, right? And as an instagram consultant, you know, everybody wants to grow their following. They want to, you know, get bigger, get more famous, the most effective free offer, then is showing them how to double their following. And you might be going, Yeah, but the thing they want is the thing I sell. Here's the fun little thing. When you give everything away for free and you give as much information as you can out there, it doesn't mean you actually lose business. This is a fallacy we create in our brains. It actually means we get more business because nine times out of 10 the people who are looking at this stuff don't want to do it themselves. They would rather hire out the graphic designer to do the graphic design for them. They just don't know exactly how to do it. They don't know who's the best graphic designer. There's 100,000 graphic designers out there, the one that educates the prospect on you know, graphic design principles and what makes a good loco and, you know, color theory and all those things is the one that's going to get hired. So when you teach, you build influence. When you build influence, you build trust. When you build trust, you make sales, so teach become a teacher, shared this information, all the information you have give it out there for free and then the next stage, that consideration stage. They're naturally going to engage with you and consume all your content because they're gonna really want to make that purchase until eventually there. Like just stop talking, Austin, take my money. This is the most effective way of making sales. Let's just educate the prospect. Give them all the information they need to make an informed decision because nobody likes spending money and then being like, Ah, man, I made a dumb decision spending that money People go. I sent that money and look at how great of an investment it ISS. Let's brag to all my friends how good I am. Here are some ideas for my various service space providers when it comes to free offers. If you're a C P A. You know, one of the hardest things that you know. Small businesses and entrepreneurs. Space is doing their profit and loss statement so giving away a Free Excel profit and loss statement for people to use, and maybe a little video course that goes through how did like do Excel 101 you know, changing formulas and all that stuff like I don't even know how to do that very effectively . That is hugely beneficial. Think about your users. If you're a graphic designer giveaway, maybe email marketing headers make a couple of different examples up and allow people to create their own email marketing header and you know you're gonna come in for all the graphic set me to go into the email marketing that may be like your area you dominate. Or maybe it's social media graphic templates so people can like fill in some social media content because, honestly, any template is only going to be so good. Everybody needs that custom work, and that's where you're gonna make all your money. If you are in a karate studio, right, you can't give something away for free. Well, maybe it's Hey, sign up and get a week's worth of classes for free. If you're a restaurant, give a coupon away. Anything you can give away roughly for free or doesn't cost too much to get people in the door. That's really going to be effective for you. If you're selling an e commerce business, go onto any he commerce business in your industry, your competitors see what they're doing. They're probably giving away coupons to sign up to their email list. Coupons. Air great. 10% off your first purchase. Love it, Love it. Those things are amazing. Consideration email marketing. There are lots of great courses on writing, email marketing and direct sales Copy here on skill share in other places. I do recommend you check them out, but think about how you're going to go about it and do not be afraid to sell. I know a lot of people get scared about selling their service, but this is just the mentality change we have to make. If you're providing a great service, it's not a problem. I want to give you my money so you alleviate my pain. I want to pay a doctor to fix my leg, period and the story right. If you are providing a great service, go out there and let people know you're doing a disservice. If you don't do that, you're literally taking away people's opportunities to be happy. Don't do that. Make people happy, provide the service and then conversion. That's a whole course in and of itself. 6. Facebook Advertising for Beginners: if you're looking for business from Facebook or Instagram because they're owned by the same company, the number one way to go about that is through Facebook advertising. It is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in existence. And if your brand new know nothing about Facebook advertising than I really highly recommend, you check out my Facebook advertising hats, tips and tricks here on skill share, I will take you through everything you need to know to get started with Facebook advertising and set up your first Facebook advertising campaign. This course has had thousands of people go through it. If we come over here, my latest numbers about this course, we have 3641 students who have gone through this. As you can see, it's super well reviewed. Exceedingly positive. 48 plus reviews. It is a highly effective course, so I highly recommend you go and you check that out after you watch this video. If you want to learn Facebook advertising 7. What Content To Create for Facebook: If you're looking to understand what actual content you need to create for your Facebook business page or your Facebook groups, then I highly recommend you check out my other course here on skill share that I recently watched how to create viral advertisements and viral content. I actually break down the entire strategy of what it takes to create viral content. We go through the algorithm, so you understand how the Facebook algorithm instagram algorithm, YouTube algorithms work and understanding what you need to put in your content to actually make it go viral. We talk about different styles of communication. The four different categories of viral content actually show you some viral content examples and we break down for you why they work. Because if you can see this and you can kind of understand the little pieces and components , you can reverse engineer what you need to do. And we also talk about the different levels of awareness consideration conversion a little bit and kind of what needs to go and each of those different areas to make those viral cells. I also break down the four key components to every single sale. And if you don't know what those are? You absolutely need to put them into every piece of content you make. Because at the end of the day, we're here to make sales, make money, make business and grow our brands. And I also talk about my coolest viral advertiser who is out there. I know you know who he is, but I'm not gonna tell you. You got to go watch the videos. So it come check out my Facebook, my viral advertisement course, and I will see you guys over there shortly.