Facebook Marketing: $0.01 Clicks Advanced Targeting Strategies | Bharath Kumaran | Skillshare

Facebook Marketing: $0.01 Clicks Advanced Targeting Strategies

Bharath Kumaran, Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

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6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Facebook Marketing: $0.01 Clicks Convert

    • 2. Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 1

    • 3. Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 2

    • 4. Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 3

    • 5. Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 4

    • 6. Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 5


About This Class

Welcome to the course on  "Facebook Marketing: $0.01 Clicks Advanced Targeting Strategies"

If you’re looking for the Best online advertising, with 75% of branded companies experiencing a 500% or more return on their ad spend onFacebook.

I had Designed This course A step-by-step walkthrough for building a great Facebook Ad that gets Clicks.

Now it’s the time to launch this beautiful “Facebook Marketing:Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses”. I designed this course for beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Customers.

Most of the social media marketing courses have covered a little bit on social media’s. That’s why I create this Facebook training course depth and make my readers create high traffics.

Social media marketing has changed a lot and nowadays customers choosing their products online and make some purchase.

Social media’s are called as sales converters or traffic referrals.Enroll My Course And grab Higher Conversion Rate!!





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Bharath Kumaran

Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

Bharath Kumaran is a Digital Marketing Expert and Problogger in India.He graduated from Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology with a Elelctrical and Electronics Degree and is now working as a Full Time Skillshare Teacher and problogger at Incomecracker.com .Bharath has helped plenty of Leading brands In India and All Over Globe on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

He is a passionate blogger and Internet Marketing Expert.He 've been gaining blog knowledge since 4 ye...

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