Facebook Live: Use Live Video to Engage With Your Audience, Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales

Simon Coulson, Internet Marketing Guru

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10 Videos (1h 5m)
    • What is live streaming and why should you care

    • Facebook Live best practices

    • The downside of Facebook Live

    • How internet marketers can use Facebook Live

    • Facebook Live for offline businesses

    • How musicians can use Facebook Live

    • Why you should be creative and broadcast often

    • Types of videos that work well on Facebook Live

    • How to organize a 'Livenar'

    • Integrating Facebook Live with other social media


About This Class

If you haven’t heard of live streaming yet, then you must have been living under a rock. Live streaming is a big buzz word in internet marketing at the moment and the simple reason for that is that marketers and experts believe it’s going to change the way we create content and communicate online.

This is the next frontier for any online business, blogger or marketer and it’s something that you absolutely need to know about. And the biggest player in the live video market right now? That would be Facebook. Without a doubt.

That’s why I highly recommend you check out this course. This course will teach you everything you need to know about the new medium: including how it works, how to get started and how to build a massive audience very quickly and monetize them effectively.

What is Live Streaming?

Basically, live video is exactly what it sounds like: content that you film directly from your phone and which anyone can then choose to tune in and watch. This lets you communicate with that audience in a live fashion and even respond to comments and that in turn makes this form of communication incredibly engaging and intimate.

For an internet marketer, this is the closest you will ever come to being able to knock on someone’s door and tell them exactly why they should buy your product. If you’re building a personal brand, then it’s a fantastic way to build trust and familiarity. And if you’re creative, then you can do all sorts of amazing things like taking your audience with you on hikes, or bringing them to live events.

Imagine being able to make a seminar for your sales funnel where your students could actually ask questions? And where they knew you that you were speaking to them directly in that very moment!

One more thing that makes live video so exciting for marketers is the simple fact that it is so new and so exciting. If you’re a marketer looking to make a big splash online, then this tool can help to give you a massive head start. People want live content and they’re incredibly excited for it. After all, there’s tons of coverage of live content in the media and everyone is talking about it.

But right now, not that many marketers or bloggers are creating live video. That means that there’s a demand and no supply to fill it just yet. And this is why you can create practically any kind of content and be successful.

You could literally pick up your phone, film outside your window for a couple of minutes on Facebook Live or Periscope and then find that you come away with more new followers than you had before! It’s that easy and that exciting.

And in fact, Facebook is actually pushing live video quite hard right now. The algorithm is even skewed to favour this type of content over others! The official blog stated:

“We rolled out Facebook Live on iOS in December and last week we began rolling it out on Android in the US. Over the last three months Facebook Live video has become more and more popular and more and more people and Pages are creating and watching live videos.

“Now that more and more people are watching Live videos, we are considering Live Videos as a new content type – different from normal videos – and learning how to rank them for people in News Feed. As a first step, we are making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live. People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live. This is because Facebook Live videos are more interesting in the moment than after the fact.”

Live streaming has applications well beyond marketing though. In fact, it might well someday change the world.

Imagine for example what would happen if there was a natural disaster in the news and you had thousands of people on the ground streaming live footage! It would change the way news was reported, it would change our empathy and it would help the emergency services.

Imagine if one day we start streaming 360 videos: and can step into those using virtual reality headsets. Seeing as Facebook acquired Oculus for a cool 2 billion, it’s certainly not off the cards!

When you consider the true potential of live streaming, it becomes apparent that this isn’t going to be a quiet area for long. The savvy marketer then should seize their opportunity to get involved before this explodes. Cement yourself as one of the primary content creators in this area and you can secure a very profitable future!





Simon Coulson

Internet Marketing Guru

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