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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What's Facebook Live and WHY you need to start using every day!

    • 3. What do you need to start a Facebook Live (Technology)

    • 4. Planning your Facebook Live Streaming (Complete Template)

    • 5. Talking to your Audience

    • 6. The Best Call to Action on Facebook Live

    • 7. Let's Do a Facebook Live Session

    • 8. 3 Way to Reuse your Facebook Live Session for Your Marketing

    • 9. Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the Facebook Live Marketing course!

In this course, you will find the absolute best strategies to use Facebook Live to reach thousands of new people for your business and convert them into followers and customers.

I hope to see you inside!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Hey, guys, welcome to the course, and happy to see you here in these Facebook life marketing course unsure you will absolutely love or the counter. I am ready to share with you here so we will learn about Facebook life. Fuller about how toe plan your Facebook life. How to sell on Facebook using Facebook like What's the right model? Euler. Amazing call to actions that you can use in your Facebook life in order to told with your out is an invite them to actually take action by your product and roti release. Give give you their name and email or any call to action that you want on also three ways that you can reuse your Facebook life session. Let's start this model right now. 2. What's Facebook Live and WHY you need to start using every day!: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video today in this model us. You know, we will talk about Facebook life. Facebook. Life is a life. Streaming service by Facebook is similar to periscope. I know it may be. You are familiar with periscope. This is periscope. If you go to periscope dot TV, you will see all the periscope life streaming that are happening right now. So people use these also for business. You can. There are a lot of business that use periscope to share their ideas. But in my opinion, I even have a course on periscope for business on showing you how you can use all the power of periscope for your business to promote your ideas, your products on your services. But Facebook Life East even better. Because most of your audience, probably it's already on Facebook. They are not on periscope, probably, but yes, they everybody is on Facebook right now. So if you this site, if you start using the power off Facebook life to do your promotions to share your ideas with your clients with your customers, you'll see amazing results. And that's why what we will explore on these specific model Facebook life is not an AB is basically already integrated on Facebook. So let me go to my phone and show you how it works. I opened Facebook, and here we have or Facebook Page the page we're creating on you can if I click on publish here. You see that? You know these. You see that we can write something in here. But also you see that we have some. I comes here at the bottom. The 2nd 1 is a camera with an a red camera with a sign on. It is I click on that. The second option here is life video. So if I click on this life video, I'll be opening the option for Facebook life. Let's do that right now. Okay, it's opening. So here I am. I happy to see you here on this video. You see that we have the name off the page here at the barn. We have the audience on this case. We have public. We have the geo control, which is off right now, and we have a space to describe the video. So this is basically the title off your stream, so I'll enter here, test Facebook life, life Okay, this is just for test. So, you know, you have an idea how it works when you are ready to go life or you need to risk click on go life and you'll see your streaming. You're all your or your followers will be notified off your Facebook life. And that's one of the biggest advantages we have here in Facebook. Because let me go to my screen here and show you here we are on or page. You see here the notification are here at the top on Facebook. These notification IRA these IRA ease where your customers will see the notification. So right now, every time you create a new post, nobody eats receiving a notification about your posts. You let's say you have to 3000 people on your Facebook page. People are not receiving this notification, But if you are doing a Facebook life, they not only will see the notification here on the notification IRA, but also let me switch here. Also, they will have a notification or the in their phone saying, Hey, this guy is life on Facebook Cliff. Click here to watch the life streaming, So that's why Facebook, like it's super powerful because you can almost reach 100% off your followers on Facebook in these cars will show. I'll show you this model. I'll show you how to plan the Facebook life, how to sell on Facebook like all these amazing details. So if you don't know Facebook life now you know it. Now you know that you have this tool in you would in your Facebook profile on. Let's start exploring all the power of these tools in the next video. See there. 3. What do you need to start a Facebook Live (Technology): Which tools do you need to create a Facebook life streaming session? That's a great question. A lot of people are asking that, but the good news is that you probably have everything that is needed to create a session. All you need is a Facebook app on your phone on off course you need on a smartphone. It can be an iPhone android Windows phone. Any Ismar phone will work. As long as they have a camera, you will be able to create a Facebook life session. You will be using the microphone that is already inside your form, so you initially you don't need any extra accessories if you want to get more professional . If you want to have gray sessions with great quality, I recommend you to invest in some microphones. I'll show you here two options. One a little bit more expensive and one which is cheaper on. They are different because because the quality This, for example, is the road Smarr Laugh Level your microphone for iPhone and smartphones. These Eastern a sell on Amazon. I'll add the link for these specific product here on the resources area off this lecture so you can just click there on Take a look on this problem. These guys east. An amazing microphone. You see here that I purchased these on November 6 2015 almost a more than a year ago, and works fine. I used this every single day when I record when I create sessions on Windows Life when I record Audi on my iPhone on the quality of this product is unbelievable. It's super good, and I'm sure you will. Like you will really like this right now is for $79 on Amazon is a good investment on the brand off. This is Road is a great brand and works super super for your Facebook life. Extremely. Um, the second option with this cheaper East. A $17 microphone 16 99 which is called the Miracle Son That looks level earlier. So you see that I purchased these on November 6 2015 also, and I used these works. Great is have half a good quality off course. The road is a better quality. I love the rope, but this one is better. Is way better that the microphone own years. Marfan. Remember that at the beginning it's OK to have. You don't to have to use the internal microphone off yourself, but when you are getting more people on you, if you want to get more, professional is not a big investment, and you can also use for order or for other kind of recording, not just for the iPhone you can use on your camera or any other device that you have a set microphone for your computer, your laptop or anything. So the quality off these guys is good. I recommend to invest some money on Get these external microphone If you want toe get very professional on your Facebook streaming life session, so I'll add the links for these two microphones on the resources idea of this lecture. I hope you take a look on these e. I hope you you buy it. If you want to get more professional on, Let's do that and see you in the next video 4. Planning your Facebook Live Streaming (Complete Template): Before you start your Facebook life session, I recommend you to have a plan to have a template so you have some step on some bullet points that you can follow on your presentation to have the more toe, have your audience engage with your message on toe. Have then stay up to the end off your presentation. And that's important because at the end we will have a call to action. So here in the resources Ari, off this lecture, I'll share with you a. Pdf with a small four steps that you can follow to create your Facebook life template. Your presentation toe plan your Facebook life session before you actually go life. So here we have step number one, of course. Welcome your out and say, Hey, guys, welcome to the streaming. Happy to see you here on step number to set expectations. And that's important because most people dropped the call. They stop the video. They jumped to another Facebook page, or they jump to another website on the Internet if they are not engaged. So it's important toe. Welcome them on step number two to set expectations so you can save something that by the end off these Facebook life presentation. You will have this. You will learn these. So by doing that, they know what they are getting on these specific time. They know that they are investing their time in something that is valuable, and they're not jumping toe other pages on just leaving your stream. They will stay with you up to the end. So that's why it is important to put yourself in your audience shoes on. I think what they are getting. What which message which value are you delivering to them? What are they learning? How you are making their life better with the specific presentation on Facebook Life number three off course. Do your presentation. Have some bullet points that you will talk about or just talk about naturally improvising view one that's totally up to you. The pain of your business, the pants off. The goal that you have on when you finish your presentation at the end is super important to give a call to action. Why this is important. Well, because that will help your outings to be engaged, and they will say, Okay, I like these. I invest my time watching this on. I'm taking action right now on also because you want If you have a promo, a promotion if you are. If you want to sell your products, your services or your online materials two year outings at the end off this course, you will give a call to action. So you do the presentation telling all the good things that your brother has on. And then you call you give a call to action saying, Hey, guys, go to this website and sign for the email out of responder, go to his website and buy my book or go to my you to bait any call to action Doesn't need to be a sale. You don't need to be selling all the time, but you can give any call to actions like for example, Hey, if you like these, go to YouTube and visit my YouTube channel. This is the link okay or something like that. So they actually take action. It's important that you, you told with your out, is in a way that they are used to take action at the end off your messages at the end of your emails, a day off your broadcast episodes or a den of your videos. That's important because when you have in the future, when you have a promotion, you can sell them very easily because because they are used to take action at the end and also that keeps, then motivated. I remember that it's good to sell on your Facebook life session, and we will have on a lecture in these cars in this model talking about that, I'll show you how to do that. But it's important also to have sown streaming some videos and son Facebook life presentations where you are not selling. You're just adding value for free because you like your arians on. You want to interact with them and you want to add value to their, so that's important. But remember that even if you are giving something for free, advice for free is good at their to have a call to action. So this is the plan. I hope you like it off Course. You can feel free to modify these toe, add or remove steps here on this template on. I hope this is careful and you and you can use these for your first Facebook life presentation, which is the last task. The project assignment for this model will be to do on Facebook Live presentation. So you can use these simple template to do that with all these. I hope to see you in the next video. 5. Talking to your Audience: when you are doing your Facebook life streaming session, remember that it's important toe interact with your audience. Ask questions as then to give you like they have the tools on the Facebook like, and we will take a look on that in the next videos. They have the option to give you Likes toe. Send you smiles on the Facebook in the Facebook interface on all that counts later on your Facebook page as a like a scorned In every comment that you have on your own, your life streaming will show us a comment or your Facebook page so it's important to interact with them. Ask questions, say, Hey guys, if you like these, say yes, here on the common all. If you have any questions, send me your questions. I'll reply. Answer for you life here on these Facebook life streaming session. So it's very important. Remember that when you are on the on the call, remember toe interrupt with them, see what they are. If they are like in what you have, you have. You will have a great idea off if your message is working or not. So that's one of the amazing to the Facebook has for other, we can have into Eastern Eastern feedback from the audience, and you will have that asking questions. I'm asking them to participate. Also remember, that is super important toe. Ask you audience to share your string. They can share on when they share all them their friends or most of their friends will see your streaming on their timeline. So that's great. It's a great way toe to increase the number of people you have on your audience and to reach more and more people with your message. So asked your followers to share your scream. You can also do some like some contest. So everybody that share your screen get in a pool that you were, you will. You were draw something very important stuff that they like. Or you can give something for Frito everyone that shares your screen. So I hope you like these. Remember to ask questions. Put on your notes when you have your notes. Boots off after export puts on knows that hate. Ask question to my audience. Engage my hours, keep then active on that wall that will help you to have a very successful Facebook life is training session. I hope you like this. See you in the next video 6. The Best Call to Action on Facebook Live: call to action for your Facebook life history. This is super important guys because you know that a day off the day what we want is or outings to take action on, buy your product, visit your website, go to YouTube channel or any action that you want anyone that is your goal. So call to action is important on by having a call to action. We talked a little bit about call to action in the prior video, but it's important that you were. You plan your stream when you plan your Facebook life extreme that you add the notes off the call to action so you know exactly what action you'll invite your customers to. Do. I been done by doing that you are. You are conditioning them because they will be used to take action at the end off your streaming. They will use to take action of the you know your videos on. That's the best way to condition your audience to actually buy your products, visit your website or any action that you want them to do, and you have two ways to do this. One way is just directly asking them to take the action you want, so you can say it then. Okay. Thank you very much for being here on this Facebook livestream with me, if you like, click the like button. Right now, this is one call to action. If you like this streaming Corman here on the comments area said telling me, What do you like about the stream? What? What did you learn today that is valuable for your life? How you will apply that on your daily life? That's an example. So I gave you here two examples off call to action that are not just directly selling to them. Another option, which is the one that I love and works for me. Super is toe. Ask them to go to an opt in page so you can say, Let's say I'm talking about chocolate cake and saying, Hey, guys, this is how I do the chocolate cake. I have the Facebook life here on. I feel all the process on. I tell at then, if you want, you don't need to write down this recipe. If you want, you can just go to my website idea with a villa dot com on there, you can easily download the complete recipe for these chocolate cake. It's totally free. All you need to do is enter your email so we can believe that the recipe to your Emma on. After that you can start making these super super amazing chocolate cake and start surprising your family and friends with the flavor that you are prepared. So that's another call to action that we're We're inviting them to go to a knob. Tim Page at the main thing here I want you to get is that you need to plan. You need to know exactly which call to action you are asking. You are leaving. You are requesting from your audience at the end off your video on off course. Always, always, always is good toe half a call to action, even something very small, like saying, Hey, guys, if you like these, please share your V shared this extreme with your friends. Or, if you like this, click on the like button so we can reach more people like you, like this kind of stuff that I do something like that. So I hope you get the idea on. I hope you can think your task now is to think about a call to action, which is the best call to action you can give to your hours. Okay. See you in the next video. 7. Let's Do a Facebook Live Session: it's time to start on to do or first Facebook life session. I'm here with myself, and I hope you can see that on your screen. Let's open the Facebook up and here, let me show you. Initially, what we are doing is we're creating Ah, Facebook life streaming here on the page. We just created the Create online courses Facebook page. But also, you can do these. You can do Facebook life on Facebook groups. So if you have a Facebook group that is your group or if you want to comment on in any other Facebook group, let's say you have a business about chocolate cake. You can go to any chocolate cake Facebook group and say on start of Facebook Lives and say , Hey, guys, I'll show you today how to create the amazing the best chocolate cake ever that Euler on you start your Facebook life there. What's advantage of that? Basically, that you can you can reach people that are in your target audience because you can do that in any other groups, and that's super valuable. Okay, on also, you can let me I can go to my personal profile here, and I can just click on pose and I can do the same. I can start a new Facebook life from here, but now we will do these on the Create online courses Facebook page. So I go here, I click on Publish and in here. As you know, we have the second option, which is Life Video. And now it's opening on on here. You can see me here, Aziz. You know, we can select the audience here and now it's public. Basically, everybody that likes my page will be able to see this session. I'll add a title here again. Test Facebook life OK, and I'll click on Go Life Now let's see. 321 zero. So now we are live here. I can sweep the camera if I want. You see these when I already I I can click on finish. So we finished the session. But remember that it's good to have a session between 10 15 minutes because people take some time actually to join to your session. When you start the all your your friends and your followers are not your friend to the followers that, like your Facebook page, will be notified off this specific session. So when you already you click on finish. So you see here ending life video Better. Frank. Now you have a reply. You have a new option to see these tow watch and see if you like it or not. And you can Ablow on HD when you composed, this will be posed on your page. So let's do that right now. We compose here and you can also delete if you want, But people that already saw your video there no way to delete that because they already saw the video. But you can. If you don't like this recession or anything like that, you can just click on the lead so you won't be posting on your Facebook page. So if we scroll down here, we have create online courses posed waas Life is saying here, test Facebook life, Which is that the title off the this baseball like And I can just place play here so you see that we have the option to like we have the option to give a heart to laugh. So you have all the options here, and it's great because you will see your audience interacting with you life on this section . So this is how you do it very easy. In the next video, I'll show you other techniques that you can use to have more views on your Facebook session . See you there. 8. 3 Way to Reuse your Facebook Live Session for Your Marketing: Okay, guys, here we are in the create online courses. Facebook page. Right. If we scroll down, we see the Facebook life session that we just have six minutes ago. We have the title. We have the video here. Everything is great. I remember that I click alike and I sent us a smile here while we were doing the video. So now you see that we have one view, which is West. Me, actually. And we have one like on the good thing on this video. I'll show you how. What's the best way to reuse this content? So sometimes you do these things life session on. You have great reply. Great engagement from your audience. You see that you have great conversions, that people really like your session. So you want to re use that, and I'll show you how to do that Exactly. One way to do it is to download these video on a blow these to YouTube. If you want to that you can check later on the course. You will have the option toe. See how to download any videos for a YouTube. Not just this one. Any videos of you want, you can download on, Reuse it off course you need to make sure you have the right the copyrights on to use that on your YouTube or on any other place on this case because it's my video. My session. I have all the rights to use Thes asai one. That's number one number two. And this is the important one. If you like this, if you have engagement, you will have lots off comments here because everybody that send questions that said yes within the call within the decision you will have all the comments here. And this is amazing because the comments can't go very, very huge. Also, you have all the likes. So this is a great post. If you have all these, this is a great post to actually boost your post to create an at with these specific to. So by clicking and boost the post you can. You can send these. You can create an ad off this specific video session on share with not with your audience, with your target out people that are not yet on your audience, but people that you want toe to reach with your Facebook. That's OK, So this is a great way to reuse. These is actually to share this as a Facebook to boost the post. The fair way to do it is to share this post clicking here No, with your friends, but in groups that are in groups that you know that you know where your audience there would you target out in east constantly. So again, if I am teaching how to create an online course, I will join groups on Facebook. They're groups with 20,000 people, 30,000 people, 10,000 people. So I can join these groups right on when I have my session. Ladies, I am teaching something valuable that my audience that are interested in house a great online courses. I can go to this group and share these with a group. So if I go share and I click, I can share of my own timeline Or I can share on a group and I can say type here. Any group like you to mean Let's see here, let's say this one, for example, premium online courses, probably. Here are lots of people that are interested in how to create online courses so I can write something here and I can share this video with the group, so this is a great way toe. Collect people to call people for on Facebook without spending a dime to call people to your page on toe to actually join these people to your audience, to make them like your Facebook page to make them go to your opt in page and buy your product. So that's why it's good toe plan your your your Facebook light before you start the recession. Because if you if you plan to share these on Facebook groups that I related with your topic , maybe is a good call to Action Toe, have an opt in page or just to say, Hey, if you are watching these in any other Facebook pages, that is not mine. I invited to click here at the top on the Create Online courses link, unlike the page because we're doing small monthly or weekly or daily sessions that you will absolutely love. So you give a call to action to these people you planned before, and you give a call to action that they actually will do will perform because if you go to a call out and see if you diss published this on a Facebook group that is not your group, that people maybe don't know you and you say, Hey, by my brother, by my book, By my course at the end, maybe they won't buy because they don't know yet, so it's a coal audience. That's why it is good to plan first and send in tow on opt in page, where you can send emails later or make them like your Facebook page. So when you create or their sessions in the future, they will receive the notification on what your sessions. And after that, after a few sessions, they were no, you they will trust in you on. That means they will be ready to buy for on you. So I hope you like these three ways to reuse your Facebook life streaming, and I hope to see you in the next video 9. Final Project: Hey guys, Welcome to the end Off the course. Unhappy to see you here I see that you are taking action on as I always say, that when you take action East, you are growing because taken actually is the best way to warranty their results. That you want the results of the one on your business on your company expanding your business all over the Internet. So here we have the final project on the final project is important toe actually show you the steps to get the results that you want In these specific project, we have three steps. Step number one is to watch all the lectures on the course. That warranty that you learn all the strategies that I am sharing with you in this specific a specific model in specific cars on If you are hitting the last lecture, probably you already accomplished that. So if that's the case, congratulations. You just completed step number one. If not, no problem. All you need to do is watch all the lectures and come back here. Step number two. We have I asked you here to leave your review on your feet back for the course where you review is super important. I love to see all the reviews of my students because the reviews help me as instructor to improve the course and also helps the course to grow. When you leave your review you review helps the course to grow on, to reach more students, more people that, like you, are looking for ways to grow their own line business. So thank you very much for leaving you review here on the class Step number three East to create a project here in the skill share projects are eh create a new project on in this pride. In this project, you will share the link to your Facebook life session. Remember, Is super important to take action and create your first session doesn't need to be perfect . You don't need to do anything special. Just it can be 12 or three minutes or 30 seconds Doesn't matter. The thing is that it's good to take action and do the first Facebook life session and you can share these ling this session here in the community, we have more than 15,000 entrepreneurs, students, people that love business and people are working every day lie like you to grow their business. So if you share your link here, you are exposing. You are sharing your link on your Facebook life session with all these 15,000 members on the community. And all the people are actually enrolling this class. So share your link here on By doing that, you can also grow your audience because you never know in these in the community will have . People are interested in similar things that you are. So maybe they will start following you. Maybe they will become your customers. You never know. So please share your link. Complete all these three steps And after that you completed the course. And I just want to say congratulations and thank you very, very much for expanding your time here with me on this course. Ice value, your time and no, that time is the most important asset we have today on you. Choose to share that with me here on the course. I hope you get their source that you want. I hope to see you my other classes to if you scroll down here on the class description on the project description to you can see all my other Facebook classes here on a sculpture. And you, if you are a premium member, you can enroll in all these classes 100% free. Old and I put the link here. So it's easy for you to roll, and I hope to see you in my other classes. Have an amazing day.