Facebook Live - Grow your Page by Streaming a Viral 'Reactions' Post! | Michael Suppo | Skillshare

Facebook Live - Grow your Page by Streaming a Viral 'Reactions' Post!

Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare - www.suppoman.com

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4 Videos (33m)
    • PROOF: These Facebook Live Streams are going Viral!

    • How to Create Your Post to Stream Live - Super easy!

    • How to Go Live with your Viral Post for Free!

    • How to get 100,000 People to see your Stream!


About This Class

If you are looking for a way to grow a viral Facebook Page, this Skillshare course is perfect for you!

In this course you will learn exactly how certain Facebook pages are going viral by filming a picture in real time that gets viewers to use the Facebook Reaction buttons.


These get people interacting with your post and keeps your video at the top of people's timeline. 

In this course I will show you:

  • Case studies of Facebook pages that have created Viral Facebook Live posts
  • How to design a post that will go viral in 1 minute
  • How to go live with this design and attract thousands of viewers
  • How to get your stream shared to enormous groups of viewers

Don't delay in enrolling, every minute could be costing you fans!





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Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare - www.suppoman.com

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2. I have built my YouTube channel to 134,000+ subscribers and over 11.5 million views using a repeatable video launch model with Google AdWords!

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