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Facebook Live For Business - The How, Why and What

teacher avatar Vanessa Cabrera, Speaker and Social Media Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction and Agenda

    • 2. 2 Before we begin let's talk EMAIL!

    • 3. 3 Why go Live

    • 4. 4 How to go Live from your phone

    • 5. 5 How to go live from your computer

    • 6. 6 What to do before you go Live

    • 7. 7 What to do during your livestream to increase engagement

    • 8. 8 What to do after you go Live

    • 9. 9 Re-purpose your livestream

    • 10. 10 What to talk about

    • 11. 11 FB Biz Page vs Profile

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About This Class

Facebook, the #1 social media platform on the planet, has now made it even easier and more fun to authentically connect with your customers. Facebook LIVE breaks down the barriers and creates a connection that transcends traditional marketing limitations. 

In this cannot miss session, Vanessa will introduce you to the world of Facebook LIVE and the different ways your business can benefit from using this exciting new platform. And if you've never attended one of Vanessa's training's, you're in for quite a show! She's real, raw, and best of all, she keeps things simple. She believes in having fun while you learn, which is why so many of her online training's fill up fast! 

In this LIVE training you'll learn: 
✔ How to go live on Facebook. 
✔ Your promotional plan of attack
✔ How to engage your audience 
✔ The different types of broadcasts you can do. 
✔ How to re-purpose your livestreams so you can reach a wider audience. 
✔ The differences/benefits of going live via your Personal Profile vs a Business Page. This is important to know!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vanessa Cabrera

Speaker and Social Media Strategist


I've been in marketing my entire career. I was a marketing and communications manager for a killer association that represented the out of home entertainment industry. Think Pac Man, Jukeboxes, Dart Boards, Pool Tables and then some. I am second generation to this industry so I was taught how to have fun...early :). I was in charge of the entire marketing plan which included, website, trade shows and I began their email  marketing program back in 2001, when no one knew what email marketing was. 


But as all good things come to an end, my career moved on to shall we say more lucrative fun. I became the marketing director for a slot machine manufacturer and was responsible for launching one of their slots into an upcoming market. The big-boys took not... See full profile

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1. 1 Introduction and Agenda: hither and welcome to my slicer class. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. We're about to get down and dirty and talking about all about Facebook alive for business. But before we do, I just wanted to do a very quick, quick introduction on who I am. My name is Vanessa Cabrera. I am an online marketing consultant and a social media strategist. What does that mean? Basically, that means I help small business owners solo preneurs really understand how to grow their business using social media together with email. I have been on my marketing consultant for about six years now. I also consider myself a single mom. Preneurs. I'm a single mom. Teoh mine out four year old son Matteo and absolutely love love what I do So with that, let's just get started. I know you guys don't want to hear too much about me, and so let's just dive into the good stuff. So to minimize myself here, and I'm just gonna jump right in, I'm gonna be toddling back and forth between seeing me here, the PowerPoint slide and then on Facebook. So I must show and tell kind of chick so that's how I roll. So this is a little weird for me. I'm not gonna lie because I'm still usedto life shaming and NK agent um so seeing is that this is being recorded, lets you see houses go. So this is what I'm gonna throw down today. It This is your Jenna that we're gonna cover. I'm gonna cover why you should be a live streaming on Facebook for business. I'm gonna talk about how to go live on Facebook very, very quickly. For those of us who already know but very, very quick, it doesn't want to cover that. And then I'm gonna get into what To dio before, during and after your life shoes. Now, this is where we're actually going to get into strategy talk. Okay, so this whole thing is all about they spoke a lie, that strategy for your business. Um, I'm also gonna get into the different types of live streams that you can do. A lot of people struggle with what they can actually talk about when they go alive. And I'm going to get into the difference between going live on your business. Page vs Going live on your personal page which is super super important for business. Ok, 2. 2 Before we begin let's talk EMAIL!: So with that, let's jump right in. Okay, so you're probably wondering why we're talking about email. If this is all about Facebook, live so before we jump into Facebook lot, I really, really wanted to reiterate why it's still so important to grow your email list. And for the past two years, the number one way I had grown my email list is through a live streaming. Okay, so email is still the queen of her castle. I'm not gonna get to two into email marketing on this class, but I wanted Teoh definite. Let you guys know why. It's important. Number one, you don't own your social media followers. Okay? Meaning somebody cannon follow you on Facebook. Someone can disconnect from you on LinkedIn from Twitter, etcetera. And you would have no idea that they stop following you. Okay, The second reason why one of your objectives were marketing plan should be to grow your list is because we are at the mercy. You know, all these social media platforms, right? Facebook love to change the rules and regulations and their algorithm all the time and drive you any crazy, right? So we don't have any control over any of these social media channels. Okay, so you do not own your Facebook followers. You don't even own your Facebook business page. Okay, Mark Zuckerberg dogs. So what you do own outright is your email list. Okay? So no matter what happens, not Facebook. No matter what changes come up for the Facebook algorithm, you yourself own your list outright. You can completely control the emails that you send out, and you don't have to worry about anything changing because you own it. So if someone stops falling on Facebook, hopefully you still have their email address where you can communicate with them directly. Okay. And so Facebook alive is just one way on how to grow your list. Okay. All right. So let's dive into it. Okay, so two buck a mom. Okay, So I wanted to include this in my presentation today for a couple of reasons. Number one. You never know what is gonna go viral to buck a mom. Candace Payne. Her life stream is still the most watched live stream on Facebook today. And Facebook live is still in its infancy. Okay, It's still a baby. Shall we say it's very, very new and so her numbers are, like, ridiculous. And when I took us reach out of this. Look at it. I mean, the shares were over three million. So I just wanted to let you know that you never know what can go viral, the possibilities. And this chick literally just walked into a store, okay? Bought a two block a mask, went into her car and absolutely loved it. And her, you know, her life. Her laugh was contagious, right? And boom. This thing, like, went viral. So keep that in mind when you're doing your live streams that you never know what contact is gonna hit, okay? 3. 3 Why go Live: So let's talk about why Facebook lied in the first place. Why you should be streaming. Why you should be live streaming for your business to grow your business, to grow your audience, to sell your products, to sell your services. Right. Okay, so he's gonna throw down some six stats for you to kind of like Mull over and realise why it's so important. People spend three times longer watching a live videos compared Teoh pre recorded videos. Okay, live videos average six times as many interactions as regular videos. And that's because you're live right. Like think of like live in 11 right? The the news at 11. Okay, anything can happen. And it makes sense that there's more interaction with life streets because you are able to interact with your viewers in riel time. That's crazy. Live videos of 135% organic reach versus pretty much photos or any other content that you post on Facebook, and I'm gonna get into why that is true. A little bit later and then finally, the number of videos showing in people's news feeds as faras the live feeds are concerned, has increased 360% compared to 2000 and 16. So if you are on Facebook, I'm sure you noticed that you are seeing more and more lives in your newsfeed. Okay? And Zuckerberg himself has said that by the year 2020 which is not that far off. The majority of the content that you're going to see on Facebook is going to be live streams. Okay, so it is going to get noisy. It is going to be inundated with live streams. Which is why it's super important for you to have a strategy now in place for your business before it gets way too noisy. Okay, Hope that makes sense. Okay, so let's talk about what I love Facebook live. OK, so, yes, we talked about online marketing, and on one strategy is to meet strategy and funnels and life serving a repurpose and content and all of that. Okay, But at its core, what social media is or what social media has done for business is that it is humanized it . Okay, there is a human being behind that CEO. Okay, There's actually a face behind it, so it's so businesses don't have to be so conservative online anymore. because we share so much personal stuff, especially on Facebook, right? Like we're bored. Were sleeping. We're going to target. I'm going to, you know, whatever it iss, um it allows businesses to become more human with human eyes are businesses and people want to do business with other people and other companies that they like that they vibe with that. They trust that they know Okay, that they connect twit. And nothing in my opinion shows who you are when you go live, Okay, Because there's, like, really no editing. What you see is what you get, and who cares if you on your way, who cares if you drop your phone and all that, in my opinion? And I believe this is what Zuckerberg was trying to tell us when reading in between the lines when he just did yet another update to the Facebook algorithm when it comes to small businesses and business pages and particularly is that just posting something on your Facebook page just to post it is not gonna cut it anymore, Okay, He really wants you to connect with your customers and going live. Really? Your personality is able to come out OK so you cannot hide between, like, editing and all that. I mean, you can like, you can download it, but it kind of negates the idea. And so I believe that it's our imperfections when you're going live that we're not perfect , right? That is really going to connect you with your customers. Okay, so that's what I love days with live because you can't hide. You are who you are, right. So when you have a look alive and show people who you are is business owner, how you conserve them best, You know, your personality comes out, you're going to attract the people that you want to work with best. Okay, so that's why I love Facebook, but 4. 4 How to go Live from your phone: So let's dive into how to go live on Facebook. We're not gonna get too too techie in here, but I definitely want to cover some of this. Okay, So in the beginning, when facebook live first came out, the only way that you were able to go by it was through your phone. Okay, so, um, what you would do is you would go to your Facebook app. And I'm talking about Facebook pages here, not your personal page. You go to your facebook app, okay? And just like anything, when you're about to post to your page, you can write post. You can add pictures to your post. You can, you know, right Check ins to your post will. Now, there is, um, the ability to choose to go lot. And this is exactly what it looks like when you're on your phone from there. When you choose that, there's a lot of cool stuff that you're now able to dio when you go left from your cell phone. But I just wanted to cover some of the basis. So this is what you would see. Okay, when you hit, go live here, the options that you would see, and at the bottom you would see start life, eat on. And then also, there's a space where you want to title your live stream so you can let your viewers know what exactly your live stream is about. What you gonna talk about? OK, you would hit Go live. You would get a countdown saying 3213 to 1 and you would be live. Okay, so and that's what it looks like when you're actually live on your phone, you would see people coming in viewing you. You would see their comments live. You would be able to comment back, etcetera. OK, so that's how you go live from your mobile phone. 5. 5 How to go live from your computer: So this is I go live from your computer. Okay, so this is a real life screenshot of my business page. Okay? And you can tell, like your business page at the top. There's all these different icons that you can choose. So now you can see that you have the option to choose. Start it. Live video. You would click on that, your webcam would come up just, like, minus for this skill share class. And you would there be a Section two title your life stream? Okay, you would hit, go live and the same thing you would see a countdown. 321 And then you would be live from your computer. Okay. All right. The other need to do now is you can go live from Facebook groups, but this was very exciting for me. Okay, Because I have a Facebook group, and it kind of stopped because I would have to go live from my Facebook business page first and then share it to my group. And it just wasn't the same because who I really wanted to interact with was my members. Okay? So from they now made it possible to go live in your Facebook groups, which was very, very cool 6. 6 What to do before you go Live: Okay, so let's talk about what to do before you go live. Okay? First of all, why are you going on? Okay. So with any social media plan strategy, there's gotta be reason There's got to be an objective of why you're going live. Okay, So what I want you to do when you're kind of planning out these live streams to grow your business, you have to have an end result, and I reverse engineer everything. Okay, So if I want, say, 10 people to join my email list, I got to give them a reason to join. And so I'm gonna do a lot of shame about X y Z and I call the action is going to do that to have them join my list. Okay, So, reverse engineer, don't overthink it. There's a in my opinion, marketers in general myself included. We generally tend to overcomplicate things. Let's just keep it simple. This is how I teach. This is how I roll. This is Sally. Consult. So just ask yourself, begin with the end mine and result. Reverse engineer. What is it exactly? That you want your viewers to do when you're done with your life? street. OK, so ask yourself two questions At the end of my life stream. I want my viewers to a do something. You want them to act, right? So you have a called action or you just want them to know something. You're just teaching them something. You're just providing them with content, and that's it. OK, either one of the other guys. So ask yourself that the other thing that you want to do before you go live is you want to test test and test again. So I'm sure you're asking. Well, came in as I'm live. But how do I test before I go live? Okay, so check this out. So we're going back to your mobile ac, okay? And what you can do with you can see here where it says public, right? Right there. There's an arrow. And when you click on that arrow, a whole new, um, options come up, right? Whole new settings. See here how you can click on only me. All right. That's very, very cool. So you click on only me. He would go live like you would normally. And when you're live, only you can see it. Okay, so after done going live, it would post. And this is on Lee for personal profiles. I don't believe you can do this on business pages yet from your phone. So if you just want to test it first from your phone, this is a way to do it, Okay? And that way you can check that your audio is right. That you're lighting is right. All of that good stuff before you even go live. It's all right. So that's very, very cool from your cell phone and from your personal profile. So you want to test test Thea? Other thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that your signal on your phone I know this is like one on one stuff, but believe me, you are learning from my mistakes. Okay, So you want to make sure that your phone is fully charged fans, if you're going live from your PC, if you can, I would highly recommend that you hardwire into your modem. So you have, like, a super super strong signal. Ok, okay. If you're going live from your cell phone, one of the things that you should definitely invest in is a tripod or a selfie stick when I first are going live from my phone. My poor viewers, I swear they were probably so motion sickness because I talk a lot with my hands, Okay? And I was, like, you know, constant like this and whatnot. And it was probably like Blair Witch Project where they were, like, completely motion sickness. They couldn't follow me, and it was horrendous. Okay, so for stability purposes, if you're going live from your cell phone, I would highly invest in a selfie stick or, um, a tripod. Okay. For your cell phones. Now, I did a very quick Google Amazon search for you. And so here's an example of what a tripod is for your cell phone and a selfie stick. Okay, so this runs for, like, 68 bucks. Okay? So you don't have to spend a lot of money. Unlike Livestream gear like this. A lot of cools to about there now, but if you're just starting out, this is fine. Okay, so this is, like 68 bucks. You don't have to invest in expensive, expensive gear like now they have stuff where you can put your phone on there and it, like, follows you right. So through, like, moving around stage like I'm a speaker. So if I had my cell phone in, like, this cool gear, that's like, 600 bucks, By the way, um, it would follow me on. I can record myself. I can certainly go live with it. All that good stuff. But for if you're just beginning, this will do just fine. OK? All right. So let's dive into your promotional plan again. We're still talking about what you're gonna do before you go live. All right? So how are you gonna get people to show up to your life streams? Okay, so first, what you can do is you can create a Facebook event from your business page and send out invites, letting people know, just like you would do any other Facebook event. Okay. And the cool thing about when you create a Facebook event for your live stream is people who are SPP whether they're interested or are going will get a reminder of your life street automatically. So you don't have to worry about, like, sending out an email reminder any of that Facebook do half the work, right? So I believe right now like you get a reminder a day before the event and I believe you get a reminder an hour before the event. So that's a really, really cool way for someone to be reminded, like Oh, so until going live in an hour, I got have to remember that, right? So you can create a Facebook event from there. What you want to do is you want to create you want to create, like, a buzz, right? Like teasers before you even go live so you can create images right and posted image saying I'm going live on Facebook this Friday at 7 p.m. Central time and then you can post that image. You could just post regular copy on your Facebook page. You can create a video like this, just letting people know and just, like, just teasers before you even go live. So people know that you're going live and hopefully you can create some buzz around it, OK, after you're starting to post some of these teasers, the other thing that you can do is you can pin these posts or these videos to the top of your Facebook business page. So It's the first post that somebody sees when you're on your page. Okay? The other thing that you could do is you consent any any amount to your list again. Which is why you should always be growing your list. So again, just telling people. Hey, guys, I'm going live on Friday at 7 p.m. Central time. I'm gonna be talking about X Y Z etcetera on my business page. Here's a length Teoh join. Okay, so send an email to your list and then the other cool thing that you could do, especially if you do a Facebook event, is ask pre show questions. Okay, So let's say you know, you post you create your event on Monday about your last year that you're gonna do on Friday. Okay, Well, if people are starting to our SVP to that event, um, you already have their attention, so you can go into that event and you can post questions like start nurturing, start warming up the crowd as I kind of like seeing in my head. Um, because I've done a lot of Facebook lives for my page and for other organizations, and we've created a Facebook event and once the RCP started coming in, I would go in and just introduce myself. I'd be like, Hey, guys, you know, it's been s Cabrera here. I'm gonna be talking about X y Z on Friday. I'm super psyched. I'm super excited to have you guys, um, I'm gonna be talking about how to increase your open rates via email. Okay? And I compose a question saying I'm just curious. Guys like, what are some of the things you're struggling with when it comes to your email marking program or increasing your open reach or whatever it is so you can start like a dialogue already throughout the week before you even go live? So you're already building that relationship, your already making those authentic connections that we're talking about, which is a powerful tool when you actually go live. So by the time even go live, Let's say somebody posted question and say Yeah, but I have one question about, you know, how do I create better subject once? OK, I would go back in and say, Hey, here's here's one of two things you can try and like, the conversation would keep going. Okay, So let's say Brad pose that question. Well, by the time Brad comes to my live stream and I see him pop up live will be like a brat. Thanks so much for coming. I appreciate the question you asked earlier this week. Guys, for those of you guys who are watching, Brad asked, How can I better my subject lines, etcetera? Um and, you know, this was my advice that I gave him. OK, so you see, how, like, yes, the last name is the main event. But you have, like, all this time to promote it. To really connect with your RCP is to engage with them by asking them questions beforehand , stuff like that. Okay, um so definitely take advantage of like that promotional period that you have when you start telling people about your live stream and then in between that and then when you actually go live, Okay, it works. 7. 7 What to do during your livestream to increase engagement: All right. So let's talk about what to do during at your live streams, okay? Especially if you want to increase engagement. So number one when you go live, introduce yourself first. Okay? So just like anything else? Like, you know, we're all humans offended the day. Um, and like you would introduce yourself like a networking event or whatever it should what? Whatever the case may be, because again, this is an event. Think of it that way. You know, just introduce yourself, okay? Like I just did with, like, the skill share, right? You guys and less Cabrera and I'm online marketing consultant, etcetera. OK, this is what I'm gonna be throwing down today. This is what we're gonna be talking about today, okay? And then you can encourage her actions by the by your live viewers by asking them questions . Now, I wanna make sure take no When you go live. If you've never gone online for the first time, there is a delay. It's socks. But there is a delay that when you go live on Facebook, I'm not quite sure of the times, but 40 seconds or so eso when you go live. If no one is live with you as soon as you go live. Don't panic, Okay? It's all right. There is a delay. Okay, so make sure that you start talking. They introduce yourself. Um, and give people enough time to number one, know that you're going live and give them enough time so that they can then join you. Okay, When you go live. So when they are watching you encourage, you know, questions. One of the things I always like to dio I have done a lot of webinars in my day. And when people started joining me on these webinars live, I would always say, you know, Hey, Cat, thanks so much for joining. I appreciate you being here when you guys start joining in on the webinar. Ferguson, do me a favor and let me know where you guys from. Where you guys watching? Because I generally just wanted to know where people were watching. Like there was one time someone was like watching from Australia. And I'm from Chicago and I was like, Holy cow. So I asked like really simple questions. Teoh, start the conversation, right? Just starts out. What's the weather like? You know, where That's one thing. You know, I said, where is the weather like were you watching from? Okay, so ask easy to answer questions. Okay? When you're answering questions from your viewers alive on a live stream, And I had I had to learn this the hard way. One of the things that you want to dio is you definitely want to repeat the question first and then answer it. And here's what Because not everyone is gonna be able to watch you like some people are gonna come back and watch what's known as the replay. Okay, So when you're done live streaming, what happens is you posted to your page and it's just regular post like any bats. Okay, so let's say someone wasn't able to catch you. My they can always go watch your live stream later, which is called a replay. Okay, So if someone's watching the replay and you're doing Q and A and someone asks you a question, lie and Austin, you just, you know, answer it, saying, Oh, yeah, you know what? What you can do is you can call customer service and ask this, and they'll be able to help you out. Okay, So if someone watching the replay and they're not looking at all the comments and I guarantee you replays are not looking at all the life soon comments especially let's say you had a live stream and you had, like, 300 comments. If I'm watching the replay, I'm not gonna read every single comment. Right. So they're gonna get lost in translation, so I hope that makes sense. So first you want Teoh, repeat the question saying OK, so Karen, it just asked. Hey, Vanessa, you know what happens if I get stuck with inserting a live stream into my email? Okay, Whatever it is, that's her question. I would be like, hey, care. And you know what you can do? You can call their customer service. Um, they have excellent customer service. That it. So you see how like you got the question and the answer, so make sure that you repeat the question before you answer. It became the content will flow much, much better when you do it that way. Um, the other thing that you want to dio Teoh increase views is you definitely want out. Tell your viewers to share your live stream and encourage reactions now, not get to two into the Facebook algorithm. Right? But Facebook loves it when you go live. Meaning the algorithm loves it when you go live on your business page, mainly because of what I said before it, because you're being your authentic self and you're able to connect on a very, very real level, Which is what Zuckerberg wants us initially to do on Facebook. Okay, so what you want to do is the algorithm will push out your live stream for more people to see it based on three factors. Okay, so number one is likes, okay, But I'm gonna be dead honest with you likes really don't mean anything anymore to the algorithm. OK? So I would encourage people for you to increase. Like saying the algorithm is really like in your life stream is to ask people to drop in emoji. You algorithm loves emojis. Okay. So rather than asking people who are watching your life saying, Hey, guys, if you like the sly stream onto me a favor and like it, that's not gonna cut it. I'd say, Hey, guys, if you're digging this content or, um, if you you know, our digging this content. Throw down an emoji. Show me your favorite analogy or whatnot. You know, things like that. Okay. So to encourage reactions to your content eso It's based on likes comments, which is, like I said, I would ask for emojis, okay, and then shares shares is like the mecca of what the algorithm will pay attention to. Okay, so the more shares you have, the algorithm is gonna be like, Oh, wow, whatever she's talking about, people are really connecting to. So I'm going Teoh, push this live stream out to more people because something's going on. Okay, so, um shares shares is the most important thing. So while you're last year, easy. Hey, guys, if you know of anybody who would benefit from this content, where were your target? Market is like a small business owner or an architect or a designer. Whoever your small businesses. Sorry, where were your target market is actually share. Say share it out to them. Tag them. I'd appreciate it. Hopefully they'll benefit from Okay, so ask for shares. Okay. Last but not least, let's go back to strategy of why you're going alive. Okay, so you should definitely include some sort of call to action with your life stream. What is the next step this person is going to take in your business? So let's say they dug your live stream. I loved your content. You help them tremendously. You gave them valuable information. Now what? Ok, you want to leave them to the next up, right? So, going back to what I said about email, one of their calls to actions could be to join. Your email is now gone are the days where you can say join my newsletter. Okay, That just doesn't work anymore, okay? Why? Because everybody and their grandmother has a newsletter. It doesn't tell anybody why they should join your lips. Okay, So I'm just giving you guys a handful call to actions you can use on. I definitely want you to brainstorm on your calls to action by watching this, but this is just kind of like information that heard some ideas that maybe can help you. So perhaps it just scheduled meeting with you right after you're done life from, Say, Hey, guys, if you don't this live stream you can click on here to schedule a meeting with me. Make sure you have that blank ready to go. And maybe it leads to your calendar with a book. Um, a meeting, OK. And definitely in that length, you're going to ask somewhere you're gonna capture that email address. Okay, um, maybe you're presenting and events may be the last name is all about promoting event that you have coming up or that you're going to be a part of whatever the case may be and have that registration link ready. So hey, guys, the you know the women thriving fearlessly Expo is, you know, March 23rd. Here's the link. I haven't discount for you. Here's a Here's the discount coach. Click on this link. You know, the early bird special or this promo will inspire, you know, tomorrow or whatever it iss. Okay, maybe you just have a special deal like your location based business and say, Hey, guys, it's Memorial Day weekend. We have a buy one. Get one free going down this weekend. Here's a link to get the coupon or whatever. It's right and then last. What you could do is you can definitely offer them your freebie, your opt in a k a lead magnet OK, so what's the lead magnet? What's knocked in with a freebie? Well, they all stand for the same thing. People just use these different words. Teoh, describe what it is. So what your opt in is is basically the reason someone is going to join your list. OK, Like I said before asking someone to join your email list because to join your newsletter doesn't work. All right, so you need to give them something of value in exchange for their email address. Okay? And that could be a guide, a checklist of video tutorial, something that they're gonna get in return for them giving you their email address. Okay, So you can say, Hey, guys, um, thanks so much for watching my Facebook. Wanna one live session? Um, if you're you know, if you want that maybe the slides to this to this deck or I have a checklist. You know what to do before, during and after your Facebook live click on this link to grab it. Okay. They would click on the link. It would lead them to some sort of landing page. You would get there first. Name, email address. They would hit, submit and then they would get that, um, checklist delivered to them right to their inbox. OK, so these are just a handful of ideas for calls to actions for someone to take that next step after watching you last year. Okay, So you've done all this work, right? You prepared your live stream, you promoted it, you went live and clock want. Nobody showed up. OK, so first of all, it's OK, number one. Congratulations for going live. Okay, Um but I want you to keep this in mind. So the more more you go live and the more and more you promote it and the more often you go live, I guarantee you somebody will show up. Especially if your content is banging. Okay, It's all about contact. But I don't want to get too discouraged if no one shows up. Because here's why 80% of the people who are going to watch your last year's are from replace. Okay, now we're all busy. Okay? I would love to catch all of my clients live streams, and I actually have my clients pm in me or email me and saying Did you see me? I'm going like, where did you see my life's chamber, You know, what did you think? And this and that? Well, as much as I would love to there's times I just can't. Okay, I'm a single mom and maybe I am cooking for my son. I'm picking him up. I'm cleaning. I'm doing life right. And so I can always catch your live streams. But I do catch on my finds Live streams later when I can. So 80% of life stream viewers come from replace. So, yes, Do we want people to watch a slot and have that engagement? Abso frickin lutely, But don't get too a to discourage of No one watches You watch, Do this, go live and then go check back 24 hours later and see how many people viewed your life. Strip. OK, so don't get too discards 8. 8 What to do after you go Live: All right, let's talk about what to do after your last dream can. So number one you want to go back and like and respond to your viewers comments? Okay. And so from a strategy point of view, let's say you went live and you had 30 comments total. All right, you go back and you like every single comments. And then you respond to every single comment whether it was a question or not. Okay. And from a numbers point of view, your 30 just doubled to 60. Right? So when someone looks at this live stream there, like, wow, she got 60 comments, there's something up. This content must have been good this life. She must've been banging, right? So that's number one, OK, from a livestream perspective, from a strategy perspective from a human perspective. Okay, Like I'm teaching my son. It's just the nice thing to do. It's the kind thing to do. It's the courteous thing to dio. Okay, these these people took the time to watch the live stream to comment. It's your responsibility to thank them for watching you live and comment back. Okay? I'm telling you, it will go further. So just be nice. Just be thankful. And, um, thank them for being for watching you live. Okay. All right. Um, the other thing that you can do after you're done going live is save your video. Download it. Okay. So, again, Well, this training is all about live streaming from your business page. And it's much, much easier to save a in live stream from your business page than it is from your personal profile from groups to like groups, depending on their settings. Sometimes you can't even share the live stream out, so eso it's much, much easier. Teoh, um, download it from your business page, and I'm gonna go back here and show you exactly how to do that. Okay, so here is my page. You can get you a couple ways, but you go to publishing tools, and then you're gonna go to video library. And here's a link about Here's a list of all my videos. So this was all these here? Sorry. He's here with this icon. These are all lies. Trees. Okay. When? So let's just choose this one. And I think this is an interview. Yeah. So this was an interview I did with a women entrepreneur. Okay. And so right here. You see these three little dots? This is where you can download. Okay, You can click download, and it starts download automatically. Okay? It is a lot more difficult to download. Like I said from a personal page or from a ah group livestream. Okay. All right. So go back to my presentation. Could save it. Okay. So you could also add captions again. This is all from your Facebook page. Really? Really. Cool thing is that you can add captions to your live stream. So again, make sure you go through this and I'm gonna show you how to do all this in 11 shot. That's probably easier. Um, so after you're done, and after you post, you want Teoh, stay that your You want to download your video so you can read purpose it and we're gonna get into How did you get in? A little bit. You can add captions to your live stream. And so I wouldn't do that for a couple reasons. Ok, Number one is that you know when you're scrolling through the Facebook news feed and whether you're watching from your phone or your laptop. You never know if your viewers audio or their volume is turned out. Okay, so they may not be able to hear it. So if they cross your live stream and they see captions, they can read about what you're talking about which can possibly draw them in. Okay, The other thing that you want to keep in mind. And actually this I had to learn, um, on my own is because of people who are hard of hearing or who are, you know, deaf. So I actually have a deaf client, and she completely called me on it. She's like, Vanessa, I love your live streams. I see all the comments, and I can kind of put together what you're saying and she reads lips to but actually talk fast and, you know, she couldn't catch everything I was saying. So she's like, Can you add captions? So you have to keep that in mind to of people that are deaf as well. All right, um, custom thumb now. OK, so this is super important. So check it. Okay. What's a custom thumb now? So when you post your live stream, Facebook automatically chooses an image for your that video, and it's called a custom thumbnails. Okay, so you know when you see any video, whether it's on you tube Facebook, What? Not you see an image first before you hit the play button, right? Okay, so Facebook automatically chooses an image from your life stream. Okay? And it may not be the best shot. It may not be the sexiest, right? So you may be live streaming like I fix my hair loud If you guys have been saint, like I do this or what not? And so, um, you know, maybe they just not big twos and unflattering picture. Okay, I would definitely go in there and choose which custom from now. You want to be with your last year and I'll show you guys haven't do that. You can now enable cross posting, among other Facebook pages. This is very, very cool. But you have to do this before you go live. So But what you can do is you can give another Facebook page permission to, um, post your life stream. Okay. So, Well, you can leverage somebody else's audience. Okay? It's very, very cool, but you got to give them permission first. It's within settings and again, I'll show you guys how to do the same minutes. I want to cover all of this in the screenshot, but think about that. Like really think about that for a minute, as faras like strategy is concerned and getting more people's eyes on your live streams. You know, if you're thinking of, like, verticals, that you're working with you within your business or partners or you know, things like that to allow them permission to cross post poster last year to their paid, that's huge. That is huge. I mean, the possibilities of that, just like incorporating that into your social media strategy is often okay, so definitely, like keep that in mind on how you can use that to grow your business. OK, the other thing that you can do is tag products and pages, okay, and people in your life stream. So, for example, if I was going to talk about these selfie sticks, right, the selfie sticks or the tripod that I showed you guys earlier and let's say I was prone to using one, and I talk about it all the time, as I have in this in this session, I can then tag that's page or that product or what not? And I can even reach out and say, Hey, guys, I love your product. I talked about it all the time when I'm teaching about by stream, right, So just kind of like f Y I and you never know they'd be like, Oh, my gosh, She's promoting our product. Let's share her life stream where she shows our product to on her last name on her class or whatever it iss. Okay, um, you can tag people like I showed you guys just now. I tend and tend to interview a lot of women entrepreneurs. That's generally who I work with. And, you know, I interview speakers and other experts that I think my audience would benefit from so you can tag them as well, right? And so again, this goes back to crust posting. If I ask the woman entrepreneur I'm gonna interview next month. Hey, you know, what you can do is you can cross post this lashing at the same time, so I'm gonna send you a permission to do that. You accept it and then we go live. We would then be able to go live at the same time on her business page in my business page . Okay. So awesome. So epic. Okay, Okay. So before I get to this, sorry. Let me go back to showing you guys how to captions and all that good stuff. Okay, so here we go. You gonna choose edit video, and this is where you can do all of this stuff. So this is where you can add the title, right? You can add a description to your live stream again. This is after you're done going live. Okay, Um, and then here, if you click. Subtitles and captions This is where you can choose the language. English. Now, I have already done this, that it's already been captured, but you could put auto generated captions and let me see if I can find a better one for you guys for that one. And then all this other tempest Oh! Oh, So here's a thumb. Now, here we go. Okay. So this is a thumb now? I chose right, cause we're both smiling. It's a good shot of both of us. But these are like the different images that Facebook may choose on its own. Okay, So what if we're like, I'll just choose a silly one. Okay, So for example, here, if Facebook automatically chose this thumb now, like it looks like I'm picking my nose like that's not sexy, that's not what we want. Right? So make sure to go back and choose your thumb now. Dead. Um, all right, so all this stuff. So let's say this was, like, the thumbnail that they chills, you know? It's not cute. It's not my best shot. Right? Okay, So here's distribution where you can cross post, right, you condemn and give other pages permission to post to use your, uh, live stream and all that good stuff. Okay, so this is basically where you can edit all the stuff that I just talked. You guys okay? All right. 9. 9 Re-purpose your livestream: Now we're gonna talk about how to repurpose your life streets. Right. Okay. So you now know how to download your Facebook a live stream from your business page. And now what do you do with it? Well, the sky's the limit, not right. So you can upload it to you to. From there, you can turn your ho hum happy. Only emails, right. Regular emails into a video email. Okay. And the same rules apply to emails, dust, social media. So, as I said, videos get higher engagement on social media than any other concerts. Right? Live streams are now getting a much more engagement than pre recorded videos. Right? So it's the same thing for email. Okay, Video e mails get ah, higher engagement. The regular emails. Okay. So you can upload your Facebook ally stream to YouTube he's in turn your regular email into a video email. However, you have to put in the subject line that it's a national video email for them to know that there's a video inside. Okay, from there, the sky's the limit. You can tweet the link. You can share your Facebook live to another Facebook page. LinkedIn. You can share it to all of your social media channels. So you get mawr, reach more people to see your life stream. So just because you're done going live doesn't mean you can't repurpose your last dream for more people to see it, okay? 10. 10 What to talk about: So what should you talk about? I get this question asked all the time, like, OK, but as I get it, I get I understand how to go live. And I understand the engagement and the algorithm. And I know it's important for me to start last year for my business, but what exactly can I talk about? OK, so I'm just gonna give you guys a handful of ideas, hopefully have your own ideas, but, um, he was just a handful. So number one is teach a class, show them how to do something. Okay, You're the expert in your field, right? So t somehow to do something. All right, um, if you're still struggling with that, what I tell my clients is think of the one or two questions you get asked over and over and over again about your business, about your industry, about your expertise, and answer that. Okay, So go live and just answer that question, right. You can host a live Q and A session, right? So you could say, Hey, guys, I'm going live again Friday at 7 p.m. Central time. I'm gonna be talking about X Y z Come with your questions. We're gonna host a live Q and A well loved to answer any of the questions you have about the topic that you're gonna talk about. OK, you can tell us about an upcoming event. Like I said, if you're going to event or if you're producing it about you can go live from the event itself. I love this, and it surprises me at how many people don't do this. OK, so let's say you go to these networking events or these conferences or these trade shows, or what not to continue to educate yourself or whatever the case may be. Bring your audience with you. We love that, right? So maybe we can't go to this conference. But you could say, Hey, guys, I'm live here from X y Z conference and we're gonna talk to see this incredible speaker, and we're gonna do this. And so number one, it shows your audience that you're still educating yourself, you know about growing your business and that you're taking them with you, right? So you know, conferences and all that like bring them along, you know, so they can experience what your experience. That's pretty cool, right? Um you can run a contest. This is super easy to dio. Okay, So, so, so easy. So, for example, I was just a speaker at a conference a couple months ago, and because I was a speaker, I was able to get a discount for people who wanted to attend the conference. Okay, It was in all, it was a two day marketing conference, and I was talking about lots streaming, and so they gave me a discount. Well, I went back to the producers, and I'm like, OK, I appreciate the discount, and I'm totally going to promote your event and all that. But is there a way that you guys could give me a free ticket that I can, you know, run a contest live on Facebook? They love that. The idea. So I just went live and just told him like, Hey, guys, I'm gonna be speaking at, um, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference next next month. It is a two day events, blah, blah, blah. I hyped it up, right? And so I said so if anyone is interesting going, it's 175 bucks to go. But if you want to go, I am giving one free ticket to one lucky winner. And all you have to do is comment. You know, whatever hashtag m d m c which was like the official hash tag to the event. Or you can say yes. Just comment. Yes, I want in whatever it iss. Okay, then you choose a random winner and then you can post it, you know, within an hour or the next day. Or you can announce the winner live faced with the next day. Okay, so it's super super simple, and it's a great way to engage your audience. Like who doesn't wanna win stuff, right? So that's super easy to do. Um, and then finally, you can interview somebody. Like I said, I interview women entrepreneurs all the time. So maybe you just interview someone on Facebook, live an expert, bringing your experts bring in, like maybe a customer. One of your customers, right? Who, like is a banking customer like you gave him a while experience. They love you. Maybe you just interview them about doing business with you, whatever the case may be. Okay, so there's just a handful of ideas that you can live stream about. Okay? but basically is just, you know, find your inspiration. Like what inspires you? What? You know, why do you do what you love to do in your business? OK, so find that. And I guarantee you you're gonna come up with a Thanh of ideas for your life streets. 11. 11 FB Biz Page vs Profile: Okay, So the last time to cover in this class is the difference between going live on your business. Page vs. Going live on your personal page. Okay, so this full class was all about you going live on your business page? Okay. And there's a couple reasons why it's more beneficial for you to go live on your business page. This is your personal profile when you're going to talk about business. Okay, so number one Like I said, the algorithm loves that. Then you go live on your business page, meaning it will push out your content to more people on the news feed. Okay. Before Facebook live came along, um, the outwardly sought, like, just being honest with you, it was like 2% off. The people who liked your business page were able to see your content on a regular basis. OK, that's crazy. Okay. And it was all because of the algorithm. Now, because of Facebook live, you can use it to your advantage. So the algorithm will push out your content to more people. OK? And it's Helu free because nothing I like I like free. I like free tools. I'm a solo preneurs as well. I'm small, this owner, so I get to keep the cost out. Okay, give a thing is that you just have more options to share. It's like I said from your business page. So, like a sense you can't really share out from a group. And, you know, you're just kind of constricted on all the things that you're able to do from your live streams if you go live on your personal page. So, like, I just showed you now, like you can't add captions, you can't, um, which we call it, download it. You can download it, download it from your personal page. But it's kind of a pain in the ass. And so you know, that's another thing. And the monster benefit for going live on your business page first, going live on your personal page is advertising OK, so I'm sorry, Boo. But Facebook now is a pay to play platform gate. Like I said, because of the algorithm, there's not a lot of people. We're seeing your content. You have to boost your post for your own people. Your own followers to see your post sucks. But that's what it is. But the cool thing is is that you can retarget these audience people and in turn, a Facebook ad and people artists in your live street. Okay, so what does that mean? Let me break it down. OK, so let's say you watch one of my last minutes, OK? I can bend, turn around and create an ad that people who have actually watch that live stream can see. Okay, so I've retargeted a Facebook ad for that ad to be seen to you because you watched my life string, OK? And I can read. Target it to people who watched my life stream for five minutes. I can retarget it to people who watch my last dream for 10 minutes. Like it's insane what you can do with Facebook. Um, advertising. Okay. And when you go live on your personal page, you just can't do You can't turn a post from your personal livestream too, and add Okay, so that's like the biggest benefit of going live from your Facebook business. Page vs Going live from your personal page. Okay. All right. Finally, there have been three brand new Facebook live features, and I'm sure there's nothing more tomorrow, but for Now, this is what you can dio on Facebook. You can now go live audio on Lee. OK? And what does that mean? Okay, So rather than like seeing me right on this on camera, you would go live audio only, so they would only be able to hear you. Okay, so thank radio think Podcasts K. And so you're probably asking. Okay, But I said, Well, why would I want to do that? What, for a couple reasons number one for me personally. What? I'm watching a video or a livestream. I feel like I have to sit down and, like, actually watch right versus hearing content, hearing a podcast, hearing all that I could be doing other stuff, right? I could be cleaning the house, doing the laundry, doing life, right while still listening to that audio. Okay. And that's number one. The other reason is, and you know, this is for my ladies out there And no offense, guys, but guys too, um, were not always camera ready. Okay, There's been many tires where I am not camera ready, and I certainly don't want to scare anybody with my life streams, But let's say I have like, really important content that I want to share with my audience with my Facebook group or whatever. I don't have to be camera ready. I don't have to be all sexy, right? So I can go live audio only. And so it's just kind of like different strokes for different folks. Right? When it comes to content, there's Onley. Three formats that you can create, right? So it's the written word. It is video and audio. Okay, Some people like to digest their their content via audio only. Okay, so, like, tested out and see what happens. Like I showed you earlier from your phone, you can now go live with another person via your cell phone, which is very, very cool. And when you go live from your computer, you are now able to share your desktop, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. Like you guys can see me. But I'm obviously sharing my slides. You guys can see what's on my desktop. Okay? The only thing I don't like about going live on the desktop front, um, from your computer is that you can toggle. Okay. So you can't do this like I can't go from this. So then, like you guys seeing me here, right? So that you can only share what's on the desktops, which is fine. But for me, personally, I like to, like, toggle back and forth. Okay. All right. Okay. So that's it. Guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this class on Facebook. Live for business. Um, and again, just a little weird for me because it was just me. So I'm so used Teoh. Um, but for those guys who had never gone live your class project, if you want Teoh, um is I have a Facebook group called the Badass Bosses The group and it is bloated with small business owners Sela Preneurs, women entrepreneurs, marketers alike who have never gone live. OK, so if you've never done live, I'm sorry. They'd have gone line. But a lot of people who joined my group, they have gone live for the first time in the group. So if you want to face your life stream, fear I your class project would be Teoh. Come to the group and just go life with first time. Okay? It's an incredibly supportive group. We love it when people go live. Um So I encourage you guys all to join the badass bosses group. So thanks so much, guys. My name is Vanessa Cabrera, and I will see you the next time around.