Facebook Live For Business - The How, Why and What | Vanessa Cabrera | Skillshare

Facebook Live For Business - The How, Why and What

Vanessa Cabrera, Speaker and Social Media Strategist

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11 Videos (57m)
    • 1 Introduction and Agenda

    • 2 Before we begin let's talk EMAIL!

    • 3 Why go Live

    • 4 How to go Live from your phone

    • 5 How to go live from your computer

    • 6 What to do before you go Live

    • 7 What to do during your livestream to increase engagement

    • 8 What to do after you go Live

    • 9 Re-purpose your livestream

    • 10 What to talk about

    • 11 FB Biz Page vs Profile


About This Class

Facebook, the #1 social media platform on the planet, has now made it even easier and more fun to authentically connect with your customers. Facebook LIVE breaks down the barriers and creates a connection that transcends traditional marketing limitations. 

In this cannot miss session, Vanessa will introduce you to the world of Facebook LIVE and the different ways your business can benefit from using this exciting new platform. And if you've never attended one of Vanessa's training's, you're in for quite a show! She's real, raw, and best of all, she keeps things simple. She believes in having fun while you learn, which is why so many of her online training's fill up fast! 

In this LIVE training you'll learn: 
✔ How to go live on Facebook. 
✔ Your promotional plan of attack
✔ How to engage your audience 
✔ The different types of broadcasts you can do. 
✔ How to re-purpose your livestreams so you can reach a wider audience. 
✔ The differences/benefits of going live via your Personal Profile vs a Business Page. This is important to know!





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Vanessa Cabrera

Speaker and Social Media Strategist

I've been in marketing my entire career. I was a marketing and communications manager for a killer association that represented the out of home entertainment industry. Think Pac Man, Jukeboxes, Dart Boards, Pool Tables and then some. I am second generation to this industry so I was taught how to have fun...early :). I was in charge of the entire marketing plan which included, website, trade shows and I began their email  marketing program back in 2001, when no one knew what email...

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