Facebook Live For Business Best Practices In 2017 | Blake Stockton | Skillshare

Facebook Live For Business Best Practices In 2017

Blake Stockton, Specializing in online strategies for biz growth

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5 Videos (23m)
    • FB Live Best Practices Intro

    • FB Live Best Practice Part 1

    • FB Live Best Practices Part 2

    • FB Live Video Tips

    • FB Live Walkthrough


About This Class

Live video is something every business owner needs to know about. It's the latest and greatest free opportunity to reach more of your followers.

And who doesn't like free marketing?

In this new Best Practices Facebook Live course, I take my experience doing Facebook Live videos and recommend Best Practices for success:

- Learn from my successes and stumbles

- How to prepare for a successful Live video

- Recommended technology

- General video best practices

- What type of Live videos are business doing?

- Why Facebook is pushing Live video so hard

I also screenshare my phone and walk you through how to do your first FB Live video.

Sound good?...Good!

See you in the course!


Blake Stockton - Online Marketing Consultant | Entrepreneur





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Blake Stockton

Specializing in online strategies for biz growth

Blake is a Marketing Consultant specializing in online topics. He has consulted with hundred of business owners on topics like social media, SEO, creating a website, online paid advertising, e-commerce, content marketing, blogging, email marketing, overall online presence, online lead generation and analytics.

His experience in these areas comes from being an online entrepreneur himself. His business Youth-Basketball-Camps(dot)com helps parents and players connect with basketball camps...

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