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Facebook Landing Page: The Best Way to Collect your Customer's Name and Email

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. This is the Plan...

    • 3. Adding the Sign Up button to your Facebook Page

    • 4. Signing for Autoresponder service

    • 5. Preparing your Free Gift

    • 6. Signing for Landing Page Monkey

    • 7. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 1

    • 8. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 2

    • 9. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 3

    • 10. Getting your Landing Page Links

    • 11. Finishing the Sign Up Button on Facebook

    • 12. IMPORTANT! Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the "Facebook Landing Page: The Best Way to Collect your Customer's Name and Email."

In this class, you will learn how to use all the power of Facebook, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups to collect your customer's name and email to create your "email list," and sell to them your products and services using one of the most powerful marketing tools.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Hey, guys, welcome to the class and happy and excited to see you here in this new skills or class, these is How is the best way I know to collect your customers Name and email create a landing page won't create a video landing page super optimized that will double or triple the conversions you have with a rare comparing with a regular landing page. Also, we will sign for a free our responders service, which is male team. If you already have mailed him, you are in the right place right now. You will love this model If you don't have mail Chimp, I'll show you how to sign for free. So by then off this model you will have a complete Facebook marketing funnel ready for your audience to start opting to start visiting your pages on to start sharing their name and email with you in the first lecture here after this video, I'll I invited toe watch these. You'll you understand the whole funnel, the whole process that we are focusing here on this model. You will absolutely love these on more than that. Most more important, that is that their results this single strategy will bring for your business is amazing. If you buy these course and you watch only this model and you apply. This is strategists that by step you is already worth. It's already worth your money and your time because their results that you will have with the specific strategy are unbelievable. 2. This is the Plan...: before we start with the Facebook a landing page, the best way to collect your followers Name and email. Let me show you the plan. Let me tell with you a little bit here a few minutes here in this video. And it's important because you will know all the steps we need to perform here in order to have a successful landing page on Facebook. And let me tell you that this is one of the most important assets. If he especially if you have an online business on. Even if you have an offline local business, this is one off the most valuable assets that you will have. This is the plan. Let me start here. Here, on the left side, we have the Facebook beach. So here is the regular Facebook website where your customer is browsing Facebook. They don't know yet, or maybe they know you, but they don't know about your new product. You know, service. We create an ad in order to tell them about this product, this service or this company. Usually the goal here in the ad is to offer a free gift. And here is the gift that they are getting for free if they follow the steps that we are offering in the APP. So basically, he in this Facebook ad we say, Hey, I will offer you this free give in exchange for your name and email, which is the name the next step on the thing that you are offering here. This free gift is something that they really want. You need to know your audience at the point to create something that they love that they really need. This gift can be a free pdf. Pdf can be a free report can be at least off specific things they need to do in order to accomplish something. Let's say you are. Do you have ah product about helping people to achieve their goals so you can create a PdF or a report, or at least off the top 10 things that you can do in order to achieve your goals next year or something like that? You get the idea. If you have a bakery, you can. Your free gift can be a 50% off coupon, for example, so you need to think in something that they really want that they something that they will get in exchange for their name and email. So here we are on Facebook. We the customers, see the ad so they see that happened. They click on that. When they click on that, they will be forward toe a landing page. This is a landing page with me right here, landing page, and I'll show you here in these specific video in these specific model How to operate a video landing page. So it's super interactive in my experience, the video landing page convert way better than ecstatic landing page, and I'll show you how to do that step by step here on these specific model. So they come to the the at the click on that they are forward to a landing page when they would they enter their name on their email on When they click, submit here. They will be forward to two places basically toe one place. They will see only one place, but we are actually are forwarding information to two places. The thing that your customer will see when they clicks meet, they will be forward to the free gift so you will deliver to them by email, maybe, or by a download page the pdf A report at least off top 10 things that they can do in order to achieve what they want or a coupon or any other gift that you want to share with the audience. It can be also a video video where you teach something. Okay, You teach something for them so they will access the free give. This is what they see on at this point. The customer received the free gift and they just exit your page and they are already on your system. The second thing that happened when they click submit here is this information their name on the email is for were also toe a database, which I'll show you how toe article actually configure. Here is super easy is a free service by mail Chim. We will be using mail Jim here and he's free. So male team will a store a database off the information of the name and email off all your customers All the people that maybe I are they are maybe not your customer yet, but people are interested in your product in your company. That God the free gift that you offer the step before. So you will be building at least off your customer information and these guys. These is the most important asset that you will have on your own line business on, even if you have a off offline business. Also, because with this lease you can contact your customers. You are building a database off people that are really interested on your services on your product, and that's the most important thing on repeating myself. But it's super important that you understand these. That's why I create these plans so you can see what's going on. So when you have the least, they already drop your page. They're happy with the free gift. Okay, they are happy campers here on they know about you. They learn about you on. You have their name on their email address, so the next step here is for you to contact, then by email. You can deliver these free gift by email, or you can send an email days later that meat change. Here. You can say an E email number one a few days later. A few weeks later, the pence off your marketing plan, but in here, you basically are talking about this amazing product that you have. Okay, this is your product on the end goal here is to sell your product to your customers. That's the end goal. So in these first email, you are talking to talking to your customer about your brother. Just don't try to Don't sell yet. Don't say hey by my brother. This is the best product in this first email. What I recommend is for you to teach something related with the free gift. Okay, so this is teach. Some seem related with the free gift. Okay. After a few days, you send the second evil on the number. And after that, you send the third email on these number of emails. Depends off you. There is not a specific rule here for you. You can You can send the number of emails that you want. OK, so x number of the most That's totally up to you can be 123 My magic number is between three and five emails. If I am sending three emails, I will teach in email Number one I will also teach on email number two, but an email number two also I will tell. I will tell Then I will lend that know about this fantastic bro that I have. Okay, so talk about the product on email number three years here is the one that this is the sale email. So in this one, you need to talk about your product and you need to say, Hey, guys, and rolling this this program that I have by my service by my product because this will help you in your business. They will help in your life or whatever you in which you are helping them to succeed as a customer or the service you are providing on this here. You are asking for the sale on East very, very important that you said, also a time you can say this promotion is valid only for 48 hours, for example. Okay. Or 24 hours. That depends off you on. After these, they will buy your specific product. That's the idea off this specific marketing plan. If they don't buy your product, that's totally fine. Why? Just because you have the least off their name and email so you can contact then whenever you want, you can send the most us often as you want, and you have their information. So that's why I said that this guy here, it's one of the most important assets that you will have in an on line marketing business. Any business that you have on light actually. So in this model you will learn all the steps off this process. I'll show you how you already know how to create. Let me change the caller here to be more fancy. You're I know how to create a Facebook at, so this is good. You will learn how to create a landing page when we talk about the free gift. So you know how to prepare. Ever forgive what you need to include on that? We'll teach you. You'll learn how to use the my mail chimp toe store All your dig your customers data that is important on east 100% free on after that is up to you to send the emails on to sell that to send a 30 mile which will sell your product. I hope you like these. This is super important and I hope to see you in the next video where we will start with this process. See, there 3. Adding the Sign Up button to your Facebook Page: you are now ready toe. We start using all the power of Facebook on your advantage. Remember that if you have a Facebook page and you have followers, these tools is super important. I really want to tell you how important is because with the stool, we can start collecting name and email off all your visitors off all your customers on. That's the basic. That's the most important asset that you have when you have an only business, the most important asset east to have your email released. That means the name and emails off all your customers. Because it's Facebook. Close your account. Let's save something happened. Face will go out of business or the the close your account for any reasons. You still have all your most important asset, which is the your customer. Contact the name and email and we can use the name email sus. I already told you in the promo video. We can use that for for to contact your customers to send, then offers to your products toe. Help your company to sell more and to reach more and more people before we start, let me tell you that if you like the course. I will really, really, really appreciate your review. Your positive review here on a skill shirt that helps the course to grow and to reach more people than like you. I looking for wasting proof, their business online and also at the end, off the cars we have. A final project is important to you for you to to actually do on. Submit your final project here because the final party will guarantee that you actually take action. Remember that it's not enough. Just watch the electors. That's great. But they're either really, results can. When you take action, the final project is there to help you do that. So let's start with the course on Start creating these landing page on your Facebook page. Here we are on my Facebook page, Diego Davila Page, which is facebook dot com slash Diego Davila Online. If you want to take a closer look on here, you see that we have a sign of bottom and this is what we're building on your Facebook page . Step by step when a side show you in the in the promo video. When you click on here, we assistant will forward us toe a landing page when? Where we can add the name on email. Okay. How do you add these specific bottom to your Facebook page? I'll show you this right now, step by step. And for that we will use another Facebook page I have about Amazon money blueprint, which is a brand new Facebook page. You see that it has zero followers on. I'll add these on this page so you can see from scratch how how to do it step by step. Basically, who here We are in the page and see how easy this is. And we have here the option toe add button again. If you are watching this video in the future, these But these can change a little bit because Facebook usually very frequently they update their interface. But right now you will have a blue bottom here saying at a bottom. So all you need to do is click on here and here we have some great options and see how great it is. We can choose any off these goals thes are or marketing goals Book Now call ass Contact us sent a message to use the absent email. ERM or watch the video sign up. So what we're using on this specific class is the sign up option. So when they see the same app, they will click there and they will sign up for something that you are offering to them on . Dhere is asking for the website. So the website we're entering here is the website where we have the landing page. In the next videos will start creating these landing page step by step. Even if you have no knowledge about how to create website. How to build what pages? Don't worry. You don't need any specific any special knowledge for that. I'll show you how to these just with a few clicks step by step in starting in the next video. So basically here we're adding the website where we're forwarding the customer when they click on the sign up. But so when they click on here, they will go to the specific website and this website east where the landing page live. So let's stop here right now, and in the next video we'll start creating your landing page when the landing pages ready. We're coming back here on adding the website on this specific field, click on, Create on. After that, we will have this sign of bottom ready for your vistors to start using. Okay, so let's start in the next video with your landing page. See there. 4. Signing for Autoresponder service: is trying to sign for male team All utilities goto male team dot com us you see here or look on Gore for male chimp on When you're in this page, you can click on Sign up free. But before that, I'll show you the pricing. Second option here is the pricing on. You can see from 0 to 2000 subscribers east free. You can send 12 1000 emails a month in for for these free service. Okay, the only problem here is that you cannot have an outer responder sequence. If you want to set up an hour from their sequence, you need to upgrade toe the pay service. Okay, so that's why I recommend get response and you can start tried for 30 days. But let's do these right now. Click on Sign off free. Here in the corner Here. You enter your email address, let me enter my sample email address. Use her name on a password. Their effect. Oh, they one more. They won one lower case. Upper case number. Okay, let's change that. Perfect. So now he's saying that my password is good and secure, that I can create my account on perfect saying for signing. Now we need to go toe to your email or my need. This case, my email and I need to click on activation bottom so I'll do that right now. Okay, here is the email that I receive for male team. All we need to do here is click on activate account. Let's see. Perfect. So click on. I'm not a Robert. This is Ah, capture thing to conclude that you are actually our real person. You can confirm. Sign up on perfect. Now you need to enter your email. You sorry? Your name? Last name on. Feel these information about your company about you address on when you're ready. Click of safe and get started. Okay. Now we are in the dashboard off the Mel teams account. All wanted to now is create a new list is a little bit different that get response. So to create a new lease, you will have here an option create least on If not, you can go to least here at the top. When you are there, you can click on create lease and you will have these form where we will enter all information necessary for this list. This case in the least name I'll try Periscope a periscope. Let's see if he's available. Perfect! Said the full email from. So where the well from which email the one your customers to see that you are sending messages. In this case you can enter here. Your email. Let's see. Perfect. Your name. The default lane. You want to show on day on the email? So Frahn on you. It will be your name there. Okay, Here you can feel your your information if you want. This is not mandatory. Actually, the address is mandatory. CD on your phone number is optional on in here Notifications. You can choose that to receive notifications every time. Somebody a daily summary off all the activities on your list one by one. That means every time you have a new subscriber meld melting melting worlds will send you an email saying Hey, you have a new subscriber and the last option is also one by one. But when people unsubscribe so you can choose thes if you want to receive email when people answers cry, I usually choose in the beginning they one by one when they describe, but later you can change to daily summer. If you want, just tow. Avoid receiving lots, a lot of email when you already Geico safe, and that's all you need to do for now. In the next, videos will start building your opt in page and we will get back to these melting dashboard page. Okay, because we will need to set said Moore said. Change more settings here to customize toe integrate with your opt in page and we will do. Don't worry about that right now. For now. You are excellent. You are amazing because you go to this point. You already have an email least you have on our responders sequence ready to go, OK? 5. Preparing your Free Gift: before creating the landing page. We need to prepare something special for your viewers for your customers, something that you will give for free in exchange for their name under email address on doesn't need to be something very expensive. Very important. It can be something like an e book, a pdf, a video ah, webinar or something else that have value for the customer. So when they go from from periscope, where world were forward, all your viewers to your landing page, the landing page that will create in the next videos. But in the landing page you will be asking for their name under M O in order to then to give you they did their information. You need to offer something for free. So in this case, for this example, I'll use a video. I'll create a landing page from my Amazon FB acres that I have in your enemy. It's an amazing course that teach people every day how to make money. Selling on an awesome um, I'll offer a video for free for every single person that goes in my landing page and enter the main under email. The video will show them the absolute best products that I am sorry on Amazon on the Prokes that make me are more than $1000 a month. I'll show you exactly day products and selling, so you can do the same. So that's a good deal. That's a good a good free gift that I'm giving toe my viewers okay, and you need to think in something from Value Review. For example, if you let's say you your needs is a workers, you teach people how to made workers website, For example, you can offer a lease off the best 25 plug ins that are totally free, and that will change the way their website works. So that's a good deal, for example, or you can offer a free webinar. You said guys, enter your name and your email and you will join for free my my free webinar, where you will letter something about X, which is your niche right? Or some people give like a small e book and able doesn't need to be like 100 or 200 page e book. It can be a 15 10 15 20 pages even remember that the free gift needs to at lot off value to your customer because this is the first interaction they are having with you. They are in their in periscope. They don't know u on ur forwarding them to your to your page where they will get a freaky for you. So the free gift needs to add value to the customer about your needs about your subject. Okay, so now my challenge to you is to stop and think about what? Can you offer a free report or something that, like, six steps toe accomplish X or the six best ways to do where X, you know, think about what you can offer for free to customer. And in the next videos, we will implement that. Own your opt in page. Okay. In this case, for this example, I'll give a free video. My video. Let me open here for you. This video here, Where is the video? He's here. Okay. These video will show the exact products answering an Amazon held me to air $1000 a month more than $1000 a month. Okay, so everybody that signed up in with their name on the email will be able to see this video on this video I'll be hosting on my website and I'll show you how to that in the next video . Okay, for now you think about your free gift. 6. Signing for Landing Page Monkey: this video will take a look on the second way to create amazing landing pages. And we will use a software call landing page monkey on the big advantage of this stuff, or is that you can create video and the pages, the pages looks like this. This is our page that I created for my superfoods. Carson, you Jimmy, basically, you see here the website's Jason with grass start net on. People can see here and you see a video on the back off the landing page is not just a static image, but he's a video on East. Amazing. The conversion are very, very high because his video and people want toe no more about these when they see movement . So if they clicked here, there will be redirected to my offer. And there is another similar landing page. This is from my communal Santiago ultimate preparation guide on your me also an amazing landing page. So when they click on here, they get 50 $50 off coupon for my community Santiago course. So let's click here they enter their email and after that they will be read erected toe the you Jimmy Page with the coupon So you I'll show you here in this video how you can create amazing landing pages like these using a software. And you need to know any coding or programming or anything like that is very simple. And I'll show you here how to do it. We will use a program called Running Page monkey. So if you go to Diego Davila dot com slash landing page, the website again is Diggle avila dot com slash landing page. You can access the landing page monkey. So let's go there. Let's see how the pitch looked like. Okay, this is the sales page. And this is my affiliate Link. All this just for disclaimer purposes. I may be receiving a credit for that, but you will still pay the same price that you will pay if you buy it in another way. So landing pain monkey. And this is the sales page. What? I want to tell show you here. We want watch these videos very long. What? I want to show you some examples of what we can create with these. Okay, be bear with me for for a few minutes here while I'll show you all the possibilities. So This is one example. We have a static image on the back. We have a window here with a video plane on. We can cost my all these step by step and I'll show you how this is. One of my favorites is very nice. You see, Teddy were running on the back. This is actually a video off the teddy bear. And you have the text here with a transparent in the box containing the text. What? You could click here to find out more very, very nice. I think this will convert very, very high because the Terry Berries Amazing. Another example is this is from a game this half actually song. So you see here a nice video off a video game you can click here to have more information on, We will be able to create stuff. Similar landing pages similar late. Like these one. These are Nordic simple again. No image on the back video in the center. This is another one. Same thing. This is a download page with a video on the back showing coins. Actually, this is similar that the one was we created here on on the Amazon FDA, but these off course offer animated video on the bag On the other. Examples very quick that I want to show you this. This is our book course about attraction. Very sexy girl on the on the back. A nice copy here on you Click here to have more information so we will be able to create stuff similar like this one. Next is these very nice image also Ah lady giving ah information about the pro here on the video on the last one is thes again We have a static image on the video on the center So this is landing page Monkey I love this offer and it's very, very easy to use is I think now is let's see on the bottom is $37 Yes, $37. So if you click on by now, you can you can sign for the for the landing page monkey again This is my actually link You will pay the same if you will through any Erling But if you are through this link you will be helping me toe arm son permissions on landing pitch monkey But I really believe this is amazing. I use it myself. You can see here the proof on my landing pages and I I have a landing page for every single course I have. Also, you have 30 day money back guarantee on landing page monkey. So you can I I might. My challenge to you right now is to actually sign for $37. And this is a lifetime license. Guys, you will pay 37 now you never need to pay a You will have landing page monkey for life on. If you don't like in the 1st 30 base, you can just contact them and they will return your money. Your your whole money, the 37 box to your credit character, your account. So that's why I recommend landing page monkey. It's amazing. So you need to enter. You can pay with Piper people or you need to enter your email address and be with people is very simple. I hope you know how to use people in the next video. I'll show you how you can start creating these amazing landed bait is actually in the next video world. Create on landing page similar to these, but with a video on the back. So let's do that together in the next video. See you there 7. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 1: Now it's time to create a new landing page with landing page monkey. We already have an account. So or we need to do now is go to landing page monkey dot com slash members toe be able to do the logging. Okay, so when you are there, you put your user name and password and take on signing in here we will start building your London page Here you have some welcome videos that will show you how you can actually do. They will show you step by step. How how you can do they the landing page. But I'll show you the best way to do it. The BA way that I use it all the time is very easy. Very simple, very fast. Also, if you scroll down just very quick here you have some bottles that you get when you sign for $37 toe the software More bonuses, Morvan assists. Okay, Perfect. So in here, all wanting to this click on create page on. If you want to see your existing pages, you can go to your pages. So let's take a look at your pages to see what I have here. So here we see the pages that I had already half of the system, and we have some options here We don't worry about. We units were about this right now. We will take a look on that later. Let's go to create page. And in here we have the first step. 2nd 3rd and fourth step. Okay. On at the top Here, you have simple, and you can go to advance. That will add more boxes at the bottom. Here, let's go to simple first on. Start creating from here. Okay, so L p m name is landing page. Monkey name. This is the name off their landing page in this case used for these specific test Amazon F B A cars. Okay, the next option is the box position. This is the box where people will enter their information in any time off day off the process. Here, you can click on preview, hit here at the bottom, and you will have you will be able to preview how your landing pages looking right now. So this is the box. Actually, you can say if you want it here to the left or to the right. Okay. Let's close the preview this case. I like it on the middle. You can also choose the box background color. You can change it in here. You can choose the color you like box animation, lots and lot off animations. Here, let's say bouncy on. We can click preview. So he saw a little effect. A bouncy effect. Let's see. Flashy review. I don't like flashy next option shake. I like shake. Yeah, let's give it shake. That's good. Next option is the page background caller. This case you can select the color you want back on image so you can have on the background as the background. You can have an image in here, or you can have a video. Or the third option, which is the recommended, is to have an image and also have a video in case your video takes longer to load or in case the person the visitor that is going to opt in page is having a slow connection. The image will show first. So while your videos downloading on the background, your customer will be able to see your your beautiful image where while they're waiting. Okay, so let's close these getting in here, you can add the image that you want OK, the background video I'll add the video Half a money video hit If I double click let me show you this Samani falling video Let's play here So this is the video put asked. I'll set up as the background off the off the page Okay, so let's clothes the's on. You have several options You can a blow that to YouTube You can Ablow that your server for now. My case, I Ablow that to my Google rife. Okay, so he don't my on my Google Greiff This is the file, right? Click Copy link address landing Ph monkey and I'll paste here based Perfect. Perfect. So now we have the video on you. Can you have the option here? If you want to meet the video If your video have sound and you want to keep the sound you can amuse. So the sun will play every time they are on the word page. In this case, I'll use mute. Let me preview to see how looks like now. So this is how it's looking like It's really nice. I love landing page landing page monkey guys. You see that this is dynamic is very nice. You can just video you want you have there hundreds and hundreds video on the Internet that you can use her. If you have your own video, you can put us the background, the video off your cars on you see when it's when it's the videos and that it will keep on a lump. It will just replay and replay and replay. So that's great is very, very nice. Let's close the reap the preview For now, I leave the back on e much blank for now. This case I strongly recommend it to put an image here. So I blow that to your Google drive to your website or to any repository online that where you can grab the girl off the image and put it here so you can use it Also. Okay, background but background bottom background Color is green right now. If we preview, we see that the background color is actually green. I'll change that toe. Another color lets me clothes the's. It's changed. Oh, something more orange. Let's see orange. That's good. Balint Button tax White. I live it asswipe! What? The bottom text. What? What? The bottle say's in this case is saying click here. I'll delete these and I'll say access the video now on also second, you have because let me preview these for you. So when I click here, there is a certain a bottle. And in here we will have the boxes for Nain and email. I will set up these with you in the minutes. So this is the second bottom text. So if way we can reconfigure that to submit its really dust that and say give me the video . Okay, Excellent. So we can go now Here the top we see simple and we can switch to advance And when we see streets to advance you see that we have more options here at the bottom of this case Advanced options You have the box delay. You can have a delay for the box to come up. Let's see, Let's write thesis in seconds, I think. Let's see. What What is the texts here? DeLay is in seconds here, three seconds. So let's leave it at three seconds and preview and see. 123 Peyrefitte. I like that too. I'll say one second so the money start falling on After that, the box appears so box trump transparency you can regulate. You can change the transparency off the box If you want the box shadow or no shadow, I say dark shadow on Let's take a look if I like it if we like it. Yes, it's nice. I like the dark shadow. Let's keep that next ease the box border. You can change the box, border the border, color their radios on the box week. So you're gonna rebel? You can change and personalize all these options depending off. What do you like better and what's works better for you for a company. Okay, Advance bought on the science options. So we have phones, you can change the phones. Here. I leave it like that. For now, the CEO, you can change the CEO. You can set up here the patient title and meta description that will help you to rank higher on the in the search engines, like cool or being or any other search engines, advanced video options. You to position star what that means. That means if you have a one minute video on YouTube and you won your video to start only on the on the 2nd 20 after 20 seconds, you can say here, 20 this case, if you have a one minute video, the video will start playing from this 22nd mark. Okay, so sometimes you have a video and you don't like the beginning because it's an introduction . You want to show just one part of the video? You can set these up here. This case we don't have a YouTube video, so let's leave it at zero here. Perfect. Let's switch back to simple. 8. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 2: and go to the second step, which is page content. Click on here on here. We have some options. Some copy. Let's preview on the the page. Look like this right now. So your headline going What? Here. This is your subhead. Land tests text. So here we can upload the logo. On this case. We select no logo. You match if you don't want a logo or an image a blow logo or you are l In this case, I upload from my computer. Taken upload. Let's go to desktops we have here. This is the image that I want. So Yuri much must be bigger than 150 k Okay, so let's look for in our image. It's like another image here. Let's choose this one. Perfect is uploading and you see uploaded here on green. That's great. The logo image position You can change. You can say the Do you want that above the headlines or below? In this case, I wanted above the headline you can and be in bed Another video If you have another video that you can you want toe use on year opt in page. You can put the URL on here on the video will show depending off the position you set up can be above or about the headline or below the headline. You you change that settings here on this option. Next, you have the head head link text. In this case, I always recommend you to start with the birth are in action. In this case, I put see how I make $1000 a month with these five drugs. This is a great headline. I like that. Next, we have the subhead going on in these I enter, you will have access to an exclusive video showing you the step by step process. Okay. Again, we can change the phones here. Next, we have another option here, which is the lead capture text. In this case, this is the second, the second, the second screen where they will be able to enter their name on their email. Let's leave this for now. And take a look on the preview on how the page looks like right now. Okay, so you see here the logo. This case, this is just for test on. You see how? See how I make $1000. Among with these five Brooks, I think will be better if we put the headline at the very top. So let's change that. It's closed These on Go back here, Um, the logo and say that we want the level below the headline once Prevue Perfect. Now it's good. No is better. Okay. When we were the people click on access the video Now you see that the lowest still showing . I'll show you how to remove it if you want. We have these tax Just enter your data. Your details below on We will have here the name and email. Okay, so let's close thes and go back to settings. Okay, So we here is the text. Just enter your your details details below I leave these oddities We respect your privacy These of private attacks that you can change on Let me see where we can remove the low Here you see here, show on both. If we uncheck these, the lower will show only on the first box. Let's take a look. Preview? Yes. Only in the first box. I like that better 9. Creating the Video Landing Page - Part 3: Let's see. Male team. All we need to do here is come to your landing page Monkey page on Glicken and the step number three. Click on Male chimp. Take on that. Include the name. Yes, We want the name on here. We need a u r l a male team u R l on we will get up that right now we go to male temp. We need to create a new least. So go to least here at the top can in here click on create least and create leasing Here Perfect is asking for the least name he let's use periscope camping. Um, the full email, the forefront email. So the email which they When people receive your email, they will see the email that you are using to send to Then, on this case, it's your email. I'll use my email here de agua de available a dot com from name Diego. Your name here Davila. Perfect. So remind people how they got into released here. You can write a message about hey, you got into the into these leads because these are that Let's use a default one like these use described to this leak least on Diego Davila dot com on Perfect. Now we have a periscope campaign least okay to grab the URL. What we need to do is click on sign up forms in here, sign up forms. Wonderful. Select. I'm here. We have the sign up for the u. R l. This is the girl you want to copy based on the page before go there. I'll show you that. Here you can change the fields you want. You can personalize the seas. And here, you see form unresponsive. Email sign up form. This is the sign of form that they will see in this case. It is not these because we are ready. Created our landing page if you change these two, for example, up in confirmation email this, the email that they were received for the confirmation. So basically, what you can do here is just change these settings to match with your problem with your service. For now, let's go to sign up form. We're ready. Copy the URL. We go back to the landing page monkey page and just paste the URL here. Perfect and click on safe, wonderful clothes, the's. And now we have a landing page monkey with Melt Him. Let's click on view here and we see perfectly could access the video to test. If he's working on now, let's enter the name email and click giving the video perfect. So what happened here? Whereas if this email from melting were not seen actually the video. So what we need to do here is at the video on these email in this message here. Okay, so the people will be able to see your video Ryan now in dese message. Okay, that's what we want. And that's why we will be doing right now. Clothes the's. Let's go back to male team on in here in create forms forms on response Imo. Click on the sign up. Thank you. Page Click on that. Perfect. And in here let's remove these on. Enter the video in here. We can change this text to Let's say we need to confirm your email address to complete. Okay, now we can say here, ease your video. I hope you like it here. We can enter the URL off your video if you want. You can also enter an image off the video. You can take a screenshot off your video in YouTube on. After that, you enter the URL here and let's do that right now. First we go to your your YouTube channel. In this case, I'll go to my YouTube channel. You upload the video here. In this case, this is the video on when you have the video here on video Manager, you click on edit, Click on Edit on. You can capture this image here. Let's see. Let's capture here the image. Select the area Excellent and looks like a video to mail. Wonderful. So now I have that on my desktop. Minimize this where we have the image and click on this icon here. Toe a blow The image in here. Click on the image Aiken and this is the file manager here, winning toe Ablow the image before showing on the email. So click on upload and in here, you select committee. Which one is? Is this one open? Now it's up loading. The much here perfectibility much is here. In here. You can set the with on the hate off the the image and click on safe and insert. Perfect. So now we have the image and this looks like a video. The tendency when they received the thesis message is to click on this image. So we need to create a hyperlink to this image that will read direct to your YouTube video . Okay, so to do that, what we can do is go to YouTube. Onda, copy you guys. How's this? Copy the URL here at the top. And if you don't want to drive them to YouTube, that's totally fine. You can You can use your your l That is on Google. A drive on your on your server or anywhere is in the Internet. And you can just base where we will be doing right now. Cos minimize on Click on the icon, which is this one here is like a chain on here. You select if he's a Web address, email address and Carlene file. So if you have a file you can select file to this case is a Web address and click based here. Wonderful Leekens insert. And that's all that. Then you say thank you on your name and you see that is highlighted. We can select these and remove the hyperlink on here. Perfect. And this guy here have the I Piper link. Perfect. That's good. Safe on. Now, you can pick on safe and close. Excellent. So now every time somebody sign on your landing pages in landing landing page monkey on male chimp, they will be able to see the video, and they will be able to join to your least. Okay, so if we go to landing page monkey and click on view, we see the way. See the landing pitch here. Taken access video. Now on. Enter your name on your M o and click on Give me the video. So now you see these. This is the pace that we just set up a minute ago. So you see, you see, Almost finish willing to confirm your email address to confirm your description, click on the email link. The message we send you on Also here is your video. Hope you like it so they will click on these. Video on the video will open on you two guys. Okay. This is one way to do it. If you don't want to drive your customers to YouTube, you want to be more professional. You can use the URL off your file Aries on your server or or any other place on the Internet. Okay, so that's how you set up your landing page monkey with male team. 10. Getting your Landing Page Links: After you finish your landing page, monkeys set up and it's all good. You are satisfied with the result. You need to publish that on the Internet and actually start driving all your periscope traffic to your landing page, and I'll show you how to do that right now. When you click on safe here at the bottom, you will see a box Apapa box with some options. The first option here is still download the HTML file for this landing page in this video. Specifically, we won't be using this file because to in order to use these files, you need to have your own website. I'll have another session here on the cars later on the course, explaining you step by step, how to set up your website for your marketing funnel and how you can set up this file on your website so you can have your own landing page. For example, I can have like Diego Davila dot com, and when you go to the level of dot com, you will see my landing page, for example, so you can have that for you on for your business, which is great. Another option, which we will be thinking about on this specific video is that they're landing page hosting service. They host your landing page for free. It's already include own year package on. This is the link that they are using to host your your page. This is a difficult thing toe to say and to spell is click a dot p slash I slash numbers numbers numbers so you can copy this. Click on copy link OK, and if you go here in your paste, let's see works. Yeah, it's working fine. Perfect on. Now what we need to go because it's difficult to say on periscope or when in any webinar or any video that you are you are. Shooting is difficult to say all these and sage investors toward to this website. So you need to have a Charlene. You need to win it to create a Charlene for the specific page, which we will use the service that is Betley. So you go to bid Lee on. We did this on the prior videos for they get response page and we will do exactly the same system here. You pace here at the top. Your euro on the system will generate an automatic. You're all for you. In this case, we can we have the bid lee slash one you age or all you still difficult. So this second part we can customize in here, So let's see. Let's say, um, I'm Azzam bottles. Let's see if they have that safe he's already taken. So let's say Amazon freeborn us Perfect. That works wonderful. So now the address, we have its bid lee slash Amazon free buns. Easier than giving this whole address to your viewer or to your customer. Okay, so you can just say hey, go to billy slash Amazon free bonus and you will have that, uh, that page solid. See, beat lee slash Amazon free Bono's Let's see Works yet Perfect Works perfectly on. Also, another good thing on Billy is that you can you can have a statistic. So if we refresh here, we see that one personal ready click on went to the Charlene, which is Amazon free bonus. So you can come here and just see all your statistics. And also you have great statistics here. Own landing pitch monkey, You see, impressions is how many times they show the page. Actually, seven impressions seven submit. So seven from the seven visitors we had seven people actually entered their name in their email in this case was me all the time because I was testing on the action is 100%. For example, in this case, here you see the you Timmy Communal Santiago page 643 impressions. 64 people actually entered their name. The email tempered almost 10% which is actually $9.95 percent, Which is a good number for this kind off landing pages. Okay, the conversion landing pace monkeys Amazing is very good. I strongly recommend you that you use like the pitch monkey. If you want to sign for that is Diego avila dot com slash landing page. And there you will have access to the landing page. Monkey. $37 lifetime subscription. Okay, one time. $37. You have for life. The landing page monkey system for you and for your business. Okay. See you in the next video. Let's continue with your marketing. Follow 11. Finishing the Sign Up Button on Facebook: here we are on the last step toe complete or landing page on Facebook. Remember that we stop here on the first video. When we started the cars, we add the bottom and we're here waiting for the website because we need we have to build the landing page. And now we have the landing page already, which which is this one? If I copy this link and I open in a new browser here, this is the land debate we just created for Amazon. So they can I enter their name and email in order to access the video, for example. So now it's time to add these to Facebook. Let me restart here in case you miss this first part. So we're here on the Facebook page on we click on add button and in here we select sign up and now we enter the clear link off your landing page. If you are using landing page monkey Great. This is the link on. You already know how to grab this link. And if not, you can enter any other page here. Also, you can you can enter something like contact ass and you can enter your home page like mice on my case will be d'avola Villa that Khan, for example. So everybody that click on Contact ass will be forward to deal a villain that But this is not the purpose off this specific class. Now, in this class, we want the landing page. So I add the landing page link here and click and create Exxon on. Now when? When we are here on the landing page, we can to the contact as. And if the customers or anyone click on the contact as bottom, they are forwarding to the landing page. So you see, that is working perfectly. And now we have a complete super optimized video landing page ready for your customer followers. See you in the next video. We'll start with your final project. 12. IMPORTANT! Final Project: Hey, guys, welcome to the final project off these class and happy and excited to see you here. Then that means that you are taking action and you are actually watching the videos, learning great strategies that will generate amazing results on you are here in the final video most people done and rolling my courses and purchase my cars is they don't even finish the course. So if you are here, you are a winner. Congratulations. We have the final project that will help you to take the right steps in orderto warranty Their source that you want Step number one is to watch all the lectures. So if you are here, probably you already what? Or the lectures If that If that's the case, congratulations. You just completed step number one. If not, you can go back and watch the electors you have missing on. Come back here to the projects are at the end Step number chilies to leave your review on your feet back here in the class. And I really appreciate your review. I read all the reviews and I will love to see you review their on. Let me tell you, your review is important because the review helps the course to grow on reach. People told the life under be the businesses off other people. Other people are looking for ways to grow their own line. Business on Facebook on these is a great way to help them. So if you live your review, the course will grow and will reach all these entrepreneurs that are looking for these solutions. So thank you very much for your review. I really appreciate the time that you will spend writing that review Step Number three East to go to the project's IRA here and skill, Scher and you will find a blue bottom. Say, saying, create new projects or you click on that on in the in this area, I invite you to share the link to your Facebook page. If you have a fade Facebook based on that you are using for your at If you have a Facebook base that you're using to drive people to your landing page, using all the strategists that we learn here in the cars, please share this page here with the community on. That's important simply because we have more than 15,000 intrepid ners people that are looking four ways to improve their business here on my inner community on a sculpture. So if you create a project here and you share your Facebook ling, basically you're sharing your life with all the people that are unroll in these cars. So police share your link. That will help you to gain more followers, to increase the traffic to your Facebook page and maybe to your landing page. You never know. So I hope to see your project here. If you scroll when you completes the number three, you are amazing because you complete this three steps that I I created here for you on the projects are if you scroll down on the description of the projects are you will see the complete least off all my skill share. Facebook marketing course on This is great because, as you know, probably if you are watching this class, you already watch all the other courses that I have here. An excuse, sir. I have more than 100 courses and all about social media marketing you to Facebook. How to grow your business online and improve your business. Reach more people every day so you can even rolling all the courses you want. I share the link here with U. S. So it's easier for you to find the courses on. Also, if you can Rolling old for free. If you are a pretty new member, if you are not a premium member and skill share, I don't know what you are waiting because you can pay only one. I think they are. They're charging now. Nine I cents for three months off membership and after that you pay. I think it's 10 or $12 a month. But with these 19 I sent, you will have access to more than 14,000 amazing classes here in the skill shallow. You can watch it unlimited. You can watch all the classes you want, all you can rolling all the classes you can re watch, and you can do or these great things with your pretty immune members eat on a sculpture. So if you are not a premium just like in one of the links at the top, you will see a link to join Premium OK, to join to the premium group here on the sculpture on with a premium membership off course , you can enroll in all my classes here that I share with you. I thank you very much for your time. As I always say, I know that your time is the most important asset you have right now because the money you can air, you can hear everything in life. But the time is limited and you choose to share your time here with me in this class. And I Really honestly, I really appreciate that. Thank you very much. I hope to see you in my other classes. And I hope you have an amazing day.