Facebook LIVE: Completing the Buyer Persona | Crystal L. | Skillshare

Facebook LIVE: Completing the Buyer Persona

Crystal L., Social Media Strategist

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3 Videos (24m)
    • #1.1 - Completing Your 'Buyer Persona'

    • #1.2 - Completing Your 'Buyer Persona'

    • #1.3 - Completing Your 'Buyer Persona'


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Get Referrals From Facebook LIVE!





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Crystal L.

Social Media Strategist

Crystal Lindsey is an industry leading social media expert, graduate professor, Fortune 500 professional public speaker, and entrepreneur.

She is obsessed with creating effective social selling campaigns that connect businesses with their ideal clients via social selling. #SocialMediaAddict

After a decade of public speaking to help underserved youth access higher education, Crystal is THRILLED to teach, entertain, and work with students while they a...

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Marketing Business Lead Generation
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