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6 Videos (18m)
    • Facebook Groups : Why You Need One Intro

    • Why Your Need A Facebook Group

    • Who Uses Facebook Groups

    • How to Set Up Your Facebook Group

    • How to Get Members to Your Facebook Group

    • Project : Share Your Facebook Group


About This Class

Facebook Groups are Super Important

Running a Facebook Group gives you something special.  It gives you authority, and allows you to dictate what your market/members will see.  Being a member of a Facebook Group is awesome and has many advantages but when you run your own Facebook Group those advantages are ten times better. 

This class will show you why you need your own Facebook Group.  I will also show you who else is benefiting from Facebook Groups.  Then we will dive into how to create your Facebook Group and how to support your group by getting members into your group.  

Now you can pretty much set your Facebook Group to automatically run but being active in your group makes you a super star.  The more active you are in the group the more you will get out of it.  

So if you are set to get started let's create your own Facebook Group!  

Also don't forget to join our Skillshare Facebook Group we created in the group by following this link.  Skillshare Classes for Everyone

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

PS>>> Headtalker is a great way to get members for your group!  Here is the link to the class I have on Skillshare about how to create Headtalker Campaigns.  

Headtalker Class FREE Link :

Headtalker Class Premium Link :

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helpful tips. Thanks!
Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor





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