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Facebook Groups: Discover 3 Amazing Marketing Strategies

teacher avatar Matt Bernstein, Helps hardworking people start a side business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction to Facebook Groups

    • 2. Facebook Group Ideas

    • 3. Managing Facebook Groups

    • 4. Monetize Facebook Groups

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About This Class

Social media allows people from around the world to connect with other people. Facebook is
one of the more popular social media platforms. As a business, you have different options for
connecting with your fans. You can create a Business page, or you can create Facebook group.

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Matt Bernstein

Helps hardworking people start a side business


Matt helps hardworking people start a successful side business at an affordable cost.

Students get access to cutting-edge training courses and passionate support communities that help them start a side businesses more quickly and easily.

The courses provide everything one could need to start and grow a home business. We've discovered principles, strategies, and technologies that produce real, measurable business results -- without the expensive upfront costs.

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1. Introduction to Facebook Groups: Hi, This is Matt Bernstein when skilled hands dot com And in this section of the course, we're gonna learn about Facebook Group strategies to capture and keep your audiences attention. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and as a business you have different options for connecting with your fans. You can create a business page where you can create a Facebook group. What our Facebook groups and according to Facebook, Facebook groups make it easy to connect with a specific set of people like family, teammates or co workers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members. You could also select one of the three privacy options for each group. Do you create groups are great for marketing your business. You can use groups to keep your customers who are members informed about upcoming products or services and to share information. You could ask your customers questions to get their input. Groups could be used to convert prospects into buyers or as a way to provide customer support. Groups can be a narrow or broad as you want. For example, if your food blogger you can create a group for specific type of food or group for a specific type of cooking challenge or wider niche, like sharing recipes. In this lecture, you're gonna learn strategies for Facebook groups, and these strategies include the benefits of groups and creative ideas for using them, running your group to have less spam and mawr interaction among the members. You'll learn strategies for balancing activities without bombarding your members with too many messages. And finally, you'll learn the difference between Facebook pages and groups, as well as getting tips for monetizing your groups So our Facebook groups work. Facebook offers both pages and groups as a way to connect with your followers. Facebook groups are recommended for connecting with smaller groups of people you already have a connection with. Anyone using Facebook can start a Facebook group. Here's some basics of using Facebook groups. Group privacy settings can be open, closed or secret. Open privacy means anyone who who is in the group can see what they post close means. The group and it's members can only be seen by anyone, but the posts are not visible except to its members. Secret is just what it sounds like. The group, its members and the Post are only seen by those members. You can be a member of the group and be friends with one or two people, yet you can interact with everybody in that group. Photos are uploaded by any member of the group, just like uploading photos. Your Facebook profile groups work a lot like regular news feed, allowing members to post questions, comments and photos. Important post can be pinned, making them appear at the top of the group's page feed. Members shared documents and files this way to distribute files for editing or sharing with as many people without having to email each one individually, groups can create specific events and manage them with the group Calendar Group at men's could be signed moderators to respond to posts and monitor abusive posts. Group's heir created around common causes or interests that could be used to collaborate around a certain project or subject. For example, a group that talks about fiction story ideas. Groups can be used to coordinate local events, nonprofit groups and school functions. Groups can be used to sell things or share items. For example, a group that allows you to share Children's books with other members. Groups Airway to connect with a small number of people who have already know and have the same interests as you. Group's work a lot like regular news feed and could be set up to have moderators monitoring posts and member activities. Groups versus pages. Facebook offers both pages and groups for businesses to use in their social media efforts. Both have a place in your marketing plan. Their differences in the way that they should be used. Facebook pages are more like a timeline for organizations, brands and businesses. Page owners post stories at cover, photo share, videos and photos, as well as host events. Anyone can like a page and be able to see that pages updates in their own news. Feed Facebook pages Air good for promoting your company or raising brand awareness. You can use it to make special offers, share promotions and make announcements while building your fan base. Facebook groups are better suited for smaller, specialized groups of people with the same interests. They could be created to connect family, coworkers, teammates or people with similar interests. Group members can ask or answer questions. Posts about oncoming events follow conversations that interest them mass messages in your group members in box can be sent to the group is well. One difference between pages and groups is that pages air mainly intended as a one to many show you is the page owner. Run the show. People who like your page can comment on posts on your page, but on Lee, you and a person directly visiting your page will see it. Their posts don't appear in the news feed or people who have liked your page groups arm or of many too many type of gathering. Collaboration is the key to groups, and in the newsfeed, members will be able to see whenever somebody posts of the group. The admit doesn't have to moderate or be involved in any way if they choose not to. PAGES versus groups, pros and cons. Facebook Page Pros and Cons pages allows you to promote using the promoted posts, advertising and other promotional tools. Pages includes Insight, which let you see the analytics of your page pages. Air good for communicating with large number of Facebook users. When the admit mode of your page, you can like another page to pull in that pages content into your news feed instead of a personal feed building community spirit and engaging is more difficult. Facebook, Grupo pros and cons groups are more likely to show up in members. Newsfeed groups have better control over who joins due to its privacy. Options groups don't have any analytical functions that pages do. Groups are ideal for providing more personal member conversations. Facebook pages and groups have both their strengths and will benefit your business. Pages and groups are both visible to Facebook community. But groups can set a privacy level for those who see it pages air geared towards masses while groups are ideal for smaller, specific groups of people. 2. Facebook Group Ideas: Hi. This is Matt Bernson and skill hand stock common in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about creative ideas for using groups. Now that you know the benefit of using Facebook groups, you might be wondering how you can use these groups. Order some creative ideas people are using groups for groups can be created and use for just about any purpose that you can think of. Think about the group's you already belong to and they for pleasure. Or do you belong to something for business? Let's explore some ideas. Facebook groups are great addition to your business. You can set it up as a group as an extra support. Fear customers and for certain products. If you don't have customer support in place, a Facebook group can provide a contact point. Fear customers here they can connect, share and collaborate with you. Use a Facebook group to convert prospects into buyers. Create a group that funnels prospects to your products. Create a Facebook group to keep in touch with your customers and others interested in your products and services. You can share information on products, upcoming promotions and sales and ask customers their opinions on products or services. Use the Facebook group to B'more Interactive with your fans. A Facebook page. Let's you post on what's going on to so many people. While a group is smaller and more specialized, you can interact with those who are truly interested what you have to say. A group could be created as a way to collaborate with all of your business locations or remote workers. Create a group as a way to mentor others. Members can collect and share ideas as well a support and inspire each other. Create a group to post events and conferences. A Facebook group allows you to create buzz about an event and continue conversations, inspiration and learning what long after the event has passed? A secret group can be used to brainstorm ideas and connect with other members of your team and clients. When doing product launches for special projects, set up a Group four committees and teams to bring people together and as a way to provide follow up meetings, build your social media love, build a blogging and social media group where you can keep in touch with like minded bloggers, post new content and help each other out with comments as one of the others blog's While building your own community. Use groups to create exclusive memberships, use it as an add on to your products or services, provide content and update two members. They can't get anywhere else. Create a group, help customers learn how to do something. An example. This would be a craft group specializing in cross stitch embroidery or cooking groups specialising in how to barbecue or preserve food. When creating your Facebook group. Get creative. There are literally thousands of ways to use Facebook groups for your business to stay connected with your fans, whether you want to narrow it down to be a very specific topic or broader group where you can build a group that resonates with others. 3. Managing Facebook Groups: Hi, this is Matt Berlin. Soon scale, hand stock calm. And this lecture We're gonna talk about running your Facebook group. So once you've set up your Facebook group, you'll want to set up a few rules so that members have a good experience. You want to avoid bombarding your members with too many messages and promotional posts. So here are a few things to remember when running your Facebook group set up in posts outlining group rules and expectations perilous of examples of rules that you might have in your Facebook group. Be respectful when adding members don't add your friends without their permission. Set up notifications under the Settings tab. This could be set up to receive all posts or specific people or turned off. Just remember, you need to stay on top of what is happening in your Facebook group. You want to be aware of any abusive comments or problems right away. Set up additional admits to help control spam, give feedback on post relevancy and be a greeter. Two new members engage regularly with your group, answer questions, post helpful information and engage with members. Reduce pan in your group by being mindful of who becomes a member, set up rules for posting promotional information. For example, consider having one pin post just for promotion. Another option is to limit who can join your group by setting the privacy settings to closed or secret. Invite people to join your group. You can do this directly from your group by clicking on invite by email in the about group section at Men Duties, The admin of the group has the option to assign other members of the group as moderators. This is often where many groups fail. An active admin keeps memberships current and monitors spam and effects of content. ADM. Or add men's as your group increases in size and you won't have enough administer monitor things in case one arm or admin is leave. The group stops using Facebook or get sacked. Choose people as admin is that you know, like and trust toe. Add someone as an atmosphere group. Go to the members page of the group, search for the person you want to add, click on the gears icon and choose Make it men controlling the number of messages. The goal of this group will be determined how often you want to send out messages. It's best not to bombard your members. You don't want them to become frustrated with too many notifications. Posting rights can be set to allow only add men's. You can allow any members to post with the admin approving each post. This lets you control what is posted and to avoid spam messages from getting through as the admin. You should keep notifications on, and this lets you know when it things are important and needs to be approved or spam needs to be dealt with. You can adjust that you aren't bombarded constantly. Keep your group active and looking great. Choose the right name and photos. Actively promote your group and keep the content fresh. Key posts variety include a picture and one A question one and an event or pole and then yet another. Add useful links and documents. Talk to members of your group, engaged and responsive. Get help when running your group at other people. As add men's help, filter out any spam and abuse of members. Keep your content fresh and varied, but don't overwhelm members with too many posts 4. Monetize Facebook Groups: Hi. This is Mac Bernstein Skill hands dot com. And in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about controlling the number of messages within a Facebook group. The goal of your group. It will determine how often you send out messages. It's best not to bombard your members. You don't want them to become frustrated with too many notifications. Posting rights can be sent to allow only add men's or any member two posts. You could also allow members to post with Edmund approving each posts. This lets you control what is posted and to avoid spam messages from getting through as an admin. You should keep notifications on because this will let you know unimportant things need to be approved or span needs to be dealt with. You can adjust that you aren't bombarded constantly. Keep your group active and looking great. Choose the right name and photos toe. Add to the group. Actively promote your group and keep the content fresh. Key posts varied include a picture in one, a question in another and an event or a pole and yet another. Add useful links and documents, talk to members of your group and engaged and responsive. Get help with running your group add people at at as admin is to help filter out spam and abusive members. Keep your constant, fresh and varied, but don't overwhelm members with too many posts. Tips for monetizing your groups Having a Facebook group is a great way for connecting with new members. It's a part of your business. And if you want to be able to monetize the group without being over promotional, you may not have to sell directly from the group. But you want members to see what you're selling. Here are some ideas for monetizing your group. Use the group's cover photo as ads base charged a fixed price for someone toe own that area for one month. Charges Set price to pin other people's posts so they get more exposure. Promote your group to similar Facebook groups and pages. Take the time to post useful tips in these groups and link back to your group. Cross promote your group on Twitter, your website and other social sites in your email signature on YouTube and other marketing materials you use. Keep your group active even a small amount of activity each week or mind people to visit and interact in your Facebook group provide valuable content for your group Members. Create viral content for your group. Create mean images that your members can share on. Facebook offered discounts Toe paid Web events. Give group members a discount for signing up early. For a paid events. Build your community. Ah group is about providing value to its members. Building your community means building relationships with them. It's easy to recommend products that you were an affiliate for. If you're members already trust you. Send members to products that can only help them when they have a question or need guidance . Promote your website on Facebook Group posts. It can be pinned post with links or occasionally mentioned in post. Use images with through logo watermarked on them. Members can share these and brought in your reach. Include a link to your sales page. Opt in page in your group's description. Post links to upcoming paid events, sales and launches. Create a smaller inner circle of group members that conjoined for a monthly or annual fee. The task of monetizing your Facebook group conceived daunting when you're trying to keep the tone of the members from not being overly promotional by building a relationship with their members with valuable content. First, you're building trust. Your members can be more open toe buying your recommendations when they trust you the next step. More than 500 million people are using Facebook groups every month. Thousands of groups are being created every day and groups of perfect first specific set of people to get together and share photos, links updates and inspire each other. Facebook groups can connect co workers, families and like minded people who share the same interests. Groups are great addition to your business. You can see why a group is a way to keep your customers informed about upcoming products or new services and as a way to offer great customer service, use groups to convert prospects into buyers or provide additional customer support for specific products. Create a Facebook group around a specific event to continue building relationships with the people who attend that event. Your group Nikkan be narrow abroad. Ah, craft bloggers create a group that focuses on a specific type of craft such as cross dishing. The blogger could also narrow the niche down to counted cross stitch on Lenin. Facebook groups are different from pages. Facebook groups are smaller and usually for specific people, while pages are for anyone who likes that page when you're considered creating a group considered what you want to use the group for. Is this help members in such a way? Or is it for you promoting something? Create a good description of what the group is about and why the members should join set up in posts with group rules or guidance. This will help members know what they can and cannot talk about. It's also a good idea to have specific areas where members can self promote as well have at least two people set up as at men's to help moderate posts and respond to problems of Facebook groups. Privacy setting can be open, closed or secret. Open privacy means anyone conceives in the group, and what they post closed means the group and it's members can be seen on Lee by anyone in the group. Secret is just what it sounds like. The group and its members and posts are only seen by its members. This guy Devi strategies for Facebook groups, including the benefits of creating a group in the ideas for them. You could also learn how to run your group and keep it active and avoid spam and use it to monetize and become an extra revenue stream for your business.