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Facebook Group Posting - Quick and Easy

teacher avatar Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro : Facebook Group Posting - Quick and Easy

    • 2. Stay out of Facebook Jail

    • 3. Create a List of Links

    • 4. Compile Your Group Messages

    • 5. Rotate Your Facebook Groups

    • 6. Put your Facebook Group Posting in Action

    • 7. Wrap Up and Project

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About This Class

Facebook Groups are a great souse of connection for those wanting to spread their message.  However, you need to know some basics before you start posting away in a large amount of Facebook Group. 

In this class you will learn.

  • How to market in Facebook Groups
  • Stay out of Facebook Jail
  • Create a list of links to post in Facebook Groups
  • Create a list of messages to post in Facebook Groups
  • Rotate your Facebook Groups
  • Put your Facebook Group Posting Plan into Action
  • Share your Class Project (Maybe the easiest project you have ever done)

With all the information in this class you will be able to confidently post in a large amount of Facebook groups in a short amount of time. 

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on Skillshare.com around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Intro : Facebook Group Posting - Quick and Easy: everybody and welcome to this class on Facebook Group posting quick and easy. I want you to stop wasting time and stay out of Facebook jail. Now I'm Rob Alex, and I'm one of the team members over it. Authors talk about it, me and my wonderful wife from that group on. We have been using Facebook groups to help promote books to help promote our classes that we have out and help promote our contests that we have for authors. And I want to show you the quick and easy way that I post to a lot of groups and keep me out of trouble with Facebook. So let's get started with the class. 2. Stay out of Facebook Jail: All right, let's start out by talking about Facebook jail. You probably heard a lot of people mentioned this, but you might not know what it is and what they're talking about when they talk about Facebook jail is when you do something in excess on Facebook, they kind of lock up your account. They no longer allow you to post in groups on pages, things like that. It's really quite disturbing when you get that. Noticed that, Hey, you're not allowed to post. You've been moving too fast. They have some little cute little sayings they put about it and they can. And this process can last getting put in Facebook Jail can last for a day, a couple of days a week. Um, and actually they can even shut down your account. Totally. So that's the last thing we want to happen as we go on through these Facebook groups, because losing our access to Facebook could be very trying in your business pursuits. So the number one thing we want to do here is to keep you out of Facebook jail and allow you to post in groups over and over again in the correct and proper manner. So let's remember, we want to stay out of Facebook jail. So let's follow these rules and do the right thing, and we're going to show you how to do that in this course. 3. Create a List of Links: Okay, The first thing that you're going to need to start this process is a list of links, and I suggest you get at least 5 to 6 to start out with. And they can be various things. Um, as we're gonna be showing a book example here, I've got a link to are Angry Granny book that we have on a Amazon. That's a Children's book my son and I wrote together. We also have a link here to our book contest class that we have upon skill share. We also have a link here to our authors. Talk about a book awards contest. So what we want to promote that were also a currently running a romance book contest. So we'll have the link there, and we then lastly, we have our book promo library group, and this is one of our groups on Facebook that we run to help promote books and we're gonna be spreading that out. Now. It's important to have five or six of those because one of the things that Facebook looks for very quickly is if you're repeating the same link over and over. That is one of the fastest ways to get shut down is to use the same link and just keep posting it and posting it. I don't care if you mix up the words or what have you. If you're using the same link over and over, eventually you're going to get that message that you've been locked out of Facebook. But in Facebook jail, um, here, lightly. They've been giving some warnings, but I wouldn't hold true to that. I want to make sure that you guys are set from the beginning and take no chances of getting put in Facebook jail. 4. Compile Your Group Messages: Now, the next thing you're gonna need is a list of of of little statements that you're gonna put with your links. And I like to do this beforehand. Toe speed up the process. You can type them in as you go type in a little blurb and then put the Lincoln that's up to you. I like to have them prepared so that I can zip through this process. And I composed in about, you know, ah, 100 groups in under an hour using this process. And as you can see, these correlate with the links that we had first, I have three little blurbs to put with my angry granny book that we have up there. The next one is Ah, three little sections here to go along with my class on, um, the book contest And then down here this is the next three out for the contest themselves to put with it that the fourth set here is for the romance contest. So I have all these prepared. Now you can do a little more in depth. I did really quick ones. Here's examples, but you can bore go more in depth. And then the last three here are for the book group that we have that have promotes books for everybody. These are very important causal get you know, again, You wanna have a rotation of these? You don't want to have the same words coming up and even actually, you know, the starting with the same thing. I know up here, the angry granny one I have the angry granny is the start of each thing. I might even go back and mix that up from time to time and not have the same words starting each sentence just to help give us that edge and so that we can rapid fire these once we get into all those groups and get going. Now, some of you might ask, how many groups am I end? I'm in over 600 groups and I post to them pretty regularly, um, in the course of a week. So to do that, I have to have this rapid fire method down and to keep me from getting in Facebook jail. I use this process and it has worked wonderfully ever since 5. Rotate Your Facebook Groups: now, the next thing we're gonna want to do is we're gonna want to get a group page that we want to promote to, and I already have my group's that I'm already in. And if you scroll down on your Facebook pages, I'm right here on mine. You'll see groups here, and you can click more right here. And this will bring you to your group listing appear the groups that I run and as we go down, these are the groups that I'm in and that I post in. Now the important thing to notice here is that at the top here, these air, the most recent groups you've posted in. So every time you post in a group, it comes up to the top of this. Well, we'll go to our toe. My groups here, right here on water says, starts your groups. Every time I click on a group and I post something in it, it goes up to the top. So we need to scroll all the way down to the bottom, and I'm going to do that right now. This will be a little lengthy process, but we want to make sure we're rotating through our groups because, um, it's very important to do that so that you don't You're not posting in the same groups over and over, and you're not missing groups that you remember. And, um, because we want to we want to be active in as many as is as we can. And as you can tell, I've got a long list of, um of groups there that I'm posting in. So we'll get down to the bottom here in a minute. As I said, I'm in over 600 groups. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go up here and just get a good sampling of groups , and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make a screenshot of this. I'm going to take a screenshot of these books. Are these groups excuse me? And then that's what we're going to use the posting because, as you can tell, if I have to scroll down to the bottom of this page every time I go to post in your groups , it's gonna eat up a lot of my time. So what I do is I take a screenshot of this and I'm going to do that right now click my buttons here to take a screenshot and I'm going to highlight the area, Want copied and boom. Now I've got a screenshot of that. Those groups and what I'll do is on when I'm doing a lot of these. I'll take, you know, I'll scroll up and I'll take the next three probably three sections of this list and I'll take pictures of those so that I can really rapid fire these. Now, when we come back, I'm sure to show you how we open everything up and how we really get to work on putting this process in motion. Once you've laid the groundwork, once you have your your links ready, once you have your little messages, your blurbs ready to go and then you get the pictures of your group's you're gonna be able to fly through this process and get things posted in record time. So we're going to start on that next. So hold onto your hats, babies, cause this is where we're gonna get moving on posting in these Facebook groups 6. Put your Facebook Group Posting in Action: is when the fun starts. As you can see, I'm back on my Facebook home page here. Got Facebook up here, ready to runny. And this is great. If you have a big, large screen, I'm gonna even actually, um, close my screen, my facebook screen down a little bit over here. You can see I've got the listing of all this is the screenshot of the groups that we took right here. So this is tucked away nice and need over here, so I can see you will start here down here with free today on and we'll go up from there. What? Actually, scoot this over and we'll go. We'll start with free Kindle books. And I'm just gonna do a few a couple of these to show you how this works. So I got this moved over. Um, I got my Facebook page here. Here is my listing of, um, messages and blurbs that I want to reach out to. Um and then here are the list of my links. So we're ready to rock and roll. So we're going to start down here at the bottom and up here in the Facebook search box. I'm gonna type that free Kindle E books. Now I want to type it exactly as it looks, so that will bring it up because there's a lot of groups out there with the same name. Now, before we get too into this, I want to say that this is a rapid fire approach. This works well for the books that I do, because there's a lot of books groups out there that are just promote, promote, promote. You have to look at each group individually and look at their rules. And you need to do that when you sign up for him if you want. If you have groups that need a little more coddling, I would say that they want you to post they want good content in there. This isn't the method that you want to use. This is for rapid fire, putting out those things as quick. This works great for authors. There I had the 300 plus authors groups I'm in. Most of those are just rapid fire. Promote your book, put it out there. You know, we've got readers coming to the the group to, so they're just looking for books to read. So know what groups you're in and with what? The rules. A loud cause. You don't want to be kicked out and you don't want them to report. Be reporting your spam. So if you're an author, this this method worked very, very good for you. So as you can see, we're going to start down here. We're gonna go back down here, and I'm going to go to free Kindle E books. So we're gonna go up here and I'm gonna type that in exactly as it says. Even even using the capital letters, that is very important. So you get the right one pops up in, As you can see, they're starting to pop up down here. So I'm gonna type in the whole thing just as it is. And then I'm gonna look on this list and right here it is there 6000 people in this group, um and it's free Kindle e books exactly as it says over here. So I'm gonna click that to open it now the group opens, and now I'm ready to work. And what I will do over here, we'll just start at the top and I'll go with my angry granny book because it is free right now. I'll copy that little blurb hunk over here and paste it, ma'am. But a couple out returned a couple times and then I'll come over here and I'll get my angry granny link, you know? Copy that, and I'll bring it over here and paste it in here too. Now it's you would hit space again there, and it should bring up here in just a second. The little blurb shows my angry granny book and it's ready to go and I hit post and I'm done with that group. Once it post, I'm good to go to the next one. Then I will go appear and I'll type in the next link, which is the horror. And of course, I pick one that's a little difficult longer Hora Logical suspense. And and as you can see, it doesn't allow, you know, it just kind of goes more and more so I'm gonna have to stop there and search for this one . So I'm gonna go in there and search. And as you notice I spelled horror wrong. So I need to appear. It'll ask me right there, make sure I spelled it right. So go in there and click. And there's my group right there who are psychological suspense, and mystery is probably what it says. So I'm gonna click on that one. And now I'm going to go down here and change. I'm gonna go for our book contest. Um, book. I'm gonna you, um, best book contest on the market today. I'm gonna copy that over here and paste it in, Pasted in it. Returned a couple times. Go down here and get our contest link. Copy that. Go up here and paste it in. And there we go. Now contest pages up there going into this group, and I hit post ever. Good. Now I've went very slow. I go a lot faster in this is. But as I was explaining to you, but you can see how you can do a lot of these. Like I said, you should be able to get anywhere from 60 to 100 of these in an hour's time. So that's pretty rapid fire for promotion and to get these messages out in these groups, and this needs to be a constant basis that you need to be doing this because groups move so fast, especially these ones where they're all about promotion. A couple of the other ones that I can think of off my head right now are the work from home sites, um, and the like for like, sites, though there's a lot of those, and they all move very, very fast. So you need to be posting in them on a regular basis if that's your niche that you want to focus on. Um but they do. They move very fast, and that's why we need to promote in them quite often. And you need to be doing it quickly. Now, there are services out there that you can pay, um, to help you promote your in your Facebook groups. Um, if you have the money, that's fine. But this is this method works Well, if you spent an hour on this every couple of days, you're gonna you're going to get similar results. Um, and then those those paid services that are out there and you know that you'll be doing the right thing and keeping your itself out of Facebook jail. So let me go back over this. Remember, toe, have, um as I'm over here on our messages are blurbs. Make sure to have those ready. Um, make sure to have all your links prepared. Take the pictures on the screen shots of your group. So those were ready to go in. And then, you know, pull up your facebook page, shrink it down to size, so you can see everything. And so you could move around your screen very, very quickly. All right? I am going to be back with one more video and tell you about your project. What I want you to do for your project for this class. And so I will see you on the next video. 7. Wrap Up and Project : Okay, everybody, this is the last little section. I'm going to give you a project in a minute, but first I want to tell you a couple things. You know, we want to avoid that Facebook jail. A couple signs. It's a couple things you need to do. Make sure you're rotating everything. Rope A. Your group's rotate your links, rotate your messages are blurbs is whatever you want to call them, make sure you're rotating them on a constant basis so you don't get caught up in Facebook jail. Another big warning signs to watch out for is if they start at asking you for a capture to put your Lincoln, that's a time to stop. That's what I call a warning. If you get that, make sure you stop at that point. Disregard anything else that you were doing as far as posting in groups. And don't push the envelope when you push the envelope. That's when Facebook gets nasty and they'll shut you down for a couple days or longer or deactivate your account and nobody wants that. So you have all the tools now, so it's time to get to work. The last thing I want you to do is in our project section down at the bottom. Here, I want you to list either a group that you're running or a fan page that you have. If you don't have either those you can list your personal page. I'd like to go in and like your page, see what you're doing. You know, get involved with your messages that you're sending out. And I'd love to join your group to toe Adow the list of my lengthy one already. So, um, I thank you guys very much for taking this class. I hope it's been a benefit to all of you. And I hope it keeps you out of Facebook jail and I'll be back with some more classes for you really soon.