Facebook Gaming at FB.GG: Master Live Video Production, Studio Setup, and OBS Streaming! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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Facebook Gaming at FB.GG: Master Live Video Production, Studio Setup, and OBS Streaming!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

29 Lessons (3h 36m)
    • 1. Welcome to Facebook Gaming! Introduction and Overview!

    • 2. Share your live stream with us in the class project?

    • 3. Getting started with Facebook gaming

    • 4. Facebook gaming streamer dashboard

    • 5. Level up program basics and FAQ

    • 6. Facebook Gaming and Level Up Program History

    • 7. Facebook stars are donations and provide great earning potential!

    • 8. Ideal equipment for making a professional live stream?

    • 9. Best Live Streaming Studio Setup for Gaming on Facebook with FB

    • 10. OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup

    • 11. OBS Scene, Source, Camera, and Audio Setup including Limiting

    • 12. Go Vertical to maximize discovery and views

    • 13. Vertical stream setup in OBS

    • 14. Go Viral on Facebook Gaming Live Streams Interacting with Shares and Comments

    • 15. Facebook stars viral game footage example.

    • 16. Record highlight videos and spotlight them on the gaming creator page to convert new viewers

    • 17. Videos 3+ minutes can earn revenue and go viral

    • 18. Facebook page insights and getting through the dip after a viral stream

    • 19. Title, description, and tags

    • 20. Schedule live streams with events to help viewers plan ahead

    • 21. What game to play?

    • 22. Wear a costume to stand out!

    • 23. Automatic Discord Notifications from Facebook Live Gaming via Level Up Streamer

    • 24. Watch other Facebook gaming streams to learn the user experience and connect.

    • 25. Join Level Up Gaming Creators Facebook group to enhance learning

    • 26. Unlocking supporters with fan subscriptions provides monthly payments!

    • 27. Sharing and donating to others helps us!

    • 28. Respond to messages to convert more viewers to top fans!

    • 29. Achieving Facebook live gaming partner and managed creator status

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About This Class

How do we start playing video games with the ability to connect with a global audience on Facebook at FB.GG?  With Facebook trying to join Twitch and YouTube as a top place to watch gamers, those of us that play video games on PC, Xbox, and Playstation have the opportunity to get in early on a big new gaming platform!  This class shows exactly how to get started gaming live on Facebook including the basics of the Level Up creator program, what equipment and software such as OBS is needed, how to setup alerts to trigger the most engagement, where to go for help, and inspiration to get through the dip after streaming for a while and impatience for better results sets in.  The skills we learn together in this course prepare us to be confident in any type of film production, studio setup, and public speaking!  If you want to try gaming on Facebook and deliver the best show for the audience watching, will you please take this class because you will love learning the best of what I have learned in thousands of hours live streaming video games online?

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to Facebook Gaming! Introduction and Overview!: Welcome to gaming on Facebook with f b dot g or facebook dot com slash gaming. As a gamer, since I got a GameBoy at six years old, which that's 28 years ago, I think that's the best opportunity I've seen for gaming and turns of taking gaming skills and turning a passion for gaming into the ability to do that. Full time from donations, subscribers and from partner opportunities. I'm grateful today I've been doing this myself. I've got hundreds of live streams on Facebook. Four games. I'm sharing my experience here out of hundreds, maybe thousands of hours. Live streaming by now to show you the best of what's working on Facebook gaming, including the most valuable skills you need from setting up O. B. S getting your studio equipment in good order vertical streams to get them biggest, reaching the most people watching and how to make an incredible stream That's interactive. That's fun, where people really engage in where we really make a difference in the world. I'm so excited about this course for you on skill share that I filmed because it's got everything in a format you can easily go through. I've also said the class project up for skill share where if you want me to help you and collaborate and connect with you on Facebook gaming, the class project is for you will get into that in the next video. What we've got here is a rough outline for the course. I say rough because I keep my courses updated when I'm learning anything new and that since I'm gaming every day on Facebook right now, there's almost always something new. So the outline you get may look a little different because I add new videos in. Therefore, you might enjoy checking back on this course from time to time to begin. We've got the class project. I'll explain that where you do your own livestream, you share the results of it and you can link to your gaming page. And maybe I'll be able to help you connect with my following and maybe win game together, depending what you play. Then I've got we've got getting started on Facebook. Next, the very basics from the streamer dashboard. The earliest things you need to know. Level up program basics. What is it? Frequently asked questions than a little bit of history seeing understand what a timely opportunity this is to summarize. This was just launched in 2018. Facebook is just trying to make a play for gaming with twitch, YouTube and mixer already big in the space. Facebook's putting some budget and personnel into it and has a huge potential audience. This is really exciting. Facebook stars are donations and provide great earning potential used. I'm imagining you want to understand how you could turn this into money. The star donations are the main way you can get started. That's how people have given me thousands of dollars already. Since the star donations have been available, I got nothing. Almost the first 100 games dreams I did years ago. But now the Souness Facebook put stars up. People are donating like crazy and not just to me. All kinds of other streamers. We look at the ideal equipment for making a professional Livestream. Your equipment is critical trough, especially for Facebook. There's a lot of options, like just streaming on your PlayStation or Xbox that are not available with Facebook right now, you may need a second computer and that you might need a new microphone. New camera. I cover all that with you. I show you my entire studio set up. I should to give you an idea of what you might want to either a mat immediately or work your way up to I've got five monitors to, ah, PlayStation and Xbox, and I'm even teaching on the same monitor that I game on. I go into detail next, show you how to do O B. S O. B. S is open broadcast off. Swore this. Do I just do this straight through to to get keep the human the fun element alive in it Because I know this stuff so well. I don't need a script to tell you exactly what I already know off the top of my head. This helps me film the course a lot faster. And if you want to do live streaming, you need to get used to just making little errors, having fun with it and moving forward. So I imagine you'll enjoy that style. It's a live streaming style kind of class as well. O. B s, the open broadcaster software's watch so used to put together your whatever your raw feed is, and you'll convert that over into your stream. I show exactly how to do that. And I put in the vertical format specifically first explaining what it is, why it's working so good. Then how to set that up in O B s. I'm doing almost all my streams vertical now on my Facebook page at facebook dot com slash j. Banfield. I encourage you any time. If you want to see for yourself, see the newest of what I'm doing and you'll have an idea that will go along great with what you're learning. Because there's one thing to say. It's another thing to do that gets us about halfway through the course. Then I get you into a lot more details. The very the first half of the course will get you set up and running than the next half will get you doing really well. For example, I show ah, viral footage where my stream just was constantly getting shared and one alert was triggering another alert with figuring another. I show you the actual gameplay, how that looked in real time because then you understand what you conduce. Oh, while you're gaming to help people keep sharing the gaming, Then I show you how to get highlight videos. Get those highlight videos, put those on your page, and then that will help people who might not watch a four hour live stream. But they'll watch a 32nd clip. Then, after watching it, they wanna watch your live stream. I show how you can also earn money off of that. We look into how to do the Facebook page insights 12 minutes on the title description and tags to help you really take it to the next level. Writing your titles, writing in descriptions, writing your tags for the maximum result, both for the person you're hoping to give the stream to and for you, of course. 19. Look at scheduling live streams. Talk about what game to play. Simple tip. Wear a costume to stand out. I'm practicing this while teaching. This is my professor PhD outfit. Even though I dropped out of graduate school after getting my Masters in favor of making my own business online. Really good decision that wasa very good decision. Oh, I'm great. Five. Earned more than $1,000,000 online since then. That would not have happened. Continuing with my PhD, I'd anyway, long story short over to 22 automatic discord. Notifications. And then we get into some of the deeper tips, the things I discovered farther along, like watch other Facebook game streamers toe learn. This seems obvious to most everyone except those of us trying this dream. We just watch our own streams and then don't know what's going on. Joining the level of Gaming Creators program might help you. It might drive you insane. Also, I've experienced both on that end Number 25 unlock supporters, and that is, to me the gold standard of having the ability to do this full time. I'm imagining Facebook's going at the prove button today or tomorrow on mine. I've been imagining that for five weeks. So use you can see there's a lot of things that are challenging with Facebook gaming, which makes it a great opportunity. Finally, we talk about especially giving back to others, sharing and donating toe other streamers. If you want to get help, you got to give help. That's how it works, and responding to messages on your page helps you convert more people into your stream. We end currently with my thoughts on achieving partner on Facebook. I imagine I'm pretty close to being a partner on Facebook as well, and we talk about what the official Facebook responses is in terms of what the partner program is, where and from my understanding you get paid and have additional resource is available. That's the course right now. December 3rd, 2018 after I've just finished with filming the initial course, which has taken me months to get ready for and learn myself and film each of these things. Anything else I learned will be added to this class to make it that much better for you. If you'd like to help me get this class even better, we please drop a comment into the class and help me understand. Say, Hey, Jerry, why don't you talk about this in a lecture? I didn't see that I in 10 for this to be the very best Facebook gaming course on skill share, which is easy right now because there's not any others. So I'm putting this out. It will be the 1st 1 and I intend to keep it with every single thing you could want to know . Thank you very much for getting started with this course I love your awesome Thanks for making it all the way to the end off the welcome video. If you haven't already, we please. That that follow button on a jury band filled down here Because if you like this class, you might like the other 54 or so. I'm teaching on skill share. And you might like the new ones. Thank you for getting started with us. And I imagine you'll be hearing more of this beautiful voice soon. Oh, God, Jerry. No, I'm never listening to you again. Evil shenanigans. 2. Share your live stream with us in the class project?: Will you please complete the class project for this class? Because this will help us discover you, and it will help you teach the class. Also, the class project is really simple. It is to do a live stream on Facebook. Then take a picture of your post and link it back to the post or your page. For example, If I was going to do the class project, I would just take a screen shop off this most recent live video I did on my page. Over here, I would just use the screen capture like print screen and then link it back to my Facebook page. This way we can see that you've done a live stream, and preferably if you could get the actual post link. You can grab it right here. If you click on the amount of time or whenever you played it. That will give you a nice Perma link to the actual post. We can see in your post what you practiced from the class. So an ideal class project, anything you've practised from the class, for example, I talk about putting on a costume and then you can show your stream where you did a costume or you can what show where you applied the same kind of description I did as in the class. And this will allow you to also teach the class because everyone else watching can go see your class project and discover you as a fellow classmates start following you, maybe end up donating stars are becoming a supported. A class project is a great way to help us get connected. Because guess who checks the class projects? I see you did a class project in here. I'm honored. You helped teach the class with me and make this class better than guess what. I see your class project. Maybe I'll come along and hit you with a share on your page and help you get some more views. Ricky's When I shared Ricky Stream yesterday, I don't know if it was my share or not, but the views went up by two or 300 within the first few minutes that I shared a stream after. They'd been fairly consistent before that for the last 10 or 20 minutes. I'd watched before that. So if you want me to share your stream where you please do the class project. Put a link back to the post on your page or to your page, and please make sure you've actually done a live stream and that you continuously are live streaming. One thing that seems like a waste to me is to try and promote someone who's not promoting and doing the work grinding themselves. I shared Ricky Stream because Ricky's on it every day. Ricky's been playing on Facebook every day. I like the chill vibe on his dream and I'm your class project. You'll give me the chance to help you build your following. Thank you for learning about the class project here on our Facebook gaming course, and I hope this gives you a very clear path where we can get to know each other better. 3. Getting started with Facebook gaming: what is the very first step to get started? This is the very first step to get started. Facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur You want to go there and you can see the eligibility requirements necessary to get into the program. You need to have the star support option and able you need to be in the level up Gaming Creator program to reach your full potential at facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur, you will find the exact eligibility requirements you needed. Fulfill. They're pretty straightforward as off October 8 2018 1st you need to have a gaming video creator page. If you don't have a Facebook page, you can just go create a Facebook page, make it a gaming video creator page, and that fulfills that requirement. Number two. You need to meet the monetization eligibility standards, meaning you need to not have a bunch of community guidelines or existing problems on your Facebook account. Number three. You need to stream four hours over a period of two weeks, and number four you need to have at least two separate streams that you did that on and these need to all be video games for this, those of the Onley four eligibility requirements and I'm imagining. While most people maybe have not done the game streaming, most people can easily create a gaming video page for free, and most people probably meet the monetization eligibility requirements. Although right now this is only in certain countries. I imagine Facebook is working to expand this to as many as possible in order to stream the games. It will take some times a day or so to update. So if you do eight hours the streams and one day and then it's not updating, just give it 24 48 hours. Just keep going to this page. And on this page is where you get accepted into the level up Gaming Creator program. That's what you need to be in. You need to be in the level up gaming creative program because once you're in the level of gaming creative program, then you can get stars. Then you stars. Everyone star you get gives you one cent in payments from Facebook. Then you can monetize the videos you upload with highlights from your streams. Then you can potentially become a partner with Facebook and unlock even more monetization opportunities. Therefore, this You are always the first critical thing that you want to look at and you want Teoh. Keep checking in on this. You are all because there's features will go over that are very important for you to keep up on top of in order to reach whatever potential you expect is possible on Facebook gaming . 4. Facebook gaming streamer dashboard: Here's what your facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur will look like once you've got into the program and you are able to then start streaming on as a level up video game creator the and this interface is likely to keep changing over time. Now here the basic parts of it. First, these air, the eligible pages you've got on the upper left. If you have more than one page, you can select it. I highly recommend focus on one page with just your name. If you make some personality or some mascot, name or whatever, you may get tired off doing that, and you want to be able to do this over a long period of time for examples, you make some specific game page name and then you stop playing that game, which you might not be able to imagine. You'd stop playing that game now, but in a year you get sick of that game and stop playing it. Then you might need to make a whole new page, and it might be hard to keep your following make up page with just your name because you can keep that forever. All the different games you stream. No matter what you do, you can keep that same page on the lower left. We move into the alerts here. The alert show you three or four different things, depending on if your partner or not, you've got star alerts. This means when someone pays Facebook toe by stars, and then Facebook agrees to then give you those stars so your donations and stars these come up on star alerts, then you've got show supporter alerts. That's when that your partner and someone subscribes monthly to get additional benefits. That's where you get the rial money. If you want to make $100 a day every day on Facebook becoming a partner or whenever Facebook releases supporters toe everyone that's in level up, the supporter alerts the supporter. Those that were you. If it's like twitch, make your real money Share Alerts and clip alerts are absolutely critical. Also, you want these and the star alerts and supporter let you want thes toe pop up in real time on your stream as soon as they happen, because it's a good way of getting other people to see is possible on getting other people want to participate when you see someone share on stream and it popped up as a little alert , then that often triggers you off as the viewer to want to share also. And then you get a share train going where sometimes 100 people on my streams have shared straight in a row all at once. So these alerts are where they pop up, and it's very important to read all these out. You want to Every time someone shares, thank them for sharing, try and say their name. Comment asked talk and then you can see the stars come in Always go crazy whenever someone drops those shares on you. So you got your alerts over here. Now you got the streamer stats and the star alerts over on this side. Now I'm not allowed to show you the stars, so I'm hiding both of these. But what you get to see on these, you get to see how many stars you've gotten in the last dream. Last month, an all time and then on the streamer statue, you can see how many comments likes shares and the stars you've got on last dream now one of the most critical parts of this dashboard is the free stars tear. If you want to be able to make $100 a day, you need to be streaming to maximize these stars. Drops for free. What you get on these these are free stars. This means viewers can simply watch, and Facebook will give you er stars to drop in you for free. That is the gold standard. That's exactly what you want, because this gets the star train going often where someone sees stars drop in and someone else doesn't even realize there for free or wants to drop mawr, and then we'll pay to drop even more stars on you. This is also where you reality check, because $400 a day you need at a minimum be doing the silver tier and then, ideally, get into that gold here. So you get the absolute most star drops on your stream. I'm currently in the Silver Tier, which even that can be challenging for me with my own business. Full time online with a wife, two Children at home with going to my Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day for an hour or two, and then getting a good night's sleep every night being there for my family. This in order for me to do gold tier. This means I don't do almost anything else that all in my business, that means not time to film courses. Blawg posting pretty much nothing else except streaming on Facebook right now, before blackouts four comes out, I've dropped down the the silver tier before it comes out because I want to have time to film these video courses and get this information out there before blackout four comes out and then I'm streaming a whole bunch and up on gold here. If you want to make partner with Facebook and get this subscriber unlock Facebook seems to be saying with this silver and gold tier that hey, this cell, you show us this a priority. You stream a lot of hours, will make your partner. I'd imagine Facebook generally looks at partners based on being in the silver or gold tier . If you can't at least do a silver tier, you probably don't have a good shot at making $100 a day. This is where you may need to cut things you don't like doing as much out of your life to make room for it. You've also got this poll option over here. This poll option can be really good. It puts a big pop up on the right side. I've tried this and it helped me get one of my best dreams out next time, even though the stream itself didn't have that much engagement that time, the next dream got hundreds of shares, hundreds of viewers at once for almost the whole stream. I asked, What map do you want me to play next on this pole and popped up on the stream? I got a lot of responses on that. It helped me pick out the best math to play, and then people came back for that. Finally, all over here, you've got the actions tab. The actions to have gives you some things you can do. You can do an instant game. I haven't done this yet. The discord notifications. I highly recommend having a discord server and setting this up. You can also injure stream from there, which is good because sometimes it can be hard to find the end button. Otherwise, you can also do announcements if you want to request follows a request shares. These announcements can be a good way to do that. When you're live over here, you'll see the data about your stream. You'll see the title the start time, it'll say. Currently live. You don't show you your bit rate. It will show you your for both your video and your audio and give you a permit link to the video. And then finally, you've got this comments tab, and I'll show you how I set all of this up for maximum effect right here. This this is your key gaming streamer dashboard. You want to get really friendly and comfortable with this dashboard because this dashboard as many of your tools to make a successful stream, and you'll need to know how to use each thing on this gaming streamer dashboard, and you want to keep this gaming streamer dashboard open while you're streaming so that you can make sure not to miss anything. Thank you for learning about the Facebook gaming stream or dashboard here with me. I hope this was helpful for you to see this 5. Level up program basics and FAQ: water. Some of the frequently asked questions you might have about the Facebook Gaming Creator program this page at on the level up program. If you click on the level up program or you just go to Facebook Gaming you concert, it's facebook dot com slash FB gaming home slash creators. Then you can click on Level Up. It's got all this information, the benefits, community standards and frequently asked questions. So we'll go through some of this now, in case you'd rather me talk about it than read the page yourself. You do get customized support, which is pretty fast from Facebook. The high quality premium trance coding is not worked very well for me so far. I recommend 7 20 p 60 frames per second. The most valuable thing I think you get is unlocking the stars to your fans can support you , which enables donations via payments to Facebook directly. Then that come to you. After 60 days, you gets access to some new beta features, and you get to the community Facebook group with all their members, the level Up Gaming Creators Group. Now, to do this, you need a gaming creator video page. You need to do four hours of gaming Thanh Tent in the past 14 days, with the game tagged. If you don't take the game, it doesn't count, according to Facebook, and you need at least 100 followers on your page. And to be live at least 30 days, your friends and family should be able to help you get to 100 followers singlehandedly. When you make direct personal approaches to them, send a message. Maybe I'll just I'll do a whole separate thing and how to get those 1st 100 followers. The next step is you make sure you read these community standards and these monetization eligibility standards because I clicked on some of these and I mean, sure, obviously you don't want to be getting some violence and coordinating harm. I mean, some of the things are pretty common sense, but some of the things are not like, for example, you don't want to smoke on stream, and then you see, you want to read through to see some of these things that might not become incense because there's a ton of things you need to comply with. For example, the community standards dictate while you might see a lot of other people doing engagement , Bates says. Who wants a cookie today or something like that to try and get a bunch of likes? You can't do that as a member of the gaming creative program. And even if you see Facebook sharing people who are doing that, don't do it yourself. It's against the community standards. There's a ton of things you have to stay eligible with. Go through and read all off these things. Each one of these different terms. You've got payment terms there. So many things. Just take the time to read these. I've spent a bunch of time reading through all of these, and there's probably one I've missed there, so many different ones, and you think you've read all of them and then you click on one little link and you're like , Wait, where is this one? See, there's the community standards. There's the integrity, and then you've got all these subsections. You got integrity and authenticity, For example, don't spread fake news pretty, pretty natural, and obviously you don't want a spam. But there's some of the promised non existent Facebook features, lots of things that might surprise you in here fear like may. So do dive deep into these the content guides for monetization. It's like every guide as another guide within it that you can read now. The main way this is enforced is through reporting which the downside of this means when you're a smaller streamer, you can get away with not following. Usually, when you're a smaller streamer, you can get away with not following things. And then right when things start to get better, you're often most likely to get reported. Therefore poorly this stuff to begin with because it sucks so bad, right? When you gets the successor looking for, then you get reported and then you lose everything like on you. To me, I didn't pay too much attention When I got started with all the rules, I violated a bunch of them to get started. They overlooked it. And then I continued pushing the limit so much that eventually they ended up banning me. You want to look at and comply with the rules to begin with that way? Oh, you don't run into that success penalty The success penalties when things go really well, all of a sudden you're getting so much attention. Every little thing you're not doing right is scrutinized and reported, so make sure you don't hit that success. Penalty you down will get in the frequently asked questions. Now what countries is it available? The countries listed are available here, so if we go right now, we can see it's in. Not most countries. It's in the US UK, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, In Ireland. There continuing to add more over time says when will it be available in my region? Believe me, they want to get this out as much as possible. How do you get the 10 80 p working? I don't recommend using the 10. 80 p 60 right now it still needs to get better my streams doing it. We're really Laghi according to the viewers. So I would stick with 7 2060 in about 3.5 megabits and you might need to change your key. If you haven't got the check mark than the eligibility is checked daily. Make sure you actually tagged the game you're playing. If you don't tag it, it doesn't count. You have to meet all the eligibility criteria. If you lose access from either in activity or from penalties. You see you got to read both of these. Make sure you're following the guidelines. You need to have your page up for 30 days before your page can even start to qualify. I believe you can make a new page, but you can't transfer it to another one, so use the existing page. You have our makeup age you can stick with, if possible. Here's one. When do I get paid for stars? It takes forever 60 days after you've got $100.60 plus days, meaning If I get $100 worth of stars, which I have already, I've got my payments coming. Then it takes 60 days after I get the $100 to even get the payout. So this is why something like stream labs to get your donations instantly can really help. If you want help, you can just go to FB dot g slash support and I will do amore detailed answer on How do you become a managed gaming partner now? If you'd like to know much the stars cost, Facebook is playing around with the tests off the stars. Right now, it's nice to know these star amounts, but Facebook is just testing out, making the stars available where you can purchase big amounts of them at once and then not have to give them all out. For example, I'd rather purchased several $100 of stars at once and then give them out to creators. They're doing this so this payment, the stars, the stars are worth one cent each. So if someone pays a dollar 99 you get 95 stars. You see Facebook takes a dollar five cents of that. This is evolving over time, though, so this could change at any time. You can see the revenue share is different based on each different platform, As I just said, Why Facebook is going to let users save up stars? And at the moment, Facebook on Lee is putting these out for gamers. I imagine Facebook will rule this out in other types of streams as well. There's tons more perks coming across the board, and you can cash out via a CH or PayPal, which means, as Facebook says, if you get stars in April, they're paid out in June, which that actually sounds good. I should have some payments coming the next month in Facebook decided to call it stars because they wanted to. So these air basic questions about the level of program the frequently asked questions that I hope are helpful for you here. 6. Facebook Gaming and Level Up Program History: when we know our history. Understanding the context of Weber out today can be really helpful. And this can be very motivating for us to take action from me, seeing how new Facebook gaming was and imagining the potentials. What got me so excited? Let's take a brief look at the history of Facebook gaming because you might see the same opportunity I do that. Wow, this is really new. It's got a lot of potential. Maybe this is for me. We'll take a look at to a Facebook official a blawg post here to look at the history for this. So first we've got on the Facebook gaming page. We've got the Facebook Gaming Creator pilot program. This was posted January 26th 2018. I'm filming this today on December 3rd 2018 which means this is less than a year old. This was one of the first posts, and first, anything we heard about Facebook trying to make gaming a thing. This is when Facebook also put the option into tag gaming and started to ah focus and get the idea on building up gaming. Now this really went to the next level on June 7th 2018. This is one. Facebook introduced the Facebook Gaming Creator Level Up program. The level up program is a system and a set of tools for gamers that provide enhanced features on Facebook, such as 1920 by 10 80 60 frames per second, live streaming the ability to tag a game and get discovered in the news feed and pop up notifications. Four. Gaming In fact, if you want organic reach on Facebook for Facebook marketing, gaming is absolutely the ideal spot Right now. This may open up in other places, but I have not seen anywhere ever on Facebook. It was this easy to get this many people to discover me. Four. Free As with this membership in the Lovelock Gaming Creator program. This was just lost on June 7 2018 and this is one. The amount of gaming on Facebook picked up a lot. Now what you don't see. Here's one. Facebook first made the ability to a live stream. I believe that was back in 2015 and I actually live stream called duty Black Ops 31 of the first days I was on one of my posts, got 1.6 million reach in the news feed for free, and several others got comparable reach as well. Gaming has a history on Facebook, of being viral, of getting lots of people toe watch. And for this reason, I think Facebook today is the best platform to get started out on from zero. Because YouTube and twitch and mixture even are already so full of so many live streamers, and it's pretty easy to live stream to each of those three platforms. Facebook, as we can see here, is significantly more difficult to use right now than the other platforms. It's much less evolved it as a lot less features, and that makes it a great opportunity because a lot of established dreamers I am people that are not established or just trying to get started are not willing to deal with all this. Therefore, Facebook's really excited about this, and there's only a relatively few amount of people can actually participate. This post is one of the things that encourage me to think about coming back into gaming. Once I saw that Facebook was launching this, it just seemed like this was a place for me to be thank you for quickly reviewing the history of the Facebook gaming program. I hope this is useful to put wherever at today, with Facebook gaming in some kind of a context that is useful and inspiring for you. 7. Facebook stars are donations and provide great earning potential!: How do we get donations on Facebook for gaming? On Facebook, there's a currency. Facebook is made called stars. It's not truly a currency. It's just one of these intermediaries, so we don't have to talk about money directly. For example, if you're familiar with Twitch, Twitch has a system called bits on Twitch, where you buy bits from twitch. Then you give bits to the streamer, and the streamer gets one cent for each bit that's given on Facebook. The same thing goes with stars you by stars directly from Facebook. Then you give out the stars, and Facebook pays the streamer one cent for each star. Now the minimum payout threshold, at least that I saw was $100 which means you need 10,000 stars before you can even get a payout from Facebook. And then the payouts are net 60 to 90 which means I've actually gotten ah, lot of donations, thousands of dollars in donations in stars. How many's that? Hundreds of thousands of stars have been donated? I've not actually gotten since I've checked my bank account and then the last week, even a dollar yet from Facebook, Even though the star donation started several months ago. Therefore, there are some significant downsides to these stars. The biggest upside is that Facebook actually gives stars out for free. So what we'll do right now is look at the different ways we can learn about stars. So 11 thing we can do toe learn about stars weakens. We want to understand, is getting free stars so you can actually get free. Stars can drop on your stream. This means when people are watching, you can just have stars that people can collect and give to you for free. These free stars, especially if you get a good amount of viewers, can add up to a lot of donations. I estimate I've got hundreds of dollars in free stars where Facebook essentially is has agreed to just give me money, and no one actually bought those stars. Now, how the free stars work is you've got between 15 and 30 hours. You get silver tier less than 15 hours, you get bronze and more than 30. You get gold. These are how often the stars drop and or how much they're worth. I've been on the silver tier now for weeks, and I I'm not sure exactly how many stars I get for free, but I'd say Get a few dollars in free stars. I'm most of my streams now, which is a lot better than nothing. That's the one Good way to get stars is for the free stars now. Obviously, you'll tend to get the most stars when people actually buy them. In the majority of the stars, I've got to bend from people buying them. The main way to buy stars now is to just load your balance up and draw from that The old system. You just purchased a fixed amount of stars and it went straight to this dreamer. I got a lot more donations when it worked that way. Now, though, it has a lot of flexibility, which is really nice for me as a viewer. As a viewer, I don't like having to buy a fixed amount of stars and send it immediately. I like to do what I'll show you how to do here. So if you're wondering, OK, how do I load stars or out of give stars on a mobile device? The star button is on the lower right side of the interface when you're vertical. However, if you want to buy the most stars for lowest price, which is you definitely want to do appear like May. What you do is you go to any live stream. For example, I just found one off the gaming page. It was live, and I click on the following. So on the lower right there's a little tiny star button I click on Send Stars two Pickles Lives dreaming Now in order to buy stars, What I will do is click on by Mawr over here. Now what? You'll notice, and this will give me all the stars in my balance. And then I can distribute the stars to whoever I want to overtime, just directing. So what I do is I buy stars on desktop. I get 9525 stars for $100 which is, you can see is 25% off versus paying a dollar 4400 stars. And if you want to give stars to gamers, it's nice to just load the big balance up and then you pay the lowest price instead of I think it's because Google and Apple take APP store fees if used Mobile. I think if you pay $10 on Mobile, the streamer only gets 530 stars. And that's how I've gotten a lot of my stars. So the Apple and Google stores have been making a bunch of money off of the mobile purchases. This is why use desktop? So what I do to make the purchase is I then click here. So what I'll do is black my screen out for a minute because then my payment information's coming up. So what I do is I click on the $100 I hit pay Now when the screen comes up and now what I've got. If I go back over here to screen capture, you'll see this. Thank you for your purchase. Now for my business. This is $100 advertising expense for my business. Because I've paid Facebook for these stars. I click done. I've got a receipt. When I send stars, my name pops up on here so I'll show you. I'll send ah 100 stars. I've never watched pickles Livestream I have no, I'd anything so I'll just click on the 100 stars will show you how this works and I'll just type out something here. Good morning. Drop 100 stars and what you'll see is a lot of times it pops up on the feed and it'll pop up as a comment as well. So you can see there now, it says. Star center Jerry Banfield says Good morning. Sometimes the streamer will give you a shout out when that happens, and this is an advertising expense for me now, because most of the live streams you will get a pop up on the screen. Therefore, everyone watching has the chance in the chat and has the chance in the feed. Sometimes to see that I just dropped the stars and then guess what? When someone clicks on my name over here, they can go look at my profile, discover my live stream and start following me. I haven't seen the pop up on this stream yet. It may be if this dream is competitive play, it may have a significant delay or it may not pop up on the screen at all. But if you are wanting, one thing you can do to build relationships with other streamers is donate on their streams . And as I did with Ricky Live yesterday I dropped, like, $40 in donations on Ricky Lives Channel. And it's nice because I don't know if this goes for everyone if everyone sees this, but when you scroll through on Ricky lives videos now. So someone scrolling through over here on his videos, you go down here and you can see the comments by me along with the stars right now. Therefore, this is if you want to essentially help build your audience. One thing you can do to build your audience, you can go drop stars and donate to other streamers. I've donated thousands of dollars to other streamers and that else me build my audience because when someone who watches me, watch it someone else and sees that I'm donating and supporting guess what? That person that builds my relationship with them as well. This is the system. Facebook has four supporting streamers, and I hope giving you this quick look at it is useful showing you how to buy stars. What the stars mean. You can look at the stars in your dashboard as far as I've read in the terms and conditions I'm not allowed to show you how many stars I've got. I've got thousands of dollars worth of star donations in the last several months. Gaming. There are a lot of very generous people on Facebook have got their credit cards in like me . Who by stars drop donations. Four streamers I've got. If you look in your gaming streamer dashboard, you can see a leaderboard off your donators. I recommend Get to know your top donators, Think about them, always interact with them and that you'll get more donations on your stream. I've noticed a lot of my donations also come as a function of people liking the rial misty on test authenticity I have in my streams. So I love your awesome Thanks for watching this video, and I hope it's helpful talking about stars and donations. I'm Facebook. 8. Ideal equipment for making a professional live stream?: what is the best equipment to use? Four live streaming? I am imagining this video will completely answer your questions. You can use this equipment also for not just Facebook. Rigg used it for twitch YouTube Mixer. You can also use it to film video courses. I'm filming on this equipment equipment is one of those essential things. It is the first thing worth investing money in viewers can see, even if it's subconsciously Onley. Rather using good equipment or not, you might be able to tell you might not that I'm using a camera that is a very high quality here, compared to just using a webcam that I've used in a lot of my previous videos. Good equipment also gives you flexibility. I can easily live stream on any platform. I can easily even switch from Xbox to PlayStation for midstream. I can do PC games, Xbox and PlayStation and even record videos, all in the exact same monitor. This equipment set up I'll give you the best I've ever seen before doesn't mean it's the best in the world, but it's really good. Maybe it is the best. It's best I've seen. This list is on my resource is page that jury banfield dot com slash resource is. If you zoom in, click the resource is button. You'll get a list of all the equipment for my whole business here that I think is really helpful. What I will do now is show you clicking on these specific ones. I'm about to show you the camera, the studio microphone, the gaming monitor, the standing desk and several others. Let's go over to fire Fox and take a look at these number one piece of equipment. Is this right here? This is my little secret, and I imagine it's ah, lot of little secrets from many gamers. This is the Ben Q. Zoe 24 inch full HD gaming monitor. Now this thing is really, really good because it has an H d m I out. This allows me to put anything I want to stream straight into this monitor. Then all I do is taken. HTM i out of whatever's on the monitor. I've got my audio and my video ready to go Super, super easy when you use this set up just like this, the Ben Q Monitor is the most consistently recommended piece of equipment I share with everyone. Get one of these monitors what I did when I first set up my live streaming for video games . As I put my capture card directly, the capture card was connected to the Xbox, and then the capture card was connected to the monitor and the computer. This added a significant amount of lag between the X box what it was putting out versus what I actually saw on the monitor. My kill death ratio on call of duty went up 0.3, which is a huge jump when it was 1.4 to 1.7. Almost instantly when I took that capture card set up out. Make sure you use the gaming monitor set up like this. Always put the source directly into a monitor. Then take the HD my out of the monitor into your capture card because you will see the feed immediately on the monitor. Then you can do whatever you want to with it. If you put the capture card in first, it will add a little bit of lag. And unless you're playing something which I don't know, a single play, even a single player game Ah, few extra milliseconds of lag could lower your performance in the game. Unless you're play even pinball, almost anything I can think of. You don't want that extra screen leg. This monitor makes it really easy. Next, If you are using this monitor set up, what you'll need is a capture card. And if you're using my set up with the camera, you will need to capture cards. I use these major all USB capture cards. These work really well. There is a knockoff that's about half the price I bought the rial deal. It works really good. The knockoff has some bad reviews. I bought both of these. They give me 10 80 60 frames 1st 2nd which is absolutely outstanding on both my camera and on my out of the monitor. Therefore, anything I stream goes into one of these capture cards. So whatever's on the monitor, then whatever my face on the camera comes out into another one of these capture cards you can see is you start snowballing the cost of all this stuff together. The good equipment can get expensive, but the good equipment is also very easy to use and really effective. I've got therefore two of these will do the total cost. So this monitor 200 it'll just around $200 this $600 for these capture cards, then the most single, most expensive single piece of equipment. Here is the camera I looked and research so long on the cameras. Ah, good camera makes a huge difference. A good camera really makes using a green screen easy. Ah, good camera helps you stand out. A good camera gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do and putting it in different molds. Working with your lighting, etcetera. One of my biggest frustrations, and you can look at it over my older courses was the camera you'll see using a four or five different cameras over the last several years. Finally, this cannon x A 11 professional camcorder. This thing finally is the camera of my dreams in this studio set up. I'm grateful. My friend Thomas George at Thomas George dot com came and visited me from the UK as a part of his US A tour and brought his older model of this to test in my studio. He helped to me make sure this got set up and worked good. I bought the newest model. I'm finally very happy of my camera for the first time in years of doing live streaming videos, I'm not testing and playing around and trying to get a new camera. If you want a cheap option, you can use the logic text See 9 30 It only costs about 80 or $90. It gives a pretty good picture, but it whitewashes your face. And the more you do it, the more annoying it will get. You can buy the cheaper stuff to start out and then calculate the dollars per hour you're wasting by getting annoyed at the low quality of your camera. Or you can buy the good one and then just have the good one like I do. Another piece of equipment that you might not think of is to get a battery backup. I've got a thing on battery backup. I've got to off these. I might technically think I have a different model. This one wore out after several years, but this is the one I used for Longest, and I have three battery backups backing up. Actually, there's two different routers. I have to have on battery backup for my Internet ones in the house. Then I've got to battery backups out here. My whole set up will continue running anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Thirties. Probably optimistic at least 10 minutes with the power off, which, when we have lots of these little power glitches where I live with the power, just temporarily glitches out for a minute. Yes. I had five or so 100 people watching my live stream, which at the time was the most I'd had in years. My stream is going really well in the power went out. I didn't have the one thing I'm battery backup lost the whole stream for doing that. Make sure get the battery backup because it's just peace of mind that way. You know, if for some reason the power does go out even if your power never goes out, you just got the peace of mind that if it does go out, you won't lose your live stream. And if it stays out, you'll have time to wrap it up and say, Hey, look my powers out. I might have to shut down here in a minute or two battery backup really helped out a lot. Now keep in mind, I usedto have my life from a studio in my bedroom. These things, if the power does glitter brown outer of voltage irregularities can make some noise. Yes, I've put them in the attic after dealing with that for a year. If you want a professional quality microphone, this is the microphone I used the electoral voice, Ari 20 cardio oId microphone. You can get cheaper microphones that can sound pretty good if you want the pro quality. This microphone is the way to go. I researched and used a bunch of different microphones until finally again, settling on this one. It works really well. My friend Thomas George got me on this microphone as well. If you want to use this microphone, you need a USB audio interface to put it into your computer. This is the one I use for my Mac pro to put it in the computer. Focus right Scarlett to I to I also put this first into a pre empt. So here's the order. My voice goes into the microphone here. Then it goes into the preempt. Then it goes into the focus right. I've got it set up like this because this allows me to put those audio effects onto my voice before they even get in the computer. I realized you can do that with O. B s. The limitation is if I do a no B s technical. I'm using wire cast to record this right now because O. B s for some reason, I I don't have it set up very wife. Just use O. B. S for gaming. This is recording a video course. If I had the processing just in a o. B s, then if I switch software like I do ah, youtuber a Skype call or whatever, then my processing is not there anymore. What this set up allows me to do is I use the pre amp I've got. Then everything is consistent. My voices process the same on my video course on my live streams on any calls or interviews I do. It all sounds exactly the same, and it's got that professional quality to it. Based on my ability to tweak the knobs decently, you can hear it's got compression, so if I get really load, it lowers the voice. And if I get kind of quiet, It's still you can still hear it. I've got it set up where I can turn up and down the bass boost in the high frequency. I've got it. So I've adjusted the volume. This allows everything. I do have one consistent sound to it. My audiobooks sound the same as my video courses. My video courses sound the same as my live streams, and it's all effortless. All I do is literally return the equipment on start talking. I used to do video courses where I had to put on the post effects processing for audio every single time on every single video. You want it so that it goes into the computer correctly. It's so much easier, and it's essential for live streaming for this microphone. I've also got a swivel Mount studio microphone boom arm, which gives me the ability to move the right mike around Harvard. I want This is super helpful. If I want the mike, you know, You see, I move the microphone riel easy wherever I want it, too, which is nice. I do position it a little differently for audiobooks or live streaming. I make slight moves to it, which deviates my voice a little bit. But, hey, who's paying that close attention anyway? Another thing that stands me out among live streamers, actually, including right now I am standing up. If I put this on full and step back, you can see I am standing up right now, and standing up makes it easier to stay more animated. Standing up is also healthy when you're intending to do something 3 to 6 hours a day. It's much better, I think, to stand up. Although it's taken my leg muscles, some significant getting used to i o. I experienced a lot of back problems in my life, and the standing up and walking on a daily basis and limiting the amount of time I sit down has helped me a ton with my back problems. Ah, lot of things that we do to our bodies are self inflicted. Back problems are a natural result of sitting down a lot for health and for being interactive and exciting onstream. A standing desk is way easier next time. Tried this out. When you're talking with someone and having a long phone conversation, see the difference of how they talk or you talk based on whether you're sitting or standing . I've noticed, for example, listening to my mother on the phone. If she's sitting down, she can listen pretty well. She can just talk a little bit and generally doesn't get too excited. If she's standing up boys, she is really into it. She's talking constantly, and it's sometimes hard to get a word in standing up. Same thing on live stream. I can just keep talking naturally while I'm standing up. When I'm sitting down lots of times, it feels forced. If you'll notice if you're sitting down and you're having trouble find things to say in your awkward try standing up, I bet you'll find a lot easier and more natural talk. It's also easier to do hand movements to keep your body loose, and especially if you're gaming for several hours, just shake your booty A just like you could just shake it out a little bit, you know, move your hands. Help the blood flow around your body. If you're saying hunched over like this, of course you're gonna hurt and then you're gonna try and, um, the pain you're gonna put yourself in this awful addictive life cycle and screw your whole life up. Just a standing desk will help on a lot. Long story short, we're almost done. I think a headset is E. I use this headset so many people ask what had said to use? I used whatever. I just googled this for the Xbox one. This Ben groovy for gaming headset has got these cool blue lights. I'm I don't know if I'll be using this. There's a red one I might try to. This is the one I'm using right now for Xbox for PlayStation this turtle beach heads. That is really nice, because what I do with this Turtle Beach headset is I connect to discord on my I Mac. Then I can use voice chat on my live streaming out, having the have my party on the stream, which is really nice when you got people who my ha Penis party be playing copyright in music which could instantly get my Facebook stream shut down or you've got people saying MF this MF dad or even worse that can also get your Facebook stream shut down for a PlayStation. For this Turtle beach headset is really nice. You just take the optical out from the PlayStation, stick it in the head, said. Then take the USB out from the computer, preferably a different one than you're using the live stream. Put that in that eternal beach. Then you won't have a headset on PlayStation. However, you will not have to worry about people in party talking on your voice shot. Getting your stream in trouble either. That's the equipment I use. If you'd like to see the updated list. If it ever changes, we please go to jerry. Bamfield dot com slash resource is because you'll find the even more things I use for my business. Like my Web hosting my outdoor camera, etcetera. Thank you for watching this whole thing. I love your awesome, and I hope this is helpful for setting up your life dreaming studio equipment. 9. Best Live Streaming Studio Setup for Gaming on Facebook with FB: Here's what the studio I feel men looks like to me, This is what you might want to aim for if you want a top level streaming set up in. Ultimately, if you want to make full time income from streaming a month, it comes down to acting like you already do make full time income a month. This is a full time income. A month streaming set up Assure you each part of this here on the left side. I have I have three computers in the studio. I have a windows PC that does these top two monitors. I have an I, Mac that does this lower left monitor and the I mag monitor itself off to the left on the shelf. Then this monitor is capable of doing either the Mac pro or the PlayStation or the Xbox. Whatever setting I put it on, then the camera right here, the camera right here in the middle. That is what's actually filming me right now. Then on the lower right, I have my streaming whatever streaming set up I'm using currently on this one. I am filming this course with wire cast. Be usually Obi s sits over there. Then you can see on the bottom. I've got two different keyboards. I've got the windows keyboard, which is great for Googling things to find you to look something up real quick or sharing a link in my check. Then on this bottom section I've got this keyboard here is for the Mac Pro. If I need to modify anything in a live stream, this Salgado stream deck is really cool to just quickly switch around the dream. However, for example, do this and wire cast I could move my face higher. I move my face around like that on the livestream in O b s. Then I can do things like mute the mic easily amused the game audio, which is really helpful. If you're a copyrighted song popping, you can just really easy kill the audio on the game with one click on that Al Gatto stream deck and possibly avoid a copyright problem. I've got my record, my stream buttons, my follower thing on there and then I've got cool Aero set up to just move my face wherever I want it on the game. I've then got both of the mice over here for the Windows and for the Mac pro. Then I make it even more fun and bring the iMac one in. I use three computers because the Windows machines sometimes was crashing with live stream on it. So I put the stream up on the I Mac, and I actually do the Facebook put all the information in on the iMac. Then all the Windows machine needs to do is run the comments on it and keep the stream up in the background, which helps it to perform good. And then all the Mac pro needs to do a stream. Then I can game on the middle computer without any problems. You see, my Mike is just out of shot than on the left, and the camera comes through this perfect little hole right here. I can see my face on it, and I've got the camera coming right through the monitors so that you notice if I put this full, you can see the monitors are not at the top or the bottom of the shot. You can see the camera just barely gets right through both of the monitors on the shot to give it a really nice professional quality look to it, it automatically focuses. If I move around, you can see I can move around. I can. I can dance around a little bit. I can go on and off camera. The camera immediately jumps back on and focus. Is this what you get with a professional quality camera? I used a Web cam for years, filmed thousands of videos with just a webcam that was under $100. I highly recommend if you can invest in the good equipment right away. The cheap equipment has so many problems. If you add up the time you spend fooling around with all those little problems, it really adds up. For example, the hours and hours and hours I tried to optimize the picture quality on my webcam. Hey, it turns out all I need to do is just by on better camera and then pay attention to what should I put on? And I don't have to do anything else. It's really nice. This is my life streaming set up. This is has taken me years off, just trial and error to get right. I've also got some foam, some Styrofoam back here to absorb the my voice on the ceiling. I've got some foam pads. The home office shed I'm filming in has extra drywall on it. And then it's got a little little cement or concrete sheets on the outside to minimize the noise coming in and out to give me the ability to film in the backyard without bothering my family and the house, plus the ability for me to not bother or be bothered by the neighbors while I'm out here. This is really helpful. I've got paper lanterns up is you can see the two paper lanterns hanging in there. I've got paper lanterns from every different angle because if you want your face to be lit well, you needed to be lift from all different angles. Each different computer monitor helps keep a little bit of lighting on my face also, and the way I've got it set up now it's kind of consistent soft lighting straight on my face. That way, I don't look so tired now. The shirt I put on with the chroma key in the background makes a big difference. I like with wire cast. I can very easily take the chroma key off. This is what my background actually looks like behind me. I've have literally a green painted wall, the whole sheds painted green. And then I've got a couple three lights on the ground, keeping a nice, even light on the back. So that way, the Chroma key has the same color green to take out. And then the chroma key doesn't look all glitchy behind me. So that's what it actually looks like behind me. And I think that makes the best appearance. You want to have a nice chroma key so that you can move your face around and have flexibility instead of having to take up Mawr room by not having a chroma key. If I didn't have a chroma key, it take up my face would take up a lot more room. There's a lot less flexibility as to where I can move my face, and it's nice of something really exciting EMS. I'm kind of I can hit the big center button to make my face a little bigger for a minute and then put it back down wherever it needs to be when it's time for the action. I also can do music production in this set up. I usedto have my music keyboards all set up right here. And I've since I focused on gaming. Now I just have one over here, plus underneath, if you can see a little bit underneath. I've also got the M audio code 61 underneath here as well that I could do for music production. Now all of these have different cables. The self so, so complicated. So many things are you can see the foam pads up here. You see two of the old webcams I had up here to see how I've got the lights evenly balanced . So I've got a light in the middle. A light tell the right alike toe left I've got reveal light bulbs in these the paper lanterns then make the lights soft. It's a nice you don't need to spend a bunch of money on the lighting. You do lighting really cheap and get decent lighting. I've then got my router over here on the right, everything is hardwired into the router. My live streaming computer, the PlayStation, the Xbox, my I Mac, the Windows computer, even my home WiFi with Google WiFi. It's all hard wired into the router when you're streaming Please do not do anything at all on WiFi. You don't want your gaming system to be on WiFi. You do not want your streaming system or computer to be on WiFi. Please hardwire every single thing in for the best experience. Because having a lower quality frames with dropping frames from having WiFi that can lead to us less positive user experience as the stream buffers. I know that's really annoying for me as a viewer. When I'm trying to watch and the persons on WiFi and the wind blows or whatever it is and it dropped for a second, please, hardware everything in. And in order to do that, ideally, you want to get your router right next to all of the equipment you've got. And, yes, I've got a ton of equipment here, as you can see. And I'm very grateful for all that you've done. Tell me, have this dreaming studio set up. You can actually set all of this up for a much lower cost than investing in a college education or starting almost any kind of business, and I highly recommend if you want a professional stream, if you want to earn money like a professional streamer set your stream up like a professional. People can tell the difference right? When you go on a stream, Aiken tell in just a second or two if I'm watching someone stream who was established, or if I'm watching someone who's brand new or doesn't know what they're doing or is hustling and starting out and not really doing that well, because you can see right away in the camera, you can see right away in the green screen quality you can see right away in the ability to respond to comments it, having the ability to keep interacting on the stream while not having the look way off screen. Now, if I'm trying to respond to your comment and I'm looking over here, Oh, thank you very much for those stars and looked at that wasn't even here. Let me do it like this. If I'm if I'm looking over here to try and respond to your comment, how does that make you feel versus you? Get to see my reaction right on camera. Oh my God, you just trump stars. Thank you so much, whereas if I have to look over to the other side Oh, my God, you just drop stars. Also. Good. Oh, thanks a lot for that. And then you die in the game because you're looking way off screen. These two wall mounted monitors up above really help, and I used to use one monitor, but two is even better than one because you'll notice the right side of my monitor is totally dedicated to comments. The left side is totally dedicated. Two shares and stars, and then whatever else comes up that way, because it's very easy for me to see what the newest comment is. And then sometimes when the shares get going really fast, I can easily. If I missed one, I can easily look back. I can even use this mouse down here to scroll back in the shares to make sure I didn't miss someone, because it's annoying when you watch a stream and you share and you don't even get a reaction at all. The person doesn't even take the time to say thank you. Well, the same thing with comment, you post a comment. The guy just keeps gaming and dies, has time to look at a comment, doesn't say anything. These little things make a big difference. Having an amazing stream is a simply the sum of putting a lot of little details together. And that's what I'm showing you how to do here. How to put all these details together. You'll notice on the below the microphone. I have my capture cards down here. I've got to capture cards, one capture card coming out of the HD, my monitor in the middle. Then I've got another HD my capture card coming out of the camera. It's the same measure while capture card I've got on my resource is page a jury banfield dot com slash resource is I've got two of these hoped straight into the Mac pro over here. You can also hope those. Then, if you've got a PC, you cannot those envy a USB you've got, then what? Also, I've got the microphone hooked in to the audio interface, which is over on the shelf, and that comes back into the Mac pro over here. All the connections go over to the router. I've got the windows machines set up on two HTM eyes. I've got HTM I on the PlayStation and the X box in the main monitor then I have a thunderbolt into a DVD I, which is actually what you're looking at right now. This is a thunder Bowl into a D v I into this monitor so that I don't have to use. I used to use this little thing to try and split up the if you put need to put three HTM eyes in tow, one monitor than I'm paranoid Now about any little bit of lag between the source and the monitor. So I've got the Mac pro in with a D v I into this Ben Q monitor. And I've got Xbox and a PlayStation in with HTM. I I've got then a at the thunder Bowl into a display. Pour into this one on the right, and I've also got a thunderbolt into a display port on this one on the left. Yes, I've got all this set up, so it works perfectly with all the graphics. My God, you know how long this is taken to get this set up? So many hours and hours. The nice thing is American wiped on my studio. I could rebuild this relatively quickly because I've went through the most difficult parts of it. So this this is a god level streaming set up right here. Thank you for helping me have this. I hope showing you how all of this works is helpful for you to see today exactly how to do this yourself. Because, man, I looked and looked and looked and couldn't find one of these that really covered everything. So I hope this really covers everything for you. 10. OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup: How do we set O. B s up or open broadcaster software to get the very best experience for our viewers on Facebook? Live gaming. If you'd like to see how to do that, we please watch and enjoy this because this might help you get a higher quality stream. And this might save you some time setting this up yourself. I've been doing this things like this online for a lot of years. It took me about three or four hours to get all of this set up, and I'm hoping this will help you do it in the same time or faster. I was using another live streaming software before which I'm using now to record this. While I've got no Bs in the background, I highly recommend Jozo Bs because it's free and it works really well with Facebook gaming . What? You can see Teoh To begin with, you might want to know. OK, where do I download it? What is it? It's O. B s studios to software. You can get it on Windows Mac or Linux. It's free and open source. There's tons of updates All the times there's tons of plug ins or tons of tutorials and guides and I'll give you everything that I think is critical to get started with on here. It works really well for multiple streaming destinations. And I am just loving using o. B s here. What I've got also is I've got Anel gado stream deck that controls that my O B s. So I'm just move shots around really quickly on it. It's so helpful. For example, I can just move over like that to move it over here, move it over like that and change it back very quickly just by hitting buttons on O B s. I can move my face all round on the stream really quick. It's so nice. How do we get started in O B s first to get started in O B s. You want to take a look? There's the start streaming start recording studio mode settings exit. And then you've got the two different microphones I put in first my talking microphone is on top. Then I've got the game audio on the bottom, which I've turned down. If the game is loud so that my voice clearly goes over it, then you've got your sources over here and your scenes. So your scenes are and there's no there's black right now because I'm not playing a game on the background. Your scenes are your arrangement off sources. That means, for example, I've got this follow page set up over here so that whenever there's a drop in the action on my stream or let's say a game ends and all the sudden there's 500 people watching that, I just punched the follow button real quick. And I tell people how to set up all this to make sure to see my stream say, Hey, we please, that that follow button This helps people to know what they need to do in order to make sure to see all your streams. And this is a nice way to ask for follows. So I've got this on this is one scene, then all the rest of my scenes are basically just different moves with me around the screen . So I've got all these different positions in O. B s for my scenes, and that way, no matter what's going on with the game, I can put my game in the specific section, so I've got five different scenes. Plus, then I've got one follow one. The one follow one is great. Also, if let's say something suddenly happens and I need to take a quick break, you can also set up additional ones of these two even play videos and two. Now you don't want to make a significant portion of your stream pre recorded content. But if let's say you need to be right back or something like that, you could it hit that really quickly. I recommend having your face in the upper right seems to be an ideal spot for most games upper left. If you go over the upper left side, then you've also got the Facebook live. Now what you just see triggered off on my channel. I've got a Stream Labs hook in on one of my sources that whenever someone subscribes on YouTube or follows on twitch or makes a donation, it then pops up in the middle of the streams. But, most importantly, for gaming on Facebook, you want this Facebook alerts you are l. This is the most critical thing to set up in order to get your streams. If you want your streams to have a good shot at going viral. You really need this Facebook alerts set up. And here's how you do it. So you what you do, you just add a source in here. I'll show you how to add one from scratch. You go over here at a source, you hit browser and what you do, you can just create a new source. I recommend. Call it Facebook alerts or something like that. You get browser than you hit. Okay, then what you need to do in here is put the girl in that you get from Facebook and size it however you want it. So on Facebook, you've got a you, Earl, that you get on the alerts tab. So if you go over to your alerts tab on Facebook and you click on the gear, it'll give you the alert. Pop up. You are all you'll get. That alert pop up you are l And why I expect I could probably show you that real quickly here. So if I tab over to Chrome, I go over here to Facebook gaming, and we'll just blank this layer, Riel. Quick. You never know what I don't want to show it in my personal information on here. So you just go over here and bring that up. Go over to your gaming. It's at facebook slash streymur for Is that I had I had a thing for that I've download. Here's if you need the URL. This is the U R l for right here. So you're at facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur. This is where you go to get this. Then what you dio you go over in your gaming streamer, you click on this gear button, then you go to the alert Pop up over here. This is absolutely critical. If you want to get your streams to go viral because what happens, one person will share it. Then the alert will pop up on the screen and then someone else will see that alert and share it just because they want that alert to pop up, then two people seeing that two people shared Wow, this is really good I'll share to. Then the third share happens because of the first to then the fourth. I've had 100 shares in a row happen because of these alert pop of before I used alert pop ups. I had a fraction off the shares on my stream. And now, thanks to the alert pop ups, what you often see is a string of shares. All one thing this happened to me on one stream, I got $100 of stars that stream. Same thing happened. The alert pop up. Someone's wanted to one up another donator. They dropped the bigger stars. They dropped the bigger one and a bigger one. So what you do, you get this. You are all out of the alert. Pop up. You grab that you are l. And then you take that you are all. And you put that in your browser source. You drop the URL right in here in your browser source. Now, you also need to size this exactly how you want it. You can see on mine. I've sized it for 80 by to 70 and then I've got it in the 4 80 by 2 70 Because it fits nicely in that little box. Then it crams the whole alert in that one little box. And then if you've got my camera on me in the upper right, if you've got the camera on in the upper right the alert box will pop up just right with that camera in the upper right. So I got my alerts in the upper left. I've got my face in the upper right. Then the game stuff can go on in the middle. Now, one of the challenging things I had to google for this When you actually go to put it up there, you will need to interact with it. So there's this little option this little tiny option called Interact, and you'll need to interact in orderto log in. Now, if you've got a really long secure Facebook password like I do, this took like, five minutes to go through and put my logging in here. But once you put the log in in because when you pull first put your you are all up, it'll tell you, log in. Then you put your U R l up you hit interact in here, then you log in, then it'll look correct. So I'm going to delete this browser source. I just added, Then what will happen? Nothing will show on here until you get a star alert. And then this is what happened so you can go over on your you can go test the star alert to make sure you've got it set up correctly. Props to Facebook for getting this little test alert. And you can't do this while you're live to fake stars, You click test star alert. Now look what happens. Look how amazing that is. See, then you get that little star alert up there and then that often triggers people off to want to give mawr stars, and it pops up that little sound just like that. So people know get used to hearing that that's a star alert. And then even something like a free star drop can pop up up here and trigger someone off to drop a big amount of stars. I've got as much as $30.3000 stars at once in my stream and I might have even been triggered off initially by a free star drop. And then several people just got going and one upping each other to be the top donator After that, there weren't even that pending many people watching. So this Facebook alerts is the most critical thing you want to do to get your stream set up correctly and your gaming streamer has all the stuff you need to do in here. Get these alerts to pop up. Now, if you just click on this a bunch of times, it will get a little bit behind sometimes. Like this. And that's okay. I highly recommend when these air coming up Read them every time. Every person, every name, every profile. Thank you, Jerry Banfield. Very much for the 9538 star. Thank you. Jury Band filled for the 4499 stars. Thank you very much. Jerry Banfield for the 7148 stars. I love your awesome. I appreciate you helping me stream. Thank every single person that pops up on these alerts because I know I donate on streams a lot. It's sucks, and I probably never donate again on I even remember. So I don't need a $20 in your stream. He didn't even say anything at all for the next 20 minutes about it. Make sure you say something. At least thank the person. Say thank you for getting that star, Ehlert. If you can wall mount your monitors directly above your camera and have the comments on them like I do. That helps a lot to see it in real time. You can also just watch your O. B s monitor and get it and the corner of your eye when it pops up. So the Facebook alertness is the first critical thing you want to set up. You can also use something like stream labs to accept additional donations on there. And the set up for that is the same basic thing once you've got a Stream labs account, as it is for the Facebook alerts. 11. OBS Scene, Source, Camera, and Audio Setup including Limiting: There's three more critical things we need to cover first. Obviously you need your camera set up so you get your camera set up. You just put your gets so easy you literally just go in. Add a video capture device you picked from your list of video capture devices. You can just hit OK on there. And then you can also do display capture, depending on how you got it set up. But for me, I just had video captured a device. I hit OK, and then I can see my two options here to put the camera in and then preset. I used mine in 1920 by 10. 80 and then I downscale my set up. So I downscale it so that I can stream at a higher quality toe, lower quality to Facebook and then a higher quality over on my recording. Then on my recording, I got 1980 by 10. 20 at 60 frames, I can put highlights up at maximum resolution while I stream on Facebook at a lower resolution for frame. Right. So you set up your camera and then you set up your the ideal way to do this is toe have a Ben Q monitor because you just put the Xbox and the PlayStation or the PC their gaming on directly and on the monitor. Then you just take the audio out off the monitor and put that in your streaming source. And then you just add both capture cards in as streaming sources and bam! Real simple. You've got it set up in O. B. S. Now, once you've got all these different sources set up in O. B s, then you obviously need to get your stream toe actually go out to Facebook. When you go live, Facebook will give you a stream key. And what you can do to get to this, you go to what you go to your settings and then in your stream, you'll have your stream can. Thankfully, it keeps it private. So I don't after edit this video. Well, it's a really easy set up when you open O. B s. It'll ask where you want to stream with or if you set it up, is something else. Just put it in as Facebook live. Then when you click, go live on Facebook and we'll give you a stream key. You drop your stream key right in here. That's been pretty easy. It seems like most of us can set that up pretty quick. Now, for your output, I all I use this x 2 64 encoder. I re scale output for the streaming to Facebook, and then I keep the bit rate at 3500. Key frame interval to that seems to work pretty good with Facebook, Then un recording. I use a separate recording. I do M O v file for Mac Pro. Same encoder. I don't re scale the output. Then I put a 10,000 bit rates so I can get really high quality recordings out of my livestream. That way, the live stream is 60 frames per 2nd 7 20 while the higher quality recording Aiken do then for highlights on audio. I've got different audio sources, and I put my microphone in the scarlet try to interface goes in the one. Then I put my capture cards audio in to the 2nd 1 which keeps it fast. I've got video settings 1920 by 10 80. I am imagining I'll get the stream it that soon on Facebook, but we're not currently there yet. It's not working that good for viewers so far when I do it that way. Finally, the thing that stuck me the longest is the audio property. So in just the regular auto properties, you don't get anything. But in the advanced audio properties, you actually don't get what you need to either. What you need to dio if I move my face, you can see it. You need to go over here in this little gear on whichever one that's still you still can't see it right there. What you needed This is important. So you, for the quality of your stream you hit. You go over here to filters on whatever your game is coming out of. You need to stick a limiter on your audio because if you do something loud like class for something are scream or some explosions in the game. You can clip the audio and I hate it when I'm listening to something eclipses this little pop sound especially. We're learning how to do music and listing Good. I hate it when something clips Please put a limiter on your stream because if you noticed your little audio bar going into the red ever. Then that's clipping. You don't want that to happen. The problem is, you think OK, well, why don't I just turn the volume down? You want the volume to be as loud as possible without clipping, for example, on my voice, I want it hitting in between the 20 toe, five ish decibel range. I want it coming in there so that my liao audio is nice and loud and clear because it's really annoying if people are talking to quiet and you can barely hear them You want your audio to be good loud but you don't want it to clip So what you can dio is you just search you? I just went in Google loud, Max. After checking a bunch of limiters and options, I just looked for the loud max V S t to plug in. Drop that on as a limiter. Open the plug in interface for you. It's really straightforward. You just crank the threshold back a little bit on each of these so that under no circumstances does my audio go into the clipping range. Once you've got your limiter on, then you want to put that on both of your audio sources and on your microphone. You may also want to do a noise gate, especially if you've got something like an air conditioner like I do or consistent background noise. What you can do with a noise gate is you can trigger your mic on Lee while you're actually talking this way. If you're silent and you've got something like a air conditioner the air conditioner doesn't hum for five minutes while you don't say anything and make a significant sound over the stream. I added a noise gate in my filters. I just click on plus put in a noise gate. I put the threshold on negative 30 to put the open threshold on negative 21 Attack time 25 thes air Pretty much defaults Hold time on 200 release time on 1 50 Then I've got all these set up so that whenever I start talking, it immediately triggers. If you look at my audio down here Ah, no B s it pretty much starts triggering as soon as I start talking. And then as soon as I stopped talking, give it 2/10 of a second, it starts to turn off. So as soon as I stopped talking. I get silence out of my microphone, which is nice, especially with the air conditioner running or, depending on whatever background noise you have. You may need to adjust those settings based on how loud your microphone is. This allows me to be a za loud as possible while I'm talking without clipping. Plus, it allows me to have the ideal experience. Then there's no additional sounds. While I'm not talking, the Onley audio is me talking or the game audio. Finally, I recommend getting a little follow page set up like I've got on the background here because this little follow pages where you educate new followers, you ask people directly to follow in or like the page. Because Facebook's terms do not allow you to ask directly in the post for any kind of engagement. It is allowed and encouraged to do it during the live stream and to do it in a natural context. For example, I have a zombie game where things are going really well. Then I go down and die. I say Thank you very much for watching, You know, I've got like, the game on right here. I'm going on and on often will do. I'll do it like this often, operate. I'll be playing the game. I'll die a Put it on center screen. Oh, my God. Big, huge reaction, Then over the follow page right before I sign off. Thank you very much for watching. I love you. You're awesome. I appreciate you being here. If you'd like to see these streams again, will you please do all of this? Because you may not see them. Otherwise, you please that That follow button. And then in the following click on See first and turn those notifications on and I've got it. The desktop interface on the right. I've got the mobile interface on the left and I've got my Facebook page. You are all on their also. This follow page then allows me to help mostly convert people who are new into following or to give. People already are following. I've seen lost people. Come on, My streams that Hey, I haven't seen your stream in a while. I pulled the follow paid job. I'm like, you haven't seen my stream in a while. Do you have live notifications on? Do you have me see first in the top of your news feed because if you don't have all of those on, you're probably not going to see my notifications or see me in the news feed even if you are following. So you want you wanna pays to educate because especially his newest Facebook gaming, as a lot of people, I don't understand how this works. Even that are live streaming. It took me a few. Ah, while before I even realized like, Hey, I need to show people how to do this. People are saying, Jerry, I followed you and I thought, OK, that's great until I realized No, they need those. If they want to make sure not to miss my streams Now, everyone is not going to want to make sure to see everyone in your streams. But some people will really want to make sure to see everyone. In that case, you want to educate those people because that's your core group of followers. When you've got your core group of followers than the core group draws in, Ah casual group of followers, the casual group of followers draws in the mass the huge amount of not following casual viewers and discovery so this. You, Ted, do this all you dio I recommend create your own. Just go in, take some screenshots. You can just screen shot with what I did. I took these screenshots on my phone and then I took a screenshot with print screen on the desktop. I put these little arrows in with snag it, which is what I used to take it on the desktop. And then I just highlighted these and stuck my Facebook page just real quick. Probably took me an hour, but I've built up this little page and then I don't I don't put that on for most of my stream, But then whenever it's appropriate, then I dropped this on and start educating people. Now that people have already followed and done, all these things are likely to feel good that you're helping more people figure out how to do it. Do you want to use a page like that in moderation? You don't want to just constantly be spamming that the whole time, but I think it is important to just be open heart of with your viewers and say, Look, will you please follow me? Because if you've got to this point on the stream. I think you'll love watching more. I think it's critical to stop and ask viewers of the open heart and say, Look, will you please follow me? And turnout live notifications and SETC first on, you know, speed news, veined nose feet. Because if you're enjoying this dream, I think it love watching some more here with me that set up with the will you please, because tends to work really well because the will you please with the clear called action , follow me his people on a It makes the request very clear and the because hits people on both the rational and an emotional level. So there's a rational reason to do this. And the way the request is done satisfies the emotional requirements. Your honored as an equal partner in life who has the right to make a request, and then it's OK for people say no, I don't know. If you don't want to follow me, please do not follow me. I make that clear till it. If you don't like this, then I don't recommend following their coming back. If you're wondering what the F this is doing in the news V probably don't follow me unless you wanna wonder that again and again. I just want people to follow me who are excited to be here and who want to be a part of the community. When you ask it like that, then it works well to build followers that way who are genuinely enthusiastic about what we've got to share. So thank you very much for looking at how to set O B s up. I hope this is helpful for you to get from start to finish setting O B s up from scratch to getting the most critical thing on there. That Facebook alerts tab. Throw your camera on. You can drop stream labs on if you want. Set up a little follow page to help educate viewers how to follow. You get that limiter on your microphone and under game audio. Get that noise gate onto your mike doesn't trigger when it doesn't need to. And if you really want to hit next level, you can try doing the stream deck option like I do. That just has pushed buttons that make it really easy to just move everything around the screen really fast in order to keep. Ah, dynamic workflow. I appreciate you watching all the way to getting through this entire detour on love. Your awesome. I appreciate you enjoying this and out. Busy, helpful for you. 12. Go Vertical to maximize discovery and views: the number one tip I've found to get my audience expanded in my post is to go vertical. That means toe hold a stream. Words up and down. Right now I'm filming this horizontal 1920 by 10 80. The many of the best dreams I've had, though, Ben, these vertical 10 80 by 1920 streams because these look great on mobile phones and almost everyone not everyone but almost everyone. 80 or 90% of people are watching or watching on mobile. And when you watch on Mobile, you get this little tiny thing in the comments in the top. Or you have to flip your phone sideways, which a lot of people don't want to do. A lot of people just watched by hanging out in the comments, and a vertical interface on Facebook gives you a ton more news, feed space. I'll show you so you can see for yourself. Take a look at the difference on these I filmed today. This 1st 1 is a vertical stream. I mean, it's so long you can barrel. I can't even put it all in one image. This is what it looks like on mobile, so it literally takes the entire screen up on mobile. The whole. You can literally sit there and watch the stream. Just like this. You can wash the stream in the news fee without even having the click on it. And that's how triggers Facebook when people are just watching for longer in the news feed . Facebook gets off signal based on the all the automated rules they have that this is, Ah, higher quality stream. And what you're able to do is see directly on the stream. You can see the shares and the star donations, and this is how long it is. I literally need to put these two together to show you how long one of these are in the newsfeed. These posts are really long in the news feed, which makes them a lot harder to ignore. You have to use an extra thumb swipe to get by these vertical streams, and then you compare that over here on the other side to a standard stream. You can see that you barely get one good news feed spot with your entire post in a horizontal stream. Just therefore, you get almost 50% or so Mawr news feed space and on one of these longer posts. Therefore, these vertical streams are absolutely killing it right now on Facebook, almost everyone I've seen using vertical streams is getting, ah, lot more viewers than people not using vertical streams. I've tested it back and forth, and I found pretty clearly I played a call duty game, almost exact one toe, one test. So I did. I did smite yesterday that got a good number, 24,000 views. And I thought I look at Ricky live. I found him because he was doing vertical. And I noticed he was one of the first doing vertical on blackouts before he inspired me to do vertical. Now I did Batman. Ah, couple days ago, that got 10-K views. And then I If I did this, might one. Now it's a different game, but it's the vertical view you can see. This one actually got a lot less shares and a compared to the blackout one. Now this blackout one got more comments, it got mawr shares and it got us a lot less views. You'll notice the view ratio when you do these vertical streams. The view ratios a lot higher because it's for people are scrolling faster than newsfeed is simply harder too fast. Scroll straight through news feed by vertical stream. Now this deadpool stream itself. This got 230 shares. 704 comments. 72,000 people reached, but 22 K views. Now I got that many views on a vertical stream yesterday with a lot less people reach. Here's the Captain America one with black out in horizontal 8.9 k views. 32,000 people reached. Now, if we look back at Captain America doing almost the exact same stream the day before, 64,000 people reached on 24 k views. I mean really simple math here for you. No, not you don't need to be a genius to figure this out. Look, 32,000 people reached 8.9 K views 58 shares on this one. Now this might have been a little bit shorter stream also, but it's basically the exact same thing going on except vertical versus long. The ratio of views is way higher, so you can see this. About 33% of people reached actually get a view, whereas right here it's only about 25%. So these vertical view streams go really well. The most views I've got on almost all of my top streams, almost all of my top streams in terms of views, are these vertical streams Now. The downside. These vertical streams do not look very good by comparison on desktop, although on desktop they still get a massive news feed placement on desktop. And the downside is, though, it's not nearly as easy to see on desktop and on mobile on TV's. But you get a much bigger picture here. Then you went on the mobile device, but it there are some downsides to this view. And if you're recording in this view than you end up getting highlights in this view also, which means if you are wanting to upload videos to YouTube, you end up being stuck. In that view, I am using this view arm. I've tested both of them. This view is so big in the news feed that there's there's almost no reason not to go vertical at least tested today. It takes a lot more playing around in O. B s, but maybe I can help you get that set up so that you can make a good looking vertical stream and build your audience to the widest and help help everyone who might love being a member of your audience in your community and a future supporter and donator actually find you with the vertical stream. Guess what, I'll be going vertical today and almost every day going forward from here. 13. Vertical stream setup in OBS: when you're ready to go vertical. How do you actually get that set up on the livestream? Fortunately is pretty simple to set up a nice vertical interface. No, you might need to reset your stream key to do this if it doesn't recognize your feet. But it's been good about that lately. She able to do it in order such a vertical feet up. I'll show you how to do it in O B. S O. B s is what I used to do my vertical feet. What I've got is I've got a different profile. I've got a different profile in O b. S this that where does awkward where I put my face on this. So the first key thing to Dio is to make a newer, duplicated profile. So what I did, I just duplicated my existing profile because you can change a profile like this. So all I need to do to change my profile is I just go like that. And now then I also need to pick a scene where I've actually so if I there so on this profile, this is the Your scenes are the same on every profile that's took a little learning curve your scenes of the same on every profile. However, when you switch your profile, that will switch your video canvas out so you can see I'm using the same scene. But what I need to do is move over and pick a scene specifically four vertical. So the first thing to do is make a profile once you make a new profile or just duplicate the one you have, because if you just change the one you have and you want to go back, you got to go change it. The next thing to do is go down here in lower right click on settings. Now all you need to do to change this unless you went in output and you re scaled the output for some reason. Don't do that. What you want to do is just put in your base canvas resolution, and all you need to do for this is put it in 10 80 by 1920. If you're going to stream to Facebook, what's worked for me? Issues 10 80 by 1920 that means 10 80 pixels wide by 9 20 tall. Put it in the same and then I do 60 frame for second on it, then this gives me that long format stream. So when I'm on this profile, this is my basic video. When I change the profile, it changes that setting. So if I go into settings on this one on this profile is 1920 by 10. 80. So every time you change the profile, it changes those settings. Now, what you need to do on each of these scenes over here, you need to customize a scene specifically for the profile layup, For example, if you've done one, I've got my l gotta stream deck. I'll put it back on the one I normally do. So this is the one I normally do that's full centered. And then I've got I can move my head all around over here. I've got a follow one, and then I've got I've got all those scenes, but those Onley work based on now I can actually duplicate and make a specific scene collection for each one. Also, I actually haven't done that yet, But now that I'm transitioning the vertical, I'm going to do that when you switch your profile, you are still on the same scene So if you want to switch scenes, then you need to push a different button to get it to go to or click a different scene to get it to go there. Now, when you're doing this, you need each. You want to take each specific game and move the interface elements around so they look good. I'll show you how that looks on my streams. For example, What I did yesterday on the smite interface I use this might interface at full resolution. So in order to do this, I go over here to trance. I just put the window in. This is this is the source. This is a 1920 by 10 80 source window. You can see it cuts off the black bars on the side and it's full scale resolution. If you don't want any picks. Elation, you want it to be in its natural resolution, Then what you do is hit center to screen. You move my head over here, you hit center to screen over here on the transform you had center to screen. That'll put it directly in the middle. Then you hit edit, transform. What you can do is just put it to zero to put it up towards the top. Then what I've done like on this might one. Yesterday I've moved the key parts of the interface that I want down below. So you see the black bars air cut off on the right and the left. What I've done is duplicated the shots and then cropped each of these to put them in specific positions over here so that when you see the live game feed, what you see is cut off elements from the interface put in specific spots. These elements were cut off on the top, left and right. I put them down here. This element was cut off on the lower right. I put that there. The score. I was cut off. I put that in the middle. This was caught off from the lower left. I put that over here. This was cut off from the right. I put that over here so you can make your stream. This is actually much bigger than a normal stream that you see scrolling through its something like 30 of 50% or even mawr bigger than you normally see. Because what Facebook normally does is just put your 1920 by 10 80 stream into the very top , so this gives you about twice as big of a picture of the action in the middle. Then you use this room down here to duplicate all these different parts of the interface from the main ones. This thumb up top, there's the main one. You just duplicate that and crop the different parts of the interface you want. Then, right below that, what I've done is put a Facebook alert tab. The Facebook alert tab allows me to then constantly show whoever shared whoever's put stars , and this tends to be a good motivation. People want to pop up in that most recent share, or they want to pop up in that most recent star. It's one of those silent ways to encourage more stars and more shares. Then I've actually got my face is significantly bigger on this. Then if you go down and compare it now, this one, obviously it's huge right there. But on the normal gameplay, I'm just kind of often the right and I'm blocking interface elements, whereas in this vertical view my face is actually bigger and a lot of the stuff on the side of the screen you don't need, because most games the action is very centered. What is happening in the game now? Specific games and specific types of game like if you're doing multi player first zombies versus Blackout on call of duty. Each of these have different interface elements. So what? I've got different scenes that are optimized to the specific game I'm playing. For example, fallout and zombies and black out all have different interfaces. Then whatever I'm playing, I simply have that seen pulled up. And then when I've got that scene pulled up, it moves the interface around based on exactly what I need to replace from the cut off sections of the screen. This then allows me to get those greatly increased results. And this, to me, is a beautiful looking straight. My mobile, with one big downside is, well, there's several down sides. If you're trying to watch this on a desktop, you can see this is as big as it gets over here on the desktop. This obviously is a lot less ideal user experience on desktop, although it does pop up way over there on the right versus Let's say, if I click on this firm or over here than this obviously looks a whole lot better on desktop. However, there's so few people watching on desktop and the mobile news feed. Discovery is so important. You can see why this works so good. So thank you very much for learning how to do a vertical stream with me. I'm grateful for the guy in the level of gaming Creator group that showed how he did his vertical streams, and I he said he was getting great results. I basically followed the exact same thing as he did, and now I've taught you how to do the same thing here. 14. Go Viral on Facebook Gaming Live Streams Interacting with Shares and Comments: How do we go viral on Facebook gaming? In other words, how do we get lots of people to see our streams? Comment, share and love the stream? Here's my experience doing it, which I hope will be helpful to show you what is working for me first that you might want to see. OK, give us some proof you know what you're talking about and what what is viral? This is my idea of viral. 88,000 people reached on a live stream within the first, mostly few hours of it going live. Thousands of engagement 17,000 plus clicks. 38,000 views. 325 Share. 751 Comments. 348 reactions to it. Almost all of that within a few hours of going live without scheduling without any ads. This is all for free, and the best news is you can start gaming from scratch and work up to this relatively quickly Now. I've been streaming games for months before this. I've had some other streams get even more reach, arm or engagement arm or clicks or more views than this. This is one off many streams. I've had that have done this. And I hope to point you in the right direction with the things most crucial. First, you want to do a thing you love. If you are playing a game that you don't really like just to try and get views because you see other people watching it. No, stop that. Quit play something you love and you really good at in this game I played called duty Black Ops. Yes, the game that came out something like eight or nine years ago. I played this on the levels that my viewers most requested. My viewers were requesting on the previous stream, Newtown and five, I started out on Nuke Town. I got beat down on Newtown to I then did the five level, and I don't know what happened, but a bunch of people got really excited, shared it. And then it ended up on one of the top streams on Facebook and a bunch more people found it . You can see I use the description to describe kind of the context how we got here, why we got here. And you know, my what I'm thinking about blackout four comes out next. And why I'm streaming. I've seen lots of different things work on the description. Generally, the beginning of the description is most critical. You want things that people will react to, but you don't want to directly ask for engagement. Nothing like like this post or follow me a shared none of that stuff. Just put out what you're doing and a straightforward is the way you can or something. You're passionate and you care about your excited or do you want to play with May? And then why and how to do that? And I did a really long description. The description. There's lots of flexible formats that work. That's the one that worked on this particular video Now the key to all of this, though, is the interaction on the life in because the video title you also in the video title want to make it clear what game you're playing right away in the title. Because when people are browsing and you get towards one of the top streams on Facebook, all people will see when they're browsing is the very beginning off the title. Therefore, I put something on this on the title like zombies on Newtown and five in black up because people can't even see the game you're playing browsing in certain Facebook interfaces. So I put that on the title. I got a 7 20 p 60 friends for second stream that's hardwired in the consistently works good . I was playing solo. No, All of that might get some initial engagement, but you don't get toe having a bunch of comments and shares without really good viewer interaction. One thing that helps a lot with viewer interaction is to get your stream set up like this. If you like to see all the equipment stuff I use, we please go to jury banfield dot com slash resource is because I've got it all listed there. Now, if you would like to be the best at engaging with your stream, what you really need to dio is to have your monitors set up like this so you can see your comments and you shares while you're looking at the camera and you can see him in your peripheral vision while you're gaming on you. I've got a sick find monitor set up as you can see three different computers, plus the Xbox and PlayStation connected in here. What I can do then, While I'm gaming, I can see shares on multiple, different screens on my peripheral vision. So if I'm looking straight, I can see the shares move out of the corner of my left eye on the stream, and I can see them out of the corner of my right eye in the live feed itself, and I can see the comments move in the upper right monitor. So you've got this upper right monitor with the comments. I can see the shares move twice in this upper left monitor. Make sure my streams online. Then, while I'm online over on the right monitor, I can see shares and stars over there as well. That makes it really easy for me to see things as they're happening in real time and then read and respond all while playing the game. What stinks as a viewer is toe have someone who's not interactive. I was watching someone stream the other day, and they've got hundreds of people watching, and there's not that many comments coming, and I tell you my comment. No one else says anything, hardly for five minutes, and my comment goes unresponded to and I'm like, Forget this guy. I'm not following him. I'm not watching any more of his dreams again. He doesn't have the common courtesy to interact with May, while the secret to being able interact is getting your studio set up in a way that makes it easy to interact when it's easy to interact. Then it's natural for the stream that went viral. I reacted and responded to almost every single one of those hundreds of shares and almost every single one of those hundreds of comments that came up. Each of those shares and comments and and the corresponding likes that come along with it when people are happy from what's going on triggers Facebook to say This is a really good stream. So if you want these kind of numbers, these numbers are built by interacting really well with viewers, and it's just a lot easier to interact with viewers when you've got a set up that makes it easy. Ah, professional camera helps to make your face look good, but the monitors and then I also actually launch my stream on the left monitor over here on a different computer. So I've got these five monitors to make it easy for me to interact with my stream. Now, once you do interact with your stream, then it's also critical. If you want your stream to go viral, you really need these little alert notifications at all. I'm about to show you, and I'll show you how to set those up. If you really want your stream to go viral, you need the star alerts to come up so you you can test this in your Facebook gaming. You click on alerts over here on facebook dot com slash gaming slash dreamer. You contest are alert and then what will do? Go over here and then look, you get a nice pop up that comes up on the screen and what happens one day this happens is you get a you go viral. That way you get people wanting to share, wanting to send stars wanting to make clips because they see the other people are doing it really easy and really visibly, and it pops up on the stream. So what I'll do is show you footage actually, from another stream of exactly how this works about one person shares and then just the share train gets going, and all of a sudden all I'm doing is reading shares constantly and saying Thank you for sharing Thank you over and over again. It gets this viral effect going on. Once you get that viral affect going, then that triggers Facebook to say, Oh, this is one of the best dreams happening right now. We'll show this to more people. Then more people come in and see the stream. More people comment more People like more people sharing it just snowballs over and over again. Do you really need to put all these things together to make a great viral stream? Now you can. You can do it different ways. There's lots of flexibility. The most critical element that there's no substitute for is the really good interaction. You don't need to put on a mask or costume or do something crazy that real down the earth. Viewer interaction makes all the difference in the world. I'll show you right now how this happens in real time on one of my streams 15. Facebook stars viral game footage example.: Thank you for Devon. Thank you very much on a Max family and thank you for sharing the stream near timeline. Wow. You guys are just overwhelming generosity. Michael shared that dream. Timeline is getting crazy. Wow, I'm keeper just blew that guy away. Data tossem Morale. Thank you very much for sharing this dream. Your timeline. I'm grateful, Kyle. Thank you for sharing your timeline. Quick. Make him keep sharing so we can talk first of for Thank you very much for sharing the stream to your timeline. Christopher. I'm honored. You're willing. Each of you, Giambi Jabbari you're willing to share the stream with your friends. I mean, that's a huge compliment. You're willing to share the stream with their friends keepers? This where we're gonna do this ritual or is it on the mop of the dead side? Oh, just gave Someone just gave stars. I think it's going so fast. I can't see someone there. Joe Costilla just sent 50 stars. Thank you very much, Joe. Holy Brandon. This crazy Brandon. Junie Tyreke. Thank you very much for showing assuming your timeline De Andre Evans. Thank you for sharing the stream to your type. Is the little rock, is it? Right here. Is this where you're gonna do the ritual? My friend Joe? Uh, D'Leh. Thank you for not knowing where you are. You gonna do a little ritual somewhere in my little friend? She? No, thank you very much for sharing the stream near timeline. Thank you for sharing this stream near timeline where you need Lopez. Thank you for sharing this stream to your time life. I thought the little rock was right here. I haven't seen the little rock yet. The keepers not doing this little ritual anywhere. I'm not sure what Garrett Lowry. Thank you for sharing the street to your timeline. Kenny Dorsey. Thank you for sharing this dream. Dante Crawford. I even got it for the pop up. Came up? Yeah. If I miss you, you gotta let the stream the public in order for it to count. I think if it's private, it won't. I don't know if it will count it. I don't know what's going on. Little keeper. Ritual uptown. D Angelo. Where Thank you for sharing the stream to your timeline. We need the belly to go off down here because we can get the God match. I'm not sure what's going on with the keeper ritual. I thought I put it down on the little rock. It's not doing anything. Don't Thank you for sharing this stream near timeline. Leo. You know it was your Thank you for sharing this cream to your timeline, Ricardo. Look way Need the fog in here, Ricardo. Thank you for sharing your timeline, Taylor, AEG, thank you very much for sharing the stream. Abbreviate this A J. Christie Privation. Thank you for sharing your timeline, Shane Curtis. Thank you very much for sharing this dream to your timeline. I'm very grateful way. Lewis. Reed. Thank you for sharing your timeline. Your weight. McKinnie. Thank you for sharing again. Your timeline, Joy. I recognized from a lot of the stream before you shared a lot of these. Your timelines. Thank you, Prince John. Like a fixer prince. Josh Timeline. He's a He's easy. Escobar. Thank you for sharing the stream to your timeline. Jesus, killer. I survived many someone just gave stars. Israel Court says thank you very much for the 25 stars. Whoa! The power just went out 16. Record highlight videos and spotlight them on the gaming creator page to convert new viewers: while having your streams go viral is awesome. Ah, lot of people just aren't going toe watch a livestream at all. And the key you want to do to get new people in whom I watch the live stream is to make some highlight videos of the best moments on your existing streams. Now, I actually tried to hire a video editor to do this, but it's so easy to do yourself. Once you're live streaming, I like to use final cut pro X. You just record this dream at the same time you live. Stream it when you know a moment was awesome on the stream. You just go back and cut that and upload. That's separately as a highlight video. You'll notice when you come to my page on jury befell dot com slash or whatever facebook dot com slash JB infield. When you come there, you will see what I featured is a highlight video. This is when you get that first solo whim in call of duty Black ops for blackout during the beta test, and now this one. I've actually done a full length game play the entire game 26 minutes or something like that the whole game footage right in there, then I've got another highlight video the first time I got the Reagan so people can very quickly see if you stopped by my page, you can see some of the best moments from other streams. Then I've got ah, pub G clip up here of my first squad win and pub G. Then I've got one of my inspirational clips as well. Tell people see some more things that I do that way. And as I get some or gaming highlights for the new games, I will put some or highlights up here, maybe take off some of the older ones. You really want these highlight videos because this is your first impression. If you're not live and lots of people might find your page when you're not live, and then you want to have some of the best moments from your streams to get viewers excited about watching a live stream in the future. These clips are very good way to convert people who are interested in who have maybe heard about you from a friend and are checking you out into a viewer of live streams 17. Videos 3+ minutes can earn revenue and go viral: in addition to highlight videos than any videos you create from your streams. Being good to convert new viewers using this spotlight feature on the top of a gaming creative video page. You can also actually earn money now on Facebook with ad breaks when viewers have washed at least three minutes of a video. Therefore, you want to be able to combined live streaming with putting out some highlights from your stream. That way, people who maybe didn't even watch your whole stream who might have missed the best part of the stream. When you go back through the post on your page can see the best part of the stream, and you can even earn money by watching these highlight videos. For example, I did a highlight video from my first pub G win on Xbox one with followers. 1.8000 views on that and thousands of people reached on that post. And then I earn a few dollars every time I put one of these videos up also, which makes it ideal for converting potential viewers and followers into seeing what the best part of streams are and therefore following and then making a little bit more money off these video clips. Additionally, any of these video clips can go viral, and that could get a whole bunch more followers and viewers itself. Facebook has discovery within gaming specifically for video clips. If you want to get the very most viewers build, your audience earned the $100 a day. You definitely want to learn how to do your video editing. It's pretty easy learning Final Cut Pro X or you can use something like Camp Tasia. Final Cut Pro X works really good. You can use something like that and then right after your streams finished or right at when you're about to do the next one, you can quickly just cut out of video, probably after your streams finished is ideal. If you don't have three different computers like me, you can just finish your stream real quick. Grab the best clip out of that stream and then started rendering and upload it. And then between that stream in the next dream, you'll have the video clip for people toe watch like that, and when you combine the video clips and the live streams, then you can really build an audience together. That will snowball and you can get If you look like the last 28 days on my page, you can get some fantastic growth when you just keep doing this over and over again. You you keep putting out videos. You keep live streaming in it just it can snowball like crazy. 18. Facebook page insights and getting through the dip after a viral stream: what's challenging about reaching that top level or whatever you're looking for. It's sticking with it because I've given you the tools in here to go far. The tools that are working for me, for me and most challenging part is just sticking with and going through the ups and downs you can see last 28 days. The data on my pages great, all organic. Thousands of new likes half 1,000,000 people reached in the last 28 days, which is down from the 28 days before that. Thousands of new followers, hundreds of thousands of video views. I think Facebook changed the reach calculation in the last 28 days, according to their post hundreds of thousands of post engagements. Was tough for me is just the ups and downs because, especially after things go really well, you get that viral stream where people are sharing and things air crazy, like this one. The zombies on Newtown, Then the next one's pretty good. And then after that, you kind of go down back to Earth lots of times and it's up and down. And it can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the most frustrating time often is when things go well right after that. Because when you're starting out of your building, sure you're thinking OK, this is great. A few people are watching. I'm interacting with everyone, but then things start going better. And then all the sudden you've got you do make the Facebook home page. You essentially get exactly what you want. You get exactly what you've been hoping for. You get tons of people come through the stream, you get lots of new followers. There's tons of check. You make $100 in one stream. You're so pumped, you're so excited. The next dreamy show up in It's back down to Earth. You've got a few people watching. It's the regular viewers again. You're not viral. You're not on the front page of Facebook. You're not a big deal today. And then you see other people. If you're going on the gaming, you start looking people. Why is this person on the front every single time? Why's every time their lives they have thought that the dip you get this initial excitement ? This happens with a lot of things. You get this initial excitement and often the dip comes right after you do well things, actually, your best stream right after they go. Well, you think it should just be going up and up and up and up after that, but it doesn't. It goes in waves down and up. And now if you keep going, what I've noticed, the waves keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And that's what's happened. My streams on Facebook. That's why do you such a good opportunity? Because the waves keep getting bigger and bigger when my streams air doing well before the Facebook said they were going out to a lot of people, but there wasn't engagement and what you can see. A lot of the post engagements and the views on my stream and the followers air up significantly, and all I need to do essentially is just keep streaming. Just keep doing what I'm doing and that continued growth will just snowball on itself. But on a daily basis, you might look at some of your recent posts, or you might feel like, Well, what difference does it make if I'm streaming at? A couple of people are watching the streams that are down our where you convert and make that next big wave happen, and I tell myself this, too. When you have that big stream come through and you go viral and you get all these shares in all this excitement, then you do another few streams, and it kind of feels like it's slowing down. That's your chance to build some real relationships with the followers you've just gotten. What I've noticed is I have, AH, strong group regulars, hundreds of people that come through and watch and comment on almost every single stream. And is those relationships that allow me to go viral? Because each of those 100 viewers whose most enthusiastic they decide whether or not to share the stream When the notification pops up on Facebook, they decide rather not to go watch the fate of my channel. We're on Facebook. My page, the fate fate of everything is completely resting on those most enthusiastic viewers. And ultimately, what you want is to build strong relationships with those most enthusiastic viewers. The viewers that absolutely love what you do that you're their mainstream, er that want to see every stream that comment all the time. They might drop 50 100 comments on some streams you want to build those relationships. And this is what I look at when the stream goes viral and there's tons of comments, it's often difficult for me to respond to each individual person, meaning it's often difficult to build a strong relationship with that core following when the stream is more relaxed. When there's not as many people on like That's when I can bear down and focus and really try and interact and get to know and build that core following up, I can make sure never to Mr Comment Aiken do really in depth responses. I could do really laser focus things like Last Dream. I talked about my sobriety on my last dream. We really got into sobriety and sobriety related stories in recovery and the even, though you might look well, that stream had less reached them. Some of these other viable streams you did, and that stream was really good for building deeper relationships with the existing followers, and ultimately all you need is deep relationships with your core audience. Your core audience will make everything else possible. Therefore, the goal on each stream is to build those relationships with that core audience, and you often conduce that better on a smaller stream when the stream comments and chat get rolling, that opportunity is often not there to build the relationship directly. The core audience. In fact, the stream I made the most money on in terms of stars was one of the smaller streams I did , and I watched some people. And I like when the audience is smaller, that I can come in and drop my stars and I can completely own the streamers. Reaction. The streamer just talks about me for five minutes. Thank you. I love watching your streams, and that's often better with just the core audience instead of a lot of the casuals. Because if someone's really pumped up on stream and you drop a donation, they might quickly mention you. But that's about it. But when you got the core audience there and you drop a donation on someone else's channel and that person puts you out repeatedly for several minutes to their core audience, that's a really good chance to build some new followers then. Therefore, supporting other streamers on Facebook can be a really good way to actually build your own core falling when it's not done just to be manipulative, but it's done because you generally want to support them. You appreciate what they're doing. You're grateful they're gaming alongside you, enjoying their gameplay. Okay, I'm I'll share the stream. I'll like their page. Follow their page, get notifications, come back. And then you confined people the co stream with. I love trying to help the people below me, so to speak. Now it's this the way our minds organized things that whoever has the most followers is above whoever has the most power. Whatever BS thing our minds think is better and use to categorize why one person's better in another. I try and focus on helping the people behind me that don't have a huge audience on Facebook that are just getting a few viewers. I try and help them because that's where you build really enthusiastic core followers. That is where I can do a lot of good with a little bit. I can give a shout out or linked to what you might say the smaller streamer, and you might get to 10 20 people go over and start watching and following them, and that means a huge amount to the streamer you might think of is a little fish, and what I do is I try and help all this people behind me. And this is why things have went so well for me as I constantly looking at thing out. Can I help the person next to me instead of looking towards the top and begging and trying to get people at the top to do things for me? I look around and help the people next to me and the people next to me keep pushing me farther and farther and farther along. That's I hope is useful for you to look at this today because once you keep doing this over and over on Facebook, this gets to be some of the biggest challenges. This gets to be what is really tough. The rest of stuff. It's pretty easy. You can figure out how toe get all this stuff set up and once you get some good equipment, especially, this is the grind, so to speak. This is where there's no substitute for just showing up day after day after day after day, doing a great job, interacting, building relationships, building the core following and then when you go viral. Just know it'll probably be back down to Earth after that, but it's up to you to set the imagination and expectations for the future. 19. Title, description, and tags: How do we do our title description and tags for the best results? What's worked for me is to get very detailed in the description toe. Always have a description that has everything someone could want to know about me. It encourages people to Seymour to click on the post, and then it helps people who are new to really get to know me right away. I'll show you my exact formula for the title description and tags right here. Now first you might wonder. Okay, where do we need to put this in When you click? Go live on your game streamer dashboard, you click. Go live in the post, then what you need to do every time is make a post. If you're used to doing something like twittering, just put a title in it. It can be a little bit of a learning curve to make a full post on Facebook. However, there's a great opportunity to do some good in these posts, which is what I try and do in my post is try and actually do some good with it. So I'll show you how I set this up. First. You always make sure you put in the video game, and the good news is, if you put the wrong video game in like I did yesterday, you can actually change it. So always make sure. Put the video game in here when you set this up. Then for your title, always add a title to your broadcast. I will go through and show how I set that up in a minute. You want a gaming group? Also, Siegen, Just by default, Share it to your gaming group. So I've got that right there on my group's then for the tags. The one tag you always want to add. His e sports. Always just throw the e sports tag on there just in case. Then there's some other times you can put on, like video game industry you can put on. If you're doing a shooting game, you can put on role playing games. If you're doing one of those you can put on. If you're doing something like Fortnight er, black out, you can do a multi or pub G canoe multiplayer online battle arena. It doesn't seem like these tags make that big of a difference. In my experience, you can also put other things on like you be doing inspiration. You doing videos about mental health, you can do self improvement. It doesn't seem to me like these tags make a big difference in terms of video discovery. Now, maybe just cause I haven't seen it, maybe they are making a big difference. It seems to me the main thing that matters for this is the game. And then the way you do your title in description also can make a big difference. So what I'll do now is show you how these look in the actual interface. So what I'll do over here is I'll go over and show you my most recent post right here on this was my post yesterday. So what I've got, I've got a kind of formulaic description I used every time in the bottom with these links. This is what I actually write. Every day is the beginning. I've got a formula that works pretty good. I start off with the game or the basic thing I'm playing. Then if I'm playing with viewers often put with viewers to let people know I'm playing with people who are watching on Facebook because I know is a gamer. That makes a big difference to me. If I'm wearing a costume, I put what costume I'm doing. I also put what platform because people want to see that if it comes up in a notification than people can see really quickly. The basics I'm playing smite with viewers as Thorin, Xbox one. Those are all the basic details of it comes up in a news feed poster notification. And if there's any call to action like on this post message Jerry Banfield for an invite was the key called the Action because I was playing a game that I didn't have a lot of people to play with me. So this, essentially my unique part of each description, although what's below here gets incremental and I'll show you the day before this to give you an idea. On this day, for example, I put black out with Batman on Xbox one with viewers and called duty Black Ops four. So this I, you can see I put the game mode because the game is listed right here. I put the game mode, and then I put my costume that I put the platform than I put with viewers. So that's the basic first line on this other one. I put, I wrote a huge, long post on this one. So as we can see here on this description that you have to actually click on the Post itself. Then I wrote a huge long description on this one. So some days I write a really in depth description. For example, this one. I wrote a really long story, talking about my experience, dreaming on Facebook, asking for some guidance. Is it worth me? Continue on Facebook. Should I go to twitch? I was getting a little has some feelings like Come on, things need to be moving faster. Why am I not a partner yet? Five weeks since they've approved my supportive. So I wrote about all that in the description. And to me, the description gives us the chance to do some really good where we can, right some things that make a difference in people's lives. So I'm going to go back to my page over here and show you some mawr like this I've written , so I'll scroll down on this side and I wrote, and this one I did. Basically, this is the first Kind of What are we doing? Description. Then I wrote. How are we today? And I wrote another long, inspirational post on this. What a lot of people who've donated have said is that thes inspirational parts of the Post I write make a big difference. And to me, this is another one of those little things you can do to make a big difference. Some people may just see this in the news feed never actually watched the game play, but might get really inspired by reading the post on other days again. I just keep it short and put my bio out there. Now I will go through my bio on this and show you how I do the bio. So what I do on the bio with this is I put here these air, my life stats and bio is a shortest way I could think to let people know that. So on my bio, I put the things that are important. Me and a lot of people have been very happy that I've had the courage to mention these because, of course, lots of things like my sobriety or my diet, or how long I'm married or my parenting, these air things that are really important to me. Barton In the interest of keeping it all about gaming, I could just not put that on there. And most streamers seem to not put any of these things out there directly. And I realized today that's that's not honest. I'm here in gaming to make a difference, and my vision for gaming is the key. Why my gaming? Why am I showing up playing all these video games? I'm hoping to carry message of love, hope and faith, especially about sobriety, especially about healthy diet, especially having a happy marriage, especially being a good parent, especially being an entrepreneur online. These are the things I really care about in my life and people like statistics. So I've put statistics. My sobriety. Yes, some people. Well, what if you relapse Well, then I'll need to reduce the dates on there or maybe die if I don't come back. So I pulled my sobriety on there. I put it Republic, because that's my accountability to imagine. I'm thinking about drinking. I picture changing or not having a sobriety date on my post of ruining my whole life. I put my sobriety date out there. There's a lot of people who are following me. Have said, You're I got 30 days sober. Sure, I've got a day sober Your video. Help me make it through today That's that's what we're here for, to do some real good and not just show off and show how good I am in a video game but to do some real good. So I've written a bio. I put the stuff that's important in my life, and I intentionally put this diet a little bit coated. It's the whole plant, food based diet, and people ask what is WP F B. And then I get to explain it. It's a mostly a whole plant, mostly vegan way of eating that is sustainable for the whole planet that, if done on a larger scale, we easily have enough food to feed the entire population. Already, no one needs to starve to death anywhere. If just even a significant portion of us eat like I'm eating and it z shown. Approve. Vent the top 15 cause of death, including cancer, heart disease, strokes and all those medical areas you get because you're dealing with all that stuff. I love talking about my sobriety, and I love talking about my diet. I love people, associate. Oh, you're married. You've been married for a while. Your parent. I love talking about that. I love talking about being an entrepreneur online. So these are all conversation starters, because when my post goes out in the news feed, people just get the beginning of this bio and they see all this Guy's sober. He's got the society's married. He's a pair you can very easily see into my entire daily life with this description, and then all I do each days in commit the numbers. God willing, I just put another day of sobriety, my diet and my entrepreneurship online. Adjust the years married and parenting as needed. Then I've also got what I do. 54 video classes on skill share so that allows people to see what else I do kind of professionally. Then people might get instant Seo. Let's look at his courses down here. See, I've got 17 books, so let's look at his books. Blawg Post less reaches blood. All these YouTube videos, less findings, YouTube, Twitter. I've got all of my links in here then that way, if people want to get to know me better, they're all in there. And then if people ask, how do I do this? I say, going the description click on the discord link to join it is, Well, how do I kind to go to the jury? Bear Phil dot com slash contact. Well, what gear to use? Go to the gear. But where's your instagram? Go the instagram that Where's your music? Go to iTunes and music. Where's your T shirts? Go that? Not that anyone buys won't go the T shirt. Where is your toward a YouTube twist? Just go. The description is all in there. This way, I've got it set up. All I do then is write a title and description. I try and do complementary title, so I'll tab over and show you what that looks like in here. So this the I have a spreadsheet with the titles and the descriptions I used in Air Table because then I just copy the description and the title over. I tracked my amount of time. I just started this spreadsheet. So what I do on the title, I try and actually put the character first on the title, and then I kind of reverse it with a description. So if I start on the description, if I say blackout with Batman in the description that I'll say Batman Blackout that way the title in the description get seen in different context. In some parts of Facebook, people only see the title and others. People only see the description and in some people see the title and description. Therefore, I've got each covered. If people only see the video one way, and then if people see both, it's not just an exact duplicate of each other, but you can quickly see the first words Batman Blackout and call the duty. And that way you've got the descriptions or kind of complementary. And I use this to track how much time I have live, streamed and all I do. For example, today, when I'm going to live stream, I just duplicate record. I go over here and put today's date. I increments the sobriety date. One. The diet one. The days an entrepreneur online. One occasionally. Check those to make sure I didn't get off. Then I just clear today. I'm not sure what I'm doing. Maybe I'll do blackout with viewers. As I don't know. Maybe who was like Deadpool on May be will be on PlayStation today. I don't know. Probably maybe maybe we'll do fallout today. So do fall out 76 with viewers as Deadpool on Xbox one. Then I could put message Jury Banfield for an invite if I want to. If we don't have a full party, then on this one, I'll go over here and put Deadpool Deadpool plays Fallout 76 with viewers on Xbox one. So that's how I do the titles and a description. If I am not playing fallout today, this is the actual title and description. Then I'll change it in here to fall out 76 for the type of stream. This is nice, too, because in this spreadsheet, I verily quickly see what I'm playing. I can see I've done a couple of zombie streams, a bunch of blackout streams, a couple of fallout 76 dreams. I can get an idea of what I'm doing and how often I'm doing it. Thank you very much for watching this video of going through and showing you how I do the title of the descriptions and the tags. I'm at my Facebook live gaming video 20. Schedule live streams with events to help viewers plan ahead: for building the maximum viewership. Having an established streaming schedule helps a lot because just like watching TV shows, we then know when that show is going to be online, and sometimes we plan our lives around it. What I lacked in a lot of my early life streaming efforts was any kind of consistent schedule. And now what I'm able to do is post an event on Facebook that tells people when my stream will be online and then Facebook has features which help show this. To help fans discover when the stream will be online streaming at a regular time about the same time of day. Every day also helps people to get in the habit of watching a certain time. For example, checking a phone when someone wakes up is a great time to be live streaming, and this is when I often do my life streams. People will wake up, be looking through Facebook, see my stream jump on, get some of those positive vibes, have a cup of coffee and then go on with their day or be at work looking for a little pick me up and some entertainment and my streams on. I'll show you how to schedule these on your page and then what they look like. So this is why it's cool, because for gaming pages, if you scroll down on the page, as you can see, there's the schedule option over on the right. And what I've done is just generically put all mine at 9 a.m. Because that's about when I generally start streaming most days now, last three days in a row before this, I have not started at 9 a.m. However, that is when I'm on most days, and therefore you can do a more detailed streaming schedule, and I'll show you how to do that. So what you do is you go into your gamer dashboard and then you go over to add event underneath the schedule tab. When you click on add event underneath the scheduled tab, then what you conduce Oh is put in your schedule. You can do a custom schedule also and literally pick out each day and each time. For example, you could do 4 to 6 p.m. On Monday, and then on Tuesday you could go over here and do let's say, I don't know 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Facebook currently is limited to four hour blocks on your streaming, which means currently your schedule mostly will want to reflect four hour blocks. Or if you want to do a six hour block, you just need to start the stream up and stop it and then started up again in a different point. Stop it. I imagine Facebook will get this extended right now. This a platform wide requirement. Therefore, they have to change all of it. I'm Facebook for this to take effect so you can with this custom schedule, literally. For example, if you work Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you could set up different streaming times for Monday, Wednesday and Friday versus the rest of the week. And then the better. You set up this calendar, the more people can know when you're on. I have the ability to live stream most every day at around nine AM so I've just set mine up simply. I put my daily, and what I'd done is put my mouth about a month in advance. I think it's a good idea to not put it out like a year in advance. Put it out like a month or so in advance, then you can switch it up. And when I've done, you can all that's what I've done. Then you can also go through. You want to put your FB dot g or l Something like FB dot g slashed Gerry being filled, Then people can click on it. You can also put in the exact game you're going to play here, For example, call of duty. You can put an event photo and if you want, I'm actually not posting this in the page feed anymore because this uses up my newsfeed reach, which I'd rather just save four, actually putting out my live streams for the event name you can see. I just put PS foreign Xbox gaming live this a lot. And Blackout four is the main thing I play. So I put that with the game. You can see I've taken a pretty relaxed approach to this. If you click on month, you can see all the streams I've got scheduled for December right here and then whenever it gets time to January, I'll double check my streaming schedule and my game and I'll go back and do this again. The streaming schedule option here is really helpful also because on your gaming dashboard what you'll have over here. If I just click on Facebook and I go over tow watch and then I pause this and try and go over wherever the gaming is all right, I just need to literally put the You are Ln right here. Facebook dot com Flash gaming If you go onto facebook dot com slash gaming, the upcoming streams are really helpful right here, as you can see like this. So whoever is watching on facebook dot com slash gaming or whoever is on their phone and scrolling through has the option to do the same thing you can see in these upcoming streams here. So if you're following me and you're looking on FB jot d G, then what you can see? Oh, you're following me, Jerry baffles going to be live at 9 a.m. Nice. And this is really helpful because this can help you plan out. And if you're following several people, then you can use this. The schedule popped up in here. You can get an idea of when everyone's lives, so I can quickly see darkness will be live at eight. I'm live at nine. Ricky's live a 10 so I might be able to get a game in with Ricky, which is helpful because if Ricky starting at 10 a.m. And I'm starting at 9 a.m. That else me? No, I can collaborate potentially with Ricky and ah, be gaming with him on PlayStation. For this has been the streaming feature. How to get your live stream scheduled on Facebook. I hope this has been helpful taking a look at this brand new feature in the Facebook gaming streamer dashboard. 21. What game to play?: for live streaming on Facebook, you might wonder, what game do I play? You might also feel the pressure that you have to play Whatever game is most popular at the moment. Here's what I dio when it comes to what game I play, I'll show you my Facebook page. Here I generally play mostly one game is my main game, but then once or twice a week, I'll switch things up Also. For example, yesterday I played smite on Xbox one and lots of times when I play a different game from usual, that game may even get Mawr views. Then my regular game does. For example, yesterday I played Smite, which a free game on Xbox one. That video got 24,000 views, whereas the call of duty that's the main game I'm playing right now is called duty Black Ops, for that's the most requested game from the people that are commenting on my life streams. You'll notice the gaming videos I didn't call of duty each of last three days, got significantly less views, then playing smite. Although this video here with call of duty, several of these call of duty one's got the same amount or a lot of use here. I played fallout 76 down here. I played Battlefield five, and actually this battle field five day to video got a lot of views. Therefore, new video games present a really good opportunity, especially on Facebook. People are very interested the first week or so, especially the first day or two, but usually the first week or two of a new video game released, people are really interested to see a new game and watch it for the first time. For example, this fallout 76 dream I did got a lot of views, and if we scroll down here, I did. I tried the new red dead redemption to that. Got a lot of views. 73,000 the first and 34,000 the second day. Some of my most popular streams so far in terms of views. When the new call of duty came out, I played that almost every day. Those consistently got a ton of views, and what we see is that there's no magic formula for each of us to just do ah ah, certain game and get the most views. In fact, some of the most popular games often get over saturated Facebook offers a big opportunity, like I did with my yesterday, to go back and play some games that people don't stream that often because what you want to consider with streaming on Facebook is the ratio of people playing a game and ah, wanting the watch a game versus the amount of people streaming it. I played SMI yesterday, and this might has about two million followers on Facebook. Meanwhile, almost no one actually stream smite, therefore doing a smite stream. Yesterday, I got a bunch of new people to discover my stream on smite for the first time. Then, when they follow the page, they might realize, Hey, this guy also does blackout when you try some different games out, especially some older games that people don't watch that offed him, then you can get the ability to build a following on whatever the game is that gets you the best amount of use, the most interaction, the most excitement, and often you can then work that into your main game, or you can make that a thing. Therefore, constant innovation and testing. What I don't recommend is just sticking in the same game all the time, especially if you're not getting a lot of people toe watch, and you're frustrated with how slow your community's growing. Definitely test different games and see which one. Sometimes you might even download and install an old game. Try that out. I had some streams, some of the first dreams I did recently, that I was really happy with the views on where some of these older call of duty black ops zombies games I played. And this blew me away because I played games that had been out for years and I got the most amount of views. Here's 1 39,000 views on black ops three zombies right before Black Ops four came out. That was the most views I'd had on a video in a long time and does. Sometimes you need to work your way up to it. You might need to play a game several times, and then people will get to know you in it. So I recommend Just keep testing things out, keep interacting with their community and listen. People often tell you what game they'd like to see now. Sometimes you'll try the game and it might not go very well, but that's fine. It's not a big deal to play something and then have not that many people watch because you've at least given that a shot. So thank you very much for watching this. I know a lot of us spend a lot of time thinking about what game to play, and I hope this provides a little bit of guidance in terms of what game to play on your stream in the short version of the whole lecture is just keep testing, keep trying different games, test out where you get the best following. There's no magic formula for anyone, and even if there is one for a short period of time, it soon will change into a different game or a different formula. 22. Wear a costume to stand out!: We constantly are looking for ways to get more viewers on our live streams to stand out, and there's a simple way to do it. And guess what? Look, I'm doing it right now. Dress up. Stand out. I've put on your, like, what is this outfit? You're gonna finally explain it. This is a professor outfit. I bought this to say, PhD graduation cap and gown I'm wearing right here. Do I have a PhD? Nope. But I can pay 250 bucks for the same outfit you wear when you get a PhD. I have a master's degree. I quit my PhD to do my business online, and I'm very grateful I did that today because my business is reached 1% of people on Earth since I started my business, which is incredible. Most of that has been on Facebook. Dress up and stand out just like I'm doing right here. I'm wearing essentially a little costume here. It's not something you normally see when people are teaching online with your gaming live streams. A costume is just like cheat codes. Essentially in getting more viewers. They're super cheap. You can buy costumes that looked pretty good for 30 or 40 bucks on Amazon, you can make your own costume potentially for even less. I'll show you what I mean here. Yesterday when I was watching Ricky live, he's like, Oh, I've seen your stranger to do that dress up in costumes, right? See how easy that is to remember someone that way. It really is that easy. I got inspired by Joe. Joe calls himself the King Slayer on his page. I looked and he's been getting a ton of views. He showed his stats and level of gaming Creators group. He started basically from a brand new page. As you can see in his first video here, his first video got 371 views. His next video, I got 1900 views the next 1 263 views. And as you can see, his views just start going up and up and up over time. Although 800 views on this one continue to go up and I broke it down, I'm like, OK, what is Joe doing? Let me put it in real, simple terms that I can understand. What is Joe doing? Joe is now a partner with Facebook. He's got hundreds of supporters, meaning and from what I ready, quit a six figure job to start live streaming, according to him. His fortnight games. And he now gets 50 are so 1000 views on most of his streams, and he is doing 40 hours a week or so live dreaming. He's getting a paycheck from Facebook every week to do video gaming, plus thousands of dollars from supporters. Plus all the star donations plus ad revenue share from Facebook as a partner. Let's break it down Real simple. What is Joe doing? He's good at Fortnight, which the popular game, and he wears a costume that I'm like there. That's the simple. If we put that in the simplest terms, I can do that. I can put on a costume and I'm good at call duty and you'll notice. Guess what? I've started putting on costumes. My views have started going up to when I was doing my gaming streams before I was not doing costumes and many of the top streams I've had have involved having a costume on. Now, sure, I got 70 something 1000 views on my red dead redemption one without a custom it. Since I've started doing the costumes. On average, the views have been way higher. For example, 66,000 views on this video off zombies. 40,000 on this battlefield, the most I ever had on one stream at once. 1.5 1000 people watching at a time. Captain America playing a new video game. The streams on average with the costumes. The amount of use has been up a lot. Parents enjoy watching with their kids. My daughter enjoyed watching me and my Captain America costume play fallout that costumes catch the attention, especially of kids, but also of adults. And you stand out. I got Batman. Thor Deadpool, Captain America. I had a bunch of different costumes I put on, and that just takes things to the next level. So if you want to stand out, there's a really simple solution. Dress up and stand out. Don't look like everyone else. Almost everyone that live firms games on Facebook just has a T shirt and some sweat pants or shorts on, or something like that. Maybe a long sleeve shirt or a jacket or hoody. If you dress up, you stand out it's that simple. Oh, my God, dearie, I'm gonna go order stuff on Amazon now and dress up. I better get some views. 23. Automatic Discord Notifications from Facebook Live Gaming via Level Up Streamer: Facebook gaming has a built in discord. Live notifications tool that's really helpful, especially if you already have a discord server or you're building a community on discord. Even if you don't have a discord server yet, you might want to take a look at this because I find a discord. Server is very outfall for building a community because of the ability to chat with each other, connect a private message and then to get notifications directly on my phone. Just related to the discord server for gaming with anyone on Xbox or PlayStation. Zai Always ask People enjoy my discord server because then I could just bring discord up, drop into discourse over ham about to get online. What do you want to play? And then I got my party ready in my game, ready with the party as soon as I sign on this, then helps with the Facebook discord Notifications. Everyone is in my discord. Server gets a notification when IM live automatically in any time you can automatically let people know when you're going live and have a chance to pop up a notification on the phone . It's really helpful, and thankfully, Facebook makes this super, super easy to set up. So here's how it works in your facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur There is a discord. Notifications. I'll say that slower facebook dot com slash gaming slash streymur in that page. Once you've met the requirements to get in the level of program, you've got this little box to do discord, notifications. Once you hit this little box, then it gives you an option to set up automatic notifications when you go live. And then all you need to do is drop a discord app, Web hook in here. So in order to do, and this is what it looks like And this is really nice because everyone in the discord server, if they haven't muted your server, gets a notification every time you go live. So you can see I've had this set up for a while and that gives the chance for a notification to pop up to everyone on my discourse over directly on the phone. In order to set that up in discord. You just go over to your server up here on the left, you go down the server settings, then you go down here to Web hooks. Then you click. Create Web hook, I recommend. Name it. Facebook. Live notifications. So it syncs up when you get the Web. Okur L Then what you do? You go back in here, paste it in Facebook, click on set Web book than every time you go live on Facebook. It will automatically drop the link in the discord server. Then is your community grows? The amount of people who get the notifications hopefully should grow on the discord server as every I recommend to have something like a notifications channel set up because then people know this the specific channel just for notifications. People can go in if they want to and specifically mute the channel if desired. What I see is on the other streamers I'm following and I'm on their discord servers. They all do in everyone chat to let people know when they go live. So, for example, this channel here has the same exact thing. Everyone chill vibes and then direct link to the twitch. Down this way, everyone that's in the channel gets notified every time I go live and every single view adds up. The discord server is a great place to chat and build community as well. You can have. For example, I've got a Xbox channel and I've got a PlayStation channel. This way I can focus specifically on Witch Platform I want to play on. Then I can go into each specific channel beforehand like I did yesterday. I dropped in everyone and said, Hey, I'm going. I'm available to play blackout zombies. I dropped it in PlayStation and in X box. And then, based on the response there, I decided who to play with and what game to play. I like that functionality because, especially of the direct notification to the phone. That way, if people have a ton of different things going on on Facebook, this for the gaming also gives you a separate way. Teoh Focus Toe have often If people are new to discord, your discord server will be the only discord server there on, and then they'll get all your notifications right away. And then if someone's followed you but hasn't turned on those live notifications when you got the discord notifications coming in the discord notifications will pop up on their phone and help them find your streams live, even if they haven't even followed you at all on Facebook. They just joined your discord server through word of mouth. Now, thanks to discord, notifications, they're able to get notifications every time you go live automatically without doing anything. I'm very grateful. Facebook put this feature in and makes things so much easier to get the word out to my discord server. And I hope this tutorial showing you how to use it has been helpful. 24. Watch other Facebook gaming streams to learn the user experience and connect.: What can we learn by going to facebook dot com slash gaming for my own learning and growth as a game stream on Facebook? I've learned that is critical for me. If I'm expecting to have a realistic chance at getting good results streaming games on Facebook, I need to also watch games and browse games and discover streamers. Because then I understand what the process is like being on the opposite end of it. When I just started gaming streaming on Facebook, I wasn't actually watching any games on Facebook because I was still watching mostly stuff on twitch and then left me confused as to how people browse games and Aziz to what elements were most important in my stream. So what you can see if you go to facebook dot com slash gaming, there'll be one feature streamer up there, and I just wrote, Just forget about the features Dreamer. Forget about how many views other people getting that stuff doesn't matter except to motivate inspire you that it's possible for you to be up there, too, and a few stream and you make an amazing community and you love and interact with each reviewer's. You'll get a chance up there, too, if you're streaming and doing what you love. So don't worry about trying to get that and getting jealous and all that stuff focus on learning and growth and making an amazing community appreciating each individual viewer that comes along. And when you need to do learning and growth, there's a great opportunity browsing Facebook game. You can see how the descriptions and titles get used here, this son, the desktop. Now I'll show you kind of how it looks more on mobile in a minute on the desktop. What you can see is the title goes up here. The title goes up here. So what people see first and are able to click on is the title. Therefore, you really want your game and or what you're doing in the game to be right away, right up on top, because then people can see it. You don't want to title something off topic or that people won't recognize immediately because you see, when you're looking thirties live now, browsing there is you can see the game over here, so it's a good opportunity. You may not notice the game right there if you're doing an Easter egg. If you're doing a specific level, it's really good to do that. They're, for example, these two streams are mobile legends, but then this one and you can see these different titles. Now this. Some of these streams are not good. Well done, so to speak. And, uh, others of the streams. You can see that these longer titles give you more space in here and might be worth doing a longer title to get that more space than the beginning of your description. Down here is another little spot where you get to kind of sell your stream so you've got your title and your description combined with the game and your name up here. The only the beginning of this is what you get to essentially attract someone new to your stream. Therefore, you want to get the game and or what you're doing in the game right away in here. You might benefit or you might not from a longer title, and then you the beginning of your description should complement the title. Ive noticed some of my streams of his exact same. It's often redundant. You you want to complement each other when that you can. So what I do what you see over here browsing, then this is kind of what the mobile set up looks like on mobile devices. When you browse, it kind of looks like this is well, and on this one, all you get the titles to your description doesn't even come into play on here, and then you can see the page pop up. You can just see the game and the description. So you ideally want to maybe put the game in twice and or get exactly what you're doing in here so that you can attract your audience right away. Now, you don't want to put anything fake in there or ask for an engagement or follows in any of that, either, because those things can get you why and disciplined and or banned from the streaming program. So you want Teoh. Make sure to just put honest, authentic gameplay in there. Something like four Night live PS four game plays. Fine. You can try and focus on your ranking if you want to. This one's a nice little title. Modern Warfare two. Sniping Pro You Fall of 96 Gameplay Reveal. You've got lots of good titles you can use in the nice thing on this one, while they are sorted by viewers than they're not specifically organized by. You don't see how many viewers there are on this page, so we'll we'll click. One of these will pick one to click. Where's the you Can you can click one And then it's a good idea to get to know the entire experience as a viewer so that you can see things that you might want to do or not to do based on other people streams. Now the downside of this is you can learn bad habits watching other people streams. You could watch someone else that's essentially doing something wrong and even breaking the terms and conditions. You could copy them and get in trouble yourself like Wait a minute. Someone else was doing this. Do you want to make sure you know what is? It is not allowed, For example, the basic thing that's not allowed. Don't put your whole stream or a big party or stream as pre recorded content. You want to be playing live authentic content. You also obviously want to make sure you're only playing things you have permission. In other words, no copyright violations and no engagement bait, no pull. You've probably seen a lot of engagement bait on Facebook, but it's not allowed, and they enforce it pretty well on the streamers, especially because these tend to be more visible. So you don't want anything asking for follows anything trying to artificially get likes, like posting up a quote and saying, like If you agreed none of that, you can ask for follows all directly in the stream itself. One more thing to know is you get thes livestream notifications pop up. If someone has chosen to get live notifications than on Lee, the beginning of the description comes in like this. So if you click on this, then you go to someone's gaming video page, and then this is the interface you get right here, and you can also encourage people to hit see first on the feet, and then you've got the live notifications you can turn on or turn off, and there's there's not a big difference that you can see on it so you can look and see on this one. He's chosen to go with a short game play. I also encourage generosity with other people streams. If you expect people like your streams and support you and you're going around watching people streams not leaving alike on their streams, you won't feel good asking for people to participate on your stream. You If you're not willing to follow other people, how are you going to ask people to follow you on their street? So when people when you follow someone, these no live notifications when you've got them set can come up and you've also got these things by game. Now, if you want to get in and get a lot of views one day when you get to the having a great stream, Facebook can actually papa notification up from people you're not even following. For example, some of the notifications I've got I have no idea Die. Ehsmoh was playing live call of duty. I have no idea who that is. It just popped up in my notifications because I follow a particular game that way. You want to make sure and play whatever game you want to play. You don't always need to play the newest game or the best game because you're only going to pop a notification. If you get to be one of the top streams, usually and you can actually do that sometimes playing a game that almost no one else is playing, you get a good stream on a game. People have followed, but hardly anyone streams on. That could be a really good chance to get some new viewers, and then they're suggested streamers and there's recommended for you. And so if you put up some highlighted videos, definitely you want some highlight videos off your best moments because some of these videos can have discovery of their own. But don't get into too much worrying about rather on the suggested streamers or all that, because it gets to be really annoying. Sometimes you see people they're suggesting you're like, Why am I not on there like me? It's like, don't worry about all that stuff, just browse, look around, help other people and you might be able to find some people specifically by game that you'd like to do some co streams with also, and I think if you want to do great streams like I want to do great streams, then it's up to me toe also watch other people streams because that helps me learn what the experience is like is a viewer. So I hope, especially if you've never watched the stream before or I've hoped to point out of things, a few things with this that might be helpful for you as a viewer. 25. Join Level Up Gaming Creators Facebook group to enhance learning: if you want some up to date help and places to connect and answer and asked questions with other gaming creators. One helpful Facebook group is the Assuming You Want English is the level up gaming creators English group. I'm a member of this group, and I've found a lot of helpful information as a member of this group in the Post here, including saying that people who are starting from scratch, even with the new page, are getting really good reach and seeing the experiences other people in this group are having in terms of some of the things not to do some of the ways Teoh lose your status, which has helped me to get prepared in terms of everything I'm doing on my stream Being in compliance, for example, some of the posts are about engagement bait have been helpful. For example, you can't just ask for likes on your post. For example, here's something Facebook gaming shared. Avoid engagement bait. Noticed many of you still go live with mentions of getting people like and follow your page . Use our best practices and don't do that. So there's a lot of helpful updates you can get in this group. Now, the problem is, this group can be a big distraction. Also, I've put several posts in here. Only my first post has got approved. You have to get every single pulse you do approved. They have pretty strict standards for what they approve and what they don't. It seems they approve a small fraction off the post, and they only approved things that haven't been talked about already. You've got ah, lot of these people posting in here can be a good opportunity to network, but at the same time, you can end up wasting a lot of time trying to network in here. Why not just go browse the actual gaming videos? Why not just browse people streams? I tried to do some networking in here, and it seemed like a waste of time like and I remembered my experience from the, you know, me studio. Often these groups, you can get into some toxic small minded thinking in here and get off your purpose, getting the drama that you don't need to be in drama with you or people you don't need to be in drama with. Now I recommend read the post up in here, you can see there's help Center do. Read all of the help center stuff. But this group, the level of gaming creators, can be helpful if you want Teoh, especially if you're imagine you'll be a partner someday. I'd imagine it also helps to be in this group just for the learning, especially just to read and see what other people are going through and what experienced people are having. And to find some of these tips I on one of my streams, I believe I asked for follows or something on it. Ah, while back and I'm grateful, I figured out not to do that. And I'm sure this post has helped other people do that. So Facebook gave the level of gaming Creative Group might be helpful for you. 26. Unlocking supporters with fan subscriptions provides monthly payments!: If you want to do Facebook live game streaming, part time or full time, the essential requirement to me seems to be having the option for supporters to be unlocked . This has been a massive test of patients for me, as this currently is an invite on Lee feature. There are no clear standards that air set out as of December 3rd 2018 for getting an invitation to have supporters. Maybe there will be by the time you get to this, what happened on my page? I simply got an invitation I applied to. It has been five weeks now, the first time it seems to have been deleted. And I had to resubmit everything. Maybe because I put it at 1999 price point. And now it's been three weeks, one of which was Thanksgiving. So I'm imagining I'm just about to get supporters approved. But my gosh, the supporters, you're like, OK, what are you talking about? Supporters supporters allowed people to pay for 99 a month to support a Facebook streamer for my page. That's me for anyone else. That's them. Let's take a look and show you inside. What this looks like When you're on your Facebook gaming page here, you'll see a fan subscriptions tab. This is what it will look like. Once you've submitted it will say you've submitted your subscription details. It'll be reviewed to make sure it complies with Facebook policies and Apple guidelines. Now, I don't imagine this is anything personal to me that is taking a long time because if you can see other Facebook gaming, streamers get really excited about the supporter option being available, probably because it took a long time for it to be available to them. Also, the guy I talked to, the first guy that I'm supporting Ricky Live, he said it took eight business days for his to get approved, and he just got his approved. When you are a supporter with someone, you'll see this supporter benefits button. You'll get some exclusive post of what I have with Ricky. Live these air. Some exclusive post he's on Lee put out to his supporters here, and anything else he shares is under the taboo here. On the left, it says four supporters. Then you get thes supporter Onley posts. Now, if you want to know what it looks like, toe actually start a subscription. When you click on the become a supporter button anywhere on a page, for example, this is on the King Slayer page. I've watched him of his dreams. He recently became a partner. He got started playing fortnight and built up a huge audience from what looks like nothing . You never know all the details. It looks like pretty much nothing what you get. He's got a supporter, and he's now a partner on Facebook as well. Why you do it When you get the become a supporter button, you click on become a supporter. Then you get this video that pops up, which is in a vertical format. You get as a thank you for your support. You get these options here on the King Slayer, you get supporter badge, exclusive content discounts and live videos. Now a lot of people do this primarily for the supporter badge, because then one that you're communicating in the chat. You get that supporter badge. Once you click, become a supporter. You just put your credit card, your pay pal in and you're charged $5 or 4 99 A month after that, to become a supporters you can see on Ricky Lives Page, then I've got a thing saying how long I've been a supporter with Ricky live. I also have my notifications on. Now you might ask. OK, where do I get the invite for this? It. Whenever you get invited, it will pop up directly above your Facebook page as well as in the fan subscriptions tab. There will be an option for fans subscriptions that allow you to submit on the gaming streamer dashboard. And for me, I found the notification. Actually, it popped up on my Facebook page, not using the business manager, but just using the regular facebook dot com slash j Banfield. I got a notification on the top of my page. It popped up, which I can now see in the dashboard for fans subscription. So if you don't see this, you might need to get the notification of pop up you're asking. Okay, Well, what exactly do I need to have to go on before it pops up? I'll show you the last 28 days of my data, and I imagine you need toe have something similar to this you need toe, have a lot of people watching a lot of post reach. I don't know if it needs to be this high or not. Rather, you need hundreds of thousands of post engagements and hundreds of thousands of video views . I don't know if it needs to be that high or not. Exactly the numbers. But for me, it unlocked for me when I'd been live streaming several hours a day for about a month or so . Plus, I had a lot of action on my streams. Hundreds of shares, lots of likes, lots of comments. So Teoh, you ask. Okay, Well, how do I get to that? If I look at Ricky Live, who and that King Slayer who have their badges up and kind of just got going from not much of a following to start with? You just keep doing live streams, Keep building a community. The single biggest thing I can point to that might help is to do vertical live streams, vertical live streams like I'm doing mine. All vertical now, Ricky live Before he was doing vertical live streams, he had a much smaller number of people watching. And with doing these vertical live streams Now Ricky is having a lot of people watching his videos. I noticed him first because I was looking for live streamers who were doing vertical streams, and Ricky's now has been doing a bunch of vertical stream. So do those vertical streams. They get a ton more reach, they get a ton more interaction, they get a lot more views. And if you want the supporter button on lock, you're ultimately going to need some more views and lots of engagement. Lots of likes, lots of comments, lots of shares. That is the best. I can point you to to say This is how you get the supporter badge unlocked now. By the time you get into this, this may be more widely available, and I imagine Facebook at first was Onley offering this option to partners. This has been ruled out to love love creators who are not partners now, and I imagine Facebook would like to get as many of these subscriptions as possible because Facebook takes a cut of these subscriptions. Not currently, but Facebook will be taking a cut Apple and or Google thes air signed up through mobile also taken cut. Therefore, you want people to subscribe on desktop if possible, because the fee is very small. When the subscriptions go through, Apple or Google play Google or Apple. Take their cut off the subscription, plus Facebook's cut, which is lucky to leave us with, like two or $3 afterwards. This is similar to subscriptions on Twitch, and I imagine Facebook will, over time continue to make this available to more people. These air conditioned on all the other community standards, though, which means if you lose your monetization or something ends with your stream, you can lose all your fans subscriptions with it. Thank you very much for learning about fans subscriptions here with me today. I hope this has been helpful to guide you to what seems like to me, the fan subscriptions are the ideal. The scenario for live streaming on Facebook. This seems to be one of the best ways toe actually get a regular income from streaming games 27. Sharing and donating to others helps us!: What I've learned is if I want to succeed one almost guarantee for my own successes to help others with the exact same things. Therefore, I suggest sharing and game streams by other Facebook gamers and donating to other Facebook gamers. If you want your own stream to go well, this simple principle has helped me have unbelievable success. Online have made millions of dollars online. I've sold hundreds of thousands of courses. I've been given the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with crypto currencies, and now Facebook gaming is blowing at up. I'll tell you the thing that has went into the foundation of all of those is helping others . How do I help others work full time online? How do I help others learn skills that they want to learn? How do I help others succeeded Investing in crypto currencies? How do I help other Facebook gamers to stay motivated, inspired and to build their views? The more I think about helping others guess what is just like this good karma. All this help just gets heaped on me, and I've just noticed an opportunity to improve in this myself. I have not shared very many other people's live gaming streams. One who shares operates from a mindset of abundance. I had been operating in the shares department, as I very often done, for some reason, sharing other peoples been one of those things. I have operated in scarcity like, Well, I don't want to share anyone else because that might disrupt my reach. While I have been very generous and donations giving other gamers thousands of dollars collectively and now hundreds of dollars on twitch in donations, not twitch, I've given us a lot like 1000 and twitch. At least I'm Facebook. I just bought my second round of $100 worth of stars, and I believe I bought some other individuals start purchases Before that. I now signed up, as I showed before with Ricky Live. And the nice thing is, at least from the way I read everything. Donations can be used as an advertising expense if you're a gamer and your donations are part of advertising your own stream, especially since the stars are paid to Facebook. So if you want to build your own stream, help other people out. I noticed a partner on Facebook and he had a less views on his video than I have on mine. And he's got less of a community it looks like, except for one key thing. I noticed he was sharing someone else's stream almost every day, and I imagine of Facebook's considering making your partner, especially if you got a big following. Like I do. Wouldn't Facebook like to see that you support other gamers on the platform? And yesterday, Ricky is the first person I think I've shared a gamer while it was actually live ever on my page and I dropped some donations. And, man, when you share something and then people on your page see you're sharing and helping others , it builds your connection with your existing audience. So I am very interested. I've made the class project in this class is a way for you to help me find your page, because in order for you to have gotten here, you've already helped me out. By watching this video class, you probably watched some of my streams already. Therefore, I want to help you out. I am in position to share and donate to your live streams to help support you, and I encourage if you want to build your following share and donate toe other gamers because what I get out of sharing when I share another live stream when I donate toe live streams, I feel good about what's coming to me that I'm willing to share and help someone else. Then, of course, other people are willing to share and help me see when I'm not sharing other people streams . I feel kind of awkward, even though yesterday or the day before 152 shares on my stream. It doesn't feel right when I'm not sharing someone else. The stream and so many people are sharing me. There's a obligation in some way to give back if we want to be happy and fully enjoy what we have. So I'm grateful today. I'm making the time and attention to try and share some or streamers on a regular basis. I imagine I helped Ricky billed as some followers on his page yesterday. My share reached 11,000 people yesterday in the news feed for Ricky. I imagine that got him. If the engagement metrics are like mind, I got him thousands of views directly from my share and I'm grateful that I finally had the genera spirit of heart. When it comes to sharing to do that, sometimes we get these narrow mindsets like, Well, I don't hate the streams. I don't need to share anyone stream. I noticed that partner who every day he was sharing another game of stream. So I'm making. I intend to share another gamer stream almost every day on Facebook also, and do not just share them to share them but share a gamer. I genuinely enjoy watching, which that could be a challenge for me. I understand. If you're focusing totally on streaming, it could be a little difficult to find. Timeto watch dreams, however. It helps for learning and else for growth to take some time toe watch other gamer streams because then you get some ideas for your own. How do you think I got the idea to dress up in a costume? And how do you think I got motivated to do the vertical format again? I watched Ricky doing a vertical format, and I put back in the vertical format myself, so helping others ends up helping oneself as well, right? Simple logic, simple principle there. I'm excited to see you put this in the practice and have a chance to help share your live gaming streams on Facebook. 28. Respond to messages to convert more viewers to top fans!: having a successful livestream often comes down to building great relationships with viewers. One way to do that is to respond to messages and allow that send a message button on the page and then respond to the message is that you get from the page lots of times. These will be questions. These will be suggestions. This also provides opportunity for viewer. Wants to talk to you more about something privately. They can message you. My page gets something like 10 or 20 messages a day, and I used to look at those There's a burden like, Oh, I gotta responded these messages and I turned off the message for a while. Then I realized this is a chance tell convert viewers who might already be watching every day into someone who's a devoted fan that will share. This might be the chance to convert someone who's just discovered me into a regular viewer . This might be a chance to help someone out who has reached out to me. I know if I message a page, I certainly would like a response. Having the right mindset about these messages can help a lot, and Facebook provides some automated tools toe handle regular enquiries, for example. There's a saved reply option. You can get over here so a lot of people just message my page and say hi and what I've got . I've got a save to reply over here now when someone messages my page and says, Hi, I say hi back with their name automatically, then what I do is I asked them to come by my next livestream because then I can give them a shout out. I also give them the time that my life stream is on, and I asked them to turn on live notifications and see first. And I even provide a picture of how to do this because lots of times the people messaging me have already got started with following the online have been following for a while, and lots of times aren't one of those regulars yet in terms of someone just messaging saying hi or they want something right away. And in that case, I'd like that person to show up on my livestream in time, talk with me there because the more comments, more interaction on the livestream, the better it ranks and goes out. Therefore, I use the messaging page to try and give people toe watch the live streams. When people send me a message, I try and direct most people to just get a hold of me during a live stream post a comment because I will actually provide a verbal reply on video to most comments instead of something in the in box. Then additionally, if someone wants to play with me, they message me and I've got another saved reply for that. Someone says, Hey, how do I get in game with you? I've got a copy and paste message right here for the best chance to get invites to games. We please join the discord server. So if someone wants to join me in game, I've gotta saved reply for that. And the nice thing is, this actually works on mobile devices as well. I can check my messages on my phone and I try and keep all my messages read and or responded to, because this is one of those little things that can seem like an annoyance. But when done repeatedly over a long period of time, helps build that core audience. The audience that's watching every day. That's really excited, enthusiastic and also gives me an extra way to communicate. Sometimes people will say something on a stream like ham having problems with my wife right now. And I can say I'd love to hear more about it to think about you guys. We please, either. If you don't want to talk about love, to hear more about it, right in the comments, of course. But if you'd like it to be private, we please send my page of message. And then some people message me more details about things like that, and that helped me remember that viewer when they keep coming back, I can even remember several viewers by name, right off the top of my head who are having marriage or relationship issues because they've brought a little bit of them up on stream, and then they have sent some more messages in private messages. So I'm grateful that while initially this seemed like just an aggravation, these messages I've seen this is my opportunity to build that hard core foundation of people who love my streams, who come back and watch every day, and to get the casuals that air just saying hi to come in and get a much better experience to be able to interact with me. I hope this is useful for you. This is I've never heard this mentioned before. I appreciate you watching this, and it's time to stop talking for a minute now. 29. Achieving Facebook live gaming partner and managed creator status: how do we become partners on Facebook and, more specifically, a managed to gaming creator and join that program. If you've been in level up for a few months, you can see the answer on facebook dot com slash FB Gaming home slash creator slash level up or right here for you says How do I become a managed game and create and join that program? Basically, it says that you have to get discovered by Facebook in order to join this program. Now I imagine they will make this easier and roll out some more features in the future. Right now, it appears they're all doing it manually. However, starting today and doing a great job every day is probably is the easiest it'll ever get to be a partner. For example, if you started on twitch Ah, few years ago, getting a set up in building huge audience and having a partner by now would look relatively easy versus starting twitch today and trying to do the same process. The amount of gaming creators on Facebook is still relatively small. There's a huge opportunity to just do a great job, consistently practiced what shared in this course and then become a managed gaming creator . Keep in mind, though, this is a long term thing. This is not Ah, I'm going to go viral once, and they're gonna pick me up, is a partner now. It could happen that way, but they haven't picked me up a ZA partner yet and that I'm imagining that they will. And that's why I'm very grateful of film this while I'm not a partner or a managed gaming creator, although I don't know, as I want to be managed that much, but I imagine that I will be a partner with Facebook in the future and have additional features unlocked. And that's the critical thing if you want to have the ability to do this full time. I think being a managed gaming creator of partner will be essential in the long term. But in the short term, you need to do the work to demonstrate and most importantly, build a community that stands out to Facebook. Pay Facebook, I'd imagine, is getting gaming creators based on the community they have watching there live streams, and it looks like Facebook is working hard to try and promote their partners and test out things on partner live streams also. Therefore, if you want to be a partner, I am imagining I will be a partner. The first key step is to imagine you'll be a partner. Imagine that it's already a reality. Imagine that you in a year from now you've already been a partner for a while and then look back on it. What did you do in order to become a partner? And if you look at it that way, you probably wouldn't answer with Well, I hustled and cheated and ran a few ads or whatever and got one viral stream, and they picked me up to be a partner right away and threw us horde the money in my way. Here's what I imagine I imagine I do gaming streams consistently almost every day. I build an amazing community by loving and interacting with every single person that comes along my life stream, listening to the feedback playing the games that I both love and the viewers want to see. Combining the two doing a delicate balance with those and then educating viewers is toe how to help me, for example, letting people know that when you share the stream that helps fantastically every like on the streams fantastically helpful. Every star donation is huge. All these things combined toe Let Facebook know that this is an amazing stream, and then just showing up and being there and putting enough hours into it each week to be available for all the potential viewers that might want to watch. And so one Facebook does discover me, so to speak. Or when Facebook has me in the potential partners toe watch category, then eventually with that consistency, as the community grows and grows Facebook, the guys there, that or hopefully some girls to that make the decisions say, Look, Jerry Banfield, yes, this is a guy we want to have is a managed gaming creator. Let's invite him to be a managed gaming creator with us. I imagine within a year I will be at whatever Facebook's top level is for their partners because off the value I'm delivering and the community support, the people on Facebook seemed to want me to be a partner. That is a critical balance of it, because I don't become a partner by myself. It involves a lot of other people. My contributions need to be what's needed, and that comes back to Why am I even streaming? I'm streaming to share a message of love, hope and faith, charity generosity to bring that good energy, that good vibe out there to help people get into recovery That need to be these. These are the reasons why I'm sharing. This is why I stream and everything else I do in my life is to put me in a position to be in a good place. To stream when I stream and to be able to respond would love to each person that comes across in my stream when I consider my role in the totality. Then I can see basically, when I do what is needed and throw myself out on the mercy of the crowd, so to speak, the viewers on Facebook will decide if I get to be a managed gaming creator and ultimately , the way Facebook's got the engagement set up. It's the viewers that are making the decisions on who gets to become partners because the viewers and how the viewers are reacting determines which streams and which gamers Facebook discovers. And when Facebook discovers you, it's a function of how the viewers reacted. I've had several streams now. Facebook may have taken notice of already ended. For someone you're gonna want in a managed gaming creator. You want consistency. You want to see that consistent community, love and support. And therefore there's no getting up the ability to become the top level creator in the gaming program without having a massive support of the community. And that happens through interaction that happens through loving and the contributing and entertaining and stepping up and consistently being available to serve the community of people watching gaming streams on Facebook. I appreciate you watching this, and if you've been wondering about how to get into the partner program on Facebook, I hope this will make it clear, or at least make it a little less murky.