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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. How can Facebook Ads Help you if you have a Local Business

    • 3. This is the Plan for your Local Business

    • 4. Reaching People around your Business

    • 5. Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad

    • 6. Creating your Facebook Ad Image For Local Business

    • 7. IMPORTANT! Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the Facebook For Local Business 2017!

In this class, you will learn all the best strategies to grow your local business on Facebook, to use all the power of Facebook to attract a wave of new customers to your business. 

We'll talk about the best marketing strategies for 2017 and how you can create a simple Facebook Ad to promote your business to your target audience, that in this case, can be people that live around your local business, people that will be interested in your products and services.

See you inside!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: welcome to this model veces Facebook ads for local business If you have a local business, if you are planning on into open and a local business or if you want to learn what the absolute best way to promote if you have a local business, BCE Mobile will show you that this model I'll teach you all together we will create a marketing plan for a local business in the second lecture here on this model, Euler. They plan the strategy. I'll sure I'll share with you a graphic with all the steps we need to accomplish on this model On. Also, the strategy here is that if you have a local business here, well rich people around your business in our radios off one mile or two miles from your business. So we are calling these people to your local business so they can start buying your products, your services or anything that you have to offer. I'm sure you will love these, especially if you are a business owner that have a local business. Let's start this model right now, 2. How can Facebook Ads Help you if you have a Local Business: Hey, guys, welcome to these model and happy to see you here on. As you know today we will learn how you can use Facebook ads for your local business. Here. We have an example, and I'll give you a clear example of how you can do that and why is super important, in my opinion, honestly, is the best way to promote your business when you have a local business. So in here, let's say this is your business. OK, on, let's say you have a bakery, Okay, You have a bakery that you open on your neighborhood on just brand new. Nobody knows Urinate Year Bakery, because you just open, but you want to collect. You want to promote your business, your bakery around the neighborhood. You want to call people to your to your business so they can start trying your product trying your bread's all the the wonderful things that you produce for them, and they can start becoming loyal customers and coming back for more. So the plan here we will discuss in the next V in the next video. But the idea is if your your business here is is here on this point on, Let's say all these is your city. This square is your city. On here is your business. You can create and we will do that together here on this model we could we will create a Facebook at that will be target to people around your business. So, for example, we can target people that are in a radius off around one mile from your business, for example, Okay. Or two miles or three miles or whatever you think is right for your specific product for your specific business. So why, Why? This is good, because basically everybody here in this area will be receiving your ATS, your Facebook that we will pay very low for these for this specific at. So we will be reaching people that are all in this inside these Sirica. Lol. So by doing that you are leading these people know that you are new in the in the neighborhood on you have amazing bread and be amazing Bakery Prague's from that for them. OK, so you can create new customers. Andi is the easy way toe. Let then know about you on about your business. So before Facebook ad people, people usually do the marketing in the offline war. That means newspaper, for example. So if you have a newspaper here, let's say this is a newspaper and you have pages, several pages on your newspaper. Let's say what each one of these lines east one peach. Maybe you have an ad here on a small page off in a small section off the newspaper. This is you're talking about your new business. Okay, The only problem here is that now we're tiring people that are around one mile from your business, for example. Okay, one mile on before in the newspaper. So this is super target because we're targeting people that really are interested about coming back to you to your bakery and annoying your bakery. And I'm buying your products. If you announced in the newspaper you are reaching people all over the CDR, maybe all over the country or older or all over your state, depending off the newspaper. So you are spending money. It's more expensive doing in a newspaper. For example, on you are showing your ad to people are not really interested on your business in your local business, specifically because in order to visit Toby interested in your local business, you need to target people that leave close to your business because they need toe physically. Go to to your building on toe. Buy your product in your store. Okay, on. Also in Facebook at this is Facebook ads on BC's newspaper In Facebook ads, we can have a super target audience so we can define the age off your audience. We can define if you want to. Other types toe a men and or women or all, and you can. You can also define the specific interest if you are. If you were were promoting, here are new bakery you can have. You can target. People are interested on local businesses that are interesting bakery or any specific topic so you can define interests. Okay, if you are announcing a new paper, you cannot define the age because people all over all laid off all ages by newspaper and the read newspaper. If we're Italian people on Lee for in this specific case for on 33 toe 40 years old, for example, that these people are also in the newspaper, but these people are only a small percentage off the newspaper readers become we have people also from 41 to 65. Last year's all reading the newspaper. Okay, but in this case on the Facebook ads were telling Onley people that are 33 to 40 years old , 40 33 to 40 years old, for example So 100% off you off the people that will see your ad will be your target audience. And indeed, the newspaper case no, is not the case because people or over old age is by newspaper also men, women, everybody news by a newspaper. So you are paying to show you add toe everybody toe all a broad audience in not on target out. And so we're talking here on the Facebook at So Facebook is amazing in these model us, you know, we will talk about specific steps that you need to do and will. By the end of the small, you will have you're at ready to go for your local business In the next video, we'll talk about the plan. I'll show you what's the plan? Exactly what you will need to set on, say, on your ad in orderto call your customers to your bakery, for example, or to your cleaning or toe to any business that you have locally and also what happened after they can, How you can warranty that they're coming back all the time. So that will see in the next video. See you there. 3. This is the Plan for your Local Business: Welcome to these lecture Here we are discussing the plan. What's the marketing plan for these? Facebook. For local business strategy. Here we have your business. This is your business in the centre, off the circle. Okay. This is your business. I'm here. This is a new bakery. As we're we are using on this exercise or these A bakery on what we want here east to create ads. We want to create an ad on Facebook to let the people know about your local business. So the first step us, you know, is to define the circle around the circle of where do you want to target your customers on this example we are using. People were talking people one mile front or business. So this is one mile, and I'll show you how to that later in Facebook, actually, on Facebook I to manager. You can. You can change these you can use. You can tell your people to mile three miles 10 to any 200 miles from your business. That's totally up to you. Because the bakery, let's say, says more business. We just open. We don't want to spend too much money. We want to target Onley People are one mile from the business so they can come to the bakery the morning the afternoon to but to buy fresh bread for us on. Disagree wait'll it didn't know about the business. So first we're creating an at so creating a Facebook at this is a step number one. Okay, after that, when we create an ad, we are targeting people around the business on people all over. These circle will star when they go to Facebook. Like in this case here these ladies here browsing on Facebook, she will see an app from you or from from us on this case, saying, Hey, you live here on this neighborhood. There is a new bakery with a mason staff that you will absolutely love something like that . So it's there. Number two East. Your customer in this case, this lady customer. See you're at Okay, this is step number two. So they will see you at And what What happened after that? Well, here we have two options. Option number one on option number 21 option east toe to offer at these count. So by clicking, you can say hey, click here preened These coupon and you will get 50% off on your first purchase here on our Berkey Bakery. So this is option 3.1. It's a step number 3.1, actually. So the second option is toe as also offer, then a coupon. So they can they can they have a reason to go to your bakery? Okay, because they are already buying bread from other businesses right now on the supplies for any service that you are selling us. So you need to give them a reason why they need to go to your business. That 50% arm off. It's a great reason. So this is one way to do it now. This is super easy. You can just create a simple what page and I'll show you how to that with the Cooper. So if they bring that or they comparing the at or whatever option you prefer on, if they go with that to your bakery when they are paying and they they said, Okay, I saw these on Facebook, so I have 50% off, or you can also say to then that they don't need to bring anything. They just come here when they are paying for the brother. They can say that they saw on at on Facebook off the bakery, on the Code East x x x, or whatever, the Coetzee's or new bakery or best bread or whatever. So this code is a very BALCO that they need to tell you when they are paying for the broke and that very five that they saw the at. And they are actually the result off the ad. So they are coming to your bakery because they saw your at. This is one option Option 3.2, which is Step number three. Option two is to do a similar procedure, but it's a little bit more smarter. More advance because before you give them the coupon before you give in the coupon, you ask them toe enter their email and their knee. So they are sharing with you their name under email on with you before printing the coupons . So you said, Hey, if you this is a new baker is closer, you just want us at least one mile from you. You will love what you see here, what the bread and all the problems that we have for you for your family on if you want, you can get today are 50% off coupon that you can use on your first purchase. So, basically, you are eating amazing products front or back bakery with 50% off paying only 50%. But to do that, you need to enter your name and your email. So click here, enter your name and email and we will send you by email. You're Cooper. So this is good because you are not just attracting a new client that will probably can only one time. And if they like off course, they will keep coming to your bakery. But in this case, the second option the option 3.2. If they come the first time to your bakery, they're not coming back. You can send an email and you have their name and email so you can send an email here saying, Hey, here, here is a new Cooper. I know you already came to the bakery, so we would love to see you again. Here is another coupon with 20% off, or if you don't want to do coupons, that's good. You can say Hey, come to the bakery on you will get, I don't know 11 free free bread for that You can use for breakfast next time. So something like that. So this is how a great way toe keep then coming back to your bakery because you are actually inviting them by email toe telling them, letting them know about your promotions about new product, new breads that you are releasing new services if you don't have a bakery. So this is the plan, guys Looks confusing. Don't feel overwhelmed right now because we will do these step by step here on these model . And I'm sure you will absolutely love these and the results will be amazing. So I hope to see you in the next video where we will start implementing all these on a side Told us I promise you by the end of this video that by the end of this course, this model you will have on at ready to go on Facebook for your local business on style, collecting customers and customers name and m. O Okay, See you in the next video. And let's start that right now. 4. Reaching People around your Business: we will talk about Facebook ads for local business. So in this case will simulate that we are opening a new bakery in downtown Miami on will create a Facebook at and super optimized Facebook at in order to target people that are one mile around their business. So we open a new bakery and we want to target people that leave close by so they can know they there will be no that there is a new bakery on the neighborhood and they can start visiting us on. We can start growing and having more and more clients on all that investing very little money, almost insignificant money, comparing with the results that your business will have with these new clients. So let's start that right now. Here we are on the Facebook at manager. If you don't know if you know how to get here, you can go to your main Facebook page. Let me go there and here in the favorite column. If you go, the 2nd 1 is at manager on. If you don't have that here, you can also go to facebook dot com slash at slats monitor so facebook dot com slash ATS slash monitor and you'll be here on the ads manager. So first here, the first step is to click on create at here on the top, right hand side, green button, click on create at I know we go here to the campaign. The second option here is objective talk. Lincoln objected, and here we have the we need to select here the marketing objectives. So basically, Facebook wants to know what's the goal that we have with the specific ads? And here we have three main categories. Awareness, consideration and conversion. Depending off the goal you have with your at, you can select one off the or the other. On this case, the wonder we're using here is the awareness category, because we want people to be aware off their new business. We just open here on the neighborhood on we're selecting the third option, which is rich people near your business. You can apply these not only, for example, were given here, which is a bakery, but you can apply for any business you have, even if you don't have a business. Even if you have an online business, you can target people that leave around you so they can also visit your website on may be visiting you on your physical office near their houses. Okay, so click on reach people near your business scroll down here. We have to campaign name. Let me rename this campaign toe Loco Bakery, Miami. Click on. Continue you can. You can use any campaigning. This is just an example. First we have we need to select the page. You should have a Facebook page in orderto associate these at with your Facebook page. If you don't have one, you can click on. Create a new page here on Just follow Very easy, very straightforward steps to create your Facebook page. But if you have a page, you can select the page that you want on. This is the page where the at will show. Next step is the audience on BC's Were things start getting were very excited for us because here we have the address off or bakery on this case in this example. So basically, you can enter here in this field the address off your business off your local business if you have a new saloon, if you have, if you have a new offer, accounting office or anything. Any new business that you have locally, you can enter the address. You on Facebook will find it. Sad spot where? Your address, please. So next we have their radios so you can target people one mile from your business three miles, five miles and miles and on a going forward up to 50 mile. Or you can custom you can customize the right ranch that you want toe to toe Target with your specific Facebook at, In this case, are set one mind just for a test. After that, we have the age. So the age off your areas On this case, I entire in people from 18 to 65 plus year old. You can change these, and you probably know your your target outings so you can set up the right age for your audience here because in this case is a bakery, and I think people from 18 to 60 plus 65 plus year old can go to a bakery and actually purchase from me. I leave it ladies on this specific case. Next, we have gender, men, women or all for this example. Again, I'll target all genders before we go to a placement. Let me show you. Here, on the right, we have the potential rich. So we have a potential right off 69,000 people in these one mile radios. You see how populated is Miami Because we have a one mile radio on. We have more than 69 1000 people off course estimated their daily reach for these dependent . This will change the paint off the amount of money that you want to invest. In this case we are targeting be we will be reached around 820 up to 2200 people on on east sovereign because you when you Bill, when you place on at here, you have also the option toe add on instagram And this is great because a lot of people are honest around today on if your target audience eastern east around you will find it. Also, with these specific at on here, the rich will be from 6 80 to 1800 people. This is an average of weaken rich. With this ad, let's jump to the placement on human need to the site where the actual show, especially if your target out insist, is there you want to show the add on that specific platform. So right now, a selected automatic placement on this is the recommended by Facebook. If we click on, add it placements, you see that we have options here. All devices you can show a mobile only or district only if you have an app for example, which is not the case on this example, but just to let you know if you have an ABBA mobile app, you can select show only on mobile. Okay, In this case, I'll select all devices so it will show on their stocks also tablets and mobile devices. Next we have the platform. Facebook is check. Instagram is checked on Audience network is ineligible for this specific at. So you see that this ad will show on Facebook and also on instagram and us. We show here on the potential rich on the right. After that, if you can select if you don't want east of room, for example, you can remove thes and it will only go to Facebook and you see here the table here on the right up Also update us when you select or remove placements for your at. Okay, let's jump now to the last step and we're almost there, which is budget on schedule. So you need to define here. How much? How much do you want? Invest on this ad and for how long? And this is super important eyes, because most people say, Okay, I'll do $5 but they don't worry about the schedule and they said, OK, run! My ad said continually from the start starting today. So that means it will run forever until you Mannelly stop these. So if this is do your first Facebook at especially, I recommend you to select an end a star on Ende so you can select the start date on the end date with the time. If you want on, that's the best way to do. Initially, I recommend you also to test initially for one or two days to see how people respond to your ad off course. If you have a little bit more money, you can invest a little bit more is good to have to go for around a week for the initial at set, so you have a clear idea you are targeting every single day off the week. People that leave close to your business and you have a super clear idea off. What's the best way? What's that They have the best day that you're at is performing. If you adis performing well or not, you can made changes on. I'll show you how to that next on this class. Okay, this is great. So I'll select from the eighth to the 15th of November. This is great on. We forgot to talk about the budget. So the magic you can still like a daily budget off a lie or a lifetime budget. This case for this example, I'll use a daily budget off $5. You can. You can reduce these $23 or to the amount that you won. This is totally up to you. I think $5 is good enough to reach people on to see, to feel, to start, to learn how Facebook at works and how amazing how you, there, Mason resulted. You will have with that. So because we select the budget $5 a day and we have also the scandal, Facebook is telling us here that the ad will run for around set force exactly for seven days, and you'll spend no more than $35 for these. So this one off the best ways to reach people Super target people that leave close your business Because if you have a bakery, for example, which is my example and giving you right now in this class what they need to know about that they won't know until they see your bakery or until you contact them and say, Hey, there is a new baker in town Police. Come on, visitor. You will love or products you know, on the best way to do that to reach these people is by Facebook because everybody is on Facebook today. So let's go to the next step here. You see the ad said name You can change. You can customize the decent my address. And this is the target audience. So you can change this if you want. I leave it like this and I click on Continue finish that this is the last step on. We will do that. This in the next video 5. Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad: Okay, guys, working to the last step here own or Facebook at for local business and super happy to see you here in this last stage and you will love the results off this ad. Let's start doing that right now. So here first, we have the format we need to choose. If we want carousel basically and carousel, you create an ad with to 10 scalable images or videos or small images that you'll select for your At second option is single image, single video or sly show. This life shot will be up to 10 images that will go in a sly showed mode, showing your customer different pictures off your product or your company. For these case, just to be easier, I'll use single image. I'll invite you if this is your first ad the first time that you are using Facebook at police. Use single image also. But if you already have experience off on Facebook at, or if you want to explore a little bit more, you can try the single video. This will be the next step I recommend. Now we need to select a fe, an image to use in the Facebook at as you know here in the preview, This is the image that we're using right now, and it's not optimized, as you can see. So we need We need to use a new image. I have an image that I've created for the specific ad, which is saying there is a neo baker in near you Miami Bakery. This is just an example inviting my comb, my cut my clients and telling, letting, letting them know that we have a new bakery in town. Okay, so they can visit the bakery and they can start purchasing products from us. So this is the one that I use. I'll show you in later videos how to cut exactly, step by step. How they create these one and how you can create your image with a 100% free software that you don't need to download is on online tool that you can use the sign your image on. Also, you can access for free amazing templates, pre designed template that will make your image amazing, and I'll show you that later in the video. For now, let me use these that week that I created, and later we talk about how to do that. Okay, so let's browse. Let's see here. Images click on browse library free stocks or we can click on Add more images. So click on add more images so we can upload front the hard rife. So this is the image open. Okay, it's uploading here on off course I will be lead this one because this is often nothing to do with my business. The ladies Wonderful. Okay, remember that they have a policy about X. You cannot have lots off tax on your image. They Facebook change the policies very often, but they usually after we submit these specific ad, they will analyze, and they will see if is within their requirements. Also later in the course, I'll have another video explaining you how you can warranty that Facebook will approve your at. But for now, don't worry about that. Let's continue here with the ad. So after the images, you can add more images here If you want. We have texts. So in here we have the Facebook page that is holding the AB. This is the face will pay the will show at the top off course. If I have a baker in real life, I will create a page for my bakery. So instead of saying my name here it will say the baker's name. And people can also v c the Bakers, the bakeries page and like the beach. So they will receive updates continuously about what's going up before there. After that, we have here instagram account. I already link my account Wheat Facebook. So this ad will also go automatically to my instagram account and will start showing for people that are around my business that have Eastern that are using Easter up on the time. If you don't have your Easter account link with Facebook, all you need to do is click on, add on account here and follow the steps. Just logging with your with your instagram Koerting shows on After that face ball will remember your account. Next time you need to create an okay. Next step is tax. In here you see the tax that is going at the top. Let me remove these. You see that the text on the top is gone. So in here we need to write something, inviting your customers to your business. Off course. This is just for my example. You will need to personally to personalize this message for your business. Let's do that for the bakery. We can tell. For example, there is a new bakery near your home or near you, or nearly are in your neighborhood. That's up to you. Come visit us on. Get 50% off your first bread purchase. Okay. This is just an example that you can use you off course. You will have a better tax on these annual Adapt this. You're personalized. These for your specific business also. And this is a great tip at your your bakery girl here on the text. So in this case, for example, I can I'll can say vz or praying your Copan brain year, 50% off coupon, een or website. And you can enter your website address on this case. I'll just enter my page because I don't have a bakery in real life. Okay, so what's the advantage of these? The advantage is that they can click on your on your bakery, link on the image or here below the image, which is a clickable ec space space also, or they can like your page or also they can click on the link and they will see the link off the U R l off your website here on. That's amazing because it will something. Especially if you have an easy to remember you r l They will remember that you are on. They can visit later on the day. Okay, so this is the tax at the top. Let's jump down here. We have the headline. The headline is this area Here is the thing. This is one of the most important areas off course. You can remove it if you want and not using. But I recommend to use the headline. This is one off the best areas to send your mission to send a message to your customers. So in the headline, we can add something like, for example, there he sat Warm bread waiting for you. That's an option. And you can add 50% off. You're for new customers for four new customers. This is just an example Again you can add. Are there headlights if you want. So destination page URL This is the page Where? What? What happened with a click on this image or here on the headline they will be ready directed toe one place. And here is where you define the place that they are ready directed what they click on the add. So in this case, by default is coming My page which is the one of the top here. Deal Avila, That's an option on you can have here on your page a coupon for 50% or a man such a video message inviting them to visit your bakery. Or if you have a website you click, you click on website and they are really recognized that this is the website for my specific case. But of course you can change these tow any website you want. OK, so this is almost gone. Guys, Last step. Ease the call to action So you have your own option. Like page call now get directions, learn more or send messages came. So for these specific cases, this will change. It will depend off you on this one. Is that what that show that shows here at the top, right hand side like page you seem if I change these toe get directions, for example you see that the preview is not a belly is not available because we don't have an address. So let me enter an address here. Street, Let's say here, Miami Okay, let's use this address. Use this address on the great thing here. Is that like the pages still here available? But also you have to get directions here at the bottom on this important to get directions for your customers because you want them to visit you physically or in your business. You have a local business, so get duration is a great option. Also, you have other other options, like call now, but you will need to enter. Of course, the not the phone number here. Or you can enter lower more. Let's see here Larmore. But for the Orson message for this case, I'll add Get directions. I love that one because it's a local business. This looks amazing. I like it. Review all the tax. Make sure that you don't have any typos or anything like that on when you are ready. After these, you can click on place. Order. Let's do that rhino process in order. This meat may take a few seconds on a wonderful or there have been places you will receive a notification with at our review. Now they're for their waiting for review. Somebody at Facebook will review these and will approve Your at weekly can continue. We're back to the at manager on. You see here that the ad is active is already approved. So that's amazing. We have here the total amount that I set for these seven days. $5 a days. It will be upto $35 total after the seven days. And this is how much I use already. You will have here the results of the rich and the coast. See you in the next video. We'll learn more about this amazing astrology. 6. Creating your Facebook Ad Image For Local Business: OK, guys. Now it's the time to create your Facebook at image. And this is important because if the first impression that your customer will have with your business and also is it need to be very, very nice and very improved, very optimized in order to catch the attention off your client and make them to click to actually click on your ad and forward into your website. Okay, so let's create that. Remember that we're using for this class an example off a new bakery that is open here on downtown Miami. So we're creating something related with a bakery, inviting the clients, inviting all the customers, too. You're new business. OK, so let's do that first we're hearing canvass dot com Can't buy that kind of you don't know is an amazing website where he is totally free 100% free, where you can create super easy this signs for your Facebook at for your YouTube thumbnails . For any project that you have, you can do book covers, a book covers. You can do invitations, posters, anything. So this is amazing. I'm sure you will love you if you don't know it so you can go right now to canvass dot com on yours, you will have these specific website open for you. So in here we have the option create at the sign. We have some options here at the top, but now we need to click on more to see all the options. And what I love about Can va is that they have pre the signed template. So you don't need to be a designer, a professional designer. You can use any of the templates they already have here on the website for free and use it for year. The sign for your ad, for example, in this case, and that's what we're doing right now. So scroll down here until let's see here marketing. We need to find Facebook at here at the end. The last option is ads and we have Facebook ads and you see that canvas already know the right size for the image for the design. So that's amazing. Click on that on now. Can buys opened a new this sign area for us. So in their left side here we have two main iam on the second option is layouts, and this is the one that we're using you. See here that we have pretty assigned layouts ready to use. You can use any of thes off this layout 100% free. Actually, you see that? Some off them said free. And some of them is showing a dollar sign here. So they want with a dollar sign. Means that these the sign have son premium elements. But basically, all we need to do east to remove the premium elements. And I'll show you how to do that. Replace it for royalty, free elements, images, for example, On After that, you can use that assigned 100% free. Let's see. Scroll down here on. Okay, now, here we have one, which is from the bakery, actually, so this is amazing, because we can reuse the's on. You see that this actually have a premium. This is a pregnant simply because they have a dollar sign. So if I click on the I bottom here at the bottom, you'll see the premium elements. So you see here free. The only criminal element here is this picture, which is $1. So if we remove the Spektr fronted a sign, you can use it 100% free. So click on the sign here and you see that can va already opened these on the right The first step east to remove the image. You see that they have a water mark here. So what we need to do is click on the image and you see that the images selector right now on just pressed delete on your keyboard. That's it. The image is gone, and now the next step is to replace it for a new image on. For that, I'll have another class for you here on these specific cars. Later, in the course, you will find my top three websites where I'd find unlimited royalty free images, amazing professional looking images that you can use for your the sign for your ad you can use for any project that you have even commercially. So one of these websites and I'll show you in all details later on the class, as I told you, but one off. Then it's back cells dot com. So if I go to pick soft dot com and I search for bakery, let's see, we have these nice pictures off bakery products, so when it's like one of these four or at I will select. Let's say this one. I select this one here. I like this one. So, Clinton, that you see here that c c o licence free poor person personal and commercial use and no attribution requires. So this is what we want as a download. The size large here. Downloads. Okay, is downloading. And now let me all go back to Canada. Here on. All I need to do is just drag the image and drop it here on this Ablow area. Okay, you see that? It's uploading here. Uploading. Uploading. Okay, good, good, Good. When he's ready, we will. OK is ready. Now click on the image. The much goes to your the sign area and you expand now to cover the whole area. Let's do that. Expand here. Expand here. Perfect. And now you see that the images on the back. So we need to move it to the front. How do we do that? To accomplish that, we need to delete this image. So this and other images here select delete. And now we see or image you have another layer here will select, select and delete. And yes, Now we have or image here. So let's see if we can resize the's a little bit more. Let's move these a little bit more here. Okay, Looks great, I think Looks great. Off course. You can select any order image here. Front legs off dot com on for any of the other websites I'll show you later in this class. But let's use these for now. So to change the tax, all we need to do is click on the tax and you can change to whatever you want. Also, you can select here, change the color off the text, change the funds. They have a lot. A lot of great phones change the color off This white circle, for example, you see here is and white. I can change it toe any other color that I want. So let's use this one here, and you can change the color off these dots. Also see. But for now, let's live it black like these. Also, if you can hear to the left menu and click on tax, you have all the tax option and you have also preassigned text that you're going to use on your assign. You see here all these you can use for free own year. The sign if I click for example on this one you see that a new text Come here. A new template of text and I can resize thes as I want. Okay, so let's delete this for now. Okay. Excellent. So here we need to change the tax off this ad in order to call the attention off or followers or for future clients. And for that I will believe these specific template. I shall really show you how to use it. So let me delete all these All these elements the ladies delete this. I'm just selecting on removing. That's all I am doing. Perfect. And now I can add any off these previous syntax toe my the silent at this one and I can change here. Toe. There is a new bakery. Let's see here There is a new bakery near you. I'm here. I'll add the main off the bakery. Let's see here Some like this one? Yes. Let me find and let me just come out with the name Miami Bakery. Let's say excellent. Now we can change also that the collar off these text the size Let's see Let's try other colors here. Let's use this one. No, this is not good. Let's try another one that you use blue on. I like white here, so let's leave it like this Off course. You can invest more time here on your the sign. I also invite you to invest time here because these images one of the most important things for you add because this is the first contact that they will have for your company in this case with the bakery. So $2 these we come here to download at the top select P and G. J, P. G or any other formats else. Download on J P. G. Just for this example. Download. Okay, it's downloading. He's downloading that. The sign on, ready to use it. Okay, download begins. File is here. Let me put that on my desk. Talk on open so we can take a look on it. This is how the much looks like I love these. I think it's great. And we're ready now to use that own or Facebook at. I hope you create yours. Invest again investing, creating the best image that you can invite your customers to you to your local business and they will show up and they will be can they will become customers. Okay, See you in the next video where we will continue with this class. 7. IMPORTANT! Final Project: Hey, guys, welcome to the final project on these sculpture class unexcited and super happy to see you here. That means that you are taking action and you just finish the course. That's Mason. Most people that in rolling my courses on all over the Internet, most people enrolling any online courses. Aziz, you may know they never finished the course. You know that. I don't know that I don't know exact number, the percentage. But most people that buy courses online that enrolling online courses they don't even finish the course on you are a winner because you are here at the end. So I'm happy to see you here. Final project is important because it will warranty that you will take the right steps in order to get the result that you want in order to apply the strategies which is the most important thing because as we know, you are not getting the results that you want. If you don't take action is good to consume, Content to learn, be from the videos here in a skill share on any other platform on you actually know more now that you've finished the course. But if you don't take action. If you don't put this knowledge into action, nothing will happen. So that's why we're here on the final project. Final project. We have three main steps. The 1st 1 is to watch all the lectures. If you are here, I assume I'm probably you already. What? All the Lector. So congratulations. If that's the case you already completed. Step number one step too east to leave your review on your feet back here on the class. And I really appreciate your review because you review helps the course to grow on, especially because you review helps the course to reach other people, to reach other entrepreneurs. Don't like you are looking for ways to grow online or to grow their brand or the all over Facebook all over YouTube on all over the Internet. So thank you very much for your review. I read all the reviews, So if you leave your review here, I will personally read that on. I will send you positive thinking because I love all my students would leave reviews and probably you are one of them. So thank you very much. Step number three is to go here to the product they fight. The projects are a heat on the skills shirt un create a project. There is a blue bought insane create a project. You click on that bottom on you create a project where you will share with the community. They paid your facebook page, your Facebook business page. It can be your personal page or your Facebook group. Any asset that you have on Facebook I asked you to share here on off course. I want you to apply all the strategies that you learn here on the course. So police apply the strategies create at and share the page here with the community. This is important because the advantages for you are that we have more than 15,000 students , more than 15,000 trip innards here on my inner community on a skill share. And you're one of them. So thank you for being part of the community on by sharing your link here on the projects are a You are sharing basically your Facebook information, your Facebook page, your social media page with the member off the members off the community. So most people are interested in Facebook. So you there is a big chance that people will start following you on Facebook like in your videos, like in your post, and that's what we want. We want to help each other, to grow here in in the community or not only an excuse her, but also to grow or online businesses. That's why we are creating this community on my goal. A so instructor here is to warranty that you have the great great result that you have really result that you are not getting in other courses. I thank you very much for taking the time to watch all these videos. If you scroll down here, you'll see the complete lease off all my Facebook courses here on a sculpture. These are completely that you will access all these classes if you are a premium member off off skill. Scher, if you're not a premium member, I invite you to I recommend you actually to to roll a supreme. I think right now you can roll for one, though you pay $1 you have three months off unlimited access to thousands and thousands off a skill shared classes. And also you will access all my my top Facebook marketing classes here on this culture here , here and here is the link All you need to just copy, paste and enroll in the class. And I'm sure these classes will help you toe take your business to the next level. Every class I plan with love and with with with one specific goal which is to help you to grow. That's it. So I weren t that If you take my classes if you invest time here on my classes with me learning This is strategist. I wanted that you will have the resource that you want. Thank you very much for investing your time on this class with me. I know that the time is the most valuable asset. You haven't an owner on really owner from the bottom of my heart that you invest the time here with me on the class Thank you very much And I hope to see you in my next class C There