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Facebook Event Promotion Tips from Start to Finish!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

48 Lessons (3h 29m)
    • 1. Use this course to take one step at a time with me promoting your Facebook event

    • 2. What experience do I have with events on Facebook?

    • 3. What is an event on Facebook?

    • 4. Where do you find events on Facebook?

    • 5. Who can create events on Facebook?

    • 6. Planning an event that you would go to.

    • 7. How to create an event on a Facebook page.

    • 8. What's holding you back from going forward with your event?

    • 9. Setting a start and end time for the event on Facebook.

    • 10. Picking an image that has no text quickly for the event.

    • 11. Focusing everyone at one destination.

    • 12. Free events usually are much easier than paid events. Creative pricing strategy.

    • 13. Publishing the event once everything is in place.

    • 14. Writing a description that appeals exactly to the person guaranteed to attend.

    • 15. Making a great event is all about promotion.

    • 16. Getting the very first person to join is the most important step to start.

    • 17. Inviting friends on Facebook should happen AFTER a personal message.

    • 18. Even while creating lectures, the message to friends worked to get another join.

    • 19. Every post after the initial one should help explain more about the event.

    • 20. Facebook invites are so often ignored it can take persistence to get acceptance.

    • 21. Making sure 3 people that are most important to attend are coming.

    • 22. When you create the event, it is shared right away on the Facebook page.

    • 23. Sharing the event in related groups helps get more organic reach.

    • 24. Bigger is not always better. An event with too many people can be a disaster.

    • 25. If no one is responding, now is a great time to change the event or try another.

    • 26. Are you ready to use Facebook advertising for your event?

    • 27. Making the first ad for the event in the Facebook ads manager.

    • 28. Using the power editor to quickly split test different ad creatives.

    • 29. Copying ad sets with the Facebook ads power editor to split test audiences.

    • 30. Use the event discussions to convert people to "going" to the event.

    • 31. Using a location where good event attendance will draw more people.

    • 32. Upload a video with a link to the event for better organic reach.

    • 33. Creating Facebook post engagement ads for the videos with links to the event.

    • 34. Move the events tab up to get more people viewing it on Facebook.

    • 35. Uploading a video to my YouTube channel that shows how to join on Facebook.

    • 36. Reviewing the results of the initial promotional efforts on the Facebook event.

    • 37. Optimizing the Facebook event ads to get more joins for a lower cost.

    • 38. Pausing ads that are ineffective and limiting the campaign spend.

    • 39. Posting a poll to understand what people plan on doing.

    • 40. Every comment and response is very valuable the day before.

    • 41. Making a post to get people excited about the event and remind those forgetting.

    • 42. Converting comments into informed people that show up.

    • 43. The day of the event is a great time for a balanced life.

    • 44. Replacing the idea of success with honesty and effort.

    • 45. How did my Facebook event go?

    • 46. What next? Finding what you love to do and doing it daily is the opportunity!

    • 47. Every piece of feedback is useful good and bad!

    • 48. Reflecting a year later on what I learned in this class

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About This Class

If you want to learn how to promote an event on Facebook, you might love this course! Take this course to see my system for creating and promoting a new event I make on Facebook which results in hundreds of people attending!  When you finish this course in a few hours, you will have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes I made promoting events on Facebook and feel confident you know what to do in making your own event on Facebook!

How did I gain the experience to teach this course? I promoted my own Facebook events and a world tour for a client. My first two Facebook events were complete disasters. I spent a lot of time, money, and energy creating and advertising events that NO ONE CAME TO! These failures motivated me to keep trying new strategies which finally resulted in a successful event that launched my career in teaching online. You are here now because of the first successful Facebook event I did which showed me what I could do that the world would appreciate most. My successful Facebook event led me to promoting a world tour for a client in cities across the USA. The experience from this gave me the tools to make a course for you that I hope is simple, effective, and fun!

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to answer any questions you have in the course soon!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Use this course to take one step at a time with me promoting your Facebook event: thank you very much for getting started with me on this course. The purpose of this course is to show you how to promote your event on Facebook. And what I'm going to do in this course with you is take one step at a time with you as I create and promoting event on my Facebook page for my business with you. I'm doing this essentially live. I have never created an event on this particular Facebook page. And I'm going to show you how I do everything from get the event started from scratch to promote it and all the way through to executing the event and the wrap up. What results? I get out of the event. So the idea is you can literally follow this along with me. As you go through this course, you can see what I do and then do the same thing on your event. And then you will be able to have awesome events on Facebook. So thank you very much for getting started with this. I'm really excited you're here, and I hope we can make an awesome event together. 2. What experience do I have with events on Facebook?: What experience do I have with promoting events on Facebook? I've got a good bit of experience promoting events on Facebook. First, I'll mention what you can't see here. I promoted a world tour for a client that was across the country. The ad budget was in the tens of thousands of dollars. There were thousands of people that went. It was quite successful in some areas and some of the events. There weren't very many people there. There were small, intimate events among just the very best customers. So I've done a lot that you can't see here. Promoting events when I'm going to spend most of this video on is showing you what I have done that you can see. And it's not all pretty in perfect. I've promoted some events for myself that were so successful they showed me exactly what I needed to do in my business. They got me doing what I'm doing right here in front of you. Right now. I've had some events that were such a flop. I spent thousands of dollars advertising them. Not even one person went so I've done it right and I've done it wrong. You're here with me now because of both of those promoting an event on Facebook can go really well. It can be a complete waste of time and money. It all depends on how you set the event up, and I hope my experience with having done it right and wrong is useful for you. So let's show you the case studies here. Let's show you the successful one. First I promoted this was the first event you can see here. I did on my Facebook page. I had an event online where I made an online training. So this is the 1st 1 you can see here. But it's actually I did the two failures. First, I tried things that didn't work in order to get to a format that did work. So we'll keep that mind a bit later. So here's the one that worked. 1900 plus people said they went to the event on Facebook, and you can see the results from that. This was an online a webinar, my first webinar showing what I knew about Facebook ads. The video you can see it's got 300 likes here on it. It's got hundreds of thousands of views on it. Now you can't see the statistics because of the way it's set up here. So here you can see the statistics on the video. This video Ah, 143,000 views a gigantic boost it got from all the people who went to the event on Facebook . This video was the first successful viral video I had, where I produced something that I knew how to do. It led to everything you have seen since then. Which might be how big my YouTube channel is now or how big my Facebook page is with all of the likes I have on my page, all the fans online. Everything goes back to this event on YouTube, all it waas. I made a Google hang out. This event was a Google hang out and that's it. I made this Google hangouts. I used Facebook ads with the events to promote it, and it went extremely well. I knew after that I needed to start teaching more because I got a ton of positive feedback driven through all the Facebook ads. So that event was the first successful event I did, and after that, then I've done Ah, lot Mawr Successful webinars on YouTube and then all the teaching on you to me. So that event got me in the right place. Now, how did I get there? I tried to events that were utter failures. First I tried an event up here. You can see this is a pro online dating center in person. Now, to me, it seems like a lot of people want to start with an event in person. So I started with an event in person. As you can see on the time on this event, it was months before this other event I had and this event also that came right before it. It was a few weeks. So these were events I spent money advertising. I tried really hard to get people to go to. I was all excited about them. I told all the people around the office. I booked the conference room in my office center and I made them about two distinctly separate subjects. One was learned. Social media sales Now contrast this with this event. So a few months later, I was able to pull off a very successful event on a very similar subject by just changing the format. So I did this one and not one person came to it. No one came to this event. Now 17 people said they went on Facebook. That's one of the problems with Facebook events. Often people will go and not say anything on Facebook, and often people will not go. And it'll look like they went on Facebook. So I tried something different, a totally different subject, a totally different ad campaign and not one person. I went to my pro online dating seminar, so those failures led to this big success here that you then see it led to this huge Facebook page. It led to all the teaching I'm doing online. It led to a ton more videos like that on YouTube. And now I'm doing a new event format on my new Facebook page here. So what I'm doing, I walk you through what I've learned about events as I create an event from start to finish . So you've seen my experience here that I can show you in the context of promoting an event for a client. Also, that was very successful. A world tour in a bunch of different cities which I can't show. I've shown you honestly my failures and my biggest successes so far that for me personally . So I'm grateful you've watched this. I think this course has a lot of information that will make promoting events for you on Facebook into something amazing. 3. What is an event on Facebook?: What is an event on Facebook? An event as Facebook to finds it is something you're going to do it a certain time. For example, if you want to meet your friends at a certain place, that's something you can have set up as an event on Facebook. Events on Facebook can be private or they can be public events. So for a public event, that's something anyone could go to. And then for a private event, you could have something like a birthday party go doing to an amusement park or anything you want to with your friends to get together. So the two things that are key for an event are the time and place. Now that is where your event happened. So at a certain time, in a certain place. And then the one thing that brings the event together is why. What's the purpose of having it Think of an event on Facebook as a birthday party for your friends? Ah, birthday party. You understand the point of going to it. It's to celebrate someone's birthday. You obviously have a certain time. You go to it and a certain location where it happens. Those three things are the same on Facebook. So if you keep these things in mind to begin with, setting up in event makes a lot of sense. It needs to have a clear purpose for going, ah, place to go in a time to start. Once you've got that in place, then it's just a matter of setting everything up. 4. Where do you find events on Facebook?: Where do you find events on Facebook? If you know where people find events on Facebook, then you have a lot better chance at having your event get found. The main place people see events on Facebook is in the news feed and then through invitations, through word of mouth and from user to user. If you're not getting your event in the news feed, it's going to be very hard to get people to find your event. Now there are other places events show up. The news feed is the main place you want to be, though, and that involves people talking about your event ultimately and sharing it. So before you are going to get the news feed, it helps to see where you can actually locate the events. So on the right side of my Facebook interface here as a person, you can see I have two events I'm invited to, and then I also have two notifications about birthdays in the event, so that's one place that I can find my events. And then there's another place over here on the left side bar. It also has events listed right here and then if I click on MAWR, then it has all of the events down here. So if I slide my URL bar down, you can see I have facebook dot com slash events slash upcoming. So then this is an entire page crafted for me about events that are going on in my neighborhood or going on online with my friends and going on anywhere with my friends generally. So then I've got all of the boat past events here also, and I've got future events I'm subscribed to and events I've been invited to. 5. Who can create events on Facebook?: the last thing to cover in the basic section off events on Facebook is planning an event that you are excited to go to and correspondingly, you expect other people would be excited to go to also tohave a successful event on Facebook. You want something that's really worth going to now, at this point, you might say dough, this is obvious. What do you mean? I mean, how maney crappy events Have you seen on Facebook? How maney spammy looking events? Have you seen on Facebook? How many things have you seen that aren't worth going to? I mean, the average event on Facebook that I see at least often doesn't look that interesting. Why? Because it's either unrelated to what I'm doing. Or I don't keep up well enough with the friend who invited me to a point that they probably should have sent me a message to explain their event before invited me or they just spammed invitations to me, or the event was created on Lee with what someone wanted to get out of me rather than with me in mind. This, to me, is one of the most important factors for having a successful event think about what the other people are going to experience. Coming near event, I've got invited to a bunch of spammy looking events that simply looked like they were trying to take advantage of me. Things often like $10 giveaways or free coupons or events like that. That didn't look like there was a whole lot of value to the event. And yet I don't I don't think that I'm the only one in the world who, though, was invited to those events. I'm guessing that I was just spammed. It just checked and invited all friends to that event, and I wasn't the right demographic for the event. So before you even start, it helps to really figure an exact person you can clearly picture for your event, going to literally make the event for one specific person's. You know exactly who would want to go to the event and then focus on getting that person and their friends to go, and people just like them to go rather than making an event. You don't know who it's for. The only reason you've made it is for you to get something out of it or, for example, for you to promote your product or service. That, to me, is not an ideal event. So if you try and do one of those events to start with, it's not likely to go as well as if you think an event all the way through. And think about what kind of events you go to, what kind of events you find exciting and then make something you would love to go to as a user. One of the easiest ways to do this can be to simply copy some of the basic types of events that you've already been to. If you know you have went already to other people doing it, then you've got a proven type of event that works for you. So if you go to buy one, get one free events at a store, then maybe you could do an event like that if you go to ah, barbecue. If those are the kind of events you go to, then maybe make a barbecue. So to me, this is one of the most key things that in most of the events I've seen gets missed. It's a Ziff. The person doing the event didn't understand what kind of person would come to their event . They didn't make an event that they actually would enjoy going to. They made an event that was mostly self interested rather than the community. So I hope this is useful for you in planning out your event and getting a basic understanding of what kind of event is worth putting your time and energy into. 6. Planning an event that you would go to.: who can create events on Facebook. There are three different ways you can create events on Facebook. You can create an event as a user. In other words, with their personal profile, I would guess that's the main way events are created on Facebook. So if you're having a private event, for example, birthday party, I've been invited to mostly events created by other users. How do you do that? You're on the facebook dot com slash events, which you can get to easily and have nice functionality on the desktop. So if you're on the Facebook home page like we were before you go down to the left side over here, you click on MAWR, and then you have the chance to create an event from here. So if I want to create event from my personal profile, then I can create an event just like this and by default on a personal profile. It's a private event. However, you can have the chance to make different types of events. You can make a public event on your personal profile, also if you want anyone to be able to come. But the default is a private event for just friends. If you create a private event, you can't make it public later. So keep in mind you want to have the event type beforehand based on how you're creating it . Now there's two more ways you can create an event, and when I'm going to do is do this through the Facebook page. So what you see here, this is an event I'm working on on my Facebook page. So I get to this. I go to my Facebook page at Jerry Band filled over here, and then when I go down in the middle, I click this and now I have the chance. I can create an event from my Facebook page, and these are public by default because then Facebook expects with a page, you're going to use it to promote your business and get everyone to come to your event from there. So that's the second place you can create an event. There's actually one Mawr place. You can create an event if you have a group on Facebook. A group is a collection of personal profiles. You have a group, you can go make an event in that group. So, for example, I have ah group here and Facebook. I can go create an event in the group also pretty much the same way I do for a page. So if you're using this course for personal event or group event, the functionality will will be very similar. So what I'm going to show with a page event. I'm going to guess that you've arrived in this course, Though looking to learn how to do an event on a page as the primary way or an event for a group that's more popular, I trust that you can probably make an event for your personal profile already without needing this course to your own satisfaction. So the bulk of this course is about covering how to get the event you do make popular. So for that I'm generally going to figure you want a Facebook page event to do that 7. How to create an event on a Facebook page.: Here's how to create an event on your Facebook page in This is similar for a group and similar for personal profile. So on a page you click on the Q and A offer. Plus, right now and then you go down to event, and once you click on this, a little pop up window comes up. Now you can get the best practices straight from Facebook if you want to. I read this before I made my event before I made this course, and so I've already looked over that That might help you to look over that to now hear the basic things that come up. You need an event photo now, not 1920 by 10 80 images recommended, so I would definitely use that. I am using that for my event, Facebook says. And a clear short name, not a real word. E long event. I'll show you how I'm doing this on my event that I'm making ah, location. This convey a place even a link online or an actual address. It's essentially you get the address, correct. If you're having it an event at a physical location so people can put it in the GPS and use their directions. Now the date and time is very helpful. Also, you get a start time and end time. I recommend doing an event as far out as practical, but not too far out. So right now I'm planning one about two weeks out. You put your friends and co hosts and other pages in right away. If you're doing this as a part of, say, a trade show, you could add as many other organizations that are depending on it. For example, wherever location, you're having it. Whatever chamber of commerce etcetera. If you need tickets, or if you just want to give people your online link again, you can put that in the URL. Then a description will talk much more about this and then categories in here. Now Facebook has a few different categories, so you just have to do your best with what they give you here. It's not exactly perfect. They have arts causes, community entertainment, food and drinks, learning if you're doing something online, these learning ones are great. A class talk or workshop or conference, meet up or sports fitness or other category. Now you just do your best with these. I will show you how I'm doing that as well. And then once you get some of the basics building, you don't want to spend too much time in this window until you don't go down here and click Save draft. So once you've just got the bare basics put in, you go down here and click, save draft, and that way you can then work on it in this interface. And now this is where I'm doing most of my event here. Most of my work putting all the event in is done once I've saved a draft. So then I can just keep editing individual parts of it, saving it again. In that way, if I accidentally click off the window, then I don't lose my whole event. Or if I accidentally close the browser window, I don't lose all the work. So that's the basics of how to create an event. And then I'll give you some details about how I'm doing mine to get the maximum results. 8. What's holding you back from going forward with your event?: what holds you back from making your event? This was a very important thing for me to consider because once I considered it, then I had a chance to move beyond it. You might say, Well, nothing's holding me back from making my event Or you might say, You know what? I've thought about making an event for a long time. Why haven't I actually made it yet? For me, the main thing that holds me back from making an event is fear. Fear that the event go poorly. Fear that people won't like it. Fear that no one will come fear that it will be a big waste of time. To me, that's the main barrier for creating an event, and that often will pop up in lots of different ways. It will pop up and feeling lazy like us is just too much work. I don't want to do it often That's really mast fear. What you don't want is to go through and do all the work and have it not turn out very well . I'm lucky I have had a lot of ignorance is bliss In my business. I've just blundered in the lots of things the first event. I didn't even hardly consider what might happen if it didn't go well, and I just blundered forward, creating things like that. Now most people with the rational mind have a lot of reasonable fears to consider. So if you find it's no trouble going forward making your event, or if you've already made several before and you have no problem doing another one, then that's good. If you find there's a lot of resistance to the idea of making your event, if you find that you're getting frustrated and struggling to make an event that often can be fear based, and once you see it, then you can make a choice about it. At least in my experience. If I don't see the things I'm afraid of, then I have no choice but to continue acting and making decisions off of that. If I see what I'm afraid off, then I can consciously decide okay as my fear worth it. I have had a lot of fear making this actual event. I've been afraid that it would work, afraid I'd waste money time, look stupid and have no one come to it and then I look at it and say, Why am I doing this event? I'm doing it to try it. I'm doing it to make this course. I'm doing it for lots of good reasons. What am I afraid of having happened? I'm afraid, ultimately of looking stupid, being a failure, having things not go well, should that fear dictate, Rather, I fully go forward and do this or not know. Therefore, I will go forward with it courageously. Therefore, I will create this event to the best of my ability and I will accept if things go poorly. That's fine. I don't have to do the work now for this event based on the idea that it must go well. I hope this is useful for you at the very beginning of the event planning process in making a successful event. 9. Setting a start and end time for the event on Facebook.: choosing a good start time and end time for your event is crucial for me. I've chosen my times for my event based on what works for me. It's convenient for me to play Friday night at six PM, and that often is because it seems like a lot of other people are online playing or watching gaming things at that same time. So I've attempted based on what I know about the past and what I remember. And what I know is good for me to pick it time. That's good for other people. Now the beauty of Facebook is it'll automatically show the time zone relative to wherever the user is. That's a great simplicity versus doing it. Ah, lot of other ways. So if someone's in Pacific time, they can see exactly what that converts to in their time. Now it's important to add an end time. Also, when I initially set my vent up, I didn't add in in time. You want to add an end time so that people have a good idea of how late the event goes. Ah, lot of people may not be able to make the event right when it starts but especially if you're having on all day sales event, you're having a trade show where you want people to come by any time of the day. You're having an online webinar where you're starting in a certain time, but people really could join in any time while it's going. You want to make sure you set the end time up, so if people see while I can't come right when it starts at 6 p.m. So they say all I could stop by 9 30 maybe and see if it's still going. So I've set mine up with an end time that is a little more conservative. I now normally I go to bed at 9:30 p.m. So I'm I plan to this event out in accordance with my own life. My wife and baby will be out of town that night so I can stay up a little bit later. But I wouldn't want to set an end time that sets unreasonable expectations. I'll probably be ready after five in their flowers for the event to be over. So I said, and in time that allows people to make good plans. If say they want to stop by it. 11. They then cannot expect it's going to go on much longer. I know in lots of things that can be really aggravating when a bunch of people come in right at the end. So I've set my end time with the understanding that people could stop in right at the end of the event. And I don't want to promise any longer than I'm willing to deliver. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful. 10. Picking an image that has no text quickly for the event.: one of the first things you'll notice about the event is the big event photo. Now for the event photo. This could be one of the places you mess up a lot. You waste a lot of time and energy on. We don't want to do either of those Just giving a photo up there that's functional, that communicates what you're doing that will work. You don't want to waste a bunch of time on it or money on it, so use what you have and this will be easier. So what I did on the event photo, I simply added a photo from one of my existing videos. Now Facebook recommends in 1920 by 10 80 photo, so I would use exactly that size photo. If you already have HD video, just take a screenshot from one of the videos you have that doesn't have text. Facebook says little or no text. Facebook will give plenty of text in the other place on the event, so you don't want to garbage up the photo with text. That won't look exactly right. If you don't do everything perfectly on it. A simple photo that communicates what you do more than likely. You haven't had a successful series of events yet to the point where you know exactly what your audience wants in a photo and exactly what worked best. So just getting any photo up there to start, you literally could not make the event on Facebook singlehandedly trying to go make the perfect photo. So we don't want to do that now. If you don't have any HD video footage that you can just throw a screenshot up from than another simple way is to search on Fiverr, get someone to create a custom image for you something simple like HD Photo. You can get a cover image done for your event for about $5 and then put that up there. You also could use an existing picture you already have of yourself or your business and edit it into HD in. Just put it up there. The point is, you don't want to risk it, not creating the entire event over the photo, and you don't want to burn a ton of time and energy on the photo. I think I spent maybe 10 or 20 minutes grabbing a decent screenshot that I liked from one of my recent gaming videos because I'm setting an event up that's based on gaming. So for the photo, I just threw up a screenshot that's recognizable If you've played the game. These are all things characters in the game and scenery from the game that's recognizable doesn't have any text on it, and it's functional now. If I make a series of events six successful, then I can try and do other things with a photo. For now, it's my first event. I'm keeping it simple, so the photo make it nice, recognizable. Keep it simple. 11. Focusing everyone at one destination.: for having a successful event on Facebook. Simplicity helps out a lot, and that means focusing everyone at one destination. The events that I've had on previous pages that have been successful focused everyone in on one specific thing. Tow. Watch a video as a part of a live webinar. When you have an event that takes place at a specific location, this should theoretically be pretty easy. You want everyone to go to that location. If it's a store, go to that store. If it's a trade show, go to your booth at the trade show. The challenge comes in when you have more than one place you could have your event or more than one place. People could go as a part of your event. For example, if you have to trade show boosts or if there's an entire trade show and you just want them to go to your booth, really, and not necessarily everyone else's or especially for online events. And that's when I'm dealing with here the opportunity tohave people goto more than one place. What I'm doing is focusing everyone on one destination. I'm doing everyone to go to my twitch channel on this because that gives me the ability to focus everything in one place. Now I also have a YouTube channel I could send people to and that I've done live streaming on. The problem is, if I try and split my audience up, everything becomes more difficult. If I tell people you could go to twitch or YouTube, then I have to monitor twitch and YouTube. I need to stream on both twitch and YouTube, and then my audience is split up. Some people, if there was only one destination, would goto one destination if there's to, Some people will go to YouTube and some people go to twitch. What you want is toe have the biggest audience possible all in one place, because the rewards for that are usually much better. For example, if you have three different stores, people could go to a za part of an event. You, yes, theoretically, can reach a bigger audience. The problem is that people that could have want to either of two stores, then you're splitting your audience up. If you get everyone in one place that tends to be more oppressive, mawr immersive than just having everyone at several different places Now if you've had a bunch of successful events before, for example, if I do this and there's 500 people on twitch and everyone on twitches asking, can you just put this on YouTube instead? Then, yes, in the future, I could split up my event to allow multiple venues like that in just trying to do an event to start with a new type of event. To me, focusing everyone in one spot is a really important way to make things easier to manage and to get the very most out of what you're doing. If, for example, I have people on Twitch and YouTube that people on YouTube can't interact with the people on twitch very well and lots of the best things that happened an event are the networking and connections between the people that go to the event. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this tip is useful for you. 12. Free events usually are much easier than paid events. Creative pricing strategy.: Facebook gives you the option to sell tickets to your event, in other words, to make it paid event. Now, if you've made a bunch of events before that, you know people love coming to and that you know you can charge for, then why not go for it? Charge whatever you can afford on whatever people will pay for your event. If you have not made events that a bunch of people who came to and that people have consistently proven they'll pay for, then often the very best approach is to do a free event. Why? Because the biggest difference in prices from free toe one cent people are predictably irrational. And often a free price tag will get a lot of people in the door who would not try something if they had to even pay one cent for it. It's the principle that something is paid. Money has a lot of connotations in our society. If you want the very biggest event, making it for free is the way to go. I've seen a lot of great events that I might have went to if they were free, but I certainly wasn't going to do something even like give my email address, let alone pay money to even an email address these days is often too much to ask. I've seen a lot of things I might have joined if it was an event on Facebook instead of a lead page asking for my email. I don't do any Lee email marketing. If you give me a lead page, I'm out. I'm not giving you my email address because I don't I've given enough people my email address already. So if you can make an event with there's little resistance is possible, you can have the chance to get the maximum return out of it. For example, on my ticket, you are all. I've put my event link straight to my twitch channel. It's 100% free. There's no email sign up needed Now. If you want to post a comment, you have to put your email. There's no in that. You have to give it to twitch, Not to me. You give it to 1/3 party. 1/3 party is generally much better at getting emails than I am, and then most other people or companies you haven't heard off. So my event is completely free, there's no, in fact, I'm actually giving away money at my event. If you can do that, that's a great way to have an event. Now you might say, Well, Gerry, how am I supposed to have this event that costs me all this money to put together to book a room or to buy a webinar software? How am I supposed to do an event for free? I need to make money off it. Here's a little creative pricing strategy you get. Is many people for possible in for free, and then you collect the money at the end of one way or another? Now this is not original. There's all kinds of places cos people, websites that get you in the door for free. And I say for free, I mean the least resistance. Try not to even use an email if you can help it, get people in totally for free. No resistance, and he prefer bland a website they've already heard off, and then you go for the sale, the money making at the end with the people who are the most hardcore that people have watched or stayed the whole time. Then you can get the money at the end now. Obviously, there's not flexibility in certain types of events. This is four places where there is flexibility. If you can ask instead of charging $10 to go to an event, ask people at the end of the event. Teoh either say, Hey, if you want more, you could buy my product. Like for me. If I goto eventing, say, here, here's a coupon code All my courses on you to me for 50% off. Do something where you contract the sales from that specifically and where it's easy to use . So for having something like this online, I can throw links out to my you Timmy courses in the twitch chat if I want to, I get people in with no resistance. The people have been in there for hours to ask questions. I can throw out a link at the right time. Now what if you have something like you've booked a conference room, a place where you had to put a lot of money out the door? The people who stay the whole time here's a creative way to do your pricing instead of charging them to walk in the door, you say, Look, if you like to this event, hopefully there's some people nodding. If you want to do this event again, it cost me X number of dollars to do this event. I did book a conference room and do all this. If you'd like to have another event, please help me pay for this event. And then I will on Faith Golf Board and have another event. So, for example, if you had 20 or 30 people to something you might have charged 10 or $20 to go to, you'll probably get two or three times as many people to go to it for free. And then at the end, you say, Look, this room cost $500 to book. There's 50 people here. If everyone would contribute $10 this event will have paid for itself then, and I'll go ahead and do another one. And then you say, If you won't pay your $10 then I will pay your portion for you. And would everyone raise their hand? Who is willing? Or you could say, who is not willing to pay the $10 to cover the cost of the room, so that's a creative little strategy could use to make an event that is free to join. And yet, if people like it, if people want another one, you can then get your pay at the end of the event instead of having the charge and have less people come to it. So this is what I've got in terms of thoughts on pricing an event, and I hope this is helpful. 13. Publishing the event once everything is in place.: Once you've got everything else in place for the event, it's time to publish now. This can be a bit nerve racking, and yet when you go ahead and click publish, then it's out there and it's done. Once you've done that, you let go of the event. After that, you let go of results. All you can do is your best to get it out there. Right now, you've got total control of the event. No one sees it, and right now I'm going to do this live with my event. I've clicked on publish, and this is what happens once it goes live. Now it has the events out there. It's live, it's in front of everyone. That's a little scary. And yet, then I don't have told control of it anymore. It's everyone else's event. So once you launched the event, now there's opportunity to write posts in the event at videos, create polls, make discussions. This to me now is where you can make a great event by being ready to do the real work. I've done very little up to this point for this event. I've spent maybe an hour or less on and even including making this course maybe an hour and 1/2 to get it set up. Now the real work comes into play. When you get those very first people that interact, be ready to ask questions to people who are coming. Be ready to interact with the very first people, every single person. And the very beginning of getting your event started is incredibly valuable. So I'm ready to get started. I'm making this a great event right now. I'm ready to do the bulk of the work in getting this event promoted and getting people to go to it from here going forward. So once you've clicked publish, that's just the beginning. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I hope we have a good time here together with this event on Facebook and in your event you make as a result of this course 14. Writing a description that appeals exactly to the person guaranteed to attend.: the event description is a crucial place where people are either going to go to your event or they're not going to go. If you think of it. In Internet marketing terms, your description is your landing page. It's your conversion text. It's your sales offer. Your description is where you sell the event. So the whole point of the description is to sell the event as worth going to. Even if it's a free event to sell people on. This will be fun. So I will show you the description I've written here. Is it absolutely perfect? No other things that could be improved. Yes, I'll show you the things that I used in it that I think helpful for you. Based on my experience copy writing a ton of things online that has proven to be successful in selling a lot of courses and that will do my best to sell this event. So if you're going to have a good event, it has to be one worth attending. So in this description, I do my best to explain why this event is worth attending. So I've put this in terms specific to the event, and one I'll attempt to do is put these, take the specific things I've used and separate that out into general points. So the very first Senate's here is should communicate the main point of the event and is communicating the main point off the event in his few words as possible. So the point of this event I'm doing is to play Black Ops three with me on Xbox one while I stream live on twitch and link to my twitch channel. That's the entire event. All the things you can do with it. You can play black ops three with me on Xbox one. I'm live streaming on twitch. Therefore, you can also watch it. You can see where it's happening. So this one sentence communicates the most critical things about the events with no B s. In other words, this is going to be their greatest event ever. You don't know that ahead of time with just what's going on the core details. So, for example, you have a sale in a store that might be whatever you put in the first sentence. That is where people are going to decide whether they want to continue reading. So the first Senate should also be a qualifier. If someone has a PlayStation four, then reading this first sentence, they could see that they could maybe watched the event. They also will understand they can't play with me, though currently because I am using Xbox one. They also can see this is a live event. So then they know if they can't make the event on time, they can go watch a recording of it on twitch. So if you have a link to your event, this could be helpful for people that want to read more. Now the rest of this description is set up on converting people who made it past the first line. So the first line has the basics, and it's a qualifier. So lots of people will read this first line and stop. They won't go any farther, and that's what I want. I don't want to waste anyone's time. I don't want to promise anything. I'm not going to deliver on. I want people qualified after here than to be reading this entire thing. So I try and make this event specific and written to the person who's reading it. I've wrote this entire description with one exact person in mind. One specific person who comments on all my videos on Facebook. One person who's bagged in Baghdad bag to be able to play with me. So this entire description, including the qualifying line, I know an exact person that I've essentially made this event to the challenge. If you don't know exactly one specific person you can think of that you're making your event for the challenge is to write a description that matches the person who's going to come to it if you don't know exactly who might come to your event. If you've just thought about what you want out of the event you haven't thought much about who might come to it, it could be hard to write a description like what? I'm showing you what I'm showing you here. I'm thinking of essentially speaking nous to the specific person who I think would like to go, someone who has begged me to play, and now the rest of this communicates that to that person. I say we will be playing so it's inclusive. You can join in. Not that you will be excluded or it's just something The watch I say we to get the person included. Now the point of view on a lot of these can make a big difference. And then from here we will be playing in exactly what we will be playing. So the second sentence is also ah, qualifier. It says hard core game OTs of people only, like a certain type of game, they should know we're not doing that and then examples of the game modes here. So people who do like these specific game modes will then get even Mawr excited. So the second line is similar to the first, and it is essentially selling people on reading the rest of the description. And then now I present a challenge. So if you can present a challenge in what you're doing, something that gets people going excited that brings out the competitive nature or the shopping nature or whatever kind of event it is something that starts to feel exciting. Ultimately, your event needs to be worth going to. It should be fun. That, to me, is the core of a good event, something fun, something entertaining, something useful, something helpful. So I do that starting in 1/3 sentence, see if you and your friends can beat me and my friends. I've set up a bit of a premise for the event that I've got my team. And come on, play with me, see if you can beat me and my friends. Ah, very simple and easy to understand premise. You can see the value of this is the simplicity. It's not complicated. Anyone can read this, who's 13 years old or 50 years old and get the basic idea of it. I've seen a lot of things on Facebook that are written so complex that the ordinary person can't get ahold of it. You want something that's easy to process. If you can use utterly simple words than do that now, I realize there's term specific to what you're doing. So if you're doing a multi level marketing MLM event, then you probably want to put some specific terms if you can relevant to what you're doing . So like here I have abbreviations because I want to keep this as short as possible. Facebook's Onley going to show the beginning of this until people click on it. So I want as much information as possible in the most simple format in the shortest amount of time. This is the art of copyrighting getting all of that in. So instead of writing out free for all kill confirmed and search and destroy, which would take a bunch of description, I go with the common abbreviations here, and these are likely to be easily understood or skipped over by people who play the game. So I've got that all set up here, and I continue selling it here. If you've been waiting to show off your skills, this is the place. So then a line about getting that whole ego element driven. If you've been waiting to show off your skills, so the idea that you can be seen you can show off, you can be featured again. This is written as if it's toe one specific person. I'm writing what I want to attract to the event. I want to attract the people who want to have the chance to show off who want to have the chance to make an entertaining event. Because the other thing this says two people, there will be people worth watching. There will be people who are very good at the game that if you don't have skills you might just enjoy. Watching them is the counterpoint. So this is written both to attract the right kind of person that play and no tracked the right kind of person toe watch and then simple instructions to participate. Post your gamer tag in the event and we will get you invited to join us. So you need to have a way that you can get people interacting with the event on Facebook so that their friends get tagged and that then there's opportunity for sharing and discussion related to the event. I promoted a world tour for our company on Facebook and events that did well for them tended to have a discussion and a lot of social elements. Ah, lot of people sharing the event with their friends talking about it beforehand. That ones were no one showed up also tended to be where there was no discussion. So in this little short paragraph, I've got qualification in here. I've got critical details about the event without much sales in terms of ah, bunch of fluffy terms and things like that. The core details qualification, exact specifics in terms of what goes on at the event. Ah, challenge in here to get people going and then a if statement If you've been waiting for this, here's your chance that goes at that. The future is something look forward to, and this will be the chance to have fun and then exact instructions to get involved to post and start getting discussion going. And then from here, this is the longer sales pitch some mawr depth into what exactly is worth doing. Now, for my description, I just see here I might want to even bump this up a little bit and move this around. So right now I'm going to move this around a little bit and put this down here so that people can read that because people are reading down this far. So what I want to do is make sure I get in some of the most value. So I thought toe, add this section afterwards. So now I move that down. So then the next line because every word counts. Then, to make this interesting, I'm giving away Xbox live online codes. If you can give something away, you can do some type of special sale promotion, prestigious type, offer anything you can think of. I call this kind of a gimmick a little gimmick to make things a little more entertaining, to bring out people that want to get a little something because people love to get a little something. So a little gimmick in your event that gives something really, actually valuable, not something that and that differs by your audience. Now you don't want to give out something worthless for an Xbox event like I'm having an Xbox live online code is something genuinely valuable. If I was, say, 13 to 20 years old, a $10 Xbox live code for free for playing called duty, that'd be a pretty sweet deal. And then anyone who plays X box is likely to appreciate that. So you give out things that are seen as really valuable by some of your users, and that's how you get people to do some viral sharing. So in this, then I follow up with I'm giving away $10 Xbox live codes and you can see from here I'm really investing in the event. So the more you can show your really investing in the event that this is something you are doing because you love it, something you're doing where you really care about the event. To me, the events that stink are usually the ones where the people don't look like they really care about it that much, regardless of the truth and little gimmicks like this or investment, you can see you know, you don't have to do something like this. Per specifically, you could even say If you have, like a local consulting business or on live webinar, you could say, Look, I will give one on one advice afterwards to two or three people that stick around. There's lots of things you can do to give some genuine value along with what you're doing. So I put this little gimmick in here. I'm giving away Xbox Live online codes because I know that works very good for my free vis experience. And then on Mawr motivation to go to the event explained in short, simple terms. Finished first in a game where your team beats my mom, beats my team, so I'll just simplify this and you edit as you go along. The first description you right is not necessarily going to be the absolute perfect best one So you just get a description written before you publish your event using this format or whatever works for you and publish it and then after you publish it or after you've written the first draft, go back and ended it so it makes more sense. I wrote this the first draft I wrote before setting up this course, and now you can see here I edited a little bit to make it neater. I realize it's never going to be exactly perfect. I can edit it a little bit to make it better, though. So then, from here it's essentially written to that deep user, the person who's likely to be the one who actually tends the event and shares it with their friends. So from here I go into a little more history. And then if you have some kind of gimmick you're doing to put that in context. So here I say how to get a gift card and then I'm aware of what people have said before about that. So then I explain. I've already given away a bunch of gift codes on my twitch dream. I can do this because I teach the you Timmy courses. And then from here then I have a frequently asked questions. I have a section where I answer as many potential questions about the event as I can. Now. The benefit of this is that people who are really excited can go through and get to know exactly what to do. So the frequently asked questions is where you make sure you show people you're really serious about your event. You've thought this through. You care about it and then you convert them in here. And then the very last thing I put in is a sharing element and gratitude. Thank you very much for reading this. Realizing most people are not going to read this entire event. Most people are just going to read the beginning. The person who reads this entire thing is extra special. I want to make sure they know it. So I say Thank you very much for reading this. I even put you a one of a few people to read this this entire description, which leads me to think you have a good chance of enjoying this event, and then I end with something I like to end with, how you feel question because this gets me going at least, and it works good and communication. How would you feel about inviting one of your friends to join you or to join us? You could even say Teoh anywhere you want to put it is fine with the final thought being no after they read this whole description to start thinking about who they could go with. What I've saw in promoting the World Tour on Facebook is that when people got their friends involved in going toe event, that was the key to having a good event. If people aren't bringing their friends, if it's not a social event, if they're just coming by themselves often it's hard to get the numbers. If you can get one person to bring 345 of their friends and make it a social event, make it kind of a social outing. Make it something fun than that is an outstanding way to have an exceptional event. So I know this has been a long section on the description and description. Getting started is one of the most important parts, so I've went through this line by line in a way that I hope is useful for you, and that gives you inspiration on how to write the description on your event 15. Making a great event is all about promotion.: Once you've launched your event getting it promoted, that's the majority of the work. Creating and organizing the event is fairly easy compared to getting it promoted now. Anything you can do, oh tell promote the event will produce someone of a collective benefit for the event overall. So to begin with, just understanding that promoting the event is the majority off the work, then that can help give you an idea off what you need to plan out and do with your event. If you feel like you're just going to create an event and everything is going to happen from there, I hope I can smash that delusion right now. From my point of view, creating the event is about 10% of the work, and promoting it is about 90% off the work. And in fact, promoting it is where you make or break the event. So you have to greet the event in order to promote it. And yet, even before creating the event, I had promoting it in mind. So hopefully you've had promoting it in mind from the very beginning, and whether you have or not, I hope this following parts of the course is extremely valuable for you in getting the most out of the promotion you do with your event 16. Getting the very first person to join is the most important step to start.: on the event you'll see when you scroll down toe lower right, a layout of who's going and interested in the event. Now This is a couple days after I published the event. So this is what's happened with little promotion and fairly natural getting started off my existing audience. What I'm here to tell you in this one lecture, getting that very first person to say they're going is the very most important. So who do you think that first person that should be going to the event is? That should be you. If you've created this event, you should be going if it's not you and your promoting someone else's world tour, whoever the primary person, for example. If you have a client that's going on a world tour like I did for promoting events in the past, then that client needs to be the very first person who says they're going so you can see on my profile here on my event. I am listed here that I'm going. If you are making an event and no one's going, then why would anyone else want to join? It's just like in pricing. The biggest difference in the world between prices free. So zero and 11 sent $1 whatever. So make sure it sounds like a really simple thing. And when you get into wanting to promote your event, it can be easy to jump straight toe. I want to get 10. I want to get 100. 1000 10,000. I want to get a 1,000,000. I want everyone in the world to come to my event. Start with one start with you, and once you get in there, then it's easier to get to and three. So it actually was difficult for me to even figure out how to put myself as going on my own event because I created this is a page. So if you make it as a group or personal profiles, pretty easiest set yourself is going well. It took me actually a day to figure out how I put my personal profile listed as going. The way you can see it is down here on my page. You have to click this button up here and by default, I think it puts you is interested, but you have to click that you're going up here to get it to actually show your personal profile down here and the people that's going So that's something you could do really easy right away. That makes a big difference in all of your promotional efforts. 17. Inviting friends on Facebook should happen AFTER a personal message.: how many of your friends have invited you to something you knew nothing about? They sent you an invite to an event you'd never heard of that you didn't know what the purpose of it was. And it didn't even know if they were actually going or not. I've been invited to probably hundreds of things like that. The problem is that I'm programmed by now to ignore those events I get on Facebook. So I've got a simple strategy here to get my friends to not ignore my invites. And this is how I look at inviting people to the event. Now I've got 1000 friends or so on Facebook. So here's how you invite friends to an event appear at the top. You have your invite, but you have your invite button and you collect choose friends. And now this box pops up. So then what I'll do is go down here and to select. You can select various groups of friends. You can select them by area. You can search for friends, or then you can go down here and click a group. So I already have an Xbox. One group with my friends in it which makes things a lot easier for me. So then all I have to do is used this page. Now you'll see. I already invited the friends I sent text messages to, so I'm saying for inviting friends, make sure you send them a personal message. First. Don't invite a friend without sending them something, preferably like a text message, preferably a phone call or a Facebook message. Make sure you've got ahold of them some other way before you go and invite them to the event. Or you can almost guarantee the first response will be your event getting ignored and then , likely, some hurt feelings from there. So I've invited several of my friends, most of them I messaged first. None of them that I didn't message first responded at all and out of the ones I message first and then invited Onley. Two of them actually said they were going to the event on Facebook, even though several more said they're coming to it. So one of my friends, I already told him, he said, he's in. So in this case, I've already actually talked to him about the event. I just didn't invite him to it on Facebook, so I click. Send invites. Right here. So now he has got an invite to the event. Now, what about the rest of these friends? What about I'm not going to just go invite all my friends that I could possibly invite. That would be a very bad idea. That would be a waste of my time. And I just spam them with something. Well, what about these friends up here? Albert and Jake. I've played a lot of Xbox with them. However, I have not sent them a message about this yet. So if they just see the event, they're going to big. What is that? So what I've done? I've written up in Microsoft Word. And then what I do is copy and paste this in a Facebook message, and I make it very personal. Hey, Jake, on Friday. So the time of the event at 6 p.m. Eastern or even the better way to do this? Put 5 p.m. your time and then I can take this sentence out right here from the original message I sent. So the key details. First, if Jakes working that day, he'll know right away to say No. If he knows he's free right away, then he'll know to keep reading the rest of it. Then I explain what the events Four here. Why he might wanted to go. And then I said, created the event on Facebook and I'm about to invite you. How would you feel about participating? And then this way he will get this message and probably see it before or right about the same time he sees the event. So then Jake's got away. Higher chance of actually accepting invite If he can go now. I've prefaced it by saying what time it is. If he can't go, If he knows he s to work, then he's not going to waste time and he'll know to ignore the event invite also. But he's more likely to think of a friend who might want to go. Since I've sent him this message. If I just send this invite, I've essentially wasted everyone's time involved, so this to me, is kind of a crusade. After all, they have friends that have invited me and wasted all of our time with event invites. I hope this is a better way for you to be able to make sure you get the friends were really interested. And then don't invite any friends to your event who you don't keep up with who you're not willing to send a personal message to. First. I'm not inviting any of my friends to this event unless I'm sending them one of these messages in proximity to them receiving an invite and in this case, just one guy I didn't send a message to. I'm going to send him a message also. So thank you very much for watching this. And I hope this helpful for you in planning how to use your friends to get those next five or 10 people to join the event. 18. Even while creating lectures, the message to friends worked to get another join.: to show you how powerful that message sent to friends is what you can see now, just over the last less than an hour that I've been making these videos with you, one more friend joined the event. Now the difference between 19 and 20 in terms of social proof might seem fairly small. And yet that is another big step on the way towards however many the final number will be. If you don't get to 20 you're never going to get to 100 or 1000. So I'm grateful, Albert. I'll show you. Albert sent. I sent the message to Albert, and then just a few minutes later, he said, Sure, I don't know if I can make the whole thing. That'd be great, though, and he accepted the invite. I thanked him for accepting the invite, said, however, Longing plays good, and I'm actually going to meet him in person later this week. I also got another response from another friend. He hasn't accepted invite yet, but he said he'll accept the invite as soon as he sees it. So I should that way have shown you clearly how effective this is, and I hope that's motivated you to get out there and make a good, strong outreach to your foundation of friends and close associates before you try and reach the general community with your event. 19. Every post after the initial one should help explain more about the event.: I showed you below the default post Facebook makes for you. When you create an event. Now, this will be similar. Rather, you do it in, ah, Facebook page or a Facebook group or on your personal profile. So you and if it's a public event on your personal profile, when you go through and do it like this, there's no information about it here. There's nothing in the description. All it has is the title, the time, the people going in the text. So this is really hard to get people to convert from here. So what I do then is go forward, and I continue to share a link to my event with more information. So this is a post I just made 20 hours ago on. I'm going to make another one today on my page. I'll try and do one every single day with a different spin that shares more information. So to start with, all I've done here is pull some additional information from the description and then make a new post with the link to the event. Now it shares the event the same way it did blow except the differences. I've got all this text up here to explain to people what's going on. So the way I initially shared the event, this part of it, you had to go click and read here. Now, if this just comes up in the news feed than this has an entirely different theme to it. I'm giving away 30 $10 Xbox live coats for playing with me in my event. So I've shared my give away. That's part of the event right here. So then when I can do to make another post, then I can do the same thing over and over again. I can go back to the event over here, and all I have to do then is pull something else from the description So I can say play black Ops three with me while I live stream on twitch. And then right here, I can just copy this and make a new post on my Facebook page so that if someone didn't care about the $10 live code, they might then care about being able to actually play with me. So then I can say here now this is tough zoomed in, so I'll zoom out. So it stopped bouncing around and then what you see by default when I copied the description, it tries to put everything over on twitch. Now, if you're using or the existing link I had, so I'll take this out and take that out. And when you're doing this with a page, it will put in this ugly business link business dot facebook dot com You want to make the event link short, so please take out if you've got any business manager or any other referral link garbage in there, take out and put the event down in the very smallest form. So you even could take out the http in here. You could even take out this Slash right here and get the link down to is short as possible . So now I've got a different theme on here. Play Black Ops three with Me on Xbox one. Life Stream Live on Twitch. And then every time you click, it zooms in over here Softer. Zoom out again, live on twitch during my event at so now I've got my event set up over here. So now if people want to play with me and they don't care about the $10 codes. That adds an additional layer off depth to the event recruiting. And so I can say we will be playing. I show essentially just mawr of how to join us in here in the event. So I've got that posted in here. So I put that 21 hours ago and I've got 19 people going. So now I can publish another new post about this right now. Now, well, some people get aggravating like Oh my God, I can't take this event anymore. Yes, some people might get aggravated. The thing is, though, a lot of people won't actually see these posts. So, for example, this only got 10 likes, and I only went out the 1600 people, so most people didn't see that. So I'll need these posts to be able to do different types of ads to. So now I publish on this post. So now I've shared my event again today with a slightly different theme. So the events down here just like this now and then, if I refresh the page, it will give me a better look at the event here. Now it correctly has everything in it. So now I've got two different things to different posts I can use to promote my event also . So someone 16 under people saw this. If someone didn't care about the $10 codes and sees the next one, they might want to actually play. So from doing this well rounded approach and then doing this consistently, people may not get interested until the third or fourth time they see this, or they might just be reminded that they do want to do that. So that's how I'm going about sharing it in setting up my page to use my page, the organic reach, and then to set things up for the paid reach so that I can funnel as many people as possible into the event. 20. Facebook invites are so often ignored it can take persistence to get acceptance.: events on Facebook are so often ignored that even when you tell people, even when you work hard to look, get your friends to go, you still often will need to go through and try and make sure it's as easy as possible for them to join. So here's a good example of my friend Josh. He said. I'll accept the invite as soon as I see it. While he sent me that message after the invited already came, Josh probably gets a ton of invites to things he's used taught, not even noticing him. He may have turned notification off. So what I say to him in a message, I said You should have the event by now to the event. So I give him the link directly and then is you'll notice between making the last video and this one. Josh now accepted the invite after I sent him that message. So I've put a lot of lectures in here about getting your friends to join, because it's much more difficult than you would expect. I have friends who were really excited are definitely coming. You still haven't joined the event, even though I've talked to them on the phone, even though I've talked to them in text message. Even though I've talked to them on Facebook, they still haven't joined the event. It can take a lot of persistence, and one of the easiest ways you can do it is just put a direct link to the event straight in the message to the person. That way, it's one click two clicks to join, maybe even less if that Facebook puts a little button right on the bottom for them. So to get your friends ago to get your close associates to go, try and make it as easy as possible for them by sending a message on Facebook and be loving and understanding with them. You're asking for a bit of a favor when you're getting them to go to the event. So if you haven't, if you're in the red on favors already, this may be a little difficult, and it might be hard to ask people, because I don't wanna have to get a favor. I don't wanna have to nag this person if you want to make your event good, if it's worth making good, if it's worth getting people to go to then I am doing the work to make sure people actually go to it. I've had a lot of things before. People just forgot them because I didn't take the time to organize an event or didn't take the time to fully communicate about it. So really, invest for me. I'm really investing in doing what I can to make sure everyone goes, and especially when you're doing the first oven event, it can be hard to get people in the habit of joining on board now, once you get this in a habit than everything's a bit easier. So thank you very much for watching this. And I hope this helps you with having patients with your friends if they're not accepting, invites being persistent, wherever you need to be to get the people who want to go to actually show up is going on Facebook 21. Making sure 3 people that are most important to attend are coming.: Once you've got yourself in there, the next up is not too straight. Create ads or share the event everywhere. The next step, then, is to make sure you've got, ah, core of three people who are most important to the event happening that they are going and reaching out to those people, preferably before you've even created the event. This is what I did. I have three friends that I asked first. I asked one. I asked one other friend if he'd think this event was a good idea. He said yes, that sounds fun. Then I asked the next friend. He said yes, he'd be happy to go. He's off work. Then I asked my cousin, my cousin, after said Yes, he could definitely join for that, too. So before I even made this event before even started making this course, I had three critical people in mind who would join me That way I have the foundation, so in addition to me, I have then three other close friends who are going to go, and that is the next level of promotion to take it from me out to the people closest to me because ultimately I'm trying to reach circles of influence outside me. So the easiest way to do that is to start with the people who are already closest to me. So I did that before the event. I sent them text messages and then they said yes. Then I went and made the event on Facebook. Then I went and invited them first to get in the event. So that way again, the biggest step after you've got one is to get to two and then three and then four. So if you want a great event, if you think about it in steps instead of big leaps, then things aren't so overwhelming. 22. When you create the event, it is shared right away on the Facebook page.: When I made this event, it was created right away automatically on my Facebook page. So it appears as a post on my Facebook page. Now you'll notice how this post is right here. There's no text about it. It doesn't pretty much tell you anything about the event except the screenshot. And then down here. It says when it says what time and it says, How many people are interested in going, so you'll notice this is a good way to get started. And yet this one little thing on a Facebook page is the very beginning. So it does emphasize some of the most important things here. The number of people interested in the number of people going. This is a social proof aspect of it. If you've heard me tell the story about the Chinese restaurant and seeing a line of people waiting to eat there and then me feeling like I needed to go eat there because so many other people were willing to wait in line for it, it must be good. This is where that comes into play. You want your vent to have as many people going and interested as possible. That confirms to other people. Rather, it's worth considering. Now. I'm grateful that just off of the efforts I've shared with you so far and then putting this up on my Facebook page in one post and then in one reply to a comment and then in one more post here, where I explain a little bit more about the event and share linked to it that has already got me up to 19 people going with 35 people interested. Now let's put that in context. I have two million likes on my Facebook page. I have 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of unity students. I've got tons of online ads running every day for what I'm doing. I've got a pretty big following online, and 19 people have joined my event within the first couple days, just on organic engagement alone. Nothing paid at this point. So what you can see is that I've waited by just posting things on my page to get the organic engagement to get those first few people going before I boost post before I do anything to promote it. And getting those first few people ago is the very most difficulty step. Every person you get after the initial few people gets easier. So in other words, getting the 20th person to go is easier than getting the 19th which was easier than 18th which was easier in the 17th etcetera. So make sure before you spend any money or even additional time, try and get those core group of people. Inasmuch as possible for free, I'm going to show you several different strategies I use for Ganic engagement and four paid promotion. But now all of these will work based on how many people you get with your initial free marketing efforts. And that should be done right away. As soon as you launch the event within days of launching it. You want that done so that you've got your foundation. Once you've got your foundation, then you can work on continuing the building 23. Sharing the event in related groups helps get more organic reach.: In addition to my Facebook page, I also have a Facebook group and Xbox one clan. So this is the kind of thing you want to be aware of before you promote event, if possible, or as soon as you start promoting it. What Facebook groups can you share? The event to Facebook groups are collections off personal profiles where it's really easy to get organic news feed, reach through being a member of the group and posting in the group. So if you're not a member of any groups, you can try and join groups and share your event in there, you can search for groups. For example, If I wanted to search for other call of duty groups, I could go appear in search for call of duty. I can click, see all results for call of duty, and then I can go over here to groups Click on groups and Facebook will give me a bunch of groups related to call of duty. Now I could join these groups and try and share my event in there. However, I'm not going to do that because I and putting all my energy into showing you what I'm doing in this course, and I already have my own group. I've got my own group. I've worked hard to make with 800 some members, So I'm just going to focus where people already do. Know me. If you don't have any group like that, though, you can do the same thing I'm showing you in other groups. Now, some groups may have rules. You may get banned for sharing an event in certain groups without permission. So you want to be aware of that? So the same principles I just put into play for this post here and this post here, then that's how I want to share the event in the group. So what I'm going to do is little literally verbatim copied this last post off my page and paste it into the group here. So now this can reach the news feed through the group as well as a page. And often many of the people who are in this group are not on my page. So it's perfect. I've now got this post here. I've got done the same thing I showed in the last one, so I'm not going to explain it again. So I am in the group now. I hit post in the group. So now this goes up in the group and then when I can do to make sure this stays on top, I can't go up here and hit pin post so that this will pin opposed to the top and I will get rid of the other pin post I had up there. So now this post is at the top and you notice just sharing that again on my Facebook page. 20 people are going now, which makes it easier to then get the 21st person going. So I've had these promotional things in place beforehand. Now, technically actually left this group because I wasn't using it. I still at all my friends admits, though they added me back and nine back in it, and I restructured a little bit. So sometimes you have to creatively use the things you've made already to get the best results. So sharing things in groups can be a great way if you don't have any groups. Also, what you can also do is share things on your personal page so I could put this on my personal profile also, and then I might be able to get some of my friends that play call of duty who I didn't think to invite to go this event. Also, however, I'd rather do that with the video than share the event directly on my personal page and my personal page. Since I've already got the call of Duty group and the page, I have a different strategy for my personal page. So you could obviously share this event on your own page on your own profile if you wanted in whatever groups. So the point is to get your event out there for free to as many relevant places as possible as soon as possible. Getting started, preferably before you go make any paid ads. 24. Bigger is not always better. An event with too many people can be a disaster.: at the end of the organic promotion section. I hope it's helpful this year about the idea that bigger is better. Bigger in terms of an event is often what we're programmed. I want to get as many people as there is possible. I wanted to be a za amazing as possible, and if X number of people ago, then it will be a legit event. Often having an event that's too big can be a total disaster. Everything can go wrong, and what you really want is to just have the right number of people at the event. So I'm saying this is much for me to keep it in mind. As for you, I have tended to air on the side of bigger is better and getting way too many people to try and do things, having way too many people online at once. So I couldn't manage and talk to everyone and like on you to me, having ah 100 some 1000 students so I can't even answer everyone's questions. And on Facebook, having so many comments come in, I can't possibly respond to them all bigger isn't always better, especially if your business is not set up to handle bigger or whatever event you're doing is not set up to handle everything going massively. Well, it could be good not aim for a gigantic crazy event. If, for me around 100 people came to this, that probably be about the most that be comfortable. If there's more than that is going to be too many. There will be people requesting invites will beginning messages every few minutes and be hard, even play. There will be people aggravated because they can't join in. There basically be a lot of people that come and have a frustrating negative experience. So the tricked in the way I'm looking at this is to try and get the right number of people ago. Now, even hosting a webinar, getting too many people can be really hard to answer questions. It can be really hard to give personal responses. It can be really hard to make the information relevant to everyone that's going so at the end of the organic. After you've done everything to get people to go to your event for free, the place you can really mess up essentially in getting the event too big is doing paid ads . Paid ads can work really good to build an event up in the same time they can build it up more than you can handle. If you've done a good job with your organic promotion, especially so sometimes organic promotion might be enough. I want to test out and do some paid ads for my own event on here for this course. However, just given what I've done already, this probably would be enough to have a good event where everyone that came to really participate. So seeing that you don't have to have some great grand, incredible, unbeatable events seeing that Justin event that is proof proof that it's worth doing again . That could be enough reward in and of itself. So if you don't have any budget from here or not much of a budget for paid ads, I hope this is good news that you don't need them. You don't spend a bunch of money on ads to make a great event that the event you make for free organizing with your friends and associates on Facebook that can be a great event 25. If no one is responding, now is a great time to change the event or try another.: I am grateful that people have already given me a very positive response to my event. There's already 35 people interested in 21 people that say they're going to the event now. On the downside, that means I really need to do it. I really get to go all in with this event and put my full effort into it, which is scary. It's scary to see that you really need to commit and really try and do your best on something, because that's when opportunities for painful and messy failures open up. So if you're vent goes well initially and there's lots of positive feedback after you've launched it, that's good in the sense that you have validation. It's bad in the sense now. You also have real working responsibility on the opposite hand. If you get a very lukewarm or cold response starting out your event, that's a good indication. You might want to either change it or cancel it and try another one. If you created the type of event that's not worth going to. There's no shame in that. It does seem kind of foolish to put your heart and soul into an event that no one wants to go to. And if your initial friends and close associates don't want to go to an event, then the answer is not to try and do paid advertising most of the time. If the people who already know you or are already doing business with you don't like the event you've made, then you've probably messed it up. And that's okay. You can make a different one. I've messed up a whole lot of things in my business. In fact, the main difference I see between me and my students is that I've screwed things up more often. I've made more mistakes. I've been more willing to fail and mess everything up, and that's how I've learned how to do it, right. So from the very beginning I've talked about playing an event that you'd like to go to. This is a fun event aimed at a large community that I already participate in, that everything I do is already integrated in Well, with this, I mean, not every single thing. My you, to me courses don't necessarily translate toe wanting to go to my black ops re live stream . That said, though I've got a lot of my advertising and promotion set up in this direction. So I've made an event from the beginning. That's worth going to the events I made before. We're not worth going to. I made a dating event, a dating like help or coaching event. I spent a bunch of money and advertise it. Not one person came. I did another kind of event for business. Not one person came. It's because I violated what I just told you. None of my friends and close associates were committed to going to it. I went straight to paid ads, So this is your chance to avoid making the same mistake. If you want to make the same mistakes. I did feel free. If you want to learn from my mistakes instead of making them yourself, it's a lot easier. So if you can't get people to go to your event through your direct outreach, honestly, it's time to make a new event. 26. Are you ready to use Facebook advertising for your event?: welcome to the Facebook advertising section off this event promotion course to get started , I'm going to pose some questions. I hope that you can answer in order to qualify yourself for Facebook ads for your event that I wish I would have used before Iran Facebook ads on a lot of my events in the past. So the idea is, if you answer yes to these questions, then you're in a good position to use Facebook ads. If you answer no to any of these questions, you might want to reconsider. Rather, it's worth spending your time and money and energy into getting your Facebook ads out there for an event. So here are some of the questions Can you afford to completely waste all the money on the Facebook ads you spend on this event? In other words, is there pressure to perform? Is this event a make or break kind of thing for your business? If it is, you probably want to avoid Facebook ads unless it's a one time thing, such as a grand opening for a new business you're doing, or something like that, that might be worth exceeding. However, if you can't afford toe waste the money on the Facebook ads, and you might not want to spend the money. All I spent money on ads on Facebook that I couldn't afford to lose. I was already in debt. I was already struggling, and I assumed the ads would work. If I'd have assumed the ads wouldn't have worked, I certainly wouldn't have spent several $100 toe advertise an event not one person came to . That's right. I advertised to events that not one person came to. The second question. Do you have several people? You know we're going to be there even if you don't run the ads? If the answer is yes to that, you may be in a good position to use the ads to reach their friends and to reach the broader community. If you don't know of even one person, you can count on to go or if preferably. If you don't have at least five people, you know we're going to be there for free without running ads. Then trying to get other people ago with ads is very risky, based on my own experience failing in this department. Now, another question for Facebook ads and then we'll get into the section where we actually talk about how to make them. Are the Facebook ads for your event primarily to make first impressions with people or they primarily to get friends of people who are already going to become aware of the event or people who have already seen what you dio to go to your event? Facebook event ads, in my experience, are very poor for getting people who don't know you to go to an event. They're very effective in my experience promoting a world tour, especially getting people who were going for free to bring their friends along with them or getting people who'd already heard of me in the case of re marketing or in the case of seeing my other Facebook ads or, in the case of liking my page, getting people have already heard of what I was doing to go to the event that I was having . If you are a local business and you've already done a lot of branding, maybe you're a law firm looking now, an open house, you've already ran lots of TV ads, lots of Facebook ads and event could be a great way to convert. People have heard of you to actually coming to see you if your brand new business that no one's heard off with very few people who are going for free events can be a complete disaster because they don't make a very good first impression most of the time. Usually for people to go to an event, they're going to have need to have heard of you before already. If they if you haven't made a first impression some other way, it could be hard to get anyone actually go to an event. And then even when people say they're going to the event, they won't actually common. That's brutal because Facebook told me when I was doing several events in the past that I had a bunch of people going to my event. It showed me that people were clicking in my area, that they were going to the event. Not one person showed up. No one actually showed up, and I think Facebook said something like 50 or 100 people, something crazy. Facebook's at a ton of people are going. No one showed up. So if you can't stand to have a massive disappointment, building your event primarily with Facebook ads. Then don't do it. To start with, you can go make the same mistakes I made, if you want to, or you can learn from what I've done and do better than me. 27. Making the first ad for the event in the Facebook ads manager.: all of that said, I'm really excited to get started using Facebook ads for my event. Even with the understanding, they may be a complete waste. I still I'm excited to see what happens. So let's take a look at how to make an ad. So the very first thing you go to your ads manager and then what I click for this is raise attendance at your event. As Facebook says, use this objective to get more people to see and respond to your event. So I've picked my event out here, and then I want to call this black ops live April 22 event responses because there are more than one way I can potentially promote this. So I'm going to start with the event responses, so I'll go next to set audience and budget. Now the first thing I want to Dio is reached the people who have already heard of me. So I want to make sure to get people who have already heard of what I'm doing somehow. So the easiest thing I can start with on that I can just try my custom audience. So if you have a re marketing audience here like I do. I've already got people visited my website, so this might not be the right audience and a lot of cases I might have visited my website to go toe, you know, me course or something. Still, though, they might be interested to see a live event I'm doing, even if they have no interest in actually the call of duty part of it. So when I've do, I'll start off with my website audience. I'll put in English and I'll leave everything else wide open now. Since this is my website re marketing audience, I don't want to put my own competition up. I'll just start at a dollar a day. Right now, I want to make sure the ad gets approved and there's not any problems with it before I go forward and do a bunch of work. So all I've done to start with, I put my daily budget in and a dollar and I've excluded. People have already responded to my event. I don't want them to have to get hit over and over again with my event. If they've already been to my website responded. So now I also call this Jerry Banfield dot com visitors. So I know what this ad sets promoting to. Then I choose add creative in here. So Facebook's going to give me the option to promote my event with my own text here. So it's going to allow me to show ads on the desktop news, feed the mobile news feed and on the right hand column. And these are great place for event ads because the right hand column actually has a lot of good information there. And then I have advanced options. I contract conversions on my website, so I'm not going to bother with that. For now, you'll see I only have 90 characters to do it in this specific format. So what I want to do is just make a short text description here off the event. And why work hard when I can work smart. I can go ahead and grab one of these right here and just copy and paste over and then at the characters down, play Black Ops three while I stream it live on Twitch. And then I can just cut out the extra characters here. So got that out. Watch and join me in playing black ops three Live on Xbox one while I stream on twitch. So here, now I've got a short little ad Pretty straightforward of someone sees it Jerry Banfield shares Event Watch and join me in playing Black Ops three. Live on Xbox one while I stream on twitch. So I've got the basics of the event up there. I've got the twitch Link is in on the desktop version here and then on the mobile version. If I click over here, the previews aren't working right now. There we go. So it doesn't have the twitch link, but it has a link over to go to the event. And then this one has a twitch TV in the URL here. So I've got the event set up in a very basic format, and now this is all I need. So since I already have the image with it, then I can just use this so you'll notice the one thing it shows down here on the mobile, which is where a lot of people are likely to see it. It shows how many people are going. So I probably said this 15 times. You want to make sure there's a good number of people going before you start your ads. If you start your ads, zero people going, you really just throwing your money away. So and I've thrown a lot of money away on Facebook kids. So now what? I do see it. Place, order and see what Facebook says. So this needs to get reviewed first. It's pretty much one of the lowest maintenance things I can do. It's a pretty simple, straightforward add. So right now, I don't want to do a whole much more work until it's approved. Good news. It got approved right away. So now I have proved that it might be worth my time to go ahead and do some more ads for this event. So from here, it's a matter of just creating more ads, testing more audiences and even maybe trying some different formats to see what works. To get this event promoted 28. Using the power editor to quickly split test different ad creatives.: Now that this is approved, what I want to be able to do is try some different add text. So if I click on the add here, you can see then this is the Onley add text I get on this particular event end. So I want to be able to quickly try some different add text on this. And so what I've done, I click up here, go over in the power editor and select the same campaign and then the same ad set and this will be my base ad said I'll try different targeting. So what I do first is I go over to the ad right here and I duplicate it. And then I just hit Create here and a new ad will come up with the opportunity to edit it. So all I really want to do right now is to try a different set of and text in here. So again I can go back to my page. I can go over here and see the post I've already done. And then I Congar Oh, down here and just copy one of these existing posts I've already made for the ad and then I can copy that in here. So now I can just take out this and then I can have this text in here that I can use for the ad. Now what? You'll notice the power editor allows you to put a lot more text in than ads manager. So the ads manager only allowed me to put in these little 90 characters of text. The power editor allows me to put this entire post in an ad here. Now, I can't put the actual post in, but I can put this entire set of text in now, so that's really exciting. So this is a much different ad than the other one. And this one might work where the on the one didn't and I can prove freed. I'm giving away 30 $10 for playing with me in my event. And I can say playing Black Ops three on Xbox one because there's not the context in this ad. And then I say what you can do here. So now I've got that done. So I've got a different adhere than and I can change this to a different ad name. And instead of having it just be Ah, copy on here. I can say black up event responses, images, one giving away and then I can click over here to end it. I can't review changes. I can't continue and see what happens now. It's funny. I is of the time of doing this. I'm actually not 100% sure. It'll allows me to use so many characters, and yet it looks like it did. So the lesson learned here. You want to definitely make your event ads in the power editor because you get so much more room to explain your event here. So now I refreshed the ads manager to see how this looks. And I go over here adds that and it brings up the new ad. So then I click this new ad. It's active right away. I can preview the add up here in this window. So on the news feed. Now, this is a whole lot better looking at, and it shows the whole story. I'm giving away 30 $10 Xbox live online codes for playing Black ops three on Xbox one with me in my event. How do you get one finished first in a game where your team beats my team. You'll receive a code directly in a message on Xbox one, So I've got the entire add up there. So now with this basic format now you'll notice if I hit preview on the right column. That's not all going to show. However, it still gets a lot more in there and then on the mobile feed. It has a read more so the cost per click often will be lower when you have a read more also because people will want to read all of it so I can do the same thing in here. All I do is I hit duplicate, and I can go make another ad in here. I can go back to one of these up here and now I can copy this whole thing, Whereas I couldn't get it before. I can now copy this whole thing and then just delete the event because the events already in the ad played Black Officer with Me, an Xbox one y Stream live on Twitch. During this event, we'll be playing hard core game modes, see if you and your friends can beat me poster gamer tag an event. So there I'm entirely different theme on this ad. I don't know which one will work the best ahead of time. So I just try out these different ads. I review changes to make sure everything goes through. Now the beauty of this is without knowing which of these works the best. Then all I have to do is copy out this entire ad set then and I contest out different audiences. Now. This one, for some reason, went into review. So if I click edited as pending review, I can try and double check and see if there's any issue. Any words in here I shouldn't have used. And I don't see anything that I think should be problematic here. It could be some of these characters or capital letters I've used, so I changed that. I'll change the ad name here, Play B 03 full So that you this isn't like something that's super amazing. It's just pretty straightforward little improvements and changes that get your ads in a good position to succeed. So since I've got this one pending review, I've got to active now, so everything looks fine. The key from here is to try and make a few more to just test out various different ways of selling the event to make a few Maurin this actual ad set before I go try and test any additional targeting. So right now I'm going to cut the video off here. I'm going to make a few more ads on my own and the power editor, and then I'll pick up with you as I go split test different add sets using all of the ads I make here. 29. Copying ad sets with the Facebook ads power editor to split test audiences.: now I created three additional ads. I've got six ads promoting this event in one ad set and the last one. I like the ad text on it the best, So I'm going to show it to you. It says Join this event to participate in 18 person Arco A free for all live on twitch and black upstream Xbox one If you win, you also get Xbox message from me with a digital gift card you condemn. So it has a clear call. The action joined this event, and then it has a clear reward. So I've put that up as one of the ads, and I have five other ones. I also fix that That was pending review. Facebook didn't like the extra capitalization and the weird characters, so I recommend. Don't copy anything until you've got all the ads active, because if you put one ad even that gets rejected. You copy it, then it's going to create a whole bunch more rejections. It seems that most of Facebook operates on data and percentages. If you can add rejected, that's fine. If you get 50 different ads rejected, you're likely to have a big problem with your account. So once you've got all the ads approved, what you should have is an ad set that looks a bit like this. And what I'm going to do now is test a bunch of different audiences. I want to see where I get the best value. So what I do, I copy this ad set, and I can do this either in the ads manager or the power editor. I'm going to do it in the power editor because that's where I'm used to doing it. So I duplicate on the power editor. And if you like, you can even reset the power editor to make sure everything's correct going in that you didn't do anything else you didn't want to upload beforehand. So I just reset the power editor. It throws out all of my campaigns ever. I go select this one event, you can see it's up to date with the ads manager. Now I'll zoom in here and I select the ad set I hit duplicate up here and I hit create to put it right in the same place that already is. Now. What I want to do is try a different audience here, so the first thing I want to do is remove my last audience. Now I want to start country targeting also. So the main place this events relevant is in the U. S. Because the connection long story short us. So when I want to do now, I want to add people who already like my page. So I want to put people who already like my page or talking about my page. So I've got an interest on here already, So I'll just put Jerry Banfield now it says potential reach 44,000 people. That's kind of small. So I'll just try this with $1 on here and I'll put Jerry Banfield. I can even use this rename using available fields so I can just go over here. I can it country. So what? Those us on there and I interest on their U. S. Jury. Banfield and I can separate with this instead of a dasher. I can just put a space on it like that. So I've renamed it so there. I've got a different targeting on that one. It's and I hit review changes. Now that puts six new adds up there. The problem with doing this strategy is that each add as a low amount of social proof individually. On the end, that means the ad itself can get likes and comments and shares all separate. So every single, different one of these I create its separate. So I don't want to split test as much as I would on a paid post engagement here. So I'm not going to test too many different ones. What I'll do on this is copy over this one again, and then I'll change it to people who actually like my page. So I'll go over here and delete this interest. I'll go down here and add a connection in, and then I'll put Facebook pages, people who like my page. And then I can put my paging here Jerry Banfield, and they're now I've got that in there. Now that's only 40,000 that says it's the same reach. So the good news is I don't have to waste my time on that. I can go back and put exclude people that already responded to my event, and I can put black ops live so I don't need to waste my time. Facebook says That's the same targeting, which is good. So when I doing here now, I'll go back and target a different interest. So I'll go put in Xbox one right here, Big interest, large category. And now I want to try. Ah, higher budget on this. Ah, lot of the people keep in mind before I go forward with this. Even a lot of people in this audience have already seen my ads before, so I'm not making a first impression with lots of these people. This is a 2nd 3rd 4th 5th impression sometimes, So I'm going to do $5 a day on this. I will rename using available fields here. Facebook will let me, which it looks like it's not going to do that, so I'll just typing it in manually. Us. Xbox one well hit review changes and it continue. So now that's a big category where I could scale up now. I wouldn't want to do that if I hadn't already ran millions of ads to that audience. So Facebook says, some of my things couldn't figure out exactly what happened. So what I can do is go back to the ads manager and make sure everything's coming in all right. The power editor. Still not perfect yet. It's a lot faster. So inside the power editor, things are questionable inside the ads manager, Everything looks okay. So I just reset Power editor and then do this essentially a couple more times. I don't want to try to many different things because I want those ads to have some social proof on them. So this goes a little different from the way I do most of my ads. And this I want to try fewer things that are a bit more focused. So I will duplicate this us Xbox one again and all I'm changing on. This is the audience. All the ads with same everything else. I'm leaving the country the same. So now I'm going to target call of duty in here this time. So I'm going to target a much broader audience in here and at the same time, some of them may not have an Xbox, but that's okay. So I've targeted called duty on this one to see how it works. I hit the rename available fields. Looks like it's working this time. So I throw these in here changed that just to a space so us called duty. Now I'm going to do this one again right away to speed things up. So I click this go back down here and then the last thing I want to try. I've already targeted call of duty and I've already targeted. I want to try and put Trey Arc in here, the developer of the game. So that's a specific interest. And then I can even narrow the audience to match X box one. So this is a cool way to double target here. So I want just Xbox one in here so I can just do Trey Art. And I can even go put call of duty in here also, and so that I've got called duty and Trey Arc in here and these air then double targeted on Xbox one. Now, what I'm interested to see is how this compares with the ones that weren't double targeted . So I rename using available fields open, not going to let me. So you asked Trey Arc and Cole of duty and Xbox one. So I've got my interest narrowed a bit further on there, And then the last thing I want to do, I'll duplicate this the last thing I want. Well, that doesn't appear to have work. So it review changes and see what happens now. This is fairly common working in the power editor. Now it's saying Review changes. So this is why I try not to do too much without up loading, because the power editors often fraught with errors like this, and it's worked pretty good lately, and yet it's very easy to get an error like this. So one thing you can do, refresh and see what happens if it deletes it. It's no big deal because I haven't done that much working yet. So if it removes when I've already done, then it's not the end of the world. So I've got these in here and it looks like it even has the copy I have, so I can try and do the one copy I have in here. I can try and edit this ad set again, and I show you this live so you can see what things are really like, so to speak. So instead of trying to show you everything perfectly polished, this is how things really are in here. So now what? I've got in this. I've got friends of people who responded to the event, and so I've got than their friends just in this audience. So then I can just I don't I can just take this out and put us friends of event and now the right Now the audience is pretty narrow, so I refresh and it continue. Right now. The friends of the event is pretty small, with only 20 people. Even if people have an average of 200 friends each, it's less than 1000 right now. In some of those friends overlap, however, as the event grows, the friends audience will correspondingly increase. Also, So I want to do is make sure that Friends audience has a little bit lower budget, so I'll refresh this again, not where I'm making the course. Refresh this again, and then what I'll do is put the budget down to just a dollar a day on the friends audience so that the friends audience scales nice and smooth the event itself. So right now I've got $15 a damn spending on the three different ads here, and then I've got $3 a day I'm spending on the more niche audiences. So this is a good way to start off just to get an idea of what kind of results I'm going to get. Is anyone going to actually go? So this there's lots more things you can do, but to begin, this is what I'm doing. An event response right here is the result I'm looking for. So right now, this is six different ads that's 36 ads total each unique ads in terms of cliques and social proof and all that. So from here, the idea is to see how the initial results go, and then bass what I see after a day or two on what I'm going to do from there. For example, if I get a good cost event response in the call of duty area, I can raise it up and try and get a bit higher. But for now, just see how these ads perform initially and then decide what I want to do from there. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you in going through the basics of getting your ads set up on Facebook for your event. 30. Use the event discussions to convert people to "going" to the event.: One of the mistakes I made before with promoting events on Facebook is that I didn't make the most of what I was already doing in what I was getting. I was so concerned with getting the most people that go that I wasn't doing very good at converting people. Interesting going two people actually going. So this whole section is about making the most out of what you already have, including expanding outside of Facebook and especially converting the people who are already interested in the event. So what, you'll notice on Facebook and has a going option. Now if you relentlessly focus on the number that air going, sometimes it could be easy to misc the people who are really interested. So the discussion section is one of the most important places for seeing people who are really interested what I've noticed. I looked through the people that were going, and I looked through the people in the discussions. A lot of the people who posted in the discussions did not say they were going there very interested. They want to go. They posted in the discussions. They've shared their gamer tag. They haven't actually clicked that they were going on Facebook, though, So what you want to do is make sure and get in there and thank people who said they're going to go and then ask them, Get in there and say you're going to the event Because then Facebook automatically puts notifications up, and then that makes the event easier to remember. The most important part, from my point of view, is to interact, to validate these people have posted in here so that when that next person who comes in and looks around, they see that I've actually responded that I'm really putting time and energy into this event. When the person who's just seen an ad comes in, they look and say OK, he's really responding to comments. People are really sharing their gamer tags. Maybe I'll do the same. So if they see and I've replied off the other comments to make sure to click going to the event that will help more people who come in afterwards do the same. So I even the first few days was missing the discussion section on my own event here. So now that I'm aware of this, you can see I've went in and responded to all these discussions here. I think I actually missed one down here I didn't respond to. So I'm going in respond to that and all the simple thing to do. You just click on comment here, and then you say you make sure to tag the person. Thank you for sharing your gamer tag and then the copy and paste about going to the event if they haven't put that in there already. So then I can say if you click on going to the event, they're so I've got that up and then I can confirm up there that they didn't already say they were going. And if they said they were going, then I just modify my comment so they didn't say they were going already. So I've got everything set up that way. Now this guy did. I already say he now he just clicked in, and so I can say you're welcome here. So he just clicked in that he was going after I posted that comment. So now when I refresh, there's 22 people going because this one guy got in there. Now again, it may not seem like a gigantic thing At first, however, I can now advertise to all of his friends because he clicked that he's going. And I think Facebook, even when you have interested, may allow advertising. So this adds up to a lot. Make the most of every person who comes across and starts talking about the event and that can even be on the comments on the post within the ads. So anywhere someone shows interest in the event, make sure not to leave them hanging. These very first discussions are critical to getting the event toe work out really well. So I'm honored. You spent so much time with me already. I'm excited to keep sharing and learning with you about Facebook events. 31. Using a location where good event attendance will draw more people.: One thing I haven't focused very much on so far is choosing how to host the event, especially if it's an online one, or even if it's not getting the event hosted so that Ah third party has an interest in bringing more people to your event when it's successful, for example, Facebook can automatically then suggest this event and do various things, like putting it in the news feed when it sees people are enjoying it, or when a lot of people are going. Facebook can then get this event out there for me. Facebook is interested in showing people things they want to see. So Facebook has an interest in me creating a good event. Well, where you host your event can play a huge part in multiplying your success. So I've chosen to host this event on Twitch because there's a really cool thing that happens on twitch. So on my twitch channel, this is what my twitch channel looks like. I've taken the time to go put when I'm broadcasting next for my existing followers on my twitch channel. I already have people who are following me. So if I zoom in over here on the followers, which I can't zoom in that much. You see, I already have 338 people following my twitch channel. So even if they don't hear about this on Facebook, even if they don't hear about it on YouTube, even if they don't hear about it from a friend, they still will get a notification when I'm alive on twitch. So the platform I'm hosting on has integrated promotion built in for me. Not just that, though. It gets even better. Say I get maybe 2030 people watching on my Facebook event. Through all of the efforts I put out, I get 20 or 30 people watching on Twitch. Well, fortunately, if you look at the black ops three live channels there are that is pretty high up in terms of the competition. So there's, Ah, whole bunch of live channels. I'm here. You don't have to scroll down very far to get into the 30 to 40 range. I'm viewers. So if you look most of the channels, I have very few viewers. So if I'm continuing to scroll down, most channels have hardly anyone watching it all. So even just a few people from my Facebook event takes me out of the majority of channels here, the majority of channels hardly anyone's paying attention to It takes me up into the very top of the channels here, where most of the viewers are. It takes me within the anywhere, even if I only have 20 or 30 viewers on it. I'm still one of the very top twitch channels on Black Ops three. And then Twitch has a vested interest in getting even more People watch my stream twitch wants people to spend as many people as possible watching I'm twitch. So if I actually get a decent amount of viewers on my twitch channel from my own event, then Twitch will give me even Mawr viewers for that. Twitch is a native app. I'm Xbox, so I'm having this event fundamentally on Xbox. Well, I know how easy it is on X box if you just need anywhere from 30 to 50 viewers and people will organically find your twitch channel while they're browsing on Xbox. So sometimes people will get bored with playing the game and go look of what other people are doing in the game. So then, though, browse through these. Well, if you're one of the top channels, you have an easy chance getting viewers. So most people, we'll go to one of the top channels, however, then some of these air in German. So let's get by some of these zombies. They'll skip by some. So as long as you're up towards the top, you have a decent chance of pulling organic viewers naturally. So I've got a built in positive reinforcement and everything I do online. The biggest theme I've seen is you must have built in positive reinforcement, and this could even be something like at a trade show. If you've got an event at a trade show and you've got a booth set up. Even if your Facebook event on Lee drives a few people there Booth, having a few people at your booth will pull a fume or people that haven't heard of you anywhere else. Just having that attention that your booth will pull a few more people over. If you have a new restaurant, having a line out in front of your restaurant will literally pull people off the street, driving by to come look at it or to come by later If you're having a grand opening for your business, a ton of people out in front of your business and a shopping center will pull random people driving by to come take a look. People attract people if you've got your event set up. Like, for example, on some third party women are hosting and there's no way to get positive reinforcement. For example, if you use and go to meeting or go to weapon are something like that and you're capturing e mails and then you can have a list. But they're not going to send you anyone, no matter how many people that can be really hard to get good growth on. Because if I do well on Twitch Twitch might send me 50 or 100 more people to my channel. Twitch may literally double or triple the amount of people that come to this. That's the power of you. To me, you're even experiencing that. The work I do on you, to me, you, to me, then gives me even mawr and the better I do. The more you know me gives them or you to me gives the easier it is for me to do you've got to have that positive reinforcement Luke built in. If you really want to reach your maximum potential, and that could even mean instead of using, go to meeting or if you're doing a webinar to use something where you can get a reward for doing well like YouTube. If you I hosted my or earliest webinars on YouTube and just having a big live event, YouTube sent more people than me for free, who never would have found out about it otherwise. Now I got subscribers out of it that are still with me today. Now, I didn't get an email list or anything, but that's OK. It's worth it. Anything you can use to get that built in positive reinforcement will often give you the chance to make way more out of whatever efforts you make on your Facebook event. 32. Upload a video with a link to the event for better organic reach.: What do you notice about this post I just made? I just shared my event on my page. Out of two million people, it reached 895 with one like on it. Really low engagement, right? Well, that's fairly normal. Look what happened when I did it before. Now Facebook says this is promoting better than others. The irony. They're trying to get me to do an end. This Onley reached 1857 people on it only got 12 likes. Now, look at this video I shared yesterday, this thing reached 17,000 people in organic news feed and it got 3700 views on it with more than 41 likes, and it even got one share. So which of these looks like it's better? Is it the video or sharing the event? It's definitely putting a video up. So what I've done, I made a video with some fun gaming footage related to my event, and then what I'm doing, I'm up loading the video here on Facebook and I go over here and I pick where I have it. I uploaded it on YouTube also, so I upload the video on Facebook and published this as a post. So now all I need is in a link to an event on here. So I can go to I can put the call the action to be watched mawr. I can switch the thumbnail over to something that's compelling. Try not to have too much text. This looks like the mothership view. So either of these is probably a good one to use. And then I put my u R l in here to the event on Facebook. So I've copied my you, Earl over from another page. So what I do? I paced the Facebook event in here, and that then allows me to promote the Facebook event in here instead of promoting any other link in it. So now I've got the Facebook event in here. Now I can write it with the intent to get people to go to the event so I can put something like a simple title mothership play some black play black ups three with me on Xbox one live in my event at and then I can put and watch live on twitch at. And then I put my twitch link on here twitch dot tv slash jury Banfield. So now I've got all the links for this promoted together in a video post. And then I can just put a video title, mothership and live event so I can put that on here, and then I can even tag this call of duty. I can put Jerry Banfield so that everyone who's already watching me, I can put Twitch on here website and then I can even put Xbox one. I can put Trey Arc, the game developer. I can put call of duty black ops on here so that the entire game is in there. I can put first person shooter games so that this video will get some organic reach and then I can put live stream. Or I could just put something else, like call of duty again on here video game. So now I've got that tag, and then I can put get something, even join share your gamer tag to get in the game. So I've got that up there now. So I've got the mothership live event and then I hit Publish on here. So now I've got the post up here that is set up to get a higher organic reach. It's got links to both the event on Facebook and my Twitch Channel, so this is likely to go out to 10 plus times as many people and then when someone shares it , it has everything on their for their friends and has a link to the event, and it has a link to the Twitch Channel. So the main thing I'm planning on doing going forward to promote this event is making MAWR videos just like this because I already am pretty sure those Facebook ads aren't going to do much. And these videos, I know do a ton, and I can advertise these cheap so I don't. I click on the event to make sure it works. It goes straight to my event, which you can see even over the course of making. This today is continuing to grow. I then hit back to make sure. Then my twitch channel works, so I hit my twitch channel over here to make sure I said everything up. Okay, perfect. So now I've got a video that's worth watching in and of itself. I think it is. It's got some good game footage on here. It shows me playing in the mothership. So it's exactly the kind of thing the event is for. And then when you click on the end, there's a little tutorial literally having me explain how to join the event on Facebook. So hopefully I can then advertise this. Sometimes if you show too much and Facebook then doesn't want you to get into their branding than sometimes the ad won't get approved. But what I've got now is something else I can use to make an ad with. And then if these ads I'm doing don't work. I've got another potential ad format right here, too. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 33. Creating Facebook post engagement ads for the videos with links to the event.: In addition to my ads for event responses, there's another thing I can do to promote my event. So what I've got? No. I made several videos advertising the events on my page, So I've got these videos where I can advertise them, and then I can get people to go to my event from those videos. So now what I want to try. In addition to the event, Join adds, I want to also see if I can advertise the videos and get people to go to my event for their So what I'll do to do this? I'll create a new ad campaign for this because I can't find a way where I can promote these within the event. Join when I could do on this is use a boost post ad, so I'll show you how I make thes. So I go over to page post engagement as the campaign objective. I select that, and then I pick a post out that has a link to my event. So I go down here and then I use this. So then I call this Black Ops three post event promotion April 22. So I hit. Continue so this, then, will be a very focused campaign with just the videos in it. And now on the targeting. I want to do this based on the most accurate I confined. So for this I'll do two types of detailed targeting. I'll do call of duty. I want people that are both interested and call of duty on here. And I want people that are also on Xbox one for this. So I just want to try and get this out to that audience. So I've got call of duty on here and I've got the developer of the game and then I hit narrow audience. So then I can put X box one on here, So I've got that They're on the event now, and I've got a much more narrow audience for this, and I've seen that most of the ads are working on the 18 to 35 men, so I can just put 18 to 35 men. Now you'll notice that doesn't narrow my audience down a whole lot. And I can actually include women in here also, because some women are responding to the event, I can see the different costs of I hit men. The costs go up a little bit. So I can actually do this to just men because I'm advertising the event toe women on the event promotion. So now I've got the name on here, and then I can put call of duty videos. Or I can even split this by individual video to see what works the best. So I'd really like to do that. So I put the budget down to $5 a day on each of these videos, and then I can base this just on the actual video. It's on so I can put us cod, Xbox one, and then I can just name it based on the video. So I go over here to continue, and then I can go back to. Now that I have the video name, I can go back and put ugly. I can put one word to signify what I'm actually using on it. So I've got there. I have this post now with the link to the event and my twitch channel, and I can then tracked conversions if I want from my Facebook pixel on my website. So now I've got these ads set up with a link to my event. Now for this I want to remove desktop right hand column because that's not likely to get anyone to the event. So I've got this up, so I can then place order on this and then I can do the same thing with my other videos. So then I can continue on this, and then I can go through and click change, add set up here, create a new ad set, and then all I have to do is change the title of the video or the actual post I'm using with it. So I select a different post on here. So I go down to this post, make sure its one and as an event. So then I can go back to here and call this strong finish, and then I can click, continue, and then I'm expecting a lot of these might not work well, and I'm also expecting that one of these might work way better than the other. So I try each of these. I'll create similar ad for each of these, Iet continue. Then I'll change the ad set on this one and go pick another new post on this one. So I go over here and then I go up here, I scroll down and then I know this one's called my camping spot. So then I go down here and just call this camping, and then I hit, continue and then place order on this again. So I create similar ad and this I've obviously put these videos up beforehand, and I can actually pick the post right here to skip that last step so I can scroll down here. And this is these are all the videos I have for this. So I hit. Continue. I change, adds that create another new ad set. And then I call this one mothership and then delete that it continue and then place, order. So now I've got all these different ads created. I can't continue and then I go back up to the campaign. So now I've got four different ads sets for $20 a day, advertising a video. Now, this is likely to get my event out there for the absolute lowest cost. Also it as a video with it, and then I can try each video individually and what I can do Then I can customize columns on this. Once it runs, I can just delete all these other ones. And then I can go over here and put event responses. Cost, prevent response and it apply. So now I can look at these specifically by how much it costs someone toe actually join the event. So even though I'm running, these is page post engagement ads, and I'm using a video I can track by event response on these ads with CUSTOM Column. So I'm excited to give this promotional strategy a try and compare it with the direct promotion of the event itself. Thank you very much for watching. I hope this is useful for you and giving you another way to get your event out there. I would think this would be really useful if you're promoting a local event, especially 34. Move the events tab up to get more people viewing it on Facebook.: Here's a little trick you can do to get the Facebook events to have more visible. And this is in the Facebook best practices. I didn't think of it. So what you have on your Facebook page, you've got these tabs here that allow people ago browse your page. Well, when you go down here, you can see the events tab is way back here. So if you click manage tabs, then what you can dio is move the events up a bit farther and after zoom out. So this looks correct so I can move up here and I can hit events. And now that goes up. You can't put it past the about, but I can put the events past YouTube. So now when I save and now when you look back at this now it has the things in a different order. It has about videos in that event. So when you click on events, then all of my pages events are shown here. So then you've got events subscribers here. If you've got your tab up, then when you share events, people can subscribe to get notified when you create a new event. So obviously you need to be able to promote your events a bit more to get started. Ideally, when you keep doing events that have been successful in the past, you keep doing them again. You build your event subscribers so that people automatically then see that you have a new event up. And then each time you make a new event, getting those very first people is so much easier. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this little tip is helpful on how to get the events tab up a little higher in get people to click on it more often when having it right underneath your cover. 35. Uploading a video to my YouTube channel that shows how to join on Facebook.: In addition to my Facebook page, I also have 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. So what I'm doing, I'm up loading this video to YouTube, Not this one I'm making. I made a promotional video where I show some of my game play and then show the event. And then I upload that to YouTube this way. People that are subscribing on the YouTube channel but who don't look at my Facebook page will get to hear about the event from there, and then they can go join the event on Facebook. This, to me, is an example off why you can do to leverage everything you have outside of Facebook. When you consider that every single person who goes matters anything you can use to promote your event outside of Facebook and drive people to Facebook can be helpful. All I need to do is drop that event link in there, put the event link in the description, tell people in the video how to actually use and interact with the event on Facebook. Even if this only gets five or 10 people out from YouTube into the event, that's OK, then everything continues to add up. I can advertise to all their friends on Facebook. It continues to just snowball. If you've got a blogger putting a block post up, you have a had a podcast putting it up there anywhere you've got. That you can share this in a way that works is a great way to show how you're doing it. I even theoretically could promote this to my Facebook course and say, Here's how I'm doing an event on Facebook. You can see the event I'm doing as an example, and then I'm working on showing exactly how to promote it. So I'm grateful you've watched this. I hope this out of the box approach, so to speak, to think of the Facebook event in every possible way I could get people over to it is useful for you and thinking of what other things you could leverage outside of Facebook to get people into your event on Facebook, look 36. Reviewing the results of the initial promotional efforts on the Facebook event.: now it's several days later. Let's talk about optimizing the event and preparing for launch of the actual event. I'm grateful the things I've shown, you have got the foundation of a great event. Together, there's 170 people going. Several people have invited their friends, and there's over 200 people interested in the event. Meanwhile, I still have about four days until the event actually happens. So I have several chances to optimize things right now. You'll notice that now a several days I've gotten my friends that definitely are going. They've all made sure to check that they're going in there. So that helps a lot because Facebook, by default, shows how many friends are going to an event. Having friends goes a very powerful way to make sure people go. The next thing I've been doing, even though I've been traveling and this is the first time I've been on a desktop computer for several days, I have used my mobile phone to go through. And like everyone who is going to the event, this is just a little positive reinforcement toe. Let them know I'm looking at their joining this event toe. Let everyone knew that comes in, know that I'm interacting with each person and that they could expect the same thing. So today I just logged on. This is what I've been doing. I've got so many people going to the event now, and I've been traveling that I haven't I had the chance to post personal responses, but you'll notice I've went through and liked all of the peoples gamer tags that have posted in there. So just making sure to interact at least a little bit with each person going to the event is a great way to make sure when someone new comes in. When someone hasn't seen the event, they just see it through an adder through the referral of a friend. Then they get in there and actually commit to going or do something like maybe so. Then they show up is interested. I'm also very happy with the insights on this event. You can see this events reached Ah, 129,000 people. Thousands of people have viewed this event, and hundreds have responded to it on the insights. Tam. I can get a little bit more of the same information here. I can see where people have viewed it. So what you notice once I start the ads here, the views go up quite a bit for it. So then the next step from here running ads is to make sure I actually get people in the event for the lowest cost. So finally, I will show you hear the ticket clicks. This is good. I can see that people are actually going and looking at my twitch channel. I'm getting 10 on some days five and one on other days, people actually going to look at the Twitch Channel, which is good. I'm likely getting some followers on twitch for that, too. And then I can see my audience here. I can see mostly men 18 to 24 interested in this, along with some men in my demographic here and then some others in other demographics. So thank you very much for watching this. And next step is to optimize the ads 37. Optimizing the Facebook event ads to get more joins for a lower cost.: these are the results of the Facebook ads I've been running so far. I'm very happy with these results. You can see the average cost is 39 cents. Poor result overall, which is a lot lower than I've seen on a lot of other events. If you're doing a local event, you can often expect a dollar to five, even $10 to get someone to join your event. I'm doing this to a national audience in a big targeting category in the events online, so this gives me the ability to get a lot cheaper joints at the same time. You can see there's a big difference in how much I'm paying prevent response. So, for example, this 83 cents prevent response This is to my re marketing on my website, So I turned that off right now. That's much higher than the others. I don't want to keep paying that. And this one similar story here, 72 cents prevent response. This is just targeted on us call of duty. So I take that off because I don't want that running either. So I refresh the view and then it shows me the to dinner inactive now, you also have noticed I haven't spent any money on friends of the event yet, so I could turn that off. There's not any real incentive to do that at this point. So now I've got these other interests over here. I've got us Jerry Banfield, 30 cents per response. So that's only a dollar a day. I probably want to turn that up to $2 a day at this point, maybe even 2 50 to get a significant increase in, See if I can keep my costs the same. And then for these I want to now turn each of these up. I just pause $6 a day up here. So these I want to try these at $10 a day each and see if they will continue to get the same low cost event responses for $10 a day instead of $5 a day. Now this is a good time to optimize their several days left to the event. What I want to do is be able to scale up a bit as the event approaches, so you'll notice. At first I was getting the lowest cost up here and now the last few days, the cost is went up a bit. So if I look at yesterday, I can get a little bit different picture. You'll see that the track and called duty. That was 63 cents yesterday. And then on the Xbox one, that was 36 cents. So I definitely have good room to scale up on the Xbox one, and yet I don't know for sure which one's definitely going to work the best. Now, yesterday, the US call of duty was actually cheaper than the tray art. What I can do, I can go back to the day before also and take a look at that and see how those event responses were. Now, on this day, the U. S call of duty was really expensive. That got almost nothing done. Meanwhile, these categories up here did pretty well. So it's not exactly clear if you look day by day, where I'm going to get the best results in terms off the targeting. Now you can see some trends on this. You can notice here. The U. S. Called duty did very bad on this day also, and then each of these did pretty good again so day by day. Sometimes things were very a bit what I've got. Though I've got over the lifetime of the campaign here, I can see that overall, I've got these two running at 30 cents per response. And then I've got the jury Banfield at 30 cents, also roughly. So I've got these scale up a bit now, so I'm spending a little more. And yet I've paused some of the more expensive areas I'm in. I can also look at something like the cost per post year to see if I'm getting any other good results out of these I might have missed. So I'm actually getting Page likes out of both of these also, and getting post comments for a good cost. That's really good. That's a good indication of how good the ads air working. I'm getting some post likes on these also so overall, very happy with the performance of these, I can even check performance and clicks and see that click through similar on all of them, except a little higher here. The cost per click even a little bit higher on Xbox one. The CPM is similar on call duty, so I really could actually leave the US call of duty on, even though it hasn't performed that well for $5 a day. I can leave it on and see how the event response does. It had some good days, and turning this $10 a day up might increase the cost, prevent response on others. So I want to get a Zeman he joins as possible. At this point, I can just afford based on all those other statistics, to leave the US call of duty on and see if the cost goes up or down relative to these other two now. So this isn't exact science. There's a lot of trial and error with this. The bottom line is, I'm happy with these results. I've spent $95 on this. I've got 248 event responses out of it. So the question is, can I spend a little bit? Maura's. The event approaches and try and push it to the absolute maximum here we'll find out so thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful in looking at optimizing ads for vent responses 38. Pausing ads that are ineffective and limiting the campaign spend.: not every and you make is going to be effective. In fact, you may make ads that are all ineffective. So the key is to plan for failure and weed out the ads that are not working now for me. I made two different ad campaigns. I made one with videos promoting the event, and then I made event response ads themselves, and I just scaled them up. So analyze both of these quickly for you to show you how I go about this. Now the problem is with the post engagement ads, I had to make these four post engagement because they're promoting a video that has a link to the event. So it looks like everything's going good for here all for $39 I've reached 40 not 2000 people with who've actually engaged or watch the video, and I've actually reached 70,000 people with the ads. So if you look that's getting me ah lot mawr reach, then the actual event response. And so I've spent about 45 times a ZMA much on the event response ads, and I've Onley reached a little over twice a Zeman e people, so this looks good At first glance, however, if we get more into detail with it. So if I look at the cost for action and I look at the link clicks, some of these air getting very cheap link clicks to the event and others are getting more expensive. So 70 cents on this one video is getting people for 70 cents to go click on the actual event link and or my Twitch channel. And it's also getting people to like the page in that same amount and share the post, so that looks good. The problem is, if you go look at the event metric like I showed you to set up before no actual event responses advertising these videos. So the question is, if I want event responses and these ads aren't getting event responses than are they worth running well for these expensive clicks here? Facebook is not able to optimize for event responses the way it is in this ad set. So in these Facebook, even though the reach is smaller, is optimizing for people who are engaging with the event. So it's hard to say that these air proving very effective. Now I am getting some good Page likes here, I might want to do some or ads like this. I'm getting some decent shares and link flicks. However, this campaign is not driving the event responses, and that's what I created it for. So right now, the right thing to do is to turn that whole campaign off. So I turn off that campaign even though the videos are working good, it's not getting the event responses, and that's why I made it. So then, with that one off, it still says active, but they're now it's off now. What I want to do is optimize my event response. So I doubled the budget on some of these. So let's see how that impacted the results. And the problem is, we only look on a certain scale because I've only got a few days of data on this. You'll see that cost prevent response. Now, way up with these new changes. The Onley area did not go up significantly in is the U. S. Call of duty. So before that, if you look at the lifetime of this, I was getting much lower of cost event responses here on these two and then in scaling it up. Everything has went up drastically, so if I go last seven days, it will cut out a little bit. You can still see a lot more expensive. But then, if I just go in these three day period here, why increased the budget up? Then I can get the best view. So it's not always easy to piece together the data. In a way, we can see exactly what's going on. So on these larger budgets, it's costing much more to get an event response. And yet the US call of duty is working actually OK on this. So the U. S. Called duty one. At this point, I might benefit from scaling that one up, and it's the day before, so I don't have much more time to promote this event before it's going to run. So the question is now, how much am I going to dedicate to the event right before it happens? Well, even though they cost prevent response is going up. It's reached a lot of people by now, so it's the day before the event. I want to get the event promoted right beforehand, so I'm going to raise all these up to $20 a day right now so that today and tomorrow I can get the maximum promotion out of these ads. And then what I want to do is just turn this campaign off whenever the event is over with. And now if I go in and edit the campaign, I can. What I can do is set a spending limit on the campaign so that it automatically fixes itself instead of setting a schedule. So it has the total schedule here. If you see up here, it's ongoing. So I've got all of these different ones now. I could theoretically go down and try and edit each ad set, and then I could go end every single ad set on a specific day if I wanted to, or what I can do is just put the whole campaign to end when the budgets been spent. So it's going to spend good bit more today and tomorrow with these new setting. So in other words, if it spends about 100 more dollars than that will be through, so what I can do up here set a limit. I can set a limit to 254 65. So that will. I'll set the entire campaign. Then, once it's spent 100 more dollars now, I actually have to put it a little bit higher because Facebook spending money right now. So there. The whole campaign now is limited $255. So instead of going and scheduling each individual ad set, I've now got it so that when this spends another $100 it will automatically cut off. So that way I don't have to think about it again. So right here I've scaled it up the day before, and even though you can see some of these other days got a lot more results yesterday only got 25 the result rates going down if the day before the event. So I want to try and promote it as much as possible. So I've got now my event. It's ramping up its if I click on the Events tab here the day before the event. I'm in good position with this event with the ads the way have running to then get the most people to attend the event 39. Posting a poll to understand what people plan on doing.: I'm grateful. It's the day before the event and things are looking great. So far, there's 232 people that say they're going 87 invited, which means a lot of people have invited their friends. Almost 300 people interesting. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen this event. Hundreds have responded for having a very first event of this type. This is very exciting. So what I'm going to do now is make sure to capitalize and keep people interested who have already stopped by now. I traveled last week, so I did my best to at least interact and like each person's post in the event. Now it's the day before, and the 24 hours leading up to the event is one of the most critical times to make sure people remember it. So here's one tool that I think is helpful is to create a poll. So what I've done, I've it to create a poll option, and what I want to know is how people plan on interacting with this event. So I have two basic things people can do. They can play with me in this event, or they can watch it live, or then they can do both of those, which makes three different options for my poll. So this will help me understand what people's expectations are for the event. If you can understand what people's expectations are for the event you condone your best to , then modify those expectations either in what you can deliver or modify the expectations beforehand for examples. Everyone thinks they're going to play, and no one thinks they're going toe watch. Then I'll need to make a video that's addresses that or I'll need to post something that says, Hey, everyone is not going to be able to play it once you'll need the watch to see when there's a spot open so that you can get in and get invited. If everyone thinks they're going toe watch and no one's going to play that on these say, Hey, look, we don't have enough people. We're going to play. We need to get some more people who are going to watch to actually play. So whatever event you are planning on setting up, if you can use the poll option to try and understand what people are expecting, then you can pull the event off in such a way that you clearly meet people's expectations. The most important part of the event is to meet people's expectations. If people are expecting something different than you can deliver, the earlier you can figure that out, the better. So what I'm going to do now? I've set this pole up and I hit post on this poll. 40. Every comment and response is very valuable the day before.: what you'll notice on the pole I created here. I've immediately gotten a lot of interaction on it. There's likes and comments coming in right away. There's conversation, and then what I'm doing, I'm interacting with these now, especially the bigger your event is. It often convey easy to get sidetracked and think that everyone individually is not important. Now. If you have a small event, it's easier to be excited about every single person. But it's also easier to get down like well, what two people? It doesn't matter. It's not big enough. Every single person that post those are your most interested most enthusiastic people most of the time. So what I'm doing, I'm trying to make sure to interact as much as possible with the people who have put up an immediate response as soon as they saw it posted in the event they posted right on after it . So I just made this video a few minutes ago, and there's a bunch more post in here, and then you can see what I've tried to do also is make some genuine replies wherever possible, not just things that are kind of generic, but things that people will see him and see that I'm a real person. If you haven't event anything where you can bring the people aspect in off, your event is ideal. And so those come from honest replies from the heart. So I even shared a little story here. This guy posted, I hope, my girl, Don't be tripping cause I'm ready L A. Well, And then I remembered my wife was joking that she wasn't going to be out of town that night . And so I've made some reply like this in here, not just for Brandon, but for anyone else's reading through. They'll know that I am really, honestly invested in this. So each discussion, each comment is something you can think of as gold these air people in here that make the event. These are the people who are likely to bring their friends in at the last minute. These are the people that might stay the whole time. And really, all you need's a solid foundation of hard core supporters. You don't need the masses. Are you really need is the mosh pit essentially in concert terms? If you get the people to fill the mosh, pit up the masses will come join them. Also, the people who are going to the mosh pit part of the concert will tell everyone else about it. They'll bring their friends. They'll all that collective energy will bring more people together. So these air essentially my mosh pit equivalent in here. These are the people who are most interested who are want to get right in the middle of the action. So if you want to make a good show, you want to be able to get right in the middle of the action. So I know I've went on about this. And yet I realize it's one of those things that can be easily dismissed. You easily can get really busy the day before the event and say, I don't have time to respond to every person posting in the event. I'll have time. I got to get this set up. If you can organize your event in such a way that someone has time to make personal responses inside the event discussions a day beforehand, then you can make sure all these people you've worked really hard to talk with your event about all the people who are really excited about the event will make sure that they remember to go. Now. You see, a soon as I posted, I lost a few people interested in the event, and that's okay. You don't want anyone who's not really interested to look like they're going. So I'm grateful that I've had the chance to share this with you, that there's so much excitement about this event, and I hope this is useful for you and planning your event. 41. Making a post to get people excited about the event and remind those forgetting.: to me, one of the best ways to get people excited is through video. So what I've got planned, I rendered a video right before this and you can see it here. I made a little video where I get six kills at once, which that is an integral part of my event. You could say so. Then when I've got on my event page, I've got the status planned and I don't want to make another post right after that last poll is still going. What I want to do then, is make a post a little bit later in the afternoon that has a video in it, something that will actually get people as excited as possible about the event and maybe even put a couple of videos up. Maybe another one explaining the event tomorrow or today beforehand. So getting some videos up can be just short. Simple videos could be the very best way to get people engaged with the event. Video on Facebook is the easiest thing to get big organic reach with and pictures also can be very good to get big organic reach with. So if you don't have any videos, just clicking on Add photo video. Putting some photos in beforehand, photos that are original for your event that are useful and relate directly on a personal level to the people that are going to come so you can't schedule as far as I can see like I can on the page. I don't see where I can schedule a post on the event itself, So I upload the video a little bit later. And then when I look at the day before, you'll be able to see how things are going from there. So the day of I've got big plans for that, too. So I'm excited to be able to share that with you. This is what I've done on the day before to prepare for the event. 42. Converting comments into informed people that show up.: It's the day of the event, and I'm excited. One of the first things I'm planning to do, in addition to what I've shared about liking the comments that people post is comment now today on each person's comment with a specific message relevant to the event. This gives me the best chance to reach the people who are most enthusiastic about it and explain to them what is relevant about the event. The hundreds of comments I've received so far have helped give me the information here in this message that I hope will be useful for each person in having a successful event. So, in other words, I'm doing my best to communicate with each person who shared here. So what I do, I control a and then control see your apple, and then when I can do I have to zoom out so you can see it properly. I can pace this in here and now this person that's posted it sees that I've replied to their comments. So now I can go through here and reply to the comments. I probably wouldn't do this super fast to not flag any spam filters, but this way, the people see that I'm personally replying to them, even if it is a copy and paste comment. So now they've also got the basic details of the event because after reading hundreds of comments, it's obvious that a lot of people didn't read the description to the event or forgot about it. So the day off, several hours beforehand, or maybe even the day before, is a good time to try and personally connect and give everyone they need what they need to know now. The smaller your event is, the easier and more personal this is, and the nice thing about this approach it make sure the personal outreach is there, so I'll do this as much as possible because also, new people coming in and posting may see some of what I've written here before. So I again tried to get everyone over to where the event will take place, which is here on twitch. So I've got the event in the central location. I've tried to explain to people all the things they might want to know and things they can do to reduce potential frustration, and I've done that by applying on the comments. Now I've got a lot more comments to go, so I'm going down and trying to hit every comment here if I can. And so I just post in here and that's a double. There we go. So I just go down here and post now the pole I created yesterday. It doesn't show up right on on Google Chrome, for some reason. On Apple, it shows up correctly on my Windows machine. This poll is very helpful in showing me what people needed to know before the event. So obviously, if you could do this earlier, that's great. But often the day off is a great time to remind people, because I've had events in the past, people simply forgot. Rather, it was the world to I was promoting for a client, or the women are event for myself. People simply said they forgot about it. So doing this also reminds people that the events going on today because then a little notification will popped up that I've responded now one of the best things. Sometimes you can do it, and sometimes you can. You can comment and tag people's names, so then you'll see that their actual name got tagged so it depends on your exact relationship with them, but sometimes you can and tag them in the actual post here. So it's not letting me do that right now. So in this instance, I can just paste in here. Sometimes you have to refresh the page before it will allow you to do that. So I can give you an example on one of these so I can put here. They're now on this one. It did it correctly. So you see, I typed his name out here and then it's got his profile. Picture comes up there, and so now when I tag someone, then that comes up specifically in a notification. So the ideal way to do this when it will let you do it correctly, is you try and write out their name. But sometimes if it doesn't do it correctly, you can just paste the message anyway. So I'm grateful have the chance to share this with you today. I hope this is, ah, helpful strategy. You can use the day of the event to make sure that every single person who shared their enthusiasm, every single person who says they're going has the chance to turn into someone who actually shows up 43. The day of the event is a great time for a balanced life.: the day of the event often might be something you would plan where you do on Lee the event that day. In other words, the day of the event. You might think the entire day is just about that event. Well, what I'm doing today is making extra sure to balance my life out the way I normally dio on the day of this event, because often the day of something like an event can be really easy to get extra stressed out. And then that will impact how the event goes. So where my events used to guide me into trying to make the whole day about an event, getting way over, excited about it. Today, for example, I'm going out on a date with my wife right after making this lecture. I'll be gone several hours. I'm going to my support group already walked the dogs this morning. In other words, I'm taking Mawr time or as much as I normally do to take care of myself so that when I am ready for the event, I'm not already burned out from all the normal things in my day. So this means for event planning. If you can try and plan an event in space that is ideal. If you can try and not funnel extra anxious energy into the event beforehand, that can reduce the pressure, the need for results out of event. So in other words, if I'm sitting on Facebook just putting all day into the event beforehand, testing out every single possible problem, talking about every possible scenario and not taking time to do something like Go out with my wife, she said. Do you want to go out today? Because it's an hour drive, and that will be a couple hours in an hour. Drive back. Do you want to go out today when you've got this event to do? And I said, Yes. It's more important on a day like this for me to make sure I take family time and make sure I have a well rounded day. Then when I go into the event, I'm fresh. In other words, I'm not stale from having already filmed five hours of video earlier, and then I have an event to show up for. So today, when I have an event I'm doing, I try and be as freshest possible for the event beforehand. Now this requires trust. I trust that when it comes time for the event, I will be able to do the things I need to do. The opposite of trust is distrust. What happens when you don't trust you'll be ready, then you have to anxiously prepare. Then you have to worry. Then you have to be afraid. Then you have to try and solve every possible problem beforehand. Then you have to try and work really hard because you're not sure if you're going to be ready when it's time. It's so much easier to just trust that things will happen as they should. And to me, this is one of the biggest part of me's successful event. If you or whoever is the center for the event or whoever is the organizer, whoever is the host venue, all the people involved in event, they are often more important than all the promotional efforts you've done. The actual value of the event is usually related to the people that are involved in it, so I make sure to take extra time them to take care of myself and love myself and make sure I'm in good shape for this event by respecting that I have limits. I can only film. So Maney videos. I can only spend so much time on camera each day without starting to feel a bit drained. If I spend the right amount of time, I feel energized. If I go overboard, I start to feel drained and do a bad job. And therefore, I'm respecting that today. So the day of the event, the most important day to respect your own limitations, especially if the event is something you're putting on, where you're the focus, like a webinar or some live event where people are going to see you or even if it's someone you're assisting. So thank you for watching this. I hope this is helpful for you. 44. Replacing the idea of success with honesty and effort.: the day of the event is the time to let go of the results. It's the time to replace the idea of success or failure with honesty and effort. You might be surprised that on the day of the event, I'm not saying that there's all these things to do with the last minute. The day of the event is time for peace and serenity because I've already done most everything to set this event up. In fact, there's not much left to do except actually do it. So from this point of view, when I look at it is this event is about my honest effort. That's what I can do. I can't control who comes to the event. I can't control what people do Walder of at the event. What I can control is the honest effort I put into it. Of course, I can try and make a good experience for people while they're at the event Off course. I can try and be a good host while I'm at the event. That's what I can do. Ultimately, the success or failure of this event is a subjective judgment. One person may look at this event and say that was a raging success. Another person might look at it from another point of view and say it was a complete, utter failure. All I can do is focused on what I can contribute to the event, and that gives me peace and serenity because I let go of the results. I've spent $250 to promote this event. I've texted my friends that I play with about this event. I've posted comments. I've liked people's comments. I've created ads. I've made a few videos. I've put an honest effort into making this a good event. And the question is, then what can I learn from my honest effort to let go of the idea that there's some certain point that will make this a success or failure, for example, of the game lobbies Fall night? Or if there's a certain amount of viewers, or if you're doing an event, I chose to do one that's not sales related because I'm grateful I have enough money today. It's easier to do an event that's fun related instead of sales related. However, if you're doing an event that sales related as my first successful event was very sales related. If you're hoping a for a certain number of sales out of it, that can often be a successor failure point and that can often ruin the whole event. My first event was designed for sales, and yet I got almost none immediately over the long term, though, with the video on YouTube. I got a lot of clients that way. So even though it didn't look like a success at first, most people would probably say it was a success in the long term, especially if you've seen everything. So for me understanding I have a very limited point of view. I don't know what this event will lead to. I don't know what I will learn from doing this event. That helps me to focus on just my honest effort. I try and do this event as good as I can, and I don't do anything above what I'm capable of doing. I stay out of trying to change an influence. Other people ice explain the event, how I'm doing it. I try and help people to get be in the position to get to the event successfully and to have a good experience at the event successfully. From there, that's all I can do. One of the toughest things for an event is often being overwhelmed. You go from hoping, praying, struggling to get people to come to the event. All a sudden, everyone's there and what do you do or not enough people are there. If only my friend show up. This will still be, ah, fun night with my friends. That way there's nothing I have to worry about it. Be anxious about so you can see how peaceful I am the day of the event. I'm really grateful for this opportunity to teach you by example in what I'm doing with my event. 45. How did my Facebook event go?: How did my event go that I've showed you planning from start to finish here. I'm grateful today that I have the chances a day after to tell you it went really well. I had a lot of fun. A lot of other people seem to have a lot of fun. And what I'm showing you is the recording off the event itself here on my twitch channel. So you can see this is how I had the event. And right here you can see a lobby full of people that are playing with me. Actually, it was a bit too much in terms of. There were a bunch of people waiting to play. It was difficult. There were a bunch of technical glitches, and yet overall, we had a lot of fun. Things went pretty smooth, except I had a bunch of my friends that wanted to play, and it was actually very hard for them to play. People were trying to join my lobby so fast that my friends couldn't hardly play with me. So I ended up playing mostly with followers and fans and a handful of friends instead of playing with all my friends at once. So I'm grateful, died the chance to do this event, and I'm planning on doing another one because it was a lot of fun. And I think that's the point of having an event is to have it be something that's worth going to. If the event isn't something worth going to, then it's not worth doing all the other secondary things, like the money made from it, the connections that people make, the networking, the longer term opportunities. To me, those are secondary to the actual enjoyment of the event itself. If people enjoy going to it, there will be opportunities to make money. Maybe not like on this event. There was no opportunity for me to make money on this particular event. However, if I keep doing this, if I keep having an event like this, an event just like this could potentially make a lot of money when done repeatedly in the future. If the audience grows so lots of times, the only thing you can really make sure to get out of an event is is it worth going to? Is it something people enjoy doing? So I'm happy my event went really well, so I'm not using the word success or failure here. I made an honest effort to have a great event last night. A lot of other people made an honest effort to make a great event to, and you can see doing the technical work off the event was pretty difficult trying to get everyone invited. And if I scroll into some of the other, you can see the game disconnected right here in certain spots and then in other places were having a lot of fun, were playing different game modes. But you notice a lot of the time is spent in the actual lobby instead of actually playing the game. So it was a great experience, and I'm grateful I had the chance to do it last night. Making this course motivated me to do this event. I doubt I would have done this event without making this course this course. I hope we'll have the same value for you that you can see the event I did. And the more than likely this exact events probably not just the perfect one for you to have. I hope it motivates you the same as this course did for me to actually try doing something 46. What next? Finding what you love to do and doing it daily is the opportunity!: what next? After having an event, this could be a big question for me. I'm thinking of doing another event just like this so you can actually go copy the event once you've done it. So if you scroll, if you go into the event itself and you go over here and you click copy event, then you can copy the event and do it again. So what I'm planning to do is do another event like this, using the lessons I've learned from the last event. So the lessons I've learned from the last event have given me a beautiful set of tools to try and then make a better event. So the problems in the last event I had too many people trying to join up at once. It was chaos, and none of us got any experience from playing in the custom game. So what I'm going to try is a little bit different format, but the same basic thing. I'll be live on twitch and I will have a Black Ops three game with up to 18 people. I'll be playing in public games this time, though, so I've changed the event up. I've changed some of the instructions up before I went to film this, but it was really easy than just set up and create another event. Now, full disclosure. I've asked my wife before I do this because I think, based on her calendar, works with her schedule. However, my first priority after taking care of myself is taking care of my relationship as a husband and then as a father and then is a family member and then is a friend and then here with you on you, to me and then down here after that with the people I game with. So this is a pretty low priority in my life priorities, and that doesn't mean it's not important, though. It means I check with my wife before I go make another one of these events and then put it out in front of other people and then potentially end up wasting their time if I can actually make the event. So I take these things into consideration when planning new events. So to me, this is the big opportunity to see what it is that people want you to do. So if you look on my twitch channel here, if you remember any of the numbers before? I had over 400 views on this left indicator. And then I had around 300 something of these heart, which means people following. So on this one event, I got hundreds of people that stopped by the channel and I got around 100 new followers. Now that doesn't seem like much. Maybe if you're in the world of trying to make money streaming, playing video games, that's not going to earn much income. I didn't earn any income from last night that I know off. I had, you know me. Codes up there saw. See if anyone bought, of course. But the idea is to see if this is worth doing to validate it. People that are live streaming with a big audience do make a ton of money. So what I'm saying is, if you do it out of love and enjoyment, there are money making opportunities to almost everything that come in with consistently doing an event that people love. Often there is not a good money making opportunity. In fact, if you try and squeeze money making out of every event you're having, your often ruin it, and you often won't get the feedback in traction that's so important to scaling and then to having the chance to do your events all the time. If you're events are only about money, you might not have a whole lot of fun if you don't make money. So this might not look like much. Ivor, let's look at this on my YouTube channel. The gaming videos on my YouTube channel were essential. I have 56,000 subscribers on YouTube. Now. I know those people that have more than me. So these YouTube subscribers at first it didn't look like a great way to make money either . And yet I was consistently getting good feedback on it. So then let's take a look. This is what's happened on you to me. So now if you've seen this before, you might be like, Wow, how did the number get so big? All the sun? Because when I was first doing this, if I take you back over here to March and April, this was several months after I had made the first Facebook event. You know, me didn't look like it was going that great, but then when I started working consistently on you to me. And when I started showing up to you to me every single day, Then things have worked out really well. That's how all the numbers you see here. So what you see is that I've been working consistently on you to me. And when I started putting in the daily effort, which happened in December, I started putting in work almost every single day on you. To me, that's when the numbers started getting a lot bigger. So from the time I made my Facebook event to the time that I actually made some money doing the thing. Now I got clients out of my Facebook event also. So I made some good money from doing that I made. I'm not even sure I made tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, from getting clients from that Facebook event. What I actually was doing in the event, though, was teaching. So it took me quite a while that translate that event. So I had that event in 2013. By a year later, I bought a bunch of money. And then that was the first month I made over 1000 a month teaching and then now, more than a year later, So almost three years later, now I've made 600,000. I've spent hundreds of thousands to make this. Also in online ads and things like that. The teaching I've done that's come out of consistently doing that little Facebook event I had before has been worth a lot of money. It all comes back, though, to this doing the bare basics to build a foundation toe loving and enjoying the events that I'm doing. So this twitch audience right now might not look like much. And with the existing commitments I have to you, to me, I don't Noah's. I'd have time and energy to do twitch every day like I do you to me because I'm I'm limiting only do so much. What I hope I'm sharing is that what might not look like a big step towards success from your event. And success is just a myth. Really. You have everything you need right now what might not look like a huge step towards whatever you think you can work up to. It might actually be a huge step. What I'd made on my twitch channel last night was a huge step. And yet you need a lot of huge steps, often to get some of the things you might plot and scheme over. So the key is to make sure you really want to do it. Make sure you really enjoy whatever it is you're doing. You comptel. I love teaching, and I figured that out by doing a Facebook event. If you can figure out what it is you love to do with your event and then you keep doing it , then you put everything you have into doing it. The events you have on Facebook can turn into some absolutely incredible things online or in your daily life. So I'm grateful to have the chance to share this with you today. I hope you've enjoyed this course. This course has been really useful for me in going ahead and testing out some of these things I've been thinking about in going ahead and trying something new, which is how my life, then is not boring. I try new things out. So this course I hope it's is useful for you as it has been for me. Thank you very much for watching this I value your feedback on the course. That's how I know what courses I should teach in the future. That's how I know what course I should try. And I know when I'm willing to give feedback. I'm willing to get it back also. So thank you very much. I hope you've enjoyed this. 47. Every piece of feedback is useful good and bad!: every piece of feedbag from an event like this is the most valuable thing. I think you can get out of an event. I got a lot of valuable feedback because that is what then I can use to figure out what it is. People really liked about the event, and rather I should do more. For example, here's a post someone made Ryan Perry made on. I made a post on the day of the event, sharing my twitch channel up here, And this is what Ryan said about it, and I asked for feedback repeatedly on the Livestream and ah, lot of people shared similar feedback. Toe what? Ryan said. There were a couple of haters that came along. Also, there were mostly overall feedback requesting that I do more of these. To me, the real opportunity is inconsistency. Doing the same thing if you can use an event to figure out it is what the world really want to you to do or your company to do or your friends and family to do. However, you're setting the event up. To me, that's a real opportunity. The first successful event I had pointed me in the direction that has brought me here with you. This event has encouraged me then to think about making mawr events in the future, and the feedback people give is crucial this process. So this is nice. Even if your event turns out really small, there's only three or four people. Or even if no one shows up, that will help me figure out what to do in the future. Do something different. Whatever feedback you get, that is the guidance from the universe to you about what it is you can do. I got a lot of feedback on my YouTube video that I should doom. Or of those. I did more YouTube videos than people started asking if I had courses. I did more courses. People started asking fired Mawr courses. And so here I am, making another course on this exact subject after I've gotten a lot of requests for helping promote events and local business ideas and anything you could basically do with an event on Facebook. So the feedback I've received is guiding me to where I'm at. The world is often a very mysterious place. When I'm selfishly trying to figure out what it is I want to do what it is I can get out of everything what it is that will make me happy. The world is a very simple place when I think about what I can give and when I listen to the feedback from those that I'm giving with. So any feedback you get like this, even if only one person really likes your event, that's enough to give you an idea of what to do next. So I'm grateful that you can see all of this in action. You can see the value of this feedback from me, and then I hope that's useful for you and soliciting feedback during your event and reviewing the feedback you've gotten after your event. 48. Reflecting a year later on what I learned in this class: what have I learned in the more than a year since I released this class? What I've learned is that I prefer to do things and have less events scheduled now for having the very most people attend your event for having the very best results. The tips I give you in this course are extremely helpful. What about if you just want to be able to do a live stream and share what you have to share with the world? I prefer to just do live streams on Facebook now. Sure, I could set up an event every time. And when I went through and did what I shared in this course with you, I had a lot of people watching him participating in the event at once when I just went through and did livestream events following this, I didn't have nearly as many people watching, however, is it all about how many people watch? Is that the very most important thing? If you haven't event in person, you may need to go forward and schedule an event. But for something like a webinar or a live stream of a video game, or playing music online or doing a podcast live. Do you really need to do all the work to make an event for it every time to maximize the number of people watching? It can be helpful, for example, TV shows, you know they're on in a certain time and you watch them. But I don't watch TV. In fact, I do are very few things that are at a set time because I like to have my schedule free and available. Therefore, I make my audience online, essentially with the way I live in mind. I give according the same way I like to receive. I like to be able to just watch things whenever I want to. I do live streams now, and if people are available online when it's convenient for me, then they are able to participate. If they missed one in the future, I think it almost promotes hopping onto one whenever I'm live, instead of the sticking with an exact schedule. I've tried some live classes scheduled now. I didn't follow the what I said about doing in the events in this course, and no 11 person bought and did not show what I share with you in this class is extremely powerful and has worked good for me to do online events. Especially, however, is it worth all the extra effort? Why not just doom or online events? Why not just make a system where you can do online events on a regular basis and instead of trying to force everyone to come in a certain place in a certain time? Why not just make a system where you can have a flexible life, do the live stream whenever it works best for you and then the people who were happened to be available then can participate? I'm not saying there the best way to do it. I'm saying there's ups and downs, toe everything, all the work I put in and show you doing in this course for the events now. Yes, it got a lot of people to show up for the event. It got too many people to show up for the event. What I share in this class worked so well. I just wanted to have a call of duty live event that people would enjoy watching. The problem is the event was so big that people wanted to be able to participate when I just did events later. It worked out a bit better because it wasn't overflowing with people the ofhis what I shared with the work so good in here that the event was overcrowded and it can be better toe have an event where you can really connect with everyone. Having an overcrowded event often produced the negative experience for people. What this will have happened is that it will be like a new restaurant opening. The restaurant will be packed. To start with, there'll be a line out the door. Everyone will want to eat there. But the annoyance of trying to go through the crowds will drive a lot of people away who might be the potential customers who would come in every night. But they're not going to go wait in line every single night. They're not going to deal with the crowds every night. Sometimes it can be better to just have a little more personal approach and a bit more flexibility in life. I think either way, when you go through and learn within this class, there's some really powerful tips in here. I think when you try this out, it can be a good contrast. But when I was motivated to do is set up ways to simply go live instead of spending. I think I spent five or 10 hours preparing for this one event online. That then was overcrowded, and most people who wanted to come to it couldn't actually participate. What I've found is it's better to just spend that five or 10 hours actually online and available. And if less people come, that's okay to just make myself what I did after these events. The events were so crowded and so packed in so crazy that I showed creating on here the things I did work so well that after that I just had a live events with whoever wanted to show up. And this was a lot better experience because usually I would just then send invites whoever was online. And it was a lot easier then having some huge event with big expectations where people were disappointed. The problem with events and having big impressive events is that you often will set up these high expectations and people will then be disappointed. You'll set up this system where you'll have some event in person and everyone's supposed to have this awesome experience. But if too many people come to the event what you're going to do instead to create a bunch of disappointed people now, sure, some companies like Apple, they open a new apple store. There's all these people waiting in line. Yes, that can be good for some people, but I don't go to anything like that. I'm more likely to just catch some live stream online. I don't want to go anywhere where there's a bunch of people all crazy like that. What I do and participate in is online. So what I encourage and what I try and do today's match up, what I'm doing with what I want. I like to be able to just hop on and watch something, or if there was a live event to watch it afterwards. I like to be able to just have on demand. I don't want I refused toe watch anything that requires me to sit down at a certain time and watch it. So that's what I offer and I prefer that people are more available. I prefer that people that I can actually make connections with people. There's too many people watching it gets crazy. If there's too many people participating, it's harder for me to interact with each individual. I appreciate you watching this cost. I hope this is helpful for you in looking at more than a year after I've made this class. Some of the things I've learned from it, and maybe this will be helpful for you and wrapping the class up.