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Facebook Advertising for Sales with Text Only Ads!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. I will attempt to make the entire course worth it in this first lecture.

    • 2. What do you need to have in place before applying this strategy?

    • 3. Where to get stories to share in the page posts?

    • 4. Amazing opportunities available by promoting using this strategy.

    • 5. Facing fears related to trying this Facebook advertising strategy.

    • 6. Making the ad creative is so incredibly easy with this strategy!

    • 7. The benefits of always making the post on the page first.

    • 8. Using the page post, I make a quick ad to make sure the post gets approved.

    • 9. With the ad approved instantly, I now start a campaign to scale up.

    • 10. What do I use the Facebook power editor for?

    • 11. Getting started navigating the new Facebook power editor interface March 2016.

    • 12. Using the power editor to quickly make new ad sets automatically named.

    • 13. Using Google AdWords to get new targeting ideas for Facebook interests.

    • 14. How to know which countries are worth testing for sales?

    • 15. A simple system to split test different countries in the power editor.

    • 16. How long to wait before reviewing the results?

    • 17. What metrics to use to discover success and remove what is not working?

    • 18. When everything works, you just make new posts to scale up!

    • 19. Why continue trying even when posts fail?

    • 20. First 10 days: 44K post likes, 61 shares, 491 page likes, 129 comments for $1000

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About This Class

If you want to learn a simple system to make sales on Facebook that has proven effective through millions of dollars in advertising spend, you might enjoy this course! Watching just the first video shows you a simple strategy that has consistently worked for one of my clients and can work for you starting today! See me apply the same strategy on my own Facebook page while advertising my own Udemy courses! Take this course now to get practical tips that will inspire you to try something new with your next Facebook advertising campaigns!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. I will attempt to make the entire course worth it in this first lecture.: I will attempt in this one lecture to communicate everything in the basic details to make this entire course worth it. Even if you only watch this lecture. The purpose of this course is to share a strategy. I see working for client today, who has spent more than $1.5 million on Facebook ads and who's getting exceptional results now because of confidentiality. I cannot share anything that client is doing with you directly. What I can do and have done in this course is reviewed exactly what that client is doing, taking the strategies that is working for that client and then giving them to you right here using my Facebook page and my ads as an example, as I test the strategies out on my products online. Here's exactly what the client is doing in all of their ads, with one little difference being some of these included pictures. Some of them don't. What you see here is ah, Post on my page, a new post here that I've written in the exact format the client uses to advertise their products. It literally is a customer review from using the product. That's it, that's it and it blows my mind. I went through and looked at hundreds of different campaigns. They have running today same exact format over and over and over and over again, and it's working and it's working really well. That's why they have so much they've spent. Because the ads air consistently making sales, the ads are consistently getting low cost clicks and consistently promoting their brand every day. Now, why does this work? It works because people relate to a story. People relate to something someone else has said. It's honest and it's straightforward. It's not sales e In an age where everything is so sales e thes stories air incredibly effective. It also works really well because no, you earl approvals required. You don't have to use a landing page. It gets people's curiosity going. It gives people wondering what is this product? And over the long term, many people have seen hundreds of these stories. The ads are not targeted to anything except an entire geographical region with people over 20 some years old. I believe the ads are not niche targeted, their brute force everywhere all the time. It's incredible, So that's why I've made this whole course about it. It's a simple thing to get started with, and it's very powerful when done consistently over time, because it gets the message completely out to the community. What I've noticed. Their ads have a ton of shares on them. People who don't even need the product are reading the story and thinking, You know what? My mom could use this and sharing it with their mom. They're seeing a story and thinking, you know, my friend could use this and they're sharing it. So the brute force targeting strategy works incredible because they get their ads out to the lowest cost audiences who don't like a bunch of things. And then they get tons of viral activity on their ads and because their stories, their evergreen, they can be left running indefinitely. Some of the ads they've had running for more than two years, and by now the posts are very viral. They've got thousands of shares on them. All kinds of likes all kinds of comments, and they do all of their conversion by having people go to the Facebook page or interact in the comments. It's a brilliant strategy, so I've shared it here with you the basics of it. I'll go into more details about exactly how to apply it on a page with different products. And I will also show you as I attempt to give this a test on my Facebook page because I've never even tried this strategy before myself. So we try it together here. Thank you very much. I hope sharing this just the idea alone is worth something to you. 2. What do you need to have in place before applying this strategy?: What do you need to have set up before you can successfully start doing this strategy or even give it much of a test? The idea is to share here with you what you need so that if you don't have it, you can get motivated to start making it. And if you do have it, you can start using what you already have. So the first key thing is obviously a Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook page already, this isn't going to work now. What kind of Facebook page would work best for this? I think there's two different basic types of pages you can use that can work best with this . My page is Jerry Banfield, so it's branded after me. I think this strategy has the best potential to work for a personally branded page or for the exact name of a company that is branded well. For example, if you have your product and it's obvious that anyone can see what it does. For example, if I had a company name, I could say online courses or something, some name that's easily recognizable. This doesn't seem like it's likely to work very well with a poorly branded company name or something that's too complex because the whole strategies you can see in the Post here the whole strategy is based on word of mouth, viral sharing and simplicity. So if you have a really complicated page name or if you have something that is subject to being changed, for example, if you have some MLM program and that's the name of the page in and you switch to another MLM program, then you need an entirely new page for this. You really need a page that stable that doesn't switch over time. Ah, Page. Or, if you hopped from one mln program to another one, you to meet course from another one line of work from another. You can still keep using the same page because you want a page you can use over a long period of time. So, to me, a personally branded pages the way to go unless you've got a rock solid company that you're working with and that it could be a client or it could be your own company. The client I have worked with is doing this with a company page, and they have their branding is outstanding. You can tell exactly what product they're selling by the name on their Facebook page, and it's on Lee. One word. It's utterly simple. It's not Some senates long page name is. I've seen a lot of people. It's a very simple pay, shinning. So you might think, Why is he going to detail so much about these little things? Well, when you're doing this over the long term, all these little things like the page name add up to a whole lot. And when people are trying to talk about your page and when you're trying to run your ads for branding, all of these things matter a lot. So once you've got a page set up and you've got your page preferably, you can get it verified if possible. If it's for a public figure media company or brand, so that might actually be easier with a brand. And if you can just get a few likes on your page. If it's a personal brand or make something somewhere else, you can get it verified. So to me verified helps on their to show people that's trustworthy. Then what else you want? Your page completely filled out with a cover that accurately communicate what you do. As you can see, this strategy doesn't have a you are Linet, and the beauty of that is that you can get almost anything promoted by just having this little story. Now what's the problem with that? The problem is, if your Facebook page is not set up to direct people somewhere, if people come to your page and they see some vague cover photo with no call the action, so to speak. Or if they come look at your about section down here and you don't have your website or everything filled out, then you've wasted that traffic. Everything should be set up on your page to engage people as soon as they arrive. So to me, this doesn't seem like it be a great idea to do unless you have a bunch of posts already. So let's look and see just a little bit some of the recent posts. I have tons of different posts on my page and long story short. I've got this money post going back nearly a year. My page has depth on it, and the clients page I'm doing work for has depth on it. Also, if one person sees this story, they can go read 100 more stories like this immediately. And that's really powerful for long term forgetting that viral sharing because this story that is initially seen an ad and this is a review, and I'll talk more about making the actual post and a little bit when someone sees the initial post here, this may not do the trick. This may just get them interested enough to go look at the page if the pages branded. Well, if the pages explain well and filled out and then there's more content. One of the posts on the page may make the actual conversion into an excited potential customer. So on my page, I've got lots of different angles. I work here. I have inspirational videos. I get people in my YouTube channel. I have things that straight up sell courses on here. So someone might read this review in an ad on my page and then come down and see this and watch a little bit of a gaming video scroll down. See that visit the YouTube channel and then continue going and say, ho, this is what I need a Google AdWords course, watched the 1st 30 minutes of the tutorial, then go by the AdWords course. So someone may see a review that's actually for a different course. Or they might see a story unrelated to what they actually end up buying. So in summary for this, I'm thinking to do this strategy, and the client has all these things set up a page that's branded well for the long term. A completely filled out page with photos and about sections that clearly communicate what's done on the page. And all of this to me is easiest if it's personally branded and then in depth tons of content on the page, that's matching the communication style intensity, the mind set of the original post. Now, if you make something here that's all happy and positive than everything on the page is critical on how much politics sucks. Well, that's probably not going to work out for sales, either, so everything should be consistent across the page. So if you haven't got some of these things now, you know it doesn't take that long to set up most of these different things. Once you know what to aim at. So I appreciate you watching this. I value your feedback on the course, and I hope this is useful for you. 3. Where to get stories to share in the page posts?: the key for doing the strategy I'm sharing with you is to have a story in the first place that you can share with people. What I answer here is how do you find something to write in here? How do you put a story in here that is compelling to share with people? The ideal format and the one the clients is using is sharing messages or reviews from people already using the product. I've done that exact format here I've posted in the example I've given. I've posted an actual review from one of my you Timmy courses. So the short answer is to use what you already have. If you already have products or anywhere. People are commenting a YouTube channel, Facebook page, anywhere. People are commenting on what you're doing. Just use what you already have now. For me, that means my you Timmy courses over here, and I then go to the instructor dashboard. I hit all courses. I just pulled five star reviews, and then I just roll through here and grab the reviews. Now, lots of the reviews. There's not much I can use, but then this one, while this great course, they made me quit playing g t a five. Now, just from that review, I might be able to target a specific niche audience. It's kind of funny, and it might get people interested. The more you have, the better. I don't know if that one review is likely to do anything. This strategy is based on testing out tons of different things and seeing what works so I can continue. I can just look through and pick all of these different reviews. Here's another one. I can just brute force share all of these and see which ones actually work. That's exactly what the clients doing. Brute force sharing Review after review after review After Review, Some reviews get nothing. Some reviews have almost no traction. I have over 1.9 million lights on my Facebook page. The client has a similar sized page and some of their reviews. They post hardly get any organic engagement. Hardly anyone cares about him or likes them. Some of them just don't work, and that's okay. The idea is to share so many of these that you find the ones that do work. You find the ones that go viral that people really relate to. So I've got enough reviews that with over 3000 reviews on my courses, I can literally just keep going. Through grabbing reviews, people have written and don't put their name on it or anything. None of the things should have people's names on it without permission. But I grabbed their actual text. They've wrote on the review. Throw that in the Post, and that's how I can apply and will be trying this strategy on my page Now what if you don't have any reviews, and I hope you still made it up to this point if you don't have any of your own reviews on your own products to share. For example, if you've never made a product online before, or if no one's reviewed the ones you do have or anything you are trying to sell, then you can just share a personal story. In here, personal stories tend to work Good. Also, I've did this earlier on my page. I shared a personal story. I called it out. How do you pick your niche? And I shared my story of picking my niche, and here are the results I got doing this. I did most of these for conversions to get people in my website, and many of these are niche targeted things. You can see the things I targeted you to me. Host Gator AdWords needs air targeted in the US and UK, etcetera. You can see low cost conversions on my website from getting people to read the post and then go to my website. And this is exactly the post right here. Now, I didn't have any reviews to share A to this point, I'm I could have I didn't have very many. So I shared this on a story. I shared the 17 things I tried before teaching you to me courses and I go down here now. The problem with this that I made it's too long that what I'm showing you here the clients doing is a nice short story. So if you want to write like a whole blawg post in there, go for the little short stories seem to be most powerful because people have a very short attention span on Facebook. Ah, short story catches people's attention just long enough that the people who want mawr we'll try and get more on the people who just like it. Or maybe we'll share it real quick will pass it on. So I hope that this is giving you Ah, look at what you can do to generate these status updates in the form of short stories. Rather, you have products online already. Or rather, you just want to share your own personal stories to get people started finding out about you. 4. Amazing opportunities available by promoting using this strategy.: Here are some of the best opportunities I can think of to use this strategy. These are things that can be uniquely done with this strategy that might be harder to do. Using MAWR Normal Strategies for Facebook Ads Since this is a story text based with no link approach, you can effectively promote a lot of girls doing this that you wouldn't be able to promote in an M. For example, if your websites got banned, this is a great strategy. You can get what you're doing back out there in the form of a story without advertising your ad. If you're trying to do affiliate marketing, this could be an exceptional way to do affiliate marketing. If you just get the story the product out there and then people come to your page, you could just put stories off the products. You're an affiliate four. And then make sure you've got some method on your Facebook page to get people to go through whatever affiliate funnel you're having. If you're trying to get clients, sharing stories like this could be a great way, especially if you set things up. You want people to send your page a message if you're trying to get phone calls setting stories like this up, I see on the client's page slam dunk, phone calls, they get people saying, I want to try this. I want to get started right away They reply to the message with a phone number, and it looks like based on the comments, they're getting a lot of calls coming in that way. And those calls aren't even tracked in their conversions directly. And yet they seem to be getting a lot of conversions even without counting those calls. If you're trying to do something that's not normally allowed in the Facebook terms of service, and I am not advocating doing anything like that because I've had a lot of problems doing things against terms of service on various websites online. If however you are, this would be the way to go about it, because if you are trying to promote directly the girls anything like am, I am not going to work. If you've got a personally branded page and you use these stories to build relationships, you can promote just about anything you want, regardless of the terms and conditions, as long as you're getting people to get connected with you in some way. For example, you could use this and then refer to a specific group on Facebook on your page. Have a link to your group and then within your group, you have the ability to share whatever you want and have a good chance at it going out in the news. Feed that way. Or you could final people a Cheer website. If you are a local business, this could be an exceptional way to promote for your local business one customer success story after another. Because advertising on Facebook, normally on a local basis, is really hard. However, using this strategy, you can brute force target your entire local area story after story after story and in a relatively short period of time. People, I would imagine, would start thinking off you and your stories when they have a need related to what you do . Awesome approach for branding. So these are the most exciting opportunities I see with this strategy, compared to a lot of the other existing things you can do with Facebook ads online 5. Facing fears related to trying this Facebook advertising strategy.: the final thing. I will talk with you about our fears related to this strategy. Now some of these may be subconscious where you might not realize that they're there. So I will discuss these as faras fears I'm experiencing because while I see the client is doing this, and while I've tried a lot of things on Facebook ads, often fears are the things that prevent me from trying new things in making fears conscious . Then I don't have to use the fear to make the actual decision. For example, if you're afraid of doing something, you don't realize that you often just do everything in order to avoid it. So what am I afraid of in applying this strategy? I'm afraid that this won't work for me and for my page. I'm afraid it's a big waste of time because I already have an effective strategy that's got millions of people to see my post on Facebook at a really low cost and that now watch every single video I post. I'm afraid in doing this new strategy, I'm going to aggravate the people that are already on my page because you can see I've got these video posted a certain format that people tend to like. I'm afraid that when I do this new format, people won't like it. I'm also afraid that when I do it this way, I'll get really low engagement. Now you might say, Well, with this post having got 14 likes on it with 7000 people reached, you don't have anything afraid of you already aren't getting any engagement. Well, that is very possible. So that fear is there, too. I'm also afraid that I'll try this and it won't work Very good. I'm any of the posts on a waste, a bunch of time and money finding that out based on what's happening with the client and with my own products online. That doesn't seem likely. And yet the fear still there. I'm afraid I will miss the opportunity to do this properly. I'm afraid I won't try this enough to get to that viral post that works. I'm afraid I might just do 10 or 20 or 30 different reviews, and when none of them work as good as I hope within the first few weeks, I'll just give up on the whole campaign like I've given up on so many campaigns before. The nice thing about this is that I know trying all of these things promotes my own learning. I know that I wouldn't be here teaching with you today if I hadn't epically screwed up so many different things before. If I'm not willing to screw things up, then I'm also not willing to do them right, because usually messing things up first is a prerequisite for figuring out how to get them right. And if you just get things right from the beginning, that's a prerequisite from disaster. To think you have some magic key to the world or that you know everything. And that magic key to the world often means nothing new is accepted. How I did it was right. I'm never doing anything different. I have the fear today, even though this will work really good. And it will make me look stupid for trying to do all of my videos based on post before video posts. I am afraid that if I do this right, then the client somehow is better than me at Facebook ads. I'm afraid that this won't work for you. And here I am telling you how to do it based on seeing a client do it, not even having done much of it myself. So I have a lot of fears. I'm afraid you won't like this course. I'm afraid you'll go drop one star view on it and say, This sucks. Actually, leave 1/2 star review now if you need to go down that far. So these are my fears I have right now at this point. Which brings me to the question. Am I doing this for the right reasons? Am I doing this out of love and hope and faith for everyone involved, for the people, seeing the ads for whatever I might get out of it for you that's taking this course and my operating for the right reasons. Am I serving the collective good? Am I doing this because it's good for everyone? Or am I doing this out of selfish, foolish motivations? Am I doing this with the intent to exploit people in screw people over? Am I just making this course to try and make some extra money for myself or my making it so that it has some really useful information for you? So that is genuinely motivating and inspiring so that it gives you the tools to do something useful. When I have fears. It helps me look at why have those fears? What can I really lose? What can I really lose out of facing these fears? Do I have more to gain by doing this than to lose its great toe? Have fears? I'm afraid of driving the wrong way down the road. That's why I don't do it. And yet I'm afraid of trying anything new. Also, I'm scared to try new things. No matter how many times I try new things. Trying something new scares me again because I like predictable, same old stuff. I like to know that when I do this that way, it's going to give me that. I like to know when I make a video ad and Facebook that I'm going to get CPM usually under a dollar and under $3 risky scenario. I'm afraid this will drop a $20 CPM like it does for the client lots of times. And yet I'm willing to try this because it seems like the right thing to do. It seems like my motivations for doing this are good if I can find adds that people like on Facebook that give courses that they like that end up helping them. If I can help you with what you're trying to do, then that's good. That's worth doing. I'm doing this out of service to be of service to you and each other person I work with. Is this going towards that goal? I say Yes. I say this isn't service off. The reason I'm here, This isn't service of things that are good. This is not in service of trying to tear down the world. So this is how I process all of my fears today as best I can. And once I've done that, now I have the courage to go forward. Before this, I would not have tried this strategy before I talked about these fears. You can see this post is still unpublished. I've made this. I've been doing this for an hour to set this up beforehand. I still haven't published a post on my page. So you must by this point say, Jerry, if you're going to do this, let's do it 6. Making the ad creative is so incredibly easy with this strategy!: now I've talked about this quite a bit. It's time to get started applying this strategy on my own Facebook page. I can't help but testing out a few different formats myself. I am going to try this post with no link and it is going to include the complete course name on it so that when someone wants this course or wants to learn more, that can google it and go find it themselves or click on my Facebook page. So I'm going to test this out just like this. Jerry Banfield. This is a review that was posted Student of you posted on the complete Facebook ads course with 26 hours of video. So right now and I'm overcoming fears now because I just have all of those things I explained to you going on in the background. And yet here we go. I hit publish their it ISS. That's the beauty of this strategy. Look how easy it is to get that ad creative out there. This is the entire ad creative. Now all I need to do is go make ads for this post. All I need is to make sure this post gets approved and then I can start advertising it everywhere 7. The benefits of always making the post on the page first.: a lot of people like Teoh make posts unpublished first or to make dark posts. Or you can even do something. You can schedule a post ahead of time and advertise it before it goes live on a page. I just posted this on the page itself so that I can get the maximum organic engagement on it. Why do that? Or why do it this way? Compared to doing in another way, the reason to hide the post is fear of failure. The reason to hide the post is fear that people won't like it. All those fears I mentioned those air reasons to hide the post. The reasons to put the post out there are as follows. So this post is on my page and you can see some previous post. Some of them have decent engagement, depending on your judgement of engagement and some of them, like I did a Google AdWords tutorial down here. You can see this thing by anyone's definition, as pretty small engagement on it. And yet what's the biggest difference in engagement? Having no engagement at all versus having that very first person who's liked it or commented or made a share on it. That's the biggest difference. And when you go to make an ad, having an ad were not even one person is like that yet is a complete disaster when you make an ad where no one's liked it. Yet you are likely to get the very highest costs on Facebook ads. So the beauty of putting this up there and actually making it live on the page is that I'm likely to get at least one like or comment or share on it, even if it's just one or two and it looks kind of pathetic. That's a big difference between none and a little tiny bit when you can start off and I'll refresh to see if I've got any since I posted it. Yes, there we go. Just since I've posted at four minutes ago, there are two likes on it. That's a gigantic difference from zero. A lot of ads never get off the ground because when you put an ad up with no likes on it at all, you are hitting the maximum cost because people want ads with social proof. If no one's liked an ad before, then why are they going to look in an ad. I are rarely interact with an ad that no one is interacted with before. Now. Consider that Given all that I do on Facebook, I'm almost programmed to ignore adds that other people haven't validated a little bit before me. If people have really reacted to an ad, if I noticed there's tons of likes comments and shares on an ad, I'm or willing to look at it. It's the same. Is going toe a restaurant? If you No, the person who's opening a brand new restaurant that your best friend, they still are going after talk you into being one of the first people to eat there. My wife and I drove by this Chinese restaurant when it opened it out a line out the door every night, and we kept saying, We need to eat there. What's so good about it? We got curious about that restaurant because of the line out the door, and now we've eaten there bunch of times. If that restaurant didn't have line out the door, I almost guarantee you we have never eaten there. That's how human beings are programmed. You don't want to be the point man you don't want to go out and be the 1st 1 to get eaten by a line. You'd rather let the rest of the tribe go out, or at least a few of the more courageous members go out, see, make sure the coast is clear and then follow behind them. That's normal human behavior. Most people are not early adopters. Most people are middle to late. Most of us don't want to be the first to try something. So I've shared this because of the overwhelming and consistent desire I've seen by people to keep new things like this new poster trying his ads secret tow. Avoid failure to avoid pissing people off on the page and in return, consistently get bad results with the ads. Here, I risk having people not like it. And yet I also give the ad a lot better chance to succeed. So that's why I put all of my post live on the page. Now the downside of that is I need to. If I want to do these all at once, then what I need to do is either brute force give a bunch of post all on my page at once. or what's better is to do this a little bit over time to make some of these posts make one or two of these a day and then keep doing this on an ongoing basis. So that's my plan is to try a post like this, do a few ads for it on a small scale and then keep trying it a little bit over time and see what happens. 8. Using the page post, I make a quick ad to make sure the post gets approved.: Now that I have this up as a post on my page, I want to make a quick ad to make sure this gets approved. I've had a hard time getting things showing my Facebook ads and marketing course approved because Facebook has their own course on Facebook ads, and they don't think I ought to be using Facebook ads to advertise my own Facebook ads Course. They've got some algorithms in place to automatically reject certain words and then add. So my first step is to see if I can get this approved. And that is always a good first step. I consistently take with almost every ad is to make sure it gets approved because I don't want to spend a bunch of time and effort working on copying and making additional split testing until I verify the ads approved. So I have a simple, easy way. I do that now by default. I show my adds to my re marketing audience first. Now my re marketing audience has already been to my website, so I can guess that they have a better idea off who I am as compared to the general population and the re marketing audience. Mayor may not like my page. They often are. Some of the most instruments is did people on what I'm doing online. So I make a quick add to my re marketing audience, and then once that's approved, then I can scale this up. So right now, I've just got my Google AdWords tutorial out to my re marketing audience, and I can even see here. So far, things are pretty good. I'm getting clicks back to the links I've shared. I'm getting some pages likes and some post shares. And the Post shares are really an excellent metric because someone on my re marketing audience sat there and shared that post with someone else. So the Post shares to me our next excellent indication of how good and add is so what I want to do now is create ad set because I've already got a campaign up. Now, if you don't have a campaign up, you will just start out like this for the campaign itself. Now you can just click, create an ad and then choose a page post engagement campaign unless you have conversion tracking set up. If you have conversion tracking set up, then you use that I can't use conversion tracking on my Facebook course on you to me, because you, to me, does not give me a conversion. Tracking picks like and use. Yet I've been asking for two years, so hopefully we'll make some progress on that. So what I'm doing is boost post because I want Facebook to optimize this by people that interact with the Post people who, like the Post comment on the Post share the post. I want Facebook to realize that's the right kind of person for this ad. Keep showing it to more people like that. So I go down here and then to do a page post engagement, add I click on my page and then I get the post that comes up here and see what make sure it's the right one. So I'm grateful this already got six likes in about 10 minutes, which is a lot more than nothing. So I select this post here and I click create new ads set Now this is interface march 12th 2000 and 16 So hopefully this will look similar for you. So now since this is re marketing, I can actually take off my country targeting, and this is why I really like it, too. I can then put on my jury banfield dot com website visitor audience. So now everyone who's been to my website can see this ad 85,000 people potential reach, since I have visitors and lots of different languages up What English help screen out the people who aren't listed as speaking English on Facebook. And then I will also put it a little bit older because people who are likely to buy my courses seem to consistently be a bit older. So that will cut out some of the very youngest audience on my page and give me a very focused audience. So now I put this down. I just want a dollar a day right here. I don't want to spend too much. All I want to do is make sure this gets approved. I don't want to spend too much because Facebook says my expected reached about 20 or my maximum per days about 28,000 based on my re marketing audience here, 43,000 and how often people are active on Facebook. So this ad will only take a few days to start getting served. It's two and three times to people, so I just want a dollar date. Adhere, and then I name this post based on what it is on the page. So I called the I'll make this add set named Jerry Banfield comes from the heart, so he is infinitely likable. And that way I've got this in the ad set already for re marketing. So that's all I need to do. So I click on Create New ad Creative and then all I have to do. Since this is a page post the entire ads already here, all I want to do is make sure that things look good on it. So the only downside so far is that you have to click MAWR to finish reading this on mobile . It's ideal if you don't have to click MAWR to finish reading it, but it's OK. And on the desktop, the entire course is up there. So if people click Mawr than Facebook, might also count that as a click on the add to. So that's good. So this might get enough interest here, and then I can try different options based on this so Now what I do. I go down here and hit place, order, and now all I need to do is make sure this gets approved, so I'm going to click. Continue now. The nice thing is, this is add is approved already because all it has to do is pass filters that are automatic . And that's the beauty of doing these little text ads. There's almost no issue as long as you don't put words Facebook eights in there like I wouldn't put join my MLM affiliates game today in one of these ads or make $10 million a month. Working at home probably wouldn't put that in there. Other than that, though, there shouldn't be any problem doing these text ads as long as you stay away from the words Facebook doesn't like, so you can see this ad is approved already over here. So now and I'll go over to delivery or performance so you can see it's approved here. So now I know I can scale it up Now. I know since it's active, I can go copy this ad and then try some or expanded targeting with this. So just based on my re marketing alone. Probably not going to get a lot of action. However, my re marketing ad will go out to people who might like the post who might interact with it and help you get more social proof right away. So in the next step from here is to get this and out to more general audience. 9. With the ad approved instantly, I now start a campaign to scale up.: Now that the ad is approved, I want to get it out there in different targeting categories. So what I'm going to show you how to do is make a new campaign here with this. So I will go click on create and here and start with a fresh campaign. So I'm going to go to boost posts in here is my campaign objective. I go down here to choose my page, You are all here and then same thing. And now what I want to call this is something related to the stories I'm using now. I'm not sure. Rather, I want to put all these in one campaign or not. I'm guessing with the different targeting going to try, I might just want to do the exact post name for the campaign. So I'll go back here because this is how the client does it. They do just by a post name here because that then allows the Post to just continue running that way and the results to be aggregated at the campaign level. I can then test different things different targeting through different ad sets on this one post here in the campaign. So what I do, I'll will call it start off with post. Jerry Banfield comes from the heart, so he's infinitely likable. Who wouldn't want to hear that about themselves? I realized the truth is also relevant, or the opposite is also just is true. So now I need to do location targeting within this. So what I'm going to do first, to set the age up to 25 because it seems consistently my adds air working better to get sales with at least 25 year old. Now, the next thing I will put English on this so that when I copy this to a non English audience than it's already on there, the next step is to now start finding some detailed targeting the client. Who does this does it brute force by city often and metro areas. Well, for me, it doesn't necessarily make sense to try and target all of New York or L A. With this because there are people doing Facebook ads and marketing all over, so I'm going to try a lot of different targeting. I know that I don't know what's going to work best. I know that I want to find out what is going to work the best, so I'm going to try a lot of different targeting. So what I'm going to do first, I'm going to try, You know me because I've gotten established you to me audience here. So I'm going to put in you to me and you to me dot com. And it's on Lee showing you to meet today. So I'm going to put you to me in for my audience. You'll notice a lot bigger reach on this one. So now I've got this out, and then I want to try these add sets out. So then I contest a ton of different targeting on many different countries at a good rate where I can see the data and where I can also not have to give up too quickly, so that might not have made sense of. Let me put it another way. I want to set a budget, a level I can afford to test that will give me enough data back so I can see rather it's working. If I put it just on a dollar a day, then it's going to take me a while to see if my ads working and not if I put it a $10 a day . I'll see if my ads working pretty quick and also likely start burning people out. If I put it at 100 a day, I'm likely to burn the whole audience out very quickly. And you can see Facebook's has eight. The estimated 852,200 people on Facebook in 100 a day. Now let's put it back to a dollar day 630. Let's put it to $10 a day. 4700. So the sweet spot for this is at a lower budget. It says 4700 and 10. So about $2 is a nice sweet spot for it, or even $3 starts to go up a bit. So based on the estimated daily reach data, Facebook's giving me $2 is kind of a nice sweet spot for this. The more I spend Eire than that, I'm likely start wasting my money. And as you can see, if I spend 200 a day on it, I'm not likely to reach that many more people. So if I put $2 a day on here, according to the reach. That's 1300. So if I put 100 times that much and Facebook is saying that I'm only going to reach 10 times as many people now, of course, at a smaller budget there are some people you just won't reach because they're too expensive. And that's okay. So I'm putting in $2. This is a good test budget. I can let it run for maybe a month or so and see what kind of results I get now. Since all I've done in here is do the targeting. I can do us a you to me and those are the ads, set names. Then I can just keep doing that over and over again and all. I've got the exact same ad and then all the ads in this campaign are just different targeting. So now I do creative while the creatives already done, I've got the creative set up already. So then I just hit place order. So now I've got the ad ready to go. And now I can click, create similar ad goto audience and budget. And now all I have to do is do a new ad set. I just need a different ad set. So I click and it adds set here. And that's actually not what I need to do. I go to audience and budget and then I click change, add set. I'm not perfect. So I like you to know that I'm not exactly perfect this interface, continual updates. So I'm learning a little bit more about it. So I had create new ad set here. Now all I need to do is changed the targeting. So I go down here to you. To me, I could look a suggestions. These air things Facebook thinks are similar. So I don't see any suggestions that I'm wanting so far. So what I can do? I can try some additional interests here, Aiken guess. And so I can put in Facebook and see what comes up. Tons of people on Facebook for employers, all kinds of different categories, Facebook, all kinds of different things. And here I find Facebook, Page admits. Now that seems like a good thing. The test, because if someone's a Facebook page admin, you would think they have a good chance at potentially wanting to do some Facebook page marketing. So then I copy this. I can just copy this exact thing here. When I go down to make my ad set, I can just call it us a behaviors Facebook page ad mons. I go down to choose, add creative, and then it's the same as before. So I hit place order at this point. Now I can do the same thing again and ultimately see, I don't want to hit change campaign up here yet. I have to go audience and budget. Now I can zoom in up here and go to create a new ad set over here, and I can just keep doing this. And this is what I dio. I go through here and continue to try different audiences. So now I on this one, there's no suggestions available on this one. So I removed this one and now I can do something like Facebook ads and see Facebook ads and Facebook advertising and interest So I can click on this Facebook ads targeting here and now That's a pretty small audience. I can add Facebook advertising also here. So now I can just copy this scroll down us a. Go Put this in here. Interest Facebook ads or Facebook advertising. Choose new creative and then it's the same. So I place order. So now I've got that done. And the way you get good results from what I see is you just keep testing, keep doing all of these different audiences now, some of them, none of them may work very well, and that's OK. What I want to do is give myself a chance to be successful, give myself a chance to learn something and to get a little bit of success, learn a little bit of what's working and go forward. So I'll try one more on here. So I have Facebook marketing. People might like that. Also. Now I can see this is much smaller. Well, here's a Facebook for business, so that smaller, too, So I can do Facebook and then I can do business. And it looks like the Facebook for business. That one's bigger, so that might also be worth trying. So now I do the same thing. Now I've got a diverse set of interests here that should be highly targeted, theoretically, for what I'm doing. So I've placed order on those. So now I've got several different ad sets, so if I go up to campaign, you can see I've now got these four different ad sets here in the remarking ones. Not in here. I'm putting all my re marketing in one campaign together so I can see from reading the ad set exactly what it is I'm testing. So collectively, I have an $8 a day budget right here on this. And then I've got my everything set up, then to be able to review the results and see what really works. 10. What do I use the Facebook power editor for?: What do I use the Facebook ads Power editor, for at this point in the process, based on what I've shown you, you you have enough tools already to just go through and Testa's many different things you want. The problem is that if you try and just do one ad set a time hitting, create, add or create similar, it takes a really long time to test out lots of different countries, lots of different interests, and to really go and give yourself the chance to find add sets that work exceptionally well . Often, some ad sets will work terrible and others will work really good, and there's just no way to tell before actually giving that a try. So the way to try it is to make a bunch of different ad sets at a low rate and see what works best. The power editors The easiest tool for that. What I do is I make all of my ad sets first that I want to test in the U. S. Then all I have to do is copy all of those at once in the power and under switch the country's and then I contest them globally. with very little work. So I use the power editor today to save time and editing and making new ad sets. I say use the power editor to give me the ability to scale up my campaigns without wasting my budget without simply setting my budget higher. I use the power editor to save a ton of time in Facebook ads, so I'll show you how I use the power editor to do turn these four adsense very quickly into a bunch of and sets. Now the prerequisite to use the power enter. You need to have Google chrome. Last I heard Google Chrome is the only browser you can use with the power enter. Because safari last time I tried it did not work. And for years it's been that way Now could change it any time. So once you've got that, then you're ready to start using the power Editor 11. Getting started navigating the new Facebook power editor interface March 2016.: the Facebook ads Power editor tends to be challenging to use sometimes, so I'll click over in it here and show you a little bit of how to find your way around in it. I often used to reset the power editor before doing anything. But now, with the enhanced functionality in the power editor, things tend to work better. So things look a little different here and instead of now, upload ing instead of doing that, which you've done for a while, you click review changes in order to make the upload. When you're in the power editor, then you have your campaign set up in here, and you have many of the same filters and options you have in the ads manager. Except everything's in a different location. So the basic functions are to copy something and pay something in order to bulk at it. Your work so you can do. You can click on these edit options and select bulk edits at once. You can click duplicate over here to copy something, and that's one of the main functions I use. You can also export import so you can then make bulk changes in things like Excel If you just want to change countries, for example, you can export it, copy a bunch of different new things into new countries and then paste it without having even do it the way I show you. So what I want to do my first filter. I want active campaigns on Lee, so I'll click off the selected campaign. Now the frustrating thing. Facebook all the time will go grab things in the power editor you didn't mean to do. And if you haven't uploaded it yet, Facebook also will show you ads in a way that doesn't make sense. So I'll do my best to take you along with that. Explain things so to begin, when I have in here on this side of the interface, it has the three different levels and as the campaign's level. Then it has the ad set level, and then it has ads. And I said a filter on here, so I only have active because if I take this filter off well, 99 campaigns, 1118 ad sets, 5000 ads. So we said it too active to make things more manageable. That helps a lot. Is getting your ads set up. So you're not looking at a bunch of extra campaigns. It gets really easy to get lost in the interface. So you don't want to have more campaigns than you need. In fact, right now, I only want toe Look at this post campaign. So what I can do? I click on this to select it. So now Facebook has filtered out all except this one campaign. So now I've just got these four ad sets in here I'm working with and when I go down a level , then I can see all of the ads within those add sets. And if I go up, I can see the one campaign I've selected. Now, if you end up clicking on an ad set right here, then it only shows that one ad set. So if I go back up to this level, you noticed the other four are gone now. And if I go back up to the campaigns level, you'll notice then that other level is gone also. So what I can do is hit, apply on the campaigns, and then I can unclip. That ad said I selected. And that brings out all of those ads sets up there, and then I can uncheck that. So these little navigational things air tricky because if you mess these up, you can literally create ads. Sets you didn't mean to edit. Add sets you didn't mean to edit, delete things you didn't mean to delete. There's lots of bad things that can happen. So not trying to scare you anything trying to let you know that it is good to take things at a slow pace. In the Power editor, I often fly around. As many people have pointed out, reviews often fly around interface because this is what I do. I'm in the computer either doing things like this or playing video games, So I move around rapidly in any interface. If you do that too, especially starting out of the power editor, slowing it down a little bit can help to reduce mistakes. So even teaching helps me to slow down a little bit. If I was doing this myself, I'd be blasting through. I'd probably have 10 or 15 ad sets up going as fast as possible, and then that's when things get messed up so it takes a lot of time toe fix and understand how you made mistakes. So if you kind of work at a slow pace in the power editor getting started get more comfortable than you can reduce mistakes. So I haven't actually done anything in the power editor, except get things ready. So I'll show you to me the most important function in the power editor. So I've got all of these ads sets created. Now you saw how long it took me to create a new ad set. I had to click a bunch of different buttons to switch my targeting around on the other one . I don't have to do that in the power editor. Here. I click on this one ad set to select it. The U S a. You to me targeted. Now all I have to do is hit, duplicate, and I can zoom out here and I click create. Now on that. Now I have a new ad set created here. It's a copy of the existing one. So now the question is, what do I want to target in here? What else haven't I hit yet? While I want to hit some or broad interests Also, I want to be able to hit some interests that have a huge audience than to see what people think. Because sometimes on Facebook, if you try and target the more niche audience you're targeting, the people who already know too much to want to buy your product sometimes view target. Ah, big broad category. You can actually get better results because you're just by brute force and lower cost of ads get lucky and hit some people who are early on in the process of whatever you're trying to do. So, for example, on here it says huge audience on this business category. So now I've got an ad that can run out to everyone that's interested in business at all right here. So it's all all basically set up. The same is what I had before, and now there's a cool feature to I can even rename using available fields so that I can actually just choose fields. Then I can then copy and paste directly without having to manually rename it. So I have the country in here and then I have the interests in here. So I already have the interests in here and I already have the country's in here. So then I can go right like that. And I've got you can see what the new ads that will look like us dash business. So I automatically can then renamed in this ad set. So all I have to do then is change up the targeting and it can then rename. So how sweet is that? So now I've got this new ad set here, so I'll show you what happens next. Next I hit review changes and now I hit. Continue. And now Facebook will apply these changes and put this new ad set in my existing campaign. Now that looked like it took longer. Initially, it looks like it takes longer to go through and make a new ad set like that. The key comes when you need to change lots of things all at once. So I've given you the basic functions in here and now I've went over so you can see the new post is already up and approved in there. So that's why the power editors Nice. Those are the basics of it. So the opportunities in the Power editor come when you want to do mawr and scale up faster 12. Using the power editor to quickly make new ad sets automatically named.: Here's how I use the power editor to quickly turn one ad set into several. All I have to do I've got this one I made before all I have to do now I go up here and hit this duplicate button and then I click on Create Over Here to keep it in the same ad set. And then I've got the new ad set over here I'll have to do now is change and put a different interest in here. So I put advertising in this one instead of business. Help me get a bit different audience in here. So I do that and how it says the estimated reaches really low and that's OK. We're testing this out. If the advertising works better, that's great. All I need to do now is rename this using available field. So I hit rename using available fields and now it's named us advertising. I hit review changes and then I go over here and hit. Continue on that. And now look how fast that waas look how rapidly that was done here. Let's do that again in case I went a little too fast. I'm going to duplicate on this and I'll stay zoomed out. Now I try and show you the actual buttons I'm hitting. So now I'm going to go over and try another similar audience. Now, lots of these air total disaster. And that's okay. So we're gonna hit online advertising this time and hit go up here again, hit rename using available fields it rename and then, before even reviewing, going to come back out here, duplicate again and make another copy. Go down here and switch this up again. Look at suggestions. There's all kinds social media, marketing, digital marketing so I'll e. I could try out digital marketing on this also, so I'll try digital marking. That's one of the bigger categories. So now all I do same thing up here. Now you can see how much faster this is been trying to go through and do this one of the time. So then I'll come back here and do it again. I'll hit Duplicate, and now I'll try and see if I can get another similar category. I've got so many off these different options on here, I don't want to do them all the exact same. No. So I've got some of these business some advertising. I can try something like self employed on here and try that out to see if I can get people having their own business and try and get the largest one. So that allows me to get self employed right there. And then I can do suggestions on that job titles. I could even do different options on that so self employed business. So now same thing. I can go up here rename using available fields and rename. And now that didn't put all of the interest in there because I'm not exactly sure why it didn't put all the interests in their correctly. So then I can just do it manually and do dash self employed there. That's fixed. So now I go back out here and I can even edit the name of this. If I want to put it in and have a nice, smooth little space in here, I can itself employed like that. They're click off. So now I've got four more new ad sets, so I hit review changes. I think I have 43 new ad sets. It turns out I hit. Continue, upload these new ads set so now I just made three new ad sets that quickly. So this is how I start Campaign scaled. Also, I start them off scaled on Facebook and then continue to just kick out the ads that aren't working. Just pause the ad sets that aren't getting good results, and then just do that process over and over and over again. So this is the basics will. Now I still have lots more I want to do. The problem is, I'm honestly starting to run. Ah, bit low on targeting category. So I click this. I've got a couple more I can think of. I can think of technology might be a good thing to try the broad category, and it maybe it's because I chose demographics it didn't name correctly. So I can try technology in here and see what kind of things I get out of that. So that's a huge category that's getting a huge portion of the entire U. S. So I can then rename using available fields again. And it worked correctly this time, and I can go make one more of those here because the more of these I can think to try the more of these, I can potentially have really good things happen with So from here, then I can do information technology, even theoretically, have a little bit more narrow reach rename using available fields. Now it's information technology review changes. Get those two new ad sets up. Well, the question is now what happens when I run out of ideas? I could sit there and manually go through and make tons of different ideas. I could go certain websites. The problem is, most of the ideas I come up with are the same ones everyone else comes up with. Two. When I sit there thinking I'm really special because I'm the only one that thought of this , that's what everyone else thinks. So everyone ends up targeting the same people. Anyone with a Facebook course almost certainly can think to target or anyone with even a similar product can think. Well, let's target business advertising online ad. Did you remarking, Let's try self employed technology and from that's pretty much anyone can think to do that , so I test out all these to see which one actually works the best. But then, at some point, I need ideas to try and do more than just do what everyone else does 13. Using Google AdWords to get new targeting ideas for Facebook interests.: what happens when you get stuck making these different targeting groups. What do I do when I need some new ideas as to what I could target that I might not even realize would be good to target our go to Google? AdWords and I use the data I already have in Google AdWords to help me figure out what it is. I don't know. I realize I don't even know the things I ought to know about my audience. So what can Google AdWords due to help me and to help you? Well, Google in the left side, you can go to shared library and audiences. And if you have re marketing lists like I have for all the people have converted, then you can get things like this. You can get things you might not expect. You can figure out some of the demographics of people most likely converting. So in this, I can see. Okay, what is it that people are most likely to be interested in? I see technology education on here is something that maybe I can incorporate specifically in the power editor. Maybe I can find a good technology education category. That's something I hadn't thought to target so specifically. So I can try some things in here like technology, education and you can see, then the audience isn't huge for it. It's on 200,000 but then I have. I've got some more ideas then from that, I wouldn't have even got that without Google AdWords. And according to AdWords, that's one of my top categories, so I can look around and see if there's anything similar in here technology, education. I could even do educational technology I can do over here. I can do some of these small ones. I don't necessarily need to do that, but I've got lots of ideas now for different things. Aiken, Target. I even have online teacher as something I could target. There's so many different options in here, and some of these obviously aren't related very well. But maybe like educational software, that might be a good one to try. So I've got all of these different categories now, So now I've got something here. It's got 290,000 people. It's worth trying, at least so I've got a new category didn't have before, so I see if I can rename this using available fields. Turns out I can, so that's great. So now I review changes. I got one new idea out of Google AdWords based on what's already working. Now I have a hacking course, so maybe not networking enterprise security for this. But I can keep looking around a Google AdWords and see if there's anything else. Now you notice Web design and development and services and SC Oh, no, I might not think to target those directly based on doing Facebook, however, it's likely that people who are doing some of these similar things when I've noticed on you to me people are taking my Facebook course often are taking ah, bunch of other things like Web design and S e O thing. So I can try. It doesn't mean it a work, but I can at least try testing out something like S CEO. I can try testing out something like Web design and see if I get any good results out of it . I don't know, rather I'll be able to get anything good out of that or not, I'll zoom over here and try and get so I can have everything in the page here with you. So some of these are not really well, event. I can try and do Web design, Web designer and try and pick the biggest category here. So Web design is a pretty big individual business thing, so I can go Web development also. And then I can look and see how big's a search engine, while the search engine one's pretty big too. So now I've got another area I can target. I get rename using available fields that's set up now. I can go duplicate and do this one more time and especially globally. I want to be able to try these different things globally. These might not even work well in the US, but if they work in Canada or U. K, that might be pretty nice. So I've got search engine optimization here set up, so that's got a decent size audience. So I go rename using available fields. So then I've got no, I've got 14 ad sets. I'm up to $28 a day, and none of these ads sets is spending more than $2 a day right now. So I'm starting to get to the point with my budget. Why don't want to go try to many more things on this because I don't know if this post is going toe work to start with. So I've got it big enough for 28 a day and then copying that two different countries I'm looking at, maybe 100 of data advertise. So that is Aziz, much as I want to do to start with, because if this post doesn't work, this is going to be a complete loss in terms off. I'll end up causing all the ads, but that's OK. That's okay, because then I contest out another post and another post in another post. And I can use what I've learned from these. I've got enough categories. I can see if, for example, the online advertising works good on this one. I can try it again on another one of business works good or certain interest work. Good. I can try that again and again and again. So these initial adds SAT testing, and all of this initially can be painful to get started with. And yet, once I find what the best audiences, I often contest out a lot of different posts easier for now. I need to see which audience works the best or which audiences I should target, and then I can go forward trying to figure out exactly which post works the best to. 14. How to know which countries are worth testing for sales?: What I want to do now is test different countries out. I want to be able to see where else I can test these ads. Besides the U. S. I know the US works for sales because the US is my main sales country, and that's where I lived to. However, from all that I've seen online, the U. S is often a small part of the total. While it may be the biggest country for sales, there are actually a lot more sales globally on you. To me, less than 40% of my students are from the US. If you combine everything besides the US, that's where the bulk of the total sales are. The question is, how do I isolate which countries I should try on Facebook as because the targeting is not nearly as precise and most instances outside of my own remarking so what I want to do is figure out what countries I should try my ads in. Now I have this data from my own Google AdWords course on. You know me, you can do your adds, however you want in terms of researching this. I originally research countries with comparable wealth and English speaking population relative to the U. S. And that's how I initially made a list. So you can do that on your own in Wikipedia. If you have data, you want to use it. And if you just want to use whatever I have, I'll show you my data here in AdWords. I've got my all time sales by campaigns and countries here, So I've got it sorted by conversions. These air sales on my courses. You see, the U. S. Is the top country here in sales. Two of these campaigns, the U. S. Has the most sales, and then Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. So that's what I want to do. First is target campaign, or rather, in Facebook. I want to do ad sets that have just these countries in them because these are the next, most consistent converting countries. You can see they're very good cost for conversions lower than the US in many cases in these countries. So then next I want to reach more than that because Australia, Canada and the U. K combined will get me over 50% of my students. But not much. I want to reach the other 50%. So what I can do? I can look at which countries have the most conversions and these air sorted most So India actually is right after Canada u K and Australia. So I want to do some ads in India. Singapore's up there too. So I want ads in Singapore. U A E Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, Malaysia, New Zealand. I want ads in these countries because I've made at least 38 sales in every one of those countries on one specific campaign. So there's proven opportunity in those countries. However, what I also want to dio I want to find where my absolute lowest cost conversions are. So what I can do, I can actually sort this in Google AdWords I can sort this from I consorted in cost per conversion. I can sort it by cost per conversion. Ever I can do is click filter And then when I I can do over here, is cost per conversion greater than zero? So I apply this filter to remove all of these cost for conversions that are greater than zero. Or actually I want less than one cent. So that actually would do the trick better, since the zeros didn't get removed. So I removed the cost for conversions. I want to filter everything. Maybe that's greater than one cent, since nothing's less than one cent and it still has all of these with zero in it. So then when I can do, I can actually filter conversions greater than zero, and that will work. So I'm not perfect. I show you honestly what I do so that you can get a feeling of how it works for riel, not fake. So when I've got now, I've got countries where I've gotten exceptionally low cost conversions really low cost conversions. So we'll sort from the bottom up in what I'd really like to do is find summit scale. Most of these air kind of lucky, however 18 conversions in Kuwait, that's pretty good. So what I want to do now is also filter at another filter. I want conversions, and I'm going to want conversions greater than 10 so I can just take that out and go conversions greater than 10. So now I can view cost per conversion greater than 10 from the bottom up. So now I can see a bunch of countries here where I'm getting really low cost conversion. Singapore's in their Thailand you a many of the same and yet some of these are bit surprising. Some of these. I'm getting a lot of conversions like Qatar Vietnam, $2.48 per conversion. There, Russia a dollar, 44 Mexico, a lot of conversion. Switzerland. So I've got a bunch more countries to try targeting now. So if you need some ideas, these are the countries I'm going to try targeting. I'll try some of these and just see how they respond to the Facebook post. So this is how I get the ideas for the country's to start with. And having an open mind with targeting the country's that is one of the most powerful things I've done on Facebook ads is to not just go after the same countries everyone else does, but to try and find those countries where the ad costs are really low and the potential is still there. So this is one way I'm doing it now with AdWords. Thank you very much for watching. I hope this is useful 15. A simple system to split test different countries in the power editor.: now that I've researched which other countries are worth targeting, Here's a simple system that I used to target the countries that seem like they might be worth it. And this is where the power and it a really gets amazing. I copy every ad set right here. I select all using this little button next to add set name. I select all my ad sets and then I go up here and hit Duplicate. So now I keep same campaign I hit, create, and now Facebook's made 14 MAWR add sets for me. Now all I need to do is going here and fix the target you noticed. It says mixed values. I have renamed add sets based on mixed values, so that means the ad set names are different and the same thing here with detailed targeting mixed state. That means these add sets have different detailed targeting. What you'll notice is the same is United States. So when I want to change on these, I want to delete United States and put in my country's. I've made three different targeting groups I'm planning on so Canada, Australia and the UK for one, and then I have two different groups for the remaining 20 plus countries that I've selected . So I get these countries that have proven to make sales in here and now I've got all of these targeted on all of the same things I had before. Now all I have to do I hit rename using fields and I hit rename, and now it automatically renames all of these with a couple of exceptions. So I have to go through here and manually update a couple of these, but the rest of them are automatically renamed. So that's really nice. It's so much faster. So what I do now, I select this. I put a little check mark next with one that's not named. I go through and look and see which audiences air on here. So then I can copy this Facebook page ad mons. I can go up and put this in the name paste. And now I've got that named correctly. And then I go up here, I can go down here. Actually, I select this one at it, this one, and see where the targeting is on this one. So this one is self employed. So now I've got all 14 and sets renamed accurately by country along with targeting. So now all I have to dio I hit review changes and now these ads sets go out in Canada, Australia and Great Britain. Using the exact same groups I made for the U. S. And I took into account, I tried to make those US groups large because I realized some of those groups may be really small in the UK, Canada and Australia combined. So now I've turned 14 add sets into 28 ad set. So and I have also turned a smaller budget into a much bigger budget. So now what I want to do is do the exact same thing again, and this allows me to test these ads around the world, and then I have a lot better context. So since I'm doing this again, I don't want to select all now I could filter this, but I just manually selected them. I had duplicate again. We're going to do the same thing and try a different set of countries. This gives me better context, too, because now I can start to see Well, okay, how well of these ads running in the US compared to Canada and Australia in the UK So when I do same thing on these, I just did. I delete every country off the targeting and now what I do is I add my locations and I made a little notes here in Microsoft Word. And when I want to do is split these up and get the's in different things based on cost. I want to try and put the most expensive countries and the most proven sales into one. So I've got Kuwait, Singapore. India is one of the top sales of grabs Saudi Arabia in here. And then I can go Switzerland in here paste that I don't want to use any of these twice. So I delete thes out u A e e also get United Arab Emirates and their Israel. I've got India already and then Japan and South Korea over here also and then South Africa in. So I'm trying to split these into two somewhat logical groups so that I can then have these make a little bit of sense. When I go to look at the ads New Zealand over here and then I can leave the rest of these all in another ad set. So I've got these countries here. So what I want to do, I'll move this over to a side window. You won't be able to see it, but I can reference it. I can then put in each of these countries manually. I put in Kuwait, Singapore, India, and I just do them one at a time. Now the beauty is that these air getting updated on all of these campaigns. At the exact same time, I'm making so many different ads and add sets using just a little bit of effort. That's why I love the power editor because of this functionality. And you you have the chance. When you do the power editor like this, you have the chance to get some really amazing results. Because these countries, the ads may work really good in them and they may not work at all, comparatively, in the US This is why I'm able to get good results with Facebook as thinking out of the box like this, How many people are making an ad like these and then taking the time to go target them to all of these other countries? This is what gives you the ability to get incredible results on Facebook ads. This is what's consistently worked for me, and I've done it in so many different ways. So now I've got most of this list and I do want to add Ireland to this list also from the other one. So now I've got all of these countries Target and the one challenge is the naming of it, because when now Facebook will need to name these a whole bunch of different ways. But that's okay. It's the effort that counts. And now the beauty of this is to I can literally copy these campaigns in the future and then just stick a new ad in them to see what works. So now I rename these by country and interests. So now all of these have been changed by interest, and then I just need to do the same thing. I need to go back and manually at it. The individual ones here that aren't correct anymore that don't have the full name out, so I can then remember exactly what they are. So this one down here is Facebook page ad mons. Go up here and fix that really quick and then I could do the same thing over here with this other one, and you notice I went a little too fast. The ad set jumped around, almost edited the wrong one. That gets really expensive and you can see when you make mistakes doing that, it can be hard to even discover them. When you get to have this many add sets, it's important to get things organized well, in a way that makes sense so that the learning is easy to happen. Because now, with all these ads sets, what I need to really do is learn. I need to see okay, which targeting in which countries gives me the best results, which gets people really excited. So this is what I had before. Now let's refresh. You can see all kinds of ads sets in here, and you can see why I've got 40 to add sets. Now you can see how quickly this can get unwieldy if it's not done precisely. So I've done this enough times to try and no to do it precisely. And yet I'm not perfect. I show you the mistakes I make so you can see that. So now all the last thing I'll do. I want to do this again. What I want to do is filter out or only select certain ad sets in here. So I'll search by ad set name in here and then I'll just do C a a USO that. Then it'll just show me all of those. So now I've got just these 14. So now I can just select all and duplicate those again instead of trying to go back through and manually select all 14 of them. And I chose this one because I only have to delete three countries on here, which is a lot faster. And then I go through and I manually add every one of these again. Now the beauty is getting this set up. I may not have to manually adding any of these again, but what usually happens in the reporting I end up seeing that certain countries don't work . Like, for example, Vietnam might work really bad. And then when I end up doing is creating my new ad sets. With that in mind, the ad conditions air changing all the time, though, and the nice thing with doing this strategy globally while I can get sales from this Even if I don't get the sales done? Exactly. Well, I'm still looking to get interaction on the post. I'm still looking to get engagement. So the more engagement I have on the Post, it looks better. So even this even if these don't make any sales, I'm looking at getting better engagement, which can help make the post better in the U. S. In Canada, etcetera. Doing it this way helps me with the social proofed aspect of it, which is so important with doing ads on Facebook. So I went through and renamed all those again. I just need to fix these ones that aren't named in line with everything else. And I can go down and do the same thing. Now you'll notice. This time it copied it in a different way. So it's good. I didn't just assume I went actually and checked the ad to make sure that's what was going on. And then you notice if you select one, it keeps the other ones selected to you. I've made that mistake before. I've edited ads without intending to do so. So now I've got all of these up. So now upload this last set here, and I continue. So this is what I've done to help me get the best out of Facebook ads. All of these country targeting all of these interests, I give myself a chance to be successful. So this combines what I do in my way with what the client does. I was originally referring to the client does this same basic process by city. So they go through and add all of these different testing solutions by city, and that gives them the ability to see which city their messages resonate, and it allows them to get viral within a certain location. So I have that chance to the challenge. What I do is so niche that doesn't make sense to try and go about it the exact same way I could show these ads to a whole city of people. And I might be lucky to find ah, handful that are in on what I'm talking about. So I've now got 56 ad sets, which puts my budget over to $100 a day. So from here, all I do I watch the results come in and then I just keep pausing. Add sets that aren't working. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you're enjoying the course 16. How long to wait before reviewing the results?: Once you've made all your ad sets, how long do you wait to judge the results? Do you start obsessing over right away, Omega? All right, so I just made these a few minutes ago. $10 has been spent. Total out of maybe 100. And these are the results I've gotten so far. Now, what do I do at this point? Do I panic? Oh, I got 31 said, Oh, that's so terrible. Order I Oh, yeah. That good? Oh, yeah. We're going to do good time to turn all the budgets up on these 2 100 today we're gonna wreck. I generally wait at least 24 if not 48 to 72 hours on my ads because these initial results don't give any good indication off what is to come of these ads. The initial results represent almost complete random chance impressions of the ads. In statistic, there's the notion of reliability, and I don't know if I'm a Penis exactly right or not, but it comes down to sample size. You need hundreds of samples off a relevant audience to get the result accurately done when you do your statistics. So I do not have that on. Hardly any of these ads set shed these air. How many people have seen the ads? Most of the ads have very few impressions because they've just started running. So I'm in no position right now to judge how good they're doing. And I could even panic. I get say, Well, all the low cost engagements, all the ones from lower cost countries and oh my God, it's costing 24 cents to show ads in Russia and Ukraine to get a post engagement Enough you hardly any of the U. S ones or even getting any engagement home. Gosh, that's why I give 24 to 72 hours before I look at or do anything with the ads. That's generally how I do things, because then I'll have some better results. Sometimes people haven't even had time to look at the ad. The ads have just shown, and people are still looking at it. They're still Googling. They're still following up with it. Sometimes they'll leave a add or come back to it a day or two later. It takes time to get good results with post engagement. So that's why I always encouraged to set the budget at a level you can afford to lose. If this doesn't work, I can afford to lose it over several days, and I'm grateful to have this chance because of all of these things I've done before. When I first made Facebook ads tutorials on YouTube, I had a lot lower budget because I had a lot less money and there's nothing wrong with that . I've consistently said my budget after making the mistake of setting it to hire. To start with, I mouth set my budget at a level that I cannot even look at it. I'm reviewing it here. I refresh the interface to give you an idea of why not to bother looking at the results right away. There's no point looking at these results yet because there's no data yet that's valid to look at. So I've gotten a lot of people have been panicked in my courses. Jerry, Jerry, my dad's, uh, just give it some time, and very often they'll post to answer that exact same question the next day. Okay, well, everything's fine. It looks good after the initial panic, so you can skip the initial panic if you give your ads sometime. Thank you for watching 17. What metrics to use to discover success and remove what is not working?: How can you go about and judge the results of a strategy like this? I use reporting in the Facebook ads over here in the columns to get the columns set up in a way that I'm able to accurately judge the results of my ads. Now, with E story specific ads, there are some very specific metrics you can use to judge what kind of value you're getting out of the ads. And here are the ones I'm using here I'm using cost per post share cost per page like cost per post comment and cost proposed like these. Give me a very good indication off what results I'm getting because ultimately I'm looking for low cost, Post likes comments, Page likes and especially Post shares. This gives me the ability to see which adds people are genuinely interacting with. If someone likes the ad, then I like on the ad is a good indication that it's a good quality. Add if someone takes the time to comment on it. That's good to know that it produces enough of response to get interaction. If someone likes the page, that's a great indication that I've shown a highly relevant ad to someone who wants to see more. And if someone shares it, that is exceptional. That, to me, is the gold standard on Facebook ads getting your ads shared. So I use these columns to show me what I'm getting. So I click on to do these. These are what Facebook offers by default. You have to go down here to customize columns, and then Facebook will allow you to go find each of these in here so you can literally search for cost per and then you can add other things in here. Now, why don't I add a bunch of other things in here? These ads have no links, so I don't need link clicks. These ads have no conversion tracking because I can't use conversion tracking to track the unity courses. So I can't do that now. If you can have conversion tracking, you definitely would want to put cost per website action. For example, if you had a good system to set up to generate leads or what not, you could track a conversion. You might want to put that on there or, if you want to use link clicks. I've done link clicks in many of my agin put cost per link click in here CPC. And that's a good one, too, when I've done many of my other ads and other formats, I've used those along with these. I like to keep the data simple, unmanageable. So let's look by example, I, uh if I go over here and look at what Facebook gives me, So if I look at engagement, Facebook gives me a bunch of things I don't need. I don't need to know the raw number of posters. I need to know how much it costs to get one, because then I can easily compare them across campaigns. Facebook gives me a bunch more data, and I need often like when I goto performance and clicks. I don't need all this stuff. I don't need to see all of the click through rates. So what I can see is I am getting ah, good interaction rate on my ad, and that's really good news. People are clicking on the ads and learning more about what the ad has to say, and they're reading it and they are showing some genuine interest in it. But I don't need to know that I don't need to know all of these various metrics on it because then it gets confusing when I use a simple set of metrics. And this is the one I used by default with my video ads. And then to use this specifically, I go to customize columns. I delete the click, and I delete the website. I use as few metrics is possible that let me know what I need to. The more data you have, the harder it is to make good decisions and pay attention. Based on this data, I can tell what to do with these ads. If people aren't liking the ad, it doesn't matter. If they're clicking on now, theoretically can help in Theoretically, Camino, I won't get a guaranteed loss. The reason I'm running these ads, though, is to see how many people really like them. People that really like them are more than likely to take one of these four actions, and all I need to see is how many off the actions they're taking relative to how much I'm spending. So I don't need the raw numbers of shares I need, how much it costs to get his share now all of these air at $2 a day. So theoretically, I could just compare raw numbers to Ron numbers. What if ads in one ad group or add set? I go between AdWords and Facebook ads? What if one ad set doesn't spend all of its budget now? Facebook usually tries to make sure it does. But what if it doesn't? What if one ad sets working so good? I bump it to five or $10 a day. All the sudden, the raw numbers don't make sense. So that's why stick to these cost per when you have the cost per, there's no doubt about what's going on and I'll show you when I have a big campaign. This makes an even bigger difference. So if I go last 30 days on all of my campaigns and I filter, then I could show you what I mean. So these what these air what I've got these air, the other campaigns I'm running. What does this even mean? Two million engagements, really low cost per engagement. Now you might look this new campaign and say, Oh my God, what a nightmare! And then look at just update. And now it's 17 cents instead of 30. That's why the data early on doesn't matter what I really need to know where these costs for action metrics. This allows me to compare my cost per action across all my other metrics again. I just created this. So these data points don't match up very well with the campaigns that have been running for a long time. I need 24 to 72 hours to get some more relevant data. What I can see is a comparison of all the campaigns I'm running. I can have some context that I'm running these campaigns. They're getting shares for a dollar to each. They're getting Page likes for an average of 41 cents, including this one. They're getting lots of low cost link clicks. And these are the ads I'm doing with videos. And then these air cost proposed comment. Now I can see this one. Campaign's not doing so good on cost proposed commented. Yet this new ones so far is higher. And yet, when I look at the cost proposed like I can see, people are tending toe like this on an early response. So these metrics give me clear data whereas if I show you performance and clicks on this, there's no way to tell which campaigns working really good. You can see all these have different amounts spent. So how does this 8% click through on 600,000 clicks become relevant to this new one? I did for 176 clicks at six cents per click. With all of these different types of ad format, When you just keep the bare basics and you screen out everything else, then you can get metrics that make a difference and that you can really easily see where you should optimize on. And now the question is, will this campaign come close to in line with my existing ones? This is a very sales focused campaign, and a lot of these I haven't worked very well, even with a video. So it's nice to try all these new strategies and then get to compare them next to each other and the using your metrics like this can give you the data you need to pause bad campaigns. If I don't check active and I put last 30 days, you can see I paused a lot of campaigns who weren't meeting these things. The cost per share cost per like, was way too high. I pause campaigns that weren't doing very good using this data. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this helpful for you in deciding how you can optimize your ads going forward. 18. When everything works, you just make new posts to scale up!: I'm grateful to have some good results to share. So far, I've already gotten lots of likes on this post and down here than I've gotten some nice comments, even from an existing student which goes along really well. If someone clicks to read the comments and see what are people talking about and sing, this is the ideal thing to happen. And this is what I've seen happening on a lot of the clients post just like this. They get people who see the story who are already using the product, and then they go put their own story down there with it, and that builds up to a really powerful conversion tool. And then I even I had the chance. I share the course linked directly on here so that people viewing the comments can go look at the course on you to me, or they can copy the exact title name verbatim and then go google it and find it that way. This is a beautiful thing because now I have something. All I have to do is keep making posts like this to scale up, keep making more of the exact same, just take different post people make put them in the quotes here, and then I can literally just keep doing this again and again and again. Scaling up. It's so easy using this strategy because there's almost no barriers of problems. As long as your text doesn't have any words Facebook hates, then you've got this up there. You take the reviews or you take whatever stories you want. You make a new post. You do all the same things with the ads again, and you can even do better with this. For example, as I continue to see exactly what is working on here, I can sort and figure out OK, which audiences are giving me the most post likes for lowest cost. And then I can intentionally just make my ad sets targeted toe towards those audiences, especially if I can find some, like in the US or UK in sales countries that work like the U. S. Advertising USA Interest so far working to get some of the lower cost likes. And then if people are liking the page or if they're sharing it, then I know I want to make additional adds to that exact same group. If I have add sets here that aren't performing. All have to do is turn them off and not target them again. Or I can even target them again and try again with a different post. Lots of times, you might not get any traction with the first post of the second post. I've noticed the client doing this. They just bruv fourth over and over and over again. And I bet lots of times people are converting after they've seen 10 2030 40 different posts , including some the same time again and some new ones. And then they're sharing them with their friends. Then it's an established entity, so lots of these may not work right away. You've got a beautiful system to scale up things. If they are working, I'm excited. These results look great. So far, I'm getting lots of likes. That adds, aren't even keeping up the data I'm seeing on Facebook ads is behind what's actually happened because Facebook hasn't even recorded all of these engagements yet, and I've got lots more engagements on the post, so this is off to a great start, and there's an easy way to scale it. It's beautiful, so I'm grateful that I've learned this strategy as a student from one of my clients. Now I'm doing it and sharing it here with you. 19. Why continue trying even when posts fail?: Why keep trying if the first post of the first several post don't work? I don't know if this post is going toe work in a long term or not. I don't know if it's going to work on most of the ad sets or not. The reason to keep trying is because you keep giving yourself this chance to succeed. If you quit on the first for Trier the second or the third of fourth try, you might miss that. 5th 6 10 50th try where you finally get it right now. I already have a lot of products. I've already got a lot of experience with this. It's easier for me to do things right because I've done them so many times because I've failed so many times. When I first started out, nothing worked for me. Nothing. My Facebook ads total flop Google ads total flop. The best I could do was to not lose that much money, and I didn't even do well in that I wasted thousands getting my business started. It took me nearly a year and 1/2 before I made a consistently profitable service that offer genuine value to a specific audience. I started my business in October 2011. I went through at least $20,000 in losses, if not much more than that up until January 2013 when I started offering to do Facebook ads campaigns for clients. I could offer to do that because I screwed it up so many times before that, I figured out a few things that worked, but I couldn't even get them to work for myself. I was able to get them working for a lot of clients, The best you can do is to keep trying, keep playing the game. If you do a post like this and it doesn't work, then it might have just been the post. Another one might work. I pulled a bunch of reviews off. My course is, this is the review I've got in here to begin, and yet I've got a bunch more reviews, too. I have reviews from different courses. I have tons of things. I'm planning on trying and I'll try them a little bit at a time. You don't want to go all out all at once because it's easy to completely quipped. If you do a little bit of the time in a way so that you can keep losing until you win. Then you can get some incredible results. That's what I've been able to do with my business. Keep playing the game. I've lost and failed and screwed things up so many times that I've had the chance to get it right. If you think you're going to just make an and get it right right away, well, you might be lucky or you might be wrong. I've been wrong more than I've been lucky. And yet, in order to get lucky, you have to be prepared and be ready for the opportunity that comes along. You prepare for the opportunity that will arrive, you might have to do 50 or 100 ads like this before you get it right when you get it right . All those other ads air worth it when you get it right. You can leave the ads running indefinitely because different people are on Facebook every day. Ah, story tends to be evergreen. You can keep sharing it. Keep talking about it over time. If this ad works, I can leave it running for months, if not years. I'm grateful that I have the chance to try these out today. I'm willing to go through and fail a bunch of times in order to find those few ads at work . That's what I've done on Google AdWords. I've made a ton of ad campaigns on Edwards. I made a ton of mistakes. Most of the ads I've made have been a total flop, and yet there's about 20 campaigns that are really profitable, that I continue to run every day that I discovered. After all those failures with Facebook, I've gotten an audience on Facebook that loves and consistently watches my videos, and they've even migrated some to YouTube into my podcast. The ads I've ran on Facebook have been the foundation of building my business. I first started getting students on you to me through Facebook ads, way before I could get Google ads toe work. And then I got more sales on you to me. And then I went to Google ads, and that worked really well. So it's not a matter of just doing this the first time in getting it right. The question is, how long are you willing to play the game in order to get it right. How many times are you willing to fail in orderto have everything work out once Every time it works out, it's easier to make it work out again. That's why you might look at me now. Wow, you just does things and they seem to work pretty good. That's because I've screwed up from almost every angle you can screw up, and I'm sure there's new ones. I realize there's lots of new ones I haven't even found yet, and I will find them. Believe me, I'm grateful have the chance to keep trying today. So that's why if you don't get it right the first time, there's no shame in that. There's nothing wrong with messing it up. If no one likes your post and I don't know whether this is right or not, the results look good so far. I don't know, rather this is going to work, and I'm betting about 70% of those ads sets. I'm going to pause them. I don't have enough data yet, but I'm betting about 70% of the ad sets I made it will be a failure out of 50 some ads that's around 30 around 30 to 40 of those ads sets I made in here. 30 or 40 of these probably won't work. And yet what will I have? I'll have some network. So even if most of the post you do, if most of the ads you do don't work the ads that work make it all worth it. To me, it's just like dating. I felt a lot with dating, and yet that gave me the chance to have a lot of happiness in a relationship. Also, that gave me the chance to have a family, and that gave me the chance to be here with you today. It all works together beautifully. So thank you for watching this. And I hope you've enjoyed looking at this case study and my application of it. 20. First 10 days: 44K post likes, 61 shares, 491 page likes, 129 comments for $1000: thank you very much for getting all the way to the end of the course into this newest section showing the results I'm getting so far so far. I'm very happy with the results because there's a lot of people reading and interacting with these ads. If I go up here into the top level of the campaign and go into the campaign here and show this campaign and then I hit performance, I can show you here on performance that I've spent $1000 on these ads so far, the reaches 355,000. So all these air targeted on people who should be relevant to what I'm doing. Their targeted on countries where I'm already making sales and the CPM so far if I go over to deliveries pretty good is $2.96 each. Now that includes some lower and some higher costs and includes some ad sets that I've paused that were too expensive. So here's how the actual posts are looking right here. So far, the interactions good 17,000 likes 37 shares and 62 comments on the 1st 1 This isn't just 10 days now. These air on $2 ad sets for every one of these. So these are all advertising at once. The beautiful thing is that then what I can do is people can see several different ones of these in a row. The 1st 1 the 2nd 1 might not do it might not be relevant, but people can then see post after post on these. And that is wonderful for long term branding. So lots of reach on this one to the 2nd 1 29 shares. 55 comments. And then I've got the links in the course, and I'm getting some good comments down here. People who are taking the course saying things on here, and I'm even getting some interactions with people asking, like here already enrolled. It's the best Facebook ad course, great endorsement from other people on here, other people's comments from all kinds of the videos. And then there's a cool comment on one of these. This while there's one. So this guy said, Probably scam, and it's nice because then I got a reply, and then another guy in an actual student here who's posted back, and then this guy even says, Okay, I guess it's not a scam. So that's a pretty sweet conversation have for people seeing this. This post here is March 17th. So this is another review on the course. 108,000 reached 21 shares on this one. So so far, in terms of shares, this one is off to a great start compared to the other ones. And then here's another review post I've got here 50,000 on this one, not doing so great yet in terms of shares. So the beauty of this is to I can start to isolate what kind of story people like the best and yet consistent. Here's a good comment from an existing student. These things are great to see the real conversation happening to see. These are real products with real people out there who are interacting in using them. So in terms of branding, I'm very happy with this with the reach 1.7 ads per person. So the CPM, in terms of just strictly impressions a dollar 74 which is I'm very happy with the video ads. The only things I've found consistently cheaper than this. The video ads I do are way less than this. However, these are doing good to reach my audience just as or more effective than the video ads for getting engagement. Now, the cost per action column here. This is the what? I'm getting out of each of these now. Obviously, if I had a conversion tracking pixel from you to me, I'd be able to do a lot more here. The nice thing is that I contest the strategy now get it set up. And then as each review comes in, if you two meet does give me a conversion tracking pixel, then I have already learned how to do this strategy and I'm run at full speed for all my courses. So so far, this is I'm happy to beginning all of these results out of this campaign $17 per post share . Now, that might not sound great at first, but think about it. These air strictly four sales these air strictly to make the impressions with the right people, $17 to get one person to share this, either with all their friends or to share this in the right Facebook group or community that could be very valuable. One of these shares could lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in sales. I'm getting Page likes out of this now. If this were just a page like add, that wouldn't be very good. These are essentially free Page likes, though. I'm paying to get the courses sold and get the branding out there. So these air generally, I would say highly relevant Page likes. I'm getting from people who like what I have to say. And then $8 proposed comment and two cents proposed, like often on some of the lower cost countries air giving me a lot of good social proof here. So the nice thing with this campaign is that I don't even have to use a Lincoln it. I've running this campaign because I have had a lot of frustration promoting my Facebook course on Facebook because Facebook is not big on promoting Facebook products because they have their own Facebook course specifically, and a lot of the people you see that are promoting them are doing squeeze pages or webinars . And I'm not doing any of that because I don't do that in my business system. So this review text post campaign. So far, I'm very happy with. I'm getting a lot of people who are interested in it here. And if I sort by the ad sets, you can see down here all the countries I've got sorted out. And then the CPM is very low in some of the global sales countries here and then ends like Canada. G B. The CPM is pretty good. It's better than a lot of other things I've run and that's highly relevant. That's a you to me audience. It's an ideal audience to be running my ads in front of, and then I've got all these and sets running. Except the ones that were running at the highest cost down here ended up causing a lot of these. The difficult thing is that this requires ongoing work. It requires consistently posting these new reviews up, and it requires some patients intolerance, discovering which ones work the best. Now I've got the cost per share down here. You can see I'm very happy with this lowest cost propose. Share now is the U. S A. You to me? No, it wasn't like that at first. So it takes time to run all of these. These are all $2 a day. So this takes a lot of time. However you can see on all of these posts. I've got a great social proof on all of these thousands of likes and lots of comments and shares already. So the primary value of these posts is going forward. Being able continuously, run these and continuously innovate new posts here. So I'm excited on this strategy. Things look good so far in terms, off branding, especially to get people out there knowing who I am and what I'm doing and then to get people looking for the things I offer or when they're in the market for him to remember. Oh, I saw this Facebook post. Or if they see my ad on Google AdWords that they've already seen this one on Facebook. So I'm happy that consistently in the U. S. Canada, Australia, I'm getting shares here on these ads. Almost most of them are now getting some shares. And then globally, I'm getting some lower cost years and even getting some link clicks as people click on add and go through and start clicking things on my Facebook page. So I'm going to continue running the strategy. Harvard, I'm not going to scale it up It all right now, Because, as you can see, if I go to yesterday on this I've spent $100 on this yesterday. Well, with no conversion tracking pixel, I can't really scale it up right now because I look at this entire campaign. What did I get out of this yesterday? I showed 54,000 adds to a very relevant audience. Two cents proposed to engagement, and I got pretty good cost shares. Page likes now the link. There is no Lincoln it. So these air people went to the Facebook page and clicked another link on it and post lights here. So I There's no room for me to scale this up currently. However, if you were doing this, if you had conversion tracking on, you could very easily just go look through your ad set, see which ones were converting and then optimize for conversions. So I'm doing the best I can with this strategy with no conversion tracking, which is not ideal, however, very good proof of concept. All these posts. I'm learning a lot right here. And then I'm continually begging you to me for a conversion. tracking. So as soon as I can get the conversion tracking, I'm in a good position to have an awesome Facebook ad strategy to promote not only this, but any of my other you to meet courses. So thank you for taking this course. I'm honored. You've got all the way through this very and video. I've put this up because the students, before you said, Hey, I'd like you to go review your results. So I will plan to keep you updated with my results as I continue running this strategy.