Facebook Advertising For Coaches, Consultants, Speakers & Authors

Jason Cohen

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35 Videos (3h)
    • Facebook Ads For Experts Coaches Consultants Authors and Speakers

    • The Facebook Ads Manager Interface

    • Explaining Campaign Levels

    • Advert Sets Overview

    • Advert Sets: Placements

    • Advert Sets: Traffic Planning, Budget and Scheduling

    • Advert Sets : Understanding Custom Audiences

    • Advert Sets: Location, Age, Gender

    • Advert Sets: Detailed Audience Targeting

    • Advert Sets: Connections

    • Advert Sets: Optimisation & Delivery

    • Advert Creative: Overview

    • Advert Creative: Destination

    • Advert Creative: Choosing Between Creating A Advert or Existing Post

    • Advert Creative: Messenger VS Website

    • Advert Creative: Images - Slides - Video

    • Advert Creative: Captions

    • Advert Creative: Mixed Values

    • Advert Creative Display URL

    • Advert Creative: Pixel Tracking

    • Advert Creative: Advert Review

    • Pixels: Pixel Intro

    • Video 22 PixelsCreatingandAudience

    • Video 23 PixelsCreatingACustomConversion

    • Video 24 PixelsPart1of2onCreatingACampaignFromScratchUsingCustomComversionAndAudience

    • Video 25 PixelsPart2of2onCreatingACampaignFromScratchUsingCustomComversionAndAudience

    • Video 26 PixelsEmailingandSharingYourPixelCode

    • Video 27 PixelsSeeingWhatsHappening

    • Video 28 CustomAudiencesOverview

    • Video 29 CustomAudiencesCreatingALookalikeAudience

    • Video 30 CustomAudiences CreatingCustomAudiencesTab

    • Video 31 CustomAudiences UploadingCustomerFile

    • Video 32 CustomAudiences SegmentingYourLists

    • Video 33 CustomAudiences FanPageAudience

    • Video 34 CustomAudiences VideoEngagement


About This Class

Use Facebook Ads For Experts To Sell To People Who Will Actually Pay You For Your Advice!

Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Message, Build Your Tribe, And Change The World!Expert

Facebook Ads For Experts Is The Secret Map That Will Allow You To Market Your Specialized Knowledge To Facebook Users and Show Your Talents and Abilities and How You Can Help Them & Get Paid!

You Need To Know How To Market With Facebook Ads If...

1. You have a message you want to share with the world!

2. You have specialised knowledge that could help change someone else's life!

3. You would you like to get paid for your advice?

Success with Facebook Ads Happens For A Simple Reason...

You have the right message that can help someone at the right time in their life... It could help to save their marriage, or repair families, or change someone’s health, or even grow a company or more… 

Hi, my name is Jason Cohen and over the last 20 years as a digital marketing consultant I have helped thousands of small business owners market their businesses online either doing the work for them directly or teaching them how to do so.

My clients include MIG Bank, Kelkoo, as well as small entrepreneurs like GTEX, Denise Mortimer, Shaune Josiah and more

Whats Included In This Training...

- Step by Step Tutorials as I show you how to create your facebook ads campaigns from zero to hero

- Behind The Scenes of one of my clients as I build out there campaigns

I walk you through...

- Dashboard Setup and understanding the interface

- How to use retargeting to communicate with people who have expressed action but not fully engaged

- How to find customers using lookalike audiences that help you find people similar to your existing customer base

and so much more!






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1) I teach with care and commitment Every course is delivered with what my students in students need!

2) My courses are clear and conscise with no wafflue and will help you get real results and changes you need in your life within hours!

3) I love to teach online. I have specialist software and equipment to help me achieve this!

► Enrol in a course with me and see for yourself! ◄


Want to learn how to become Digital Marketer?

Would you like to build your own low budget video studio ?

Or maybe how to master facebook advertising?

Then Enroll in my Udemy Courses Today! You too can be doing this - and so much more!


About Jason Cohen:

Jason Cohen is a best selling author, coach, and consultant on facebook ads, sales funnels and helping coaches, consultants and speakers get more people to there webinars, seminars and so much more!

My CV:

Joe has his bachelors degree from Bournemouth University He is best selling authour 'Internet Video The Science Of Attracting Cutomers'. 

He is a Licensed Psychology, History and Government teacher for grades 5-12. He has been teaching High School for the past three years.

Jason is specialist in digital marketing, with an emphasise on online video marketing.


Joe Parys is an entrepreneur running his own digital marketing agency Mr Internet Video Academy. Jason has spoken and taught his courses in numerous seminars online and on stage in the United Kingdom and continues to travel around the country inspiring students of all ages.

Mission Statement- Mr Internet Video Academy is committed to superior digital marketing training. Our products and services are created and marketed with the purpose of helping others worldwide prosper and improve their lives.

Vision Statement- Our vision at Mr Internet Video Academy is to help each client find their purpose in life, reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams.