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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads - which platform to choose for advertising

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Examples of Facebook Ads

    • 3. Examples of Google Ads

    • 4. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 1

    • 5. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 2

    • 6. Final words

    • 7. Summary conclusion

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About This Class

Two advertising giants, on one side, the biggest social media ever with almost 2 billion monthly active users - Facebook, versus, on the other side, the largest search engine ever with around 3.5 billion search queries every day - Google. Which platform should you choose for your ad campaigns, where can you achieve a higher ROI (Return on Investment), where is your target audience, which platform is cheaper...? After this course, you will be able to understand both Facebook's and Google's advertising platform and to choose the appropriate one in a certain situation. 

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads - which platform to choose? (lectures):

  1. Introduction

  2. Examples of Facebook Ads

  3. Examples of Google Ads

  4. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 1

  5. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 2

  6. Final words

  7. Summary conclusion

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody, and welcome to this section and course in general. So when this part we're going to talk about with Facebook and Google ads, which bathroom should you choose for your business and advertising in general? So as you know, they're big competitors, and they're the biggest player when it comes to mine advertising. So although we saw in some previous lectures and you can take a look at my other courses and lessons, we took a look at how to set up different Google and different Facebook campaigns. However, in this spot for just going to talk about what are the differences and which blood from his better off awards at the beginning, we're going to see some examples. First, Facebook and Google ads were going to compare them later on and finally make some conclusions. I hope that you would like it, so enjoy 2. Examples of Facebook Ads: Okay, so we're starting with the Facebook heads. And before we start looking at some examples, I just want to tell you some interesting facts on things about Facebook. They're the biggest social media platform about their monthly. They have between 1.5 and two billion active users, which is a huge number. Huge database. They're not just that, the own instagram they owned a messenger. They have partnership with many different plans for us. Many different websites, many different abs were they enable your ads to be shown when you publish them online. So it's a great opportunity for businesses. I personally myself, no, some businesses that only advertised on Facebook. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Facebook is a better platform it defense, and we're going to look at what that in Theis lectures. And also I want to say that Facebook owns what's up, which is currently not. But I suppose that eventually will also be monetized. So it's a great platform, big data base and a great opportunity for businesses and stay tuned because now we're going to take a look at some examples on Facebook gets okay, Now we're going to take a look at some different types off Facebook ads on first of all, a. So you can see we have a regular one you can see here. See this type of fat that stop when you're scrolling on your new speed. It would state the page. Who is publishing the Add some description here. Usually a thumbnail or picture. Or maybe just they can thumbnail from a website the link. Some other headlines and text and cold election. But this is mostly mostly visible on Facebook. Newsfeed on it has the highest frequency. This is the same thing as you can see here. It's also written, but here on the right side you can see how it looks in the side to side bar. So there are some like banners which are smaller ones. As you can see here, it says that in his bones or dad on, it's basically for shopping from Amazon on some other things based on your interests. The next thing next thing is here to see a carousel where you have multiple photos to scroll. You can see here this is in that from like where they promote some of their sports, where I would say shoes on. You can see different images. You can scroll here on click on the ones that you're interested in. Here. On the right side, you can see a phone on a message read where you can basically see the message that they send you like here from Jesper Market. You got a great news for a limited time. We're offering free delivery on our brand new Jesper free service. So it's something that pops up and you can see here is sponsored. The next thing here is you can see from the mobile perspective, which I this type of that is only available on Mobil's. It's called collective Collective ETS, and it has usually one video with the following her square images down there where you can click and then you have this full canvas open where you can scroll and basically so I online shopping. It's basically like your shopping on the Web site, but you're on Facebook the whole time. If you want to go to that website, here is the other. So you can see here that addresses promoting its clothes and shoes, and you can, of course, click 20 that you're interested. Seymour photos apprised so want reviews. So this is something you'll from I mean, relatively new from Facebook on its very good to bring that shopping experience more faster on to make it make a better experience out of it. Here, you can see some instruments. Yuriko, if you recall we stayed at that Facebook always instagram. So if you publish ads on Facebook, they will run on Instagram Unless you uncheck that box for replacements on here, you can see a normal ad from Instagram newsfeed where you just scroll on your timeline or newsfeed. I don't know how they refer to it. You have the call to action, but down here you have a page which is sponsoring is you as it's stated here on the off course, This is another example from for booking different things. You can also have a video here or you can have also Caruso with multiple photos on. This is an ad for instagram stories. Aziz, you can see here it's in the vertical format on you have a link down there for actually call to action for learn more or shop now on. It's also a Briton who is publishing the end, and that is sponsored one, so that would be it. We took a look at some. We took a look at some examples off Facebook ads. How they look like, and we are they available and thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. 3. Examples of Google Ads: okay, and we're continuing with Google ads. Now we're taking a look at the Google's platform for advertising. And although Google is not a social media platform, they are huge. They have, ah, lot off data their users. I mean, just imagine, even if you don't use Google is your search engine. Every day may be used being, maybe use Yahoo. But you are probably using some of the Google products. Maybe Gmail, Google drive, maybe Google Maps, even if you use YouTube, your part of the Google like a system. So Google is very, very big in that terms. And when it comes to advertising there really in the rank off market leaders. So there are also great opportunity for businesses, and I just want to say that daily they have over 3.5 1,000,000,000 queries every single day , so you can imagine how much data and the information that is collected in one place. So stay tuned in our taking a look at some Google ads. Okay, so now So now let's take a look at some examples off Google lights. And first of all, as you can see here, the normal one when you type some querying the surge engine you get first. Usually maybe just one, or sometimes even more are the promoted ones. So it's a search campaign where you can see someone wrote, help get rid off acne. And you got two different websites here that paid to be there based on these keywords. So next one would be the same example, this time for I b. M. So you just like IBM. And before it it shows you the main website. You get one from the Spain, where maybe they're offering some different discounts or packages so they want to. They want to make a connection with you. For that reason, they don't want you to go to the main website. Do order it. Maybe they want you to buy directly from that. Here you have another example off ads in the side. Venner. So it's a bit smaller than when it's on the main page here. Probably it's also cheaper. And as you can see here, you also have a headline. Happily, you have a short description or metta text, however you call it, and you have different options based on keywords that you enter. So as you can see here somebody entered make money online and these are ads that pop up. The next one would be the ads for shopping. So as you can see here, if you live by Children sneakers, you will get sponsored ads from different websites where you can buy actually Children, sneakers. And they said from Nike from thought, going from Foot Locker and so on. On here you can see the prices. If you click on any of it, you will be driven to that link. And here on the right side, we can see some ads for new search Google on your mobile phone. So you also get some ads popping up that your first search hoping up on you can click on them or you can keep scrolling. And who's the organic ones here? We can see some display at so as you can see here, it's written that it's powered by Google. So if you chose display campaign type that Google is partnering with different website to put your ads on their batter places, as you can see here, here is one. You have these arrows showing here is the second woman. Here is the 3rd 1 So that's something interesting. Also on here is another example. It can be different for Mrs You can see here they're here in the square, one here more in the landscape one and, of course, to get finally you two beds because you to be sown by Google and you can see different type off video ads on YouTube instruments. So too, to make it simple, you can see videos before your you can see as before your video stars during your video or after your video. You can see as also here sometimes you can even see it here. And also when you search for something going on, you two, as you can see here how to cook, stick steak, you go. You get the hoping video here that is sponsored from Hidden Valley, and, uh, I think that will be it. So thank you for watching. I hope you now have it clear on what our Google ads, I think you know, are able to distinguish different types off baby Facebook and Google ads on different black plot replacements and different decides and different different options that they have. So, in the following videos, we're going to take a look at some advantages, disadvantages of different blood forms and their cooperation. So I say to you and thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. 4. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 1: okay, we'll come back. And now we're continuing with our course on the Facebook has versus Google. Let's. And in this lecture, we're going to see some advantages on both sides on just before we start. I would like to say that until recently, many advertisers who wanted to publish the Reds on mine viewed Google ads on Facebook has in an adverse Cyr away, which means that there were Stickley opponents and that if you had to, if you wanted to promote yourself online, you had to choose one platform, and that approach was wrong. It was necessary for businesses for all sizes to adjust their strategy and their budgets and their objective, and goes to both platforms in order to make their marketing have been sufficient. So it's important to say that both platforms can be used together to produce and make a synergy effect. First, we're going to start with Facebook on Say, why is it good? So we can start with one of the biggest Facebook advantages, and that is definitely that users can stick better, which means that when you're promoting something on Facebook, you're usually doing it from your business page and the even If users don't engage with your ad, maybe they will follow your page to see something say, some pure Cherie. So maybe they will take a look at your page, but that moment, maybe they will just comment your design or like your post. In a way, they can stick to you, and you can gain indirectly some on some things from being your ETS. However Google, I don't say that it's impossible or that that kind of things don't exist. Of course, if somebody visits your page, you can try him with pixel. But I'm just saying that on Google there is no that longer lasting relationship because it's not the social media. It's just the Sir gentian where you go strictly when you need something. So in that way, that's one of the advantages for Facebook because they can stick and make a longer lasting relationship with the user. I would also like to say that although we so boat Facebook cats manager and Google, that's flat for Facebook's as manager is easy, easier to navigate than Google's one. I'm talking about beginners and people who don't have a lot of knowledge when using it, so it's easier to find different options to navigate to set up campaign in Facebook. At the beginning. Google is Google's interface is very good. But Facebook, Facebook's one is simpler, and it's it's adjusted for for the people who are not so good with technologies or using or are using the Facebook as manager for the first times. The next one is that with Facebook, you can be more creative because you can make different types off his eyes. You can, as you saw, we have such a single image video we have Caruso. We have collections, different video sizes and slide shows and so on. So Facebook really gives you a lot of different possibilities to make different designs. Google is also giving your large amount of options because you can push your red zone boat Year two or Google partner sites or Google Search engine. But simply when you type something on Google, usually there's just the text. There's no so many images or so or videos right that that search query and that's why Facebook is better when you want to highlight your design, Next one would be a lookalike audience, which is a very powerful feature off Facebook where you were actually able to, based on your previous audience, that you collected with your picks a wrong somehow else, you're able to make audience the target audience audience that is similar to that one. That is a really, really powerful feature. Google also has its own advantages ahead has re marketing campaigns, but still Facebook is really, really dominant when it comes to look like audience. And that's there really powerful weapons way already mentioned this more than once. But Facebook has messenger instagram, which are both powerful platforms on their used a lot. So Facebook is interested there on it can show your rights. Also, those platforms. Facebook is very good when you want to raise awareness when you want to promote something on. For that reason, Facebook is a good head start. Just imagine if nobody has heard for your brand. You just came up to the market. People can cannot type your brand name on your website on Google if they have never heard about it. So somebody needs to show them first. Facebook is better for that to show them your imprint to show them that something came up. Some things new on the market, and then eventually, when they know about it, when they keep it in their mind, they will type it on Google. So usually, when big brands also introduced new products or when they're some promotions, they will. I usually use Social Media's on Facebook in this case, in order to inform the public that something you just came up, the next option would be advanced are getting option where Facebook is hands down winner for that. So we already mentioned look like audience. We set up campaigns in different sections and courses so you can check their. But really, Facebook is really, really powerful when it gets to that and the last one for Facebook, I would say that deeper connection that you were able to make with your users that this is the last point is strongly connected with the 1st 1 As I said, if they like your page, they follow your page. Yeah, after this year, and you will have them for some time, maybe for a lifetime, because they will keep seeing your post so you can really make that deeper connection with them. On Google, there are possibilities. It's not impossible, but it's way harder. That's not primary goal. Because of Google. You are trying to satisfy the air, the current intent, So that would be it for Facebook. And now we're going to schools. Google's pros and advantages. So Google is bigger in terms of profit from ads and depends on the statistics and which year you watch. But in the previous year, Google earned almost twice as many formats than Facebook, so they had a double the revenue Facebook. That is a really large number. And if we're just looking, that profit and revenue side guru is bigger. Google is definitely bigger. The next one is their advantage, off 3.5 billion queries per day. So every day, or 3.5 billion queries in search engine people are looking for data. They need information off course. Not all 3.5 billion queries are for shopping uses, but people want to have they They want to satisfy their need for the current information at that moment. And that is a great opportunity for businesses not to forget that Facebook has its 1.52 billion monthly active users, which is also a huge number. Next one is, uh, the advantage for shopping, etc. That Google has. I would say that it is better for shopping girls because you can instantly, I mean, we saw some examples, like when you type some some query search box Google you get right below with you get some shopping ads, you get some cars on which you can see the price. You can see the pictures. You can just click it and like toward three clicks, you can finish everything. Your baggage baggage could be shipping. Teoh your home At that moment on Facebook, it was also trying to get there. We saw the collection ads and everything they're offering, but I think they're still not there. They're trying to get there. They're working hard on it. But Google is, is having advantage right now. When it comes to shopping gets next. One is off course. The fact that Google has YouTube, so YouTube is really, really popular because of its video content. So that's that, uh, one of the biggest weapons for Google. Older Facebook has its own video platform Facebook Watch. It is still not developed to that level off YouTube, and YouTube is much more visited. It's much fame, more famous, and it has a better content of it. Facebook Watch is trying to get there. They're trying to invite and put many of their users on their platform not to send them on YouTube. But for now, Google is definitely a leader when it comes to video content, because it has you, too. Next. One, Google has Gmail. You can also show your as G Mailly have little promotional messages on which users can click. Then the whole window will show up, will open. And for that reason Google is Google has also the advantage, not forget it. Facebook has messenger, which you can also use. Chatbots Teoh. Send your reds. You can do similar things here on Gmail, but for now, Gmail is stronger, and it is very powerful because very significant for Google, because people are using it every day. And it's a great resource off a great source of information and data for Google, who has map advantage because Google owns Google maps. Of course, it's one of its products, and for that reason Google can target your picket location much better. When you're using maps, they can collect data where you're moving, so maybe if you're targeting locally and you want your using JIA targeting in your marketing strategy, I would suggest using Google off course that just one one factor out off many, so don't take it for granted. But anyway, I just want to say that Google has maps, which is a very powerful tool when it comes to geo targeting off course. Facebook can also track your location when you input your location for your images or videos. Facebook saves that data, but anyway, Gould has separate application called Google Maps, which contract you easily and off course. The last thing I want to say here is that Google offers more description space when it comes to taxes much more descriptive. You can input more, more text in your ads. Facebook even has its rules on 20% the image text that you can. You can put more than 20. You can put two tax, many, much texting your image ahead because it will. It will approve it, but it will perform. It will have a weak performance. So for that reason, Google is better because you can. If you want to give a longer message to your audience on Google, you can use headline. You can use the paragraphs different meta descriptions, different adults. So there are a lot of options as we saw. So for that reason, that would be an advantage for global. But don't forget it. We mentioned that Facebook has the advantage when it comes to design, because you can be more creativity. That would be it. Thank you for watching. I hope you get now the sense on which are the advantages of one side, which are the advantages of the other side on That would be for the video for this video. Thank you and see in the next lecture. 5. Facebook Ads vs Google Ads part 2: okay. And now I just want to give you some few extra additional and interesting information on Facebook and Google ads, which will be helpful for you to decide which flight from to choose. And as you can see here on from the previous elections there really good in their own ways , they have a boat. The platforms have advantages and disadvantages. But I also want to say to add something else to it. So, uh, Google ads will help you find a new customers right away. And in this process, give you an instant return on your marketing investment. Facebook Cats on the other. Health had helped your customers to find you and explore you. And maybe this would be a more investment in the long run. So that's just one point of view. Depends, of course, on the sector, on the industry on the campaign. But that is something that you can have in mind when you decide. Also, when it comes to Google, don't just think that the one who pays the most will be the first on Google or at the top. So Google values, content, design, relevance, optimization. They have their Google Rank page, which is a powerful algorithm to recognize the best, the most valuable content, so they will use that to decide who is going to be the first. Don't just think that the company that spending the most money will get all the credit snow . So there is a lot of work that you need to input in order to be the number one in certain in certain query. Also important to know very, very important is that Facebook is cheaper, so the average cost per action and cost per click is the lower on Facebook, almost in all sectors. So it depends on the industry depends on the sector, but almost always, the Facebook is cheaper, however, Google display that is similar in price to Facebook. For this reason, some people insist on comparing Facebook ads with Google display that forgets because searches on Google are more expensive. But in general, like watching this Facebook versus Google eyes discussion that we're having Facebook but for is cheaper and in my own experience that campaigns that I did that made for other people. Facebook usually turned out to be cheaper on talking on a cost per click on the most cost for action. But of course, there are many other factors that you should take into account click through rate frequency , many, many other, different things that had significant values. Eso You should compare all those things, but I'm just referring to cost per click and cost production. There they're lower, almost always on Facebook. Also, it's important to say that boat business to business and business to consumer models use Google ads successfully. Facebook, as often work better for business to consumer bottles, especially those who are selling less spend less expensive items, since people are moves more likely to impulsively buy this products after being exposed to them a few times, of course. So, however, even for business to business, there are opportunities on Facebook ads, especially with those options that we mentioned such as retargeting would look like audience. So don't forget to use that. And finally, I would like to say that on Facebook, that intent is to explore the product. We're service. However, on the Google, they that is much higher to buy a product or service do do make this simple fighter throughout an example. You cannot expect that someone will scroll the feed on Facebook or instagram CNN for a car and buy a car. But Google, they will type the query, which means that they're interested. There's a higher chance for them to buy a car because they're surgeon for that information . So the conclusion is that they're buying intent is much stronger on Google than Facebook. However, on Facebook, they're exploring that their intent to gather information to educate themselves about something is and to explore, to explore that is really important is very high. Facebook. So keep those things in my and that will help you to decide in this process. Thank you and seeing the next lecture. 6. Final words: Okay, So as you can see now, there's no clear and straightforward answer on that question, which fought from his better Facebook ghouls. One. Which one should you choose? Depends so nobody will tell you for sure which one is better. You have to. You were research investigate. You have to know your out audience. You need to determine your budget, the placements where you want to put your rights, the goals and objectives that you want to Egypt and so on so you can really know. There's no clear answer on which one is better. They both have pros and cars, and it's on your Teoh. Choose and determine which one is more suitable for your business. If you have any questions, any doubts. If you need any advice, you can always contact me on my email messages. Whichever way you choose, you can post publicly your questions, and I would be glad to help Thank you. And soon the next lecture 7. Summary conclusion: okay, and I just wanted to draw the final conclusions on this topic. So we mentioned a lot of things, and I just wanted to make a simple, short conclusion for the so When should you use a Facebook? You should choose Facebook ads for building awareness, growing your audience And when you're introducing innovative new products, when should you choose Google ads? You should choose it for immediate sales and leads and product products and services with high buying that. So that would be a short summary. If you have any questions on deciding which platform to use which campaigns objectives to use, you can always contact me. If you have any doubts, you could do it by email. The involves. Whichever way you prefer. I'm open for help. I would be glad to help. Also, the last thing I would like to add is that because some people ask me for this presentations that I'm using in my courses, whether they could have it, I don't have anything against. Usually, I don't have anything against sharing my material that I use. So in most cases you can have it both, since I cannot just put it publicly here to include it in the link. You will have to contact me whether it's on the May or privately here messages so I can send it to you directly by email so you would need to provide, which suggests where I can send you the file. Thank you for watching, and I hope that you're now clear on this topic on Facebook versus Google. The most important thing is to know that there's no straightforward and correct answer. It depends thank you and so beautifully with views.