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Facebook Ads for Online Product Sales: A Beginner’s Guide in 2018 (PART 1: PIXELS)

Tricia Belmonte, Internet Marketing Results Maker

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4 Videos (31m)
    • PROMO Video

    • Course INTRO Video

    • Pixels: Introduction

    • 7b Pixels: Standard Events


About This Class



What is the one thing that will make or break your e-commerce success? TRAFFIC. Traffic is the difference between a successful or non-successful e-commerce business. Imagine having a steady stream of incoming traffic built only of people the most interested in what you have to offer. A tribe of loyal, highly interested and dedicated buyers who have a high likelihood of returning time and time again. They are prime for upsells, cross-sells, joining email lists and more. Through correct targeting on Facebook, you are paving your way to building this exact type of tribe. Welcome to the power of Facebook advertising.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: This is PART 1 of my entire Facebook advertising course. I will add on a new section every month. Through the entire course, I will walk you through live examples of setting up an ad campaign, from start to finish, including analyzing results and tweaking for better outcomes. Walk with me as I do research, create copy, design a picture and video, program everything into Facebook and then monitor and tweak my campaign to up my results.


This is an excellent entry-level course for those new to Facebook advertising!

Part 1: Understanding and Using Facebook Pixels

Part 2: Building Your Ad Inside of Facebook

Part 3: Working Within Ads Manager, Split Testing and Measuring Ad Performance

Part 4: Copywriting Tips Through An Interview with a Copywriting Expert

Part 5: Custom Audiences & Conclusion


What Will I Learn From Watching All Lessons?

You will learn how to:

• Set up Facebook ads yourself, including visuals and videos

• Track and measure conversions

• Tweak ads for optimum performance

• Get results, on a budget

• Properly research, target and set up your ads so you are not wasting a single penny!

• Quickly identify and drop ineffective campaigns






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Tricia Belmonte

Internet Marketing Results Maker

Hello! I'm Tricia, an Internet marketing specialist with over 17 years of marketing, senior management and business development experience. Certifications: English degree, diplomas in public relations & journalism and a certificate in Internet marketing. My passion is helping motivated business owners become authority sites online.

My specialties: search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising, mobile applications and consulting & training to help business owners upsurge their...

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