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Facebook Ads: Tips For Advanced Marketers

teacher avatar Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. 1-Custom Audiences

    • 3. 2-Stock Images

    • 4. 3-Image Slideshow Tool

    • 5. 4-Same Pixel On Multiple Websites

    • 6. 5-Rename Using Available Fields

    • 7. 6-Target Specific Devices

    • 8. 7-Audience Insights

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About This Class

New for 2016!

Advanced tips for marketers to succeed with their campaigns.

This is a brand new course, talking about Custom Audiences, the use of Stock Images, the Image Slideshow Tool, using your facebook pixel on multiple websites, targeting specific devices and renaming your campaigns automatically.

It will help you get more organized, create better ads and have a better understanding of the targeting system.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

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1. Intro to the course: Hello and welcome to Facebook ads. Advanced tips for marketers. I'm really excited to get you into this course, and I know that it will help you along the line. I know that I'm calling it advanced tips, but I am pretty sure that even if you're a beginner, there will be things in this course that will help you understand that better make use off Facebook at. So let's go ahead and take a look at our course content. So first off we will be talking about custom audiences. And even though you might have used them before again, I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure I'm certain that you will find new things in this course in that specific first video, since we will be going through the different types of costume audiences how to create them , what interface looks like, and it will easily help you create custom audiences off on your own. Next off, we will be talking about stock images and before you go crazy ins, keep this video altogether. Let me assure you that we're not talking about those lame and expensive stock images that you might see on the Internet. No, we will be talking about how to use free stock images from within Facebook ads. So really high quality stock images for your specific Facebook ads needs, and I assure you that they will work and they will do wonders for your campaign if you use them properly. Next off being the first video, we will be talking about image slideshow. Now you all know that Facebook has given much more importance to videos both in the Facebook news feed and in Facebook ads. So what do you do when you want to use that? But you don't have a video. Well, you create what is called a an image slash Oh, and the best part about it is that you can create it inside off Facebook ads. You don't have to use a dedicated program or a napper service to do that, and it's really fast. It's I will show you exactly how to create. And since you can use your own images, ah, then you will have a video that will be used for Facebook ads using the content that you already have available. Next, we will be talking about having the same Facebook pixel, also known as a conversion pixel in in the past. How to use the same Facebook pics off four multiple websites. And why would you want to do that? Well, we will be talking about that in the video. Let me just give you a little a little hint. Little teaser. Let's say you have one website advertising products for men and one website advertising products for women using that pixel. That same picture on multiple websites allows you to have multiple audiences that you can use that you can cross use in order to better make use off re marketing in Facebook ads. The fifth video is how toe automatically rename campaigns using a variable feels. And this is a trick that I don't I've never seen people use. So I don't know if people know about this, and I'm really excited about it because it's one of those little known things that we will help. You better organize your campaigns and assets and ads, and it can be done within Facebook ads, and it's done automatically once you set it up. The sixth video is me talking about how to target specific devices, So if you've ever wanted to target, let's say iPhones or Android phones off a certain operating system number. Let's in a number two or things of that nature. I will show you exactly how to do that and why, Why you should be doing that. The seventh view, the last video in this course, is all about audience insights. This allows you to better understand your audience if you've got a page. If you've got a costume audience, it will give you information into what those audiences are. And it will better help you manage Facebook ads once you've created a great targeting, and you can use those information that information from audience insights to create reports . Four clients before you actually start the campaign so it will be able to show kinds that you already know the market that they're intending to target using this this Frito. So if you're ready, let's start the course 2. 1-Custom Audiences: So here we are within a video, and this time I want to talk about custom audiences. If you've ever used um, Facebook ads and favorite cuts, more advanced features you will know about custom audiences. And there's bean improving ever since they launched any. Just in case you don't know there types off lists and targeting options that help you really expand your reach, but not just expand them in the sense that it will grow your reach, but also in the sense that you can pinpoint your targeting much more accurately, depending on the data that you provide sales book. So what that means is that when you select a specific targeting for your Facebook out, it's basically running just from the option that you're given, like state, country age, sex, location, the other other preferences regarding your targeting. But with costume audiences, you're basically saying, Well, I have a few identify IRS. I have a few emails. I have a few phone numbers from clients that I've acquired. The legally true toe regular means off gathering data, and I would like to use that data waiting Facebook cats better target, mind my ads. So there are there are a lot of options available, and there are costume audiences, right? If you go into this audience, pound their custom audiences, which are sort of the most general way of thinking about, oh, your identify IRS. Then there's there are lookalike audiences, and there are saved audiences. Savior against is the last one. These are and ones that will you will create just based off the way you select your targeting and then, if you want to use the targeting again, um E, there's no need to actually create that. Ah, that audience again. So you don't need to remember what targeting options you have. And since moving or copying, starting the options from one campaign to another is not that easy. Um, you can. You can create the save the audience, which means you can reuse that specific audiences multiple and but saved audiences isn't where the interesting part is. Um, you should be looking at costume audiences and look alike audiences. And once you click on custom audiences now, this is where everything sort off gets a little bit trickier, a little more complicated. This app activity I've honestly never used, I assume it's just for people who do own absolute games within Facebook or within the the Android or Apple APP stores, and you can probably ah, create lists of people from specific actions from those ABS and games. Now, the 1st 1 customer list is where you have gathered a few information from their customers. Let's say you have a subscriber list from your block and you have 1000 email addresses. You would like to use that to target your Facebook, as with so once you click here, there are two options. You can connect a male chimp and import email others directly from that, or you can choose of filed ah, or copy and paste data. So ah, this is Ah, this screen has gone through a few iterations and in if it's not really watch, you're saying when you get here, it will probably take a little built off time in order for this to update in your Facebook at interface as well. Now this has has really become a tool toe really use the data that you have. While in the past it was mainly limited to, um, Facebook user, ID's and email addresses. Now you get to also import things like city, state, province, country, date of birth, year of birth gender raise a postal called first and last name mobile, advertiser idea and Facebook app user and the besides the usual ones that you'd expect, like email and phone number. So what this does is basically you Would the use those email addresses and insert them into this? Ah, the screen here, either by using a a file and you can download the file template, which is just an excel file with the custom columns or a txt file. Or you can copy and paste data specific directly from Ah, sees V or TXT or Excel file that you have, ah, locally on your on your desktop machine and then the what Facebook suggest you do and actually requires you to do is you have to go through these steps. You have to edit the data mapping, which means you have just subscribers, subscribers, eczema as it will be. It will be pretty simple because you will Onley ah, have to map the email address with this this specific field. If you do have more data on you, you do want to help Facebook to get better data than it's recommended together a bit more like first name or maybe location and things like that. Once you have all these data and you import it and you do the data mapping now between step three and four, what will happen is that the day will get into will be uploaded to Facebook servers, and it will try to match that data to Facebook users actual users that it it can target. Or rather, you you can target for your Facebook cats. And so, if you do have 1000 email addresses, don't be disappointed that you might find you only have about maybe 507 108 100 actual Facebook users that you can target. And that happens for our for a few reasons. One main reason would be that if I use my personal email address for my Facebook account, I might not use the exact same email address when I'm subscribing for block, and that means that I will have to email addresses. But Facebook will not know about that. So that means all of that 1000 email addresses, uh, I will only be able to extract just apart off that, um, part of that data will become Facebook user. So once once I've once I've done all of these on and I've created a custom audience, um, you click next through all of these fields and you will end up with a file that you can target. It will be a costume. Boys will be a customer list, and then you can use that for your Facebook catch. What else can you do? Well, we've talked about costume audiences and saved audiences. Well, let's take a look at Luca like audience lookalike audiences are something actually pretty speculate, tacular, Since what this does is imagine you you have gone to the park process off getting 1000 e mails in through Facebook, and then you've got maybe 800 800 or so Facebook users that you can target and then using. And then you've got that, you know, in a custom list, using ah creating a cost. Ah, look alike audience means means that you will be using that custom audience as a base, and you will create further advanced audiences based off off that. And as you can see here, there is the option to create one audience or six between that number right from your ah, from the screen. So imagine selecting one and then you would like your audience size Toby. Ah, as as big as Bigas You you wanted. But it can all but it can all it can Onley be Ah, 10% maximum off the total population off the country. And what this helps you do is further expand the reach off your custom audience using the data that you've provided of Facebook with. So hopefully this will help you. This was this video for this specific cost of audiences. Tip. And I'll see you in the next video. 3. 2-Stock Images: Welcome back. Let's talk about another specific advanced tape for marketers using Facebook ads. And this I'm way are back in the Facebook ads interface. And, well, I want to talk about stock images and not the ones that you might be thinking about. No, these aren't the ones that you should buy. Ah Tau Bay money for these are free stock images that you can use within Facebook ads itself. So I know that some of you know about this. There's been a few articles and videos and things of that nature, and I know that people know about their existence. At least some marketers do. But I think there they've been overlooked in the past because they've they've gotten somewhat of a bad reputation. No one wants specifically stock images that just sounds like they're not good images or they don't promote the click could and promote your product, or they would look like any other ad. For me, The reality is that they are high quality images that they they work. I've seen I've seen results, better results, actually from stock images within Facebook cats than one that survive created on my own. And of course, that may be more in tune with my design capability, capacity, but the ones that are used here since it's using, um, the library off someone else and their high quality. And there you probably your I don't think you will find any any any junkie here. Um, I think they've Bean also overlooked. Since people don't really think about stock images as being representative off their ah product or brand, they don't really think that the being stock images that they could use them to successfully say something about their core business or a benefit or advantage of using the product on the service. Jeff Thing is, has to do more with the capacity of the person to translate images into actions and benefits and less with the ah, let's a problem with images themselves. So let's get right into it. We're in the ads section right here with chosen to select one specific image, and we could browse the library in so like images that we've had uploaded ourselves, and but we will choose this option, hear clicking on free stock images, and then we will get this new screen where we have, um, these are just basic images did you get it right up front? You will notice that this is a The images themselves are part by shutter stock. So they're not actually images created by Facebook. This is one of the advantages of being this a giant, huge, um, corporation and social network is that you can do partnerships like this. It obviously easy and cheap. Since you are definitely using images from shallower stock to make money on the Facebook ads blood for more, you would pronto to make money using these images. So there is definitely some sort of financial collaboration or partnership between the two entities. But since Shaller stock itself is is pretty large in nature, it's Ah, it's no surprise that this sort of partnership came along. I'm interested what the future will hold, since there's been a resurgence. Ah, off free stock image websites. Um, where you don't really have to pay anything. You don't even have to mention the copywriter, the creator or the order of the image in a specific type off copyright, which is cc zero, which is copyright zero where you don't really have to mention who the other is. There are just basically free, usually high quality images you can find on the Internet Getting back to this partnership in within Facebook cats. Um, it's a simple Webster. So let's, ah, search for something like on Dr and Let's Pretend we were advertising a someone who runs a clinic or a medical facility in what little side note here is remembered that having images having ads that are related to the medical field means that there are certain restrictions like you cannot, um, se Oh, this clinic will, um, make thinner. You cannot have before and after images. You cannot, ah, say that this product will help you quit smoking, Um, in lines with Facebook. Facebook's rules and guidelines. Um, it's all about maintaining an idea of a healthy lifestyle rather than critiquing the one that you already have. And you also cannot make claims that aren't on doors by science or any other reputable entity without ah getting in trouble. Since if you do do that, you're as well pretty much get shut down and not not running. Also, let's look at a few images. Once you scroll over them, you will see that they do have the SHAR stock, um, watermark on them But once you do select them and use them in your ads, they will not show up. So you will have clean, high quality images in your Facebook ads, absolutely for free, which, um, if you had told me this a few years ago, I would have said it. It's not possible since it's such a such a large selection off images with so many categories, I would not have thought this was possible. Now it's even easier to create Facebook ads with great images. And if you add ah, text Ah, on top of that and links, then you will have a much, much better chance off targeting the right people with the right product and having great images to go along with that. So there are There are images just for any type of thing that you can, uh, think about. There are images, let's say for partnerships for guest meeting. Ah, getting to meet the new ah clinic, um, for specific markets. Ah, whether or not you want to use images off people or not, whether you're talking, let's say maybe you're talking something here for older people. If you want your ah, if you want to advertise. Maybe like a nap that is for form the medical feel that you could use this since you're not really seeing what's on that tablet creen itself, and you could dio something related to kids. Ah, there's a great image since it's it's a bit blurry, but it gets people, ah, attention, He could say, Oh, there's this new click clinic opening up near you and things like that and let's search for , ah, something more specific. Let's say, uh, older couple. If this this sort of the shutter stock in Facebook such is actually pretty pretty goods. It's getting your results because there there are pretty specific. If you had just search for a couple, then you would not Yet these these type of types of your results and as you can see there, there a lot of locations there in different positions. They're different nationalities and ethnicities, and they're just they're just images that look good and they're free to you. So why not going to take advantage off this function and really, really used Facebook ads to its maximum potential? And the way you actually add them into your Facebook ads interfaces? You simply click on them. But they have chosen these three and since Ah, we're using the single image section. We will be able to select ah, maximum off six images. So if we just click on each of them, we will ah, at them on, then clicking, clicking done. We will add them to our ads that we've ah chosen here. And then obviously, since these are really high quality and the widescreen images, they will look, they will look great in your Facebook cats. So this was all for this specific tip for events marketers, and I'll see you in the next one. 4. 3-Image Slideshow Tool: welcome back. So here's another video, another advanced IP, another events video for Mori. Others. This time we'll be looking at one specific thing that people should be using in Facebook at , but they're really not. So let me show just where I am real quick. I'm in the ad section, so I've passed the campaign off past the ad set section, and right now you are asked how you would like your ad to look, and this is pretty standard. There's nothing really special about this screen right now, so as you see that you can select a image you can select multiple images with which creates a caress a lab. So right now, there's nothing really special about that. You can have images, you can have video, and I've seen people really go out, go out of their way to use video. Since Facebook has improved or adapted their algorithm so that video shows up higher in usually in people's news feeds, he just gave it. It made video more more important so but the thing that I want to talk about is this option right here, which is so light show, and it's basically a way to create a video when you're don't have the means to create them right. So even if you don't have a video editing software or a friend that can help you out, or if you don't want toe pay a freelancer or a videographer to create a video for you to use in your Facebook and that's okay, Facebook has got you cover. So let's take a look at how this actually works. So if you click it, you will, um, use this section here, the plus sign to open a new screen. And this is the new options that you get with the with the slide show creator, and it's pretty basic. It will definitely improve over time. Right now, there are basically, just like four options. The way you use this is there are seven images, and then you can set how much each image should last. You can have original aspect ratio. So, for example, if you have a new image that is for for three in terms off aspect ratio, then you will. You can create a slideshow based on that it won't crop them or edit them in any way. You can have the square option for aspect ratio. And that's usually good when you think about actually doing ads for Instagram as well. And you've got the rectangle 16 by nine, which is sort of the most popular since the way news feed shows up in people's phones and people's computers and laptops is it is pretty wide, So it takes up a lot of real estate, which is which is good. You want to get noticed. So go ahead and add. Ah, few images. I'm just going to add, um seven. Since this, this is the the maximum that that I can, and I just got a few test images and they're different aspect ratios ratios. So we'll have a look at what happens when we do add them. Unless at this one as well. And this is pretty basic. When you have carousel ads, this strain is pretty familiar. Once you've selected them, the rest have gone great. And once we've confirmed that, we've got our images selected and we've added them into the slide show creator itself. And, as you can see at the bottom, are we? Since we've chosen, they make each image a duration to be two seconds. Our final stature will last 4 14 seconds and that we can ah, move these. It's it's a simple as dragon drop. Or we can remove each image just by hovering over them and going into this right corner here and clicking this X. If we change the image duration for for each image, Toby, five seconds, it will be for the five seconds. And I think Facebook has done this in order to not really bore people. He could have said, Okay, we can let you have 10 20 images, and then each image could last for 5 to 10 seconds. But imagine if you had, ah, 20 images and 10 seconds each. That would be over three minutes. That that is pretty long in terms often answer their thinking in terms off as which are usually 40 seconds or O. R. A minute. And I'm glad that they did stick with the with a shorter amount of time. And let's say we select two seconds for people sort of actually see what the images but not have enough time to just focus on that it needs toe. Move on further. There are two more options at the bother me that I want to talk about that are pretty important is the 1st 1 is what kind of transition do you want between images? So if we go with a transition to be none, once we click the video and the last 40 it just changes to did to the next image. If we choose, fade right. All of a sudden there's this nice fade between images, right? So that makes it that makes it so that it's It's It's it's cleaner. It just looks better. And then the last option is music, right? There is, um, music that you can add that is free to use. So there are There are styles, really, there isn't a specific tracks, and once you only have a limited selection. So once you've used, um, that's a action, right For a slight show, the next lecture with action will sound exactly the same. So you can use this. You can upload your own at least not right now, But the ones you do have don't sound that awful switch between them. And then what you do is the last option is you actually said it to create the slide show, and it takes a while he takes a bit, it also tells is this contain between for the seconds and two minutes, and it really depends on the images. And if you've chosen a favor or a video or audio at the end, and once you've you've had that once it's that slight you created for you. You can go ahead and move on with the rest off your ad itself, adding extent, images and, uh, selecting the the way you want your your at look. And if we just leave it to create just a little bit, we'll see. We'll see how it actually looks like. Right? So here it is, you can add, Ah, custom thumbnail. You can select the thumbnail. You can have video captions and this is a preview. Using of image slideshow is a great way to get attention on your product or your page or your website. This was the video all about this specific tip, and I'll see you in the next one 5. 4-Same Pixel On Multiple Websites: Okay, so we've talked about a few different types off at the Vance. Tips for for mori, others. And in this video, I want talk about one thing that I think people are using. But I haven't really seen articles or videos or podcasts. Are anything related to that sometime? Curious if you guys found out about that and what I'm talking about is having the Facebook pics Oh, activated on multiple domains on multiple websites. So here's exactly what I'm talking about. Um, you go into your account and you go to Facebook pixel right here and the top he half ago pixels. And then you get to this dislocation. Now, as you see, there are two types. There's the Facebook pixel, which is the new one. And then there is the conversion tracking pixel, which is the old Your pixel now believe there is a cut off date off September 25th or something like that. Ah, When the conversion tracking pixel will not work, we will not work anymore. So if you are using this, you should you should definitely use the newer, then your Facebook pixel, which has more options. Since the conversion tracking pixel was using, ah, one pixel for for tracking versions and then another one for Beijing's and things that, as they had to use two of them on for a marketing one for tracking. That was a bit of a hassle. Now all you do is have the Facebook pixel initialized on all your pages. Basically, I recommend having it on all your pages, even though right, even though you will not be using it on all pages. Perhaps you don't want to track people people on a specific pages of your website. It doesn't hurt to have it active right there. Since you will get, um, you'll get people from your entire website, anyone that number to grow. So what I'm talking about is let's look at here down below at the event, and it says Picture pixel initialized. Ah, it's active. And there's this number 48. So it doesn't really matter if from the beginning, if you're getting people who, um, who aren't really specific or targeted from your website, but you will, you will be able to target them. Filter them later, but in the beginning always recommend having, um, more more visitors from your website instead of just, like really off A really filter view of the people are getting, ah, getting pixels. So when the thing you you should be looking at is ah, are these sections here your l's and domains for me specifically, it's unknown right now because I'm using it on a few different types of websites and Facebook isn't it? Isn't this moment the smartest one amusing? Get on. Um, a few pop ups and a few types off digital entity which are specifically website. So it's gotten a bit confused with the with the Urawa sentiments. But if you do do this right and you do place it on multiple websites that you own, then you will be able to see not just the first website that you've had your picks along, but all the all the other ones as well. And the way you do that, it is it's pretty simple is once you you're in the Facebook pics of location or here in the screen, you're going to actions and then view pixel code and you get this window right here. And then you have this ah specific code. You have this this pixel code. Ah, and all you do is copy it and then you place it between the ah, beginning and had tags off your website code. So once you've done that with a website, you should be doing it with multiple websites. And then the question is, Well, why should I be doing it with multiple websites? So let's take a really a specific situation and talk about, um if you have a, uh, an e commerce website and you're selling of things specifically for for men, maybe you've got let's say, supports equipment and you only sell, Ah, men, men equipments with Maybe it's sports equipment for men dot com or something like that. And so you have that. And when you do use the pixel, you can obviously use it for re marketing. Which means you will, um, show ads Ah, that are specifically targeted. Two men. Since this is who you are targetting, this is the These are the visitors that you're getting true that pixel. But while if you had another website, a second website, that would be something like, um sports equipment for women dot com. And then you have the same pixel code for ah that websites. We have one single pixel for two websites in this case, and then you fix old both websites and you decide that for a special promotion. That's a for Valentine's name. Use you. You create an ad or re marketing adds that targets women, and it tells them something along the lines off. Hey, get your husband or your partner. Um, these, um, disclosed its sports clothes. This sports equipment, that is, I guess maybe 40 50% off for this Valentine's Day. So you're targeting people who your in directly targeting man. Since this is who you want, this is the products who are. This is what the products aren't arranged for, but you're doing it true women women would be the first target, and you obviously want men to meant to use it. So you're using one single pixel on two websites, and this is just an example where you would have to properties and each would be different and his property would be different, but together they would complement each other. So another example would be if you, ah, target kids or if you have multiple types off websites that work really well together. So, for example, let's say you build up a brand. 00 A website that sells, um, custom mobile smartphone skins like stickers and things like that that you put on top of your smartphone. And you don't want to really expand that brand because it's really, really well known You don't want to really expand that brand. So what you do is you create another website that sells maybe different types of accessories or sells more phones itself themselves. And then you have the again the same picks off for those toe websites, which will show up here and in domain section, and that will essentially make it so that they're somehow connected. And what you can do is when someone buys that, say they buy a new a new iPhone off from your, um, a smartphone website. Then using that picture, you can, ah, send them to the accessories website and show them ah, custom iPhone skin from for their phone. So having a the same Facebook pics on two websites makes it easier for you to create great ads and basically increase your audience size for Facebook ads. Thanks. This was this tip on. I'll see you in the next video 6. 5-Rename Using Available Fields: Okay, So in this video, I will show you how to rename your ad set using available fields. Now, before we begin, I just want to make sure we understand what that means. So the basic structure off Facebook ads is similar to the one found in Google AdWords. But it wasn't like this from the beginning. So in the beginning, there was just a campaign that you had so like. Imagine a folder, right? And within that campaign, you had the ads and the ads would ah fight against each other? You could say for people's attention and you would get stats and you'd see which one worked better. We trump got the most results. The are the best results. Which one achieved their objectives faster or cheaper? But then there was a focus, a large focus on the Facebook ads interface and how it worked. And it's structure. And so now the basic campaign structure is this. You have your campaign right. You have objectives that you can set only at the campaign level. You have spending limits again. Said that the campaign level you have the ad set itself. You can have one or multiple at sets and within the asset you can have a schedule. You can have a a budget. You will be setting your audience So you're targeting where that specific ad will show up, whether in mobile news feed or an instagram or in the desktop newsfeed X up, right column and so on and so forth. And then at the fourth level, right, the lower level. You've got the ads themselves and those could be images. Images puts text images, prospect close links, videos, videos, prospects for slings, videos plus text can also adds slide shows. You could have a lot there, So going back to this specific section that we were talking about, um, having a good campaign structure means that you'll easily no what your campaigns or at sets are doing, uh, how you can improve, um, each one what you've chosen as an objective and so on. So having good names is is very important, and there's a future here that not a lot of people know about. It's the rename using available field. So once you are in the edit at set menu below our window, right, you click this little ah text year, which does hits. It's not a bottom, so it doesn't look like it could be clicked. But most blue things here could be clicked. So if you just this for select rename using available fields, he will get a rather confusing screen. I would say it's right now. What we're looking at is a, ah, a campaign here in the back. And then on top of that, there's the edit at set, menu or screen. And then we have a another overlay. So, like a second overlay on top of all of these, and it gets it gets pretty ridiculous. And this section here is where, um, you will be doing the renaming itself. And the feature that we're showing here is how to rename your at set using some specific fields. So no longer will you want to rename them manually, right? Everyone can do manually, right? Uh, since this isn't like, it's not new, and you have to type all these words and say, Oh, this is at set number one And then this is the objective. And then here's yes, variation for ads and things like that. So it gets pretty tiresome and you don't wanna mess up things here. It would be great if he could do it automatically, and you can. So right now I've chosen just a few dummy text just to show you what's available. I mean, just excludable of these, right? So I've just removed them and we have options for your campaign and options for your ad set . And since there are far more features that you set at the outset level, there are more options here. So let's let's go through a few of these. The campaign level you can have your campaign, I d. You can have your campaign name and your have your objective, right? And once you select this, it goes here and then using this as a separator. And here is a preview off what your new name will be. Right. So this year first is the campaign i d. This here is the campaign lane, and lastly, this is the objective fried website clicks and the separated here is this symbol. But you can also have this. You can also have this. You can have a lot of things, just anything that will make you understand what your campaigns looks like look like and how you can organize them better for for just easier. Is your access to, um your your your later basically cause you want to make sure that you are working with with good data that ah, you know what's going on in what you can test for the run. So I've read it all. All of the options, all of the dark options for from the campaign, all of the field. So these have basically ah, gone are gone from here. Another thing you can do is you can actually eliminate these. You can get them back by Just clicking on it is very simple. But you can also, as you can see my cursor if you're not here to remove them. If you're pretty much anywhere in the other section here, you can drag and drop, so that means you will move them along. And this structure updates, right? I'm dating real time here, So maybe you don't want your more interesting to you objective. So you put that first. Or maybe you want the campaign name first. Or maybe you don't under campaign i d. It's all up to you. And any change you make obviously should click the rename button and it will make those changes for you. Now let's have a look at the fuels that are available for the exit. So you've got the age right. That's interesting. And you can see the there is a separation off color, right? There's this brown. And then there is green, the greenest for at certain there. And there's Brown for the campaign. There's the ad said I D If you're if you're really looking to add a specific, um, numbers to your at that you could use that made to be confusing. So I usually don't don't have that in my my naming. You have the beat type much, and that is pretty interesting. If, um, you're using multiple multiple types, you have the city. And again that is, ah, useful, especially when you're using maybe multiple countries and things like that. So country and city differently, useful? We've got the custom audiences, the one that you've included, the one If you've excluded, you've got the gender, who are you specifically targeting? And in my case, is just males right? Men, you've got the interests, and when you add this, it usually adds a bit more to the length off the acts that name, since you will be adding multiple interest that I haven't seen a a NASA where you just at one single interest? Because that's not that's not a specific. That's it doesn't specific campaign. It's and specific targeting. You also have the mobile devices that you're that you're targeting. So in my case, it will be feature phones. But it could also be smart phones. It could be android devices. It could be. I always devices and so forth. You've got the mobile operating system, and that is obviously tied to the mobile devices that you've chosen. You've got the updated date, and that is the the last time you've made an update to the specific asset. And again, that's useful. It lets you know right away if if a campaign needs and that set needs to be refreshed, updated and lastly, you've got the ZIP code, which is specifically tied to M, the country and the city that you've chosen. So these are all of the options that you have for renaming your at set using available fields. Don't forget to go to these these options yourself and lastly, um, always always click the rename button to apply the changes. Thanks, and I'll see you in the next video 7. 6-Target Specific Devices: Okay, So in this video, I will talk about how you can actually select specific devices as play placements for your Facebook ads, and it's actually really easy. What we're looking at is the added at set interface. And as you can see, these are the regular options for placements, right? You like your mobile news feed. You've got your instagram right, which is fairly new, but your audience network, your desktop newsfeed and your sub newsfeed in the right column. Um, what we don't see right now is how you can actually do what we're planning to do, which is a target specific devices. So the way we do that is we we see here that we've chosen the desktop newsfeed placement, and since there aren't any specific devices that you can target on their stop right, you can't. He doesn't like to choose like Max or PC's or specific types of hardware the those devices might have. So what we need to do is we need to select one of these placements that he's is used on a mobile interface. So if they click the Audience Network, which is part of ah, more mile, if we choose Instagram or if we choose mobile news feed, then another section will pop up. So this is the mobile devices section, right? And here we can see that right now it's meant to target, um, all mobile devices, right? And there's a thick here. We can choose to target devices on Lee target devices that are connected to a WiFi. I personally don't use this. You don't really want to restrict the number off potential customers that you have just because, um, they might not be using Ah, a mobile connection like a G three g H plus for G and so forth. So I usually don't click on this. If we click on this specific drop down, then we will see that there are more options that we can choose from. So the first option is obviously all more. While devices. Now, usually, when people talk about mobile devices in Google analytics or other other systems off that nature, they usually refer to tablets as well, and we'll going to take a look at how sort of Facebook defines these mobile devices. So let's go ahead and choose. Android devices are only first, let's clean everything up. Okay, so as you can see it doesn't let you ignore everything. So if you try to remove Andrew smartphones all and Andre tablets or which is which are two different options, they will. It will actually put them back. So let's try to input a device names. Let's say we're looking for to only target Ah, Samsung Devices. And there's an option for that. And suddenly the android phones all on android smartphones. All option has been changed into Samsung devices. Now, if we remove that, we've got the android tablet, which is still live, But we can still select a mobile device. So we've got right now we're targeting the mobile new seed plus Andrew tablets, right. And also the specific, um, type off the specific model off phone the Samsung Galaxy +83 launched in 2016. So it gives you all of these information you don't really need Toe. Um, think about, um, I don't need to do doing further research in tow. One specific device was launched or things like that. It just tells you. So it's It's easy to to know if you're If you're looking to target on in your phones, then surely you can you can do that just by looking at the dates here. Let's go a bit further and let's think about if we want to target. Um, something else. Let's see, What else could we target? Um, if we're thinking about Amazon devices, they've launched a few, a few of them. So we see their Kindle fire tablets, and we can also have the option off adding all Amazon devices. And suddenly, suddenly, if we chose the Amazon devices placement, right, this specific placement on Moammar, we we no longer have the option off android tablets. Also, it replaced that. Now the Amazon fire phone. I believe it was called That isn't here since I believe it was discontinued. But their tablets are are still are still live. And if we go still further down, we can have a look at a few more options. Now that we've chosen Android, we can choose the version off the operating system. So, android, we can choose these specific operating system version we're looking for. So, um, it's you could you could think of it as targeting newer or older devices. Since I don't believe there are any devices right now in terms of purchase, um, devices that you can purchase, that you still use the 2.0, and reversion. You could probably find them with 4.34 point four, maybe and definitely 55.1 and then six, and then then newly launched seven. That's not here yet since it just launched, but it will probably be updated here. Ah, in a few in a few weeks, probably. And you also have a a optional screen optional section here. So if you go maybe Lollipop, that's the minimum, and then the mass should be marshmallows. You have the only one devices that are, Ah, few years, um, all and tablets and smartphones, so that's pretty pretty easy to understand. That's let's take a look at IOS devices. So now there are a few other options here. As we can see, there are. I passed their iPods and their iPhones, so let's have a look at what options there are. If you click just right Apple. We see that it supports the up the iPad, mini, the iPhone, the iPad air and gave a pro unless just tried to add just the iPhone. And then it also has specific versions And since I'm not a, um, an iPhone or RS user, that sure what the latest the latest version is? Ah, it's probably not. Then I believe tennis coming this year or next, at least the final version. And so probably nine point something is, is the latest one. But again, you have the same option that you did before. You can select a specific version, as in the minimum. And then you could say, Well, I'm only interested in definitely newer devices on maybe a plan for up to 9.3, right? These are the basic options for for I always There's much less fragmentation in terms of devices and versions and as opposed to, um, Android if you move on to the last option Now, feature phones is a term that is used for, um, devices that aren't actually smart. Some Nokia devices are called feature phones. Um, probably even some devices with ah windows phone on them. They're basically devices that do not support the the full Facebook. Ah, aps Ah, even the Facebook light up. Or perhaps they're they're not even using eps. Maybe they just have some sort of a ah specific browser that is building that can be used. And then true. That browser. Um, you could access Facebook as a website. And then once you do that, it would know that you are using a future fun. And so you could have that as a, uh, targeting mechanism. You sure looking to target those Pacific thoughts? So this was the tip. This was the video about how to choose specific placements within the mobile newsfeed I'll see in the next one. 8. 7-Audience Insights: okay. And in this video we will be talking about audience insights, and that is a two within Facebook that will help you understand your audiences and better. There are three million starting points with, um audience inside so you can research everyone on Facebook. And this is just to give you sort of ah, basic idea, basic foundation off what you can find and what you can expect on Facebook, then further down the line a bit more specific than that, obviously in is the people connected to your page option and that you will help you see if you're attracting the right people to your to your page. If you have maybe Balz who have gathered on your on your patriots, it's a good way to find out if you are a page that you manage is in is in good health. The last option, which is most interesting to me at least, is, ah to research a custom onions. And the reason you would want to that is that. Let's say you've gathered ah 1000 email addresses via your block, and you don't know specifically who those people are, So that means that you have to do a bit of digging with research if you've, ah, taken that if you taken that least of 1000 subscribers and created a cost of audience based off that, um, within Facebook ads, but you will not know it will not show you who those scramblers are. So who's who those ah Facebook users are. But using using that, ah, audiences that still you will be able to find out a few more things about your custom audience. And once you've done that, then well, you could go ahead and create lookalike audiences. Or you could create your own targeting based on the options that you find here when the audience insights for the across the mornings. So let's take a look at just, ah, the first option. Once you click, um, everyone on Facebook. One thing that I usually do in the beginning is I remove for the location section. I just remove the United States, and if you are interested in using that for four year targeting that, then by all means leave it at that. But let's type something else in this type the United Kingdom. And now, as you see, it's changed from, um, this this was from all people on Facebook, and now it shows just these new audience that were they were targeting. There is data here that you won't be able to see, since some specific types of information is on Lee Onley available for United States, for example, this lifestyle years, demographic and interest data based on purchase behaviour, brand affinity and other activities, you will not be able to see this for the 30 enough chosen, which is the United Kingdom. So it shows you, um, all of the different targeting all of the different options related to your audience. So you know that in the United Kingdom there's 14 9 There are 49% men in terms of Facebook users and 51% women. And then the distribution. You can see that this is in terms of age and gender. So the most people from the United Kingdom are men between 25 44 ah, years old and their their mail and then the least amount that the smallest amount is people who are over the age of 65 who are men. Another thing to notice here is that even though you're only seeing users from the ages of 18 to 24 EWG you can do targeting lower than that. It does start from 14 years old. Going lower than that. You have a relationship status, and we can see that for our specific location that we've chosen 28% are single and a staggering 41%. Are you married? Or at least this is the data that they've they've recorded as. And then the highest level of education reached is college. So now when you would use this information well, definitely when starting out a new campaign. And maybe it's in a different market that you're not familiar with, and you really just want to get a feel for how many people there are when their interests are and so on. This is a great tool to do that, but another another thing that you can do is create a report. For example, me for client comes along and says, Well, we're trying to sell this product and we're trying to reach new audiences. New targets. You could go ahead and say, Well, we've done the research and here is where you should be promoting your product the most since This is where people have the most. Ah, have similar interests to what you're trying to sell going, Lord, that we can find a job titles and you can click on on these columns here. The column had sent you can are rearrange them. And as you see for the United Kingdom, the most used job battle is management, followed by sales and administrative. So you start to get a feel for what people in the UK, at least on Facebook, are like. And you can scroll go even further than that. And look at, well, where are people in the United Kingdom situated in terms of location? Right? And we're only talking about people on Facebook. So people in London and then burning him and then Manchester, which is a large a large segment here, 42% are from from London. Obviously, top countries will be in the United Kingdom. Top languages would be, ah, again English, UK and us. But as you see, and this is starting to ah ah, to become more clear, Polish, Romanian and Italian are the next the next languages, which means that well, obviously, people, this is what they've set sort of their Facebook profile language as. And obviously if these people are in that location, they've changed their location to United Kingdom. They're they're coming from from other countries. Aziz. Well, and once you go through all of these stabs, you start to really understand what these Ah, these people are like, As you can see, they're using computers. Ah, and iPhones. Android is only 18% Ah, and ah, 48 per cent. 48% of people in the United Kingdom are using Facebook ads Onley on mobile. There's a specific targeting their specific column for the stop and mobile of 48% our reporter as using Facebook as just mobile in the last 40 days. So once you go ahead and looked through all of these options, you start to understand that targeting is really a bit more complicated than we first thought. And using all of these options, you will surely surely create a much more, um, a much better audience of four year services and products. So this was, Ah, this tip and fix for watching