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Facebook Ads: The easiest way to create a Facebook Ads that work

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction to Facebook Ads

    • 2. 02 Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager

    • 3. 03 setting up your facebook payment account

    • 4. 04 Defining your Facebook Target Audience?Defining your facebook target audience

    • 5. 05 Level 1 Creating the Ad

    • 6. 06 Level 1 Boosting your Post

    • 7. 07 Level 2 Creating your Ad in the Ads Manager

    • 8. 08 Tips to have your ad approved by facebook

    • 9. 09 Analyzing Results

    • 10. Assignment Create a Facebook Ad

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About This Class

Hi guys,

Welcome to this Skillshare class.

Here you will learn step by step how to easily create an optimized Facebook Ad that will help you to reach thousands of new clients for your business.

This class is for beginners, so you don't need any previous knowledge in order to succeed.

By the end of this class, you will have Facebook Ads working for you and attracting new clients to your business 24 hours a day!

See you in class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. 01 Introduction to Facebook Ads: working to the Facebook at model here on the digital marketing masterclass. Carson, happy to see you here. Here on this model will learn everything about Facebook at and then the next models. We'll learn more advanced techniques like Facebook Retire, getting another great techniques that you can use right now in order to grow your business using Facebook off course. So here we will. We will create a Facebook at from scratch. I'll show you the arts manager, how that works will set up your payment account won't go step by step. So if you have never created an ad, this model will be great for you. If you already have experience creating ants on Facebook, you can jump to the next model where we will talk about Facebook retargeting, which is one of the most advanced techniques used by large corporations on the Facebook marketing space. But now, in this model, we're ready to start creating a basic at that is the first step in order to get there. So if you have no experience, please continue here in this model on, we will go together. You and me career in this first at. Okay, let's start this model right now. 2. 02 Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager: Okay, guys, let's start talking about Facebook ATS. These is super excited. The next models Euler a lot about Facebook at on. By the end of these courts, you will be an expert. You will create super optimize it. Facebook at that will create amazing results for your business. Will bring real results and rial customers for your business on. That's my goal here on these models. So let's see the first step here. If you have never created an app, you need t to have access first to the ads Manager, the Facebook ads manager. So if you go now, toe facebook dot com slash ATS again his facebook dot com slash ads You will see these page or something like these. This is a page right now Facebook always update the patient. They should change the picture, but is the idea is the same. You will have the same information in the page. So here we have we can create another weaken click on how Facebook at Work's and let me see . Let me show you hear exactly what the process is you see here, Facebook said, how to meet people you will who will love your business on. They have four steps. Basically, we will create a on add on the Facebook page. We will create opposed on your face with pigs. Are you already created Number two? We will let Facebook know. What do we want to promote, and I'll show you how to that. In the next videos, Number three will say Tell to face. But what's your your target audience? The target out is also well complete on this model, and this is one of the most important things because you need to make sure you have the target out. And so you are showing your adds to the people that really want your product on the last step East to basically said the budget, How much money do you want? Invest on start advertising on Facebook? So that's how work is simple. But there some specific strategy specific tips that you need to know to have the best experience possible on Tau Tau have the bear. The best are wide, the best return on investment here on Facebook. That's okay, so let's go to facebook dot com slash ads again. And in here you can create click on create at or let me show. You know, eruption. Here I am here on my Facebook profile and you see here on the under favorite, we have new feet on the second option is acts manager. If you don't have this right now, don't worry. It's just because you have not created on at yet. When Ukraine, you first add, you will have under favorite at managers. All you need to do is click on at manager when you want to create new ads and you want to see the reports and all these super important information on the third option is to click here on the Facebook menu and click on Create. That's so let's do that right now. Excellent. Were being forward to this page. And here we have the three, the three main marketing objectives. Don't worry about these right now, because we will have a whole model explain each one off, then off these on which one is the best for your audience. You will note all that in the next videos. For now, what we need to do is click unclos here at the bottom. You see, here we have the left menu on that the end. We have close or click on that. So we are being read directed to the arts manager. This is the at manager on East here where we will learn and understand the ads will were created at. We will see the reporting how much we already span. How many people already joined to your business. All these will see here on the Facebook at some manager. If you are here on this window or maybe we have less information for you, let me show you another option. Here, Click on, Create at on. Let this is another account that I have just for testing and weekly can close here. So this is how you will have your at managers at the beginning. Zero information. No founder. No results. Found that store really find you have your name here. Your account number on you have the option to create at. If you are seeing these screen right now on your computer, you are ready toward to a next video because that means that you already have an account on at account on Facebook. You can prove that by clicking here on your name. You have your picture and your name. Click on here and you see here your personal at account and you have your name here, so check mark here. So that means it's all good if you are here. You are right to vote on Expedia in the next videos. Well, we'll start setting up the payment. Dual enter critical information for now. You won't be charged anything, but we need to add your critical information here to the Facebook at manager in order to perform at in the future. On also setting up your target out is defining your target audience, which is one off the most important videos off this model. There is also an option toe open a business manager at account. If you have a business and you need toe advertising more than one personal account, you can open these on. Have these for free. This is a free account that you can open on Facebook also for now, because is the beginning and we're in the basic Facebook at mortal right now. I wouldn't recommend you to do this right now. I will do this in the future, but for now, if you are here, you are ready to start creating ads. Remember that if you have any questions you can go to the Q and A session and some your question that I will do everything that I can to help you clarify that. See you in the next video. 3. 03 setting up your facebook payment account: you can come back to the ads manager at any time by going toe facebook dot com slash ATS slash monitor on. By doing that, you come here to the scream. So in this video, now we need to set. The next step is to set up your payment information. How do that? Basically, we come here at the top on the ads manager. Click on that and we have this menu. If you don't see all these options here, you can go toe All tools on this option will open for you. The last option is settings and in here we have billing and payment methods. Click on that. And here we have billing summary current balance zero Next building. The X build cycle is in the state and here we have the second option, which is the one that we want right now, which is the ad payment methods or click on add payment method. Let's see. Is opening here Units like your country enter your credit or debit card information with expiration they security code and buildings Ipco Or also, if you prefer, you can add a PayPal account on online back banking or a Facebook at coupon. So if you have a coupon, you can use this one as well. When you're ready, click on. Continue on. By doing that, you completed the second step, which is setting up your payment account easy, right? I hope you completely is this important, guys. Let's complete these so we can go step by step on these cars. And don't worry, because of the beginning will invest very little money. We can invest $3 or $5 just to test your at. So don't worry about being charged too much here because I'll show you the exact method that you can use in order to make sure you will not be charged more than you want. Okay, I hope to see you in the next video. 4. 04 Defining your Facebook Target Audience?Defining your facebook target audience: Okay, guys, welcome back. This video will talk about Facebook. Target audience by the end off this video, you will have your perfect target audience ready to go and ready to use on ads on this is good, because this is this will also help you on all your marketing efforts. So you need to know your market out in some Probably you already know. But today in this video, we're defining that inside Facebook. So here we are in the ads Manager, the Facebook ads manager. If you are not here, you can go to facebook dot com slash ATS slash manager and you will find these specific screen in here we go at the top in the top. Click here on the menu, and we have frequently at frequently used and we have audiences. The second option here. Click on that. Excellent. So here we see all the Audi. Since we have right now on the Facebook, probably you don't have any audience ready, But we will create one right now to create a now audience. You got's here on the blue bars and create audience. And we have three options. The one we're using today is the safe audience. The last one. Let me show you the other ones. So you have an idea about what's the difference if we click and custom audience? This is This is an outing, so we're creating from people that already have a contact with you or your company. So if you have a customer file, for example, if you have a pixel later in the cars, we will start a peak. So on your website. And that's one off the best ways to create an audience, so we will use these in the next videos you. If you have an AB, you can use the audience off people that are using your app on the new one is the engagement on Facebook. You can create a late off A list off people who have engaged with your content on Facebook . So basically people that already know you these East custom audiences let's cancel these on go to the second option, which is look like audience. So here we can select people on your pages. You see, when you I click on source, Facebook opens for me all my pages so I can select people from this page or from the other page that are in this specific location on This is a way, a way to create a look like our audience on the save audience, which is the one we're using today. And this is one of my favorite because it's very easy to do, and it will help you to have a clear understanding about your audience. So here out his name, you can enter any name on this case. I'll enter on line course audience. So these are people are interested on all line education. Online courses creating all in courses are taking or length horses. Okay, So if you you need to enter a title here off the audience that you want, just remember to have a clear title. So you remember later when you need to use it for at so custom outings. Don't worry about these right now. Let's jump to the next option, which is locations again. Here. We can select people. There are in a specific location. Here we have United States, for example, I can add other countries like Canada. Let's add United Kingdom. Let's add Australia Australia excellent, and you can also add specific address. You can add CDs. You can upset CO. You can be very specific here. So if you have like a local business, let's say you have a local bases in Portland, Oregon, on Did you want to target only people around your business? You can enter your sicko here, or maybe even your address. That's the best way to target, because I am selling online products and for me, doesn't matter. Actually, I can reach the more number of people that speak the language I want here in these countries. So that's why I select several countries. Let's jumped tops. Make sure you know, here, make sure you you target the people that are in the right place in the right location. Scroll. Now, next option is the age. So my audience ease for a 25 year old toe 50 60 years old. Let's say like that you can select the age off your target audience. Here is very important guys to take this area this part very seriously because the success off your ads, the success or your Facebook at later will depend in big part about the onus about how target your audience is. Okay, so select the age of your year off your outings. You see here they said so like the minimum and maximum age off the people who will find year at real event. OK, next we have the gender. I can target all people or I can target men or women us you want. So if you have, like a women store, if you have a men clothing store, you can select any off these specific genders on this case. For me, for Mike simple will be all languages. I'll enter English, old on off course. You have other English here. So if you are targeting people in UK, for example, you you will think that English all is enough is enough. But for some reason, for my testing enter, having the other English categories here helps the ads to perform better. So I will be adding all the English option here in my specific case, have English, all UK and us. Okay, scroll down, detailed targeting. And this is one of the most important things in here. You will add specific interest off your audience. Okay, So if you in this case, if I am targeting people that are interested in online courses, I need to Sirte here on this lease, I can click on browse, or I can see the suggestion. Or I can even type the keywords here. I will select people they're interested on online education, any kind of education, and maybe sites that sell online courses like you. To me, skill share lynda dot com or anything like that because that's my target. Out is if you are, let's say we're We're creating an audience that likes the cooking, the chocolate cake, for example. We always use as an example this case. We can tell you people that, like cooking people that like specific cooking pages on Facebook on have cooking interest recipes, online, videos of cooking, all that we need to find here as an interest. So my case, I'll select education. Let's see here. Education. It seems we have any online education, online shopping, online games, online buyers, online buyers is good because I will end up, say, selling that online products online shopping. Let's see here, school students. I'll targets you and you see, if I click here, I will. I will be adding 303 more than 303 million people to my target audience So also ill Al people that like you re me I have you been here? People that like skill Scher which are specific websites that target online courses people that like plant can academy also another. You see the facebook if give me suggestion right now, Linda, that gone one million people, likely in the long con. So I'll finish like this. The more you adhere, the better more target your parents will be. So in this case, I I add people that like to buy online the behavior here He's online buyer So they they're people. I mean, my ad will show to people that are used to buy online Also will show to people that are interested in education plan academy, lynda dot com Skill sharing unity. This is perfect for me. I also can exclude people here. You see, you have two options and narrow audience. So if I click, screwed, exclude people, I can exclude people depending off interest on behaviors on categories. Maybe if I don't want people that are like you to me, I can add you them here so off course I need to remove it from here. So in this case, I'll be talking. People are interested in these sides but northern unity. So if they are interested on this side but also you, Timmy, my at one show. Okay, So you have here the i. D. I hope you're getting the idea and you can start playing with these options them or again. The more specific you are, the better of me remove you from here on. Adhere to my target hours because I like to turn the people that are interested in your me . Also, the last option is connections. So if we expand here, you have the option to You have the Facebook page so you can say people who like your Facebook page friend off people who like your your Facebook page or exclude people who like your Facebook page. So if you have a Facebook page, let's say, with a lot of funds on, you want to create a promotion. Let's say you are doing a draw or you are doing a black Friday sale ing or something like that for people that are already in your audience and you want to reach them. You can say, OK, I want to target people are people that like my page, which is create online courses, which is the base we just created. So basically, in here, that means that the this at will show only for people that, like my page and also people that live in these countries, people that speak English and people that are interested on these. So if this Facebook will show that only to the person to the to the this customer that feels all their requirements here Okay, so let's remove these on. You can also exclude people. So in case you want, you are growing your audience and you want to. You don't want to spend at for people that already like your page, but you want to spend at for people denoted for to convince them to join two year audience So you can say it's club people who like me patient. I use these very often because most of the time and trying to grow my audience so I can say OK, send this at all over all over these countries, but not you don't need to send exclude the people that, like the own line, the great online courses speech. So if I click on create audience here you see that? Now we have a new line here saying that the owner's name on wankers audience is a safe audience. Remember the three types off audience we have here? This is safe outings. The size is 98 million people. Off course is this is a lot of people. Probably. I need toe target earlier Biltmore In order to reduce the size off the owners, the Saudis is ready. The day credo is not available because we just created. But do you have the idea now? So you know how to create the audience. And I invite you right now to think about your target hours, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down which country they are. Where are they located? If they are in specific city neighborhood, how old they are the age of your of your audience, the interests of your audience. What do they like? What don't they like? If you have an option to exclude people from your audience, that will be great. So you have a super target audience that will see your ads on Facebook. I hope you like this. This is interesting again. This is one of the most important pieces to guarantee your success on Facebook marketing and especially on Facebook at's. See you in the next video. 5. 05 Level 1 Creating the Ad: Okay, guys, let's start this model. And, as you know, in this model, Euler, how to create your first Facebook at and we will use the easiest way to create a Facebook at in these video. In this model, there are other ways to parade advanced ways on retargeting ways to create at on all that we will see in the next model. For now, I'll show you how easy it is to create an add on By then off these models, you know, you will happen at here ready and life for your target audience. Here we are on the Facebook page. We just created a few videos ago on the technique we're using here in this model east number one create a Facebook post on later will promote that post as a Facebook at. So the first step is to basically just create oppose us. You are used to create post. Just come here and start right in your post on. Let me show you a template that you can use for your ad for your post. This is one sample takes that I have for to promote one of my courses. So basically he didn't saying one a cooler job. Register for the complete Alibaba toe Amazon training and start importing clothes from China to sell on Amazon and roll here and here is the link. So what I recommend you to do is to have a great introduction here. You see that first I count, I get their attention off the viewer. I get the tension off these thesis outings that is interested in my product by asking a question. So wanna quit her job on targeting people here that are looking for other jobs? Or people that are looking for ways to create an online riven your online business? And also, after that, I have for the first call to action saying, Register for I give here the the name of the product and also the advantages that they will have if they take action. Now that's super important guys to give here in the first lines the advantage. What's their value? The advantage? What's what you're Aires will have if they click on your link if they actually enroll in your brother? So that's what I am providing here on at the end off course, a koala final call to action, and I recommend you to do that to also to have entered the link here. Off course, This image here is linked to these girl and also this headline on the sub Helling's all linked to the same euro. But even with all these links, I I recommend you toe at building here on the description. This is important because some people see the link here. And for some people, I don't know why is easier to click on something if they see the link. They are conditioned to click on links, so that's why it is recommended to do that. So think about your ad. Think Just get a piece of paper and a pen, or maybe open a word document on your computer and start typing some options for you at following these simple temple. You don't need to spend two men too much time right now, because is this just a test? And if you don't like this, you don't need to continue with the at. You can just publish, and you can decide later if you want to convert these posts on an at or no. Also, if you already have an existing audience on your Facebook page, my suggestion is to pose these as a regular post. Wait a few days, maybe 24 hour, 40 hours and see the engagement that you have from your car and followers on. If you are seen great engagement with your followers, you can say this is a winner. Let's convert these into an ath So for now, you can change before we publish. Here, let me let me show you that you can change the image by clicking on the glasses. Sign here. I I think I show you these later before so you click here and use like the matter you want to upload on. Also, you can change the headline. So if I click here, I can change the hail The headline If I want on absolute sublet it sub headline When he's ready, all you need to do is click on Publish. Let's see. Is publishing this post wonderful scrawled down here? Let's refresh the page here. Here we are. Here is the post and now you see the boost post here is ready to be transformed on an ad to use these posts as an add on your Facebook Before we do that. Remember that the unit to check if you have the great description here on, especially if your link is showing here. Sometimes if you're attacked is long longer here. If you have more than two lines, you won't see that the u R l here. So I recommend you if you have modern shoreline, tried to put the girl in the middle so you can continue writing after the euro. So the euro shows here in the preview Off the at. I hope you like this. Let's create your your pose right now. And in the next video, we will proceed with the second step, which is boasting your posts. See there. 6. 06 Level 1 Boosting your Post: Welcome back. Now is the time to create your first at now we have the post. The post is ready so that next step is to quicken boost post. So click on that And now we open the boost pose form. So in here you have the preview off that you can see how the ad will looks on a desktop newsfeed on also on a mobile news feed. So make sure the e much looks great in the mobilised, especially because you see that image is smaller here than these, which is the whole image. This case, for example, I have the Alibaba low here on the left on in the mobile is not showing. But I think it's still OK for my specific case. So let's take a look on the left menu. Here we have choose a boat, a button juice and action people can take on your post. So if you click year, you have the options that are no bottom. The bottom will be here at the at the bottom of the Off this off the at You can select shop . Now let me see. You see here during the preview book now Larmore or sign up on this case, I'll use sign up because I want them to sign up for the training on this case. Below that, we have the people you choose targeting. So in here you have some off. The out is if you already have an audience, and in the last videos we select an audience for your specific, we create their first outings. But of course, you can click on edit here, and you can create a new audience or you can edit the existing audience. You have the option to create new audience if you click on this one, or you can click on See all on. This probably for you is not showing more than one, because you only have probably one or two outings. If you are new on Facebook, let's scroll down and take a look on all my audiences here. So we have feared the online course outings, which is the one we just created a few videos ago. I hope you remember. Let's click on, add it and take a look on these. The Saudis will add it. Okay, let's see on the ads manager. Okay, it's opening the audience here. Excellent. So here we have the audience. Click on that and click on Edit. So we're targeting people. You remember the United States, Canada, United Kingdom on This is the age, the gender, the languages on the interest People are interested in online education on lynda dot com Skill share on the you know me. So let's go back to the adhere. If I am happy with my army with my audience, I can just jump to the next step, which is budget on duration. If you are not happy, you can edit or you can create a new audience by create clicking on new audience here and in here is exactly the same steps we did in the prior videos when we create the audience using the ads manager. Okay, so I won't go in detail about audience creation again. If you want more information about that, you can refer to the other the prior videos where you can learn that. So next step is Badgett un duration. Here we have the total budget, $20 I recommend you and we will have on video after these are talking about Badgett. But for now, let's put $5 and I really don't worry about the budget and how much you will spend right now in the next video. We'll talk about that for five or 10 minutes. But for now, let's say for $5 you can enter $3 or $1 or the amount you want. Scroll down. You see how many people you're reaching with these money? If I increase these money to $100 for example, you see that I can reach from almost 6000 to 16,000 people. If I enter $5 I can reach 3 10 to 810 people from my audience, which is 58 milion. Okay, duration. And this is important guys. Sometimes when you create on add in this gaze you you are you need to mandatories monetary to click in one of these three options, right? 17 or 14 but or you can run the ad until and you can set the day here. The problem ease, and we will talk about this later, too. Sometimes when you create an ad of the at manager, you don't select. I stopped day an end day for your ad so they keep running forever on a day off them on, you will have a huge bill that you need to pay toe Facebook for ads that you are not short . It works or not. But in this case, Eve, you I recommend you for this initial one to select one day. So you are sure that you are investing only $5 if you see, like $5 or the amount you select here. If you say seven days, Facebook will calculate. Let me increase a little bit here. Seven days. It will be $1 because this is the total budget. Remember, if I say $5 here, which waas Facebook, give me an error. Masons say that the minimum that you can invest a day. It's $1 if you are. If you have $5 here and seven days, it's less than $1 a day. So that's why they require require you to have a least $1 a day so you can select 7 14 days or the day you want here, Let's say one day for now, let's see if we can invest only $1. This is the lowest we can do 62 people to 160 people will be reached. But it's a good test as a for these initial at $1 is almost nothing for marketing and for Facebook at. But you will have a great idea off how this works when you are ready. Here, make sure all is good. The payment. Here. You see the credit card? The last four number of the great car. All is great on. You can click on Bost. Let's see submitting your promotion. Excellent. You have here on information that the promotion is in review. That this in reviewing our right now, Facebook reviews all the ads before they approve that. And we will talk about what are the requirements for your ad to get a proof later on? Of course. So you here have this summary? The the target out is you have You can see the full target audience. This will run for one day. The total budget for this promotion is $1 on. It will charge to this MasterCard on this case, you will have your credit card here or your PayPal account. The main thing here, guys, before close in. This is to make sure your promotion runs for the number of days that you want most off my students. Most of my clients are happy with this process because they checked the end day off your promotion. If you don't check, then day on. You made a mistake during the at creation. You can have a huge bill at that, but in this case you are 100% sure that that is running only for one day and you will spend only $1. That's what we want. I hope you like these now. If we go to the let's see here, let's close these this target hours that go go to the ATM manager. We'll see here at the top off the first line. Ease, Let's see. Promoting the second line post one a cooler job. Register for the complete cars. So this here is active. You see that it waas in review, but now is active. My account is very. The review process is slow. Sometimes take 12 or three hours. Sometimes they take 10 to 15 meals a penny off which countries and where is your target outings and the language you use on your Facebook on? Also, in this case, minds already active if you're is in review, you will see here in review when it's active. Means that the at is start working right now for you. So you see here that these will end tomorrow. This is the total Badgett I spend so far. Zero off $1 which is my budget. And I don't have any information about how many people I rich yet because they are just started. Like literally half half a minute ago. Okay, you have your first at I hope you like in the next videos will talk about about how much you invest about tips to get your other proof. And we will analyze some results in the next models. We will talk in deep about all their Facebook at strategy advances, strategy that will warranty that you have the gray resource that you want. See you in the next video 7. 07 Level 2 Creating your Ad in the Ads Manager: OK, guys. Now we are ready to start exploring the next step on Facebook at which is creating a Facebook at in the arts Manager. In the last videos we created one straight on your Facebook page, boosting opposed, which is the easiest way to do it. And now, so far we already have your target out. It's ready and safe heat on the ads monitor. So that's great, because that will help us in the process. So here we are. If you are not here on that monitor, you can go right now to facebook dot com slash ATS slash monitor on here we are on the top right hand side weekly can create at Okay. Now we need to choose the goal. What's your goal with this at once? The marketing objectives on this page can change very frequently. So if you come here, you are watching these cars. Ah, wake for now or maybe a few months. For now, Facebook changed these very frequently. Sometimes they change it every week. So right now we have three main categories and we always have to remain categories awareness consideration on conversion. The items inside each category may change in the future. So unawareness. We need to use the goal awareness if we want to create brand awareness for your business, for your products, for your breath. So if you want to reach more people, you can choose this one. If you want to create an at that, the world let people know about your problem. If you have a new product or if you want to political know about your business, you can create click on brand awareness inside each of these categories. The process off creating an at ease very similar is almost identical. What change here between these categories is on Lee the algorithm that war that goes behind the scenes in nor looking for people and reaching people and showing at you're at two people to the target out this. So if you select brand awareness, this system, the algorithm off Facebook will work differently that if you select conversions, for example, so if you select conversions, the ad will show to people on your target audience that are more than half higher probabilities toe by your pro to make a conversion for you. So Facebook wants actor toe create really resource for you. That's the goal because the more results that create for you for your business, the most money will invest on Facebook in order to reach more people. Right, So brand awareness reach consideration is the 2nd 1 if we want to generate traffic to specific website. If you want to drive people to your website, your landing page to your video, you can use this if you want to generate engagement. If you have one post, for example, or one video on your Facebook page, and you want to generate engagement on that video that post you can use engagement up East alls. You can use that if you have, if you're a programmer, or if you have a company and your company have a new app, and you want to promote that to your customers, you can use thes video views is optimized. The ad will be optimized to generate more video views for your videos on your Facebook page . Regeneration. You can collect name and email for your audience with this category on in the conversion. Of course, this is more we'll talk about these more in the next model, which is retarded him well. We will use these specifically When we want to try conversion, we create an ad and we have We're offering a product, a service or we're offering people something for free No, in exchange for their name and email. So we drive them to your landing page on every time they enter their name and email, or every time they buy your product is considered a conversion. We'll talk about that later. Here, on the cars, on the worry about this right now, brother catalog sales and store visits. So mainly what my suggestion for you is to come here because this is to this change very frequently, guys. Sometimes I have several courses on Facebook ads on Facebook marketing on happens with me that I record the video and next week we have a new version of this page, and I record another video next week. On immediately, Facebook released a new version. So my suggestion for you here now you know you have an overview, a general overview of thes. My suggestion is Steve, you come here. You can click on this small icon, the other information I can hear next to the category. So in Rachel example, you go here and you see here. What is this about Store to reach, For example, They say show you add to the maximum number of people brown Awareness increased brand awareness for your brand by reaching people who are more likely to buy in the uncertainty on your problem. Traffic. Send more people to a destination or on or off Facebook conversions drive value actions to website or app. So you have a general overview. So if you have new categories here, just go to the information I can on. Of course, you can read the discretion, Aunt. Yes, off course. We are always updating this page, so if you come here later, you will see the new version. So for now, we'll select the brand awareness. Let's say we want to great ban awareness and here we have the campaigning. So you enter the campaigning here. The campaign A needs to be very descriptive is recommended toe adhere information about what's your goal? Why, which countries are you? Target. What is your target outing? So if if you have a specific name for your target, out is you can adhere to, or you can just make it very simple. If you are not creating a lot of Facebook at. If this is your first Facebook at or if you have, let's say 10 15 Facebook at. That's fine. If you are not an agency that are creating a lot of that, you can just create a simple name here and click and continue. Excellent. So now here we have the audience here, we can define a custom audience. We will talk about these on the next video. When we talk about Facebook retargeting, you can also use a safe out. And remember that we created a safe audience in the last video here on this model. So all you need to do when you find the audience is click on the audience, and that's it is already, or you can create a new one if you want this case because where we talk about these, I will use an existing audience before that, we After that, we have placements where the ad will show. If you click on edit placements here, you will see that the ad will show on Facebook Instagram Audience Network on messenger. You can enable or disable these options by check by adding or removing a check more here next to the option Also. You see that right now on the devices where which devices? The ad will show you have the option to mobile only desktop Onley or all devices. So that's up to you. The pain of your go for me. I will leave it all devices. Next. We have the budget on schedule. We have the daily Badgett here and lifetime budget. You can choose the amount that you want for the daily budget. I say $5 for now, and you can after that the schedule. And this is important. You can run the at continuously from today, or you can set up an OnStar on and day if you want. Okay, so I recommend you to Tiu set a start and end day. Otherwise, some people I have clients that have the option. This is the default option. Guys that run my at continuously. So what happened if you forget about it, If this is your first ab you are creating, you say OK, I will invest $5 a day and you say run the and they are continuously. What happened is that after a month, you will receive a bill from Facebook saying this is the money that you need to pay because the ad was running continuously and you forgot about it. So that's why it's important to set on the starting and they for now. Okay, optimization, remember, we select brand awareness at the top in the prior screen. So here, you see that brand awareness is recommended or we also have the rich option, which is the second option on the consideration category. Beat amount is automatic at this time. You can change it if you want at scheduling run the at all the time. Because if they want I selected for you will say, Well, you will have a star and date off course. Continue. And don't worry about much details. If you want to learn more details about this would have another class here on the course, with all the steps going toe each off this island. Okay, so here we select the page that we want to use in order to promote this at you always need to have a page Facebook page associated with an ad, and this is the page on using. Right now, you can choose the form of the carousel where you have several for us or several videos on the state at a single image, a video or this life show. Here you add the image. OK, you can browse the library. You can browse stock images or you can click on the plus. I can here to add your images. Remember that there's recommended size here. East 1200 by 6 28 Big sauce. That's a recommended size for the Facebook at image. If you're using a single image, of course, If you were to care ourself, for example, you will have different images like this. This is a different format and you see the recommended size change from 10 80 by 10 eighties Esquire E much on this case. Okay, let's go back to single much here. Wonderful. So the last option guys here and we'll talk about this later to I just want to give you a quick overview. Is the tech these tax? Here is the text that is going here at the top of your Facebook. At came you can add Ah, you are Oh, if you want. So you can say OK, also, please go toe. Http Diego Davila dot com So I want to drive people to these website. Of course. Here you can add your website. You can add your landing page. Remember that you are right. You are the writing and you are the same this at for your client. So keep your plan in mind. How do they act? How do they react to specific call to actions to specific landing page? So knowing your audience will have a lot in order to the terminal into the sign this at for you? Okay. When you are happy with these, you can preview your at here on the right side. You see, you have thesis the D view for the desktop news fit. You can also preview the mobile new feed. You can preview that the fetal phone on. If you go next, you can see the instagram articles, the in stream Facebook mobile. So you have all the options here, all the previews and when you prevue all these and you're happy with what you are seeing, you can click on confirm at that time, Facebook will receive your at, they will analyze and they will see if they approve your at or not. So here on the main page off the at monitor. You will see your at on this line on the first line and you will see that is active or inactive on this case. Because this is inactive. If this pending for approval, you will see that here too, when it's active. When you are, start creating result. When you are start reaching people and people start clicking on nearly combined your products. You will see all the statistics here and we're talking details about all these in the next videos. Okay, let's continue with the course right now. 8. 08 Tips to have your ad approved by facebook: how to make sure that Facebook will approve your at every time you create an app. Facebook needs to review your ad before your ad goes life before it's a proof they have some advertising policies that we need to follow in order to have the ads a proof on one off the most common recent that the ad is not a proof is because you're at half more than 20% off the image. East Tex You have images on your ad. If you have more than 20% off the image as attacks, the at won't be a proof. Recently. A few weeks ago, Facebook just changed these policy. So right now they're saying that previously 20% off on at image area waas text it won't be a proof to run on Facebook. But now they are approving son off these I am telling you these because they change the policies very often on these Waas, one of the biggest recent All the apse were not a proof, so make sure when you create a Facebook at that, they added, If you have text on your image, remember that the tax needs to be 20% off the much or less so this is how they calculate the size off the text on the image. Right now, The policies This If you have text on the image on the limit, the text gets more than 20% off your image. The ad will still be a proof, but it one run various inefficient Wait, You see here the images okay, because he's have to less than 20%. You see that detect is low, so you're at reach, maybe slowly lower because you have full tax here. The reach will be lower than an ad that have no tax at all on the image. If you have more tax than these, even more you see that they are it will reach even last people. And if you have like ladies like more than 20% almost all the images, Tex, you see that that may not run, so make sure you have just a little bit off text on your images. Also, I will include That's the big tip here, guys. That's the only thing. Also, I will include some links here on the resources are off these specific video. This class I I share with you the spade so you can take a local. All the guidelines also Let me see. There are one This one here. What can I do If my at isn't a proof? Let me tell you all you need to the every time they don't have proven at they will send you a message saying why the app waas rejected? All you need to do is go back to your ass. Manager ended your ad following the record. The recommendations that they give you unreasoned me that After that they will probably approve your But I'll link these article here on the resources area. So in case something change, you still have access to the article and you can see the new policies. I hope you like this. This is not Don't worry about being Kobe. Being super safe on Facebook at the beginning recommend you to take a look on the policies . If you follow the policies for sure, you up will run and will run very efficiently 9. 09 Analyzing Results: analyzing their results off your Facebook app here, I'll show you chew amazing ways that you can easily analyze their results off your Facebook at and see if the at our working if they're converting, how many people you reach and see how many people click on your link. And all the great details about Facebook at you were in the ads manager. I hope you know how to get here by now. If you don't don't worry, you can go to facebook dot com slash at slash manager and you will see the screen. So here we have my campaigns. One easy way to analyze. The result is through these specific table you have here. They can pay. Name the deliver if it's active recently complete, inactive. So you have all the information here, The results you have, how many Page likes on this case? I was started in people to like my fate. One of my faith Facebook pages How many people I reach with this ad and what's the price for each like so basically they're charging me around six cents. They're like, this is how much I spent so far, and this is my final budget If I click here, I can have more details. Let's click on the campaign on here. We have three main taps, performance demographics and placements under performance. We have similar information. You see here how many people will reach 840 people? We spend $4.72 so far and we have 85. Page likes. I think this is great, because I am paying only six cents per per Facebook like her Facebook page light, right. If we go go to demographics, we see great data. You see women and men, you have the the graphic on this case for the specific ad. Women are responding better than men. And here we have the ages. So people from 34 to 44 years old are responding better than any other age you have else off here 45 to 54 on 55 to 64. So what? What? This is important. Why? This is super important for you. Basically, because next time you can be more specific with your at for this ad. For example, I target people that are between 18 and 65 plus years, or that means my at is showing two people in these two groups and also in the 65 plus year group. And I am pain to show my at to these people and they are not taking action. So on my next at I will target Onley people that are from 35 to 44 or maybe 2 35 to 54 which is the group that is responding very well here on my ads. So this is why this graphic is important. It's important you for you to come back here. Take a look on the performance off your ad. After one or two days that you're at these running, you can basically change the age off. Adjust that the age off year, the people that you are typing on your at. So you are not spending money showing you add two people that are not taking action placement. If we go to the last stop here, you see that this ad is confused Onley for Facebook so you can see Facebook Network audiences are east of rum. On my case, I've just only Facebook because for this specific subject for this page, my audience is all on Facebook. I are not interested in the specific case to target people on Instagram. Also here you have the device type of. This is also important for your next to analyze so you can use this data for your net at If we kick here, we see mobile and desktop and you see how many people will reach 608 140 85 results. If I click desktop, only I can see how many people are watching ice are seen are on interacted engaging with my at on a desktop machine. So you see that I have 118 people only from 840 Only 100 18 people are reached by destiny. That means a page likes so And you see here what's the amount spent on these page lights? Because I have only eight. If I go to mobile, I have better results. So most people are accessing Facebook from mobile. Today, mobile means smartphones on also tablets. In here, you see that the regis huge comparing with the desktop is 749 and I have 77 Page likes from mobile. So that means on this case is looking to this into these data, I will really try to improve my ads for mobile, for because most of my people, I I was I would tell that more more than 90% of my people off the page likes that I have on this ad are coming from mobile. So I need to improve the image. I need to make sure when you're great at you have the ad preview go to the mobile top. You need to make sure the images create the much Even if this is smaller because the image will be smaller on a cell phone on a smartphone unit, make sure the Mattis still trust me. The steel is showing two year customer what you want to show on inviting them to click on the image and to like your page. Okay, so this is one way to analyze if we take a look. In other results here it seemed he said, another campaign that I have. So basically, the name here is learn how to reach more than 8000 people fans on Facebook. This is amazing, Guys, looks look at these results I reach. I have actually reached more than 4000 people 4400 people I reach on Facebook on I have interaction. I have result. I have engagement off more than 1500 people only paying $6. So it's not that I am just showing my app to the people. People actually interact. People click on my add. More than 1500 people clicked on my ad for only $6. So this is amazing. You see the coast. The average coast here is 0.4 Those dollars bear click engagement. So this is super optimized on If we click here on the demographics, you see that for these specific at women are not responding very well. But men are responding amazingly. And you see here that the group from 25 34 years old is the group that is responding well to me at So next time, when I create an ad for these audience, I will remove people from 18 to 24. Maybe I will remove people from 35 to 44 because I have small percentage here. But comparing with the 25 to 34 this is huge and I probably will also remove women for these specific at for the other one. I'm I show you a minute ago. Women. Where is the group that that respond better to my ad. But for these one East men's. So next time, Al parade. And at just for men's within the age off 25 to 34 when I am promoting this specific subject . Okay? And these were solely some mates. And I love the low cost spare results that I have in with this at the last way to check your results East on your Facebook page. Here we are on my deal. Avila, Facebook Page. Let's cert for one specific post that I boosted a few weeks ago. So you see here, this one is Alibaba to eBay Top five pros. You can import from China and sell on eBay. I I boosted these. I boost these specific posts here on my page. And you see here how many people were rich? More than 8000 people. If I click on view resource, I'll see the results we have. Let's see. So here we have more than 1000 people reach on 243 engagement only, spending $3. What I look in this specific. I don't care about engagement. Actually, hear what I care on this specific at for these specific one is the links on the ad. I want people to click on this link and click on the image of our Sunday on the headline Here you see that the post clicks We have one hand. We have 1 152 post likes. So that means people are like in these on day like they share when they, like. Other people actually see that they, like their friends, see that they like these probably their friends and their friends will start liking on clicking on the links. The links clicks We have $42 I think this is for two clicks actually, no dollars. I think this is amazing guys because for $3 spending on Lee $3 I have 42 people that actually click on my link on actually went to my page. OK, so I think this is amazing and also we have 45 page likes people like my page here on the top 45 more people are joined the side to join to my community for these specific at so spending only $3. I have 42 people going to my page, maybe buying my products. And I have 45 new people on my community. I think this is amazing. Three people share these actual on one people comin, So I don't care too much on this specific A of our comments on about shares. I mean shirts is good, are good, but the main thing for me on this specific one East page likes on link Click on the links. So this is one way to take toe. Protect your results. Let me show you one last before we and the video This another Alibaba course. Alibaba 2016. The Complete Guide to Import From Alibaba Toe Amazon So let's click on view results here we have here we have more than 2400 people reach more than 1000 engagements on only spend $5. So you see here link clicks 23 33 people click Click here 119 Page likes 119 people decide to join toe my community with these $5 at and I have almost 1000 bowls like these amazing people really like this post. So this is how you can check your assault on this is especially Know just how you can check the results, but especially how you can use this data in order to create your next. Because these data he's important because will help you to improve your net. Your next happy you're next up will be better. Better results, lower price. You will spending less money and reaching more people on having more clicks and more results. I hope you like this and I hope to see you in the next video. 10. Assignment Create a Facebook Ad: Hey, guys, welcome to these new assignment Heat on the course and excited to see you here and see that you are taking action. You are advancing on the course. That's amazing. So in this assignment, you will need to create your first Facebook at if you already have a Facebook at I still invited to create a new one, at least for test. If you are not ready to create a Facebook ad for some reason, that's fine. I understand that. But you still need to take action in order to put into practice and learn in the practice how this works. So if you are not ready, you can create a sample a draft at Just follow the process that we teach you here on this model creator at unshared with me on the next screen. If you are ready to great your ad for good, that's amazing. Here we are ready to do that, so create the at following the steps the strategies that you learn this model on the next page here on assignment area, you can share with me and with the community, the league this screenshot off your at. So create that at take a screenshot and share with me and with the community here on the next section on, by doing that, you will receive, you are opening to receive a positive feedback. So if there is something that can be improved on your ad, some may be new. Call to action. Some way to improve your image or anything like that. I will share that with you. Okay, so I hope to see your assignment on the next IRA. And let's do that right now.