Facebook Ads : Proven Tactics To Boost Your Facebook Ads On Social Media In 7 Days - Chapter 2/2

Alvin Phang, Business Coach - GatherSuccess.com - Since 2006

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5 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Types of Ads & Key Factors To Optimize Your Ads

    • Practical Guide: Getting Buyer Audience

    • Powerful Secret Tools Guru Use For Buyer Audience

    • Optimize Your Ads Case Study Example


About This Class

Who Is This Class For?

  • Newbies & Experience Facebook Marketers
  • People Who Want To Improve Their Facebook Ads
  • Business Owners 
  • Marketing Students

What You Will Learn In This Class

  • Understand & Discover Your Audience That Buy Stuff
  • Types of Ads Types You Want To Test To Make Money
  • Blueprint To Know When Kill An Ad To Avoid Losing Money
  • Powerful Proven Interest Target Strategies That Works
  • Secret Interest Groups That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know
  • Optimize Your Ads Like A Pro Even If You Are A Newbie
  • and so much more!






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Alvin Phang

Business Coach - GatherSuccess.com - Since 2006

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