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Facebook Ads Genius: How to Create Super Optimized Facebook Video Ads!

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Creating Super Optimized Facebook Video Ads

    • 3. IMPORTANT! Your Final Project

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to create super optimized Video Ads on Facebook.

It's a proven fact that Video Ads have a higher conversion, increasing your followers' engagement and driving them to complete the sale and purchase your products and services.

As a Bonus, you will learn how to create optimized Video Ads for Instagram.

All this using 100% free tools that are available for you online.

By the end of the class, you will have a Facebook Video Ad running on your Facebook Page reaching thousands of people all over the world!

See you inside!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Hey, guys, my name is Diego. Welcome to the course toe. They Euler how to create a super optimized Facebook video at a video ads convert way higher than regular at that just images and in this course will create ads like this one, for example, where you have your text you can create. Also, it's not showing here. I'll show you how to create a headline at the bottom, a clickable headline with the bottom with a call to action So you are inviting your customer on. The people are looking to your ad to actually take action and buy your product or visit your website or any goals that you have online. So here is Here is an example off the desktop new feet we have the more while now fix. We will create this at for cell phones, too, and also here showing an example off the right column. A suborning I'll show you how to create amazing video ads for Instagram. Also, Instagram have millions of meters of people that probably are interested in your product in your company. So all that will do here on this class straight to the point, all with free tools By the end of this course, you will have a video at on Facebook Ray on your Facebook page, ready for the world to see reaching thousands and thousands of people every day. I hope to see you inside. Click on the role now bottom and let's start creating you're at right now. 2. Creating Super Optimized Facebook Video Ads: Hey guys, working to the course and happy to see you here inside his training and to the Euler how to create super optimized Facebook ATS Remember that we're looking here on this specific class , not for regular Facebook at bat for video ads is proven that video ads conversion are way higher off a regular. Add that supplies for Facebook on for any order off the social media. So I'll show you in this video how to create how easy is to create a great Facebook video at with your using your Facebook on your Facebook page is the first step is to go to the ads manager. So basically, when you're on Facebook, you goto at managers or you can go to facebook dot com slash at slash manager on you will be resurrected. Tothis page when you are here or wanting to do is click on, create Add on the green bottom here on the top right hand side, and here we have the marketing objectives. We have talked a lot about these marketing objectives in order courses here in skill share , but today specifically were using one that we have not used before, which is get video views. Okay, this is the specific marketing objective here on the course that will help you to reach millions of people. So click on get video views and at the bottom, here we have the campaigning is the first step you need to enter the campaigning. And let me tell you for these specific class we're creating here together a video at about one off my YouTube s your courses. So I have a video talking about. My course on that video will insert in avian in a Facebook at, and I'll show you how to that and how to convert higher. So the first step here is to add the campaign name so we can add here, for example, you too. A CEO cars. You can you can enter any name here that you like, click on, continue. And now we need to define the audience. What's the is probably you already know. But if you don't, let me tell you, the audience sees the people that will see your at you. If you have a business, you have a problem. You have an audience that is your perfect outings for this product or for your company. So This is the audience that we're targeting here right now. My case, for example. This example? We're creating a YouTube at a Facebook at about a year. To course YouTube s your course. So my target audience are people that are interested on YouTube. People are interested on S e o specifically for you to also for Google. So that's what we're telling right now here on this specific in specific section off the class. So now you need to think about your target. Artis, Who is your target audience? Who is your client? You need to identify. Probably. You already know this, but if you don't, this exercise will help you actually, to go forward with that. And this will give you more clarity on your business and also on your Facebook and any at you create online. Because if you know who your target audience who is your perfect customer is easier for you to promote undersell your prose and also to create rolled from there. Okay, First we have the customer audience. Don't worry about these days, a little bit more advanced. We will take a look this in other classes. For now, we look in locations so the first item here is location, so you can define people the location off your target audience, for example, here saying United States. So that means my target audience is United States. But on this specific case, we're tightening not only people for in front us because everyone in the war use YouTube. People all over the war interested about you took a CEO, which is the goal off my specific campaign here on this class. So in here, I'll at other countries, for example, I can add UK United Kingdom. Let's see here include United Keen Don. We can include Canada, for example. This is Joe's an example on. We will include Australia. So let's include all these countries. So we have a great idea of what we're doing here. If you have a specific target audience that is is smaller and is shorter, if you have a target out, is that it's just in your city, on your county or on your address. If you can define also our radio off, how many miles for on your business? If you have a local business, you can define how many miles from your business your target out in East. You can adhere the location you can add. Add your address. You can add Citgo's for example. Let me have one Sitko here, for example 330 40 which is Key West. So basically, here I am Tarean people are only on these specific sickle. So that's the power off the location off your owners. I invite you to invest time here. Think about this. This is important because these people are the people. I will start watching your ads on watching your videos and like in your ads and maybe going to website and buying your brogues. Next, we have a judge. So here we define the age off the target audience. I'll say for my case, I want to target people from 25 to 50 Let's say 50 years old. Okay, this is my target audience. Next gender. So all men or women, you can choose what everyone on my case. I'll say all next. Step East to this defined the language. So my case I am promoting on in English. I have my my course that the course that I am promoting is startling in English. So that's why I want to target only English speaking people so I can click on English all, and you have other options here. Excellent. You can add other languages if you want the detail targeting. Include people who much at least one off the following criterias on this is important. This is what start to get super fun and super narrow. When you can narrow your audience, you can be super specific with the specific likes the specific details about your owners. So here you can type key wars like online. You see here online shopping online games on. If I go, for example, to all my shopping, you see that they have more than 890 million people that are interested in online shopping . So if I click on here on, I add to my at people that have interest on online shopping. So basically here, you need to search for the interest off your target audience. That's the goal off these specific area. The detail targeting off your at. I'll add something like shopping online. No, actually, we're talking about YouTube, so I will remove online shopping on this case, and I'll say YouTube. Let's say they have yet they have YouTube here so they have YouTubers probably. YouTubers is a gray group for my ad because I am promoting you tube ASIO on all YouTubers are interest about that, So I have almost two million people interested on that. Let's see what else we have about the YouTube. Let's see you, Teoh. We have general YouTube YouTube employees comparison YouTube downloaders, YouTube taps. So I will leave for now YouTube videos. I will leave for now, only YouTubers. This is great, is super narrow on. That means that my ad will be specific to the specific out is that I want to reach next. We have the connection. So if you have another page on our Facebook page, you can go here and you say people who like your page people friends off people who like your page or exclude people who like your page. I use this clue people who likes my page most of my ads because the people that are really like my page, probably they are already in one of my courses. So if they are already on my system, I don't want to spend money targeting them. That's my case. Maybe your case is a little bit different. So you need to the side. If you will do these or not, let's go down. Next we have placement. But before we go to placement now that we've finished with the audience, let me go back here and just review very quickly here what we did. So we are talking here people on this means this this group of people with a fine here are the people that will actually receive your at on their new fits. These are the people that will watch your video and see your app People that live in these countries, people that are between these on these age between 25 50. On my case, people that are men, women are all on my cases all on people that speak English. Ok, also, if they come if they follow, if they feel all these requirements at the top and they also are youtubers, as you see here in this case, Facebook will say Okay, I will show that. So this is super specific on iron pain on Lee, for people are really on my target hours. So that's why I want to go back here on be very clear and tell you how important it is to define your target owners with very, with all the precision you can. Okay, so go down here. Placements. We see where placement means where the ad will show, show you at in the right place for the right people. So in here we can set automatic Sophie's, but with the site where to show you at, or you can edit placements on this case, you see that they are one they are planning to show on Facebook. Instagram on Onus Networks, audience networks. He's saying that they stench extent the rich off your ads to some target audience in mobile labs or other websites that are partnered with Facebook. I always remove at out its network because I, my target out in my specific case, are actually all Facebook on Instagram, I am not sure. About only isn Edwards, I am not sure where they and promoting these maybe in third party APS for Mobil's or other websites that I don't know. So by promoting my ad on Facebook on Instagram, I am totally satisfied that what I want, But it's your call. If you want. You can just leave these enable and they will also show you add more places. Next, we have the budget on schedule. So here you define your about your daily Badgett, and here we have some very important tips so you don't spend too much money. I recommend you initially to define a very low budget for you daily budget. And you can also say no. I want a lifetime budget that you call because if you start low, you can see if the ad works. If you put here like 50 $2400 you're spending too much money. On my opinion, in something that you are not shorty for, work or not, it will convert because people will watch your video, but you are not sure they will actually buy your product. So that's why you want to test first. And that's why I recommended to start low with something like $5. After that, we have a scale on the same here. Run my abs continuously from the start day. This is a little bit dangerous because sometimes you say, Okay, let's do that. But you forget about your add ons. They keep promoting your app on you at the end of them on you will. You may have a surprise of a high Beal because they promoted every day for $5. So my suggestion heat in the beginning is to set your star on and a so my study will be today October 17 2016 on let's say the end, they will be two days from today. So 17 let's say they said 20. Okay, so we have three day at I will spend around $15. Great. By doing these, I ensure that the ad one run continuously and at the end, off these ad campaign, I can go back, analyze the results. And if I like what I see, if I like the results, I can put more money here and continue promoting from there. That's my opinion. The best astrology. After that, we have organization for ad delivery. So this is very important to we see here we have two options. We have video views, which is recommended. They will believer your add to the right people and to help you to get more views. And you're pay for your at only after day. What, 10 seconds? Okay, that's how it works. After that, you have the other option which is daily, unique rich will deliver you add toe people upto one today This an organ option if you don't want to spend too much money because they will show only once if they watched the video Good. If they don't, they won't see that up for the day just the next day. So I like, but I prefer the video views. Next we have the beat amount and this is important is an automatic right now. So basically Facebook would charge whatever they want wherever they the site is good for every person that watch your video. The second manual on this is what I like. So basically you can enter here the amount that you can pay. You want to pay it for every view. In this case, I will start with zero for five cents. So I am I am happy to pay five cents per video view. You can put one cent or them and you want to start. So let's say five for now. On Dhere is when you get charged and this is important. They are charging you here for impressions. So you have two options. Basically remember that I told you that you pay only when you when they watch for 10 seconds or more. So here is where you decide that Because they are charging you here for impressions or by 12th video of you. I recommend you to check the 12th really abuse because impressions can go crazy on videos. They starve, showing all the time lines. And even if people don't watch the video, you will be paying for the at. And maybe you don't want that. I don't want that for me, for my business. So that's why I always like the 12th video of you. After that, we have at scheduling run at all the time or run at on schedule. Don't worry about these right now, because you already said the scale here on the budget. Okay, delivery type standard. This is this is the recommended way. Let's leave it like that. And you can also, at the end here at a name to your app. So you can say you too. This is for my use. Of course. You two cars at said we can continue. Okay. Next. We're in the last area here off the ab, and we we have the format. We have three options. Carousel Single videos are sly show basically on the carousel you can add more than one video from 2 to 10 videos and they will show in a carousel style you're seeing here. Single video is the one that I always use and is working great for me. But it's up to you to the side on also you have this life shall when you can add music and text toe your images. So you Ablow images with music and texts on you create like a video with that I slice show style at I was like video for now here you can Ablow. Your video is recommended to have a video in an O. V file or an before file format. The resolution needs to be at least 207 120 p. I recommend you strongly to have a 10. 80 p. Video is not easy to have Any cell phone can shoot a 10. Maybe Right now the expert radio 16 9 Facebook Max is 60 minute video on instagram max East 62nd video. This is the maximum size for each one of them on. Now we're ready to upload the video. So all you need to do here is quick on the class and I'll find the file on your computer or also I you If you have a video on your own, your library on Facebook, you can click on Browse Library On this case, I'll pick one from my library just to be quicker on. Don't we don't. We don't need to wait for the upload time. So basically, when you upload the video, this is what you see. You have the video here and you have the Tom thumb nails. So you can up your your custom families. And this is what I recommend because cost by creating a custom thumbnails, you can create a thumbnail. A will catch the attention off your viewer on they will be compared to actually click and watch your video. But to be easier for these courts also like one that is coming by default here on this specific of the specific case also like these one. I like this next we move down. You can add captains if you want. They said that the captain's increased the conversion 12% on average. Actually, the watch time they increased 12% the watch time if you have captains. So if you have a cap captures, you can add that to your That's fine. Last part off the at, we're almost there. And this is one of the most important pieces because we're here right now. We will start building what your customer will see when they are watching your video and watching your at. Okay, First, you need to select a page. This is these are all the pages I have. You need to select a page where that will re percent Your ad on that. In this case, I will add My dear John Avila Page, If you don't have a page, you can click on class here to create a new Facebook page is super easy to it. Also, these at will out suppose on instagram. So if you have an INSTAGRAM account, you can add their count here. Just click on add account and you on Facebook will add that and we'll use that account to show your video ads. Next we have the tax on these techs. Here is the text that shows here on the top I have already a pre made text here, Let me copies Copy these on pace in here. Excellent. And you will see on the right here The at preview will update when we start updating the tax here. Also you I recommend you to add the tax on toe. Add the link here the linked where you can for what? Your customers. So let me see here. Let me at my website just for these case for the example This is the link, so copies. So now you see that they see my tax and they have the link here. And I can also give a call to action here below before the link. Like enroll now. Okay, so now they have the text. They haven't role now on the video Next step east toe add a website the girl and this is important. Look the different. This is how looks like right now. But we can add a website euro. So we add a clickable link at the bottom off the video that Michelle here First we add the link off your page. Do the link where you want to forward your customer when they click on your ad. The display link. Repeat the URL here on the top headline. Let me copy my headline. Here, let's see. I will use this one headline is here. I will modify this a little bit. Learn lane. They're amazing strategies to run number one on YouTube. So you see that the Helen is right now below my video in here. New feats link description also important. Let me copy these. I really have a pre created description. And you see that is feeling here on the ads. Pretty on the right. So now it's almost done. You see here that we have a learn more bottom here on the at. You can change that toe order. Call to actions if you want. Like book now. Download Larmore shop. Now sign up or watch more. I will leave the learn more for my specific at I like that one. And with that, we are ready. Toe place the order. We already all is good. You Can I I also recommend you to invest time here on your text on the first text that you have on your ad. This this box here because this is the thing that the world called attention off your customer is super important that you have a clear call to actions on here and also on the specific headline on headline description. With this, we can click on review order. Let's see. So here we have campaigning video views at Set. We have the at on When? Right now I think we're total ready to click on place, order on Wait for the approval. So it's processing Excellent. So the ad is ready is in review Right now Facebook will not defy me on Facebook identification and also by email. When my at is ready and it's life on also, you can come back here. Toe adds monitor and check the least you see here. So it's not updating here yet. Let's see. Let me refresh one more time. Sometimes takes a minute to show up here. Let's see. Okay, lets see. Updating. Yes, Here is YouTube s your core spending review results reach and coast is all waiting for me. Here is they will review that the video they were review with add on When it's approved, the ad will star running on reaching people. Well, the at is ready waiting for the for the approval In the next video, we'll talk about your final project, which is super important because world warranty that you have great result with your at under, you actually take action. See you there. 3. IMPORTANT! Your Final Project: and now it's your turn. This is your final project, and it's super important that you completely because remember that it's not enough just what the class and there. But it's the rial results. You will see when you actually take action and you apply what you learn in the class and take action. That's when you see great result on the final project is the best way I know. Toe help you toe get amazing results. So we have three main points here on the final project. The 1st 1 is to watch all the lectures in the class. If you are watching this video, I assume that you already watch or the lectures. So congratulations, we completed step number one step Number two is to leave your feet back to the class on your review heat on the class. That's important because their review helps the course to grow and to reach and help more people than like you are looking for ways to create amazing Facebook at and promote their business on Facebook, especially in a video using video, which we prove here on the course. That is one of the best way to promote your business and Anak, and also with the higher conversions. So thank you. If you leave your review, I want to think very much because that's super important for me. I really value all the reviews and I personally reply toe all the reviews that my student leaves. Thank you for that. That's number two. Number three Super Important East to create your project here on the projects. IRA on Skill shirt. So go to the Projects area. Click on Star Project on in the project, you will share the link to your Facebook page. What's that important? Well, we have more than 12,000 people here on our community. On a skill share, people that are probably will have access to your Facebook page when you create a project. So you by doing that, you are exposed. You are so in your page toe. All the members on the community on that were hard your page to grow on. By doing that, also, all the community will be able to see your ads, see your page and see how you are doing and probably give you positive feedback in case it's necessary. I will personally change your page if you leave your project. I will give you my finger back and I will be super happy to see your project there. Thank you very much. Thank you for investing time here on the class. I really value that. The time that your time is the most important thing. You haven't. You decided so invested here in the class on that I an owner because of that. Thank you. Also invite you to take my other classes. We have lost a lot of classes. More than 75 classes here on skill shirt about online marketing, Facebook, YouTube, instagram war, press everything you need to know to grow your business online to increase your own line. Presses. We have courses here on askew. Sure. So check me courses on and hope to see you in the next class. Half a great day.