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Facebook Ads: Create High Converting Sales Funnel

Liz Azyan, Digital Consultant

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12 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: Your Offer

    • 3. Step 2: Monetise Before You Market

    • 4. Step 3: Lay Your Foundation

    • 5. Step 4: Finding Your Target Audience

    • 6. Step 5: Creating Your Landing & Download Pages

    • 7. Step 6: Writing Your Email Follow Ups

    • 8. Step 7: Choose Your Ad Style

    • 9. Step 8: Copywriting Matters

    • 10. Step 9: Test and Tweak

    • 11. Bonus Workbook

    • 12. Project

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About This Class

Do you want to create a Facebook Ads Campaign but not sure how to get started? Are you afraid of losing money and making a mistake?

Come behind the scenes of an experienced Facebook ads consultant, to learn how to create high converting sales funnel for your Facebook Ads campaign. You’ll learn:

  • How to create your irresistible offer and monetise your offer before you go to market.
  • How to lay down a solid foundation for your campaign and target your ideal audience.
  • What you need when creating your landing and download pages.
  • Writing your email autoresponder to nurture and sell to your potential clients.
  • The type of Facebook Ad that you should choose for your campaign.
  • Copywriting tips and how to test and tweak your campaign.

Students will be able to immediately be able to start planning and executing their Facebook Ad campaign by starting on the right foot. 

This class is perfect for service providers who are just starting to build their business or using Facebook Ads, who want to drive traffic to their website and take advantage of the power of Facebook Ads for profit. 


1. Introduction: heres something nearly every successful entrepreneur knows. Keeping a funnel full of prospects and clients is the key to consistent income and a growing business. Of course, that's easy to say is quite another thing toe actually do. I've created a Facebook ad campaigns for a lot of customers. And let me tell you, the most important part of a campaign is not the middle for the end of the campaign. It's the beginning is the stuff that you do even before you dive into Facebook ads. That is the basis of the success of your campaign. If you've struggled to build your mailing list, you aren't sure what your conversion rates are or what changes affect them. And you don't quite know what entices people toe. Buy your products and services. Don't get down on yourself. Many many business owners are in the same boat. Facebook offers low cost advertising that's highly targeted, and it's done right. It cannot massive numbers of qualified clients to your marketing funnel, and this course I'm gonna take you behind the scenes of how to create Ah, high converting sales funnel that's ready for Facebook ads. Let's gets thoughts 2. Step 1: Your Offer: As with any advertising plan, the first thing you must consider is your offer. Well, you can advertise paid products on Facebook and drive traffic directly to your sales page. You'll likely find your conversion rates are low. A better choice is to create Facebook ads to promote ah, high quality free offer that provides exceptional value to York. Ideal client. As the first step in your funnel, you want to make sure it's perfectly represents A branding on git offers valuable information your ideal client needs and wants, and it's perfectly clear with each step matching the night, so there's no confusion. There's no need to go overboard, though. The days offering a 200 page E book and seven day training Siri's as an opt in incentive are over. Your readers are no longer looking for that much in depth content right from the get go. They simply don't have the time to make good use of it, so instead, you want to offer them exactly what they need at this exact point in their journey. For example, if your ideal prospect is looking for a graphic designer, there are probably looking for help with website design or social media visual assets, and they probably trying to do themselves right so they might not know what type of branding is best for their audience or how to create engaging social minute medium visuals . They might not know what size of Facebook cover is or how big the far size should be. Because you know Facebook has a nup load limits size or what not So a simple one page resources guide that shows the tools or resources or techniques that you use in your business will have far greater value to them than a long E book that will just take them a week to read. Distill your information down into only the most relevant relevant facts, then design an appealing PdF or work shades, and your visitors will find just as value in that, maybe even more so you're still for providing the same great information, but you're also saving them heaps of time. Remember, though, this is only the first stop in your funnel, so you'll want to be sure that you have a solid monetization plan that fits perfectly with your initial offer. Ideally, you want each step of the process to be exactly what your ideal client needs at that junction in time 3. Step 2: Monetise Before You Market: training. A funnel in the outset is easy. At its most basic, you'll have a landing page, a download page, the incentive andan email. Auto responded Follow up sequence. But if that's all you're funnel is, then you're truly leaving money on the table. The best funnels are fully monetized before you begin filling them so that you can see a positive return on your investment quickly. And even though your initial offer might be free, that doesn't mean that you cannot earn revenue. Top markers know that the key to growth is passive. Income on dure. Opt in incentive and funnel are ideal vehicles. For that, you can monetize your funnel in a variety of ways, starting with your insensitive using the example from Step one, you could provide a fillip links to the various tools you're promoting. This is a proven method and can even earn long term residual income on things like design tools, graphic templates and other tools that you might use. Another monetization method is through upgrades. So, for example, if your initial offer it's for a light version off a larger program or products or even service, then your upgrade might be for the full product or service. If the full product is patches than the upgrade might be a one time offer, say, for a companion products or a companion service, coupons work well for monetizing free content as well. For example, if your initial offer is a worksheet to help your potential clients solidify and clarify their branding, then the matching coupon offer would be 50% off a branding session with views. So give your captain's a chance toe work through the work shit worksheet on their own. Then email the branding coupon with an invitation to book an appointment. Slate Iran. If they have questions or are struggling your offer, world will more then likely arrive in their inbox at just the right time for them to take action. Lastly, you might consider an additional free offer if you're a service provider who routinely conduct conducts discovery sessions as a way to sell your coaching. Lastly, you might consider an additional free offer if your service provider, who routinely conducts discovery sessions as a way to sell your services than an invitation to book a session with you is the perfect way to monetize your free content while you won't collect cash immediately. A good percentage of those who book a discovery session will go on to higher you, so it's still a great option for monetizing your funnel. 4. Step 3: Lay Your Foundation: beyond the monetization of your free content. You want to be sure that you have your funnel fully mapped out before you begin driving traffic. This is really crucial. Well, it's OK to have not have all the pieces finished yet. You should at least have the basics off the road map. Done. The most profitable funnels all have one thing in common. The skillfully answer the what's next question with exactly the right product or service at exactly the right time. Take, for example, if you're a business coach and say your prospect is in the beginning stages of building their business human. She downloaded your new guy to get started, and they now have a website up on the host that you were commended. Plus, they're collecting emails through a form in their sidebar. So Waas the max most logical step for them. Based on what you know about your clients, you might feel the next is more trafficked. It's difficult to build an email list with without lots and lots of traffic. Better branding is one of the things you can do. A laser focus brand affects everything from the colors and fonts on your site to the words you use in your emails, and it's not something that comes naturally to most people. Your client with the new website might need some help here. You can also offer program development. Not all coaching programs are the same, and figuring out what to offer can be tougher. New coach. Your prospects may need your expert advice to create a solid program, but don't stop there after helping your prospects get more traffic. What's their next need? Your funnel should be designed to answer that and all their subsequent questions at just the right time. Keep in mind, too, that you can connect multiple funnels for ah, more complex, robust sales structure. Consider using tagging and this automation to move prospects and customers from one funnel to another based on their behavior on purchases. 5. Step 4: Finding Your Target Audience: before it can design an effective ad to feed into your now fully prepared funnel. You must first know who your ideal target audience is. The more clearly you can define this person, the more effective your ads will pay. The high you are. Why will be and the less you'll pay per conversion if you haven't yet developed your ideal client avatar, Now is the time to do some work in this area. Start with asking yourself everything you know about your perfect client. Are they a new business that only that's only just built their first websites? Are they an established business owner looking to improve their conversions? Are they in their mid twenties? Oh, nearing retirement? Do they have money to invest in their business? Where do they most often hang out online? What magazines do they read? Who's blawg? Are they a fan off? What Facebook groups do They belong to. These, and dozens of other questions will help you determine exactly who your target audiences think about who you worked with. Now, are any of your clients what you might consider ideal? Why, or why not? What makes them different from the clients you want to work with. If you're struggling to come up with your target audience, consider conducting a survey. A short questionnaire sent to your list members and shared on social media can provide valuable insight not only on who you're attract into your business right now, but we'll also let you know exactly what they need and wants from you. A good survey is short. No more than 10 questions. It shouldn't take your readers more than a few minutes to fill out. Offer a mix of multiple choice and essay star questions. Also, consider giving your seven respondents a bonus gift for their time or, if it was in your market, providing a compilation of the responses. For example, you market might be highly interested in how much other graphics Sinus on, so offering to share a summary of the results can be very enticing. You can easily conduct to survey using Google sheets seven monkey or even using a plug in, such as formidable or gravity forms on your website. Ask your blog's readers. List the members and social media forwards to share their thoughts through the survey, and you'll instantly know more about your target audience and then you may have thought possible. No, only that, but you'll have far greater insight into future programs and service offerings that will resonate with your markets, making product aeration and funnel mapping a breeze. You can use what you know about your ideal client When creating your Facebook ad, for example, you'll choose their demographic age, sex, marital status and others, their interests, their language and location, their hobbies, their political views and many, many other options. Obviously, you do not have to use all this information to narrow your audience as you build your audience. When creating your ad, Facebook will show you your approximate reach. And as you add more and more information, the ad manager will also give you direction as you go with the helpful graphic that tells you if your audience is too broad or too narrow, let's get to know your ideal audience and as much detail as possible right out your target Audience details include things like age, marital status, number of Children, hobbies, books and movies she loves or he loves, wish and where he or she vacations, how much she or he earns, and any other information that will help you target the right people with your ad 6. Step 5: Creating Your Landing & Download Pages: Manu Running paid ads. Your landing page is critical to your success. It's often the very first encounter your new reader has with your brand, your personality and your content, and you have about three seconds to make a great impression. Just like with your ad, which will cover in more detail in Step seven, you have only a few words to make a compelling offer. The good news is your landing page has a lot more space and flexibility than your ad us, so let's take advantage of it. You most likely want to use a landing page creator such as lead pages or click funnels, while you can create a landing page with just your WordPress website or even a hey HTML page that you make with Dreamweaver. You'll have a much easier time and see better results with the Dragon Drop tool designed just for this purpose. Both lead pages and Clint Funnels integrate with all the most common auto responder services, so all that's left for you to do is to create your copy, add an image to represent your offer and plug in your auto responder code. You may also include a video some people have great success using video based landing pages . So if you're comfortable with video, you may want to test this. You may also want to show add social sharing buttons to encourage visitors to share with their friends and colleagues. You could also add viral offers. Services such as up viral. Encourage subscribers to share your offer by allowing them to earn points for each time they share. Once they earn your specified number of points, they receive a special bonus, typically an additional download or training of some kind. Your download page is similar in that you want to be sure you are consistent with your branding and style. Lee Pages and Click Funnels makes this easy. It's also valuable real estate. When it comes to funnel, building is the perfect place to make your next offer. And since your new subscriber is excited about you, now is a great time for a small up. So look back at Step two on your monetization plan. What would be a good fit for your download page? Considered these options a paid offer, an exclusive coupon, an invitation to a private group, a discovery session offer? Remember, keep in mind what's next. The perfect offer for your download page will be clear to you 7. Step 6: Writing Your Email Follow Ups: once your new subscriber has opted in, they received an email message from you. Of all the emails, you said, either as part of an utter Sponder, Siri's or as a broadcast, this is the one that will have the highest open rates, sometimes in excess of 75%. So it pays to put some thought into what you say here. Just like your download page, you can make another offer again. You knew subscriber is primed to take action, so now is a good time to tell them what their next step is. You can also take this opportunity to help her learn more about you and your business by encouraging them to actually consume the contents. Far too many free downloads are never even opened, let alone acted upon. And when that happens, your funnel is ineffective. It's far better if you can encourage the readers to use the contents that you've created. You can do that simply by asking a question or pointing out an important section. For example, you might say, Don't miss the worksheet on Page four. It will help you outline your nights coaching programme quickly and easily. Now you've paint her interest with the promise of a worksheet, and she's more likely to read through the rest of your guide on to take action on the suggestions there. 8. Step 7: Choose Your Ad Style: Now that you've spent some time developing your free offer, defining your audience and mapping out your funnel, it's finally time to get down to business With Facebook ads, Nowhere is easy to reach millions of people with just a few dollars spent and service providers are discovery that the return on investment for these ads can be very good indeed . But you do have to put some thought into what kind of adds to create which audiences to target and, of course, good copyrighting. To start, you'll need to determine the type of ad you'll run. Facebook offers plenty of choices such as Page Likes You're Advil prompts people to like your business or FAM page traffic. This ad asks people to click through to your website or landing page boost that posts. This is simply a Facebook page post, which are paying to show to a greater audience. Reach. This ad is ideal for brick multiple businesses who want to get the word out regionally, lead generation or lead ads. This ad is to cut lead information from people interested in your business. This is a new type of Facebook ad that makes it easy for people to sign up for your offer because Facebook will automatically fill in their information with the click of a button. The downside is your prospect will only see or add not your landing page, so your space is extremely limited. While each add type has its place for filling your funnel, you almost likely choose either traffic or lead generation on. While Lee generation are an exciting development, you might find that the standard website visit is easier to manage simply because you'll have one more chance to entice people to get to give up their email address on your landing page as we'll see in the next section. Copy space is extremely limited on Facebook ads. You have only a few words to make a compelling offer on that can be tough with the additional space on landing page offers. You cannot video more benefits A or a graphic representation off your offer, all of which can help with conversion rates. So as an exercise less determine your ABS style was the primary purpose of your ad. This was Temin, which star will work for your needs. So ask yourself. My ad will either promote my free gift to help might fill my funnel. If this is the case, then you should choose the website visit option, or is it to drive traffic to a block, post or other content? If this is the case, then choose the boost. Oppose option. But if it's to encourage more Page likes than choose, the page likes option. Or you could allow people to subscribe with one click, then use the lead adds option. And finally, you might want to find an audience for your local business. If this is the case, choose the Reach option. 9. Step 8: Copywriting Matters: the 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal is often quoted as saying, I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time. So if you've ever tried to write short form copy, then you know this is true. With just a few words, is difficult to get a reader's attention. Or let them know that there your target audience, it's hard to explain your offer. It's also hard to make a compelling enough to get the click, but that's exactly what you need to do with Facebook ads. You have less than 300 characters on Dwyane Image to make your case, and for most people that will take some offense. Start by paying close attention to the ads you see in your Facebook feed. Take screenshots of them and save them in a swipe file. As you notice each one, ask yourself, What is it about this ad that captured my attention? How do I know I'm the correct audience? What is the offer? Why is it compelling or not, which was specifically, make me want to click. Think about the images well, what makes it eye catching doesn't contain tax or Ma. What do you like about it. What do you dislike? The more antsy study, the better you will be at creating ads that work for your business. While entire volumes can be written on how to create effective copy, it may help to remember a few tips. First Speaker markets language if you use the surveys that full pull out those answers and use the same words your readers are using to describe their needs. Second, find the biggest benefit. If you're offering a resource guide, what will you read or gain from it? But don't stop there. Find the benefit of the benefit and your sales copy will convert well. Third, fulfill your promise. If you've ever clicked on the ad for shoes only to land on a page full of jewelry that you know but unfulfilled promises. Don't do that to your readers. Make sure that the information on your landing page is is an expanded version of your ad. Here's a little protest. Pick up a copy of words that sell by Richard Ban is that the sores for copywriters and when every word counts is an invaluable resource 10. Step 9: Test and Tweak: After your ad has been running for a few hours, you'll begin to see some meaningful stats in your ad manager. You can choose to view sets by campaign by ad set or by individual ad. If you're just getting started with advertising, you'll most likely be running only a single ad, so it makes sense to view those thats. You'll see plenty of numbers here, but what you really want to pay attention to is York your CTR, which is a click through rate to your link. You'll see plenty of numbers here, but what you really want to pay attention to its first, your CTR. This is your click through rate to your like Facebook counts and tracks all clicks on your ad, whether it is to like your page or check out your offer. But the one that really counts is the CTR to your landing page. The higher the percentage, the better. The other thing you want to pay attention to is your CPC, which is the cost per click to your link. This is how much you are charged every time someone clicks through huge through to your landing page. The lower the cost. The more effective your ad is. If you find nationally TR is low, then it's time to take a look at your mouth. Message to your market is their target audience interested in what you're offering? Is your ad copy failing to clearly show the benefits of your offer? You should aim for a CTR off 2% or greater. Your CPC is closely related, and high number lightly means you have a message to market mismatch. Ideally, you'll want to tweak your ads to improve the stats, but a bit of caution here. Don't change out the entire ad at one time. Doing so will leave you no way of knowing what was working and what wasn't. Ah, far better choice is to change one thing at a time, for example, creating and with the new image and test that against your original. If it performs better than try changing the headline and test again, a systematic approach will allow you to see exactly what works with the audience and what doesn't And remember, you can create multiple ads with the single campaign and run them simultaneously so you can see which ones perform better than turn off the ones that aren't working 11. Bonus Workbook: well done for getting to the end of the course as a gift. I have some bonus content for you. If you're serious about creating a high converting sales funnel for your Facebook ad campaign, I would like to offer for just my skill share students an exclusive 50% discount on the accompanying workbook for this course that is ready for you to guide you step by step through each step that we've gone through in this course. So let's take a look at what you're getting, so you can decide whether or not to take up on this exclusive offer. As you can see, it's a high quality work book designed and visually seizing, and it's got all the content in all the guides. Step by step on how to create a high fever T cells and all the content within. It is interactive, so you could work straight from the workbook itself, or you could choose to print it off if you wish to do so. So there you can see you have space to write your thoughts on all the information that you need straight into the pdf document, all you have to do is downloaded to your machine so you could work at it at your own pace. Everything is there for you. All you have to do is follow the steps and you're on your way to creating a high converting sales funnel for your Facebook at campaign. Do you like what you see? Great stuff. Right now. This is normally priced at $47 but as a skill share student of mine, I'm offering you a 50% discount on that, making it only $23.50 just for you. Just go to the link that you see on the screen and you'll be able to purchase the workbook and get access to it immediately. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at support at digital dash matchbox dot com. 12. Project: all right, so now it's time to do our projects. So the first exercise you're going to do for the project is to the exercise To design your offer. In order to design your offer, you have to ask yourself full main questions. The first question is, Ask yourself what is the biggest pain point my market faces? So if you can't think of anything, go back to maybe emails you've received the questions you've received on social media. What other questions that people always ask you? Or what are the questions people are always asking within your industry? So if you don't have any of this information yourself, go to say somewhere like Twitter or Facebook and either pose the question to your market or look for hashtag. Associate it with your market to see what conversations are happening. A good place to go is probably a place like war A Or read it. A lot of people tend to write about what problems they're facing there and can instantly get a lot of useful information that you could use in this exercise. The second question you should ask yourself is the second question to ask yourself is what format. Does your market prefer to learning is a video, is it? And, ah, pdf download isn't audio, so figure out what is the most popular or in demand type of learning material that your market prefers on did use that as the vehicle for your offer. The third question to ask yourself is, Ask yourself how you can help your market overcome their pain quickly. So is it with, um, maybe a check less? Or a quick guide on how to do something or my even be a video showing them how to solve their problem? So the key here is to design on offer where you could solve a problem very quickly. That doesn't take hours of their time to solve. The fourth question to ask yourself is what offers have your market responded to well in the in the past, So maybe you've done on offer before, So if you found an offer that was really successful in the past, they should definitely repeat the similar type of offer this time around. Remember, though, this is only the first stop in your funnel, so you'll want to be sure that you have solid monetization plan that fits perfectly with your initial offer. Ideally, you want each step in the process to be exactly what your ideal client needs at that junction. So, as explained in its in Step two, you should always monetize your free content. So to do this, you'll need to start listing them in a table so you can reference them easily for this campaign and future campaigns to come for the filler offers, create a table like this with two columns and list all affiliate awful ings who can potentially add to your free offers If you wish to monetize using the upgrade method, create a table like this where you list all your products and services that you can up sell or across cell to your market. And finally, if you wish to use the coupon monetization method, Crais a table like this where you can insert the coupon code on the left and the product title on the right. Once you have these logged, you can easily go back to these lists and add it to your other campaigns. Now that you've monetized, your funnel is time to plan your sales funnel, create table like this and add your products, services and the offers in each funnel step This way, you'll be sure to allow your potential buyer to buy from you at different stages within your funnel. Once you have your funnel, it's time to plan your email. Follow ups, create five follow up emails from your offer to natural and guide your bias into the sales funnel. Once you've finished creating all the follow up emails, now is time to lay out your ad. The first thing you need to do is to write the website. You are L. This is where the click to your ad goes. Then you need to create your ad image. Remember, it must have less than 20% texts for ad approval. Use the link to check your image. Third, you need to write your headline. Make sure that it's 25 characters or less. Fourth right. The text accompanying your ad. This should be 90 characters or less. Next, you'll need to write the news Feed link description. This should be 200 characters or less, and then choose the action button. You have choices of you whether to not have any button it all or have the apply now button or but now contact us. Donate now download. Learn more shop now sign up or the watch more button. Finally, you'll need to write your display ling to complete your ad to complete this project simply at the link to your landing page onto the project area of this course. I hope you found this course useful all the best for your Facebook ads campaigns.