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Facebook Accelerator For Artists Course + Checklist

teacher avatar Melanie Greenwood, Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Facebook Accelerator For Artists Trailer

    • 2. Facebook Accelerator For Artists

    • 3. Audience and Facebook Groups

    • 4. Pin, Boost and Share

    • 5. 10,000 Page Likes Strategy

    • 6. Add Products To Facebook Page

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About This Class


In this course, you will go through a series of video training that teaches you step by step how to promote your artwork on Facebook. This way, you may get your art in front of potential customers in order to sell to them and build a following.

Sections include:

1. The 4 Most Effective Post Strategies

2. How To Build An Audience with Facebook Groups

3. Pin, Boost and Share Your Posts

4. A Plan To Gain 10,000 Facebook Page Likes

5. How To Add Products To Your Facebook Page

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio


Welcome to the Print On Demand Course for Beginners!

In this course I am going to teach you how to create your own Print On Demand Products using Printify.

"Print On Demand" is when you add your own art or words to a product (shirts, hats, aprons, mugs etc...) and add that product to your online shop. When a customer buys the product, your print provider prints it, packages it and ships it directly to the customer for you. This eliminates the need to carry large amounts of stock and spend the money up front. Hence the name "Print On Demand". It's a wonderful thing!

In this course, you will learn:

1. Why I Chose Printify As My Print On Demand Provider.

2. How It Works! (5 Steps)

3. Pa... See full profile

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1. Facebook Accelerator For Artists Trailer: Hi, guys. Melanie Here it Vision City Design Studio. Thank you for checking out my Facebook accelerator for artists course. Over the years, my work has consisted of music, packaging, emotional pieces, logos and stationery. I've worked for a corporate clients as well as music industry clients all over the world. In recent years, I began to focus on my niche, which is what I love to create, which is black and white illustrations consisting of messages that are uplifting and inspiring. I developed Vision City paper, which is a paper company that offers recycled art prints and greeting parts. I began to focus on this and actually began to really dry in the type of work that I love to do. So for that reason, I'm creating this course for you guys. Now there are two main problems that I find artists have on Facebook number one. They're not really sure what to post. And so for that reason, I create this course where I show you the top four posting strategies for artists and creatives. The second problem people have is when they do make posts. They're not really sure if they're getting any engagement because they don't have enough likes on their actual Facebook page. So I'm gonna show you how to get 10,000 Facebook like you heard me correct 10,000 Facebook likes. How would that affect your business as an artist's creative? So I would encourage you to go ahead and check out this course. Click the link below, and I love helping artists to build their online art brands because this has never been a better time for artists like us to connect on Facebook with our potential buyers quibbling below and I'll see you in the course. 2. Facebook Accelerator For Artists: Oh, and welcome to the face by accelerator for artists and creatives. My name is Melanie, and I'll be showing you some information about Facebook and how you can use it to market your online art products. Now, first and foremost, you're going to need to create a business profile or page on Facebook. So you may already have a personal Facebook page. Um, our profile. But you're going to need to create a business profile. So what you're going to do is go up into the right hand corner when you're on Facebook and you're going to click on the down arrow and you're going to go down to create page. Now, when you go on, this page is going to ask you, Ah, what kind of a page are you going to be creating? Is it going to be a local business, an organization company? Um, a brand or product artist, band or public figure? Entertainment cause or community? So for us, it's pretty much going to be a brand or product. And the reason why is because unless you own a brick and mortar location, which is what this one would be, then this is pretty much where we're gonna be, You're gonna click on that one, and you're going to create your, um, your page for your for your actual brand. So that's the way you would do that. And then you're going to go ahead and just get started. So when you do that, then you can come back and meet me on the other page. Okay, So now that you've created your business page on Facebook, what you're going to do now is to make sure you fill in some just general information regarding the brand that you're creating. You're obviously going to need your logo to placed up on the top left corner. The way that you switch out your image for your logo is by hovering over it, and then it asks you to change picture. So go on to your computer and grab your logo and place it here. Now, if you don't have a proper logo, I can't stress enough how important that is. Don't just have a photo of your image. I mean, that could work for now. But ultimately, if you're building a brand, I encourage you to have a logo, either create one or hire someone to create one for you. All right. Do you think that you're going to need is a top banner image? Um, and again, you just hover over it, and then it has this little button that says change, cover. Now you can put in an image that's, you know, any size, really, technically, because Facebook actually will feel it left to right. And then I'll ask you once you filled it and it'll ask you to, um, to scroll up and down toe, have it set into the right place that you want it to be. So it's really, really easy. The other thing you're going to need to do as well is to create a a shop now button. So the shop now button is going to ask you where you basically wanna have this shop now button click to. So if you have an Etsy shop, for example, you want to grab the link for your Etsy shop and actually connected to this button. The way you do that is hover over that and then scroll down to edit button. Now edit button. See, I have my actual Etsy shop link already in here. So if somebody were to click on that button. It's gonna take them right directly to my Etsy shops. They could make purchases. So ultimately, the rial reason why we're creating this page is to create awareness or to market our online art products. The next thing you're going to do really quickly is to actually, um, go down to the the word about on the left hand side here and you're going to fill in the information, actually, looking at my page, you don't have all my information filled in myself. But you're gonna want to feel all this information, and I won't spend time here, but this is something you can come in and do at your own leisure. But this is where you want to fill in the details like your story. If you want. You can feel in your phone number of people to contact you your email address your other yarl's, um, at your mission. You know, things like that all the different details that you're going to need to have filled in for your online shop. Um, and just basically people, if they want to go on and actually find out more information, they can come to your about page. Now I want to go really quick moment and talk to you guys about why Facebook and why it's so important to use Facebook for your online promotions for your online art shop. Now the first things first, everyone is on Facebook. It's one of those things that it's literally a household name. It is the household and family, um, style of social media. It's definitely the social media that connects with the most people on planet Earth. I believe the last time I heard the number, it was around 1.8 billion people on Planet Earth are on Facebook. It's reaches, literally transcends so many other brands and businesses. So it's the kind of thing that you do want to get connected to because it has a hype, highest potential, really, for influence and how to really connect with people. So the way to do that is to really figure out who your audience is and then find out where on Facebook they're hanging out, which I'm gonna go into in a moment. But in this video, I really wanted to just go over the overall set up of a Facebook page. Now, as you scroll down here. This is the area where you're going to make posts in general. Now, if I were going to create a post right now, I could just click right here and start writing, okay? I could do a photo or a video by hovering over this little button here on the left side with a camera, I could hover over this happy face and add what you're doing a high your feelings. This is more like, if you want to just talk about, um, something or maybe talk about a project you're working on to check in. This is obviously more like a locational post. She's a preferred audience. This post, you can actually select the audience that you want to work with for the specific post and if you want to tag a product So these are all things that are really important to use as your promoting your online brand. And on top of that, there is an option to boost your post, which when you Busta Post, you do have to pay more money. But this is our pay money in general. But this is a way to reach more people. Um, and then you can actually hit. Publish. Another way here is you can actually schedule posts. Okay, So say I was gonna write something like right post, and if I wanted to, then go ahead and schedule. I could actually decide right now when I want that to go out by clicking on this little calendar right here and by saying you know what? I want that to go out next month On the fourth on Saturday, November 4th. So I could literally say when, what day and what time that I want that post to go out. So this could become a very handy thing for artists and creatives to maybe sit down at one time, create a whole bunch of posts and then to predate them. And then that way they are saved, Um, and scheduled. So once I've decided on my publishing time and date, I could then go ahead and schedule it, and then the Facebook would automatically posted on my behalf. So I do recommend this for artists as well, because this is a great way to sit down in one coffee shop or wherever you happen to be and create 30 posts at one time, scheduled them in advance and then go on about your day. And then you know that Facebook's kind of looking after it for you, which is really great. I'm gonna exit. Okay. Now, you can do a lot more than just post about your business via photo or video. You can also advertise. You can create an offer. You can start a live video which will talk to you about more of in a minute. You can get sales, get messages, um, create a job post. If you're hiring more people and you can create an event, so say you're actually hosting an event or you're going to be at an event. You can also write a note as well. Now I want to explain to you the four most effective types of posts within Facebook for promoting your online art products. The 1st 1 by far would be live video. Facebook live is something that has blown up in so many great ways online. And so I want to encourage you guys to consider doing a live Facebook event. Now, what that means is you could actually go on here and hover over this here if you're gonna make it a post and you can start a live video. Now, when you click on this, it'll it'll prompt you to actually started live video. So I'm not to do this minute because obviously I'm not ready to do a live video this minute , but this is greatest. So you're working on a project and you want to show them your progress. Or maybe you want to talk to them about a launch your boat to dio and show some sneak peeks about some of the art that you're working on. Or maybe you want to do, kind of like a question and answer. Maybe some people from your customers have submitted questions that you could then answer live or whatever it might be. You can have, like an ongoing conversation, like an open conversation right there alive online. You can actually get comments right then at this acting thing exact same time. So Facebook lives a great way of promoting your business. In that way, it really kind of brings down all the walls. I guess when it comes to, um, your business and your customer because they're not just looking at a logo and pretty photos, they're looking at you and you're actually there representing your business yourself. So Facebook live is probably now I would consider it the most number, one effective way to create a post. The second way to create an effective post on Facebook would be to upload a video. Now, when I see uploaded video, I do not mean upload a link to a video like you might have. Ah, video. Or maybe you're youtuber as well, and you might have a YouTube link. What I'm actually meaning is to actually upload the rial video. So you actually click on this here and you could upload the photo or video right here and that if I click on that, it's just gonna prompt me to up to find a video on my actual computer. And you would find the MP for video. So you're uploading the actual video to Facebook now. The difference is, if you upload a YouTube video or a video video and you just pop the link into your post, it's not gonna have as much connective ity or engagement with Facebook because Facebook likes when, um, you're uploading your actual content to Facebook rather than having other people's content like 1/3 party like YouTube or video. So if you are posting a video, then post the actual video to Facebook, that's going to give you a better algorithm, meaning a better communication with Facebook's that they draw more people to be able to see the video, meaning they're going to get more eyeballs on the video that you're creating. So that's the second most effective way of creating a post on Facebook. And again, you could do 1000 different types of videos. You could have, you know, a really kind of behind the scenes kind of a video. You could have a promotional video. You can have, um, all kinds of things, really. I mean, videos can be anything and everything so related to your business. You want to keep it on on point with what is it you're promoting And always remember who your audience is while you're creating these videos. So maybe you're having a really fun, cool video, and it's very much targeted two moms or it's very much targeted Teoh you know, young teenage ah boys, or I don't know just whoever your audience is. You want to make sure your video really targets them. The third most effective form of a post for Facebook would be an actual photograph. And one of the things, too, is when you're creating a post for a photo. Oftentimes, artists, they will post a photo like, say, this one, for example, like this picture right here and they will just then pop a link beside it and say, Okay, check out my new print or my new art piece and they'll put a link there. But if you put a link on on your actual post it, actually, and I've made this mistake lots of times, that's I've learned the hard way. But, um, it actually lowers your engagement tremendously because Facebook does not want you to create links in your posts, because then you're sending people away from Facebook, so they want you to create a link. Um, if you want to create a link or actually highlight your Etsy shop, it's got to be like less than 20% of the actual physical space of your photo. So you could have maybe your Etsy shop written in the lower left hand corner of the right hand corner, just something that's going to be very small and not so dramatic or if you want, you could always have, um you could have saying your video and or in your photo posts, you could always say in your video. Hey, check out my brand new, You know, my art print. She believed she could, so she did. So check out my new print on my Etsy shop. Um, click on the link in my Facebook page to go directly to my shop so you could say that it's kind, like a way around the whole length thing. Um, And then for a photo, you could also say, in your comment, you could write something like, Let me just get out of here so I could show you what I mean. Okay, exit. You could just go back up here If I was going to be posting a photo of my new print. I could say, you know, so excited to share my new girl power print, you know? And then I had obviously attached the photo, and I could say, um, click length to see my shop. You suit? I mean, so that's in another way around it. You're not actually putting a link in your post. This is a really big, big mistake. And again, I've made this mistake probably 1000 times on many social media's. But this is probably the one that really, um, it really will drive down your engagement on Facebook, so definitely don't do that. You want to say something like this, you don't actually have the etc link in your post? Okay, get out of here. Okay. And last but not least, the last or fourth form of oven effective post within Facebook would be a long form text. So maybe writing a paragraph, maybe you actually get a paragraph from your blog's or from summer that you've written about one of your products actually write actual paragraph in Facebook. You could even add really fun emojis to your Facebook post by going to let me just get the exact, um, address it's going to be Get emojis dot com so you can go to that website and actually go ahead and grab different emojis. Just copy them and then paste them into your facebook profile, um, into your facebook posts that you're making. So that could make your actual you know, word or paragraph postal emit more exciting. And it just feels a bit more like social because you could be more expressive with Emojis, so that's sort of a fun way of communicating with your audience as well. So those are my foremost, top effective ways that I would suggest making posts on Facebook, and I hope that's really helped you guys. 3. Audience and Facebook Groups: I want to highlight again a question that I am always asking my students. And that is who is your audience that you're trying to relate? Teoh. So in this really brief video, I want to talk to you all about audience. Now, as we're working on how to market online, whether it's her Facebook or any social media, the number one question to ask yourself is always Who am I actually speaking to? Um, and how am I going to speak to them? So your audience is absolutely everything and knowing who they are and the way that they would like to be spoken to, how they would like to interact with your pages and so forth. These are the things you need to be thinking about, so define your audience by actually writing them down. I encourage you to do that because it's going to really change the way that you perceive them and to write a list of their attributes. So, for example, what are they? Are they female or male? 1st 1st and foremost, what is their age demographic on? And then what are they really interested in? What kind of things do they like to dio are They know young moms? Are they artists? Are they you know, you know, cartoon illustrators, You know who is the actual audience that you're trying to connect to? I think that that's so so important to write down some attributes about them. And then this is going to come in really handy in the next sections of this course where we're gonna actually build an ad that's going to develop, um, you like strategy that I've learned that I felt as really effective. And I'm gonna talk to you more about that in the next section. But for now, I want you to go ahead and write down your audience and their attributes so that you know who it is you're speaking to, and every one of us is gonna have a different list. So for me, it might be different than you. But you have to really think about your products and who is the number one person that's going to buy them? And just as a hand, a lot of times, the people that are going to buy our products are very similar to us. So they're not always, but for me, I find it's the case because, ah, lot of my customers are a lot similar in the same kind of stage of life that I am. Ah, lot of times they're young moms. A lot of times their creative, they're pretty much all female. Um, and they usually often have young kids. And guess what? I have all of those same similarities with them. So sometimes it's about looking in the mirror and saying, Well, you know, who can I find? That's kind of like myself, because if you love your products than other people like you will love your products too. Right? So these are things to think about when it comes to think about your audience. So go ahead and write down those attributes so that you know exactly who you're looking for . Facebook groups is where people all hang out that have the same common interest so far going to go and actually find different Facebook groups. I would go to my feet page and click on Explorer and then click on groups. So now it's gonna have I have a bunch of pending invites right now, which I have to decide whether I want to be a part of and right here on the top left corner . There's gonna a button that you click down on that says Discover. And on this page you're going to see a variety of different types of options for Facebook groups. You can go through and actually search for the type of Facebook group where your audience is going to be already hanging out. Now, some Facebook groups, you're going to have the option of posting items for sale while others are going to be closed, and they're not going to really allow that. So depending on the Facebook group, you're gonna need to discover whether or not they will allow you to post about your products, but some nudging. You just go in there and start making comments and connected people and kind of just more build relationship. So here's arts and culture, and on this page there's gonna be a variety of different types of pages that might relate to what you and I might make. So this is another option for you for actually promoting your online shop 4. Pin, Boost and Share: Hi, guys. In this video, I want to show you something really quick and simple, but that's really effective for your Facebook page for your art business. Now say you have created a post similar to this one. In this case, I've created a welcome to Vision City Facebook Page Post. It's actually video, as you can tell, and I'm gonna play this video for you so you can see what it is. And maybe you could do something similar. Okay, lets play it. I'm gonna volume guys down here. Listen. City design studio I just wanted to do this video. Just actually upset the quality of it. We just replay that you could see it. Better quality, any Miss Melanie? OK, so as you can see this video and I'm basically invite, I'm welcoming people to my Facebook page. I'm just gonna take the volume. Also gonna talk about it now. This is a welcome video for anyone who has just liked my page. I have my actual my Etsy shop, come up on top of the videos. I'm not posting it at the top because Facebook does not like, remember when we post links in our wording on on each post, but you can actually have it show up within your video like I had there. So because this is a welcome video and it's for my specifically for my Facebook page. What I want to do is I want a pin it to the top of the page so that every time somebody comes to my page, this video is there as a welcome video. This is for anyone. Everyone who comes to my page, I kind of let them know really briefly within two, maybe 30 seconds. What I'm about what this with this online product is about why I make it and so forth. But I do it really quick. It's kind like a quick like elevator pitch, but not even a pitch. It's more like so welcome and saying hello. So the way that you pin something to the top of your Facebook pages by hovering over these three little dots on the top right hand corner. Now, when you hover over it, you can then click on it and it's gonna be on option to pin to top of page. So I'm gonna click on that now with what's gonna happen is that video is now going to depend to the top of my Facebook page. So now that that has been pinned to the top of my page, the very first post that anyone's going to see is going to be my welcome video. Okay, so that this is a great thing to do. So if you have a welcome video or an image that you want people to see first, Okay, I want to make sure to show you guys how to do this because, um, this is something that's really just a great way of connection with every some. Every person that actually visit your page are who likes your page. So again save you created video. You can have a link to your Etsy shop or instructions on how to get to read to shop in the video. But I wouldn't put in the very top here see how it's showing up in the video. That's the way you want to do it, cause Facebook prefers that in their algorithm. Then when we actually have a link in our our text, So that's just one thing to do. Um, the other thing. I want to show you how to do is to post Busta Post. So say, this video is really doing well for me and people really liking it. Like, right now, I just posted this, um, literally maybe a couple days ago, I have 958 people reached. And I've had people, um, you know, liking it and thumbs up and hearts and stuff like that. So that's great. People are generally, you know, overall liking it. So say, I want to boost this post. I would click on this lower right hand corner that says boost post was your post to reach more people. It's No. This is going to open up an option for United to make edits so that we're targeting the right group of people now. Our objective. What results? What would you like from this post video views? Get more people to watch your video. Someone leave as is, um, it says post button optional at a button to your post. You can actually add a button here. You can say shop now book. Now I'm sign up. Send message and so forth. So for me, I'm gonna say shop now. Now the link to that button I'm gonna actually put as my I'm gonna put it as my auntie shop . Okay, so that's now actually going directly to my Etsy shop. Now, the audience people who choose, um, through targeting people who like your page. So I'm gonna go to my people who, like my page audience location, living in Canada. I can actually extend that to other people. I can change the age range if I like people who like Vision City. Basically, you can edit all your information here. Okay, So I'm gonna leave that the same for now. Um look alike, USA. Okay, I'm not gonna use that. That's actually a look like audience, which I'm not really gonna cover in this video. That's kind of more complicated vision. Citi, email us. That's actually, um, referring to my personal email list, which I talk about Another section. Okay, now budget. Now, what is the budget for this specific boasted post on? The difference between this and say Facebook at is that this is the one time budget. It's not an ongoing ad that's running. This is a one time budget. I'm just gonna say $5. Estimated reach is unavailable. OK, that's fine. Now I'm gonna do this just for one day. Now, if I wanted to, I could run it for longer. So I guess in a similar way it is kind of like a Facebook ad. But it's you're not, really. It's only an ad. It's more like an actual post that you already posted. You've kind, like, tested out already, and now you're gonna run it to a larger audience. So I'm just gonna have it on one day. Tracking conversions. Facebook pixel, Not Facebook pixels. Really interesting because a Facebook pixel basically follows people around the Internet like, say, like afterwards. Once they have gone through your Facebook out, they've liked it or your your boosted post. Then Facebook kind of attaches itself to those people that have liked, or they have responded in some way or engage with your ad. And so when they have interacted with your ad, Facebook kind of follows them around the Internet. So even on other websites, your brand might show up on the side panels. It's kind of like it literally follows them around. It's kind of creepy, but it's very cool, because that way you're showing up in the eyes of your potential customers over and over again. It said that people need to see your brand about seven times before they are ready to trust you enough to actually consider making a purchase. So the more they see your your name, your brand, your logo, whatever it is, you actually make the better. And that's basically it. Now we're gonna leave everything else the same. My visa information is already and put it there. So I'm gonna say boost on a click boost. And it's a simple Is that submitting your promotion? Okay, so your order summary. This is my order summary of what I've just done. And now I couldn't say close. So that is the way to boost a post and to basically get a wider reach with a post that's already being successful. So for me, if I see something that's already taking off pretty well, then I'm going to boost it. If it's a post, its not doing so hot than maybe I won't. So here's another post I did yesterday, and I said Monday's of her packaging. Wholesale orders PS Get a free Christmas card on every art print order this coming Ah, holiday season. Click the shop now. Button, you play still button. Wrong to visit my online shop. Gonna go in at that. Okay. So this is where I could also boost this if I chose to. So I like to kind of test them out, See, if they're doing well with people are responding well to it. Then I will boost it if it's not doing so hot that I'll not boost it. But sometimes things just connected people. And then if they are, then that's the time to boost the post. Another great way to promote a post that's doing well is to share it. So instead of boosting it, you're actually going to share it. The way you do that is you go to a post that you see that maybe having be getting some traction and you click on this button that says share when I click on this to show you exactly how to do this. So you're gonna share or gonna share to a page and you can share this on different you know , other avenues, or you can share it to page. So I click on that one the way I want to talk about sharing. This is to a page that maybe has your your target market. So say, for example, you have on a mom group that you follow, or something like that or something that is very specific. Um, that targets your audience that you're trying to reach out to. Now for me. I'm actually going to share it. Let's say I want to share this to my personal Facebook page that created I've created a Facebook page called the etc Artist Dream Team. So for my Kate, in my case, I'm actually sharing this more for just some great content. Teoh help other artists and to inspire them. Many of you may already be on this etc. Artistry and team Facebook page, um, as a member. But if you haven't, you may want to join in a just a great conversational, um, an inspirational page for visual artists like yourselves. So say I wanted to share this to that page. Okay, Now you may be sharing more to your audience or two with a different type of goal in mind, but let's just say I want to share to that page. What I'm gonna do is record, it says, sharing a page you manage okay, I could do that. That's, you know, I could share it to my own page. But right now, I already had it posted. There is that would make sense. But if I click this down arrow, it gives me other options. It says share on your timeline, sharing a friend's timeline, sharing a group, which is what I'm gonna dio share in an event. So there might be an event happening that you were associated with. You may want to share it in that event, so maybe you're gonna be at an event, Okay? You may want to share on that events page, because that could be just great to just generate some interest even before you get to an event. That's an idea. But in this case, I'm this year in a group. Okay, now I have to do is write down the actual name of that group name. So for me, it's going to be the etc artist dream team. Okay, now, I could just right, um hey, creatives. So, Sam, happy with my comment that I've added to the top of my, um, post. Now I can go down and I can Let's say show all I want to show exactly how my whole post is going to look. Okay, so it's it's I'm sharing the post that already was written, and I'm actually adding like an actual message to the team. But I'm I'm actually posting to. I could add more emojis to that there if I wanted to. But see, if I'm ready now I have to do is just click on post, and now it's posting it to that team. So this is a great way of promoting your business as well on Facebook because you're able to post to a variety of different pages in teams within Facebook. So this is a great place to do that as well. And again, that was under the share tab here. Okay, there's a lot of different things that you can do within Facebook. There's play 1000 different things you can do in Facebook, but again, I want to share with you some tips and tricks on things you could already do that that are very, very direct towards people like us who are promoting our art brand on Facebook. 5. 10,000 Page Likes Strategy: in this video. I want to talk to you about why it's really important to get at least 10,000 likes on your Facebook page. There's five different reasons as to why I would say it's important to get at least 10,000 likes on your Facebook page for your brand. No, the first reason is really about building your brand. Now when you're building your brand, you need to get as many eyeballs on your brand is possible and have at least 10,000 is just a great kick off. It's a great start, so I want to encourage you to build up to at least 10,000 to just kick things off. Now, when I say building your brand, it's really about letting people see you over and over again. So as you're creating post, you're creating videos. You doing advertisements, you're creating offers. You're doing updates and posts and even blawg posts or whatever it is you want to post on Facebook. It's going to just keep your your brand in front of their eyes, so that's really important. They say you have to see something about seven times in order to connect that. It's something that you want to buy, Even if you already know you like it, you're gonna need to see it several times before you actually initiate the the up. You know your options to purchase it or even to click on the link. So it's really important to get out there and have people see you over and over again. The second reason is for culture and engagement. Now you're going to be building basically like a culture within your shop. So, for example, when you look at my stuff, I have black and white are prints. They're always print on recycled papers and pretty much anything that you click through within my shop, you're gonna see, um, the same style like even my videos. I'm kind of there in front of, um let me just click on this. It's a bit clearer in my videos. You're gonna actually see, um, like my art is always behind me. I'm always re showing the exact same style. So it's a guy continually and building a culture and engagement by actually showing my same kind of focused niche style. And so culture is really about the actual sense of community that you're building within your brand. And so the way you talk to people maybe have certain slang is that you use certain phrases that you use these all different things that people can refer to as the culture of your brand. And the engagement. Engagement basically means how two people interact with your your business on the Internet . So do people post comments or are they, um, you know, liking like, for example, I did this post not long ago, and I had had some likes on. I think I had 33 likes, um, people, you know, I had, you know, certain people reached. So it depends on what you're posting and how and why. But I find that the more you're posting and more often, more consistent your posting, you're gonna get higher and higher engagement, meaning comments, shares as well as you know, likes and so forth. Never remember likes and shares don't pay the bills, as we all know. So that's on the end goal. The end goal is sales, But the more engagement you're getting with your posts, the more likely it is that you're going to get sales. Another area is to give and to build trust now, when you give what I mean by that is to offer content. So whether you're doing a really great right out, maybe on Fridays you offer really great right outpost. It's like an inspirational right up. Or maybe you're posting really cool D I Y videos. Ah, live D I Y videos. Maybe do that. And that's the way you kind of give and what I mean by give is give of your time give of your content, you're providing them with inspiration and something like that's for free, you know, always asking for a sale, right? Because if all you're doing is asking for a sale on your Facebook page on all your posts and it's gonna feel like all you're doing is asking and that you're not ever giving. So you want to give, give, give and then, like on the fourth or fifth post, then ask so you don't want to keep asking all the time. So that's really important is to give and build trust for social proof. What I mean by social proof is when you have at least 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, it does create some social proof for other people that are visiting your page for the first time. So when they come to your page and you already have over 10,000 likes, then they are going to feel like, Oh, I'm like, kind of finding out about Slate like everyone else seems to already be here at the party kind of thing. It's kind like when you're walking down the mall and you see a big lineup going coming out of a store and it's wrapping around, You know, other parts of the mall, and there's like security guards around, and they're like, It's a big deal out of something happening at that store. When you see other people at that story, you're like, Wow, I wonder what's what's going on? There is a big sale, or is there like a new product coming out today? Is it like the Mac launch of a new iPhone like what's happening? So for the same reason when there's a party going on or when there's, you know, a certain number of likes on the page, these are things that people take note of because like, Oh, there's already something happening here. I should kind of check it out like or when they see their own friends have already liked it , then that's another really great way to get people to like your page and then again be part of the conversation and then last but not least, you want. Um, the reason why you need at least 10,000 fans is because our likes is that you want to be able to eventually monetize these new fans. So if you don't have people liking your page, it's hard to kind of draw people into eventually make purchases. So the more likes you have in your Facebook page, the better. And so I would encourage you. Teoh do the next steps in order to create an ad that's going to be like and it's basically like a like campaign. Um, that will only run for depending on how long you want to do. It usually goes at the most 10 days, um, and depends on how much you want to invest up front. There is some cost involved, but it's not going to be very much. The whole idea in this concept is to get likes for at the most one cent per like so anyone who knows anything about Facebook ads. And frankly, I'm not like a guru. But I've learned this strategy, and I found it really effective. Um, is that you know, one cent per like is extremely low. They could be, you know, 2030 40 cents up to even a You know, a dollar sometimes, depending on what you're doing. So one cent is like, hilarious, like it's it's wonderful to get anything for one cent on Facebook as far as engagement. So one encouraging out to go on to the next step. And I'm gonna show you this This strategy, a step by step strategy for getting 10,000 likes in less than 10 days in this next video, I'm gonna walk with you through the process to set up a Facebook ad that is, has the intention to gain Facebook. Page likes on your art business page. So what I'm gonna need you to do is before we even go into the next section, is to get a credit card ready because you're going to need to input your credit card information in the bill and payment, um section. So it's going to be prompting you to do that now, because I have already been using this process. I'm not gonna have that prompt come up during this video, but I want to make sure you're aware of its that you make sure to fill in your information , basically, just your credit card eso that Facebook can actually charge you for the ad. Now, like I've said before, this Facebook ad, um, like, strategy is going to basically only cost one cent per like And that's really the goal in this process to gain social proof and to add numbers to your Facebook page that your actual business has more of a social proof on Facebook. So if that makes sense for you and if you're ready to continue, get your credit card ready and let's go on to the next section in this video. I want to walk with you through the process to set up a Facebook ad that's going to get you at least 10,000 likes. This is a like campaign in order to really develop some social proof for your Facebook page for your company. Now, what we're gonna do first is go up to the right hand corner and click on the down arrow right here. So This is obviously on your Facebook page for your art business. So click the down arrow and then you go down to create ads. It's gonna take you to what is called the ads manager. Now, there's a lot of things that I could talk about on this page, but for the time being, I'm my only objective in this whole video is specifically to teach you how to do this. Adds like campaign. Our whole goal is to develop social proof by having at least 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, your art business. So we're gonna select engagement, and then we're gonna go down in select page Likes and say Continue click Continue. Now, while this is loading again, what we're gonna do is we're going to go through the process to set up a really simple like campaign. Okay, now, the first thing we're going to do is up here. Say, add set name. So you're gonna give your your ad set a name. So let's call it, um, for me it Revision City likes that I'm gonna select which Facebook page I want to use. So for me, it's going to be a vision city Now what we're going to do is go down to the area that's called Audience. Now, what we're not going to touch is this area that's called Custom Audience. We're gonna go right down to locations. The reason why is because if you have never done anything to do with Facebook, you wouldn't have custom audiences created, um, like, for example, a custom audience or look like audience. Those of you who are familiar with those terms, you may already have those set up, but in this case, we want to just skip that and we want to go down to locations. So what we're gonna do here is something that's going to sound a little bit may be strange , But what we're gonna do is we're going to exclude certain places in the world that we're not going to target now. A lot of you may or may not be in North America where, what, Listening to me or in Europe? Um, Now what we're going to do is we're actually going to be excluding America Canada. We're also going to exclude Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. Now is it because we have anything against those countries? Absolutely not. The reason why we're going to exclude those countries is because the likes for each of those countries costs more money in ads than the likes in other countries. Now, why that's that Those were the prices that have been set by Facebook. Now I'm assuming it's because those countries were probably on the first list of countries that may be adapted to Facebook or that took on the most population that took on on Facebook. So maybe for that reason, the cost per like, is just more money and those in those countries. So the way we are going to un uh, exclude these countries is we're going Teoh go door map. So right now we're going. So it's set to United States. I'm gonna exito. Okay, I'm gonna type in here, include worldwide worldwide. That's gonna say worldwide, it's going Teoh look like it's called a region. Okay, now we're going to click on this down arrow right here, right beside the word include and we're going to click on exclude. So although we love all these countries and many of us maybe from these countries, we're going to temporarily exclude them so that we can gain more, likes at a lower cost. This is only a temporary thing to gain likes and then later on, we can include them again on other ads. We do, and maybe we are targeting those countries because maybe we live in America or Canada or in Europe, or we live in, um in New Zealand or in Australia. But right now we're just trying to get like so that's our main objective. Again, this is about social proof. This isn't hot Eighth full on business gold tone to exclude these countries. This is just a temporary thing. OK, we're going to exclude United States Country. We're going to exclude Canada. We're going to exclude Australia. We're going to exclude United Kingdom, okay? And we're going to also exclude Germany and also in New Zealand. Now, I did not come up with these countries to be excluded for this purpose. This is just something that has been proven by people who are full on Facebook gurus. I definitely not a Facebook group, but this strategy does work. And so I thought it would be definitely worth showing you guys. Now what we're gonna do down here, we're gonna scroll down. Now we've done that. We selected our audience. We're going to go down. Teoh Age demographic Now you can change is if you want. For me, I go between the ages of 25 40. That's my audience. And I know that because I've researched to my audiences and who buys my products now I would leave gender open for now. I wouldn't just select men or women, and I would leave languages open. The reason why is because, ah, lot of the countries around the world, obviously, there's just so many countries like languages to be listed. So it be kind of pointless to actually list those countries right now. So now that you have decided on your age, gender and language is, what you're going to do now is you're going to go down to this area that's called detailed targeting. Now, this is when things gets really, really specific and interesting. Now, right here, it says, include people who match at least one of the following. It's given me some suggestions based on the type of, um, actual Facebook page that I have. So it's giving me arts, artists, artwork, shopping in fashion. Um, which is OK, but it's not specific enough. So I would encourage you to actually delete those. It just not specific enough for us. So I'm gonna pretend as if I'm doing this ad and my art is black and white art prints on recycled card stock paper. So for me, um, now what? I'm also going to be thinking about our, um, say, for example, the interests of the people that are buying my products. So let's say black and white art. Okay, let's see what comes up here. Now. It's interesting you want to see what comes up with your specific list that you're searching for. You don't want just make up random things you want. Excuse me. You want to actually make sure it's going to work with your products Now, as as you can see, when I put that in, it didn't give me an exact match, so I'm actually not going to use that. Let's just say, um, modern art print. He has just given me a general one again. My goodness, it's actually difficult to find for me. I find. So let's say, um, handmade crafts. I think that that would be all right. Let's start their handmade crafts. Okay, because that's a suggestion they've given me. That's life. 245,000 people. Not that many. I want us to basically get to at least 30 million people. Reach. Okay, that's the goal here. Now, how about if I put an art print? Let's see if that works for us. I've got 16,000 people, not very high. I don't think that's really worth it, But I'll put it in any way because that is what we make. How about illustration? There we go. 34 million. So now we're getting somewhere. How about drawing? So maybe before I was starting about two narrow. We want a bit of a wider net, let's say drawing 89 million people. Okay, So as you can see as we're updating things, um, the reach is growing. Estimated daily results reached. Okay, so right now it's between 9400 to 45,000. Um, I want to get that up a lot higher. So let's say, um, What I'm gonna do now is I'm actually going to start to inject some of the list of people that you might be comparable to. So for example, who are you similar to? So for me, I could say I Kia Arch have it I Kia catalogue. Um, let's see. You know what I'm gonna say? I can't catalog. The reason why is because my products are very modern and they could technically kind of relate to those that kind of customer. Some moms who shop at a Kia that could be really good. So also target are, let's see, target art. No target decor. No, that's not working. Target Corporation. I'm gonna say yes because again, that corporation, although it's a very widespread corporation, is at least going to match the tone of what I sell. Um, now, this is basically the hardest part of the process is to really discover who on this page or what category you're going to relate to the most. Now, if you know of other companies that are generally recognized like, say, for example, if I was similar to rifle paper, let's see if they come up there we go. So rifle paper co, let's say I'm gonna put them in there now. There are is a little bit different than mine. They do more like a wash paint style. But I'm just doing this for an example, for you guys, like, say, for example, this related to my style. Look, they have 80,000 people reach. It's not a 1,000,000 but it's it's getting up there. So basically again, you're trying to get to at least 30 million in potential reach. So you're to fill this in with us many things as you can think of, um, you could also do Let's see what else I could do here. Um, now, you could also refer to the list that is suggested. So as you put in items, other things were going to be suggested to you. So find out other things that relates to what you are are selling. So birthday gift could be good. Um, card making graph design, photography, gift shop, visual arts, etc. That's a great one for me, cause obviously I sell on Etsy s. That's a given. Um, let's see. What else? Card making gift. Christmas gift photography, personalized gifts, Paper source. Yeah, I could do paper source because they are paper shop people who shopping paper sores are probably gonna be looking for paper products, which is what I sell. So when I say yes to that. So, as you can see, that is the overall strategy. We want to find a list of things that relate to what we make so that we are aligning ourselves with these people or products or companies. So again, it's really important to have a list of people that you relate to as far as other brands. Now, maybe you are an artist that sells T shirts and you put your art on T shirts. Find other brands, maybe like between, like, you know, half a dozen or so or even up to, like, maybe seven or eight that you may be relate to, or maybe a product brands that you relate to. So that would be a really good thing to do in this case. So now we go down to this section. This is called connections. Okay, Now I'm gonna be connected to Facebook pages. That's what the connection is about. Now it says here something really interesting, exclude people who like your page, and then it's less Division City. So, yes, I do want to exclude people who have already like my page because I'm not trying to, um, get them to like my page again and see an ad again. That's just annoying for people. I'm just basically trying to reach out to new people. So if already have people like you My page, I don't want to include them. So exclude people who like your page. So you should have your your company names your page name here. So I'm not gonna have to touch this yet. The savior, This audience, We're going to keep going down here now. Automatic placements. This is specific for, um where you're gonna be placing your ads. So let me just read this. Your ads will automatically be shown to your audience in the places they'll likely to perform best for this objective. Placements may include Facebook. Learn more. So, for this purpose is we're going to leave the placements the same. So I wouldn't even touch this. We're gonna actually skip that whole section. You can edit it, but for now, I don't want you to touch this area. Okay, Now, these instructions were quite sensitive, so I want you, Teoh. Make sure that here exactly to these instructions. Otherwise it can ah, basically cause issues. We're gonna go down here to budget and schedule. Now, this is very, very important. So I want you to listen clearly so that we don't have you overspend on this ad. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna suggest either 5 to $10 per day, so we're gonna change that to 5 to $10 or $10 per day. Let's start at five. OK? Boobs five. Okay. Only that daily you could do lifetime or daily. But when you do daily, you can check in daily and see how it's doing. If you would rather do lifetime, that's totally fine. And you can set a max amount. So if I were going to do lifetime, I could say, for example, you know, five times seven is $35 I could say $35 lifetime budget and let that run just for the week . OK, so that's one option to its up to you. Um, now, let's say daily budget $5. Now, if you do 10 obviously you're going to get to your goal faster. Now, this is where it really comes into play on how much you want to spend. Obviously, the higher you spend daily, the fast you're going to get to your goal. Okay, so if you spend $10 over 10 days Ah, that's obviously $100 that is equivalent to again 10,000 likes. So the real goal is, if you want it intending 10 days or less than you have to up up this $10. Does that make sense now, Um, again, just to clarify $5 you're going to get there a lot slower than 10. But I'm just showing you this for an example. If you want to get to this goal in 10 days or less than up this to $10 Okay, so now we're gonna set the schedule. Now, the schedule is either going to run continuously, which is what it's on now, or you're gonna set a start mandate. Now, by starting a start and end dates, it's going to enable me to be in full control. So I'm gonna say, start today and end. Let's say after I don't know, let's give it, like, a week, Okay. So obviously, right now my weekly goal are my weekly spend would be $35. Now again, that's not gonna get me to 10,000 likes. So fast. Let's see what happens just for the example. If I change this, it's a change. My budget to $10 over seven days. So now we've got seven times 10 obviously basic math, $70. Now, if I was going to run this for 10 days, and I added, it's let's add three more days to that, Let's say remember second, that's 10 days. Obviously, your, um, your whole spend for your entire 10 days at $10 per day is 100. Okay, simple math again. But we know that the light campaign were doing is going to give us likes for one cent per 10,000 likes times one cent is $100. So this is basically the equation right here to get 1 10,000 likes over 10 days. Now it's going to say, here, optimize ad for delivery at bid. All these things were gonna leave the same for now. We're gonna go ahead and click. Continue now, before I leave here. As you can see, the potential reach purpose for our people is 41 million. Now, as I said before, you want at least 30 million there so that you can have the right amount of exposure. So I'm way over my goal, But I'm not too far over. I don't want to get lost in the sea of people, either. Summit, about 41 million people there. Let's go over here and click. Continue and now gets to the fun part where you get to actually add it. Your ad. Okay, let's give her that. Okay, so my ad name is Vision City, and it's set to engagement. That's finally that identity. I'm going to leave that as Vision City to as well. And now I get to choose what I want to have a single image, a single video or a slideshow for my ad. For the time being, I'm gonna go with single image. However, if you do have the option of doing a single video, I would encourage you to do that because videos do tend to do very well on Facebook and the algorithm. And Facebook does really like videos. Slide shows as well are pretty good, but it seems based on research that I've done. My husband's also runs a couple different online companies and people that I've spoken with , as well as people that I highly respect often say video ads, um, do tend to give us the best turnaround as faras algorithm within Facebook. Now image recommended sizes 1200 by 444 pixels. And because I've already been up loading things to my vision City page, it's actually given me an example of a new image already have in my library. So I'm gonna go ahead and use that now. If you want to add something else, you click on this little button, and you can add whatever image you want again. Size at 1200 by 444 Image ratios 8 to 3. So that's where you put that. That's how you use a single image for your ad. Now remember, keep your image really catchy and bright. Some of that's going to really grab attention, Um, showcasing your art, obviously, something that's going to really generate some interest from your specific audience. Now see if you wanted to go for a single video at, Let's just backtrack for a moment and see what would happen if we did that. Let's click on single video. What's gonna happen is the overall page down here is going to change. It's gonna ask you to upload a video or use one from your library. Now let's see if I have one mile in my library, which I probably do. It gives you all the specs right here on this side, which I won't read. It's It's kind of like long, but let's see now I've got a few different videos. Let's just say I want to use this one here and I'm going to select that. So now I've got a selective video. This is actually for my London art prints. I did a bit of a video. I had fashion related things within it. I made it really fun and kind of catchy. And what happens is you'll see that it gives us an option of changing the actual, um, the thumbnail for the front of the video, because your video is going to be have a thumbnail before it actually plays. So let's see what else? It gives us an option of other thumbnails. I could use that. It shows, you know, the London Bridge, um, where I could actually have it showcase my art print. Now that could be my thumbnail. Let's say I wanted to choose that. And down here it says video captions, recommended captions. Or when words come up while you're talking. So you could add that if you want, generate automatically, let Facebook review or up upload your own. And this is upload SRT files in multiple languages. So depend your language. You can actually create a file, Um, for ah, creating captions. In other words, while the sound is happening, you have the words running on the page. Um, and that's where you do that. Okay, so now that you've created a video ad in this case now this could be a photo. It could be a slide show, but in this case, I'm gonna use a video. I want to go down and test it and make sure it works. Someone go down toe, add preview and click play. Okay, so this is now my video ad for London. My art print showing my inspiration should fashion. And there's my prints. And there you go. That's my ad. So let's say I'm happy with that, and I'm happy with how that turned out. Now I need to go ahead and edit the text, enter text that clearly tells people about what you're promoting. So for me, this still like campaigns, I'm gonna say like this page if you love London. Okay, So I'm trying to get people who are fans of London if they're fans of London and they also happen to have all the interests that I've already input in this ad, chances are they're gonna like this page. Okay, Now, you could say like this page if you love and then input the type of art you make Maybe do watercolors. Maybe you are a cartoonist. Fashion illustrator. Um, a graphic designer, maybe to make gig. Posters. Maybe. You say, like, this page. If you collect gig posters or something that really relates to your audience, you're gonna put that in here Now, to make this even more interesting. I want to go and add some emojis to my my text at the top of my ad because that's just gonna add some life and energy. And I find that people really respond well to emojis. If you don't know what Emojis are, they're basically just little axe, sensual little drawings and kind of like a little sketch, um, symbols, happy faces, flags and so forth That really helped Teoh bring across your point. So what we're gonna do is go up to Emoji. It's called get emoji dot com. All right. Excuse me. Get Emojis with s on the edge dot com. And this is a really cool website, cause it's got all these different kind of emojis. Um and so you can actually scroll through and find what you're looking for. So in my case, I'm looking for a flag. So there we There we go. There's my London flag. I'm gonna get that flag right there. I'm gonna scroll over it and copy it. And I'm gonna go back to my Facebook ad my ads manager, and I'm going to paste someone, put flags at the beginning. Okay. Oops. Why not let me do it? Beginning. Hold on one sec. Your Hey, there we go there, Like this page. If you love London. Okay, so maybe we'll find some other fun. Things like that just kind of makes it stand out. Now there's red Red always gets people's attention. By the way, red is kind like a stop sign in any form of design. You always like red will always stop people in their tracks So let's see what else? Oh, God. Maybe I add, um, something else related to, say, fashion because fashion illustration. So I could always let's see what I've got here. Or I could put me to a London bus or something. Um, so, yeah, the whole point is to really make this a fun experience and something that well, really draw the attention of your audience. So I would love to find something to do with fashion if I could find that. Here we go. Uh, not not quite. You can even do like a sign, like, you know, a peace sign. Or like a high five. That could be really cool. Let's do a piece. Science. I think that's really fun. Copy. Go down to my ads manager, and I'm going to paste. I can't like to do them in the beginning, in the end, just cause it's kind of like framing it. Okay. And there you go. Let's say I'm really happy with that apps. You know what Actually doesn't work. I'm gonna not. I like it all to be on one line. You notice it kind of bumped it to the end there, So let's do that love like this page. If you love London and there's two flags and then there's a peace sign. OK, now show advanced options. Now. I could go down. I could change us if I want. I'm not going to change this one to show you could app events an online events are often events. You really need to change this. But in case you're wondering, this is what it is. It's conversion tracking. So for me, I'm not going to change this right now. And now I'm gonna go ahead and click. Confirm? Okay, Now it says your ad is your new ad is approved. And so now I'm going to basically go ahead and continue on. I can see it in the actual adds manager. So what's happened now is now my ad is listed here Vision city engagement. It's active in my ads manager. Okay, Close that for SEC and I don't have any results yet cause it's just started running the reach. Obviously, I just started and I haven't spent anything yet, but this is where I would come the ads manager to check in on my add to see how it's doing . So if are you doing this kind of add and you're trying to, like, elect, campaign. Like what I've suggested, you're gonna be coming back to this page daily. So settler alarm on your phone make it really clear to check on this daily because you want to know when to turn it off. The last thing you want to do is let it run for months and forget about it and then get charged $10 a day. That's not what I want you guys to do. So I would maybe literally having alarm go off in your phone, maybe have on, ah notification email send Send yourself an email every day, like on those automatic renewal things. Just something to make sure that you're not overspending. Now, if you're really concerned that you might forget, maybe just lower your ad spend to $5 a day just for that purpose. I personally hate spending money and not getting things for it. So if you're unsure about it and you want to just test the waters gently and you have a low budget, that's okay. Remember, this is just one way to get your Facebook page going, so don't feel overwhelmed or nervous you don't have to do this way. This is just another way of speeding up the process and kind of cutting your time and in ah , in half. Really? So it's up to you. But this is just one suggestion how to grow your Facebook page. Okay, so now that you have your ad and it's now running now, obviously I don't have any results yet to share with you guys, because I've just set it up with you. But this is where your results were going. Teoh, show up. Okay, so this is now your ads. Um, you're gonna see your results here. Your reach. How many people? The cost Per, um per impression or per result, as well as the amount you've spent. Okay, so these are the things you're going to be looking for as well as your page likes. If you scroll with this thing on the bottom is gonna give you even more information. Remember, our goal here is Paige likes okay, so we want this number to reach 10,000 and then we can turn it off. Now, the way that we turn off this ad is by clicking this little button on the left here this blue button. Now, if I just click on it once it turns off, Now there's no blue color. It's just gray. So that's the way you turn it off when you're ready to. If you want to let it run for a little while completely up to you. But always keep your eye on the budget. Otherwise, you can spending a bit more than you want. And that's a bit frustrating. So you don't want to that. But I wouldn't run this more than 10 days at the most for now. And the reason why is because, remember, we have specifically targeted countries. Um, that may or may not, depending where you live. Those countries may or may not be your target countries. Right now. We're just trying to get the page likes up. Okay, that's the goal. And then afterwards we can do ads that are targeted to say you live in America and you want to target American, um, states, different people in different states. You can actually then target them. But guess what the price per per like is going to be not one cent. It's going to be more like 10 20 even 30 cents. So, as you can see, the price multiplies tremendously depending on what kind of ad y 6. Add Products To Facebook Page: Hi, guys. In this video, I want to talk to you all about how to set up our products on your Facebook page. There is ah, new, really great feature on Facebook on your business account that you can actually add products to a shop page, which is a fairly new feature on Facebook. So this is an updated video for those of you in the Facebook accelerator course that I think that is very, very valuable that, um, I want to make sure to include and add to your course. So let's begin first things first. As you know, on the top on the left side here is kind of like your navigation on your Facebook business page. Now, if we were actually to scroll down, you would notice that there's a page is called Shop. Okay, so that's the new edition that's been recently added to Facebook that we're gonna be talking about today. Now, this is actually a way to add products to your Facebook page so that instead of just creating a link to your online shop, ah, this way, people can actually physically see your products and click on them and then be transferred to the right place to buy them. Okay, so what we're gonna do first is I want to scroll down and show you how this works. Now, this section up here that I'm kind of circling this is actually when you are ready to create collections and to share them, that is sort of like a secondary step, which I will go over in a moment. Now what we're gonna do first is we're going. Teoh, update your description. There's going to be an area here in the middle of your page. It's called description, and it's there's a little button here on the A little blue button that when you scroll over , it shows up, you're going to click on this and actually add a description of your products, so I would encourage you to go ahead now and actually write something right here, okay? People do always need need some sort of a just a general, like, you know, introduction of what it is you're selling now. Of course, you're also going to be adding great products with, you know, really clear photos, so that will help us. Well, but the description does help. Um, as you can see here on the right side, This little button to share this shops. You can actually share this. Um, you can do that right here. So when you click on share shop, that will enable you to share it with people on Facebook. Okay. So, as you can see, I've got a few different sections for my shop. Now, this top section I have it's It's a collection that I've made called City Wall our principles. I've also got a featured section, Our collection. I've also got a black and white while our art prints Excuse me, collection and I got a hand letter art. Okay, now, if I go down to all products and by the way, you could actually add products to any of these, Um, you know, if you already have collections set up, but in your case, you might be somebody who has never said this up before. So what we're going to do first is just simply add a product. So when you kind of open this up and if you've never used it before, you're not gonna have anything in here, obviously. So I encourage you just toe literally click on this big button this is add product. What will happen now is you will open up this pop up page that will enable you to add a product. The first thing they're asking for is a photo. OK, now here the recommendations for your photos. It's gonna give you a really quick overview. It's pretty simple, but just so that we're clear. Okay, now it gives us a bit of a hint. Here. There's only 10 products in the featured collection at a time. So again, collections or something to discuss with you in a moment. Let's first and foremost learn how to get products in here. Okay, image requirements. At least one image is required for each product. Each image must be off the product itself. It cannot be a graphic representation, obviously. So take a photo of your product is what is the point? Um, make sure that your images are 1024 by 1024 pixels. So you want them to be square format, as it says here, Um, and the top says easy to understand and show the whole product. Obviously show the product up close, have white backdrops. That's what they're encouraging. Now, if you don't have white backdrops. I don't think that's the end of the world. But in other words, have it be a really clear photo. Capture the product in real life situations. Now these might sound familiar because if you sell on pretty much any platform, these of the recommendations, I mean other than the sizing, they basically trying to say, Make it crystal clear what it is you're selling now. You shouldn't use images that contain text. In other words, don't have promo codes calls to action. They don't basically didn't allow that. Okay, offensive content, advertising or promotional materials. Watermarks, time, sense of information. OK, descriptions. Um, in what you're just describing actual product. There's just some recommendations. Provide only information directly related to the product. Be digestible. In other words, make make use of short sentences and herbal. It lists highlight unique product features. The grammatically correct and proper punctuated. Okay, Um, now the rest of this is basically pretty self explanatory yourself. Your description should not IQ include HTML phone numbers, long titles, excessive punctuation and so on. Those air basic, you know, pretty obvious things. Let's go back and let's start adding a product. So what we're gonna do first is gonna click on this button. When you roll over it, it becomes a button, and it is add add photos. Then it takes you to this area where you can actually drag a photo in. Or you can click on, um, select files and it will take you to a browser to browse for the photo. Okay, so I'm gonna add this dream while our print it's called. This is one of my best selling prints. So it's going to add it in for me and reminder again the photo needs to be square a cropped because that's the set up of, um, the actual shop here in Facebook. So I'm gonna go ahead now and say Use photo. Okay. I can add more photos here if I want. I can also add a video. Maybe you have some sort of a promotional video or commercial of sorts for your our products. If you do awesome, add that here in the same exact way of what I just did with the photo, you're gonna just search for it on your computer or on your external hard drive and added, here, I'm gonna name the art someone to call it dream. Well, art print and for me, I'm gonna say it's $20 and it's asking me, Is this product on sale? If I click on this little button and it turns over to blue, I have to actually write the sale price. So what if I want to maybe do it as $10 on Behalf price? Or maybe it's $15 on sale or whatever. That's where I would do that. For now, I'm just gonna turn that off just to be simple here, I would write a general description. Keep in mind, you can always copy and paste your description from Etc. Or Shopify or wherever it is you sell your art products. So you could actually just write about your products here, dot, dot dot So I'm not gonna waste our time writing a description, but literally what you would already have in your other listing description. I would copy it here. Then I would go ahead and actually find the exact Earl to buy this this product, and I would place it here. So let me go and find that. So here I am on my Etsy shop. I'm gonna now look for, um, my dream print. Okay, Where is it? Spiritus. So let's see. Ants actually showing a little bit of a different photo here. Just fine. Same print? Yep. That's the same print. Okay, So what to do now is I'm gonna actually copy the Earl Command, see on a Mac, and then I'm gonna paste it. Command V. Okay. Share this product on your page. Yes. So you want to click that over two? Yes. Your product will be shared on your page as soon as it's approved. Visibility don't want the public or unpublished. I want to be public. And then I click. Save. Okay, so now that product has been added to my Facebook, um, list of products. Now, it does take a few moments for that to process. So while that's processing, I want to talk about adding things to collections because this is another thing that I think is really useful in the same way that we have, you know, sections on our online stores. Maybe you're on Shopify or your on big cartel, or you're on, um, you know, etc. Or wherever it is you sell. Usually every one of us have some serving navigation within our online shop. And so this is no different. So Facebook is trying to organize what it is that we're presenting. So what I encourage you to do is go down to all products. It's good of you all. And there it is. So it's actually, as you can see says Dream. Well, art print it says processing. So I'm not gonna mess with that for now. For now, I'm gonna show you this example on a different print just to be just to make it really clear, Let me go back. And I want to show you how to create a collection, um, or how to edit a collection. So I'm gonna go back. Teoh, let's go toe add collections to organize your products and make it easier for customers to browse. This is at the very bottom of your page. You're gonna see add collection and its listing here, the different collections you already have. Okay, Um right now I've got a featured collection, which is my city wall. Our principles, um and I can actually select which one. I want to be featured and so on. Now, if I want to add a collection let's say add and I want to call it inspirational our friends , for example. Now it's asking me, Do you want this to be visibly public? I'm gonna leave, That is, yes. Now, alternatively, you could actually make it unpublished. And you could build this collection kind of privately and then launch, say, a full collection which some artists might want to do if you are waiting for, like, a launch day. Or maybe you're launching products on Christmas holidays or whatever it might be, but you're you're waiting to launch on a specific day, so you could actually pre load them OK, which could be very beneficial. So you're not rushing and doing on the day off? Okay, This could be, ah, benefit to you that way for me. I'm gonna keep it as public now. I don't want to add this feature. Make this a featured collection. You can feature collection to make it stand out in your shop. Featured collections show larger product images and appear at the top of your shop section . You can only have one feature collection at a time. Okay, so that's an option. If I wanted to do that, I could now I'm gonna do is add products. Click on this blue button to add a product. So now it's asking me to find the product I want to add. So there it is. Dream while art print and I'm going to simply add. And just like that, it's added, I go down to the bottom of the page and click safe. And there you go. Now, I've got a full new collection that I can fill in with inspirational art prints. So that is how you add a collection. Now, let me go back to my, uh, vision city page. We just make sure I haven't missed anything here. So now I'm on my shop. I've got my description written. I've got my different collections. My city, while our principles is my featured collection. That's why it's perceived larger, physically, larger. And then I've got these other collections featured products, which this should actually be changed title. But anyways, that's something to fix her. On my end about black and white art. I've got hand letter art and I've got inspirational art. So now I could add more to each of those collections if I wanted to and keep building my shop here on Facebook. Now, for those of you who are artists building your online art brand, it's really important for you to do this, to add products to your Facebook page for two reasons or I'm probably more than that. But two that come to mind and Heatley number one. Why not have your products available physically to be seen on Facebook? Facebook is obviously, um, it's where you're gonna get a ton of traffic where you're going to get Ah, lot of different eyeballs. Ah, lot of different people groups are on Facebook. It's definitely one of the highest growing social media's on, and it will continue to be so for some time now. So number one toe have the real estate, so to speak on Facebook, where your physical products are being presented is excellent. It just gives us more opportunities for sales. But not only that, but Facebook also owns Instagram. Now, if you're taking my INSTAGRAM course, you would know that I have actually talked about how these to integrate and how you can actually tag products from from your shop to be actually purchased directly from Instagram . Now you might be wondering why you telling what? Instagram? It's the Facebook course because Instagram and Facebook are like related, and Facebook owns instagram. And so when you add products to your collections here on within your shop on Facebook, then you are able to tagged them directly to Instagram so people can actually shop from your feet and instagram. That's a very, very big deal. Um, but you're not able to do that directly from etc. Or directly from a lot of the online selling platforms. You can do it from Shopify and Ah, for I think it's called Big commerce. Um, that those there, some of them you can, but it's very limited. But Facebook is one of the very few platforms that will light integrate into the instagram , so enter until further notice there might be more openings coming soon. Um, be able to sell things on instagram directly, but as of right now, Facebook is one of the few. So if you're already on here and you are also a user of instagram, this is going to be very good news, so I encourage you. You may even want to also take my instagram course. This is not a sales pitch, but It's just a riel, you know, benefit. If you are thinking of taking that, then I will be able to then show you how to integrate it from the instagram side. So I wanted to be sure to show you this new feature on Facebook that is benefiting us as artists. And, um, now, let me just go back and show you. Now, when you go to your Facebook page now, you will be able to see your shop. Okay? So as I scroll down, here it is. Boom. It's actually above my posts. So that's a really, really, really big real estate. Now people can actually go. Oh, wow. This this person, this business that's a design studio also sells products. Okay, Um, not all businesses sell products they might have. Cell service is. So if I may find visiting, you know, somebody's Facebook page, and I see that they've got products. I'm gonna go. Wow, that's interesting. I might look into it more so then the person can click on Seymour, and they are taken to my shop. Okay, so that's how this works. I'm obviously showing this from the side of me being Loggins. It's gonna look a bit different. You have to have the ad products button. But again, a very, very cool thing that Facebook has offered us who are selling products online. I hope this video has been really helpful to you guys, and I wish you much success as you're building our business.