Facebook Accelerator For Artists Course + Checklist

Melanie Greenwood, Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

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6 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Facebook Accelerator For Artists Trailer

    • 2. Facebook Accelerator For Artists

    • 3. Audience and Facebook Groups

    • 4. Pin, Boost and Share

    • 5. 10,000 Page Likes Strategy

    • 6. Add Products To Facebook Page


About This Class


In this course, you will go through a series of video training that teaches you step by step how to promote your artwork on Facebook. This way, you may get your art in front of potential customers in order to sell to them and build a following.

Sections include:

1. The 4 Most Effective Post Strategies

2. How To Build An Audience with Facebook Groups

3. Pin, Boost and Share Your Posts

4. A Plan To Gain 10,000 Facebook Page Likes

5. How To Add Products To Your Facebook Page