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Facebook 101 | Part 1 | Facebook Best Practices

teacher avatar Youshaa Motan, Online Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction to Facebooks Billions!

    • 2. Understanding Facebook

    • 3. Module 1

    • 4. Module 2

    • 5. Module 3

    • 6. Module 4

    • 7. Module 5

    • 8. Part 1 - Conclusion

    • 9. Please leave a review!

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About This Class

Facebook 101 - Best Practices lays the foundation for Facebook success. A must for businesses wanting to employ Facebook to scale their business with more clients and more engaged customers through social media.

  • Learn the rules of Facebook.
  • Fundamentals for success
  • Building and marketing your brand using Facebook
  • We analyse the Facebook Algorithm and use it to our advantage.

Part 1 of 3 - in the series.


Meet Your Teacher

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Youshaa Motan

Online Teacher




An Online Teacher from South Africa, with years of experience in instructional design and the subject of personal development, Youshaa can be seen lecturing online as an Online Course Lecturer with Damelin College Online presenting his best-selling online course: Mind Power For Successful Managers as well as on his Skillshare Channel and online brand, Affirmation Nation TV.

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How did Affirmation Nation TV start?


Youshaa started ANTV as a part-time project and quickly realised that he needed to share more videos in a world that has become materialistic, self-absorbed and self-serving as his projec... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Facebooks Billions!: I've only in Welcome to the school's Facebook. Wanna one best practices? Part one. This is part of the Social Media Mastery series from me. You, Shem Oaten. Four Sales tutor my channel on skill shape. Thanks for joining to date class. We're going to walk you through Why Facebook is the leader in the industry in terms of social media platforms. Globally, they have 1.5 million active monthly Facebook users and that numbers obviously increasing all the time. And 22 billion clicks driven by Facebook ads in 2015. Obviously, the steps in 2016 store being generated for the remainder of this year but last year again , 8.4 billion in social media ad revenue in 2015. Now, if your business needs a boost, then you need to consider Facebook. And in this three part series, we're going to give you the fundamentals of Facebook as well as marketing and business strategy. Let's head over to the course. Met firstly in Module one will build a quality product. We'll discuss that and then in module to we'll discuss giving the people control regarding your Facebook account and the Facebook friends that you deal with potential clients and then in Model three will protect the data module four proper use and maximum engagement with Facebook and in Module five will discuss the Facebook laws. So this is a Facebook fundamentals class, and it's part one off a series off three. So I'd like to check out the other two in the next part of the series, Part two. In the three part series, we discussed the marketing and business branding site Tweedle as well as the Facebook algorithm, which we going to heck and we're going to discuss and the best practices in getting around it and working with the algorithm so that you get the best results. 2. Understanding Facebook: let me tell you a little bit more about this thing's class. Okay? The five Facebook principles that we about to discuss building quality product give people control, protect data and cottage proper and maximum engagement for business growth and following rules the Facebook laws. That's mandatory. So if you want to make you contine Schaeuble and searchable on Facebook for maximum engagement with clients and to scale your brand, you need to ever thought understanding of the Facebook principles and fundamentals. And that's what this initial one part coarse is all about. The general rules that apply to content in behavior. Thes rules apply to not only the custom EPS people build for Facebook, but the third party Social EPPS, the photo Upload contest, the sheer to win contest, trivia quizzes, polls and Facebook app. Tab publishers. All of the mechanics of these EPS and your usage of them must adhere to the Facebook terms of service. That's the T. O. S or terms of service. If you don't want to risk having your content disabled or your brand page damaged by being shut down altogether, Facebook is broken down its standards for publishing content on its platform into five broad categories they call principles the five Facebook principles that we just discussed. All right, so let's go through to the fundamentals, and we're going to give you a proper start to your Facebook adventure and good standing with Facebook for all your Facebook friends and clients. 3. Module 1: great and welcome to Module one, which is building a quality product with Facebook. All right, Facebook suggests that you follow these fundamental guidelines, and this is a fundamentals caused, which is part one of the three. If your product is an up, make it stable and easy to navigate with your use on Facebook. And sure your content meets Facebook. Community standards he standards touch upon subjects like violence, bullying, fishing, scamming and harassment. Provide a spam free experience. Don't mislead people on bond. We always talk about an iPhone example. Everyone knows about some random stranger that offers an iPhone for free if you share the post. And if you click on that link, you'll probably find that you have to give a lot of personal information to be entered to win that iPhone if indeed, that offers even legitimate. So we suggest that misleading your audience on Facebook is a simple no no all right, and keep your content below the negative feedback thresholds. If you didn't know, Facebook has an algorithm that they used to decide if your content is permanent, so go over the threshold and you'll find yourself in an awkward situation pretty uncomfortable pretty page with no interactive content. So here's a partial list of behaviors that can push you over the threshold. Multiple people reports your post a spam. Too many people delete your post from the feed or too many people hide your posts in their feet. And how many is too many? Well, Facebook won't tell us the algorithm has already been programmed, so keep your experience with Facebook, always above board and legal. 4. Module 2: great and welcome to module to which is giving people control, especially your Facebook friends. So here's a short list of guidelines. Obtain P permission before publishing content on someone's behalf. And if you are tracking a person's activity providing opt out from their tracking, do not send people direct messages from your up and sure that all content in your share messages can be edited by the user and always include a publicly accessible privacy policy . So these are best practices for your usage, the sections all about privacy and control. So do you recall a video app that would automatically post to your wall without your consent? Because when you started watching one of your videos, that's what you saw. As you can imagine, this resulted in many an embarrassing moment for Facebook users. I mean, would know that you would be a David Hasselhoff fame, for example. Well, now everyone would always give people control of the content that they're sharing, and we've just gone through some of the points now that that would be mandatory. When you considering that, what do you mean? That you don't have a privacy policy related to your social media content? you should have one. You're not alone. Most don't have a social media privacy policy, but you do need one. So search the Web for social media privacy policies to see examples and then get busy writing one. 5. Module 3: great welcome to Marshal three, which is protecting your data on Facebook. It should go without saying that your first responsibility when collecting personal data on any social media platform is to protect that data. Here's a question people often ask of consultants like myself in terms of social media. If my customer James up into my Facebook app, so I get all the personal data of everyone on his friends list is, well, well, the answer's no on. Besides, it's just bad form and a shady demand for a generation practice. Your spam rating will spike. If you do try to do this in your brand name, will probably get raked across. The social media calls there quite a few technical guidelines in this category, but these are the basic guidelines you need to focus on integrity. Protect the information you received from unauthorized useful access. Don't sell or purchase any data obtained from a Facebook app. Don't transfer any data you received from Facebook to an outside ad network or data broken type service. Basically, don't try to monetize the data you collect. If your app requires Facebook friend data to connect people EPS that basically invite friends to participate, then obtain permission from friends before opting them in and obtaining their personal data and give them the heads up. If you're going to be sharing from one platform to another, give your people a heads up in advance. You first by giving them a few posts on a niche market because we're talking about your brand here that they might be interested in, and in that way they will go over willingly. You can encourage people visiting your Facebook page to sign up for something so you can gain the email address. It's all about connecting and adding value where you can. Or you can export your Facebook friends to another platform altogether. And I would recommend going with Instagram because Facebook and instagram also connected. So from the Facebook app, you can go to your settings and you can you can actually invite people to be your friend or to follow you on. Instagram 6. Module 4: module for, and that's to encourage proper use. Think of this as the karma section of guidelines. It's all about being polite, respectful, honest and doing the right thing. You have more latitude on your own personal Facebook page, of course, for example, by taking fictitious people in your photos or tagging real friends in ridiculous voters, all in good fun by total, against Facebook, terms of service and not something to do. If you're managing a brand page, follow these simple guidelines. Sleep better at night instead. Out of trouble with Facebook. Use the sanction Facebook logos and icons in your content both on and off Facebook. But nowadays there's also just so many so you can pick and choose on the Internet. We've all seen the style I she icons. You wouldn't like it if someone altered your company logo, right? Yeah, So stick to Facebook's original logo icon, so don't alter Facebook's logo. Encourage people to accurately tag and share content. And don't take Bill Gates in your photos if he wasn't really at your event. Respect, respect to the way Facebook looks and functions don't offer experiences that change it. An ad blockers violate the stone Bolden EP, whose primary purpose is to redirect people off Facebook. Facebook is a weapon of sort. It's a tool, and they generate the money from Facebook ads, their revenue. So companies violated last guideline all the time. They publish a landing page to a Facebook app tab on the company page, and only the interactive element on the page is a button that takes you to the company website when you click it. It's a clear violation off the Facebook platform policies, even if it's seldom enforced. So Facebook's changing all the time, and we must change with it. Andi, that's basically the proper use encouragement from Facebook side. 7. Module 5: Okay, great. And now we're going to jump over into Module five and we're going to follow the rules laws off Facebook. Remember that this part one off this three part series is about the best practices in the fundamentals, the laws and the rules or Facebook. I promise you it will get more exciting when, in the second part we discussed building your brand using the Facebook marketing tools and how to gain hundreds and thousands of followers. So, you know, that's the important or friends in in terms of Facebook. That's important because we we want to, firstly, in still good good values when you actually utilising Facebook for your business. So let's head over into modules Module five. Directly violate, violate Rather anything in this list and you'll know not only get into trouble with the Facebook police, but you may incur very large fine and be contacted by the real police in your area. So do not knowingly. She'll collect information from Children under the age of 13. There's the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act or copper, or in Basically ensure that you have the lights to display, distribute and deliver the content in your app. comp UNITED IMAGES etcetera Don't just grab an image of seen everywhere. The other people using it may have licensed it and so using it legally. Stock agency Do search for unauthorized use of the images and impose substantial fines for such use. And remember, this is all pertaining to your business. You don't want your business to be arrest by the law regarding using a bum photo. So if you're running a UDC or user generated content contest, implemented takedown process in case off copyright infringement or inappropriate content upload. So, um, regarding the laws of Facebook, please stick to Facebook guidelines, and you can learn more about that with Facebook themselves. 8. Part 1 - Conclusion: great and heading over into our conclusion off this course fake one a while Best practices part one. We discussed most of the rules and regulations or Facebook, and I thank you for joining me on this course. In conclusion, all this may seem like an insurmountable list of rules and guidelines to comply with. But rules are meant to protect all of us, so the alternative could be worse. Facebook had to come up with a clear list and concise cast, concise or other guidelines for two reasons. There. Plenty of individuals and companies out there were unscrupulous and have no integrity and use Facebook for and scrupulous purposes. Facebook needs to have policies in place so they can legally take people out when they violate them. And number two there. Companies like yours who are genuinely interested in engaging people on Facebook on the other end of the spectrum in the most positive way possible, and appreciate a framework of guidelines to help you do that. So the next time you create some sort of interactive content on Facebook, ask yourself, Would I share this? Would I be okay with my spouse, students, teenagers, my grandmother, my clients engaging with this content. Be proud of it. If the answer's no go back and rework your content. A quality product is one that you would want your name attached to, period. So the terms of services with Facebook to change often and they do soften as well. It's the best practice to keep current with what's posted on the Facebook and use it on page and subscribe to the Facebook developers block so you don't miss any updates. You can see the face for policy for full list of guidelines, and this concludes part one off Facebook, one of one which is Facebook best practices. I'm usual for sales to to my channel, and I thank you for joining me, and you might want to know in role for the second part of Facebook. Wanna one, which is how to use Facebook for branding and marketing and features a module on the Facebook algorithm and how to capitalize on and master it to your advantage for your business, your blawg and your brand 9. Please leave a review!: Great. Thanks, guys, for enrolling in this class. If you like the class, please leave a positive review. It helps us on our channel and shade with your friends because it can benefit them plans through the other classes and follow us from social media. This is the usual for the sales due to channel on skill shape. Remember that this is part one of a three part series and the following part part to focus us on building your brand using Facebook. Thank you for joining.