Face Your Fear of Photoshop! Create a unique text-portrait step-by-step using Photoshop!

Jamie Boutilier

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7 Videos (38m)
    • Project Description & Facing Your Photoshop Fears!

    • Set Up Your Document & Create the Background

    • Layers, Insert and Adjust Image

    • Naming layers, layer visibility, zooming, saturation, move and undo!

    • Start Your Stencil, Fonts, Leading & Resizing Text

    • Finish Your Stencil and Add Your Finishing Touches with the Dodge Tool

    • Wrap-up & Celebrate!


About This Class

This class is designed to help people tackle the fear they may have over using Photoshop! You will be introduced to and use common tools and techniques in Photoshop to get familiar with and feel more comfortable using Photoshop.  You will learn to navigate Photoshop while performing small achievable tasks that will lead to completion of the final project. Some of the topics that will be covered are: setting up a document for print and/or web, layers, move tool, accepting changes, text  (font, color, size, type), image hue/saturation, importing images, undo/history, deleting text fills, selecting images and much more! 

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This is an amazing course. The presentation and the expected final result of taking the course is so positive. The instructor's upbeat and exhilarating voice makes you want to face your fear of learning photo shop and knowing that your final project will be amazing!! I LOVED THIS COURSE
This course was extremely helpful! Not only did I learn the basics of photoshop, but now I know how to make cool creative text portraits!