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Face Swap Technique in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Dmitrijs Zdanovics

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choosing Right Photo

    • 3. Easiest Way To Swap Faces

    • 4. Manual Face Swap

    • 5. Example of a Bad Photo

    • 6. Project Gallery and Conclusion

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About This Class

Hi guys! In this class I want to share with you a cool technique you can do in Adobe Photoshop even if you

have no experience.

You will learn how to:

-make selections 

-resize and transport selected images

-make color adjustments

-swap faces of different people.

There will be multiple ways how to make face swaps, information about needed photo requirements with examples.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Dmitrijs. I have some experience in editing pictures

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1. Introduction: Hey guys, My name is Dimitri and in this class I will share with you how to make cool face labs using Adobe Photoshop. This effect can be useful for many situations. Personally, I have used district to have fun and prank my friends. For example, getting everyone the same phase in a group photo will make your friends left. For sure. It's a good future and you will definitely have fun sloping faces here, free to recommend this class with other people. And let's get started. 2. Choosing Right Photo: Okay, now let's talk about best photos to Magnus effect to look natural so people won't even understand the phases actually swapped. It's always the best on photos. Are there multiple people already standing, standing next to each other? So the light doesn't the same effect on every face in the photo, which will help health a lot with making it look natural. For the best effect, you also need people's heads being turned into same, same direction. 3. Easiest Way To Swap Faces: Let's start with the easy version of this technique. Here we have two photos of different man. We all need to zoom their faces closer. It can be done in two ways. The first one is to select Zoom tool from two menu. You can now left-click to zoom in. And if you want to zoom out, you need to select zoom out option in the upper menu of the tool. The second method is the most comfortable to work with and it requires to use hotkeys. To zoom in. You need to hold Alt bottom and scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out. Holding that old bottom. If you are planning to work in Photoshop on different projects, this is the way to go. So now we need to select the face. To do that, we need a lasso tool. There are three variations of it. We need the first one because we don't need to be precise here. Now let's select the phase that we will be copies again, you don't have to be accurate. You can always make corrections later if there will be a need. Once the face selected, press control C to copy the face, select second folder and press Control V to paste it. So now we have the face to work with and we need to place it correctly so it matches press Control T, which allows to resize and Replace Selected Layer. Ideally, you want to match both faces so that eyes, nose, and lips are in the same place. To manage them, you just need to bring capacity of selected phase down to about 50 percent. So you can see both phases at the same time. After adjustments are done, you can just press Enter, bringing the best city back to 100 percent and check how it looks. And dictum, dictum. It's already looks good. We just need to make some color adjustments. So at this moment we have two layers and one of them is locked, which doesn't allow us to make any changes. Here. Just simply double-click on it and change the name of this hilarious Iran and press. Okay. It was done because we need the original face to be deleted. After that, we need to slide the new face again, but this time we won't be using the Lasso tool because there is a simple way to select it. When there's nothing else you need in this layer, simply hold control and left-click on the layer and it will automatically select everything that is in it. Now we'll just follow steps. I do. First select, then modify, and choose contract. It allows you to resize your selections by pixels. Amount of pixels are different. The higher the quality of the photo is, the bigger amount of pixels will be needed to contract from the folder. In my case, I chose four pixels. So now press Okay, and you'll see the difference. Now. We need to work with first layer, selected and high second layer so we can see the effect of the next step. Now press Delete button on your keyboard. So now there's no face on the first layer which is needed to make a good nurse those two photos. Now you can press Control D to deselect. There's one less step to do. Select both layers. Just hold shift and click both of the layers. First edit, auto blend layers. And make sure everything is checkmark dependent. Panorama is selected and press Okay. 4. Manual Face Swap: Auto blend function doesn't work 100 percent of the times. And for that, there's a bit more complicated way to sub phases. For this method, we will use the same two follows. And then next lesson, I will show one example or face up won't work properly. And one kind of follows you should avoid. So let's start. Let's begin by zooming in second folder. I will do it again step-by-step, so there is a bigger chance that it will stay in your mind. I hope you remember that for zooming in here, it is much easier and faster to use old boosts mouse scroll. So you need to select the face using lesser tool and liking the previous method. You know, have to be precise. And by the way, there's one more trick you can do if you don't like your selection and what? To make. Some adjustments, like holding Alt button, you can easily add some more to your selection. It is not needed, but just for you to learn new tricks. After that, just press control C to copy and base it in the first photo pressing Control V week reminder that to transform and resize the photo, you need to press Control plus T. Bring down a density to 50 percent and tried to match eyes, nose, and lips. If it's possible. When you're done adjusting it, you need to select that face. I hope you remember how to do that, but I will remind you that you just have to hold control and left-click on the layer to select it. Now, press image in the upper left corner. How are your mouse on adjustments and click on Mesh color. In flesh color menu, you have to choose serves follow. So it analyzes all the colors Senate and they have that photo has multiple layers. You also need to choose the layer and press. Okay, in my case, it's a beggar on layer. So now you can see the selected face adopted Bei der islands colors and now it matches. Now the only thing to do is to hide all the borders of the face so it looks natural. And for that, you need to select the eraser tool and set its hardness 200 percent and just go around the face to make it look natural. In some cases, are there clear, sharp edges? And you might need to use blur tool to soften it out. In other cases, the color adjustment will not give you the a 100 percent match and you will have to adjust it manually in the image section. In other case is that color adjustment will not give you the higher percent and you will have to mesh the colors manually. For that, you need to press Image Adjustments and color balance. There are a lot more things you can adjust manually in the image section. But in this case there's no need for that. This way just for faces. Some times can be easier than the first one, but sometimes a lot more difficult. 5. Example of a Bad Photo: Previously I mentioned that not all the foils are good for this effect. And I will show you the example of a fast phase. So there are three people in the photo flows in the same direction. Which is good. Because as you can see, woman's head is turned to decide those two men into all the criteria for a good face. In fact, they look in the same direction. They're faces are turned in the same way, and also the lightning does the same effect on their faces. So we will start with them to practice a bit more and that title, so how this actually works on the woman. I will not comment at this time. So if you feel that you can't catch up, just go back to previous lessons where I explained the process step-by-step. Depicted. As you can see, it's a lot of these work well on those two math. So now let's try to apply the same face on a woman. Do it. In this case, we need to flip the face horizontally to match them, because after that, you can give some mismatch on the lightning. Now I also how to, how the auto blend function will try to handle this problem. Okay? This is how it looks. And there are different light angles, so makes sure to voice follows her. People's heads are not turned in the same direction. 6. Project Gallery and Conclusion: Now, when you know how to swap places and just go and try it yourself. I will leave the link to follow us I have used in this class. So you can try it yourself step-by-step and also make sure to upload your results to the project gallery. I will be more than happy to see your results. And also don't forget to share this class with your friends because there are so many cool tricks you can do in Photoshop. So let me know if you liked this one and I will create more classes for your Bye.