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Fabric Bookmarks

teacher avatar Diptee Raut

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies needed

    • 3. Getting it together

    • 4. Sewing it up

    • 5. A bonus patchwork bookmark

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About This Class


I will be teaching you how to make fabric bookmarks two way. One with a sewing machine and one without. I will also show how to make a patchwork bookmark and how a bookmark can be customised with a quote

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Diptee Raut


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is the T on, and I love to weld and so on. What I'm gonna be teaching you in this class is fabric book months I will be teaching you to a different type of fabric bookmarks One like this with a pretty fabric and one which is gonna be a batch worked one. And I'll show you how you can also customize it with the court Onda One will be hand soon and one is gonna be on machines. So you even if you do not have a machine, no problem. You can hand sew this. The's bookmarks are forever because the fab rate books loved them. And so you in there a profit gifting option. So I hope you enjoy learning how to make fabric bookmarks. Thank you. 2. Supplies needed: Hi. Welcome back. Let's begin. Um, so for a fabric bookmark, what we will essentially need is ah, front fabric. I have taken acute our Brent and fuzzy cutter to have the hours there on the front. Um, we won't need a fabric for the back, but the front and the back are around an Injun half this way and around six inches. This way, this is will trim this one. We don't need some prettier than you could use the satin ribbon or any. Any pretty pretty coordinating ribbon that goes well. We all need a light into face the same size as your fat break milk from that, is there? What as we will need is thinking Sure is big picture the basically the scissors, Which have you see that? His exact Deeks. So they give you that? That that's exactly look to you, Mark. If you do not have thinking shares, don't worry. Just use regular list. Says oh, well, justice, Fine. So do the supplies. And in the next class, we shall see. Um, how we go ahead with this. See you. So 3. Getting it together: Hi, guys. We're back. Last session you saw the things you will require for making a fabric bookmark. So let's go ahead with this. We will begin with attaching our interface. Do you see? It's it's got these shiny lines. This is what sticks to the fabric when you ira net. And we adapted to our our front, our fabric on the wrong side to play the wrong side on the glittering, shiny side of the interface and just five neutral. Breath it on. That's it. They do you see it? It's now fixed. Do it. This is what it looks like. What we will do is just press this to it, not stick, but just has a nice crisp. And it's easier to attach once we are true on this. Yeah, just. Well, they don't to Okay, that it is. That's what gonna look like. He's gonna trim off the extra bits here. Oh, we just want to trim this extra inter feasts that we have toe. I checked with her old fabric on bond, then ready to go start. So it nice nice entrant. We'll also cut the ribbon toe approximately five inches, bringing with the pinking shears so it's got a nice thing, which is gonna need one. What do you basically look for is, you know, when you fall that this is the bed that you want out this popping out from your bookmark approximately this muscle, you could kind of keep it to around 4 to 5 inches. That should be a good enough size. 4. Sewing it up: Hi. Welcome to the next session. Um, let's go ahead with throwing up the bookmark together. Do not worry if you do not have a swing machine, because in the next session on will show you how we can make this go regular hands, throwing hand stitching, using some embroidery floors. And And it would look Justus pretty. So to go ahead with this, be taken front our print strip on the back strip keep them together like this. What I'm what you do is is a drip off a little bit off the top end this week. Okay, Once that's done and want to put this lovely little ribbon that we had got yesterday right in middle, right here like this. Yeah, and it was stopped. Swing this end first. Remember the sore right? At the age as close to the edge as possible. Okay, stop done it around. Mystic Fuel stitches back. Okay. Don't you around and stitch this end iol it this week, remember? Not stitched this right to the edge with you're gonna be claiming that the thinking chairs to live. That's exactly then around all the way through your ticket, you're back to lock it up and there you go. And we know got off this just very close. This ditching, you know, even if you do not have been king shells. Like I said in the organization on you do not I use regular scissors. It's still well, look just the same. You can also try using some decorative stitches on the sewing machine. If you have them, let me get look pretty. Yeah. Is gonna snip off those extras, Fred. Zero. That one is a little shorter. And they said, How much do you want on? I don't know. We dug with the clock. It's permanent. It's forever on the news. It both ways on. That's what every book needs, right? I'll see you again and the next session where I'm going to show you a different variation off the bookmark we like to do some writing on it, maybe a coach or a name. We'll figure that out on that Also show you how we can do it through hand stitching and not using the sewing machine and make it look really, really pretty to see you soon. In the next session, 5. A bonus patchwork bookmark: Hi there. You back? Did you try making a bookmark already? If you do, please. To share pictures or videos of the same. Like I said in the last session that I'm gonna be showing you how to make a variation in now in the bookmark. So what they want to do is you will make a natural bookmark today. I'll show you what we can do that on day we will also ended up with writing a little gold or some saying at the back off it. All right, So what I'm gonna use your is left in the scraps off break, and I'm gonna join them together to make them already joined one. And I'm going to join the rest to make a long strip. All of them. So right side studio, we saw it up. That's it's already getting a shape off the front off a bookmark that we would need a nice , crappy bachelor. Yeah, the sizes are not all the same, but that doesn't matter. Because, like your sore last time, we would anyway trim them on streets. Don. Hey, able, that is the front off your mark. Once you would the scraps together just ensure that you give them a nice Ivan. So that deal, it's still light. And once that's done, we follow the process off, joining the interface this the way we did last time. So once we are done attaching the interface to the patchwork have taken a white backing paprika. We will join him together like we did in the earlier one. I tripped the talk, but already I did murder Been Andi. Just put it in between this year. Appetite in between the two public like this. Yeah, he's told a day and we're take only use an embroidery floats here, Um, embody flows. And I would have stopped doing this descent first dot throwing from inside because you don't want not to show up. You go not been inside What I would do is stretch running stitch all the way around you This way this baby used did it on the machine and the people in this about my Rubens right Stitches drapes to choose what you want because I don't think they look the prettiest I see I write yellow against nice bright yellow against the red look so pretty and we're stitched this all across and then I show you what to do next. Okay, here we go. There on the edge. It's dotage. It started going. Remember not to keep it too much of the aid because you want your cutting use. Exact flirting with thinking shows that this is a good activity to do while watching your favorite TV show. You know, I always do that like it with once we've stitched it all around the world from off the edges, just like we did earlier. - We have lovely batch worlds, pretty lady little bookmark Make your book very ready. Happy when I will be adding up a court or your name or whatever you want to weigh So you can use any type of colors that you want have fabric Marco's your have Freedy Buffy beamed gonzo. So all of these colors are easily available in any stationery store or you could even order them online. I'm going to use this. This is a treaty corners, they call it and I'm gonna write, but a statement that this makes me happy. You could use a light pencil abuse a very light colored pencil. You can see it is to mark so that you know your words right on. Just go ahead with it. It's takes a while to dry, but I kind of like the look that these colors get the Buffy beans. Well, I think you're African yet. Read it from the upside down 100 in this book is my trucks, maybe an exclamation mark. Any other Harry Potter fans here? I'm guessing you already know Now, by now that I am So yeah, that's what it looks like. Pretty nice. We leave this to dry, and that's a convene ation off the fabric. Bookmark. I hope you enjoy this. A class of mine on. And I look forward to see you for a minute. Class on. Definitely. Definitely. Let me know when you make any of these. Yeah.