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FX105: Forex Trading and Concepts

Zaheer Coerecuis, Forex Trader and Philantropist

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3 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. TOFS Intro 1080p

    • 2. TOFS Fundamental Strategy

    • 3. TOFS Moving Averages Strategy


About This Class

This course is tailored for the novice with little to know Forex knowledge and experience. In the course we elaborate and make understanding of all the Forex concepts, terminology, software, brokers and lingo used within the Forex Market Industry. You will acquire the beginner level skills of Forex trading that will groom you into Intermediate Forex concepts. Upon completion of the FX Beginner course,will you be capable of placing trades with confidence within the live market using my two proven strategies to earn money. You will also gain my full support throughout your Forex Career through social media groups.  

So join this class with an open mind and eagerness to learn Forex and you will enjoy the earnings in the long run. 

I am passionate about Forex and it is important to me that students fully and thoroughly understand Forex.


1. TOFS Intro 1080p: are you interested in far extreme. Do you want to become a successful forex trader? Then welcome to the FedEx Mark. This is an induction course on fire. Ex training for complete begins in their scores. Way will uncover forex basics Technical analysis, fundamental analysis. Not only will you learn working strategies that will give you an itch in the forex market, but I will also show you how to make money. Forex Live examples with human. And on top of all this, all our tutorials can be viewed from laptop, tablet or even your mobile device. So don't wait. Sign up today and kickstart your father. 2. TOFS Fundamental Strategy: hi traitors and welcome back, investigatory A. I'm going to discuss my fundamental strategy that I use. It's a very simple, straightforward strategy. It revolves, trading fundamental events, and we only going to look at high impact, fundamental evenings. So let's quickly get into How do you start your day when you are going to start off? Trading will start your week. So firstly, you hit over to Google and you search investing dot com. Economic Got economic calendar All right, so you head over to investing, not come. Economic calendar Now investing dot com can be downloaded to your mobile device as an app, and over here you'll see economic calendar investing dot com. Okay, you select that option. Okay, so now we have the con economic calendar loading onto our But so what we need to do is is ensure that the time zone that we stayed, for example, myself, I stains that Africa. So I need to sit my time zone. Do South Africa, which is already GMT. Plaster The ease, an option off signing in, and you can sign in via your email or you can sign in vire your Facebook. You can also change your country over a year and select which can to your with the like myself are already selected South Africa, because my time frame is GMT plasticity. You can change your timeframe over here as well. So have selected Harari Pretoria and that's GMT blast to now. If I scroll to the bottom off this page, it will now give me the legend and which is the breakdown off what you would expect a real . So if if you see the following icon, it's a speech. If you see the icon P over there to promote preliminary release and The Times on Icon would be grieving daughter Andi, folder icon would be a report. And then, if you see the following number off bulls, if this one, it's a low volatility expected. If there's two Bulls is moderate. Volatility expected. And if this tree bulls is high, volatility expected. All right, so let's let's get into this Now. Over a year you'll find photos, and I prefer using the photos. As for myself with trading this fundamental strategy, I am only interested in three Bolivians. All right, so what I do is I head over here and I select the three Bolivians and I select apply. Okay, now what will happen? Use my my news calendar. My economic calendar will not only so me the events that has three bulls, which is high impact events. Now for today at 10 30 there's a great British pound event manufacturing production month on month now. The previous was north 0.5%. The four cost is no point do person now, if the actual comes out at North point 05 or the actual comes out at North 0.6, then is going to be a huge spike within the price for that given period at 10. 30. So what happens now? When this event takes place? I need to hit over. So I know that it's going to take place at 10. 30. So three minutes before this event, I need to start placing my orders into this market. All right? So at 10. 27 I need to start backing in orders now, depending on how many orders you'll be packing in. If you're only going to look at one currency pain, I suggest you start placing your orders one minute before the event. So at 10 29 that's the time when you place your orders. If you are going to place orders on three different currency pays, then you would have to place your orders on at about 10 27 to 3 minutes before the time you start placing your orders. All right, so how do you start placing your orders? And how many Popes do you need in your orders? Will discuss that now, when it's a great British pound event like it mentions of year G B. P. You will have to trade currency pairs that has the pound involved over the All right. So what I do is I hit over my head over to my platform, my meditator for platform, and I now look at trading found pays. So, for example, I'll maybe play straight on GBP, USD, euro GBP, and I can maybe add a nother symbol, which is GV BJP wife arguments. All right, so I'm gonna add this one to the chart as well, and let me just put a template over there. Now let's assume that it is now five minutes before this event is going to take place. All right? So it's almost time for the event to take place. I've only got three minutes left. It's now 10. 27. I can now start backing in my older. So what I do is a place orders pending orders which is by stops and south stops a place 20 perps higher in the market. Price in 20. Popular within the market place. Okay, so now I'm going to place my orders. I go over and I said pending order. If I stop 20 points higher than the current market price, the 1483 double six, 20 points higher would be this The 34 would change to 53 on that And I said place. So now I've got my by. Stop over and I need a sell stop as well. Sau stop! And this one will be 20 perps lowers of the three needs. You changed one and I cannot say place. All right. And now I have a biased up in south stop 20 pups away from price 20 points higher and 20 pups lower. I go over to my next day ago. New order training order by stop. And I need to place this on 20 pups higher. So that 380 change to five. So that's a by stop to any bumps higher. And I now need a sell stop. Sounds stop. And this one used to be 20 props, lowers a 3 18 years. She changed to one, and that would be to any props lower. And now go to GBP, USD and I place my buy stop order or this one and six do well, I have to change to a do. And that would be 20 pups higher. And I need a sell stop. 20 pups lower. And once I go, yeah, I salute cell stop. And that 16. You should change your before. And now I've got by stops in south stops 20 pips above and below the McCarran market price . I hit over to my h one chart. So as you can see my charts on each one time frame and I've got three orders now. Over there, I open my terminal and from my terminal I can now see all my pending orders. Uh, predict over the night. You can see I did not place a stop loss and take profit. However, the stop losses will be 2010% lower. All right. So you can actually drag stop losses from going on. In fact, so the reason why I personally don't use stop losses is due to stop last hands in the market or spread widening unnecessarily. So what? What happens now is that if the fundamental event has a huge change within, if the fundamental event has a huge change within the four cost and the actual a Lord's spike will occur or dies. So let's say this one. Let's say the pound is strong, I said, The pound comes out good. This will spike to the bottom on your energy, baby and GDP JP Why, with the pound is my place will spike to the top and GBP USD were pound is my place will also spike to the high over the now. This spike in the market could result in 100 pop spike in the 80 pups spike, even a 60 purpose by so depending on the spike, once the market spikes right and this a couple of minutes, or even one minute after the event often used release. Once the market has made a spike to the upside, I start closing the orders that were not fold so on G b p j p y. Let's say my by stop was treated. I need to cancel myself Stop! And on Euro GBP myself stop was trinkets. I need to cancel my by stop and on G v p j P Y T v P. U is deporting me. My by stop was treated, so I need to cancel my south stop. But you will see the difference in it because the ones that are triggered will move to the top and start running with profits. And the ones that is at the bottom will remain un three. Good and those are the ones that you need to close. So once you see that there's ample amount off profit within that one minute off the despite depending on allowing along, you're holding that trade or so. Sometimes you can hold it for five minutes, and sometimes you can even hold it up to 45 minutes. But once I add you to the what subgroup, I'll be able to guide you with every event that comes along and how to trade it and which based look at. So once these trays has made profit, we start closing them, and we bank in the profit. And then we are done. All right, So once we are done over the once we are done. What now happens is we basically go over to our investing, not calm calendar. And we see that. Okay, So food today there was only that one event operated it off May after being successful. I hate over to tomato, and I check what times I need to be available. So 14 1600 South African time is when there's the jolts, job openings. So that event, I'm going to be trading. And then I see this fomc meeting minutes. Now if this meeting minutes, if these reports with speeches, um, I personally I'm not interested. And let's go see what's happening for the rest of the week. So then we see on Thursday, we've caught the people, I we've got Draghi that has a speech for the you know, which is something I'm not gonna be trading and include oils, which is the oil that I will be trading. And then we find Friday is gonna be a very, very interesting day over there when we have the core CPI, I, which is the inflation for the U s dollar and then we find the core retail sales month on month for the United States and in retail sales month on month for the United States over the All right. So that's gonna be a high impact event of the crude oil on DPP. I as well. And then we find the jolts job openings. So today in itself, I'm I'll try and make a recording for you guys. Seeing that we have an event at 10. 30 which is a couple of hours, I'm just a showcase it as to how you go about leading it. I do, however, have many, many videos and tutorials on how our place trades on my life account trading with the fundamental strategy. OK, so that is the fundamental strategy it's all about using investing, not come toe. Identify the high impact revenge, which is are three bullet events avoiding minute meetings, avoiding speeches and what these three bull events, for example, like the manufacturing production month on month. We go to our platform a few minutes before the event about to take place, and we place our by stop and South stop 20 bucks above and below the current market price. If it's a pound event, we need to look at either found USD found gin found dead, bound or bound. If it's a US dollar event, we can look at US dollars. Japanese yen bureau usd, gbp, USD If it's a Canadian dollar event, we look at cadge AP Why would cad Euro cad? But like I said, once you are added to the watch group that I have, that is where our guide you accordingly asked what events we're going to look at, how to which base to trade with that event and let's have the success coming from All right , so it's very easy if there if there is no significant change in between the market, all right, if there's no significant change in between the market and we displace it by stop in the South, stop year once more just to explain to you by Stop on, that guy needs to be an eight. And so stop this place. Start stop over Young. That one used to be a five. Well, the time frame just elaborate. So as you can see, it's 20 pups above and 20 points below, so these orders only get three good ones. Price moves are you moves lower than that particular price that we said How? By stop ourselves stop now. What's significant is that if there's no spike within the market in price, then the price will just have in between. And that will give us ample time to close out trades and not realize a loss over the all right, because if there's no change, our orders won't be treated. We won't be in a trade, so we won't have any risk. You dispose over there, all right, so we'll be out of that position or after that trade without having taken a loss over there . OK, but if there's a change in the fundamental actual, this is the, um, four cost. Then we find that the market makes a significant spike, which will either be favorable for us because we explained both directions. So it's very simple. It's a very simple technique to take advantage off the market with using fundamental the outcome off the fundamental Evans to our advantage. Okay, so I really hope you enjoyed this one. If there's any questions, I'm kindly send me an email. If you want to do a Skype station on it, then we can kindly do so if you want to, um, check to me by what's up. Contact me by the cell phone. Um, you are more than welcome to ask. Okay, so I hope you enjoy this one. And now next session will be on Ah, moving every just trading strategy. And we will uncover how to trade that methodology in four. So I hope you enjoyed it years, guys, but by 3. TOFS Moving Averages Strategy: all right radius and welcome back in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use the moving average strategy. So it's going to be two moving averages and an artist. I indicate them. So first and foremost, we have changed our George outlook. I've changed my candidacy. Colors to blue and red, blue mean English or up train momentum. Read meaning bearish or down Train momentum meaning at the sailors are in control when the candle is red and the buyers are in control when the candle is blue. Okay, so let's insert our indicators, so there's three ways of inserting indicators. First option would be over a year. Insert indicator, and you select moving every so once you're selected inside indicator. You ate over to trained. Use a late moving average. Now the period for this indicator is going to be a five PD It That means it's calculating the average off movement for the last five candles. The moving average method will be exponential, applied to close, and the color off this off. This indicator will be blue. Only me joins the color, too. Line the thickness office. I'll bump up one more and I'll insert And as you can see, this lime line over here is my moving average. It is a five exponential moving average applied too close. Now, another way of inciting an indicator would be getting over the inset indicator blend moving average. Now remember, we need to moving averages for the strategy. So this one I'm going to change to a 10. Also, exponential applied to close, and in this instance I'm changing the color to read. Good. So now I have a five exponential green lime moving average and I have a 10. Did exponential moving average? I think I should change the color off this lime. In the event we have confusion stick to the blue. So the blue exponential moving average is my five and red exponential moving averages my 10 exponential moving averages. Now, remember these every Just calculate the average off movement for the last X amount of candles. So the five will be the lost five candles where the prices close, the average off the close of price and the pain will be the average of the close of price for the last 10 candles. Okay, so now lawlessly, I'm going to insert artists. I now, another way of inserting an indicator is going to navigator. And in checking for your indicator over here and there, we have all this ice. I can click, hold and drag and drop. Now, when you insert the artist, I you have to go to inputs and ensure that it's a 14 BD it artist I The colors in this case is Dodger Blues. Our leave it at Dodger Blue levels very important, cause here we need to add a level. We're going to add a 50 level to separate the bias from the sailors and going to change the style over year to black. And I'm eating. Okay, so remember we said that if if the order size below 50 we are in a downtrend and if the artist's eyes above the 50 level, we are in an update No, over here we have the moving averages on our screen. Now, the simple rules for entering a buy or sell from ah previous tutorial is that when the blue five exponential building every crosses lower, then the thing read exponential moving average. We have a cell signal. Let's go in highlight black. So this area over here is we? We got out cell signal. If we look at the market over. Yeah, and we see that on our orders. I That is when the orders I cross lower than 50. And that in itself is a cell signal. Okay, a buy signal would be when the market colossus from below. Hi. You okay? So for instance, over here, we had a nice buy signal which took place roughly about a year. And, uh, honest, I had crossed the 50 area. Okay, Now, this was a very, very trace mint, however, but the bullet train still remained over the alright, with the market still made an update. No scenarios that you would avoid. Okay, so those are two scenarios where you would play the market so nauseous that you would have to avoid would be seen audios like this one, Okay. Or even so, this would be this one. And the reason why we would avoid this as a cell signal, because we can see there. There was a cross between the five Andy, then exponential moving average. But if we look at our orders, I'd never crossed the 50 level over the Okay, so that is a sign that the market, it wasn't matching I so there wasn't a match between that's significant level over the Okay . Now, if there's no cross over, there is no signal, all right? Oh, yeah. We would have gotten a cell signal. And as you can see, there was no crossover as yet, so the cell signal was not balance. Okay, so the bullet train distal on because the orders I still above the 50 level you go. So if you stick to those rules, you would avoid going into certain south positions. That is not fruit. Okay, Now, this in itself is a swing trading strategy, but I So now that we've got those few rules as to how and waiting to get in, let's look at when to get out of that position. So let's say you were in a by position over here, and this would be in a buy or giving you a buy signal. Now, why would this beauty guard it as a buy signal? It is because although there was a cross over to the berry side for a cell signal by on moving averages, always I did not confirm the cell signal because you were still in a bull train. And when the crossover occurred where it went, bullies once more we can take that position will take that trade and place our stop loss. Just a few pumps below, the low off the swing off the swing low and we now arrived the wave all the way up until the market gives us an exit signals. So let's say we got in over there we would be in except over a year. When is a crossover in the opposite direction? Now the cross of in the opposite direction would then be similar to taking a cell signal, provided that you indicate this matchup. So in this instance, we saw that there was no match, all right, and this would be a no go zone. All right, so this would be a simple exit, but not every entry for South position. So we except when there's a crossover in opposite direction, you go, we get into the position and there's a crossover between the moving average is going for the bias side. So we are happy with that one. And we are happy with the fact that oh, all this I still remained above the 50 level. Okay. Now, remember, if it remains above the 50 level, it's still in an uptrend. Still in bias territory, and you'll be getting a buy signal because the five is now crossing above the moving average off the 10. And that in itself still remains a buy signal over there. Okay, so those are just some small minor point is that you have to look out for now. You shouldn't complicate things. All right, if there's a crossover, there has to be a matching crossover between the other side and allow the candles to close . Because, remember, our calculations are being done on the clothes off price. I guess that the candle needs to close before we get in. So let me take these objects off the Jordan. So now that we have received a cell signal a valid cell signal of year Okay, you can see that happening on price of your We received a sound signal we can see on the artists I that there was a crossover over there, and that is a valid sausage. But now, if we look at the market price, it is already sold off. All right, so let's say by the time we woke up, the time we woke up and realized. But whoa, this guy is selling, all right. We woke up at this particular level of you, which was almost three days later. Three days later, we wake up and we find that the market using a cell is more. How can I get back into this particular trade? How do I get back into this position? And was a cell in the direction off? The more now between the between the light blue vertical lines, the first line represents where I woke up. So number that as one. That's why I woke up. Ex color is not good at one. So this is where I woke up, and number two is where the market use at the moment. So how could I have gotten in to those positions and also get into a cell from one up until two. Now, if we go to a lower timeframe like your hourly George, your each one will now see a one, which is where we would have initially woken up. And you were the current market prices over here now because from our daily it is a seller's market goes out blue five Exponential moving average is below our ed. Exponential moving average raises are 10 and that easy Sell. All right, that's a seller's market. The market is busy selling off. How do I get back into a cell s position by using my assuming some more by using this methodology? If we look at this over year, where there was a cross over to the downside my blue in the bus and then cross below and that would be a cell signal over the But I and as we can see oh, all this, I remain below the 50 area. So the cell was belly. So had we gotten into that cell position, for example? Let's say we got it over there. We would have gotten out over. Yeah, all right. And that in itself would have bean a book move off 70 pumps to the South side. Now we targeting all the crossovers going down in the direction off the seller's market. Then we would have found a another cell signal over yet, And as we can see the artist, I remained below the 50 level and we would have gotten a nice opposition from the do they and that probably would have reaped us the ticket pups over there. But I now if we look at this movement, we are still going in the direction off. Our daily trained so hard daily trained his bearish and we are still looking for positions in the direction off the daily dream. We are not counted training off down to trading. The daily trained we are simply allowing are moving every just to give us resistance going in the direction off the daily train. So we are only looking for crossovers going down into the smarter. If there's a crossover going up, we don't buy because that's a pullback. We are simply targeting these positions over here. All right, these crossover going down, that one over there and that one over there, and I would have taken that one over there. So? So if we look at this from from a each one who are hourly view, we would realize that we would have we could have had one too. 345 six. We could have had six successful trades in the direction off the daily train. Okay, So, essentially, what I am trying to say is that if you're using this methodology, if you're going to use this methodology, it is very important for you to realize that if there's a down train, if my blue moving averages below my read well, my five exponential moving averages below my thing, it's a downtrend. And now I can confirm and see that all aside below 50. And that is the down train. So what I look for over a year on my smaller timeframe like my each one is four crossovers going bearish. So I'm looking for cell signals now on my each one. And these are the type of cell signals that you that you really want over here, These ones, all right is making that can bring you the big bucks. Okay, once he's a nice pull back, you wait for it. Cross over. And as you can see orders, I cross the 50 nice berris Big, very scandal over there that's bigger than all the candles right next to it. Golfs completely all of these candles and we get into that cell position and you can make the books going down. All right. And as you can see, that would have read you in another 70 props over there. So essentially, what this means is is that you are not interested in going the opposite direction off the overall daily train. So you firstly establish the train direction from the daily chores. You establish the train direction from the daily George and then you go to your hourly charging You look for positions going in that direction. Now that I've got all of this information, it is very important that, for example, of yeah, when this happened, I should only look for buying positions within this movement. All right, going into the direction off the daily trained No. Why am I? Why am I going from my daily to my each one? Sometimes we find that a daily signal has really been given, and we are 23 days late for that position. We will didn't now have to anticipate for selloff, but we have to go via a smaller timeframe to get back into those positions. All right, now you Each one, as you saw, will be rather choppy, but it's more lucrative to use. However, your H four will be more will be more reliable because your age four give you a signal and it will keep you in longer and giving you a much more Julieta ride in the market. Okay, so if we look at the H four would give you less signals and it would give you that to only since the daily dealer sell off. Let's keep you go. Yeah, that's when the daily gave a signal. And that's when the daily is now. If you go to our H food truck, as you can see, it is more viable to stick to the S four as it's less subject of toe Pullbacks and it gives you a takes away, more noise out of the market. And it would would have given you those two signals. And those two signals alone would have reaped you. It's quickly estimate under 10 25 pups, plus another 60 61 pumps. And that would have bean 186 pups that you would have gained from that market with two trades and you would have held onto that positions. Okay, this is where you would have exited the market. But as you can see, there was a Carasso were there. That's where you exit and with prices currently would have bean your exit. Not at the moment as well. Okay. And that is how you use the moving averages to your advantage. No, many would say that indicators are unreliable the leg, etcetera. But I like to say that if indicators are understood, well, um, one can actually trade them fairly well. Now, if we look at the weekly chart of you. All right, So this is the weekly chart off Australian dollar US dollar over. Yeah. I'm going to use a longer time frame view because some of us might not be able to use the daily time frames And in today, time frames because of work, etcetera. Now, if we look at these across over currently for a cell signal. All right, So what's to come over here? Is that from the daily I should wait for Pullbacks and crossovers going back into the weekly direction. How ever if if I'm using my weekly all right, I'm gonna use the the the section in between the in between. Over. Yeah. This is the Sigmund that I want, and I just want to so case to you. If you were following this on a daily that you would have only looked for by signal would have only looked for crossovers going in the buying direction. All right, cause you're following the bigger train. So when it comes to your analysis, you need to analyze which strange you wanna followed. You wanna follow the weekly plane with can be tedious? Do you want to follow the daily? Dreamed where you will get a little bit more movement? What do you want to follow the H four trade? All right. Now, if you're following the daily train, you can go as low us each one to look for entries going into that direction. If you are following the H four train, then you have to start looking for entries on the 15 minutes. Okay, But you shouldn't be confused because the niece did. They need to be a train that you're following. All right? No. In this instance, I would recommend in that you followed it. Bailey trained. All right, cause if this is the daily trained, it's Berries. Then you you would use your each one to look for signals coming in a barest action, which means you're looking for moving average crossovers in a downward direction. If you were in this boot reigned over a year. You would not look for resistance going into the bias direction. All right, you would look, you would go to your h one charge and you would look for signals going in a police direction. Crossovers going up between your moving averages. So let's go have a look at them quickly in between that gray area. So I'm just moving back to the boss Price, Um, where that grey area waas and its humor a little more and it's you might little more again . And as you can see, all of these crossovers going into a bullish direction is the ones that you will be targeting. So even if you get into a trade over there, let's say you take a position of young disease of crossover. All right? And you stop. Last placement is below this level of you. You can see that. Obviously, it needs to be five or self drops below that 10 pups. I prefer going 10 Popes below that low point over there, and as you can see, your stop. Plus, wouldn't not have bean three good course price turned around over there. All right, so Even if you had hold onto that particular trade to get to that high over there, your trade would not have been treated. Okay, but going on your h one choice to look for these signals could result in you taking a lost year today. But if you had gotten in on the H four, as you can see, you would have been kept into that trade for longer. All right? And you would have exited over there. Okay, so you have to see which time frame fits will suit you best. But like I say, the analysis Would you the overall view off the train need to come from the daily and in from the daily? You need to decide which direction you're going in from the each one. Now you need to go into the direction off the daily so that in itself is the moving every strategy. Now something that's not being properly explained by individual straightening. Moving averages is the mere fact that moving every just or training indicators besides the moving every just be being training indicators. Moving averages also act as levels off support and resistance for price, okay, and depending on the angle for example, of year we had a rising angle, one acute uptrend angle. This means that the market, these the name mess of buying, pulling all right. And once the moving averages lay flat where they are close together, that means that the market could change direction or they are contracting. And that this little movement for price. Okay, now when? When you when you have two moving averages on your strategy and there's a cross over between those two moving averages and I'm gonna use this example of year, and I need you to pay close attention. All right, When you use this gray area, you explain exactly what I mean with these moving everything now when moving every just cross over which we have over there. All right, it's a sign that the market is about to change train direction When moving every just cross over, we are breaking levels off support or resistance. Yeah, No, If I'm saying that we are breaking levels of support and resistance, let's look at the previous low over a year. So that's the previous low. And look what happened over a year. Oh, this big baby scandal broke lower than that lower were there. Creating a lower, low and in price will automatically pull back as far as possible to the moving averages, and it will find resistance. And that's where you get your self. So once you identify the cross over So let's say this big bearish bar you see this big bearish bar via is are crossover candle. The next scandal will almost always pull back. All right, go back to the week off the previous candle. Lowest scandal over there. Now, if you look at the weeks and this is very important there, we have a week. And as we can see, there was a pullback exactly to that was what was one support becomes resistant. Now where do I seek my entry? My entry would be right over here. So this is where my entry would have bean. All right. I would have seeked my entry from that level over the because that is we the market broke That support broke that support as well, but came back and read tested at support. Now, as I see it with moving every just once is a crossover. We're breaking support or resistance and they will be a pull back to the previous week. You just need to look at a previous scandal were the weakest. And that is where you can seek an entry. You seek your entry of year and your stop loss roughly above over here. All right. And in your riding the wave and going with the motion of the ocean. And I also you a couple of examples keep you. Yeah, where you have a crossover with a pullback. I just want to look for a clear one so that it's more indicator of toe. What I'm trying to say was, you were frequent receiving happening in the market. You mean you get a lower timeframe? Maybe I'll I'll have some good examples over there, for example, like this six and over, young. Now I'm gonna just bring out deference and audios different set ups, and then we can look at them. All right, so in this in audio, we have this low over a year prize goes up and then immediately bulls down all the way. I look at this low point of view if we look at this low, we draw a line straight through it. We can see that the market came back and retest that level of the all right and the more could normally respect the weeks off candles and both pull back as closely the weeks of the previous scandal as far as possible. All right, so depending on your currency, be that will was I have an influence on the market movement. Um, didn't you gonna look, for example off this cross over and read this on your moving averages? The breaking dist. She is nice example. Not really that much good examples. He's so case to you guys, let's see, 15 minutes would maybe sell it to us. Okay, So for example, like what we have over a year, we could find that best market if it was going to go and sell off its a crossover happening there. Now, if this market used to sell off, we would find the market pulling back to us low over here, which is close to the moving averages before selling. So it's as if the market is now gonna first pounds in between Novia and in. Go on, it's way. All right, So the market generally what it will do is it will maybe pull upto there and then lower into that support and then pulled back up to that week Over there, it will be this guy over young and boo lower and find a new support of yet and bounce back up and maybe find resistance roughly about a year and continual the way down. All right, is the market. Does this exact information as it goes about, Um, that's training or trading. So your aim is to try and find these Pullbacks. But the moving every just allows you to gain access to those Pullbacks by following the train of the more. All right, So if you continue following the print off, let's say the daily direction in this case is the down train. So you're looking for positions or sell signals? Because what this market is basically doing, that's just retesting and respecting this previous level that it broke. And it is now most likely knocking into that's level over there. But I so blast is going to respect it as it goes down all the way. Okay, so I hope you enjoy the season. I hope I gave you as, um, as much as possible some information on this strategy, and I do have life trading videos that you can see me using different methodologies to trade the market life. So these are the two beginning strategist I've just provided you with, and this will get you started in the market. And I know as time progressed, she would want to become a naked forex trader. And, for example, let me just take all of these off. I just want to show you how you would have gotten entries on a naked trading methodology from this. A cell C. All right, now I'm gonna leave my artist. I indicate over there. And I'm just going to show you something that we would have learned previously, which is referred to us divergence. All right, so there was divergence in the market and that would have been a nice cell signal. Where could I have gotten my signal? If Price went all the way down and pulled back up, that could have got on my signal. No fue banacci. And as we can see, we had a nice We had a nicer level respected over the on 61.8%. It probably just went to 78.6% over there. But Nevertheless, that would have been a nice cell or a cell signal over you go about from a naked trading perspective. The best entry would have bean over here on top, and that would have been your divergence. I just wanna so you know, you is the as well as I remember not too long ago. I was trading EUR USD on guy wasn't took a sell position over the but from a naked forex perspective. When I took that south position, it was basically you to the Candlestick weeks on top And this, um as we will go on into your more intermediate strategies, we'll see that we have a the high over. Yeah, we have a high of year, and we have a high of the day. All right, now it looks almost like a crown. And we have a neckline of your there is a neckline, and this is referred to as a with stapes. This is referred to as our head and sold the patterns one. Now, when we get to Elliott Wave principal, I'll show you how this all comes into place. How to identify your head and sold us and what you hate and soldier would mean to you. Basically, if you were trading that, um, symbol over the never the least So this is our first head, biggest head and shoulder. So this is one soldier, uh, left and solder and I write 10 solder. But despite all of that as a reversal pattern, if I go to my weekly joy and I want to draw a level of yet you would see that price was at a level off support of year. So this was previous support. What's happening to me? So this was our support. And remember, the role reversal sit up is that this is now my new resistance. So what Waas support now becomes the resistance, and I do have a video of me having taken that trade. However, I know for a fact that we going to have a bit of a tough of you in the market. And once we break that level, can this potentially be they set up with the market? It's going to go to the low over here, but I But we will first have to pass this level support as well, which was a strong level of resistance for price ful numerous weeks, and that's good result in the market pulling lower before going higher. All right, so we could see the market only pulling Told a before making another bull or an attempt do Let's say this level of Yeah, and that is most likely where the market could potentially turn around from the going all the way to the low, which will be just above 61.8% which is our goal generation. And potentially yet the bottom over the as well. And in one, something like this happens, we should look for opportunities off divergence over here. Uh, you should look for a divergence between the high and the higher high. And Siano! Magdy, what s I indicate the for cell signals over May. Then there was if I remember not too long ago your Australian dollar. Wait. I've done wave wave counts and wave calculations, and this was 800 book Move over here. That was done by way of counting. All right, But these many videos that off mutilating, live and explaining all of these from a naked, short perspective which are also make available to you guys. All right, so I hope you enjoy this strategy discussion with me. I like to discuss the refugees as my mind just goes bonkers when explaining and going over strategies. So I hope you enjoy this video. Just guys.