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FX104: Forex Trading and Strategies

Zaheer Coerecuis, Forex Trader and Philantropist

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5 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. TOFS: Forex Introduction

    • 2. 17: Moving Averages

    • 3. 18: Trading systems

    • 4. 19: Create Demo and register with broker install mt4

    • 5. 20: Placing market orders


About This Class

This course is tailored for the novice with little to know Forex knowledge and experience. In the course we elaborate and make understanding of all the Forex concepts, terminology, software, brokers and lingo used within the Forex Market Industry. You will acquire the beginner level skills of Forex trading that will groom you into Intermediate Forex concepts. Upon completion of the FX Beginner course,will you be capable of placing trades with confidence within the live market using my two proven strategies to earn money. You will also gain my full support throughout your Forex Career through social media groups.  

So join this class with an open mind and eagerness to learn Forex and you will enjoy the earnings in the long run. 

I am passionate about Forex and it is important to me that students fully and thoroughly understand Forex.


1. TOFS: Forex Introduction: are you interested in far extreme. Do you want to become a successful forex trader? Then welcome to the FedEx Mark. This is an induction course on fire. Ex training for complete begins in their scores. Way will uncover forex basics Technical analysis, fundamental analysis. Not only will you learn working strategies that will give you an itch in the forex market, but I will also show you how to make money. Forex Live examples with human. And on top of all this, all our tutorials can be viewed from laptop, tablet or even your mobile device. So don't wait. Sign up today and kickstart your father. 2. 17: Moving Averages: hi traders. And welcome back to this addition off the online product school. As you know, my name is a year, and in this tutorial, I'd like to discuss moving average we're going to be or I'm going to emphasize a lot more on exponential moving average, which is abbreviated as e. M. A. And simple moving average, which is abbreviated, is a So you start off moving averages are amongst one of the most commonly used indicators by forex traders. Within the forex market, it is very easy to act to a chart. It's very easy to interpret, and the information that you can read from the moving average is off. Ah, high standard moving every just. They basically measured the average off movement off price for a specific period. So I'll rephrase this sentence for you. Moving averages measure the average off price doing a specific BD it. Now we'll get there shortly as toe What? What do I actually mean by all of that? Moving every just also Smoothes out the price, daughter, that sewing for different market trends and market tendencies. Now the definite moving averages that we have available on meta traitor for is exponential moving average. Simple moving average, smoothed, moving average and linear weighted moving average. No, do you do That we are more inclined to use Is exponential moving average and simple moving average. Now the difference between your exponential moving average and your simple moving average is that your exponential moving average has a foster, the action toe price volatility in the market. We, as your simple moving average does not have you're has a much more slower reaction volatilities or specks within the market. So how do we use a moving average in a live environment? So, like I mentioned, a moving average is a trained indicate. So if you have difficulty identifying which direction the market is in or what train the market is in, moving average is your answer because it's a train Indicate now. If the moving and if the moving averages understood correctly, what will the moving average indicating me as the user? So the first would be the price direction all right. If the moving average is pointing was slanted up, it will be an uptrend if the moving averages slanted down. It's a downtrend if the moving average Islam that sideways and it's a sideways stream oil range bound price location. If price is located above the moving average, it's a confirmation that you're in and apprehend. And if prices below the moving average, it's a confirmation that you're in a downturn Now, if prices above the moving average, that should give you a trading bias to say I only want to buy the market why would only like to buy in this particular mark? So I would only look for by signals if prices below the moving average, I can confirm that it's a downtrend, and I would only like to take sort positions in the market. So I'm only looking for positions where I can sell the more price momentum. So if them angle of the moving average is slanted up, it's a strong, whereas arising. Angle is a strong momentum for the bulls. And if the angle is ah, and a falling angle is a strong momentum for the sailors now, the key ingredient two moving averages and this is very, very important. And also you guys in an example now moving average act as support and resistance levels for price. Now, this is very, very interesting for someone like myself, who who is very interested in taking trades based or from previous support and previous resistance, and you have a moving every second act as a level off support and resistance of that is fascinating. So the four police that I can take away from a moving every peace prize, direction, price, location, price, momentum and support and resistance levels. So what do we mean when we say mo mentum? As you can see the angle of this moving average it's wanted. It has a nice arising angle and prices above the moving average, as you can see over there, and this six and over year would then be regarded as an uptrend. All right, so prices above the moving average. So the line on the chart, I forgot to mention, is a 20 period winter period, simple moving average. And the chart that I'm looking at is Euro. You is the daily Now. This means that I'm calculating the average off movement off price for the lost 20 days because it's a daily job. If it was an hourly charge, I would be calculating the average off movement for the last 20 hours. If it was a one minute thought I would be calculating the average off movement for the lost 20 minutes. So if it's 100 moving average on a daily chart, means that I'm calculating the average off movement off price for the lost 100 100 days. Okay, so no, we said that. What is the moving average indicator? Someone it just block down this period of year and the spirit of Yeah, All right. So in between we can see that the price was going up, So let's have a look. These bars of year is basically our price movement, and we can see that price was above the powder blue 20 moving average so that in the case to ask that it's in an uptrend and had a nice rising angle. So that indicated to us there was a lot of momentum going into the bull run. Well, the buyers at a lot of momentum and the sailors were in that prison, so we have a nap. Grain prices above the moving average is ah, good momentum in the angle of the moving average. Where do why we do I take my buying positions. So, for example, over there, over there, over there, that's where I would take my buying positions. So why would I want to put take my buying positions over then? It's because we said the moving average will act as a level of support. Uh, you can see price pulling back to the moving average before going all the way up. Alright, surprise breaks the moving average pulls back to the moving average, find support. And naturally, you need to seek an entry and by the market up as it pulls back to the 20 moving average you by the market up, um, going up in the up dean. And how do I get out of a position like that? Eso we will have? Ah, I will have a full on video for you as you go forward about how to trade the 20 moving average. But this is where you would have got out if the candle close below the moving average if there's a bearish ball, which is ah depending on your color of your candles. So let's say you use the raid to signal that is us. Ah, a bearish bar. So if you had a bearish ball, were Red bar closing below the 20 moving average that's a sign that you need to get out. But that does not mean the market is about to reverse course. You will soon come to learn about double tops and double bottoms, and this is where it becomes interesting, because this using the moving average alone is a strategy all on its own, any if you if you understand it quite well, you can make ah, a hefty amount of profit on it, but let's get into it. So let's say you bought over a year you got out of year if you hadn't gotten out of there, because maybe you hadn't had mood and enough money to get out over there, never the less if we look at this point of young, but I we see that Price was on its way up in the bullpen, and eventually it came to a dead still over. Yeah, anim Price pulled down a found support so not into resistance of young dog found support. Yet the bottom made a loss Budarin and knock into a level of resistance of year, then received price pulling back closes below the 20 moving average, which one can consider to be a role reversal cause now what was resistance of year is now acting a support over here. Then Price makes its lost attempt for high, and this is way we would see price making a double top. All right, so that's referred to as a double top in the forex market. When you have to highs, that's even to one another. Now, if you've watched the Mendi divergence, then this would have bean divergence between these two tops. And the momentum now for the bias is running out, and now we need to look for South signals. So now the market from that double crop breaks all the way down. Eventually it pulls back up. And can you see how that to any moving averages now acting as a level of resistance. And that's where you get your buy signal so yourself signal and solve the market all the way down. But look how fascinating this is. If I had run a straight line awfully all the way straight through, you would see that Price found resistance pulled back to the moving average you would want to buy because it's finding support at the moving average and once price closed lower than the moving average. It made it lost at them, which is called the I like to refer to it as a 20 m a squeeze. That is, when the 20 year May still holding as a level of support, and hopefully they're going to try and make higher highs. But if it fails and price breaks lower than the moving average, it's time to start selling. So now we see that price breaks all the way down, and then it makes a lost read ist. Now, if you understood that this was, firstly a level of resistance, when Price broke all the way up and a pull back down, it became a level of support implies that he attempted the high failed pulled back down, broke that level of support, and now it's retesting that level as a level of resistance. Now that is the flow off the market, and that is where support and resistance comes in once more, which is the role reversal off our price. Um, this speaks certain levels we had breaks the level it often comes back in the taste of level, and in many scenarios that would be referred to as the lost peace. Sometimes the if you think off the last kiss and I mean we looked at the example. Now it's It's fairly simple. It's fairly plain you just have to adapt your eye and visualize it and see how the market is behaving with regards to those support and resistance levels. And this is why the last kiss actually means in terms of the kiss being an abbreviation, it literally means keep it simple, silly. And I like to say that sometimes if I use this strategy called Kiss means I'm just keeping it simple. I'm not doing anything fancy. I'm not trying to complicate matters. Oh, anything again. So you know, once again we could see that price over a year is below the moving average, and so prices below the moving average and the angle is quite acute. So that is a nice downplaying that full nobody. All right, inversely. Over here we could see that the angle of the moving averages is nice and steep, and this prices above the moving averages, and that would be an update over there. So for those for those few days, which could have been probably a month, if not more, um, the market was in an uptrend. Same same same applies of young. If we look at this movement of year prices above the moving average and all those Pullbacks , if you look at the number of Pullbacks, do the moving average. Those are the ones that you are actually targeting. All right. In this case, it could be that one. That guy over there and lost Lee that guy. But as soon as price closes lower than the moving average, do you say you have to hold yourself and say, You know what? The after in could lose momentum now and I can now easily get my other indicators out, which could be an artist, I or magnetic and just look. And these stops, Sometimes it will be divergence. You can usually, um, get a nice amount of books. If you consider where this was from the way this was hitting, it wasn't easy. Say 504 150 pumps that you could have gained going in the opposite direction. Had you, bean, um, have you been informed over there and then over here. I mean, if you had gotten this Intria via, this would have been a nice move going all the way up to live. And if we just take quickly some. That's roughly what the prices would have. Bean that would have easily bean roughly 807 107 100 to 800 troops in that move over the alone. And the nice thing about using this moving average as a system or methodology is that it's clean. It's just the moving average. You don't have to complicated. You don't have to do anything fancy. Rule number one is go to my daily. What train them are in uptrend. Okay, cool from there. Where can I get in after? Wait for Pullbacks through the moving average once is a pull back to the moving average. I can now allow candle information to give me a suggestion that the market is expecting the 20 moving average. And once you have that level of respect from the candle information to the moving average, can you not decide to buy a new back in the train over there? Now? Lastly, very significant. If you if you look at this movement over here, there's not really an angle on the moving average as to, um arising angle or falling angle. So from there we can see that the market window but sideways. And as you can see, this market was respecting the levels over the and just and just moving sideways. So we, um, we will have a video act, I think, in the intermediate to advance cause in the media to advance classes that we will cover the strategies. For now, it's just getting the basics right and getting everything packed in together. But I definitely lack trading with moving averages. Azaz. I've always had some success with moving averages, not just some, but of at most of my success when I started my Father Scordia Trading. Moving averages so lack a mention. The simple moving average, so is the every self price. For a given period of time, However, it's a much more slowly reacting exponential gives more priority to the most recent daughter. That's three X to the price changes quicker in the simple moving average. So you're exponential is much more force. Reacting to, um, changes in the market price Okay, to some of the common settings that you would find for moving averages in the forex market would be your 200 m a SME, Your 100 sme your 50 sme You 34 sme, you're 20 and you're 20 a. M and 20 sme. And in your 10 human, your pain isn't now these different other is a lot of settings that you can get from moving and strategies. I've gone as far as getting moving every just to be that can help you with scalping. Um, that can help you with getting back into a trade if you if you spotted a train, but you were way too late. But you want to get back in, um are you can get in on in today level and then I've got methodologies that can help you with long term trading and moving averages. You can do a lot with, depending on your understanding off the moving averages. So if you have a broad knowledge on moving averages and how the moving every just work in conjunction with price and how prices behaves and how the market behaves surrounding moving averages, I mean you you'll have a system beyond measure. All right, you'll have a knowledge beyond museum. So I definitely want oppose that knowledge time because I definitely think that moving averages is a really good to to use in the forex market. I know there's a lot of traders aren't there that will hint upon indicators and so force not being the basting under the sun. I ever, um my personal view would be every strategy as its own success rate and depending on the success it and how you use it, that's good. Some individuals feel like moving averages or not just moving. Everything's but indicators in general is lagging and calculates post price, and you never get success coming from it. Well, I can tell you that pay if they failed because they've given up too early the 2nd 1 of two trades. Never, really. Ah, adhere to the rules of the strategy Exeter. But another time for that. So I really hope you enjoy decision with me on moving averages. They will be strategies on moving averages are scalping strategies, swing trading strategies and current trading strategies based off moving averages. So I hope to see you guys in the immediate to advance classes as well. Thank you guys, but by 3. 18: Trading systems: my trade is. And welcome back to the sedition off the online forex school. As you know, my name is Ah, here. Good, easiest. And in today's topic, I'd like to discuss trading systems and how you can go about creating your own trading system for your own personal Barusso. So let's get into this. If you are desserts that if you are to search Google for trading systems, you will find many traders claiming that they have the Holy Grail system and that you can even purchase these systems for Lord sums of cash. Now, I don't want to the scouted you, but in the forex market, they would be who is no Holy Grail. Unfortunately, trading systems have different successes. Okay, so the success rate of one trading system might be better than the success rate off another trading system. But they won't be a holy Grail. That will be 100% predict all of the time. Okay, I'm sure the big institutions would have put that system for millions of dollars of reading , so some of these systems do actually work. But traders as myself and yourself, we think, do not follow the rules off trading system, and that is often we The failure comes in all right, the failure that's not coming from the system, but the failure coming from not adhering to the rules of the system so you can spend some time creating your own trading system that suits you best. So you need to understand what indicator you would want to use and what purpose that indicator would serve within your system. And you can from the develop your own trading system. So creating a system is not a difficult task, but sticking to the rules trade is find difficult. So if you create a system and you set out the rules for trading, then you need to act. Year to those rules heartedly was failing to adhere to that rules. Work was a bleeding your account, and that is not what we want. So we've seen many companies and people selling trading systems, but no one really teaches you how to create your own system. No one really teaches you how to go about creating your own system, Okay, so let's hope to change that, so this lesson will guide you through the steps that you need to take in order to create your own personal training system. All right, let's get into it. So the goals of your trading system should be realistic. Guys. Whenever you creating a system, let it be realistic because many of us we want a trading system that's going to give us boatloads of money. Well, this is all good and wonderful, but this might not happen. Alright, and our goal should be. I want to become a successful trader, and if you are successful trader and you place successful trades, will you have success and you will have profit coming from your success. If you're only going to be chasing money, the trade is not going to follow. But if you are going to change, good trades in good money is going to follow you. So there are two important goals that you would like to achieve when creating your system. Number one is to identify the trained as early as possible. If you can identify the trained, then that's a good thing number do to protect yourself from Web sores and fake out within the market. A Web saw wear fake out is when the market gives a sign that it's about to go and create a new trend. And in a few minutes or hours later it continues with the train that it was originally What ? So you need to protect yourself from those fake out, because that is where you're going to be losing funds and we don't want the news funds. If you can accomplish these these factors into your system will you be successful. Your system must compromise between the two girls. The one can go without the other. They need to identify the trained and protect you. And these two girls have the potential to make you a lot of money. Okay, so let's be realistic. We can't store to start off with $100 account and expecting make $100,000 within one day. And is the market crisis. Um, but let's be realistic. If we don't have millions in our trading account, it's difficult to make millions OK, but if we have thousands, you know, trading account, it's easy to make thousands. If we've got hundreds, you now trading account. It's easy to make hundreds, so let's be realistic. Yeah, all right. So it doesn't take long to come up with your own trading system, but testing can be very extensive, but back testing forward testing demo testing can consume a lot of time. So when setting up your trading system, the six steps that you need to follow would be number one time frame. You need to decide between being a day trader and being a swing trader. And once you've established the chosen timeframe, can you now go forward? Now a day trader or a scalper is someone who trades on in the day scale and places a frequent amount off trades per day. So that sounds labor in dental because you have to sit in front of your device almost a nine hours a day and play streams, whereas with swing trading much more relaxed, you have much more confidence. And once you've placed a trade, you stick to the rules of the system and wait for exit signals. Once you've received in three signals, you didn't sit back and wait for exit signals. All right, so once you've established what type betrayed you are, do you now need to find indicators that's going toe? Identify a new trend, so the goal is to identify the nutrient as early as possible Now we know from our previous training that moving averages or train indicators and they can identify the train for US prices above the moving average. It's above its uptrend. If prices below the moving average it is a downtrend, then step number three would be to find indicators that can confirm the trend. So there are many good indicators, like a Magdy artist, I and Stochastic and I would definitely say that I can use a moving average to identify the train. And I'll even use an honest I to confirm that dream, because if my artist I is about 50 it's in an up train. And if prices above the moving average each in an uptrend, if prices below the moving average, it's in a downtrend. And to confirm that, my artist, I need to be below the 50 area in order for me to be confident that it is in the down train . So now have already established what direction the train using have confirmed what direction the train using and now I need to define my risk appetite. So I need to decide how much am I prepared to put on the risk for this particular trade. Um, I'm gonna arrest $10. Am I gonna risk $5? Am I gonna risk $20? But it has to be within your risk management. It's very important that you manage your risk. So once you've decided on what your risk management would be like, you have to define your entries and exits. So some enter after the indicators confirm, and some wait for the candle to close. OK, so when you've got your entry signal, you can either get into the trade once the indicators confirm the entry signal or you can wait for the candle to close. And once the candle s clothes do you get into the plate. Now, when it comes to you exit, you need to wait for the indicators to confirm the exit or you need to wait for candlestick formation to confirm the exit. All right, However, you need to stick to those rules. It is very, very important that once you've created your system that you write down the rules and that you stick to it. Discipline is one of the most important characteristics, and that's period without having discipline, you will have a hard time in the market the market will humble you all right? You need to So a strong level off discipline and stick to the system rules. Okay, so let's go on and look at a system. And this is the system that I was, um, by my mental, And at first it was very overwhelming at work. Quite nice. But, I mean, it was only for suing trading, and you literally had to wait for days to get signals. And I even went as far as do developing this strategy with the same rules. And I could swing trade with it because I spend so much time with this methodology that I understood it in and out, all right? It wasn't just a place to trade. The two trades failed, and I'm done with the slacking It was I got the strategy. I learned a back tested, I forward tested, demo tested, and I became comfortable with the strategy that I could, even from the strategy, develop a scalping methodology from All right. So that's the just so's the level off interest I had in plating and the level of interest that I showed that I really want to do this. I really want this to make to be a success. So this is a swing trading strategy, so it's best rated on the daily chart it comes with or the indicators that you need to use is a five exponential moving average applied close, a 10 exponential moving average applied to close a stochastic stain 33 and an artist I 40. Okay, I stop plus off 20 points or 20 pups. Okay, so what? Every trade is going to be a stop loss off 20 perps. If it's on a longer time frame, it can be up to 200 points. Then the rewards would be 600 points. So what this methodology? I would enter a long position if the five exponential moving average crosses above. So I would in the a long position if the five exponential moving average crosses above the 10 exponential moving and it's so the five e. M. A. Crosses above the 10 year me and both this. The casted lines are heading up, which means they are leaving the 28 year. Do not enter. If the sarcastic lines already in the overboard territory go and then my artists, I need to be grated in 50. So my artist, I need to be about 50 to confirm that it's in an up train, then are going to a long position. My short position would be the opposite. My five faster moving average need to cross below my 10 slower moving average. And both the stochastic lines need to be heading down and I dont ender your master. Castaic Lines is already in the oversold territory. But my always I need to be less than 50 as well and then only so I have confirmation that I can sell. So those are my rules for entering and I have to stick to those rules religiously. My exit, the rules would be asked Follow exit win the five Exponential You may crosses the 10 exponential Yemeni in the opposite direction off your trade. So if I was going along, I would wait for a short signal to get out. But I and if I was going short, I would wait for a long signal before I get out. Okay, so those are the rules, basically. So let's go and let's go and view them. All right, so this these are examples off the off the strategy, so the raid line on my chart. Over here this guy is my five exponential moving average and it will always be closer to price. You're the blue line is the 10 exponential moving everything as you conceited but further away from Price, my stochastic six and my artist Hi. Look there. So in this instance, now I can see that my five exponential moving averages crossing my blue 10 exponential moving average from below. Crossing high. Yes, So you can see a split over there between a two moving averages. And that in itself is a buy signal. Okay, so that's a buy signal over them. My stochastic has left my 20 area over. Yeah, and stochastic lines The K period and the D period is pointing up towards the 80 area and that in itself is a buy signal. Now, my honest, I if I have my seven deliver Leo my 50 level. Yeah, my artist I is greater than 50. And that in itself is also a buy signal. So on price action on my moving every just I've got a buy signal. Stochastic is pointing up towards the 80 area and they've left to any area, so That's a buy signal. An artist. I is greater then 50. And that is a buy signal. So now I've bought into this market. I've taken my by position. So this is where my entry to place. As you can see, the stars align artist size about 50 stochastic sis pointing up and my moving averages made a cross over with it. Okay, Now the train continues going up, and now it's getting ready to give me an exit signal. So now it's giving me an excellent signal over there because the moving averages is now crossing the five. Exponential is crossing from above below and my sarcastic now is leaving the 80 area. And my artist I is below the 50 area and I have exit signal and I have a cell signal. Okay, so there I have a good example of our exit and now get into a south position. Was all three stars align? Okay, now, if there's two indicators, let's say for arguments like these across Sylvia, um, which is correct, and this guy is leaving the 80 area, which is correct. But this guy, which is my artist's eye, is not below 50. So if this guy's not below 50. I've got two signals and the 3rd 1 does not confirmed. I scraped the entire trade. Why? Because my rules, my conditions were in my conditions were in me. But I But if you have the ill discipline to take that trade and it fails, then unfortunately you cannot blame the system. Was the system wasn't giving you the signal? You went on the basis that hopefully the third indicator will come around and also work with you, all right. And that does not work in the in the trading environment. So once more yourself signals would come from stochastic pointing down to the 20 Orestes I crossing the 50 level and cross over between the moving averages and once the history can you sell Okay. The reason why this was a good cell as well as because we had a level of resistance. We had a level of support and that support is being broken to the bottom. So they is a nice cell signal over. Okay, So how to taste your system? There's many institutions that offers thought X testers at a steep price. I think it's $250. I'm in order to. But it is a strategy destiny which will allow you to stay strategies and systems on historical daughter eso the grating is this allows you to actually move every candle. Um, we'll move or shift the candle one at a time. All right, whilst you're testing the system, So this allows you to practice how to trade place, you stop lost into the trade and many straight. So that simulates reality. To taste your trading system would be the accuracy the basis that you can taste your system over years off, daughter within the hour. What day? All right, So the onus is up to us to whether you want to invest into a five X tester, Um, which can help. You were testing your strategies, especially if you're someone who could hate your own strategies. Okay. So I really hope you enjoy the decision with me. I actually enjoyed a totally and going forward on Nexus in will be on fundamental trading strategy, and it will be on moving every strategy, which is the system we just covered now. But it will be in much more depth and detail, and I'm different. You're gonna enjoy it. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it as well. And also you guys, how to download your meditator for our toe. Open an account. How to install your platform, etcetera. So I'll get all those goodies for you as well. I hope you enjoy the session with me, guys. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you so much. Bye bye. 4. 19: Create Demo and register with broker install mt4: I traders, And welcome back to this addition off the online forex school. As you know, my name is the year and in this tutorial at, like to show you how to register your trading account. In this case, it will be what if experiments as it is, the broker that I prefer and used also show you how to download your meta trader four from if x primers and how to create a demo account in the same sins. First and foremost, if you click on the link um, provided over the on the video, will it take you to the exact same place that I am on now? At the moment, which is where you would be able to register your account. Now, you start off what you have to provide your name, email, address, your country of residence, your preferred language and your phone number. Then you'll have to go to the next step. Now, unfortunately, have already they just didn't account with them. So I cannot complete the step. Otherwise I'll be duplicating my have my application in your case, if you if you uh because I'm not able to show you these a nice video tutorial from if explains itself. If you click on the link of year, watch how to open will submit your form. And this is a nice and ending from if x prima's. So why don't you done with your registration over the It will then take you to the following page and it will log you in, um, into your flying dashboard from your client dashboard. You'll see an option called Empty full. And this is were you select download made a traitor for I. So then you select which device it will be Now, In my case, it's a Windows operating system. If you have it, if you're doing it from your mobile device, you would select either Android or you'd select iPhone or iPad. Now, in my case, I'm gonna go for for download Empty four for PC as I have a Windows operating device. So once the download starts, um, it will now occur. And as you can see, I'm downloading the set up of year. So from the once I'm done. Now, I know that this is downloaded already, So I'm gonna go back to my dashboard whose remember, if you're registering an account with a brokerage. You need to upload your K Y C documents, which is, Know your client all right. And this would be your identification documents that can add to be your idea or your passport and in a proof of residence. So this could be a mobile bow or a clothing store bowl. It's is long as it has your name, surname and your address details only on as long as it's within the lost three months. If I'm mistaken, you would select upload my documents, and over here you would easily copy off I d. And you select the file over there and a copy of I D to now. In some countries, we received a card formacion off our identification. It's an I didn't record, and in that case, you need to submit the copy off photo I d. Would be the front of your court and copy of I, too, would be the year with a back off your I. D. Card. Proof of a resident will be your proof of address proof of residents to its very option. Also, um, you can just decide. OK, so as you can see, not more than six months old, your proof of residence and in your idee kindly make a good quality or color Copy. Now, what I do with my ideas, I scan to email it. All right, So all I have to do is select use file and from selecting choose file. I can now look it where my idea would be. I'm almost certain it will be on the downloads, etcetera. But never the list will you have to do is select those options over the Iraq. And once you've uploaded your documents, it will take 24 hours before your account is registered, if not sooner. And I give it 24 to 48 hours for the for if experiments to verify your documents. Once you're done, day we can obsolete. Um, open, uh, downloaded document. Jews are empty for platform and can now run the application. Now, whilst running the application, the software will now be unfold, which is our made It played before. Now, remember, as I've mentioned many a times when it comes to made a traitor for, especially for students, that offer told really in South Africa, this is my This is just a software, a system that we are going to use to make to do our technical analysis. All right, so that does not necessarily mean that the software is the key ingredient. Again, the software is merely the platform that we can base our analysis from we we can analyze price and the market price movement and from the analyzed the behavior. And then, hopefully from our analysis weekend place which direction we need to trade with you we need by selling the mark. Okay, So made a traitor for is what I started off with, and I'm quite happy with empty empty forecasts. An abbreviation. Now they is empty. Five. But you'll have to also see which brokers provide empty five and which broke a scan around on empty five, depending on the survey Exeter. But I think most brokers would be able to run on metal plate a five as well. So now that the software is fully installed, it should create a icon on they stop for me as well. Now I'll show you guys how to open up a demo account to stop practicing, especially the strategies that you'll find within the next two. Um, the Orioles. How to practice those strategies Also, you guys, How do use your made it later for as well. Now I have made many videos on how to play or how to navigate around your meeting later. For I remember meeting later for is just the software. It's about how you can buy or sell in. That particular market Onda made a traitor for is the software that gives us access to the market over. Oh, all right. As you can see, it created a I call on the day stop, and what I need to do is is open animated later, fool. Okay, so made it later for is loading. Now it's opening now, first and foremost what Hubble sees open an account because they ease no account on this software that after that I've opened. So they you have life service. This four four life service lighter the life service. As you can see, all of the service are being, and that's a good sign because you can actually log into any of those service If you want open, alive, account or a practicing. And now, in our in our in our case, we're going to open a practice. The council. We select the breakfast server um, if you opening a live account do so by the website so that you can actually, um, upload fans in all those goodies because doing it from limited later for platform itself, opening a live account can be very complicated. Another thing to look out for us with that sees no connection, but because there's no more council would say no connection, but we select me, but I miss market practice. Next, we select new demo account, and all my details will be over there. Net. See, I'm going to select easy in pro. I prefer easy and bro due to the spirits being smaller. I'll maybe do what, Mr 500 to this, uh, on you Leverage. And let's leave it at 5000 to go back and see what's happening over here. You demon. I knew. Well, yes. Now we have our logging details over there, and you can trot down those logging details in case you wanna practice from your mobile device and your, um, meet a traitor for in the same sense. Select finish. That's another. We finish over, then I'll be able to log in. And as you can see no longer saying no connection of you coming thoughts are actually loading up and from your What you guys will have to do is is to change your settings and all those goodies so they ease a video tutorial on how to navigate around your mated later . For so do enjoy that one. And get some more practice on how to navigate around your made it later. For as like I said, it is only a software. And sometimes if we don't understand the major trader for software, we're gonna have difficulty trading in a live environment. But you're not gonna be sure what it is that mean need to do at what specific time? Um, so I do. I do encourage you to practice, um, navigating on your mated later for as far as possible. Now, remember, it's only a software it's not gonna break. Nothing can happen to it. So if you interested in finding out, what does this button do and click on it? All right, that's the only way you're going to learn as to what us each button that do at a specific time. Because if you're in a live environment, when there's live money and being traded, you need to know exactly what Icon is going to give you. What option? From limited later for Black. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this guy's anyways by 5. 20: Placing market orders: I trade is and welcome to the extradition. As you know, my name is Ah, here and investigatory A. I'm going to show you how to place orders within the market from instant executions. Stopover This Take profits by subs. Sell stops by limit some limit and also by activating a big profit or a trailing stop loss order me Now you start off. Would if this is the charge that you wish to trade with a symbol that you used to trade You need to do an analysis to the Saiful which position you would like to take in the market. So let's quickly look at the market and we see that we have a nice train being respected over there and we have a nice channel or squeeze forming for price over the So could this have bean result off a fake out market breaking out and in pulling back in? Possibly now let's I want to sell this market. I would insulate new order lightened up, ensure that the symbol is used all a Swiss friend that I wish to trade. I select the volume that's appropriate for my account balance, and I can now select instant execution and I can either cell by now I want to sell this market. The price currently is 0.9798 It now, as you can see, this four digits after the point. And that's my pup count. And in the first digit is a puppet, which I can't ignore. No, if I want to place a stop loss 50 pumps higher in order to calculate. I simply dropped the point and I dropped the lost Egypt and I now read this number 9798 pumps. So 9798 plus 50 would then give me 9800 and 48. So that number would be nine eight for eight. And that would be 50 points or 50 perps higher in price of away for my stop loss. Now for the take profit now, my restaurant would ratio. I always like to keep at one Eastern three. No, If my rescues 50 pops, my reward should at least be 100 and 50 pops. So I'm going to take 9798 minus 150. And that should give me 9000 600 and 50 do good? No, once I'm happy with my balance is over there. I can select. So and you will see now that if I zoom at limit goto a little bit of a higher time frame h four, you'll see the top order over. They if I have over that dotted line, it says track to modify but offered minus 502 and the book count would be minus 492 So that's minus 49. Oops, I forget about the lost digit when it comes to prep schools that were always so case the puppet. So it's 492 puppets. But it would be 49 bumps because if you divide 492 by 10 it gives you 49. If I have over this one over young, you can see the abbreviation saying TP and the top ones abbreviation is saying, Bring this lower duck. One is saying yes, our, which is stop Plus and the bottom one is saying, DP just take profit and right in the middle I have my order, which is a sell order over there. No, when it comes to placing your orders, you're If you're selling the market, you take profit will always be below price that will always be below your order, and your stop loss will always be above your order. When you're selling, the market reason being is you are selling and you're hoping that price is going to pull lower. So if price pools higher, then you want to be out of the market when price it your stop loss. Now, in this case, prices, be intending for we aiming for price to go lower. Sorry, take profit will be at the bottom Who at the low over the writing a stop loss and stop now if, for example price do reach my take profit, it will trigger my take profit and my trade work with thematically close and I will be out of that particular market if it hits my take brought you forget my study. Once a ditch might take profit, my trade will close. It will take the amount of profit which is $1498 which is 146 pups lower. If it gets my stop loss young top, I will lose an amount off 500 just get to that table over there. I will lose an amount of $502 which means it's a negative amount to my account. So that's a deduction from my account. If it it's my take profit, it's in addition to my account. Now if I want to activate a trailing stop, a trailing stop loss, I can simply go to this order that idea in the middle with his son and I can right click on it an Ingo trailing stop and custom. How many Popes do I want to calculate this market with? I want to trail the market by 50 pumps, so that would be 500 points. Okay, now, the reason why it's 500 points is because I need to accommodate for the number off puppets . Okay, so 500 puppets will equate to 50 whips, and once I say OK, well, I now have a trailing stop activity. Now, if you want to close the strait, you can simply right click on this trade and select lives. But another way off, looking at your trade and monitoring your trade is by selecting terminal or getting control . D now over. Yeah, I can now see Mike Trade, which is a South order my size of my trade, the symbol that I was trading the price that I sold the market from my stop loss. And as you can see its audience now, the reason why it's colored in orange is because I have a trailing stop activated. If I don't have a trailing stop activated, it won't be putting my take profit on my take profit price and the current market price. The commission's that I'm being charged and the swap that I'm being charged with holding a trade longer than 24 hours. We're holding a trade overnights now. If I likely going stop, plus it will now. So me trailing stop. And if I select none, then it will deactivate my trailing stop. So because there's no tick next to none, that means that my trailing stop is activated. If I want to deactivate my trailing stop, I can select none. And as you can see, the color has now changed on my stop loss to reactivated. I right click on it. I hate over to trailing stop, and as you can see there's a tick that is none. So that means I don't have a trailing. Stop activated and I can go via and select Insert my customary amount off 50 pops, which is 500 puppets for 500 points. I select. Okay. And as you can see, the color changes orange. Now what? We will note what you will know disease, that once the market, once the market comes close to my stop loss once them once the price moves up and it comes close to my stop loss, my color will change. I've read to indicate that my stop loss is going to be triggered when price comes close to my take profit. The color would change green to indicate that the market is about to eat my take profit. Okay, so now let me go to Australian dollar US dollar. And in this case, um, I'm going to select a sell stop or in fact, let me go to us dollars Japanese yen. Let me get another chart instead. May get more charts of Yeah, and I want Australian dollar. Canadian dollar is wrong and template naked shot us dollar job GDP template. Make a judge the reason why I'm choosing so many of them assist? Because I want to. So case some of the great. So let's say we want a bio on this particular set up. We got the new order GDP. Great British, You great British pound you United States dollar. I'm in a selective volume one once more. And this time I'm going to buy. And as you can see, the prices at 1.3162 So I'm going to say they stopped. Lost 50 pops lower. So 1.3162 So 60 to minus 50. I would give me one. Going 3112 So this I need to change one point. Did he won one to And that'll be my stop loss a month now because I'm placing an order with a 50 pope stop. Plus, I want a rest reward ratio off 150 perps higher. I can now select. I cannot say that 1.1 sort of 1.31 point 316 to 162. Unless 150 would then give me an amount off. Do you 100 and ding. So once I haven't amount off. 310 of a pick and a nationally by because I have my stop loss time. I take profit in place, and in this case, I'm buying. So you will see that my stop loss is at the bottom. Am I take profit is on top Now I can either right click on this one again. Go over to my trailing Stop custom. And I cannot say I wanted to build this one by 70 bumps. Guess I wanted trailing by 70 pops. I need to insert 700 once I've incented. You can see the color changes too. This bay jewel audience got all right. No, that is how you do an instant execution for your biased up and yourself. Stop trying. Not your biased opinion faster, but the instant execution for a buy and they sell in the market. Now I'm going to show you another need, dick, and let's go use Australian dollar US dollar. And if I'm if I'm eager to sell the market of year All right, so there is no time for me to still calculate the labels off points that I need in my stop loss and take profit. I can simply go to new order. And I would tell it so now you will only see a sell old over. Yeah. Now if this particular high over here is where I want my stop loss to be just above that high, I can now go and drag this change the color of this guy do It's a silver so I can now decide just to have a over my entry a click I hold And I dragged this to the opposite position off there on top and I drop and it will now say Stop Plus So I've now got a stop blessing place over there for 100 and 26 pups and I click and I holding a drag over my order. And I did act to the bottom. And once I drop it over here, I I have a take profit in place. So as you can see, I just place my entry and a dragon, drop my stop loss and take profit to where I deem necessary with the way I felt the market might go to ask for my analysis. And that would be an easier way for me to enter into the market without still having to calculate and subtract and add for take profit and and so foods. All right now, once more If I want to activate my trailing stop I right Click on the order. I hate over to trailing Stop A select custom. I can now say I want a for a 40 book trailing stop and once activated, as you can see over there, that would be active over them. Now let's do the opposite. This time I'm just going to select a by odor on US dollar Canadian dollar Now I bought the market. I'm saying that price of price goes lower within this level I want to be out of the market . So I click on my trade I hold and I directed the bottom What you will notice by clicking, holding and dragging. As you can see it does read is all over there. If I go over my trade, it will read DP So I'm going to place my stop list around about the and then I'm going to click holding drag this up and put my take profit roughly over the And now I have this dragon drop my take profit and my Stop us. Okay, so do that when you are super confident in trading and you need to get into that particular entry because the price is not gonna stay. Stay in stand still and wait for you to come around, especially if you're scalping. All right, so now let's move on. Let me get some more charts of Yemen and get you know, GDP, I'm gonna get you old, and I'm gonna get Euro Japanese yen, and I'm gonna take cad JP Why as well. Okay, now these these few charts that I'm that I got over a year now, the reason why I'm taking the in place is because I want this so case to you guys are to calculate puts on the yen pays as well. So we're going to start with the NBA's. Let me just load all of my templates. And as you can see, I'm just that I clicking on the chart and in selecting template where you can select from your naked thought. If that's a template that you want to live now over here we've got care, jp Why? And I'm suspecting that let's go to a longer term view Okay, So, yeah, we're gonna place a south stop because I'm suspecting that you scared J p y goes lower in this level. You can t p y goes low within this level. I want to sell the market. All right. And then if catch up ey goes higher in this level, I want to be out of the mall. But I want to chase a profit target off when catching people, I get to this level. Okay, so now I've got those three lines in over there. Now I go to order, I go to type a select painting order and I will select Sau Stop now. The price that I'm going to get in on this price is 89.574 89.574 Okay. And as we can see, the price that I'm going to get out is 90.23 It would do 98 I can around it off to 90.30 and that would roughly be 80 perps between 70 and 80 Popes higher. All right, so I'm gonna select. I'm going to make it around Figgins did, and I'm going to make it. 90 point these, you know. All right. And am I Take it off. It would be 87 0.5 to 3, so that diamond changed to 87 point 5 to 3. And then I would say please, once I've selected the place, it will now place or Pelosis my order and it will place it at a given price with my stop loss in place and my take profit in place as well. Okay. So as you can see the Moro disease over their side if I got to order lest I delete these and I would now see my order has been placed to sell. Stop. And if I if I go and view my terminal over yet the bottom you'll see that this particular order has not bean three good as yet. All right, so it's a pending order. It will only be treated once price breaks lower the next level and hopefully continue in the direction of my take profit even by going to the take profit itself. Okay, Now let's do a by stop. And in this case, I'm gonna use euro gbp now on Euro GBP. What I do is I say that if price goes hired in this high, I want to get in in the by. But then if price goes low within that price, I want to get out. And hopefully price can reach this level. You on top as a big profit. Yeah. So now I've got those three prices. I know the middle one is where I want to be buying from the bottom one is we are my stop loss to be. And the top one is where I'm going to take my profit. So I go to new order. I go do gaining order. I got to by stop the price that I'm going to be getting in is eight Double 9 to 5, Double 9 to 5 and my stop loss that I'm going to be getting in years. We're getting out off the straight. Would be nine or 38 912489124 And in my take, profit is going to be 9 to 6, 97 And then once I say place, will it now automatically place my orders? And if I go to my objects list, I delete all those levels and as you can see and now have pending orders a by stop for euro GBP. And if I want to move this entire order, I simply ever over my by stop a click on it and a drag to where I deem necessary. Okay? And you can see it will drag and give the biased up and sell stop intact as well. So if I want to move it closer to Price today and it will be much more closer to Price and it could trigger my entry earlier, Okay, So if I want to also you guys out to cancel all of these as well, you know the sort. So let's go over to sell limit and by limit. Okay, So what's elements and by elements? We have to say that price is going to top out. So if I if I have a suspicion that price will stop out at that particular level and maybe it will come down for take profit at that level, and I maybe should place my stop loss at that particular price, I cannot go over the new order, standing order sell element and the price that I want to be selling the market from will be one point 514 76 and my stop loss is going to be higher. And that one will be at 518 05 and my big butt off It will be at the bottom of you, and it will be 503 of Okay, so once this it a Because it means that he's an area. Would the stop loss placement and take profit placement. So let's double check. It is because of selected have selected the incorrect figure who are not incorrect figure. But the incorrect bending order was supposed to be a sow limit. I cannot say please, and it will now be great. All right, so it's a good thing that it occurred because now we also learned something from it. All right, also double check orders. But if we do get those areas, do not scream. Do not shot. Just double check were you would have made a mistake. So what this means is that price might pull back up, heat our entry over day and once triggered, we helping for price. You saw down all the way to their All right. That is our cell Ament. So let's do a vile Ament. In this case, I'm hoping to see that if Price gets the best level that I want to buy the market from and I want a stop loss roughly over there, and I want to take it offered awfully over there. Okay? So go over your You know, Japanese yen are go to pending order by limit and the price I want to be buying from his over here. 131.896 That's 1 to 1. And in my stop loss, old would it will be over here. 131.56 And in a take, profit will be a V and up, which is 134 or delightful. All right, so once we done over there, we can select place that will place the order. We removal objects from the or the list over there, and that would be our pending orders. So what we're hoping for is for Price to pull back, know what'll this level, and then hopefully from this level, you can make a bull on and possibly get out, take profit over there. So that is ALS. The orders that we can executing the market. And I hope the explanations were started enough. So how do I go about closing these orders? If I no longer wish to have these orders, I can simply close them over thinking on the X. Now, these orders over year, that's a running currently at a loss or profit. If I want to close them like in some. If I want to close them on the chart, I can go to the particular charter days. USD cad. So you Ristic Ed, I can right click on the chart and I can select clothes. What cad? Aud USD ordered me. So orders D I can right click on the order and select close. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this in all of the orders. Now, these orders is very crucial. Is very important that you practice placing these orders was once you are comfortable with placing these orders, will it make your life easier when parading in a live environment? So I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you guys. But why