FX102: Forex Trading and Strategies | Zaheer Coerecuis | Skillshare

FX102: Forex Trading and Strategies

Zaheer Coerecuis, Forex Trader and Philantropist

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5 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. TOFS Intro 1080p

    • 2. 10: Types of charts

    • 3. 11: Basic Candlestick Patterns

    • 4. 12: Trend Types

    • 5. 13: Support and Resistance


About This Class

This course is tailored for the novice with little to know Forex knowledge and experience. In the course we elaborate and make understanding of all the Forex concepts, terminology, software, brokers and lingo used within the Forex Market Industry. You will acquire the beginner level skills of Forex trading that will groom you into Intermediate Forex concepts. Upon completion of the FX Beginner course,will you be capable of placing trades with confidence within the live market using my two proven strategies to earn money. You will also gain my full support throughout your Forex Career through social media groups.  

So join this class with an open mind and eagerness to learn Forex and you will enjoy the earnings in the long run. 

I am passionate about Forex and it is important to me that students fully and thoroughly understand Forex.





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Zaheer Coerecuis

Forex Trader and Philantropist

Hello, I'm Zaheer.

I am a young and vibrant individual. My passion lies with education and Forex trading. I have been in the Financial industry for over 7 years. My unique approach and experience sets me apart in the Forex market.

I hope to have a positive impact on your future endeavors.

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