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FX101 - Forex Trading and Strategies

Zaheer Coerecuis, Forex Trader and Philantropist

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10 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. TOFS: FX101 - Course Introduction

    • 2. 1: What is Forex

    • 3. 2: Major Currencies

    • 4. 3: Understand Leverage

    • 5. 4: Forex market trading sessions

    • 6. 5: Executing Market Orders

    • 7. 6: How to read a Forex Quote

    • 8. 7: long vs short bid and ask price

    • 9. 8: Pips and Pipettes

    • 10. 9: Types of Market Analysis


About This Class

This course is tailored for the novice with little to know Forex knowledge and experience. In the course we elaborate and make understanding of all the Forex concepts, terminology, software, brokers and lingo used within the Forex Market Industry. You will acquire the beginner level skills of Forex trading that will groom you into Intermediate Forex concepts. Upon completion of the FX Beginner course,will you be capable of placing trades with confidence within the live market using my two proven strategies to earn money. You will also gain my full support throughout your Forex Career through social media groups.  

So join this class with an open mind and eagerness to learn Forex and you will enjoy the earnings in the long run. 

I am passionate about Forex and it is important to me that students fully and thoroughly understand Forex.


1. TOFS: FX101 - Course Introduction: are you interested in far extreme. Do you want to become a successful forex trader? Then welcome to the FedEx Mark. This is an induction course on fire. Ex training for complete begins in their scores. Way will uncover forex basics Technical analysis, fundamental analysis. Not only will you learn working strategies that will give you an itch in the forex market, but I will also show you how to make money. Forex Live examples with human. And on top of all this, all our tutorials can be viewed from laptop, tablet or even your mobile device. So don't wait. Sign up today and kickstart your father. 2. 1: What is Forex: good day and welcome to the online forex school. My name is Ah, here, Clesius, and I'll be or facilitated in today's agenda, We're going to be looking at what is phonics for. It is merely an abbreviation for the word with term foreign exchange also referred to as ethics for short. Basically, it means that you would have to exchange from one currency to another. Some of the toe bought a trading if we look at US dollars or which is a currency being. If I am a South African citizen and I'm on my way to the United States to visit Las Vegas, that would mean that I'm in position off South African. That ends in order for me to spend money in the United States. I need to acquire United States dollars. This will simply mean that I'll have to exchange my reins for United States dollar by doing so. I am simply selling my friends and I'm buying the dollar now. Having bought Dollar, one can also look at the transaction as if I'm investing in the United States economy. By having invested in the United States economy, I can now anticipate that the United States economy will grow stronger and the dollar would gain value Once the dollar has increased in value, I can now sell my dollar back to the ends and then I'm like more of a prophet. So let me put this in hindsight, if the U. S dollars are exchange rate is 13 rand to the dollar and I have to exchange my hands to dollar. For every dollar that I buy. I need to pay 13 friend. So let's sound over the United States. I'm having a ball of a time and a month later it's time for me to come home. Within the period of a month, the exchange, they has changed and the U. S dollars are exchanged. It is now 15 range to the dollar. That means that the dollar has increased in value. And for every dollar that I saw, I will know get 15 then in 10 that's making a tour and profit on every dollar that I purchased every dollar that I have in my position. So I hope that makes sense. Products is the largest market in the world, with over $4 trillion exchanging hands on a daily basis. Now this value could be outdated. But it's just to give you an estimation as to how much money exchanged hands in the forex market on a daily basis. So I hope you enjoy this in induction. Thank you guys, but by 3. 2: Major Currencies: hi traders as you know my name Zahir. And today we're going to be looking at major currencies. Now, when we discuss currencies, currencies are always abbreviated into three ladies. Now, the 1st 2 latest refers to the country and deterred later signifies the currency. Now a currency pay is often referred to as a symbol. So if we look at USD, you know JP, why gbp ch if kid would ends it d All these pays on major currency pays now. As you can see with USD, the 1st 2 letters reflect the country and the third letter represents the currency, which is the dollar. And in these nicknames that we have for these currencies in this case, the dollar is the back. When we look at the euro, the you know refers to all the eurozone members now members off the eurozone would be France, Italy, Germany, Those countries within the eurozone all stick to one currency which is the euro. And in the forex market, it's referred to as the fiber. Then we have JP why, which represents Jeff Van and their currencies. The yen and the nickname is yen as well. Then we have GDP, which refers to Great Britain, they have the pound and their currency. Nickname is Cable Ch. If you're first to Switzerland and they have the Frank, the nickname is Swizz E. Now when you say Switzerland Frank, we often defer to as the Swiss franc. See a dealing your first Canada and they also have the dollar and then nickname is the loony. Then we have a U D, which is for Australia. They also have the dollar and their currency. Nickname is Ozzie, last but not least and be the first to New Zealand and it's the dollar currency and the nickname is the TV. So as you can see, the United States dollar, the Euro, Japanese yen, great British pound, Swiss fring, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar. These are major currency pairs now. As we go along, we'll find out more about pops, and that is where major currency pays will have the least amount of pips. When we look at these currency peas. The reason for that being when you pay major currency pairs like, for example, euro USD, that's a frequently traded currency. Pain hands the book that Broca's George will always be a lesser amount 4. 3: Understand Leverage: hi traders. It's a heli again, and in this segment we want to cover leverage. So what? He's a living leverage is similar to borrowing funds from a bank. In this case, you're bothering funds from the broker for a bigger exposure in the market. This means you don't pay any interest on the leverage I give up level. It allows individuals with small accounts to take advantage off the market by controlling larger contract sizes. Now the liveried sizes would ever I from broker to broker. But some of the common livery sizes would be fifties toe 100 years to 11 years to 1000 years to one, and I've seen some brokers even going up to 2000 years to one now be in mind. The bigger your you live it size, the more risk you undertake when trading the small. You leverage size, the less rescue undertake in trading. So that's a little fan. Well, whenever you're livery size is extremely big, you can get a bigger exposure in the market. Yes, your risk will be more, but they re would will even be more. If the labour size is small, the rest will be minimal and reward can be minimal as well. So if we think off if we put ourselves in this in audio, where we earn a paycheck every month, but we would like to purchase a property and we do not have the funds in liquid Capital to purchase the property, we then have to borrow from the bank in order to purchase the property. The same instance. With the broker. We have to leverage off the broker in order to capitalize in the market and take out the huge contract size so that we can be more profitable. Shootout rate be successful. However, she did not be successful. We run the risk off losing money in the market, So an example of leverage would be if you had a leverage off 100 years to one with an account balance or $5000. But you wish to make a trade. With a contract size off $100,000 your broker will fork out the additional cast provided you put down $1000 service means you have $5000 in your account. Your leverage is 100 east one, but you want to take out a trade to the value of 100,000. Now that amount is not with in your account, so the broker will assist, provided that you put down a security of $1000 which will now become your margin. So in the event of a winning trade, the profitable winnings will be added to your balance. That means if you made a $3000 profit, your balance would now be 8000 in your account. However, in the event of a loss, the balance will be deducted, but not the full 100,000. So if you had put down a security off $1000 with a stop loss marking that $1000 should get you out, you will then be left with an account balance off $4000. So I hope that makes sense. But what we will do is we'll go more into dip and detail with leverage when we get you intermediate and advanced segments under your risk management. Remember, risk management is very important in forex trading. If you cannot manage your risk, you won't be able to manage your account, so the rest management is a key ingredient. Do your phonics success. So I hope you enjoyed this one. Guys, is 5. 4: Forex market trading sessions: hi there. And welcome back to this addition off the online forex school. In this segment, we want to cover more time frame now just a few hints and tips. It is very important that you know which timeframe time zone you are currently in, like myself from South Africa. So the time zone that I'm in this G empty glass too. So this examples will be explained based on GMT plus two, but also you and nifty website where you can actually get all that information in your time zone. So let's get started. So, for starters, the forex market is a 24 hour mark. This means that the market is open 24 hours per day. Currencies are traded any given time off the day with it on a weakened currency exchange. Hands with that someone going abroad over the weekend needs to convert from one currency to another exchange. The major forex trading citizens would be union doing New York trading session, the Tokyo trading station put Frankfurt and lastly, we've got London often referred to as London City, now in South Africa, but will open at 11 p in often in, and it will run up until 7 a.m. the next day, so that means we need to live in a 11 p.m. in South Africa. It means that the forex market for the Australian Products Market Australian station as now begin, followed by the Tokyo Station, which opens at 1 a.m. In the morning and runs up into 9 a.m. The same day. Our friend for Titian starts at 8 a.m. In the morning and it finishes 1600 bpm, the often within the same day. Our London station out you go brunch from 9 a.m. in the morning up until 5 p.m. The same day. And then lastly we would have our New York session which runs from two PM the afternoon up until 10 p.m. The same day. Now, if you are a forex data, you can decide which session you would like to trade. A witch session is based in trade with which currency pays and you can build your strategy around certain timeframes within the market. You can avoid certain sessions within the market. Now the forex market only goes alive in South Africa on a Sunday night at the even PM and it closes off on a Friday night that think South African done now If you are not inside Africa, you need to adjust your times accordingly and I'll show you the nifty website that you have that you can actually make use off. So without further Julie me just show you show you the website that I was referring to. So the website itself, As you can see, the webpage would be phonics dot time zone converter dot com And once you've got this address in your search bar, it will take you to this webpage of you. Now you need to change the time zone. So if you are in Europe London, you change it to London. In my case, I'm in Africa, Johannesburg and it will now show me the market time things. So it indicates the forex market center. So Frankfurt, London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo and in the time zone, you know London is also the Europe. New York will be America. Sydney will be Australia and Asia with Asian station will be Tokyo. It will say it will stay exactly what time the market opens and what time the market close . So as we can see Frankfurt. We are two minutes over four. Beat him So Frankfurt just closed within an hour's time we should see the London station closing and then we would only have the New York system running on in tonight at 11 p.m. We should see the Sydney Open and run to the next day and close at seven in the following morning. So what you simply need to do is if you are in New York, you simply select New York and scroll down until you see the forex time gone Burda. And it will now be that your London station will now close at 11 a.m. Stay name now in New York. So I relive in AM That's when the London station closes and in at 4 p.m. Natural in the New York station were closed if I was in the area vicinity off. So I hope you enjoy this one, guys and one of the best going for two years before 6. 5: Executing Market Orders: hi traders. And welcome back to this addition off the online part of school. As you know, my name is a here and today we're going to be looking at executing market orders. Now, when we discussed market borders, this would be how you would basically in the exit the market and these various orders that one can use to in tow exit the market. Some are market executions, my limits cell elements by stops, south stops stop losses trailing. Stop loss is those are the owners that we have at our disposal when we use meditative for no straight are instantly actualized on the market on the current market conditions. This means that basically, if you are sitting in front of your laptop and you have your meditated for platform open, you're looking at the market. You're busy doing your technical analysis and you spot an opportunity to buy. If you perform a market execution, that will be the price that you will get in over there. So if you doing a later, you're looking at your USD and you see that the price is 1.256 to the dollar and you want to buy that would be the price that you will get in. So your orders are executed immediately on the normal conditions without a market execution , when it's a stop loss, with its a trailing stop with buy stops, cells up or a violent Salomon, so most of the orders will be entered into the market and the normal conditions. However, some of the orders might experience some delays. Now this is only due to excessive volatility in the market. Now what could possibly create the volatility in the morning? This is normally influenced by fundamental events and the market at the time off the entry can our experience volatility which were is out in the Greek warts from the broker, which means we often experience where your spreads becomes wider due to the funding limit you to the fundamental events. Now what is the spirit we've also covered in the future? However, spread is basically your charge that the broker charges you for trading and it's normally calculated in groups. So the different types of orders that we have the term with the lack of attention refers to how you in tow exit the market Now. When we when we discussed market execution market order. It is basically instant market entry when the order is done immediately after current market price. So what you see on the screen the price That's where you will get him at the blood off spies? No stop lost water. This needs to be attached to in order. If you are technically trading the market, that's not matter what the strategy is about. We need to manage that. There's no strategy with 100% winning streak, so a stop loss order will be. Leave your trade to prevent further losses. Now, if you have predetermined way, would like to get in on a by always so order. You need to also pre plan where you would like to get out of that bio Sal order if the market is going against you and that takes a level of maturity when it comes to far explaining, you need to be able to say this is where I would like to enter my by yourself. This is where I would like to exit the market should the market turn against me, and that takes a huge level off maturity. So it's preplanned and it's linked to your bio sell order. Now, this is very important because it forms part off your that s management. Uh, rest management. Forex trading is a key ingredient. You can many You risk Well, well, beauty water. Let's have a look at by stops sell stuff by Element and Salam. So stop into the order. The first your biased up in yourself. Now, if we look at by stopover here, this basically means that a buy stop order It's placed above the market price and you anticipating a price will keep on going in that same direction. So if this is the current price we have over yeah, and I see that this market won't go in a upward position, I can now place a by stop at this particular price. So should the market price move higher and a triggers mine by Buddha, I'm anticipating that process will continue going in the upward static yourself stop will be the opposite off the biased up in this scenario. Now, your order east place below the market price and you anticipating that price will keep going in the downward direction. So if you have your parent market price of year, let me the market is currently and you see that this market was so off, you can now place a south toppled over. Yeah, In anticipation, that class will move down, trigger your entry and hopefully continue going in the parish relation with. Down with that. Now, why would you want to use it Biased up in the south? Stop. I mean, if you've analyzed and you spotted that market to go up from the with, the market should go down from you. Why should I use a biased up with sell stuff now? Buy stuff and South stuff is a safer way off getting in. Because if you have pre planned we had classes heating. Then you would say, You know what? I've got more reason to believe Bash will continue going in upward direction, shouldn't he? This price of you, some love for the South Stop. You've got more reason to believe that price will continue going down. Figured that level over there. One. So our limit in three orders This is our by limit and our solemn. Now these orders are placed in advance. So it has to be preplanned being leaked to be analysis in place to give you a reason to put a by limit with Solomon in order. So your by limit, which is which will be a buy order displaced below the market price and that you hope slash will go up once it hits your name, please. So, current market prices over a year and we're hoping that brash would go down. Treeger, our pilot, I mean, moving in the opposite. Batic. So you're should be a level off support from this should be a level of support that you've anticipated. Price will heat the support liver and continue going back in the police direction. Inversely offs element. This order is placed above the market price, and you are hoping or anticipating at the flash will continue going down off the bed. So if we have a current market price of year, that's where the market is Currently, we cannot determine that from our technical analysis, Flash will turn around at this level over here, so be waiting for place to get to that area vicinity or that price, and then hopefully a three gives our south stop and continues in the opposite direction of no this number into the orders and stop in three orders or extremely helpful and good, especially if you do not have enough time to always sit in front of the laptop and watch the market price as it's going to the level we actually want inter from. So if you're heading out, so if you need to be somewhere, you can say pile amount of Salomon's, and that will trigger your injury way in it in advance, even if you're not around. But remember, person the market price need to get to the entry pass that you've set for your bias top of South or your violent your Salomon. Now the fundamental strategy that I will showcase to you guys going forward, you won't need to know how to make use off your by Stop yourself. Then we have a trailing stop loss, no trailing stop loss. This is the type of border that is best suited when the market moves in your favor. So you've placed in India buying Stop with South stop done a market execution, but prices now while in advance in your favor and you are in profit with your trade with you selling or buying a trailing stop loss can be attached to your trade, which will move with the market or price fluctuation. So if prices going in your direction for your by odor, you can attach a trailing stop loss and it will lock in profits for you as it goes in your direction in your favor. So if we look at, for example, us all the Japanese in now you took a short position with is a sell order and the price on 90 point pretty then to the dollar. Your stop loss order is at 91 to the dollar. So that means you have a difference off 0.20 and that will be a 20. Per you're trailing. Stop is now also sit 20 pups. So she the market move in 90.50 Then you're trailing Stop with thematically move into profit and lock in the profit automatically. So that means that your tailing stop you knew tailing stuff would now be at 19.70. It will constantly be behind the talent market price with 20 pups so that if the market reverses and a three gives you a trailing stop will accept your trade out of the market. But it will execute trade with the profits that you have locked in from the trading stuff. So the trailing stop loss were continuously trailed. The market by the pope amount that you have seen. So I really hope you enjoy this one. Guys. I hope to see you in the next tutorial anyways by 7. 6: How to read a Forex Quote: hi there. And welcome back. As you know, my name is a here, an investigatory away. We are going to learn how to read a forex quote now thought X quotes are always quoted in bays. So that's not matter which currency it will always be quoted in pays. For example, US dollars are us all the Japanese yen even, you know USD. Now the reason for paying currency pays is to establish an exchange rate off how much it would cost for buying one currency versus selling another currency. So let's look at the example of us dollar czar. So in this instance, U S dollar is my base currency and czar is my quote currency, So $1 will cost me 15 grand. So what we need to remember is that the first currency to the left off the forwards less is our base currency. In this example, it's the dollar and the second currency to the right. Off the forwards less is our quote currency. In this example, it will cost us 15 then. So this entirely means that for one United States dollar, I need to pay 15 9 when we think off the base guarantee and if we suspect that the base currency will gain value, we take a by order. So if we suspect that US dollars are will go in an uptrend, we then take a buy order which we now have suspicion at. The base currency, which is the dollar will gain value someone to investing in that economy. We wouldn't take a sell order if we think the base currency, which is the dollar, will lose value. So if you have suspicion that the United States dollar will lose its value, you can now take a south order in the hopes that the dollar loses value. The opposite is also true when we think off the court currency. If you if you understand and if you suspect that the quote currency which in this case is the czar, we'll gain value will become strong in value. You would then take a south position because it will cost you less czar to buy $1. And if you suspect that the quote currency will lose value, you would take a by position because it will cost you more off. The quote to buy the base currency now was very important when it comes to your currency pairs is that the first currency paid to lift is your base currency, and your base currency will always be equal to one. So $1 will always cost $1. But then, if we look at the second currency to the right off the food slash, which is our quote currency, Ah, good currency will basically mean how much we need to pay off the quote currency to buy one off the base currency. So to put that in perspective, a gallon off mook will have a certain cost. The amount off Moke will not change, but the price we need to pay for that amount of money. That gallon off book that is the one that changed similar to fuel a leader off Pittle will cost you x amount. The amount of leaders will change because it will always be how much one leader is going to cost you. But the price you need to pay for that one leader can changed you to demand supply accepted . So when we think of our currency pairs remember one off the base equals X off the currency amount and and the start of the quota month and the quote amount will give us our exchange rate. So if the base currency is going to gain value, we take a by position. And if the place guarantee is going to lose value, we take a sell position. Inversely. If the quote currency is going to gain value, we take a sell position. And if the quote current is going to lose value, we take a by position. That simply means that if your base is going to gain, value the market. But I should go up. If your base is going to lose value, the market price should go down because you'll have to pay less off the quote for one of the base. If the base currency gains value, you have to pay more of the quote for one of the base. Now, if the quote currency is going to gain value, we take a sell position. It will now cost less off the court to buy one of the base, and if the quote currencies going to lose value, you take a bite position because it will now cost us more off the quote to buy one off the base. So that is your far X quote guys, it is always in peace. The right off the forwards less will be your base currency, which is equivalent to one. So I didn't lift off your forwards. Less is your base currency, and it's equivalent to one. The second currency, which is on the left side, on the right, off your currency pay is your quote currency. And that guarantee pay determines your exchange rate. How much you need to pay off the quote to purchase by one off the base. So I hope you enjoy this one, guys and help. It was really insightful. Thank you. 8. 7: long vs short bid and ask price: hi there and welcome back. As you know, my name is a here and in this tutorial we're going to discuss. But and US Price now also clarify what the them long means in the forex market as well as the term short. No going long or taking a long position in the forex market is basically buying the market and being short or going short or holding a short position in the market means you are selling the market. But be first. You can determine whether to go long or short in a particular market. You first need to determine whether you want to buy or so that particular market if you bought. If you plan on buying a particular market, it means that you are going long or you are taking a long position. If you're selling the market, it means that you're going short well that you are taking a short position in the market now, but in awe spices. But in August, prices is. The price is that you will be quoted from your forex quote and it will always be quoted in to prices. But price and or spies, the bird price is the market price that the broker allows you to sell the market from. So you be going short from the bird price. The ask price is the market price that the broker allows you to buy will go long in a particular mark. The difference between the bird price and the gas price is often referred to as a spread. The spread is the broken George, which is the result off the difference between the bird price and are spies. Now your spread is always measured in books. So your spirit is the charge that you will pay to the broker for trading on the forex market in books, for example, if we look at us, dollars are if the ask price for US dollars or is 15 grand and the but price for US dollars or is 14 rand 90 then the spread for us dollars are is staying sense. So that means that you will pay 10 cents for every trade you place on us dollars. Sore as that is the difference between your blood price in your arse price. And that is your George that the broken charges you now remember the ask price, which would be the 15 then is the amount you will be buying from or going long. The bird price, which is the 14th 1990 is the amount or price that you will be selling from. We're going in a short position. So I hope you enjoyed this one, and I hope I cleared it up as far as possible. 9. 8: Pips and Pipettes: hi there. And welcome to this addition off the online for the school. In today's topic, we're going to be discussing props and puppets so kindly pay a lot of attention to props and puppets as it's very, very important. The place is, or the foundation of your forex career is with in parks and puppets, because we need to know how to calculate them, how to identify them and for the strategy that you guys will get at the end of the schools . It is very important that you chocolate books from the word go. So first and foremost, a little bit of mathematics is required. You don't need to be a mathematician in order to calculate props. Well, you need to be able to do is identify, perhaps and in from the ad was subject we needed. So, firstly, what the heck is a? We took it. Now I pop is a unit measure to express the change in value between two currencies. Already freeze. A book is a unit measure to express the trains in value between two currencies. A puppet, on the other hand, is a dent of a book. Hence, it's a smaller expression off the changing value. A pope is the foot decimal place of your quotation. Well, your quote currency, very important. A pope is the foot decimal place off the quotation within your quote currency. A prepared, however, is the first decimal place with some of the brokers now without exception with, you know, Yin Peas. The book would be the second decimal point, and the puppet would be the third decimal point. That's very important to remember all of our currency pays the foot decimal point will be the book and the second decimal point. You know, young peas is out, but so some brokers do I locate 1/5 decimal point and some brokers do not locate a first decimal point similar to your yen pays. If your broker allocates 1/5 decimal point in your currency pairs like EUR, USD, GBP, USD, then in your yen pace, they would locate 1/3 decimal point to identify or highlight a puppet. Now, if we look at Euro USD, all right, so this is, you know, ust an African. See, we have the point. And in 12345 So we have five decimal. He just after the point so the broker is now so casing puppet as well. So if the market where it goes from $1 22 500 unto $1.22 5 10 the market would now have moved one foot higher. So how did that happen? If we look at our decimal point of year and we see that the foot digit after the decimal point has changed, it has now changed with one book, all right. Similarly, we can see that the lost two digits after the point has changed and it's no sting. Now remember, a puppet is a tent of a book, so the market would have had moved one foot higher. All one can say the market has moved 10 puppets higher. So let's look at another example where euro USD moves from $1 point when it do 500 to $1.22 501 And that lost change in the last digit was a puppet movement, a very, very small increments movement. And it went one book bit higher. Yeah, so let's look at our GNP's US dollars Japanese yen. So the yen has moved from 113.500 to 113.550. So let's firstly identify after the point. Our second decimal is our pop. So after the point, the second decimal has increased with five. And that's a five book move over the and after the decimal point, the last three digits. Remember that third decimal is our puppet, and as we can see, the decimal has changed with 50. So 50 perps sorry, 50 puppets is equal to five books. So let's look at a puppet movement in this instance again. US dollars Japanese yen were the unis moved from 113.500 2113 win 55 And that in itself is a five puppet movement because the lost decimal with the third decimal digit after the point, has moved higher by five. So that's an even smaller increments movement off changing value in place. Okay, so I'm going to sell you a technique that I personally use in my daily trading when calculating books and how to easily identify away my puppies and how much I need to add for my stop loss on how much I need to subtract from my pig profit accepted except them. Now, the first and foremost thing I do is I dropped the point. I forget that the point exists, and I forget that the lost decimal digit exist. If there's a five decimal point, I would then read the number as a whole number, which would be 12,000 250 now. If the market increases with pity, perhaps that would be 12,000 200 and 80. All right. If the market decreases with 50 pumps, that number would then be 12,220. So I hope that makes sense. Now let's up the stakes a little. If the market moves up with 250 points, so it moves higher with 250 pops, that would then mean my price would be 12,000 500. So when I compute the number, it would be one point Do 500. If the market moves lower with 100 points, the numbers should read 12,150. So I hope that makes sense. And I hope you could see it through my explanation over there. But if you do require more in depth explanation. Do not hesitate sending me an email if we look at our yeon pain. In this instance, I do the exact same thing. I dropped the point and I dropped the lost or the third dissembling again. Be the number should read 11,350. So it is fairly easy for me to add or subtract toe a whole number. So if the market moves higher with the 100 pumps, it would be 11,450. So if I want to compute that into the price, it would be double 14.50 If the market was to decrease with 300 pumps, the new did. The new figure would need double 10 0.50 was the price would now be 11,000 and 50. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. And I hope by using that methodology in calculating your perhaps, that you will have a easy task at hand in the future when you need to calculate perps. So I really hope you enjoy this one. Thank you guys, but by 10. 9: Types of Market Analysis: high status and welcome to this edition off the online forex school today. Stop It is the three different types off market analysis that we find in the products market, so to name the three would be technical analysis, fundamental analysis and sentimental analysis. So what is technical analysis? Really? Technical analysis is the framework in which traders studied the market price movement. That means that you analyzing a George off a currency p and you're looking at the market behavior. And from your technical standpoint, you can make informed decision as to whether you would like to buy or sell in that particular market. Now, technical analysis comprises off a lot of inter frameworks. It could be the usage off indicators it could. It could be naked for X training, but it basically comes down to an analysis done on a chart Off with. You can make a decision as to whether you would like to buy in that particular market or if you would like to sell in that particular market. So remember, you can either go long or you can go short Inn at the market. Most on your technical analysis. Now, fundamental analysis is a way of looking at a market by analyzing the economical standpoint , the social factors and also the political forces that may affect the supply and demand off that particular asset currency. So this would being taking into consideration unemployment rates, interest rates, taking into consideration the CPI high, which it first to the consumer product inflation and looking at fundamental aspects that could influence the market. Fundamental analysis can also be influenced by natural disasters, hurricanes, floods. All those factors can play a role in the supply and demand of a particular asset. So fundamental analysis is about analysing the market at a financial. And I find the mental standpoint it's looking at the market and understanding that in order for them to gain value in the currency, they must increase the interest rate or they need to lower the inflation. And there's a lot of factors that can go into fundamental analysis. And then, lastly, sentimental analysis, as you are traders sitting wherever you all me, that's that it offers at home. You have your own personal sentiment off that particular market, so it's trader has. He's our own opinion as to why a market is acting the way it does, and this often is expressed by the position day with. So let's say you've done a technical analysis on the market and you can foresee a possible bull run. Now. A bullet on is an up train. And fundamentally, you could also line up that the new should impact the market to continue running in a bull trend. And from a sentimental analysis, you honestly feel that the market prices to know and from the you anticipate that the price should go higher. And if all those three stars align, you could have a really good trade at hand. But we need to differentiate between what is technical analysis. What is fundamental analysis on what is sentimental analysis? Remember, sentiment normally surrounds itself with whole numbers and the round numbers because there would be a lot of sentiment around those figures. Fundamental analysis. Looking at political forces, economic events and social evenings and technical analysis is the pure framework off, using your understanding and analyzing the market and creating a prediction as to where the market could go in the near future. So I hope you enjoyed this one. Um, and I hope we move over to the next six and or segment of our training to you guys. But why