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FREE e-Learning Sources That Are Worth Your Time

teacher avatar Hana Stejskalová, I always look for doing the things better way

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Why to Enroll

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Learn New Languages

    • 4. Let Information Find You

    • 5. Improve Your Academic Knowledge

    • 6. Save Time by Reading Faster

    • 7. Get the Right Inspiration

    • 8. Get Lectures Without Attending Them

    • 9. Get Certificates to Advance Your Career

    • 10. Bonus Source

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

These days we are so overwhelmed with information from all around us. It's impossible to watch, listen or learn every new published piece of information. You have to choose some of them and give them your most precious commodity in the world - TIME.

That's why I decided to create this class.

You will get and learn:

  • 8 free e-learning sources
  • how to save time when reading
  • where to learn new languages in form of games, etc.

This course is for everyone, who has to choose which information she/he should watch, learn or listen.

Click ENROLL, give me your feedback and enjoy the class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hana Stejskalová

I always look for doing the things better way


I'm always looking for doing the things better way and I believe that times, when you had to go to work for 8 hours/day and the only place, where to educate yourself, were schools, are long gone.

Still in our educational system kids are not educated how to earn and manage their money. I'm going to change this reality.

Well like Mark Twain said: "I've never let my school interfere my education."

Since I left college, I've been focusing on alternative sources of income, investments and self-development.

In last 2 years I've been able to trade stocks, ETF, invest in P2P loans, Bitcoin, precious metals and mutual funds. And I am actively trading FOREX.

I'm always looking for doing the things better way.

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1. Why to Enroll: have you ever felt over around with information being unable to choose where to put your attention? Don't worry, it's not your fault. Thanks to the technology, in one week we receive as much information as our ancestors in their whole lives. It is absolutely impossible to absorb all the information from around us. That's why I decided to create this class to share the learning sources, which I think are worth it. My name is Hannah stays Calabar. And I'm excited to be your teacher today. Thanks to the sources in this course, you will find out how to save time when reading by reading faster or helpful it information come to you. You will also good sources. But you can get certificates to advance your career. Or very you can learn new languages for free. Are you interested in this course? You will get eight free. You learning sources that are worth your time. So don't wait too long. And Inderal now, see you inside the course. 2. Class Project: is a class project. I would like you to tell us your favorite You learning website. You don't have to choose only from sources in discourse, but you can pick whatever source you like. Tell us the name of the website. Choose a course or a topic which you like the most. And that's why you like it. Or what is special about the website for the course. Also make screenshot off either main page for off the course and posted to the Project gallery. I'm really looking forward to see your project. 3. Learn New Languages: dueling Go is a great website for learning languages, and it is completely for free. It is designed to teach you buy games and interactive exercises. It is available as a platform android, and Iowa's no great bonus for this website is that you can at your progress to your LinkedIn profile. Dueling. Go provide certification about your language. Fluency. There are many languages you can choose from, but the range off languages depends on your native language. For example, my native language is check, and I wanted to Owen French. However, French is not available for trick speakers, so I had to choose. English is my native language. In my open ear, it is always better to choose. English is your native language because you go have a wider range off languages to choose. Unless you want to learn English, then choose your real native language. And now let's see how the website looks like. When you logon, you will see you summary your les sons when it is gold, you know the words and the grammar very well, but when it isnot gold, it means improvement. You hear you can see your fiance and Bill O Dell Berizzo link to ETA certification to your LinkedIn profile as I talked about it before. When you click on it, your LinkedIn profile opens, and here you can save your certificate to do a profile. Up here, you can see days in a streak and number off. Lingle's Lingle's are earned for completing skills for leveling up. And for 10 day streaks, you can buy additional ascends or other power ups like streak free or double or nothing for language. You can do each lesson separately if you learn new skills. But if you want toe, repeat or revise the vocabulary and grammar. The best feature four days is threatened skills. When you choose it, you will practice more lessons at once, so it will be very much quicker. Each lesson includes different types off exercises. No. 1st 1 can be translating. Avert for, um, your native language toe the language you choose to learn, and if you are not sure how to translate the word you can, how were over the word and to the translation will appear. If you are right, you will gain points, and if you are wrong, you will lose points. The other type off exercise is translating sentences. It is a little bit more difficult, but you will practice a lot. Okay. In this type of exercise, you will hear a world phrase or sentence, and you are supposed to rewrite it if you didn't hear, while you can click on days, pattern or days made some turtle and if you click on the turtle, the sentence will be set much slower. This is the most useful exercise for me. I didn't see it on any other website. Only on dueling Go, you will hear sentence and you are supposed to say it again. You will need a microphone for death. If you didn't hear well, the sentence. You can click on this icon and they will tell you it again. And after that he will click on Microphone and say the sentence After you gain particulate amount off points, Dawson is over and you will earn experience. You will complete some lessons, and it can improve your for one thing. So that's it from dueling Grow now let's go and learn your language today 4. Let Information Find You: have you ever wanted to get to know something? But you didn't want to search for the information. Now it's possible that high bro it is a website where you sign up for a particular course and they will send you the information to your email address. Each morning you will have one email from High Bro in your mailbox. You haven't read in five minutes or less. At the end of each email, you will find another help free sources like books or Web site about your chosen topic. One course lasts for 10 days. It means that one course has 10 lessons where you read everything important about the topic . After these 10 days, they will guide you also wire email to sign up for another course. And after the first course, this is the only way how to sign up for another one. If you go to their website and try to sign up for another course with the same email, it won't work. You have to click on the link in the email and choose scores there. Hi, bro. Also sense additional emails with the most pop your or new courses in categories that you are interested in, so you don't have to check whether there is something new. There is a wide range of topics you can choose from. I personally prefer everything from productivity and business category, especially the courses being and staying productive and how to validate an idea very day, even give you materials like sample business plans or service. My next favorite category is Health, where I took courses about superfoods and running. So now let's go and sign up for your first email course. 5. Improve Your Academic Knowledge: can academy. It's a wonderful website, their mo toys. You can learn anything for free for everyone forever, and it is absolutely true. You don't need to pay anything, and you can learn everything for a mouth, toe, art and finance. And it can even prepare you for entrance exams to college. It is suitable for everyone from small Children, two adults and even pain juniors. There are different types off lessons. Topics like finance and art are inform off video courses. Under each video, you will find a discussion where you can ask questions or give feedback, and the teacher will answer you. Other topics, like math, are inform off interactive exercises. In October 2016 can academic released a new app for Android and IOS. The EPA has very nice design, and it is very easy to navigate, in my opinion, the best benefit. It has four Children and students because it is focused on school subjects, but everyone finds their something interesting. So now let's show the Khan academy itself. When you alot gain, you will see a summary off your come. The orientation on the page is very easy, so if you want, you can skip this part. I will briefly describe the main features. Andi. At the end, I will show you how interactive exercises looks like. So there you can see your about our that you choose when you signed up. It is improving. When you gain points on budgets, you can see number off your points. Here. Coins are earned for watching videos and completing lessons for completing lessons. You also earn badges. I think that this is a great to toe keep people, but especially Children motivated because, be honest, who would not like to improve avatar and collect achievements? And now let's show how interactive exercises look like. At first you have to choose a subject. You will do that in this manual and are we will choose, for example, arithmetic. And here I will choose Don't bake, for example, addition and subtraction. And this is how the interface off each topic looks like. If you see this icon, there will be a video explaining the problematic off the topic. If you see a star, it ihsaa interactive exercise, which you have to complete there can be offered. I can't, but in this topic it isnot and it's ah, sheet off paper. And there you will find text to read about the explanation off the topic. Okay, so now I will choose, for example, practice at within 10 and this is the interactive exercise. Each time, you will have a problem and you are supposed to solve it in each lesson. There are five problems at the end. You get points for completing the exercise, and sometimes you earn batch. These exercises are grateful Children when they need to practice to school, for example. So that's how Khan Academy looks like. So don't wait anymore and start learning. 6. Save Time by Reading Faster: How much time per day do you spend reading? And how many hours is it in a week? I've done some research, of course, the Internet and I found this month. It shows how many hours in the week people spend reading books in different countries. The 1st 1 is India, where people read almost 11 hours a week, which is about one hour and 30 minutes a day. On the other hand, in Korea, people read only free hours during the week, only 26 minutes a day in average. Around the world. It is run our battered A, which is seven hours per week. And now imagine that you can read two times more quickly and effectively. You would say free and 1/2 hours a week, and it just reading books. You can achieve that way, Fla. Jen does legend. Us is a website created by checks that will teach you speed reading a scale which you find useful of any using other educational websites. It is designed to extend your eye span and to over a number off fixation on the line over text. The whole course is composed off 14 lessons, after which you will gain certificate like this one. Riff your achievement off reading, speed and improvement. Every lesson is composed of four parts. I spend the Oreo speed reading ice fixation in the final test. You have to pass the final test in order to stop next lesson. And please don't try to just pass the test and move on to next lesson. The key to success is to do all the exercises as dutifully as you can. Yes, you will gain the certificate faster, but you won't read that fast and you won't safe time. And this website is especially about saving time. After registration, you will get a free lesson trial after death It despite about not expensive. If you are a student, the price is 32 euros, about 35 U. S. Dollars. If you are not already a student, the price is 65 euros. About 70 U. S. Dollars. Dip your eyes is a four lifetime license, so when you pay it, you have the access to all of the content for the rest of your life. In addition, you will gain e book about his story and theory of speed reading, where you get important and interesting information. If you think that it isn't worth the money, you can repeat the first free lessons over and over again for free. I can really recommend this website to all of you. I'm currently in 12th last son and achieved 200% better reading speed. It is not easy to pass the final test at later lessons. So I had to repeat them sometimes even four times. But it is definitely worth it. I read faster and even more effectively. I remember more from the text and I save time. In my opinion, this is one of the most beneficial websites ever. You will definitely not regret the money or time. 7. Get the Right Inspiration: Dad has two amazing websites. Ted. Add on ted dot com. Ted at is a platform where you can watch educational videos about art, health or business. New videos are short, usually to 10 minutes, and after that there is a simple crease to test your new gained knowledge. Some of the lessons off one toe big are combined into Siris for better overview. It was originally man from teachers for Children, but I think that it is were for adults, too. Other advantage off Ed is that everyone can at last, son, you just find or create your own radio, uploaded to the platform and then create the notes and decrease. It's that simple. And now I would like to mention the second that website, ted dot com, where you can find inspiring speeches from successful people from all around the world. The speeches are focused mainly on their stories and success. Ah, Fun Day also talk about environment and interesting world news. Under each video, you will find a discussion where you can share your ideas or feedback. You can also use because profile where you find additional information and sources. Ted dot com is a great website when you don't want to do anything, but you know you should. I would like to recommend you a playlist off videos called 20 Most Popular Talks Off all time. It is a selection off wonderful speeches about body language, motivation or happiness. My personal favorite speech is the thrilling potential off six cents technology from print off Mystery. I won't reveal any details, but you should definitely cedar. There are so many topics and videos you can see that you should not right and go head. 8. Get Lectures Without Attending Them: and X is a great website, especially for university students. It is a platform with online courses from world top universities like Harvard, a mighty or Baracoa. Any university student has an option to choose a course on Adex, which is credit eligible. Take it, and at the end, after passing an assignment, they go to university credit. It means that students don't have to attend lectures anymore. Instead, they can take a course and get same number off credit. Not all the courses offers this option, but still, it's a great idea when you are not already student. You can also watch courses and gain something instead of credit. You will get a certificate. The courses are for free, but the certificates are paid no prices, usually from 49 to $99. The important thing both certificate, is that you are able to gain them only if the course is current. If you don't want to get any certificate like me, I'm interested only in getting new information, not certification. You don't have to pay you just general to, of course, and choose that you don't want to get certificate, then the learning is completely for free When you want to advance your career, you can take so called ex serious program. It is a Siri's off courses, which can help you to get a better job or to gain a promotion. The price off X series is higher because you take more courses at once. So if we are a student or not, go and find some courses for yourself. 9. Get Certificates to Advance Your Career: coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations were a wide to offer courses online for anyone to take. In addition to diet course, there are offers to get certificates for on wide range of subjects like data science, business or programming. And, like we talked about it in a decks. While the courses are for free, the certificates are no. The price is usually around 20 to $130. To get a certificate, you are supposed to take raises during the courses, and at the end you have to pause the final assignment. You can take course whenever you want, but the crisis and final assignment are available only if any session off the course is current and it is the same. Like in FedEx. You don't have to get any certificate at the beginning of the course. Choose that you want, of course, without certification. There is also an option to choose who specialization, specializations work same like addicts. Ex series. It is composed off 5 to 10 courses, and at the end you gain also certificate. But we were higher value. The price of who specialization is starting at $200. As my experience, I would like to recommend you a course called Learning How to Learn Very well. Get mental tools, which, helping study even tough subject. You can learn whatever comes to your mind. Just find it on course era. 10. Bonus Source: the last one in our course is classroom of, um I've chosen this website justice matter off interest because it is still in better mo. But I think that it has a great idea. Glass room, if I am, provides a nonstop broadcast from Stanford University. There you can wrote speeches from their teachers or even from famous people like founder off Alibaba and other express Jack MMA. The great advantage of this website is that you can check with other students who are watching so you can share your ideas, ask questions or find solutions. Classroom FM is planning to provide broadcast from other universities, but, as I said, it is still in bad a mood. 11. Conclusion: and here we are at the end of the course. I hope you all enjoyed it. You can find all the resources from the scores in the attach pdf file. And also don't forget about your project. I would really like to see your favorite e learning websites and learn something new. You can ask me questions or give me feedback in the community section. I would be grateful for any Komen's. And remember, time is the most precious thing in our life. So don't waste it and improve your knowledge effectively. Thank you for watching and see you in another course.