FREE Video: How to make delicious shortbread cookies, from scratch, using this very easy method. | Traditional English Cooking | Skillshare

FREE Video: How to make delicious shortbread cookies, from scratch, using this very easy method.

Traditional English Cooking, Traditional English Cooking

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7 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Making the shortbread dough: Part 1

    • Making the shortbread dough: Part 2

    • Preparing for baking

    • Baking

    • Baked short bread

    • Printed Method


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In today’s lesson, we shall be baking a great classic biscuit – shortbread -not to be confused with shortcake which sounds similar but is quite different. This is a really tasty, plain biscuit which is normally associated with Christmas but can be eaten anytime. You can even add chocolate drops or dried fruit to the mixture.


Shortbread dates to the 12th century when it was originally made from leftover dough and sweetened with sugar. It has its origins in Scotland and It was Mary Queen of Scots who popularised it in the 16th century and changed its look to something we are more familiar with. Traditionally it is baked round, pricked with a fork and sprinkled with caster sugar. It’s believed that the first recipe was documented 200 years later in the 18th century.

To bake, it uses the minimum ingredients, is inexpensive and easy to make. Shortbread is traditionally made from one-part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts flour. Ground rice or cornflour are often used in the recipe. Today’s recipe only takes three ingredients.

We hope you enjoy baking this with us but above all “Have fun!”

Questions answered in this lesson:
Can you use granulated sugar to make shortbread?
How do you make shortbread biscuit?
What are the ingredients to make shortbread?

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Traditional English Cooking

Traditional English Cooking

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