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FREE Photoshop Class - Mirror Illusion

teacher avatar Brandon, Artist & Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Taking Pictures

    • 3. Making Magic

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to take two different images and blend them together to make an amazing mirror illusion. This class is great for beginners as it teaches you the importance of layer masks and how to create amazing effects without getting caught up in all of Photoshop's tools.. Join Brandon (me) in this fun, laid back class.

Meet Your Teacher

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Artist & Designer


Hey everyone! Names Brandon (aka Kitten Bombs) and I'm a digital artist. That's short for graphic designer, digital painter, illustrator, etc. etc. etc.

During day I design monuments and headstones and at night I digitally paint and make classes.

Keep up with me and my art.

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1. Hello: Hey, guys, welcome to this section of the Internet. Now, if you're new to photo shop, this is this is gonna be right up your alley because it's something that simple. And it's something that's unique. We're gonna be creating a simple illusion, and that illusion is using a mirror and your personality. So basically, the illusion is you. Me, Whoever's doing this is looking in the mirror, and the reflection is gonna be in a different pose than the actual physical you. In reality, it's a simple little illustration, and I think it it's quite appealing because it's so simple. Not only is it simple as an illustration, but it's a simple process to do so I encourage you, especially if you're new to photo shop. But if you're not in the Senate, interesting. I think this would be great for anybody, really. But if your new I completely feel like you guys were capable of doing this, I feel like this is fairly basic stuff. Basically, what we're gonna be doing is taking a couple pictures, don't photo shop doing a little bit. Photo manipulation just t kind of blend images together to create this unique new illustration Like I said, this is great for beginners. You gonna posted to your Facebook or your instagram and share with all your friends, and they're gonna be like, Wow, man, you're really a photo shop. And it's really simple, though it is because it's just an appealing image that makes it signing because you don't need my really hard, you know, really difficult skills to do something completely awesome. And that's one disclosure is gonna be, um, yeah. All right. Well, have fun and enjoy the class. 2. Taking Pictures: Hey, guys, Thanks for taking the class. So let's just jump right into it. In order to create the illusion, we just need to take two pictures. So we take two different shots, one here on the outside and one in the reflection. Um, here on the outside, I'm gonna have kind of a puzzled look and then for the picture, for the reflection, I'm gonna have, like, a just make a complete fool of myself, just like I like a crazy man. And that's okay. You can look as stupid as you want, because that's not who you are. It's just your reflection. It whatever You know, the crazier you look, the better more killing. Be trying different clothes or something. It will add that uniqueness to it. So feel free to put your own spin on this for may. I'm just gonna keep it simple, because I'm boring. I'm just here to teach you guys now some camera tips side no amount an expert on this, so Yeah, but some things that I am doing with this shot is I have a set to manual so that it doesn't change Focus in between the two different shots. Um and the the white balance I have that set Teoh the indoor life. I don't have that on auto because I might have some different colors. Variations between the two shots. And I don't want that since we're gonna be using both of these shots to create the final image. If you have, like an iPod or something that where you can't like, I don't know if, like you can change the settings on those, but you can use an iPod. It's just maybe once you get in photo shop, you might have to change the color balance are something there t help the images blend, but this can be accomplished with a your phone or whatever. And now onto some tips for the poses. Just be relaxed, confident. Try to make a fool of yourself. That's to go. What I'm gonna do is put a hand on on the actual mirror. That way there's, like, some form of connection, and I think that just kind of adds a little bit of interest. Teoh, the final piece that oh, you know there's two different poses here, but our hands are actually touching and eyes something unique. All right, I'm not gonna take the pictures right now because I'm family. But I'll just show you how I go about it. And then next thing you will see the actual pictures that I take anyway, so I'll have, like, a, you know, trying to get into it. Really? You know, like, like, you know, maybe have my I rose, like home, like, kind of confused. I don't know if I might have to adjust the angle of this to actually get a perfect shot of my face or the perfect shot that I what? For the picture of of this portion of face. But I think that the main focus is right here in this, uh, area. Whatever this face, this space right here is making, uh, so I'm not too concerned about seeing all of my face right here, but anyways, all right, so maybe a concern. Look for this image. And then when the second image that I'll take for this shot, I'll have my, uh I'm not gonna be showing. Can't hear that. You get into it, you know, just have fun with it and make it is crazy if you want. All right. So, yeah, that's that's how I'm gonna do it. All right. Good luck with yours. Get get crazy with it. Or keep it simple like me. Whatever. The point is to kind of teach you the basic idea of photo manipulation here, and yeah, but that's something that I forgot to mention is tripod Try makes this easier That way, it's table us. The two pictures are a to the exact angle because if you're taking this would like your own camera or your own phone. If you have a friend that's holding or whatever and you know they're gonna see those different shifts in between the two pictures. But, um, you can kind of fix that. And photo shop is a lot more difficult than if you just have a tripod or some kind of shells or something that you can, you know, prop your hand up on it hadn't been done, but it is a lot easier if you have something there to stable us. Your camera 3. Making Magic: Alright, guys. So this is Ah, where the magic's gonna happen. So yeah, let's get into it. Um So here's the pictures that our that I took. Um I mean, isn't that just not the most beautiful face you've ever seen in your life have I find that my eyebrows, I can get pretty pointy at times on? That's just ah, genetics, I Yes. Okay, what we want to do, let's go to file open and then select our images. I'm doing it this way because with my camera shot in raw and I realized if I drag and drop it in, then I don't get Thea option to edit them both at the same time. So and that's the capability that I want so that they're the same colors. So Alvin on both and over here, I can select both of them. And so whatever white balance changes or exposure and all that, um, it'll be the same on both, so you can see both of them changing. And for me, I feel like this is still two to yellow. We'll see what auto does. Yeah, that really cleans it up pretty well. Let's see what auto does for this This section down here that's a little bit too bright. So I think I'm gonna make my own adjustments. Actually, we'll do. Otto. No. Bring it down just a bit. Yeah, just a little bit of clarity. I want to get too carried away with that. Maybe bring that Relax down. Just a bit. Shadows down, maybe. No, we'll keep him up. Yeah, So that that looks fine to me and definitely looks a lot better than the original shot. That's one of the many benefits that you get when you shoot and grow. So now we're gonna open the images. You know, this one does look a little bit brighter. Um, so we messed up somewhere, but I think we can fix that. So let's just let's get to the good stuff. Now on. Ah, go to this image, cause it opened it up in two different tabs. So we're gonna unlock it by double clicking on it, and then we're just gonna hit control A to select everything on the campus. Um, actually, you could probably do this without selecting everything. You could just grab it. Just make sure you have your move tool over here. Select it and then just drag it on over now it did, like, place it there, not directly over top of it. So what we want to do there is make sure that's on top. And if you got these ah, automatic guidelines on that kind of like shift things to the edges and kind of lock ups while it snaps two edges, then that is pretty easy to get it there. But if you don't just hit control A. Here's a neat trick with your move tool selected hit control A. And then over here you can center it and then you can center it again. So that's the horizontal signal center and the vertical center, and that pops it right there in the middle. So and said another way of going about it. All right, so now what we're gonna do is at some better mass to these cause. I don't want to just go on in here and started race in this because that's destructive. We don't want to work destructive, because what if I want to bring that back? So we're gonna create clear miss my just selecting the layer. So select the layer and then click on this little button down here, okay? And what this did is added this little white square next to it. Basically, what that white Square means is everything's visible and what we do as we change. Let's go to our paintbrush, cause this is how you, um, work with layer mask when our paintbrush and we select black. Now, what this is doing is so white means that it's fully opaque and black means that it's transparent. I don't see through. So if we paint with black, we're going to see through it pretty simple, right? I'm gonna change this to a soft brush. So I'm gonna right click and just dragged the hardness all way down. That way we get smoother blends between the two, and it's a simple as erase. Soon that par shin of the picture that you don't want must bring this back. My that. We're getting some pretty cool results already. All right, So what do we want it to next? I think so. I've mentioned that the colors was a little bit brighter in this one, and since we used a soft brush, you can't really see that transition. So it right now it technically really works just fine for me, but I'm gonna hit control. You just bring the lightness down just a bit. Just it's just a spirit, all right? Yeah. I feel like that fits a little better. You can see this white glare over here. You can see that. It just looks a little bit more blended. All right, I got a portion of my face from this image and here. So let's get rid of that. This image, this one's on top. So that's the one that we're just working on. I think that's all that. We need to work on this in top, but we got a layer mask on that. Anyways, I don't think we need that. Um, so yeah, so we got black, We get a soft brush, we'll zoom in a bit. I'm gonna hit control. Plus, we're not as your mess in. All right, So now we're gonna just erase this area. Let's see. So let's see, That's the bottom. And that's the top. So we're adding or not a race and we're adding, and this brightness, I can tell that there's a transition here, So if I'm using a mouse, But I have a tablet, and using a tablet for this would be a little bit easier, but because you have pressure, pressure, sensitivity. But most beginners probably don't have a tablet. So what we're gonna do is go with the opacity and we're gonna take the opacity down just a bit up here in this corner, you can change your brush opacity. So now or you can change the color as well to like a gray. So a black means that it's fully transparent. White means it's fully opaque. Well, great. Somewhere in the middle. Um, and we could do that, but I'm gonna change the opacity instead. You can see I don't know how much you can see, but it's kind of softening it a bit and blending it a little bit better. You can see if I go over the face. That's I don't want to do that because that's starting that starting Teoh, Uh, erase that and putting the original copy on. And that's not what we want. So I'm going to stay away from that right here. We get a little bit of blurring, huh? Sill isi, that is We need to So we got full sharpness on the image below. So what, we're gonna do his choose black to erase that area? Because that's that's we want toe reveal part of this image. So we got a hide part of this part of this image. Alright, How That makes sense. All right, so I'm gonna race out of it, and with capacity, you hear me click. And probably that's because, uh, opacity is 15. So I got to keep on click in t Get that? Um, it's like a stacking mess. It, I guess. I don't know, But the essence, it's only doing a certain percent, Uh, opaqueness. I gotta keep clicking, which is fine. I could just change it, but I'm lazy, and I'm still working on my blending. All right, Crap. All right. So I'm starting to fulfill that. Knows again on we don't want that. So let's ah, listen, hide that. Come on, choose white again and get rid of that mess. You know, a pointy nose. We don't want that in there. All right, zoom out of it and see what we got going on here. All right, so that looks pretty cool. Um, definitely got the illusion that we got, uh, want. There you go. That's the illusion. Good job, guys. Can't wait to see what you guys create