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R Michael Davies CD, MBA, The Marketing Guy

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3 Videos (49m)
    • Optin Page Design Overview

    • Optin Page Structure & Creation

    • Optin Page Split Testing & Optimization


About This Class


In business, your network is your net worth, and you build your network by building your list - in this case, a network of potential customers and buyers.

Want to build opt-in pages that grow your list? Do you want to gwo your list the same way the TOP LIST BUILDER ON SKILLSHARE does?

That's right. I am the guy that developed the list building systems used by most of the email marketing world today. (Read on, and you will see a link below where I was interviewed by the largest list buildingcompany in the world, Aweber, because I had one of the largest and fastest growing lists they had ever seen)

As a business coach and consultant, I get to help businesses online and offline with their marketing, and honestly I LOVE what I do!

One of the most common mistakes, even for companies with great products, services, websites, etc., is that they spend time and money to get people to their website, and if they don't sell the visitor anything, the visitor is gone forver. HUGE MISTAKE!

The way to correct this is to capture that visitor - and the way to capture the visitor is to "SQUEEZE" them. This is accomplished by offering them an "ethical bribe" - offer them something in exchange for their email address - something that is cheap for you to provide (like a free report, or a worksheet, or sample work) yet valuable enough that your visitor would typically pay $1-$2 for it.

In this way, you can continue the conversation with them long after they leave your website. It is through this conversation that the visitor gets to KNOW you, and then starts to LIKE you (because you are giving them value - not spam), and then learns to TRUST you.

When I developed the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST email system over 15 years ago, it was adopted as best practice by MailChimp, Aweber (who interviewed me for having one of the fastest growing lists on their system see interview HERE

So - how about a quick and easy lesson on how to get the HIGHEST OPTIN RATES possible.  I will be showing you optin rates of not just 3 or 4 or even 10 or 20 percent.

My typical COLD traffic optin rates are in the high 30 percent and even over 50%!!

You can do it. You will learn how to get results like this, AND what NOT to do, which is equally important.

Learn here, from a professionalk list builder, whos lists have been over 500,000 in size. Learn from someone that DOES this, NOT someone that works at a company that just provides email services. I outperform those guys by 7 am :)

Let's have fun, and build killer opt-in pages!






R Michael Davies CD, MBA

The Marketing Guy

Hi all! My first company was literally done from the kitchen table, initially promoting Clickbank affiliate products, then creating my own affiliate products and training membership sites.

My biggest site had nearly 10,000 members paying between $9 and $19 per month to learn affiliate marketing from my brother and I.

Since then, I have been headhunted for international affiliate and marketing speaking gigs, selected out of hundred for board of directors positions in several companies, one which is curtrently going public.

If there is ANYONE on Skillshare qualified to show you how to make money online, it is me. Just about every person on here teaching, is teaching what they learned when they were one of my nearly 250,000 students.  Not to say they couldn't teach what I teach, but why not learn it from the guy that trained them in the first place :) 'Nuff said. 

I am a father of 3, an abysmal golfer, decent guitarist, avid motorcyclist, and Canadian National Silver Medalist in the Senior Heavyweight division of Taekwon-Do.

But why should you follow me? Well, here's a few points ;)

  • The first Clickbank Apex Elite Member in Canada (top 2% producer)
  • Interviewed by Aweber for owning one of the largest and fastest growing lists on their platform
  • Inteviewed in Entrepreneur Magaizine for building (since sold)
  • Digital marketing coach to the top-rated business coach in the U.K.
  • Coached and trained nearly 500,000 affiliate marketers
  • Spoken at dozens of marketing events around the world
  • Chamber of Commerce trainer
  • Department of National Defence Training Standard Supervisor and Quality Manager
  • Impact 100 Award recipient (recognized as one of the 100 most influential minds in the world)
  • Quoted in numerous best-selling business books on marketing
  • inventor of the Squeeze Page (long time ago - Russell Brunson was making web browser apps for my company at the time. Though we invented it, Russelll popularized the term)
  • Mike Filsaime declared that (one of my sites, since sold) is what made him a Super Affiliate
  • Founder of

Ok, there's a short list. Don't want it to get boring, but MOSTLY you should connect because I love to teach NEW tactics, and help others in general.