[FREE CLASS]Watercolor Galaxy Painting #2 - Manga Portrait with Northern Lights + Line Art Template | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

[FREE CLASS]Watercolor Galaxy Painting #2 - Manga Portrait with Northern Lights + Line Art Template

Watercolour Witch Eliza, create art that sells

[FREE CLASS]Watercolor Galaxy Painting #2 - Manga Portrait with Northern Lights + Line Art Template

Watercolour Witch Eliza, create art that sells

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11 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Tracing the Line Art

    • 4. Inking the Line Art

    • 5. Getting Ready for Painting

    • 6. Painting the Night Sky

    • 7. Painting the Hair

    • 8. Painting the Skin

    • 9. Misty Mountains

    • 10. Clothes and Accessories

    • 11. You are Finished - What's Next?

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About This Class

This class in inspired by the greek goddess of the dawn, Aurora.

Take this class  if you like fantasy/ magical coloring books, but never dared to paint a stylized portrait with watercolors.

In this Skillshare class you can download  my Aurora lineart template, so you don’t need to struggle with drawing a portrait, all you need to do is grab your brushes and paint with me.

I’ll walk you through:

  • How to paint a stunning galaxy night sky with northern lights
  • Portrait painting essentials : mix your own skin colors
  • Where to put the shadows and highlights to make the portrait more outstanding
  • My easy method for painting beautiful, flowy hairs
  • How to paint misty mountains and illustrate depth and distance in the background
  • My secrets on how to ink like a pro
  • How to transfer the linework onto watercolor paper
  • All along the class in an easy to follow and fun way

 In the end of the class you will turn the lineart into this watercolor painting.


I do believe coloring should be fun and not something you worries over and over.

Not something that makes you even more frustrated and anxious.

So come, take my class and discover the true joy of painting!


Ohh, and if all the below mentioned reasons are not enough for you, have I mentioned that  in the end you will have your own Aurora watercolor painting, which you can hang on your wall and brag about your friends ;)



Let’s meet in the class!

P.s. You might be as well interested in my other classes:


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Watercolor Galaxy Hairs - if you’d like to learn painting portraits with flowy & whimsical galaxy/ night sky hair  

P.S. 2. New to Skillshare? By registering here you can get your first two months for free!

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Watercolour Witch Eliza

create art that sells


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1. Introduction: welcome to the or or a galaxy voter color class. In this class, you will learn how to paint a beautiful galaxy sky with northern lights. Moreover, at the end of the class, you via be ableto color a portrait with voter color pains. You will get to know how to mix a skin color there to paint the shadows and the highlights where to add details and where to net and you will also learn my easy mattered for coloring the hair. I'm Elysa Storm are the owner of the voter color IT shop. I've been painting with watercolors inside us 12. I self studied voter colors, so trust me, I know how difficult water colors could be in this class. I break down my nearly 20 years off experience into easy methods, so you don't need to struggle for achieving beautiful results. If you are a beginner, you are more than welcome to this class. You can download the liner template off this painting from the class. Resource is so you will need to struggle drawing it on your own. So what are you waiting for a role in the class now and upgrade your voter coerced years? See you in the class 2. Tools: doors. For this painting, you would need the liner printed out, a tick watercolor paper, a beak around brash for the background, a medium and the small sized round brush right in or white water colors, waterproof black pans, blue pains and green for the sky, and also yellows and Perper for the northern sky Effect and Oakar for the skin. Additionally, you can embellish with court or C ever orbit right jelly pans. 3. Tracing the Line Art: tracing the lines. First, put the Leinart facing towards the voter color paper. They them together so the papers won't slide where you trace with your pants. Here goto a bright, sunny window and put the papers on the glass. With the voter polar paper facing towards us, can you see the lines shining through the voter color paper? Now all you need to do is to trace the Leinart feet capacity for victory drink pants here. 4. Inking the Line Art: inking the Leinart for inking the lines. I use Big Mama Chrome waterproof in Pa's I used to size is size two and size five. Here I drove with the size five. Size five is making thicker lines. I use it for outlining the clothes, the neck and around her job. I also use it for the two front or hash trends. It's sticker lines were had me to navigate the viewers attention to the more important parts off the board trade. And it also helps me to create the distinct separation between areas like where her had we meet with the night sky. I recommend you to rotate your paper anti. You find the most comfortable direction for inking specific lines. It doesn't really matter if you are left or right handed. You need to experiment. Which hand position works for you the best. So I continue with the size to pin. It will create thinner, more delicate lines. I use it for inking the tinier details like the bro's and the eyes. When I think the eyelashes, I do it by working with weeks PD lines starting from the islets. I drove in Austria's and I leave the top off the nose blank. I don't think that circle shape there. I eat where the two lips meet and the lower lip. I don't in the upper leaves. I continue to be the pines. I drove some vertical lines. They're really be the three drunks, and then I throw small lines on the trunks. These will be the three branches you can very quickly. Do not worry. You can't get it wrong, especially as thes trees are just fire of a silhouette. There is no need toe, overdone the inking and adding too much. He cares to the pines, Asuka. See, I didn't in the mountains. Now you may wonder why I leave certain lines earning The reason by I don't think those Passy lines is that they are just supporting lines. The only function is to have us when we beamed. So on this painting, the earnings parts at the mountains, the upper lips, the top off the nose, the leaves on the clothes and most off the hair strands 5. Getting Ready for Painting: getting ready for the painting. I did some color practice before I moved on to pay in the sky, and I advise you to do the same. So let's grab a piece of paper and create a color palette. Practice together. I start with bright yellow color as it were, be the light being off the northern line, then light green, then a light blue. I blend them together blue for the sky on black makes blue. Then finally, I blend a bit off purple along stir blues. Look how colorful our night sky will be. And I'm Orting that you painted watercolors you need tow. Avoid painting next to an area which hasn't yet right in orderto avoid the pains to blur into each other. Because of this reason, I needed to have a specific order off painting, which is different from the order off the video lessons. Please check out the document. I upload it to the class resources. Before I started to paint, I fix the edges off the painting to the table tape tow. Avoid the paper becoming toe, baby. When I paint on it Now we are finished. Let's start painting 6. Painting the Night Sky: painting the sky. I use a big, round brash to paint the sky. I dip it into clean voter and just moist on the paper. We teat I most on everywhere where I want to paint the galaxy sky. I do this because I want the galaxy colors to flow and spread Freedy and violently. It scored wet on that painting technique. See how with my be Berries? Now let's review once again I want the light streets to follow. This way I start with a bright yellow I painted where the mountains and the sky me to create a sunrise vibe. Then I seen the lights streets off the northern light. I continue with a bright green. I painted around the yellow streaks and I can t new little. I'd blue paint again. I painted around the light streaks, then a blue color. Can you see how the northern lights sky start to form on the paper? And now that I finished painting the life color parts I follow with the dark colors, I use a very dark blue. Here. You can mix this color by adding black toe the blue paint. It's important that this color should be very dark because that we create the needed color contrast with a dark blue background, the characters white hair via pop up nicely from the painting. I paint the dark blue around her head and around the yellowish light streaks I painted on the borders off the painting to If the paper dried, you can help spreading the pains with adding voter on your brush. It's can have blending the colors. If it's not enough dark, you can add an extra layer off the dark blue paint. Too much paint removed, the extra paint with a clear tissue. I add a bit off more yellow right onto the light streaks to make the north for aligns more colorful. Where you finished, let it dry completely after it dried. You can do the splattering effect. Protect her head with a piece off paper. I used writing, but right watercolor paint is also good. I did my brush into the ink, and I started to knock it gently with another plan. Look at the little splatter stars it created. I do it until I feel there are enough stars as an extra. You may want to draw some little stars here and there with a Jap in, or reach your brush 7. Painting the Hair: hair for painting the hair, you would need violet, purple and fight. Let's makes a creamy violet. I advise toe the violet and makes them until I see a pair you off violet. So I started to paint the hair strands. I follow the fancy lines. I don't paint every hair strength, though. I like to think off her as a flowing river. Here, you don't paint individual hair sprints. Here, you paint ribbons. Don't go into much details, just paying the lower and the middle section off her hair with the creamy violet color. Don't paint on the upper section off the hair paint in the same direction as the hairs flow - on the top of the head. It's just enoughto indicate the route off the hair with some light reversed you shapes and finally gained the I. Breaux's 8. Painting the Skin: painting the skin. If you don't want to mix your skin color, I would recommend using one box neighbors yellow red paint. But if you would like to mix your own color, here it ease. Use Oakar and dread makes them aunty. You are satisfied with the color diluted with clean water. Anti. You get a pair skin tone, as it will be the base layer off the skin. It should look almost invisible. Very pair you painted evenly on the skin areas. If it's too dark, you can dilute it with voter second layer, so the second layer is makes the same baby thread and Oakar. But I don't add too much water to the mix. See how darker it is, bumper to the base layer. Now it's time to pay in the shadows with it. I would paint shadows under the chin, the sides off her neck under her necklace and on the top off her shoulders. I paying the club because I blend the edges off the shadows with clean water. Then I move on to the face inside the year under the lower lip, under the hair, and now comes the important part. I put shadows on the islets and under the eyebrows, and I create the breach off the nose. Let's imagine you need to paint a C letter shape and the reverse See letter. These were B the sides off the nose breach. I leave the middle area empty. I paint only on the sides with C shaped strokes. I blend the edges and put some shadows under the eyes and on the side of the face. I paint shadow under the nose and leaving only the top of the nose blank. I put a bit off pinkish flush on her cheeks. I blend the Blash well red eye liner on her eyes, and I continue with the lips. I paint both the upper and lower lips with like red, but on the lower league, I leave two circles without painting them. These circles will be the leap shines. When it's done, I repaint the upper lips with aboard red. I also dark and I bro's with purple black color 9. Misty Mountains: misty mountains, so we start with a very dark violet paint on the nearest mountain slope. For painting the mountains, you would need to understand atmospheric perspective. It's a painting mattered, which can help you creating the stunts and that your artwork and how to do that pain to the nearest slope, the darkest and the far too slow, the brightest. So I painted the Niedere slope almost black. I repeat it on the other side. Let the paint completely try for the second nearest low. I add a bit off water to my pain. See, this mountain is a bit brighter than the 1st 1 Don't worry about the pine trees. Just paint over them. When finished, let it dry. So here comes the third nearest mild 10. I add even more voter toe my pain. So now it looks very fair. I leave the bottom off the trees blank just because I want to create a haze effect. There. I blend it well and let it dry, right, And finally I paint a slow behind the pine trees. That's it all. You are finished with the mountains 10. Clothes and Accessories: clothes and that place. First I start with the light blue base color. I spread it evenly. Then I put Sam Blue on the lower area off the robe up until her arm beat. And finally I put a very light greenish yellows on the top off her robe. Let it dry after it tried. I mean the pattern with that blue following the graphic passes better. I paint her necklace on the border off her clothes, Big yellow joker and let it dry. After it ride. I paint the shadows with orange. I paint the lower part off the beans. You are finished. 11. You are Finished - What's Next?: Congrats. You are finished now. You got this painting. If you like this course, you can follow me here on scare share and you can drop me. Any questions You have this class want worth anything unless you painted after me. So take some time for painting. And if you get stuck in the process fear, Frito, upload your project in the project gallery and I'm happy to help you moving forward. Please don't forget to write the review about this class. And if you are interested in my future projects, feel free to follow me. Thanks for watching. You can find me or you to Instagram and Facebook. And I have a gift for you. You can download or my line are templates and get free access to my future classes. If you subscribe to my art newsletter, go to my skill share profile where you can get your gift. And that's next. If you are interested in galaxy bolder colors, I would re come and you to check out my galaxy watercolors class where you can learn to paint a starry sky patterned hair. And if you are interested in portrait painting, my voter color reach class would be a good choice for you to improve your skills. So don't forget to follow me and see you in the classes.