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Aleksandrs Fjoklins

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7 Lessons (15m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction - What are we going to learn?

    • 2. "AM" chord fingerprint

    • 3. "C" chord fingerprint

    • 4. "G" chord fingerprint

    • 5. "E" chord fingerprint

    • 6. –°onsolidate the result

    • 7. Conclusion - What's next?


About This Class

Course is purposed to teach fingerstyle for the chords that are using almost in every popular song.

We are going to pay attention to the following chords:







1. Introduction - What are we going to learn?: Hi. My name is Alex, and I just remember Experience Alter played a guitar during this lesson. By attention on the four basic charge, I will show you the fastest way help together, resolve and getting in the digital world. So be patient. And may the force beautiful. 2. "AM" chord fingerprint: Hi. Now we're ready to start with our first chart. It's a chart. Am um it sounds like this. So let's start with our finger pattern. So we're we're going to use these two tops for this church and the first finger boots on the second street. And on the first stop, Okay, like this. And try to make this sound sounds like these Not like this to make it put your fingers. Not like when in this way, in this way under above it. It's like these to make this sounds clear. Let's call these sound like a raccoon. 40 Sin. Correct. OK, so it's a raccoon farted. Incorrect. Make it like these. Sounds clear and beautiful. So put your second thing, uh, finger on the first First, um, string on the second top here and also tried to make the sound sounds clear like this. Not like this. It's our kun fart. A game like this. So the third finger tried to put on the thirds drink on the second top. It's here and also tried to make it sounds clear, not like this. Like this. OK, so let's right now to make it all fingers together, so as you remember the first finger of this first stop seconds. Drink thes finger boot on the first string. Second top on the thirds finger. Put on the third string seconds up. Okay? And try to repeat it and repeat, put it in gain and move up, boot it and move out like this. Just strain to your make a gene for your fingers. You have to repeat it. Believe me, about the primary times to make it really sounds good. So boot it, move it, boot it, Moving like this, You know, Now I don't really think about how it put it. You just have to understand that your fingers have to make this muscle brain to to remember how it really works So booted, first of all, understand? It will be wear slow. You have to think Oh, I will never do If I so forget about it. I know what I'm talking about. So put it here. Here, here, and try to make the sound using Onley your one finger like these. Try to make a sound really clear like this. Not like this is that means that your fingers are putting wrong. So the main the most popular moon mistake that you when you put your finger here, you would not only on Lee Wan Street, you also travel, Would you? You see what What I'm talking about You also touching your second string. It's incorrect. You have to put it like here. Not Teoh using only one string. Not like these. So here interrupts you sick least drink. It's incorrect Sounds a gay sounds Bet you know what I'm talking about like this. So, uh, I just trained I will wait You Okay? So grip it with me getting put it, put it and one thing booted One thing booted one thing. Ok, okay. I understand that after this video you will not be able to play. It's really clear. And the first time now, just trained with yourself. Just pay attention that you have toe make this sounds clear. It's very important. So just make you 10 minutes to train this chart to make it Sounds like this. Ok, ok, I'll see you next step When we're gonna learn that next short seat 3. "C" chord fingerprint: so no, let's talk about that. See, Kurt? See, Chart is using the three tops. So it's real. Billie Jean for your hand. So the first finger boots on the first stop second string here, the second finger boots on the second top. First drink. It's here like this and try to not make a raccoon fart as we talking before to make this sound not like this. Like this. Not like this. It's about something like this. And the third finger boots on the Freese drink on the third top, it's Yeah, I understand you. It's hard, but in the future it will be the easiest short ever. Trust me. So now you have to just a train. You have toe again. Try to repeat it again. Boot your first finger in the second string in the first stop, these finger boots on the 1st 1st string on the second top, and this finger put on the fresh string on the third top and tried to make these sounds. It hurts ever beautiful church. I really like this. It's a church. See and try to make the sound clear. Not like this. It's incorrect. This is correct. Sound so move your fingers from all the taps and trance repeated again the first finger and the first stop second string and try to make this sound like these. No, they reckon fire to circum fired is bad. Try to like these. Okay, Super on this The street, these fingers All this Third string, second top. And also try to make this sound like this The's finger boot, all the food string All the third top tried to make this song to serve deep sound so and try to altogether altogether. Just one. You used just one finger. We will talking about this pattern different patterns later. But now only used your one thing Your to make this sound like this. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Move your fingers out. And now also repeat altogether. First stop second string. Second up. First drink and the third up. Fifth string. Okay? And try to remove and put it. Remove and put it removed and put it and try to every time Teoh do it faster and faster. That that's really matters when you pull a song que have toe really fast from watcher to other church Move your fingers. So you have to make your technique really fast. So booted, mood booted movie So like this. Up, up, up, up. Okay, now are what I will break you just train friend with me. Put out. Put out. Put out. Okay. Boot out. Okay, Cool. And try to make a sound boot out. Boat out, boot out, boot out. So cool. If you feel that it sounds like this, then it's a great job, So you're ready to move to the next short? 4. "G" chord fingerprint: so moving forward. Now we have to understand how we change our fingers from see chart to G church. So I will show you the best way how to learn it. So we have to start these position. Start moving your finger These finger move these moving? Yeah. And put it hair after these These big finger put on the second up. First drink here and this and this finger boot in the third tap. First drink here. So repeated again. Our initial position is these c church First for moving these finger here These fingers second outfit string and these finger put on the thief first string the third step this so I'll show you how to do it Fast initialization. Second position. You see at the first time moving these these finger? Yeah. This finger is moving my whole hand. So like this and try to repeat it on your own After when you boot. These church tried to make the clear sound. It's very important to understand how to make your sound sounds really clear. Not to make thes mistake. Don't make that record fart like this Sounds must be clear. So these position this finger will be first. These position so now trained on your own 50 times tried to make it faster and faster, faster and faster. Like this. Yeah, OK. If you feel that you are ready, that move to the next step. 5. "E" chord fingerprint: So now we'll start with our the last chart. In this lesson. They started skulls. E sounds like this. Sounds like it harp in heaven. So it's a very simple chart because we already know that I am Chart. It's like these. But now we have to just jump one string about like this. So it's very simple. If you know these these you don't have really changed your finger pattern. Just jump over. Just jump. Or so, uh, let's talk about our fingers. The first finger is the first stop. 3rd 3rd string the's finger boot on the second top fifth string. And this finger put all the second up for string and tried to make all sounds really clear with the other gun fired. Yeah. Like this. Yeah, Just move your fingers out and again put it and make a San Klar moving out boot. It made a sound clear. Moving out booted and make the sounds clearer. And try to repeat this about the 50 times to practice. Okay, move it out, boot. At the first time, you will put your finger step by step. It's like these these these these sound Move it out. These these these sound. Move it out. Okay. After that, you will be able to read it all together and try to make your right fingers finger to make the sound like this. Move it out, Budino. Move it out and put it. Okay, so after this, we tried to make the 50 times thes charts. Sounds really clear without their comforts game. So in the next three there we will combine all our already known charts to make your first riel song. 6. –°onsolidate the result: So now you know the basic charts, and now we can try to plate altogether. So starting with day C G e again a c g e a c g g a C G. So now try it on your own. Make sure that you're doing right. The sound. It's clear that your fingers are moving quite fast to make the whole sound without interrupts like these. I understand that in the start you will get this result. Yeah, it's okay. It's a start. It's really it's been a good result to, uh, have this interrupts between the church. After that, you will get these results. Trust me, just seat and trade, and you will get this result. 7. Conclusion - What's next?: Now you know the basic Four shirts Next list. I'm going to show you the right arctic, and it's going to sound like this, so see you next less.