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FOREX Trading for Beginners Course

Tolulope Olatunji, Financial Analyst

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26 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Disclaimer

    • 3. Tools required

    • 4. Why are you here

    • 5. Broker of choice

    • 6. Forex Trading overview

    • 7. Intro to Metatrader4

    • 8. Metatrader4 Environment

    • 9. Open a Trade - Market Execution

    • 10. Open a Trade - Pending Orders

    • 11. Calculate SL & TP - Modify Trades

    • 12. How to Close a Trade

    • 13. Introduction to Market Analysis

    • 14. Fundamental Analysis - Breaking News

    • 15. Examples of Breaking News

    • 16. Fundamental Analysis - Scheduled News

    • 17. Forex Factory - Economic Data

    • 18. How to pair 2 currencies

    • 19. Russia 2018 World Cup example

    • 20. Technical Analysis - Price Action

    • 21. Technical Analysis - Support & Resistance

    • 22. Russia 2018 World Cup example

    • 23. Money Management - Leverage, Equity, Free Margin, Margin

    • 24. Lot Size Calculation - Minimize Risk

    • 25. Risk to Reward - Maximize Profit

    • 26. Magic of Compounding

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About This Class

You will learn everything about Spread, Bid & Ask prices, Swap, Leverage, Equity, Margin, Free Margin, Margin Level. 
How to use the Metatrader4 trading platform to Open, Modify & Close trades.
How to calculate for Stop Loss and Take Profit.
You will learn how to analyse the Market using Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
How to pair currencies based on the Base & Quote/Counter currencies.
How to minimize Risk & maximize profit using solid Risk Management techniques.


1. Intro: Hello, guys. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, depending on when and where. Watching this video from my name is to rule on Army forex. Trader on analyst on the coach on the business off the day is for exploding. Forex is simply about currencies on what happens in the markets while creating is about the skilful buying and selling off this currencies in adults and make profits With that said, one must lend the art or for excluding crew training, practicing determination. Success is surely inevitable of being in the industry as a market analyst for over a decade now, and I've been able to simplify the business off for exiting to his barest minimum. Here you will end all you need to know from the beginners to the advanced point of view that sees you will lend how to use the message it of four Clinton application. How to analyze the market using from the mental on technical analysis, how to money Joe Risk. You'll also get to know the pitfalls or for extending. So it's not the fall victim to the shock invested. What else? Welcome once again, enjoy me as we're back on the journey of making money crew The foreign exchange market 2. Disclaimer: No, a quick one. The information that you're going to get in this material is not going to guarantee success . What will guarantee succes is the practical aspect. Now determine if you'll be successful or not, which means that you would need to do a whole lot of practice at the energy. And also, this information that you'll be getting is not going to be financial investment advice. It's not gonna be telling you to buy or sell any instrument whatsoever. 3. Tools required: now the tools needed As it's an online business, you obviously need to have your Internet enabled device that could be your computer. That could be a smartphone. I could be your tablets. And obviously you need your Internet. Obviously, you need Detroit. An application which would be provided by the broker. As we all know, the broker is the middleman between the buyer and the seller on. Then we would give you information on the broken off choice to use. So the trading application we are going to be making use off in this training is called meta trader. For that is M e t e trader for obviously you need training. He needs to get properly educated on. Obviously, that should be provided by me, your mental. So, look, I will show you the ropes from the little experience I have, and then you can kick off and see what you can make After watching this video 4. Why are you here: not a temple. Questions they ask will determine the type of answers you get. So that means what we need to start asking the right questions. So let me ask the question. The first question before you asked years. Why are you here? Why are you here? Obviously you're here because of money, you hear? Because of the money that you can make, you know. You see, this is the business where they begin to be going straight to the point, to tell you how you can them back on the business to make money at the end of the day. But what we're seeing the time. 5. Broker of choice: now very key because as we're approaching grain properly into how to trade different extreme market, you need the platform the matter to the four from a broken from a broker. So how do we know the right broker to use? How do we know the rebel cuts use? The right broker? Must be one that is well regulated. Number one regulation is key. Regulation is very important. Why? Because regulation means that that Brooke has under anybody andare broker could be from anywhere in the world wherever the just make sure that deregulated revelations means that we are governed by the activities that cannot decide to open subsidy and inclusive tomorrow , meaning that your phones are secure. Once you make your deposits into your account with a broker, we can easily withdraw everything without any question without any hostiles without anything whatsoever. So please make sure that the broker you're using is well regulated. 40 security off the funds very rocky on. Then, with that set, we'll still give you more information on the broken off. Trace your Booker that we have been using for years that I've been test that tried and tested on have been proven Woody to be used. A broker, awesome would have good trading conditions must have good spread as you mention the spread is the charges from the broker and what have flexible leverage would have fast execution. The platform meditative four must be up to date moving without any issues without any hiccups whatsoever. And they must also have, as an addition trading tools that we can use to assist us in the training, creating calculators, the PS, and so on and so forth. Good. So now we have given you good information. Now you're better enlighten on the business of forex trading. Now it's for us to go proper into how to trade. How to treat now going into how to trade in this forex trading for beginners course very key that we understand everything from the basics. Because now, if you haven't, please do treat before in the easy haven't openly transaction or e trade through the trade for modified trade. This cause he's for you. Sit back. Relax. Absorb all information signals. Make sure you have a platform on the broker will give you the platform broke out to use shortly. Make sure you practice and then see how it goes 6. Forex Trading overview: now how to treat first and we need to go. No. Is this software to use, which is called the Method of four. Meditate on four helps us to open traits, close trades, modified treats. The message it afore also helps us to look at what is happening in the market now, but we can decide whether we should be by all selling number two. Market analysis Market analysis has to do with the information that will tell you this time to buy or it is time to sell. Also tell you when you should be buying Wish was selling when should exit that trade give you a whole lot of information as to how to treat. Market analysis is very important. A trader who is placing trees without analyzing the market without market analysis. He's as good as a gambler gambling on. Nobody wants to be a gambler, and his business markets a notice is very reported. Risk money meant the most important aspect off all risk management would help us the money to high risk with respect to minimizing losses on oversleep maximizing our prophet. Trust me in the business, we are all gonna have losses. There's no two ways about it. We are all gonna have losses. But we must ensure that less we're gonna have minimal, minimal. And then we ensure that the prophet we're gonna meet make what? Well, maximize. There must be a balance between the two. You cannot come into the business or any business out there and say you're gonna have losses. Anybody that tells you that there won't be any loss that you can wake up, hit the ground, running in, making me in the lives of a night that person is obviously a joker. Persons obviously lines you. So now let's dive in ST into the message in a four credit application and then this is what we have. 7. Intro to Metatrader4: It's the trading application, right method to therefore and obviously you do it online, as this is the online foreign exchange trading on. Obviously you need your Internet enabled devices. You need your laptop techs, top smartphone tablets or whatever device you have in order to trade. Currency is out there like dollars, pounds, yen. Euros are also the remaining instruments that we have. Remember we mentioned them earlier where you can trade the likes of commodities. Chako Sugar Curtin. You can also trade the likes off Cryptocurrency Bitcoin like coin can trade in. This is standard and poor s and P 500 Dax down. Jones, you can trade equities Amazon, Google, Facebook buoyant the whole of them. Instrument. Don't forget before you can treat anything, you need information less. Proceed on giving information. More information on how to embark on this business. Now the business obvious doesn't shed is the business of buying or sell it. It's almost understand everything that happens when it comes to buying and selling. No, this is obviously a battle between the buyers and the sellers in that buyers Wendy, by trying to pull price one direction on its allies, are trying to pull price the other direction in order to make money. I know. Obviously that means that one person is going to make money body, it s gonna lose. So the buyers one the price to go in. What direction? When the anti you wonder price to go up as an example. The buyers when the enter at the price Or maybe 100 the one that price to get the 1 50 so that they can realize profit off 1 50 Now that the body's one the price go up and then the sellers one the price to go in the opposite direction off Now, now that still has been the price move from 100 to maybe 70 in a naturalized A profit off. Pretty now this is what we're talking about, which is very, very important the battle between the buyers and the sellers. We must understand this because this is the basis or what we're talking about today. This is the basis over talking about Dubai's by profit is realized when it's appreciates on obviously cell, a cell on profits is realized when it depress its. But that means that when it appreciate for the buyers, they're making money and then the sellers are losing money on vice versa When it depreciates inflatable off the sellers, as you can see by the diagram in front of you 20 depreciates for the sellers Solazyme making money and then the buyers are using Mother very key. Very key, very key. Very, very important. This that we have just said here, most understanding the buying and selling on. Then will the diving straight into the life software to give you more information and to enlighten you on this. Now, this is how the social looks like on this software. If you look at it very well, we broke it down into 123 It broke it down into 123 on 123 as well BC shortly under software would help us understand software better before we start to open trades, close race and then to modify. Don't forget the key. The most important thing with the software is using its open trades close race and then to modify tree. It's very important. And so number one, as just so now is called market watch, which shows us the least of all the instruments that we have. We can trade. African poor chase on the number two is called Timina would give us key information on our trades. Open trades, close trades are con details. That's is our money. Our calm balance equity are free. Imagine, and so on. Also give us males on. Also number three is called Chat Window. We shows off the market history charge Mindo which showed us the market history. Now what we're gonna do, they're gonna dive straight into the software that help us understand the likes or spread as we mentioned Elia spread is the charges from the broker different within the buying and selling prices will talk about Swap, which is known as overnight wrote about charges Stop Plus, in order to prevent further loss, take profits toe acquired profit and we have made balance the account balance equity for imagine on the use. Imagine now letters dive straight into the software on Look at it practical, very key. Don't forget. Watch this video over and over and over again. You can recommend this video to others so that they can get better enlightenment. You can see that this video has been well broken. Now I like wearing straight to the point. Speaking of strict to the point, let's go straight to the message It a four demo 8. Metatrader4 Environment: Okay. Now, as you can see, this is the method with a 42 identification on. Then it said demo account that we have here. But you can see Demo Sava. Damn well count very key. Very important that we understand this because we need to know that will be starting which it them are counts rightful practicing. So if you remember, this is number one, number two, number three And then we said number one is called the market Watch. But no one is called the market towards become See here my two is called terminal. You can see a number three is called a chat window. So quickly now, less started number one down to number three. And then we look at the salt in respect to how to open close and modified treats. Now look very well. Number one is giving us information on all the instruments. Have $0 pounds. USD XY us is known as gold. You as a chef and so on and so forth on giving us to prices. Bead is known as a selling price and ask is known as the buying price. Now you look at your 12. Them obviously didn't equal there no equal. That means that the difference between the buying and selling prices will recall spread on that spread is the profit for the broken right? So we know how brokers are making the money. Now, obviously, we're back in on. How will we as traders will be making our own money. So if you scroll down, you start to see that we have a whole lot of instruments I've been provided by Just broke up Right on. Then you scored on some more. You can see the lights on the end. This is that we have. You can see that we have doubt. Jones. We have not stock have stunted and pull. We have the docks. You have a whole lot of instruments on that induces here. Scroll down. You can see natural gas is going to see brand crude. WTI I crude. You can see all of this is from a commodities. Copper coffee should scroll down some more. Don't forget you have to prices selling pressure just beat. And then the axe rice which is buying scroll down. You can see your equities from the Amazon rose with obamacare, Francisco Bay, Facebook. You have a whole lot of trust me. You have a whole lot of instrument, the number one year called Market Watch. It's simply give us information of all the instrument that have any prices for buying and for selling. And then number two on my two here at the bottom here called Terminal. Give us information based on the trade exposure account, history news alerts, meal box market articles, court based experts on the journal Not trust me, we don't need to necessarily know about everything. What was gonna talk based on them all? As if you are using the mobile device. If you're a trader using the phone on example, you don't have all of this on the phone from musically. All we need to know in order to make money is what we're gonna be discussing. We're not wasting anybody's time. We're going straight to the point. The first only have US trade Country has given us information on con balance. That's the money having the account your equity. The equity simply means you are calm. Balance on what you have based on your open positions, what you have based on your own positions. Now, why is the equity the same with the balance. We just said that the balances were combination amount you have in dark account. Equity is the calm balance on what you have based on your open positions. Where the equity the same thing with your communist. Simple. Because we don't have any open positions on. That's why our profit is written. Zero here, right, Very key and then free. Majin is known as a free equity free money that we have left to place more and more treats . That means that as we don't have any trade now, as we will place at this one trade to show you how to open close our modify you would notice that as you Christie Treat would have changes over here to the equity and also to the free. Imagine on. Then we'll show you now how to placements. Very key. Right on then. That is what we have based on everything. The house Do it on money. Right then. Ah, we have the exposure. Exposure is telling you what you're exposing your money to. This account is in USD. If you place it. Trader Haskell, we era pounds you hero pounds information here £07 then on the chart here by charter to give you what the Iraqis fought. Maybe it's a small part piece of it for red on. Then £4 small. Preserve it for green and so on and so forth. It exposure is not that important. It's just 10 minutes. We're exposing our money to an embodiment that we're using to transact the business. I can't History, as the name implies, statement of account. He still account is showing us all of our close straight. Since we're running this demo account or what? As your live account, you be using news over here. This is general news, general information. We are not going to be using this news to make a decision off. Edited by or to sell No general news. Ah, lots. A lot is the way to set an alarm where the prices now, as you can see, at 1.3 to 210 if you don't do anything, they're going to do something that maybe 1.31680 over here. You simply set on a lot here, and then when it gets there, it makes noise. I mean that you don't have to be staring actually, laptop trout or your system. All you have to do is make sure systems on, and when the price gets there, you might be sleeping. By the way, when the price gets there, it's a lot to you on any week. Oh, and then do the needful mailbox. You get meals from the broker, you get meal from the broker market. As the name implies. It's a place where you could go on purchase as not trails or whatever the case may be. That's his market on. We won't be discussing over here because somebody's much heroes, you know, as much as they are free as much as some my expense. E. They don't guarantee success on the information that we are giving already is already information is more vital information. As you can see, you have this on. Up to $5000 happens on off to $7300 On my time you purchase any of this dance. How much will you before the your country Very cute now articles and gets to read up on execute different schools here? Don't forget. It's not everything that we need to know as a matter of fact, it's just the trade over here that it's important to trade on the account history that is important for me. I don't focus on any other thing apart from the trade on the account history, that that's where my money is. Code based court based. Now for those I want to use indicators for those interested indicators, you can call me A to download indicators of your choice for this training. We're going to show you how to trade without indicators. We're going to show you how to look at the market for what it is on. Then, to be able to this high far, I was supposed to be buying all hours, a possible selling based on what is happening in the market. I'm gonna show you an example. Now, before we get to the market Analysis section experts who also has two indicators that you have used you have removed in your charts. Jonah is a Dari. You're keeping a journal keeping it Dari. Everything you do on this software we recorded here, you use indicators, you log in, or whatever you do will be recorded over here on this journal section. That's for number two and then for number three is the chat window. Shane off the graphical illustration off what is happening in the market at that present time from what is happening? From what we can see, you would notice that the first in that jump starters esta graph right showing this red and green card mystics. They're called kind of sticks. We have the kind of six view over here. We have a bad shot view, and we also have the line chart view, but we will be using the comes to chart view as it's easy on the eyes. All off them looked like candles and then they would help us to have a better understanding of what the market wants to do. Now you notice that market starter from here from this era here from the left on site here and then market is now here for this particular instrument. Now, for you to know the direction and with the market is going, you simply connect this to the other. As we are doing here, you can see the obviously the direction is this is just an easy way for you to know whether the Michaels went up or is going down. So this market is going up, as we have clearly seen here. And then obviously who is taking the market off? Quizzing control, Who is living not answer is the bias. Don't forget, the buyers want to make money on December. Obviously you want to make money. But if I would make money when the price goes up and up and up and then sell and make money when the price goes down down now. And in this case, the price went up to the badge and control because of bad on contracting control. What would you like to do? Who would you like to be of? As you like to be on the side off the winners right off the majority, which is the bath. But I mean that you would also like to buy on. Now, we have just used this touch as this graph that we can see in front of us to do analysis, bury breaking. We have just don't analysis here on that is how easy these businesses you have been able to pick out what you want to do from looking at this chart we don't have in any indicator whatsoever on it now, One other thing out mentioned even matter. This is about to between the buyers and the sellers. Look at the two colors that we have here. One color is for the buyers. While your color is for the seller to which color do you think it for the buyer? Which color do you think it's for the seller? Look at it very well. The more you look more you look, the more you look you've got to see. I mean that we have everybody looking, but not everybody can see. So we're gonna help you to see what the markets is green properly. And then how to take advantage of it. I look at it very well. We have two colors the green and the red once again, which called it. Do you think it's what The bad on which color you think east for the celebs, obviously the color going up. It's for the best and then color Going down is for Rossello's. If you see not read is going up from what we can see here and then the green is going down . You are correct. Most would have just said no. Green is for the buyers on red is for the sellers. That is incorrect. It's not about the colors, but it's about the direction. It's about the direction on what we did. We change colors around because you can change colors off your car. Mystics where that's from green to red or back to white, or pop a little pink or whatever you can use to different colors. Any call of your choice. You can't change it by going as well. All you have to do not to change colors. Right? Click anywhere in the charts. Winner area. Go to properties and they have your color that you can tweak unit will change background, foreground. Change everything up and have it looked where you wanted to. So with that said most good, I said green for the buyers and red for the sellers because that is what we have been programmed to understand or to believe from a long time ago. But trust me, it's about the direction and not the colors. So what I said now who want to show you how to open it? Read House Opened it. Read. Now, don't forget we have the violence equity, and if we imagine here, we're gonna talk about this shortly after opening Treat 9. Open a Trade - Market Execution: for you to open a trade. Now you click on Ni Order here, click on it and then this dollar box opens up. That's close it. Let's not again click on the new order here. That's one way to do it. Or that was some of these dollar box with the new order. You see the assembled already talked about Simple has all the instruments here. Now I have volume. This volume is very potent, right? It's a member. We're going to talk about risk management. There is a little competition for this volume. Trust me, someone trading with $100 should not be using the same volume, which under present trading with a $1,000,000. Obviously the person sitting with $1 million should be using a higher value. So that means that you must know how to complete your volume. This volume is also known as the lot size L O T. The lot size, also known as the trading size. If you've heard about the large Saturday trading size, that is also what the volume is on, then we're going to look into it this shortly. Based on the risk management section, right, I will see how to calculated to know the proper volume to use or for now, use the smallest 10.1 on. And then we have stop loss and they would have tape stop loss means to prevent for the loss . And it's a perfect mints are quietly profit that you have made dust for which off this true do you think is more important? They bought important. But which one do you think is more meaning that either stop us my partner or its approach is more important. Think about future is my partner. Let me help you. What if I told you to use just one and then go to bed? Go on sleep shut down the system in question Which one will you be comfortable using? We told I like to sleep well if you set on Lee to take profit, only take profit and then you go to bed. What is the worst thing that can happen to that counts when you wake up? What is the worst thing that can happen is not comfortable. The vehicle You lose all your phones Simple. You lose all your phones on that because you use only take profits now What if you use only to stop list What I'm used only to stop. Plus you set only to stop. Plus, what is the worst thing that can happen when you sleep under Rico? You lose just that small amount because of the stop. Plus you have used not forgetting stoppers is to prevent foreigners and his key for us to know how to protect account before we start to think off the money that we can make. I know we all want to make money, but we have to go about this. The probably very Keith comment by here You could put up a comment if you want. For me, that is a waste of my time. I have a put a comment that before and I'm not going to on that type. You have market execution and then we have pending other market execution is executed trade right now to place a trade right now on the impending order. As the name implies, pendant is a place it trade on order for the future pending. Let me that orders went to be waiting. Somebody's gonna depending, right? Very key market execution is one now and then painting order is for later. Right on where you use dependent on the is the coin price in the market Now, is that 70? But you don't want to do anything at 70. You want to do something? That's a price of 1 30 You said that pendant order at 1 30 when it moves from 70 to 1 30 Your system doesn't have to be on. You don't have to be awake. You have set an instruction to the broker. Now, when he gets want, that's the trigger Common life. Whether it's for you by always for yourself, based on your analyses, that is how to use depending on. So we're gonna show you how to use it to now, which also we use. Now we want to execute one now so that we can see it. Which one should we use? Market execution. Good. So click on market execution and I mean that we can execute now by selling at this price. Can execute now by buying at this price as well. So we sell at this price. All we buy at this price now in the life force. You know the one we're gonna freak on. Don't forget we haven't done any analysis whatsoever. Just showing you how toe open trades closely and then modify trades. So we're going to do now. Is this many, many money more good. We're gonna click on by to buy this transaction. Now let it out together or you can us. What? This And then do yours after quickened by please. Which do you see that I was pretty fast. But what we have realized now is that as we krypton by, we just entered the market. We just placed a trade in new, other to buy. And then look, now you can see on the number three charge window. You can see that we have the position showing. Now. Which is it by You can see the lines represent any by on also under the terminal. Number two. We can see under trade here. City trading question. Want to click on this? We didn't have any trade running before. We had zero profit. Now we have placed the trade. We have this amount here for profit now going back to the balance. And so what the balance is. You see that the equity has slightly changed and it's from protein equity now has dropped a bit computed balance. Moreover, said equity is the balance on our open position, which is this. So if you do the calculation you said that that is correct about here. Now we have Imagine. Good. Now imagine is the required amounts to open a position. Imagine is the amount the money required. Open position on then, Conceive. Imagine here is just $2 on from the Imagine that we have. Obviously, something is gonna happen to differ. Imagine we have taken out money to please a trade If we imagine which is the free equity, the free money that we have left the place more treats is gonna drop, is going to reduce another we have here. So now the three million has reduced. If we place it second tree, which is going to be, what, $10? Meaning that total marginal travelers. Then that means that if we imagine is gonna drop by $12 on then imagine. Plus the free Imagine would give us our equity. Imagine Plus free Majal give us equity and then we have imagine level. Imagine level is held by it shows how healthy our trades or trade is going on. Obviously you can citizens over 200 percents 200,000% part of me. Meaning that it's very healthy. Well, by Tammy Sounds to drop, drop and drop and then it drops down to about 100%. 50% that is showing that your account is in danger is in red and that is not good at all. So we'll give you more information on imagine level. We're giving my information on all of this, but look at what we have done over here. We have openly trade now and this is the trade over here, highlighted in blue. Right on. As you have the street, you see the new order. You see the order this other year is a ticket number right, which is unique to your transaction alone. You see the China you please to trade type of trader you press which is it by the volume we used which you said is also known as a trading side, not size. He said use the smallest one for now. 0.1 the symbol you SD card. Much symbol has got to from the markets Watch right yet symbol and then we have price over here. This price is selling us of our enterprise. Wait a minute. We have another price here. So if this is our enterprise right now with prices this this is the coin price. It is the coin price. I would determine whether we're making money on it. It is the coin pride that time, whether we're making money or not. We always said, When you buy, you want to make money when the price goes up and then we enter at the price of 1.3 to 2 to six before also realised profit. Damn, the declining price needs to be higher. Done. This entry price is the current price higher? No, it's lower. And that's why we have a small loss over here. I want to believe is getting care. If this was a cell that was clicked on, that obviously will want the price to go down. For us to make profits, that means that the coin price must be lower down. The entry price force were not realised. Profits very key. Very important by time you practiced in place the whole little treat, as a matter of fact, a little assignment that you should give yourself. It's a place minimum of 20 trades based on this example, based on more weight in here and those running trades break it down to buy on also. So don't forget. Do this on the demo account going to this on the live account, your practice and you lend first of all on the demo. Once they're comfortable, you got that confidence you cross about to in life. Then we have stop loss to prevent for the loss. I didn't take profits and then swept, which is known as overnight rule of our charges. If this brokers time for the day is when the end by 10 PM or 11 PM whatever time, the several times when you close for that day, you'd in cure a swab charge if the street is still run. The trap charges of our natural of our charges. If you hold it trade for 10 days, maybe charges stop for 10 days. Mind you disrupt is very rain minute. Very right, tiny. So he's not going to swap Logano. It's it up into your profit very minute. Also, the child's could even also be positive. The swap charge is as a result, off the interest rate between the two currencies that are being truthful. That is the swap charge for you. As you practice this, you start to see yourself. Don't forget, we said information we're giving you is not going to kind of just success. But writer, the practical aspect off what we're showing you now that would guarantee the success That me, the unit, to do a whole lot off practice. Trust me, you have some practice. Practice practice, right? So now what can we say is wrong with this readout that we have placed? There's something wrong with this trait. You look at it very well. There's something very wrong this trade for no stop plus and no take profit. Very potent. Lost topless can no tape profit. We already know that the stop loss is obviously more important. So we need to know how to set the stop loss and also how to set you take profits. So we're gonna show you now how to him back when setting a stop list on awful helps them back on setting. Ah, take profit. Very key. Very potent that we look into that right now. 10. Open a Trade - Pending Orders: now in others use pending orders, penny or the second type off entry into the market. Not use painting, but simply means that your order is waiting somewhere. This implement is that where you're going to enter is not the same, please, Where the current market price we're going to enter is not simply is where the current market price is. If you remember, the market execution means that your entry is equals to your corn price before disbanding other, depending on the entry is not equals to the Korean price. So what does that mean? That means that your entry could either be Ah Bob Bitcoin price, which is your entry could be greater than the Queen price. The entry could be less lower down the corn price. Now that is the constant entry could be higher or intricately lower down the current market price and then we have two types of pending orders. We have the limits painting order and then you stop any other number that we have to buy limit and then selling it. And then we have the by stop on the self stop right. You have the by stop on yourself stuff. Now this is what we're trying to see when you look at the market, you noted that the market would be at the core in price and then the queen price. You have prices a ball on the high prices. Obviously, if you want to enter now using market institution, you'll be entering at the price off 100. You won't answer now using market institution up at the price of 100. You want anti later? No, I have not be above like maybe 1 50 an example on. Then you can enter below maybe 70. Let me that you come by a boat or so a boat and you can buy below all self. You know, whatever the case might be, right? Well, no, we are going to look into this, that I was gonna stand it much better that I would understand what's with Tennessee now for the limit any or that simply means that there must be a reversal before the market continues in that its direction. It must be reversible for the market country. In that direction, I went for the stop any others. There is no reversal. The market just continues in that direction, and this is what we're trying to see. So for this penny, others here which has to do with the limit pendant others. But that's the limits for buying off a selling. Now we can see them from one to to market had moved upwards on. Then market is now at true, which is the current market price corn price. So act you could call it 100 right? Call it the price of 100 and then you do your analysis and then you see that the price is going to retrace. Who about reverse? Remember, limit is for us all back to 70 on. You want to buy to take it back to four. Going to buy a ticket for that means that when the market reverses to this point here at 70 this is where your by limits will be on going to trigger and now move. Hopefully move in your direction as you have done your analysis. What we have over here obviously is based in your analyses where you have seen that the market is that too. I want to buy 24 or you see that the MCA's Universal come back to three, which is the price of 17 gonna retrace the three. And as we're gonna have your buying limits, we have your biting it here. Market crevasses picture up on their pushes higher your system doesn't have to be on the internet, Doesn't have to be on after. Stepped in this pain in other. And then the reverse is the case was selling when you said yourself panting other market of us come from one all the way down to two. The current market prices to not before had him down to four. About here you notice that is going to reverse. This is the reversal we're talking about. So this price here could be 100. Could be 100 on here. Could be 1 20 Yeah, I could be like a 1 20 price area. And then you see that the market is going to reverse the 1 20 which is where you set your cell pending or that which is a cell limit on the market goes from three down to four. Because that's big topia painted or that at 1 20 that is how we're gonna be using it, which is for the limit pending orders. Now, quickly, little look at the stop Any order and then we'll take you to the chest. Unpractical eyes it now for the stop. Any orders for the by the market and move from Want to this time around? When it's a two, it's not going to reverse. There's no reversal here. The reversals limit is gonna push on. Push higher on then, as is pushing to four. Well, by here you search a pen in order. Are both the current market price, which is three by stops and picks you up here and then continues to four. Right? That's what by on their for the cell market, a move from 1 to 2 current market prices are too. There is no reversal again. Don't forget reversal would be the limit. But overhead is not a vassal. It continues all the way down to four on its way to for a picture up here. Three yourself stop on their most of for now. This is the concept off how to use depending others, but it limits, which will have a concept of reversal on then, for the stop which will his concept off continuation? No reversal. Now, quickly. Now let's die into the charts unless have a look at how it works. Practically now we have the empty four right in front of us. And you remember, when you want to place a trade, you click on your new other you click on your new other. But this time around, it sort of using market execution. We click on pending orders on these are dependent. Others that we have here Is that depend in order that we have here now, Quickly. Let's as young or other were not as human anymore because they are the prices now at this area here or 1.90105 as its from tweeting here. As you can see, just where the prices when we don't want to enter here, right, We've dona analyses in such a way that depends went toe re vast to this one point 896 90 is one they reverse. Let me show you how it looks like in the reverse up to here. Then push higher up to this point. Right? So that means that we want to buy here, want to buy at this price here. And as we want to buy, no forgets it's reversing. Sometimes we're gonna use what a by limits. Only the violin. It at 1.89690 But I mean that we would now come over here. So where we have, Ah, the other section. And then we would impute the one point it. Nine 690 price. And then we'll select by limits who selected by limits Because off we want a reversal and we not set our place. We click on place and then let's see what happens. Tennessee. Now we have the entry by limit at this area or 1.896 90 and you can see we're waiting for it to just leave us here, because so on them Coushatta. Now, the other case that you might have as well is where we want to sell or before we. So we've seen that the matter is gonna reverse here before dropping all the way down to this point. Yeah, right. So it just would obviously be take profits. Now you see, Never want the market to reverse to this point here on, we'll call it 1.90 Ah, for 60 The time is that the reversal here, which is for a sell. My reversal, his limits That this would be a cell limit at the talk here. So what do we do? You go back and pick. Ah, Any order? Dollar box changes to pending orders and then from Penn orders. Don't forget, you will be going to put the price, which is 1.90460 and then we changes towards it. Changes to the cell limit, click on cell limits and then we click on place on. I will see what happens. Place. Now. Can we see the Selim? It has now triggered here. Not, you know has now been put here. We don't need to wait for it to activate the trigger. And I mean the one the price of a CIA. Because up here and then drop for that. So these are did so, um limit pending orders that we have not just for by and then for cell, Not. Let's look into this. Stop pen and others. Don't forget for the stop. Any orders? There is no reversal whatsoever. That milk from here want the market to drop down, and that is dropping down. We wanted to pick us up at this price here. I'm down its way to just pick us up. This is for a cell direction, obviously. At 1.89845 So what do we do? We go back on, click on a new other changes dependent on us. Now we're looking at the stop pending orders. And then we put the price you'll be going to determine the price business analyses open 89 845 And then we changes to what's changed yourselves. Stop! Don't forget, it's dependent on tougher Stop! I want to sell down. So once you click on place, look at what happens now that has triggered self stop. Is there right on then? Obviously, the reverse is the case. We expected the market to push up all the way to this point. Yeah, And that means that you wanted to pick our pen or the at this price of 1.9035 you would be Don't tell me the price I gonna set based on your analysis on then once again we go of us are new other and then we do what changes to pending others. You put the price one point Oh 90305 And then we changes to what changes to buy stuff. I never click on place on What do we have? It's there. But I mean that as marketed, pushing higher a picks up our by stop and you can see we've said the by. Stop cell limit itself. Stop on the violin. It's based on the concept off the limit being the reversal. And then stop the consummation. You need to test this practices and see how it comes up for you. Very easy. Straightforward. The more you practice you better you call. Thank you. 11. Calculate SL & TP - Modify Trades: were also said to stop, plus and then they take profit. We're gonna use what we call Pips. We're gonna go look over called Pips peeps p i p is known at the price interest point price interest points and then this is known as movement in price from one place to the other moment Impress from point A to point B as an example if the price moved from 100 toe 1 40 All right, 1 40 How many peeps hasn't moved? Has moved by 40 pips from 100 to 1 40 That has moved by one bye bye. 40 peeps on also even moves from 72 20 tons more by 50 people Remember, prices go up, I can go down and we're gonna be using peeps to calculate our stop loss on teeth profits. But this is an example we're going to give you because we haven't done any analysis. We will be doing so Pick the amount of stoppers and then the amount of profits use until we do market analyses which will determine the amount now we are going to be using It is an example that we have about here. We are assuming that We're buying this instrument here at this particular price. And then now we want to use a stop loss off 40 peeps on, then take profits off. 1 20 people want to use a stop loss off 40 people on, then take profits off 1 20 peeps. Now what we're gonna be doing from here, it's a calculate disorder we understand is better. Is the cockle it? This so that we understand this much better. No, look at it now. Normally, you know, But its stop loss for you by we should be subtracted. We're stuck close for you, but we should be subtracting on that is the example that we have over here. That is this example that we have a light here. I mean, as it's attracting 40 keeps me writers movement in price. Let me That's gonna move 40 times more or less, right? 40 steps off. 40 points or 40. You know, he counted on a for profit. We're gonna move my 1 21 here, and we're gonna be adding because it's it. By the way back in one, your mouth for you, by your profit is up and that you want a profit to increase on then for the open Its stop loss. It should be reduced. Don't have about, you know money. This is the concept that we have year in a logical clipped the stop loss Anti profits were available. Subtracting that 40 pips on. Then add anyone 20 feet for take profits Now this is very correct but you're the but is an extra. But this is awful wrong. The concept is correct. Number one. But how wouldn't way? We're going about emplacement off. This is not current. Let me show you something quickly. You remember when we place the trade Marilyn would have a place to trade to click on Celtic weakened by. Remember this figure here? 1.32219 We just change now on the one here for by open 32238 that we have here Notice something about the last digit Last their smile is what is smaller than the rest for cell And then this last one for by this swelling under arrest. If you take note of that small figure, it is trying to tell us something. What is he trying to tell us? It's hard to tell her that small figure is what we call if he picks people. The people is a fraction of the people if people, it is a fraction of the people. But that means that the way we looked at it now, where we wrote for stop loss of 40 people, overdose for 40 here. This is not correct because it's nine. Here is a people. It's also like saying we have seconds, which is a fraction off a minute. On that we have 66 seconds, 60 seconds. That makes one minute or how many people makes one pitch. How many people's makes one people? 10 of them is that this night that we have here is representing the people on Dizzy Richard represented people. So for this here, this is a big mistake because now is looking like it's just four papers for me, always supposed to set in 40 pips, Stop plus must be set in their 45th stop nuts. So now this is the proper way to do this. We included 40.0. Where this 0.0 is known as the People's on People is now zero. The damages for this calculation that we have over here we're gonna be including the zero here on that people toe Hanoi, Remember, 10 people. It's makes one peep. So we're gonna write it this way, and then we do a calculation over here, and then we have what we have on them for take profits. We do the same thing. We include the zero year for the people from here. And then we put the 1 20 then we'll do our calculation. And then we're good to go. And that is why practices very key. You need to watch his videos a whole lot of times. Watch it. Practice alongside what should practice on the inside. See how it works on the Dell McConnell for you. Cross about it. Live account. And then you get clearer and clearer on what we're talking about about you. No, this is for you. By you know, the same thing applies when we're selling. The same thing applies when we're selling. When we're selling, you notice that the stop loss is also going to be hard not respected People supposed to be 100 when it comes to the people. Stay profitable behind When it comes to the people as well. The diameter for this trait that would have running. Now this one that we placed over here without any stoppers and t profit if we want to, uh, do our own Now where the entries 1.3 2 to 6 hour entries. 1.32 to 6 and we're buying. We're buying you as the card. So as we're buying, don't forget, uh, and stop loss is going to be what we're gonna be subtracted on a tip off is gonna boards addition. So let's put out here. We're buying at 1.32 to 6, right? Who wants country to stop? Plus off? How many pips? Topless. Three years Since we haven't done any analyses, we can. Let's pick out random values on seaweed properly. Do our stop. Plus, I take profit from our analysis. Let's use, um for the five pips. Stop close off 45. Peeps, don't forget this stuff. Often, fighters is also known us for the 5.0 pips. Wait up on zero is acting for the peep it. No. Forget in representing the people, right? Representing the people. Okay, so I think this is 1.3 uh 2 to 6, right 1.32 to 6. Now, let's calculate this. Stop. Plus is gonna do 1.3 to 2. Six. Sorry to 2 to 63 twos on. Then it's going to be a minus. Don't forget, it's were writing for the five, you know, Write it on 450 Right? Right off for 50 You know, they're for five year old I've been writing. Here is the same thing as less. Write it this way. The symptoms as, uh 0.450 that we understand it's properly and we don't get confused, but not this adding value that we have. And once we do our subtraction, we have a six over here. You have six. Ah, we have Ah, is seven. And that we have about a seven year everyone and I should be 1.311 Sorry. 1.31776 in my car. Christians, Correct weapon three 1776 for the stop loss. Very, very key. Better Ryan. Vital. So we keep on some 1.3 1776 If we're gonna calculated take profits off now because I between the stop presented to profit ease that your tape probably should be higher than stuff. Plus it should be a golden rule. Your reward should always be higher than your risk. You're what should not be lower. Make that a golden rule. Please, please know that down. I repeat your take profit valley in pips should be hired on your stuff. Plus I mean that once you do your market analyses and then your allies that your take profit is smaller than your stop loss. Don't take that trade. I repeat, don't take that trade. Take a trade where the tape off it is clearly higher done with stop loss Very, very potent. But it's a sure now we remember that unless used it to profit Or maybe so much pips Don't forget the 70 peeps of the writing is gonna be 70.0 pips right where 2.0 is for the people 0.0 is 40 people and then we do 1.32 to 6 open 3 to 2 to six and then we're gonna be adding this tomorrow with adding 70 peeps that 0.0 zero 700 to buy time. We do this? Ah, calculation. We should have Ah, 1.32 296 Yes. If the calculation is correct 1.3 to to nine. Six. Uh, sorry. That should be 1.3 to 9 to 6. Or about that right. You might awful need to use a calculator there. You are sure of your values. And you don't make any mystic whatsoever that you won't win 3 to 9 to six. But now we have our stop loss. Open 31776 Andi, take profit of open three to 9 to 6. So now let's cross back to Ah, our message in a four where we placed the trade. Now we can impute our stop loss anti profit. Now they'll forget. We have placed a trade which is opening trade. Now we're gonna show you how to modify the straight on in on input. Are stoppers on tip off? Modify No force to modify anywhere in this transaction. You're right. Quick. And then you have options here. And then you click on modify. And then that brings us here where we see the stop loss of imputed stop plus on an impure to take profits let's do something less. Festival input to stop Plus which is more important before the stop loss, which is 1.31776 As to that, that's pretty fest figure Unless they were happens to this gray area Here, I tell you. Put one Well. This area highlighted it on blue because that again is removed. That has put one halat and blue. Why did he highlight in group? Because that accepted value. Why did it? Except the one? Because the value for the stoppers is lower. Don't forget for it by your stop loss easement to be lower than that enterprise. Now, if you made a mistake, you put maybe one You know I was supposed to have open 31776 What did you put? 1.4? 1.4 were not highlight anymore. Gunpoint four is actually higher. Right? So it is mentioned 1.3 one 77 six. Good. You still highlight it. I just feel highlighted. We can click on modify and then we'll see what happens here on that stop loss. Let's try that and see we click on modify. Good. Now we can see our stop loss of our here at 1.31776 This is it. Like I said, there's no place is more important and that's why we put it first before even put in the tape profit If anything happens, which is gonna have justice miners on there now we can do the same thing again anywhere on that trade we can right click because options go to modify. Click on it on. Then we now have what take profit on. Then we cannot impunity profits, Which is one thing we put one. Nothing happen here. Why? Because one is lower on then it's a profit is meant to be higher. You put three 1.3 issue lower than enterprise a weapon, 3 to 2 to six. And then we put what to, well, still Lula. And then we put nine hard. It's now higher and has now accepted it to six now. And that means that once you are doing your own calculation, please ensure that you be properly guest on the example that we have given you now. Because if you miss it, this software will not go true for you. It's not asset, you know anything less. We must understand this and know how to do this properly. Very key. So now we put it to profit that accepted it and then click on modify. And then you see that chipper. For that set, we have set the stop loss. You have studied tape profit, meaning that we have been able to openly trade. You have been able to modify the trade on. Now, finally, we'll show you how to close district. Now what we have done over here, you can do the same thing for selling. Do this as an example for yourself as an assignment Homework for yourself. You can do this now because you are gonna be buying or selling based on information we are buying. You should know what's gonna happen based on stop loss on the tape, profit selling if he knows what happened based on stop loss, anti profit as a very keep very reported. And that's why you need to practice 12. How to Close a Trade: now another force to close the strait. They're too is for us to do that. You can do it. The man away all you can do it automatically. But this is the mountain away here on this street that we have yet anywhere in the trade highlighted in blue. I can right click and then click on close. This is the man away, meaning that I'm the one doing it myself. Right? Click and click on Close on. Then it's a close, and then the automatically was an idea. The automatic Well, you have an idea Do automatic. We don't forget. The automatic away simply means that you are not doing doing it yourself. That's what is called automatic. For the automatic we it simply means certain stop loss on to take profits. The automatic means where you set the stop loss and when you set the tip, profit mean that when you prise guest to do stop losses with a close for a loss automatically, how many guest district professional clothes for profit automatically on your system doesn't have to be on the Internet is actually on united. We stand and markets. You set an instruction to the broker now broke off when the price guest this price. Because before you lost, I'm only guessing this price close before in profits on that is based on your analysis. Now we have been able to successfully and back one this software the medication of four for the propose off house open close and then modify trade. How to use the software the proper way to place a transaction without any issues whatsoever . Right? This is the first stage a key state everybody needs to know. And then after this, we know Look into the market analyses that will not help us. You know where that is supposed to be. A bio itself. We have also know how many pips stop. Plus how many stay profit we have to use? It should break out. Bring down this information thoroughly for us that we know how to places. Don't forget we're going straight to the point. And this for extradition for beginners. Grain. Straight to the point To that, you can start practicing now. We didn't a short period of time. You cross about to drive our combs test excuse. See the money you can make. You still haven't issues come back What is video over and over again? Guba practice on the DeMarco across the live account. Do what you have to do and see how it comes up. Now we're going to stop here. Introspective. A message in a four on, then the next we're gonna be discussing would be the markets analysis. Now, give us the information or whether it's gonna be by or it's. So don't forget to practice this. Don't forget to watch. This section will run over and again and then we'll cross about to market analysis is Thank you guys. 13. Introduction to Market Analysis: Okay, guys. So now we're in the session off market analysis. Market analogies with the help of the place, trades the proper way. If you do not analyze the market, then it's as good as gambling. And nobody wants to be a gambler in this business. And so market analysis is simply the analyses off the market. Yes, Market analyses is simply the analysis off the market. Now. What do we mean by this market analysis is is the breakdown off the information that we get from the market that gives us that decision of buying all sudden on this information is everywhere informations on the TV, so on the radio and obviously on the Internet. Right. So now we're going to tell you different types of market analysis that we have and then where to get all of this information from how to interpret information in other to play streets accordingly. Right. But now we have three types of market analyses which are technical analyses for the mental analyses, and then also descend to mental analysis analysis based on sentiments. No, no. This three have information that we get that helps off the place. Street. I couldn't right now technical analyses from the meta analyses on also sent the analysis based on sentiments. Now we're going to look for the at the fundamentals and technicals. The fundamentals has to do with the news that we get. As you said, we can get all of this information you remember news now is information I get from the TV, radio and Internet, and they look at the technicals. It's second goes, has to do. Is everything on the charts, everything on the charts, The chance we know area Shane was the graph, but we are going to start in which the fundamental and that this is now based on news. 14. Fundamental Analysis - Breaking News: right. Talk about the fundamental business news on all of this news, By the way. Ah, new Such as? Ah, um, in breaking news on Also skated news for Mementos, news, scheduled news, breaking news. And if you think about it very well, What we say skated news. What we mean, scheduled news simply means the news now it is expected, is expected at impossible are trying. Glad date. I mean, it's given us a heads up as when that news going toe a call. It could be like elections. Could be, you know, Ah, on a chorus somewhere economic data and so on. Then the breaking news simply has to do it. Unexpected news. I mean, that is calmed out all of a sudden. So we have to schedule news on there. We have breaking news. Scheduled news once again is the expected news plant news. While the breaking uses unexpected news. No, this two news could either be good or bad. Meaning that discovered all the breaking. You would have good news or bad news when we have good news. What do you think is gonna happen with respect to that economy? The economist himself machines won't have good news. And then what do you think we should be? You should be doing to the currency off. That economy should be buying the currency of that economy and vice versa. When we have bad news, what do you think will happen to the economy when you have bad news? The economy is meant to depreciate economics mints of fall due to a necessity and whole lot of weapons. So that means based on bad news, we are going to be selling that currency. We're gonna be selling that currency. 15. Examples of Breaking News: Now let's look at a few examples off the breaking news. You got to feel it, for example, of the breaking news Now just breaking New Member as its implies break in all of a sudden on then Obviously we can look at the past breaking news are not in future breaking news. Well, look at the past. Makin you look at the likes off the ah tsunami in Japan, the quickly happen in Japan about 2000 and 11. If you remember that, you would simply say that that news, that information that we got back then was a bad one on because it was bad. What happens to the economy of Japan? Economy came to a standstill. Aan obvious me It was depreciates in adopt point in time. That means that without breaking you that we got from Japan tsunami, I mean that we should be selling The only thing know that we did not know when this number's going toe a call. And then because of that, we could not easily take advantage. I've got news. I don't want the turns. Attack that accord in the United States 2000 and one as the 9 11 popular 9 11 Was that good news or bad news? Good. Got it. Our simply bad news. I'm bicultural. Bad news. What would we be doing to the currency of the U. S? At that point in time, we would be selling good. That means that all of this information now we're looking at based on the past is that the same thing that I'm gonna happen in the future as well. I would have a lot of news comes out from time to time, especially for breaking news. One thing you notice about breaking news most times is that breaking news is really bad. Most breaking is that we get usually bad. And that means that where we get the information and bad, you know that as people are selling before making money. So we good news or bad news. You can make money from this business sometime in two dogs on on 18. You had this news. I came out for Facebook, where they had privacy issues. Now what do you think was not good news or bad news came about that information that came out for field because they're good or bad goes back and then because it's all about. What were people doing to the shares off Facebook? They're selling the shares simple sometime into the other than 19. Um, I think around Ah, April me there about We had his buoyant air crash, I think the Egyptian airline and ah, the utopian airline, I think No. What? You didn't happen to the shares of boy. First thing you need to ask me. So whenever you get any information, any news is Is this information good or is it bad? You remember even spot you sell? I live. It's good we bought to the information on the buoyant air crash. Was the good or the bad so bad? What do you do to the shows himself? Happier. Apple released the new iPhone 11. That information wasn't good about for the shares. Apple was good. You buy simple. The fund could oil in 2000 and 11. There about in the US and also in Canada was information good or bad. So it's good. What do we do? Goodbye. All of this information I would head up. They're still going to repeat themselves. So once we understand them, it's for us to be able to take advantage of Now that we're talking about market analysis, you see that we have an example which states Nelson Mandela states Nelson Mandela now as an under this is for you to think about it. Nelson Mandela's did, since we're talking about the business of forex trading enough for us to make money. So how could we have made money from Nelson Mandela now as analyst letters? And then I think about it. I'll give you a quick second to think about it for you. Was it good? It was about okay if you said it was bad and that means your thought process. Now, as I'm talking to you, is that okay? Because women whose Mandela passed away there was uncertainty because he was an icon in South Africa. So your new nose, Mandalay's to South Africa. So he was an icon in South Africa or like the mouthpiece of South Africa because of what he did for South Africa. But now that he has passed, who is going to be the mouthpiece for South Africa, anything could happen. I'm so foreign investors that I've been wearing as to the next move in the market, and then what would you have been doing, you would have been pulling out and taking their business elsewhere on as they're pulling out. What would they be doing to the South African? Right? We got it, dude with selling the South African run because that he's a bad news for them, remember? Was that bad news was so good news. We buy so for Does that said? Now you be selling because it's a bad news? Because Mandela was an icon? A. When he passed away, there would be a certainty which I spent two. What next would happen in South Africa? And that's why foreign investors left. And that's why up to now, South Africa has been having Siri's off xenophobia attacks on more than a phobia tax. They get all they have. It seems to be getting stronger, stronger and stronger because in a lot of chaos, uncertainty in South Africa. Now, if you have said it was good and I mean you would have been buying, so why would you say it was good? The truth now is you can make money from good information. I can make money from bad information. It's for each which analyzed information and find out is this information good or is it back? So if you have said a u. D by because the information is good, the nominees are your thought process would have bean That old great Nelson Mandela is an icon, not a years gone for his barrier ceremony would have a lot of powerful figures coming into South Africa. Apart from that, you have the local tourism in South Africa because he's known it on. If you think about it, variable when he passed away, drain you first few weeks there about especially during the ceremony period you had the ward leaders. The president of the United States was in South Africa, the UK Prime Minister. We had a lot of presidents from Africa, from Asia, from America, from different parts of the group. There were only South Africa at that point in time. As a matter of fact, your whole world attention was towards South Africa. There was terrorism high in South Africa on because of that, what do you think would happen to the currency of South Africa to South Africa? It would appreciate. Why would it appreciate cause Does that traveled from the U. S. Will not spend the United States tell us their trial from Japan? Well, no. Spend the Japanese India. Use me, Ondo. That's out on Nigeria will not spend in Nigeria. Ah narrowed their I'm so on. Everybody was spending the South African around it, so that means that South African run would be in high demand. And that is good. And there people start to start buying this that I've got run more. Most of you understand these analyses were trying to talk about based on the fact that is information good information back. Can I make money from it? How can I make money from it? You have to be the one to analyze information. But this information could be good for song and then back for some. He just has to do how you make use of it. Now don't forget for does that said it was bad. Dude, I've been selling for a long period of time. We just four years because there has been a lot of uncertainty even up to now in South Africa mean that more people are pulling out their business businesses from South Africa. And if you said it was good being just for that media appeared of the ceremony because, you know, that would have been influx of people coming into South Africa during appeared very simple . And if you look at the other examples that we have input movies, all of this is our portrayed in movies. Once you what movies don't just watch movies for the action flicks, watch movies for the information that's trying to tell all these things have happened in the past on they're going to happen in the future. What do we mean? That means that for news, Amanda last it. That means that in the future, we're gonna still have an icon. I'm going to have somebody in that same pedigree as Nelson Mandela on when that person passes away, What is gonna happen to the currency where that person is now? I'm not going to mention any name. I'm gonna leave that for you to think about. There's somebody that he's alive now think about that person. There's a person in Africa is that person in Europe is a person in America, in Asia or wherever in the world. Think about it when that person goes, what is gonna happen to the currency, just I d South Africa. That means that once you have this knowledge, you can take advantage off some of this information. Don't forget, we're talking about the breaking news. I mean, they're based on fundamentals. You have to breaking news, and then we also have to scheduled news. Right now, we're crossing over to the scheduled news will be taking you to where we can get all of this information from. 16. Fundamental Analysis - Scheduled News: don't forget for the scheduled news. The news. It's so has a period when it's going to accord, as it's called. Scheduled news. It's expected new, you know, call at a time or a date. What's a particle of period? So we had different websites where we get all of this from We have a pope along one. That's Bloomberg dot com at the mouth off at Bloomberg has its own TV station. They can also telling to pay attention to the news coming out. Pay attention to ah, the analysis that is being carried out on the Bloomberg TV and so on. And then we have the likes of real tires, not investing the comb. Your first factory don't come. Factory is one popular one. That's a lot of traders use. We're actually going to be looking at first factory. Shut me. You have market watch. Don't come. We have FX streets for its life. We have ah, forex. I've have round squeak, not a whole lot of websites that traders can use. We are gonna Millikan at first factory on all of this or that you have here is just mentioned. A few you don't need to use all of them. Pick 12 or three and stick to the information. Know how to interpret the information you're getting from there and see how you can take advantage of it. So now we're going to cross over to the website www that forex factory dot com. So everybody join me now as across about without website. Let's see what we have here. 17. Forex Factory - Economic Data: Okay. Now, this is forest factory dot com. You can see on the home page. This is the first night we have. You have the news coming out for this date? November 14th 2000 and 19 right? We're gonna use this as an example. Any time you're watching this, are you? Open up your news. It's just for you to understand. House interpret e news. And I know what you're supposed to be doing with that currency at the energy. So now this date is Thursday, November 14th. Remember, we said it has the date and time, and so on on the first news came out of 12:50 a.m. The next one came out of 12:53 a.m. 101 AM, 105 AM That means if you look very well, we have a lot of news came out for this particularity up to 10:30 p.m. Remember the market in 24 hours market within. It won for us. We should be having information that could help us to position ourselves to take advantage of the markets to make money. The next one we have you as a currency. Next we have years of currency. You can see we have different currencies jump on this year. We have the pounds, we have Australian dollar. We have seen why Chinese yuan and so on. And they will have impact. Look very well. We have three colors on that impact. We have yellow. You have read and they have orange. Right? So decided three colors that we have now. What did these colors mean on the impact? It means for yellow ever put them. Asya is low impact expected. I put a muscle in red. High impact expected on obviously orange is medium impact expected? So what does it mean when we have all these different impact expected for yellow? It means that when this news breaks this cradling GDP quota quota when this news breaks is simply means that the impact that we're going to expect it's not gonna be high. That means that the movement, the volatility, would rather be on the low level. My probably be even is significant at the end Oddity, right. So for me, when it comes to Lloyd, but yellow, I hardly pay much attention to it. And then we have what you have the next one medium right medium. Well, it's Ah, the middle range, right. It means that when the sun comes up, there would be a higher volatility than the yellow, which is for low. But it's also not all that significant. The ones that traders should pay attention to on should probably stay away from if they don't understand. Ah, the red high impact. We simply means that when this news comes out at that particular time, we're expecting some serious volatility in the market on because you expecting volatility in the market. If you cannot analyze the market, you know the direction. It's best for you to stay away. It's best for you to stay away. The good thing now, with fundamental analysis is, is when the meta analyses will give us the direction should give us the direction, the possible direction in which the market is going to go. And then when we get to technical analyses, technical analysts help us to figure out how to enter which that direction because we must be fully in the direction off the market. At that point in time, I'm not going against it so that we don't get injured in this shock infested waters, right? So we have the impact for yellow our range Also read the next thing. Now we have the news problem GDP for the 1st 1 trillion GDP price index for the next bunch up on the scene as well. RICS house price balance pound and my inflation expectations off nonetheless and so on and so forth, up to the last date off Oh, up to the last time rather off 10. 35 pm for that news comin out. And then we have details here right where we can get more information on this news by clicking on this more information on this new by picking on this as well or kicking on this clicking on this and so on Now we also have what we call the actual focused on the previous the actual gives us. The news comes out at that particular time. That means that at 12:50 a.m. we had this news which was 0.1%. That was the news came out for this particle and want to result. And then the focus as the name implies to focus either prediction. But we don't work with predictions. Predictions could be misleading predictions could be misleading. Just like the boxing match between Anthony Joshua on Androids, everybody predicted. Everybody forecasted that Antony Drescher would knock out Andy Ruiz. But what happened? The actual news was that on the beach. Antony, I'm sure we all remember that female boxing much, and I believe they have a rematch of common up. Shut me. The forecast is going to be tight now because it's not as easy and straightforward like before Anthony Joshua was the reigning world champion, right? Andi was just more or less and nobody had a potbelly. Andi was more or less like the underdog so forecast. We don't pay attention to the forecast, a way for the truck to be released and then the previous is showing us the previous news based on when it's all court, where it was last month or last year, or last week's news, whenever it'll cost, causes a frequency or really new for cause. Now this is a quick shots, but I'm going to show you, and that is this based on the color of Atra to tell us what we should be buying or selling on these colors. What colors red 0.1 is in red. That means that we should be selling When we have the color Red should be selling. We have the color green should be bind where we have color red selling color black What do you think of the color black stands for? Call it black. What do you think it stands for? We have red for selling green for buying and then we have blood. Black is neutral. The black simply means that we do not buy that currency on. We did not sell that currency as well and then we have another one. Red So red, So black, neutral red So read so black New from green by green by without me that when all of these actual news are released on the time it came 5:30 a.m. it that I am three am When they're released, we have Atra is just forced to look at the colors on then know whether it's gonna be good or bad And then we know what we're gonna be buying it or sell it. It's very simple Now, don't forget, as we have got in this information is now for us to look at. Okay, Good So for the 1st 1 we're gonna be what? Selling JP? What? So we've got any commission tend to sell jape away? But don't forget it's a currency, Pierre. It's one currency against another currency about forex. Trading is simply the buying and selling off one currency against another, meaning that humans parent is gypsy. Why with another currency, I can see that this Jimmy White is weak because we're gonna be selling it. Damn is almost periods with its strong currents, you can't one week currency against another strong currency. And that is what we are supposed to be doing in this business. Now, before we go into the parent aspect because they must also know how to peer. You can also get money for mission from the details. If you click on, it vetoes here, right. That has given us more information. As you know, the source off. This news came out for J. P Y. Your sources from the Cabinet Office has given us the measures usually affect frequency. How often is released the FF notes way to the US care what it is also called. The acronym has given our history related stories as give knows a whole lot of extra information. More details for Austin, a stand this news. Now, most times, right, Because we don't want to waste anybody's time. You just take you through what is important here, which is the usual effect. Now, we should be the shot cut based on color, which is read to, you know, sell. Now we're gonna look at the number. Way to go about this Usually first is that if the actual is greater than focused, then it is good for that currency. So if the actual is greater than focused, then it is good for that currency. So what do we mean by good? Or just ignore that for good? We should be buying that currency now. The actual don't forget about talking about 12:50 a.m. And then the focus was there before the actual. That's why it's called a focused. They're predicting this is gonna be the possible outcome. It doesn't necessarily mean that that's gonna be the possible outcome. The damage focus here was 0.2. As you can see, there a point to on them away for 12:50 a.m. For that news to come out for the actual. And then I told 50 m we had zero points one 0.1, which is the actual Is it greater than forecast, which is 0.2? What do you take? It is not greater. I repeat, 0.1 is not great at and 0.2 based on this information on the usual effect. So because it's not greater, that means that it is not good on if it's not good and that means it is what it is. Bad. I'm cause it's back. We will be selling this. Japanese yen came out at 12 50 year. Can you see what we're talking about? No. Can see what we're talking about. No. Based on the actual and the focus relationship, you determine whether that's good or bad, and this one is bad. Remember, we showed you earlier because of the color we are going to be what we're gonna be taking action because of the But that is how toe also determine whether it's gonna be good off on . Inasmuch as you have a whole lot off news over here, you can always get into this section here and get more information from the details and then find out the usual effect, which is what we're after. After a greater and focused Don't forget for this news. I came out of 5:30 a.m. The after hours 1.8 on, then focus of 0.2. So is the actual Greta and focused is 1.8 grated on 0.2? Yes. What does that mean? That means that it is good because it is good. What are we going to be doing? We are going to be by price him. What are we going to be doing? We are going to be buying very simple. So with that said, let us look at how to pier one currency against another currency. Look at how to pier one currency against another currency Very important. 18. How to pair 2 currencies: Now what we have here is ah, appearing right where we took to currencies. We called it Hex on why? Where X is the first currency and why is the second chorus Don't forget its currency, Pierre, which involves just two currencies. Now X is called the base currency. And then what is called the counter or the court currency? Once again, X is called the base currency. And why is called encounter all the court currency Right on. We can be clicking on by or quick non cell that Korans appear. What does he mean when we click on by the currents appear Or when you sell the currency? Pierre, we quickened by which one are we actually buying? Are we buying the base? Why are we buying the court? You click on cell Which one are we actually selling? I was selling the base. Always tell in court now whether you click on by all you click on cell, we are always talking The first currency on the first crimes here is the base under base Here is X So that means that when we click on by what are we buying? Were buying X If we're buying X. What are we doing, toe? Why we're setting. Why? Oh, yes, d We have to do the open it to the other one. Then where we click on cell American cell. What are we selling? Were selling the base. Don't forget, it's always the base which is X to a selling X. And then what are we doing to why we're buying? What? And that's what we have over here. But this currency, Pierre, you must understand appearance, cause when we get information from our analyses from like the forest factor that we just looked at now I get information on one currency. You must be able to peer within a currency. I want you, Pierre. You must be able to determine whether it's gonna be a bio itself that you would be kicking on. You need to understand this period after the analysis comes the appearing on. Then what? We're gonna be doing what I was gonna be buy or sell we're gonna be clicking on. So let's look at the quick example Little a zoom that for one reason idea, we should be selling pounds. Don't forget, this material is not giving you. Ah, heads up telling you to go on with selling pounds. Now we are assuming that we got information. Torino sell pounds now on then. If you look closely, we have three Korans Appears the first on his £0 2nd £1 USD on then the 3rd 1 is Australian dollar. New Zealand, Ella's. So the question is we're gonna be clicking on buy or sell. We'll eat off them for the first months of going toward one. What would you be clicking on? Based on information telling us to sell pounds? What would you be clicking on £40? Is it gonna be buy or a sell? What we have to do is to expand this as he did earlier, using X and y. So if we click on by, what are we buying about here? We're buying the base currency, which is zero and what I would be into pounds. We're selling it if we click on cell. What I was telling here so forgive are selling the base currency which is zero who are selling zero. What I was going to pound by buying pound, not I would expanded them in this way. We now need to look at it to you want for by and one for cell Which one has sell pounds inside We've drawn house, Sell pounds in sight. You can see that this is Ah, cell pound And then this is by pound. So the woman looking for based on the assumption here turn off the cell pound is here The dummy is that it's it by we're gonna be clicking on But this 1st 1 we're gonna clicking on a by We must understand this We're clicking on by for the 1st 1 and then as we got the other ones But the 2nd 1 which is telling us to just setting those pounds USD What are we clicking on? Is going to be a buy or sell if you click on it by you know you're buying the first currency, which is pounds. I want to get into the 2nd 1 Selling USDA has a gun seal right here. And if we pick on cell what are we selling here? No, forget we always attack the base by selling pounds. What evident USD were bang usd, right? So which one has sell pounds inside Based on the assumption telling off the cell pounds it's the 2nd 1 So that means that for this one, well, we have sell pounds here. We're going to be clicking on what yourself therefore pounds you is the We're clicking on yourself. I'm sure it gets in easier and straightforward is just first understand what is happening here so that we can take advantage of this. And then they told $1 Nasal Andalas you clicked on buying clicked on cell. So to do the expansion, What are we buying over here? Four cylinder unusual and alerts were buying the Austral Andalas and they were really open to New Zealand dollars And they were click on cell. What are we doing here? We're selling your Sri Andalas on. Then what are we doing here? Where? Bindi. New Zealand dollars. Right? Can we see what is happening here? The formation told us to sell pounds. Information is telling us to sell pounds. Right? So we need to look for the one that has still pounds this site. Ah, sale pounds where? You Okay? It seems we don't have cell phones here. I would have so pounds here as well. What does that mean? That means that for Australian dollar middle Andalas We are not going to buy and we're not going to sell. We are not taking any action because you don't have any information on either off. This currency is here very key, very potent. We must understand what we're doing here. I repeat the most understand what we're doing here and now to trade the proper way to make money. Now I want to ask another one an example for us to look at together. 19. Russia 2018 World Cup example: right now. If you remember, we had to walk off the court in Russia in 2000 and 18. 2000 and 18. If we do this analysis based on the scheduled news, you know that something is gonna happen to the Russian currency. Did Russian rebel? How will you be? Is it going to go up? Is gonna go down? Is the good news is the bad news? Don't forget now we're doing on example for an analysis now, based on the walk up in Russia in 2000 and 18. Is it good news for Russia? Or is it bad news? What do you think? I'm sure you would agree that it is good news. And as just good news. What should we be doing to the Russian ruble? Robo? Are you be we should be buying? Yes. Why should we buy? Because it's good news. You know that currency at that point in time would be in high demand. You know the boot have travelled to Russia then and obviously don't know spend in Japan issue in there or the great pitches pounds or the Nigerian DNA auditor and CDs or South African rand or whatever currency are going in with You were spelling selling what you were selling the Russian ruble, which you make it to be in high demand And then where we peer with the U S dollar UK, the Russian ruble with the U. S. Ela The question now is are we gonna be clicking on by clicking on cell? You remember we were taken by We're expecting the market to go up and then women click on sale expected the market to go down. And we're talking about the work of the court in Russia 2000 and 18. That means that during a period between the U. S. D and R u B did the current superego up but the currency Pierre go down. Look at it very well. You can click on by or click on self. What you need to be after is by Are you be by Are you be by time You do the expansion. I'm sure you must be. Do not know that should actually be a little exercise for you. I need you to quickly do this now. Once you do this, you will not tell us whether we're gonna be clicking on the buy or picking on this cell on what we're gonna do. By the way, Now we're gonna take you back to the chats on the empty four will take you back to 2000 and 18. Take you back to the work. Appear I believe those in between June and July 2000 and 18. We take you back it up here, and then we would see whether the market went up. If you say, sit by or if the market went down. If you say system, I want to believe. Now we have finished expanding the one for by under one for cell, and then you should be able to tell us what I said. Buy toys. So Okay, okay on. Okay, If you said it's a cell, that's good. You're correct. If you said it's a cell because after expanding, you noticed that the by are you be forced on the this circle one for yourself? We buy our ruby falls on that this voice l Because once you click on sell, you're selling the USD. What? I didn't Are you be buying it and information are coming from the walk up for sending us to buy Russian currency the Russian rebel. Are you? Be simple. Now let's take you to the empty force to get in the chat on. Let's find out if we are kicked on cell. Let's find out where that the markets would have gone down. This on this example that we're looking at. Now let's go straight to the empty four. No. Okay, now we're here on the software measure. Tuna four. You look at this. Very well. What we have about here, you notice that this is 2000 and 18. You had to go back in time, and then we have this vertical light and then this vertical line Ah. Showing us that this is the one month period for the walk up Amy train. June. As you said, if you look over here June periods than 18 up to July period 2000 and 18 you notice something? We clicked on cell, right? We said it's gonna be a cell even know to the direction here on this. Chuck's was down. So that means that our analysis was correct. And then the market obeyed what? You know. The core is based on the Russian ruble, and that means that we would have made money as Sela. Fundamentally, yes. Don't forget. The fundamentals will give us the direction which is down based on this US, the area B and then the technicals, which we're going to dive into shortly would tell us where we're supposed to enter the market to sell. Because the market for U S. A. R a B Wolkoff kicked off around here. I need you have tricked on selling noted that the market didn't come down but the market did what Marca went the damages that it's not for you based on the fundamental so just started rushing on place trade because you have got in the direction. But you use your technique out to get the area the you're supposed to enter. So that means what we combined it from the main titles on Also detained coughs together Very, very potent. We're keeping it really simple. We're going straight to the point for you that you can start to practice with information or you have now build that confidence on the DeMarco. And once you already cross about to delight because you want to make money, we're here to talk about the builders off, forfeiting where you can make money, you want to make money, and then you would go straight to the point. I thought you practiced on the demo account on your comfortable very key. Very quickly, right? So from what we have just shown you here, you saw that clicking on sale has brought the market down. And then what we're gonna be doing now is to cross over technical analyses, help us. And where we're supposed answer on this chart in other. To get our self position and make money, don't forget this. Work up a court in 2000 and 18 and then we have the next woke up, which is scheduled to a court doesn't. And turning to where? In Qatar? Yes, in Qatar. So that means that that currency we're expecting to be buying that currency may be against the US dollar. And if you're gonna piot against U. S dollar, based on the position off that Qatar's currency, whereas the base, all the counter, the court currency, you would know whether you are going to be clicking on by all clicking on cell. Very put it. Let's cross about to the technical analyses now 20. Technical Analysis - Price Action: second car analysis is the other part. Vote The market analysis we're going to be discussing now on, then. Technical analysis is where you have all the indicators. Like iris eyes on my peas, Bollinger bands, moving averages. But we are not going to be talking about any of the indicators, but rather we're gonna show you how to trade without any indicator. Well, what I'm talking about the likes of price action on what we call support and resistance, price action and the support and resistance. Now it's price action. Price action is the action of price. Current price action is the action off price, which is the movement or price. The behavior of Christ, the direction of price, the characteristics or price and so on, because actually simply tells us what crisis doing where prices moving to, Is it moving up? Is it moving down? Is it moving side with now for what we have in front of us? Now you see that the price action is what is moving up. So this is an uptrend. The press action basically helps us to determine the direction off the market. And there we can see that this market is moving up, and that means that the buyers and control and I mean that we would like to buy. So the question now way to buy. We know we want to buying this uptrend. So where I was supposed to buy and if the trend is a town friend, we know we want to sell. I think the market is within sight with We don't want to do anything aside. It is ensuring whether the bags and control all the sellers and control. And that's how we're going to be looking at the market from price action. So just we cannot be chatting long without and indicators as we have in front of us. We already know what we want to do, so over to where. 21. Technical Analysis - Support & Resistance: where would lead us to support and resistance. So part and resistance support everything is going to help us to know where to enter the market on also where to exit the market. When you enter as a buyer, you must know where you need to exit as about on where you enter. As a seller, you must know where you need to exit at the cellar. So you know that you're explaining you're gonna be the mobile call supply undermined the forces of supply and demand. So what happens when demand is greater than supply will have a surprise. I want happens. The price once of black is without undermined. I knew that things that happened to us on a daily basis. So when demand is greater than supply prices went what prices once appreciates. And this applies to support to support his where demands within a supply price would appreciate it. Because you have more bias. When supply is greater and undermanned, the price would fall and this is what we're talking about. Price would fall because we have more. Sella's done by us. So this is the support of resistance. Explain true demand and supply and then he's going to help us to understand how price moves . Your nipples understand the price action even better, using support and resistance. Because if we look at what we have here, you notice that the diagram to the left because see the movement conceded Behavioral price President Price list of all went up from here. Now the wind up. You know that obviously from here you buy us did work you back up from here which is known as a support on. They went back to get up to this point here. What did they do? This is where they came out. This is where before the exit point. Like which is that the resistance? But he banned by to support. And then you get up at the resistance by as enter on support on then the exit at the resistance And then the cell a cell enter at the resistance. And when he goes back to the airport, you fellas exit Very simple, right? And then the bath tickled by again. Bad by your support. Let me guess. City, resist us. You buy our exit. Acela's enter at the resistance and then the exit. Active support on in the back take over again on any enter at the support and then the exit resisters on before he notes, you have the market going What? You have the market going sideways, your the market bouncing in between the support and resistance. But this is not gonna happen forever. Hope is gonna happen at the energy. I don't muck. It breaks out to the oxide or breaks out. Could you don't cite. So either way, big self to be tipping this time. Now this has happened. No. Ah, whoa. She expected this. When the market breaks out of the resistance, this other site now becomes support. And of course, it has given us indication that the bad and control I want to buy active support the way for the market to get back to this area off supports. We wait for the market to pull back or retrace so reverse Or, you know, whatever English would you want to use, pull back to this air or support where we get our entry to buy on. Then we watch it push higher. You Something applies when it breaks out all the support over here, this other side becomes the resistance and then We're waiting for the market to come back here where we're cell here. And then what? Market guru for the dough. So this is how we're gonna be looking at the market, you know, force. You know, Wet entered the market I went to Oh, he does. Said this is what we exactly talking about. Ready market moves from one floor to do it off, wrote another, floated enough flow to another floor on. Before you know it, you can see that the market is moving in an upward direction. The market's projecting in an upward direction, and that means that we're looking for two selling, acting your support. All right. Sorry by at the new support over here, many market breaks out of this resistance. This orders that becomes the new support. And then we look forward to buying here. And then we have the new support for buying new support for buying and so on and so forth. And then before you know it, you have a full blown up trend. Before you know it, you have a full blown up third. So this is what we have about here, looking at the support and resistance that would help us to enter the market and also help also exit the market. I said by are you entirely market at the support and then you exit at the resistance and as the seller in a downtrend, you enter at the resistance on, then you exit at support. This is a full blown up trade. Or trust me with the understanding of what we have done here, you would have been able to get on Ellen entry from in support here or support here, and then you ride the wave. All the way to wait is now, so you would have gotten much area on a much better entry in this price. Actual support services are based on technical analysis on this is we doubt any indicators made out any indicators. So now going to show you the example that we look at Alia based on you walk up in Russia, which we looked at based on from the men tiles. I'll show you an example. I didn't Detective Coast, but that means that will be combining the fundamentals on taking cars together. We're going to dive into that now. Look at the example that would help us understand what happened on how or rather where to enter the market in that World Cup in Russia doesn't on 18 scenario led us straight into it now. 22. Russia 2018 World Cup example: Okay, Good. Now, if you have a look at what we have in front of us now, this is the US dollar but the Russian ruble from last year 2000 and 18 to work up in between June and July. If you look at what we have in front of us we have used the best colonize here to demarcate so that we see what we're trying to see better right? And then look properly. You notice that when the market opened from here during the Russia walk up What the Russian did he go? The monkey went up Great. So as it went up, what do we have over here? Here's what is the support of the resistance as well. At the market went up because the president up We have this as what's as the support. So those Jodi horizontal and across this is no also part from here. The market did what the market went down. So this is now our what's this is now our resistance. Look at what we have here. Remember, from the fundamentals telling us we're selling us Area B. We are looking forward to selling. The market came close to this area of bine didn't give us on entry. I did what? We're not looking forward to buying, by the way. Right? So we're not interested in the support where my interest that end the resistance market came back up over here, Got close to the area off resistance, but didn't give us on entry or what happened? It broke out as they broke out of this support over here. He broke out of the support here. What do we have yet, you know, have the resistance. Correct. And you remember, we're looking forward to selling because the fundamentals are told us. And now the technicals is telling us where to enter this market. But now from here, you notice that from here the market stats go up, which is now so part. So this is what area here. And as the market went up, we're interested in selling where, but doesn't selling in the area off resistance on the market go back to this air off resistance work. Who would have sold on the market came back down to the support. So that means that you enter here, enter. He has a seller and then you exit here as the seller, I would get a No forget we're interested in what we're interested in selling on Lee on what happened from here. The market came back to this air or resistance again and they would have got to know our entry to sell our entry to sell. I don't forget. That is what technical knowledge is based on price action, support and resistance is helping us to do is helping us to get our entry. You can see we goto our entry at the resistance here and there. We exited at you support here, some to doubt would even see what it would go even further. And as a win for that, you could have made more from your entry here or here at the resistance. So as a seller, in a downtrend, we sell at the resistance and then we exit at support on this charter we have over here. Based on the fundamentals, we already know that we are supposed to be selling on. We only look for areas off selling, Which are the heirs off the resistance? Very simple. From what we have around here, from what we have over here, this is how you be treating using the price, action, support and resistance. When we get to the device section, we're going to look at a few more examples, Brother, we look at a few more examples here. Could put you could put it in the bonus section or any section. Look at a few more examples. Few more light examples assure you did before, during and after using the fundamentals and technicals. We'll look at that. Together we look at back together. This is a nice clean example for also that's done. What's happening and then we'll continue from here and show you practice. Practice is key and show you what is video over on over on over taking. Now we're crossing over the risk management, also known as money management. That would help us to minimize our losses on also help us to maximize our profit effectively. Let's cross about it up now 23. Money Management - Leverage, Equity, Free Margin, Margin: money, money Men's also known as this money mentions very key going to help us to minimize our losses or risk and also help us to maximize our profit or you want. Well, before then, we're gonna look at what leverage is what the equity is. Margin free margin, margin level. And, of course, the volume. The volume we use is what is gonna help us to minimize our losses, which is very report it. Leverage is a loan offered by any brokers to traders. Why do broke us off our trade as leverage, buddy? The olfactory does loom. That, too, has gone magnify their positions on place Motrin or police traits with higher volumes or what we also call look size. We're presence traded higher volume. We can make more money right on off course. On the flip side, you can also lose more money as well or once you know it's not what you are doing, you understand how to make use off the leverage effectively. You will have worries about having heavy losses on now where we're here to talk about minimizing off the losses once again leverages alone, offered by Broken betrayed us. You no doubt to trade more. Some traders already some brokers with off I live it over about 1 to 1000. That's about 1 to 1000 if you form your account to the minimum off, even $100. Nonetheless, we made to look like $100,000 which is 100 times leverage off 1000. I need your phone, your council leader last $50 that would be 50 multiplied by 1000. Your money we made to look like $50,000 meaning that you can do more. You can trade more, make more money on. So one time. So far, now the equity talked about this much earlier. Equity. Simply there can balance on what we have. This on. Our open positions over provision could be giving us profit or could be giving us losses. Open positions could be giving us profit or could be giving us losses on then. With that, the equity is there. Calm balance on open positions on the Imagine Imagine is required Equity toe open positions , boy position. The required money funds toe open new positions. So imagine now has a calculation, which is the lot size. Multiply by the unit off the lot size. We're gonna talk about the lot sizes shortly multiplied by the current price, divided by the leverage the leverage you just talked about. We could be the leverage of 1 to 1000 would have it as 1500 or 204 150 depending on your account balance. Don't forget. The thing we delivered now is that the higher the leverage or rather, the hide your can balance the lower your leverage Congo. But the lower your can balance they hired 11 should go. There must be a balance between the two. Older if you're farms are low by using a law leverage. Doesn't that loan that you have taken his law? You wouldn't be able to place so more transactions and then you'll be limited. So we need to understand the leverage that leverage, help us open up more positions, open up more positions, even have volumes in order to make profit. And then the for imagine is the free equity available toe open new positions. The free imagine is because of the equity miners and imagine on the flip side the equity is the free. Imagine plus imagine And there we have imagine level, you see, Imagine level when you play straits it's in percent age. And then imagine level would help us to know how healthy how trades are doing if you imagine levels about 2000% and then he keeps on dropping. So 403 102 100 to 50 lashes. Your counts is running really low. Your for imagine is running low because you're open positions. I am so much negative. I'm Before you know it, you could have that I cows depleted. You actually get to brew that account. You need to also watch. Imagine level now help You have a good gauge on how your trades are doing. 24. Lot Size Calculation - Minimize Risk: your body matches, said Elia is gonna help us to minimize our losses. Volume is going to help us to minimize our losses. So another force to minimize our loss is we need to use the proper volume on enough force to get that is just a simple formula. Mount wrist divided by stop loss. What's glad by 10? I repeat, the bottom is because to the amount of risking divided by 10 times to stop close, that time is a constant. It's always there in order to get the proper our volume. Well, now, how do we get your mantra? Yeah, amount was obviously has to do with your come bonus. How much are we willing to risk from your account balance? So we need toe? Oh, no. Our calm balance, which I believe we do. And then for you to know the amount you're gonna risk. We use percentage of your company. It must be percentage you're willing to risk, you know, not to know the amount of risk it. And then he must also know your stuff. Let's not forget of surplus has gotten from the entry enterprise my nose to stop those price. It would help us to get our stop loss in pics. Now let's assume that the account balance is $1000 on then The risk we're taking is 1%. The 1% off want other than that will give us what would give us $10.10 dollars on then to stop loss. We as human is 20 picks. So now putting that into the Quartey formula we have here bottom because their mantra divided by 10 times stop list is what we have about here. Bottoms goes 10 better by 20 times. 10. You can use your calculation, your calculator here so they don't make any mistakes whatsoever. And then the volume should give us 0.5 zero crime surefire, but it doesn't end there. We need to confirm that this 0.5 we have gotten is actually correct how some people could be making a stick. I'm easily going put me five or 0.5. Or maybe 50. I know you're see, the higher the bottom is the high idea a month you can obviously make and also on the flip side, lose another. We're talking about minimizing off losses here before to confirm where that this boiling regard is correct or wrong, we use what we call the lot sized table. We have a lot size table, though help most of the time in weather. The volume we got is correct or is wrong. So this loss as table comprised of the three different look sizes stand that load size the mini lot size on the micro lock sites, and they would have starting volumes for their for all of them. Withstand us does from one many from zero points, one on then the micro from 0.1 And then we have the Pips value. Good value for standard is tender. Last week, people, that's when you're using one. Volume on many is $1.1 people, and then micro is 10 cents to one people. So the question now is with this lot size, the volume we got off 0.5 Where does it fall on the 0.5? Where does it fall on the beautiful? Understand that many or the micro correct. It falls under the micro One micro is 0.1 So Michael is Oquendo 23 macro 0.3 for macro 0.4 and then five Micro's is 0.5 So it's gonna be five micro's and then five man crews. Right? We'll find out what that is going to amount now if one micro cost 10 cents toe one people, How much did it cost for five mackerels? How much of the cost of five macros, which cost 50 cents to one people, 50 cents to one people on, then our stop loss ease, 20 peeps, Our stop loss East 20 peeps. Because if this ends to one people, how much will it cost for 20 peeps? Because if this ends to one people and how much really cost for 20 pips, so cost $10 on the $10 is what we're willing to risk. That means that is. Rock went 05 east. Correct, I repeat, is 0.5 is correct. That is how you're gonna be checking a volume that you got before you place a trade. You check to find out if the volume is actually correct or not. 25. Risk to Reward - Maximize Profit: how to maximize our profit because we must know how to maximize our profit effectively. No, to maximize our profit is Radha straight for this simply has to do with the risk to reward ratio, the risk to reward ratio if you're risking 100 which could be the stop loss for the risk on . Then you take profit for the reward. You're risking 100 for a reward or 50. That is not a good fit at all. This is similar to saying you bought something for $100 and then you are selling it for $50 . No, that doesn't add up. You buy something for $100 you sell it for $50. That is a bad transaction. That is a bad, any portrait. And then if you buy that in $400 then you sell it for $100 you would say, Well, no profit, no loss. Well, actually, this is not a good trait is actually a bad trade and it's actually lost on losses inside. Why? Because of the spread. And if you hold district for days, don't forget about this stop as well. But this is not in poetry. Any good trade that would help you to maximize your profits effectively. Is the trade where the reward is higher, much higher done. No risk. I repeat, any trade. I would help you to mark the major profit effectively or you monks imaginary war. If the trade where the reward is higher done, the risk is higher. Dander risk. So at the risk of 100. If the reward is 200 where the road is 500 or your wife is 1000 higher, the better for maximizing all of your profits and you won't be. Do you want to determine all of this? It's a beady analysis that you do the ones you analyze the market, but you tell you that uses stop close off 25 pips on TV. She tell you to use a tape profit off 15 pips. Don't take that tree. That is not a good faith for you. What if, he says, uses topless off 45 tips and then use a take profit off 120 pips? That is a good trip ticket. That means that once we do our not he sees and then the analogies doesn't make sense for us to maximise don't think that read. You have to practice this seat for yourself. This is how you maximize a lot of traders notice, but they're not applying this the proper way. Why? I really don't know. Well, now that you notice it's best for you to apply this the proper way now, with that said, we have talked about how to use the software for this for extra game for beginners. We've talked about how to use the software, That message to the four we talked about on interest in the business as a whole. What for Extra Leontes. Who can treat for X y to treat for us when, where, on how to trade your foreign exchange markets. So we looked at this software the message of the four respect to help open clues on modified treats. And then we looked at market analysis, how to get information, how to interpret information on how to make a decision off, whether to buy or to sell from the market. Analysis very reported on the most important aspect of them all. How to manage our risk, how to manage money that is risk money meant or money management with respect to minimizing our losses on also maximizing our profit. You have to practice all of this. What is videos over and over again? You can also cross over to the advanced section for the sexual is strictly for strategies with live examples that will help you to understand how to pull people out of the market. Consistent me so that you can be making consistent money. Consistent profit. Oh, let's say thank you. Who are 10 in this forest for frustrating for beginners. I would like to thank you for attending this for fitting for beginners. I want to believe that we have been able to convince you and not confuse you about everything you need to know about the for extending on. If you need any form of mentorship, just let us know what this video over and over again. And we would assist you in any way that we can For the thank you. We look forward to doing more business a que we look forward to making more money which you let the what we have to do. And then we see you at the other side. Thank you. Good morning. Good afternoon and good evening. 26. Magic of Compounding: Now, when it comes to making money, there is something that we only to understand on. That is the magic of compounding the magic of compounding. Now you want to make good money, you need to pay accessions today's and fully understand it. Now, once you gonna tell you that I have a joke for you, maybe that joke will be construction job. What about the kind of job could be and our job is gonna last for one month. Now, I could decide to pay you up front $1 million. I could pay you a front $1 million from the very start of the job. Oh, I could pay you one cent on the first day and then double it each day. That passes for the rest of the month. Meaning that the first day it would be one cent. Secondly, two cents took the four cents foot, the eight cents. I believe my math. Correct. Right. Which one would you pick one month up front of a $1,000,000? Oh, a sense to be doubled each other day up to the one month period. I'm sure a lot of people go for up front of $1 million right, one up front of $1 million. Let's decide. Somebody took the one cent. I decided to compound it. That's why it's called the magic of compounding. I said compounded. And then let's see what that would make at the end of the one month period, right? We need to understand how to make money, good money right away. Now for the first week, the first day he was paid or she was paid one cent. Secondly, two cents 34 cents. What they sent 50 16 cents, six day 32 cents on seven day 64 said, Tell me that at the end of one week this person didn't even gets up to $1. One week on $1 has not been realized. Meanwhile, the escalated $1 million for two months, one week, not up to $1. I'm sure this special be gets in confused that what did he or what did she do unless what happens after the second week after the second week? Eight day $ dollars. 10 day 11 12 13 On the 14th day end of the second week and this person doesn't have up to $800 especially has each $1.82. Remember, the concept is it should be doubled each already and then at the end of the second week, just half of the month. This person doesn't have up to 100 on us. I'm sure this person is thinking of going back to beg me. So given the one million the up front and he made a mistake, let's continue at the end off the third week with three even. Look at what we have here. He's 21st date, which is the good week. The president had $10,000 barely $10,000 now to his name, and then it remains one more week, one more week that lets what happens at the final unless whether it makes sense to compound compound. It simply means that when you make profits, you don't remotely profit. Leave the prophet there, I continued to trade, meaning that you are come. Bonus is getting bigger and bigger, and by time you do this for a lengthy period of time. You see what you can to make at the end of the day. Well, now Finally, if you look at the match, you see that as is doubling each day. Finally, at the end of this week, which is weak for at the end of the month, this person has now made $1.3 million which is now, you know, a bit above those are collected. $1 million on that means that this personally, you know, the day made the right decision because of compounding. Now we didn't even ask ourselves this very important question. Do we want in question? Is it among the hostages? One days? Is it a month that has 28 days or tent cities wanted to throw them under hot? That's one days. Let's find out how much is that would make at the end of the touch. One days, especially in would have made up to $10 million from the compounding just to show you the power of compounding the magic behind compounding. What does this mean? This simply means that in this business you need to compound where you make profits. Do not being a history. Move it. Leave the prophet there, Let your new account balance saw that you knew a calm balance, right? That is appreciate. And then when you trade, you notice that your large size your volume is increasing because your companies has increased as well on then before you know, you make good money within a period of time on Now, this is the magic of compounding. Only to understand this are we only to practice on. Then you would see the reward at the end off the tunnel, the magic of compounding the magic of comparative. Thank you.