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teacher avatar Carles S.T., Professional Trading Strategies

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 15m)
    • 1. Intro to Price Action with Pivot Points

    • 2. Intro to graphics Price Action

    • 3. Usual Candlestick Patterns

    • 4. Usual Technical Patterns

    • 5. 1 preparatory analysis for price action

    • 6. 2 preparatory analysis for price action

    • 7. 3 Preparatory analysis for price action

    • 8. Install the pivot points

    • 9. How to use the pivot points

    • 10. Money Management

    • 11. 1 Operation Nzd/Usd Supports and Resistance

    • 12. 2 Operation Nzd/Usd Closed Position

    • 13. 1 Operation Usd/Cad Supports and Resistance

    • 14. 2 Operation UsdCad

    • 15. 3 Operaci√≥n USD/CAD Closed

    • 16. 1 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S

    • 17. 2 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S

    • 18. 3 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S

    • 19. 1 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge

    • 20. 2 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge

    • 21. 3 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge

    • 22. Eur/Usd Preparatory 17/02/2020

    • 23. Eur/Usd Open operation Hammer and Tweezers Bottom 20/02/2020

    • 24. EurUsd Closed operation Hammer and Tweezers Bottom 26/02/2020

    • 25. Tips And Tricks For Price Action

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About This Class

Well this course will teach you how to focus the markets to operate only with the price, in this case we will add the Pivot Points that will help us determine different support or resistance areas and will open us to possibilities of buying or selling in the markets.
Price Action strategies, together with Japanese candles and technical patterns open a world of many possibilities, and give us the opportunity to operate in the markets without indicators in this way we have the markets in our hands.

What is necessary to do this course and put it into practice?
Simply have an account in a Broker, and have basic notions of Trading.

It includes:

  • Introduction to Price Action (Free).
  • Introductory analysis with the Gbp / Jpy pair.
  • Japanese Candle Patterns and Technical Patterns.
  • Preparation for basic Price Action analysis with Eur / Usd.
  • Preparation for basic Price Action analysis with Nzd / Usd.
  • Preparation for basic Price Action analysis with Usd / Chf.
  • Introduction of Pivot Points in Eur / Usd.
  • How Pivot Points work in Gbp / Chf.
  • Money Management
  • Operation Nzd / Usd in Resistance.
  • Operative Usd / Cad in Resistance.
  • Operativa Gbp / Jpy¬† S.H.S.
  • Operative Usd / Cad¬† Wedge or Falling Wedge .
  • Operating Eur / Usd pattern Hammer and Tweezers Bottom.
  • Summary of the Tips and Tricks course to consider for the Price Action.

As you will see in this course, you can find everything that is based on the operation of Price Action, it may be one of the most difficult disciplines in the market, but it is the essence of Trading.

 I hope you like it and be interesting.
**The videos are commented in Spanish and subtitled in English.

Thanks again ;-)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carles S.T.

Professional Trading Strategies



Hello friends!! my name is Carles, looking for an order or a logic in the financial markets, it is not an easy task I can assure you, but here, I will try to explain a little of what I have learned in the last 11 years.
In my courses you will find information and videos for people who start in the world of trading, even how my Scalping strategy works for the Dax,  for people with a high or professional level, and still going through my Swing Trading strategy for Forex.

I think that in these videos you can save a lot of time from looking for the holy grail of the markets, which finally does not exist.

Now these are the courses you can find: 

**Learn Basics concepts of Trading I, II, III: 

** "Black Honey" Learn my Strategy ... See full profile

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1. Intro to Price Action with Pivot Points: all are being Benny Those I staying lovable. So Ah, convent was when I was also come open and people for the explains action trading computer point Molly. He went on a trip Hume public was Theo Naleo located by play's action Fundo. Ah, well, Rachel, come on. Even on the level that they will definitely as prizes. They being comatose. I was pretty years. And those medicals Kinden oversaw theory about what was in the cabin as fun as no different begin a senior Al Eskimos have been Circle refuge, Gambia. Listen, didn't know moment. It starts playing I that at about definition, is the company. Well, they went in America, but it one of your okay, madam announces present in their Centenary and markets. But I'm intent Located price action, both carrots. Boone does concrete does. Oh, well, the needles commerical knows about the bullet approach tellers in when compress when bent us. Ah, the last thing in the break down of the work you did with a candlestick or Bella's Cup on its experience that they hear the price action if they can't stand or nobly than with anything for rough. You know, Rafidah traffickers that point if you woulda other perfect chicken and she Jovian lucky, because see that I'm in the nursing home. I figured that is what is going on here is my personal looking named for Matthew and killers. Now unless we last cup on his house control of the stuff. For some reason, they Napolitano. It's more chasing buying from us. We'll see a lot of people know most What is a combo? I was like a lot of fear, but ah, inform us, Young because the Buddha a price action, you know, don't stay must about it better uh, his arm, which was so if you ah Hagan actually Bella's Hagan, actually. But I once got a patroness when in Paris, action is Western Africa Caribbean, uh started Here's the swing trading away They started testing than theology. But unless that they the transaction is best in the complete list. The people in Mali, because of our basket on being is simple. Better your career. Okay, this well meant live in villas happen is as Michael or get to the big arrests Molina's. But us is calm or mystical Sogahata Syriac e c. But I feel that was your good OK, and no tellin the choice starts us if this gives the feel of the action personal mentally Akin told, have been there. Look, interpret school located getting a zero hour better. Canasta extra ticket Price Action group Captain in my husband, NASCAR has been Does okay and bring CPI up with it, but, um poquito but it for que no TV cameras up sort of them intending. Gonna throw IndyCar syndrome in there without the return is taking people point. Ah, uh, supported the resistencia smell it be none of us Will it prevent Alaskan style again about stone about our Haruko mark on lce concern on its mojo. Ah, money one kid throw in together or media's marvelous limp. Will it benefit? Come Brickell data now This cycle spolar post on being isn't Moneda best nto productive They open ballot. Ah, parking Chris, get your name must mean that Haskell has been ducks. When was the last been the husband? I mean, isn't in there on TV movie mean toe the breath here You could Okay. Police action was valued at more. Cheeseman Gongora is Tuscumbia. Ala is lasting than 30. Who started mutual is in Dallas. Uh, what another has been has escaped well suited familes, parking or during the go little argument. There's no okay, kiddo Restaurant market protection over the Madonna Inn. Quirky or open Fatima was dedicated to the theme of the final Knows a Una Take Carlos procedures in Travelers All Salinas the America when almost exactly heterogeneity a ballet . Necrophilia and Boco uh, sip with Obaida when struck the price action Africa. In our clinical or supplemental price action, Logano's Wirajuda is as a meaner see. Ah, but it wasn't platinum. CDO e animals must probably on Thursday La Belle Afeyan Buena que no sea no sorry. Comprising Eisen have even muss um, and pull top was one of the ones that has been money. Stop when you stop nobles Come on! Stolen from the Paterson poco on looking boy, That local reading in America I get them into syndrome OCR on the America actual movimiento post pianos in Terrassa Uh, they are mentally say that has k is skinned and needed protection. You know well enough to start moved to stop Investors fear campesinos Gameplay Few in $10. Awilda. He didn't come for the Mafia. Don available tomorrow started. Let's stop mobile beeps Della Villa. There is almost no fear. Okay, Um, for the most threes got convicted the three years ago is it is mostly embrace ballet. Better look at what is Apple Inc. Forget Thomas, but a camera city that was more clever. Nestor at a killer price, actually uniform I filmed on the drive home blow a cascade of Orlando. Better looking Noseda is possibly that their host star burst and Amos stop or I'll say, stop on mistrust. I think most people in the car implement e la Resistencia Portis. People point God is still the most last standing by a parapet. No moment is demos Anonymous Caribbean ticket is our big are No on your feet Ouattara's Rose. I think a lot is possible in an everyday intermittent money. Um, it has been like us eso when we pulled out of the stock. It is lacking. Delic was terrible. They hear police in a lets system. Merrifield Oh, here it is. Incanto pattern is wrong. Graphical in Blanco on 10. Their last villas look at everything in a moment. Topple. It fills the fifth. But that is that they have a camera feed all my stuff was get one, though in P fast equals Mr Prentice another, but comfort control Asking the public colors. I gave the scalping over a swing. Trading Mali It's moving fast progress solo Dennis momento is much fat illness. Listen, this isthmus seem Plano far too. You Ballet training is constantly visiting us from the complete must simply the contra puntos and travel Uh, a key. And then it is starting together desperate when our western Incontrera Mr Spoon Toes Valley or hair loss because the melons oo harken from together staying the course it is it has another last has been the Haskin about it Que significa wonder if this pattern is sealed off catalysts for money. When I form, I feel number Go home broke in the Anglo symmetrical, windowless will own the picture. It's the whole local as well as companies. Has a candlestick come upon a simple Marttila America? Well number one, Let's take hold of the realism no value than other terminal and defend it this moment there's like single place here, but in contract rentals, the company or the winter in North America is the stronghold of the the pattern. It's ballet Ciller's home demos told us. You know a woman Baratheon Kepel Hamas would have on Mr A Lot or peeps Ah, quality is lengthened beyond this Take also body length until Mr Corso is in Cinderella hinting Get a sign up And there they are Merida simply Okay, a new bring a moment of what about it? They're completely if you feel support and psychological Refused all of America's minute asked on the stand grafico cualquiera it was getting over our fears $10 in It's been OK, Istana Samalin Their birthdays Grain case is capping, but it's like Children in butchers casting. But for the most conclusions were happy that simply an intimate and don't locate stuff in the, uh, argument is don't be stuff e tratando Quattro leniency Supporters You cannot people point points for almost soccer. Come close Units Valley the locus staff in America go sista closest and rango See? But this, uh this conclusion intento soccer alguno pedophilia on Mr Stop Islington. Theoneste A course on the eso is located. Uh, this gets the first battle of public goes was courtesy ok markets and it is even legal in remedial. Gorgeous planned this event and then their kids Mr Obama. Overkill. Proculus argue that happening. They're going for cosmetic others and mass technica. It end up in the reservoirs. Cut patroness. He come off. Tornadoes is under the care of the rest. Stop is go for the 50 that produces No, no, no. Nobody can take it out on third body. Okay, so Ah, let the pureness case practically condo. Practical, practical under you ever Indian doctors. Well, his pattern existent. E K. C. Carr grew fearlessly America. So we are, peeps. Amenities for them. Which is the one she lives in the suburbs. Yes, sir. 2. Intro to graphics Price Action: Well, I've been, you know, sized. Then we'll call. So therefore, its price action trading corn people points on this that always go, JC Communistic. So yes. Pair. Okay. Lucas is less. We explica, honest, they go So low key way intent does me. They're less less. Are you the mood, Joe? And so people have been at the mouth. Look, we get on up in there and that's the A Minimalist has been strengthened by their dark plans . Materialise. Locate your apple. India Bali e cable. Still with an hour of each other Commenters former chairman Austin I mean, you know what the widow, but I understand, Of course. Then tell me they're boys could often be in toy with appropriate sharp ways. But from that world, um, the choice store my stomach is the grafico. Ah, the Liberte Yin hub on is you're aware Come in dark. A one realistic in this stay cool, sodium poco. They way we've been going for Carlo UK, uh is different than explicar Corso For him, Blow gets master. They hear the swing trading or the scalping or the now if the subsystem. But well, it's best. And massine Blake Griffin blow causally price action for K was poor kid protection Save Osamu locus that in the political area La misma ballerina on a price action and feeling the pressure e um, Low sodium. We've been going for you croquet asado in or Sandra and people points e supported resistencia Skoloff points must be in the airport for the Fichter inculcated Canty they broker and get a form A e s or the assistant was Persona and mark are feel supported or the most famous. Pretty thesis allow running back. Carlos, we allow our senior mistress today. Here we go. To the jury Stop was one of the CMO system bar leave happen is in graphical against I get there was nothing in better than the intern establishment and anti Obama does Those are what I'm a car. Get a completely cumbia Aafia. Uh, roll over for Mr Castle Batista. A key in quantum support. E asked. I step into the Kia came difficult then Weber Mali UC Twist continue asked I step into again money Jackie most asked by stippled Iraqi Yeah Keesee Most just take a minute and then take it. Must country stand here, introduced a community and Cynthia healthy start Babel's que and medical. Oh, super Corey. Kevin. Well, he will be my day. So then we're Cory here. Morning. Must I step on door? Step one door? Yeah. Keep way 1/4 here? Yes. Uh, then we will. I stuff on a lackey. The post area. Correct young case on the sink. Winter our America Come on. Famous. I move. Just photos. Malik and Mercado knows transaction is is the quarter in contact is estate people. They pulled those ballot on del Mercado re Acciona? Uh uh. Money. I think you are. Uh I think it was coming. And then video The Ethiopia Coming 1000 television price action. Last Bella's happening. I wouldn't Just in Kayla's Billa's knows. Are you done at Omar Este people? They see CNN's their quarter about the Iraqi Our the pharmacist NVIDIA is poking through Victoria metal manners. Look a big r e in a secondary year. Bama's algunas patroness They happen in America. Breath es e 3. Usual Candlestick Patterns : well, Ari media knows then rebel. I struggle, I say by most. Explain card. Ah, come on. It's as much as well is in price action coming into another time being came which has months, Mollie. People ask a select few. Another year you're okay. So let's came to support. It was in contact. Married women in, um, I started. He has them for ticks. I, which has mascot Leo bureau cigarettes performed with our masters, is, you know, sales at Quantico Companies or Liberto Oh, in 10 days was catalyzing for Matthew in Bali or case, you know, and in a in a classic in order may not Urban area in college. Yo, creo que bueno. Communist as camel, explica Lucky son last mass Luskin's. But I wasn't content mass Yunesi, which is with this I alone ask about it in much, which is Macbeth is kilter as ballad Uh, the choice top was one of us. E come always people the real escape with Inaki sew on the button. Isabella southeast as body or Giacomini. Most donut in India. Uh, Batista. He won the operetta estaba like Martino hammer, but I'll make a hopeless cumbia. Didn't Ninfa Malika wasted. No corpo passed on the begin, you know, getting ah, um about a meter xylophone. They appear Duda e Cohen was the economy chamba standard western Talladega. There's they step on to Iraqi stock, a significant skill. Malcolm, you got on the phone and I support that Molly, is that keepers I in trouble on and travel, which is compressed. Molly, you know the kind of thing for Mifune. Defend up Whiskey Boudria America Morecambe are dead in India. Mali family invertido is that it isn't spoken from nearby like illustrator for wealth. Get on being This is a well case that unless the left of us Sally in our finale another healthy over there Islam is more bitter and I feel and do nothing. Then there was that brief yourself, Rina. Intend, uh, kind of an were better. Um, no point. They, uh you know, esto pass amethysts, you know? So those most famous case una bela they continue to be that Batista khaki area. Ah, Master Vista. Guess looking fellow mercado Rocca Kavafian dough is come here and then you stop being a part of theatre Alfano Jonathan, Then fear. Yes, para, uh, affair blows through that Mandela's traders system is being a or C seven scientific our loved one. So it's caffeine. I know nothing about his stuff was this was practice. Ah, betting line to line eyes Gambian. So how galore Batista was there a moment there Average otra he called the most post Therefore practicum interfere with a poor frontal day level under your stick people. The way last Nestle in about 1/3 moocher and forex Molly for K was poor Kate For excess practical mentoring, take water or US ego. I was lucky is a key we see. Though he was lucky lucky tanto is the 15 capital can is to people they will assign Casilla Ah do not dare to oppose definition now Doing the festival is much complicated and can be up feeling about the film as in America, with a furious or or in the face Molly, depending much better. And four Explainer is middle dotted. Well, while Miller's no is estate, people Exactamente reform off here. Molly three outside up ballet go always put one. There's been a tendency up, but he's that I'm being stop most of a standard in the car. You go on the most with, um Dia are, you know, severe Arianna Terrafugia trees? Bella's wanna speak Farsi? Bali Chris Belus posted Your is healthier is near people within with a key Tambien Saleh feel I do not have a history. He knows everything is tossed Reyes Villa's Florida They the esta esta Labaki Uh, lava. Gee, Morningstar is to see Isn't there Sunday with this *** Lucky lucky student intent in Coimbra? Yes, To say I'm on dodgy looking. If you push kill medical staff do dando psychological stuff Ona yaki soba They supported by you guys Take pinto bnp, ethel job are no services container. Caliendo, you go on memos west Finalmente if I say Manuel Avila Maliki wasn't the carry up was disposed in Abuja was given medical intento Korakia or come here, didn't you? Is that I mean is with their Sundays without body for bystanders. Breath Ismaily wolfing bullish guests name Baldwin Toffee Stichel. We must put his support E sally or but I think one Avila fool where they're ballet or Casablanca King cobra totalmente love Ellen, your body most miserable. Um, we run there were under a corporate totalmente esta but it three inside up. Esta islam is my case. That pedo last Bella's Aquino embarrassing. We correct. I'm in the last race Belus posted Here is this puts their stuff Bali historian DENTRO Then through this time is my phone A militant through this day This time this time is more work Oh my Let Transbay last, uh, didn't throw this stuff on a very little come Oyster Salin Isabella's Florida was in his stuff very insulated trees Blast injury Where, though, Uh, three weights sold years Barry esta son Kobe's Soldados Blanco's be It is correct soon which with its load and focus in people, the pattern with this No, I wouldn't. We always push which you know nothing. Cynthia or mas viene Alphin alguna correct kun Within about a philistine is the star stressed people's develops balance Kiss on three waits for years just like a blanket pillow . When I with its on fool is or getting Ramos, they don't think Southeast our no graphic last reserves bottom gets on Les Peters the fundo Bali eyes this time in a better position which is business in your bathroom. Don't regard hello But if you do not Cynthia, you come over most place soon Villus knows they can step Werfel Tambien Homer bottom Poquito mas largo Pedro Sula Osama. Last pill First the fund Everything normal. Maria Eagle, The most boys on a beach in ah kee standing trend or compress. But we're mercado will bear self Easter morning A star Isla Yes, Well cased Iraqi Seen a dodgy about $10 for the sake about If they're senile, dodgy call race is practicamente this. We will case the only goes implement decade I keep not any. Most dodgy, it's on those fellas, uh, patroness develops Batista's practicamente this so last Maspero Camby. Endo already is There were about, uh, coming out. Those numbers go always a key is hanging men lay low. Brickell Rather I structural about nothing Fiesta Cohen that I was not in the least a legal America low won't toe their assistance via, you know, put there Can't Armas data Esta Baylock engine The Kharyaga America was stuck in the military. Ah, shooting a start early last year, last year for work because like it was coming. Tell on this but it carbon inputs jump in and do not assist in things. When I resistencia por school out of Dhaka Benton marathon of a the assistant professor in the car. Mr Work, they that bloke over Islami smoking under here Molly Better And it's the castle was almost came in. He was no nothing until Easter in Tanta and Mercado continues Viviendo better knowledge on See you give us support Scare in you come up at the end up was anything with a pulse Antonella del Valle interior. Let the upside down is local Most common tell on this belly and it's the este caso they must get Many was nothing have these time So Farina even most has been less by Athena's ice distress Molly Florida Della Villa Until your Molly Logie happening a star star is last tray of a lateral affair Condo Gee, you walk along came a comment of Ontario Mente Pedro in a circus elephant. I don't have immense er Feaster enough. Another assistant we intend over from Paris. Fiona, people remain depressed. ***, they can you listen. Dealer uh in Gulf in British Malaya Guest eyes Ah, libel Windows Vista Going on the most is not a lucky ***, Mr Castle. My like it. Ah, top! Oh, now, Cooper told Al Avila, until your body if you can say it's take a soap ways. But it was known I didn't southeast that Apophis tabula suffering Albert Kado Yeah, Baritone Avila, move around the kombi Indo total Oberlander You're it three and turned down. Local must come in Heavenly spit out various Ballymoney Almost do not in India Many more snow Nothing that healthy style America Josephina e apart If in Paris Bella's better, calmer, mostly joke was speaking out and through the stop me is my phone Iraqi Your drop on If you Abernethy Endo, Tommy in the Travis Thomas McDonagh This time is more or less time. We've been attributed three black clothes. Malik it's on the other is because most Keith and his eyes were not correct. Film Vista, Caliendo Corey him pocho He was in the UK Um, last week stop has been fast. Uh, the Northeast us Molly going Masaki being a very sinister spin First palace is total has been fast. But America, though in a one of a resistencia are parroting our has meant us poly keep But I city was 50 the the hanging man but number Corcovado stars those filters nos indica rianka mercado back and beer everything a star is not is more last a lot. E Iraqis in dodgy Logie yaki, not animals and dodgy Malika. When post practicamente condos villas in dentro de yesterday I mentally level if they're moocher, often have them nothing. Cynthia of Easton Well, it the Mo mental patroness Dokdo Killers Mass Guinness problem. A single drachmas America for six So honest that's body apart. They they stop. I guess that's must complete car there. What they know is that signal a promotion. Contrary start a community poquito this complete car that if you did little ask a and mass matmos frente para ferry's sister Hanging man shooting a startling moving Ah Vocci Mali Last year's Eli running start Well, it is the sky What I think organ recommend another friend of Arthur Mass. Is this with this quest on poco mas? They they take your personal video patroness thing because they feel content left? Yes, 4. Usual Technical Patterns: well, I have many those. Then we were in Istanbul, a classic, and it's tell consumers have a lot of those paternalistic because the former thinnest masters well is in praise such because I Ramo's Anil interior bu most commenter Look with a lot of people's level. Ask his full inform our or mass TV cars. Mallet. Eunice. Though Cassio was almost off Scot Obama's, I didn't difficult to get people that patroness sexual and swollen about Uh uh Ky when he doesn't have any. Just about it. Yeah, if it's in America Quest on bass Stanton as did in difficult money. I keep Espada minimus lost your horseman it better in American life. This question yes, tennis the same standing under ballot guests in three Anglo last. And then they let karma most tenemos una tendency vista mercado gana phone of the resistencia Maquis, Korean poco and direct intent from Vienna, where Allah directory. That's tacky knowledge. It s path. You come around here. No, no, no. A love Molly Descending triangle. Malik is a low post wise there. Why must he studied enough support El Mercado Correa thrown the tree and Gwen and stuff owner Don't worry. Most star for Matthew in their second Maxima's distant and this and that. But if it meant it was almost like hunting with the men in fear, Comma for sun don't care if you are probably supporting his toes. Patroness with about 1/3 in form Athena and 10 MPs Ballet E in Durango's Day, the Tendency Ocoee Piccolo Stock or he in they must kill the younger my local angle. Ah, most country Anglo Symmetrical Palace Practicamente a well in the most sinister castle in the members Do not and Cynthia shuttle down Cannell Batista, Mr Philip and Millionaire Nothing. Cynthia Cooper. I was being done. Nothing been Feaster Safrinha Special economic system is is taken out. Ive finalmente place Ah, camera on P and O ports Abysmal level one day and then they are really another one in the east Can Arnulfista e cannot stop being a They went on a vista and arena in Piazza Mukora here. Yes, the money e finalmente Kameron p and o para continue our Latin but it is the people that matter. Honest were intelligent Ambien in media, they now tend in fear falling wage malaise room raccoon. You have a history most animals do nothing. Then Vista Marina Sekiya Kun Hospital Kenya Stockett tambien cicadas in its path You you covered Trump Indo Pedro Port level Contra radio on the other quarter Traffic and security and family back east as Secretary Estepona He Sally Port level Contrary rising wage This this Lacuna vista Balakot Almost There was nothing in his style. Mercosur friend Corica Corica! Be it Seca Caliendo on it. Rectangular malaise TCK isn't Arango. Westerners love the more you get well, been daily. Benny was not have a system that was a friend and supporter. Correa wound up taking a resistencia in 10,000 level. I will support there Shop assistant DEA. He has like a filament post. Leprosy in Pakistan is much for the day you got up in the life ona the quality coming around their shoulders gets broken. You go And what was CIA? Keep those on Brad's body. Both Paris area persona. Well, a Brazos and Obama hit on Children for he was in the car. Come here. That excuse most. Young Wandera Estefan. Iraqi gets a gramophone aka Larry. Yes, Sanofi Hamas siestas number. Yes. There's a number esto. Syria lacked clarity on their manners. anymore. CNN film. But you know, your foot was coming when there was an identical system. Mr. Castle, He second opinion. My phone A clavicle are local. Yesalis former escaped this The bathroom SK No romantic. Want to see a pair of indoor? A phone? A clavicle are No, that is more Garrido. Push. Uh then at least on the phone with him. Syria key is you know where the Siddiqi Ah phone on the support I was trained upon. Those was like I either said yet I'm being trained up e l invertido but Islamism. Okay. Is that our best estate finance? Documenta Batista? But it was in the Godkin Mercado camp area. They they're Scindia was in attendance. Healthy study Skokie's agree along broke out with the long bro the telephone A clavicle are one day pass on Estas mr was pulled Tuesday. Resistencia Grampian doughboys mercado antifa A Soviet Obama's eyes does get immune to understand interests. And this people top. Malik is a triplet. Richer covered most of three star one of the richest Indian Before that he's in Korea would replay Minister, you intend to run organ? Sea water is no longer here. Water and Indo Cuando una will continue for the federally suppose telephone I so 40 people bottom Malik is a swallow their zombies Muppet arrest when he was doing it And then they are Pakistan America Farina, you can no longer see intent on I support there. No lo Consignia. Palestinian Minister Rango Yes, Like Griffin on in the Akala. Sorry, Indo for a little control. You flak Bandeira your legal stuff on his Corey here. Yeah, esta Cynthia Many system and everyone was the fear. Correct feeling If you can take a practical man to see me the most is close. What? Roland Wozniacki said Correa who now on data But hasta que finalmente boys, is that correct? Fionn? I said I stopped malice. Incremental correction even Armin deposit ratio Sally, this parallel a theory network Kes ise wonderin Mallorca's longest bogelund data better African sick in its delicacy on for a SEC area especially rate e k in Latin means McCalla stop assed people if the people that's within about 30 million um double top. This is the work of three. Play better simplemente in tandem with what? Okay, laugh. Another distant CNOOC yak about the Indo Western on the telephone with animals. They support 1/4 he double bottom. Malik is Adobe's. Well you want meant they better arrest where the way it was generated. And you're history America different and stuff for now in tender than a cobra No, no one. See here Uh, the hasta the mobile telephone A supporter He phenomena depose companion Rocky don't as well as the compa Leterme American was back and near the direction Your focus emphasizing coconut Albany Committee, whose Kilos Salam movie in is with until they were in America. Wisdom has spent famous ballet better with eyes Practically I hear will standardize stars It's testing definition of miracles. We are valuable as well as spores incontinent skin in your car and feel his body That's part Mr Are is that they hear the projector 5. 1 preparatory analysis for price action: Well, I won't say he must gonna go throw their rejection, uh, well and is there and that they're gonna be the US become more scare. I moment doesn't can Breathy, oppose cumbia dependence Yocum, the other Mrs Rafia, I give the mayor of the heart Claro que Lester. They hear the price action Sarasa Simplemente lo que esta haciendo and Brescia in color. More in the pro tanto. It's important they okay and still has the price Action knows the most. Fricker cmp see, embrace, embrace Lo que esta haciendo will pray for you But a part of this talk I cannot any most definitely a couple and said maybe as mobile is comfortable And said Mark said that was a gym local So the West or assistance for people points a key And boy long ago in the ref in India is the choice to continue on. Let's play caffeine. Caffeine Almost where the mama and then boxcar opportunity That is the complement. See? Infra siendo founder there quoted up the choice of the thunder. But Americana you give him okay, breath. You tell it anyone Stefana yaki suffer another like I either go home in. We don't intent of the reward and stuff on Iraqi Keep Tinto Rio Yaqui. It's still Devonport. Trust I stuff on other keep being doesn't wanna be. What? Sistema window? Yes, the referee India s I must say it is the moment to brief your system or women and stuff. I think they must think you get a little upset about was one? Yes. There's a brick wall. Working with Mark Obbo is if he can. Wasn't breath you Mikey Safran alot turkey bacon Your table desk that stuff on the Hubble Scott stuff on your lucky if you're not meant that CIA humbly other last this stuff Fiona Yeah, about the lucky this this the token in this stuff. Another key I am with other rebel that you come over become a host on will not assume by history you can say last meet asking Was there breath you well it sempre a communist. The rcm Barinas today most difficult. Loki, I feel brave. Few this lasting for Mafia and every middleman? No. Then medical. Yeah. What? My different major incumbent outspent us bent us paintings paint us into less tough on Iran Has been has been Test Valley. Get myself avocado Caliendo. Then you ever step on to Iraqi, Mr G. You keep saying it's more of a intento Sona with animals. I gotta are key on it. Then I want you can say Major Bente Benton Benton. Bente, Bente. Necessarily. This card, that one, we will attract the eye stuff. I would have if Lady I stuff on Iraqi. What? I was upset about his staff. India and stuff will attend a party until the price action is upset about feeling upset about gay stuff. In a brief, you were very lucky, Mr Scocco. Fairness. He didn't. Mistrust grows in this sport in America. Compra Venta principio said if he handled the movie in local staff in the present moment, pull it out. Put in a nice boy once, Um, the moment the one of the Hamas ist ist analyses. Step again. You're not decisions. Turkey. Yeah, and 6. 2 preparatory analysis for price action: Well, our family knows essay. You must go on course. So therefore they exist that he has the place. Action. Ah, come up with an upset about Uh huh. And under your video explain camels. Come on. And if Adam Poco I live far Odo Dollar America in this day it's time oceanographic of those who has a lot of nail salon days. Keep with them or observe I was one of the momento them or scare the others. Stepan toe are we don't rebel there, but better anti German together splits kit I keep have yet when I saw her they support Vania. It's like I either Yaki Ceferino is breath via the MP. So Andre Botha Archy Sillitoe, go We love you Like I asked that based upon direct movie this toy Stone Terim's so famous in America Most contract whether it's the Estefania Ducky Well, when upset about Well, it Poco Scacchi is toe, I think I mean dead does the yes well, refuses to Morgan Got stuff on that? Yes, but I don't wanna money. Babel's khaki mozzarella They don't breath your esteemed into the water with the correct fear. Mr Qaida There Okay, a couple a cargo full strata Pour que finalmente Prozac. Most of America is gonna calling Alinea or is Quicken. Hey, Sorry. Monarchy, Kiki Remorse Molly, I keep a mosque. Close care there. I step on the rocky saying the other one dribble Thomas R Cabral tambien con well in he knows on the most. Okay, I bought your stock is you Give me not amend it the most. Okay, Lucky NIMBYism Andhra compress Contra calm Bracco Broadcom AKI of Ella Intento Duda Yeah, This stuff ona Yagi Stop, son. Something has normally important this breath until Yoko e finalmente cities in the world. One of the key Give him a scripture that Ramos was in a villa. Devinda must have did something. Sk alto que the key. That pretty idea about stuff on Iraqi. He talk about heaven. Markey s Tennessee losing beat up in, sir. And it's not gonna I posit units, vendor or us, but I can take a security in there. Get it when it's a corpulent cover. Oh, this I gotta say, uh, Bob Bennett and FEMA then FEMA give them us kicked off today. It didn't that alone. We were able. They asked that stuff. Mother light and love of in whoever you must get. Then we'll launch Alabama. That one of them? Yeah, they're going to start with go Hamas. You know Amazon Graphic Golden. Or will they think of it? E que upset Obama's And think of the most misting. Didn't don't believe that man is looking more and in Does pass Peter, Look what they was upset about. Mustard dinner. That one of them. If you can say, I would asked to humble my stomach. Oh, Hamels more. I see it more. My splatter. Molly seems almost place. Wow, Look at this. A key recorded in case La linea or something. Marco Motta. Sona There resistencia e global and upset about our stock. Around up, I can have a bigger neither. Get most Vista Newington. No intento the attack I stuff on the dresses. Ah, then it must doesn't fairness. Yeah. What is that? And it's the castle. The honest lob. Soon there I see. They got a new I step was in Carter's undercover cardiomyopathy in the platform. When the chips Molly, must I step on? The Iraqi is better. Others see the new about you guys Step on, Jackie. We just got? No, it is too baggy When it The more mental analysis. But I stay step are not Andrea most, uh, you know, personal, but yeah, people. 7. 3 Preparatory analysis for price action: well on then we will always many does. I stand, will go. Analysis is talking. Number was a salad bar. The American of course I called it incompetent. And it's time you think of the new clothes e But it was over a Fiat for scare America o sistema window in rango mas dominoes. Guess them. We're in red while in the peak warrant I think will be the and cloudy care. Anglo is Western Amos and your case is taking care. Compra Laraki are key second, but it you keep nothing that they resistant. Yeah, What is that? If you can say Jackie, when the breath here Alcantara stuff on Iraqi are better off here. You know you can't talk and stuff Another key. See along the whoever Toki. Lucky at least more me Really elegant. Until you Iraqi the noble not a curvy but if you can say a stabbing death came $10 bill Bonnet bodies I mean was this Stop is looking by the most glad I'm in the Tora se Creo is tough Ona get by. The CIA can make come of it. The other speck out of your kid You can t arugula chicken salami. Checking is the hope of Santo Stefano di Testa momento Dado Resistencia, Passo and Esta Garcia. I said so put it there. Yeah, so she can tear the Buddha Ballet said. We will. Pressure killing, Humble. He can't complex Cobra's conference compass and stuff. No, Sally. A key una involvement Behe sta mother is the Iraqi. You can say cool practicamente there I was told us there is all that stuff Another key, que pasa case admitted and we will put them at home. But it he aqui ramos came trump intestine Whoa! If you can say well, I jacket, I start relying. But then you ever in dente carry stuff Another key he like jump Ah slice top of the hour. Then we'll struggle and not our wallet. Paronto most pasado and instead Trammell yucky. In what? Though the Espana live here? The stuff in a coma Resistencia support a new ever assistance Mother Rotundo our Falco most Uh huh. Breath your stuff on Iraqi solamente body almost pensar in windows. What the by Amazon graphical think of you know does yeah dispose them a very matter Callow stuff. Fiona's que and they're upset because I think you know those You get animals, Mother Figgins. Estos lavilla! It was more color line, Baldwin. Yeah, okay. Yes, they will be Mottaki, Malik was not going todo pasa stuff. Graphic mullet fiend, I think the way Ah thes does. But it Ah bah he's does then Fiona. No. Yet any most plan. Okay? Our animals system Avocado was America said but he started. You will save you unless that they hear the transaction. The key. He continues almost posted. Ornamental African dough lost people. 8. Install the pivot points: Well, I went on a car. Most people points and was apprehended on Poco case eyes price action. My election that brief you Muslim women was mercados install Cassie Obama's our yard. No school. Most people, uh, once ideo did he throws, you know, having a facility now did he thought if it is same, it become a broker. Toronto and the broker. Totally simple. There you go. Okay. At the really like around my area of focus incluyen in indica Laura People Points Valley Paragallo Carlo Graphical dollars money in gas. So they're gonna stay on people point, go more in the color. Say what? I'm indelible on this car. A car or water up soon is capering. The red binding contract amount on the calculus Don't disappear. The couple are ill. Loss was even less people low cost and drank a market Stay this man one Yukio case the other way. Last like four months until August In in Pianin lending a lot of the people points Ramos the just door on What was that about? Season is all this time, Donna. Go in. Keep on a people point, but mostly car or CvN Sonora salad Dream it up on the Iraqi people away and Ramos isn't out of Bamako. Fiorello, he our kids on this planet Barilla Villa people But it were they told on class explicar que significa nos People are finger cameras on top are disease resistant. See Kevin Madden for Matthew level it was carp or intermittent working. I am want on. He's got Twitter ban on the import but it bhakti gawky and knowing Look is a continued Finn Delgado is total formula and mismo Corigliano's lot. Um out of this pickle is below the level and participate OK, keep animals The area taken in a finished or risque can cloak itself in Mali Normal men district said Well, I'm not a moment annoys iss maximum in many more must theory the the villa in in the U. S. A miracle one door click Mbanga those people points Mirage is calcula Oh, there is many more Maxima is here Dale Martyrs ballot yesterday organised Amazon contract hockey but with the rest stop No, that was in the area. Calcula people, people take classical I different The steeples, the culpable While we saw people do classical But I had company that belief your aunties were along with a few Bonacci said What? I'm in danger. You simply deliver the classical Cariocas they lost Castle Deliver Mass is fulfilling Arabia. See, I can't go to without trust me but a super correct Um Mother most are for the most part it oy historical story Go simplemente knows briefly Correa los puntos The people that they are year and this year none of interest Understand what it stole Money we got from the digger does like well, I kill us Gloria's mother and people send down nothing when Greece in mystical or Safia but part of the key. Ah, look for this Missing American support isn't Rojo Rojo Hamas. But then so I started e well meant para la resistencia Spiro and Corbyn No resistance resistance A polar bear. That was my sentence. Stop with this planet and color. Kate Uh, for the Victorian ministers Colores yet you're repentant. Alexander is a key. The notes teething color the Levin AEA's They wouldn't know. Maybe a lock on it. And that's the key. Look, amazing Better that our kids they call offended, but they don't fall. So, um musical organise holiday Marchal agrees on Beth Tyrannical from the law gonna be able to control the police Open air theatre galore or for this pointer Nalini a point there, Molly Linea Upon Galaxy City, there's people, tend bar Kabo son Last maybe as incalculable A media intra lever those trays Everyone knows anyone in the camels. Okay, Yeah, I get news about if in laws even wants Yeah, the answer points resistencia were not existing laws. So for they were also 40 Those women who have a cinemascore covers his nose Mammals renewable regarding together ball way Most are people trying better in the stock ASEAN Invisible nebula on the area, low droning, coming up So it didn't really happen in it Week Money in Ciminelli Money won't play Stand Inglis Molly Yes. Kick it a theorist or love is mobilises pickle calcula Ok, say is key in his talk. Assume this is Cal. Pull the DEA Della Villa The idea There Here. I like you so much, Mr America. Let's hear about this. Yes, there is a group of people You will be dead. G equals is dull looking. Yes, sir. And it's the CIA wants base. It has been less from Woocher Marshall I present last last lenient from Ujaama's Last Was a Stick Algo knows Lygia last see my yes Lavilla The the fear of the bareness Help lover on Tortola. Samana? No! No one was on your feet, girl. Now more than Ekamol Memos, Mother do nt is a semana. This is Hannah. Well, it was a joke. I'll grow up their maximum Many more easier. Maximum minimal. The theater. Hi esta semana. Kistane was a hole in the study Lackey, Here's style. Iraqi knows that now does. This does Does this Does Lini ask Usama Bin backing people that support their support and was last seen intermediaries? But they can also with body fia No, I thought area parking lot area can area south of Michael Group tanto se them a window that ended in the area. Ah, cervical hula, he said cumbia way people point Rocky Sea somewhere moved Turkey 1000 mine Understand? See And I was back and beer people different abajo. Pero you see my no Novak Camby R asta la semana que viene a lot of effort in theaters the museums la semana asta beer nasal DeMaria. Okay, Okay. Yara and animals in a coma. Bescot open I feel is the comparable their in the corridor 9. How to use the pivot points: Well, how many of those, then? Well, I stand know about class and it's time consumables explica on bogo. But I guess you can lose people. Points go. Ben is gonna go the train. Tamino toes Par Libera drinkers We thought you know what, eagle? When was when they were being the operative loss? Most people point uh, keep animals. People point intel semanal yucky and people points in trouble. The are you We've been the joy Stow Keep the most one as Lini as a fool s case that's on lost their support Their assistant minister, Mr Castle, taken like a home for the people Point Prisoners I learned would sure that there were enough on us important escape of the most in Baghdad. They supported the resistencia. I was I think I know the book oil. Okay, I go on the his breath your and partly because we you go on most stuff you're No, no continue So embarrassed. Afanah A key We were looking you 70 scar esta media. Yeah, the government Augusta is calcula and media entry people point in Este caso yield report there, But I know I don't know uh, the people the mosque is esta linea a different Ozaki Que pasa? Honest, Arlene? Yes, but we're not gonna with Ocado. But he said you think it's done Came at us Theano seed of Indian will if he can take about somebody you guy stuff ona but a very few Saladino Boco you know Intento the Sevilla keeper Spin one, attack it and mobile phone Other people point several Centro you know people dips Indra even most kids are going to your brother. You must get covered with and bent Doesn't Estefano record keeping dreamers? Director Tambien was being fast money and excuse their Stop saying Mr Video The people's there The patroness Livilla I was lucky Napoleon said would have been first articles in the Guardian You keep us up with America But poco way attack our stuff on and no love on TV He barbarian Dahlquist, huh? Stefana until tormented Aria CDOs aboard a better come on the female skate Yes, Takamado freakin tickets Start with Yeah. No, really. I think Me resistencia Where the uh no actually there supporting me. Military Eric, Whatever. You can ticket you guys tough. Ona be pasa Frankie Lymon Gerstein I'm indebted. Seagate Caliendo Safrinha in a supporter realized intracity poker. Mean Botha, Berenice Daytona was acting. Begin your about a parallel. Continue our Caliendo Nuevo addressing Quintana life Ona se you know day so forth. You know the people 0.3 area? Yeah, for a tanto AKI. The last Afanah was said last Sunday that anything but the animals lying there. Well, well, I thought getting in America. You get close air support. They does. Dale, people point now in Stefana. All right, I will not support super. Thank you, Hamas. They started with the cable. Came growing stuff like es turkey pose simplemente according the winter beeps Hartanto the most ended in quinto que aqui esta Fiona Adriana Combat? No, no. So if you can Well, always in in Phoenix Carrier. Okay, but I was a little bit medical. These Jim was the key money they caper you have in community in India A friend, a friend and a few last Qaida's para can be updated in fear. We intend are wondering what a brilliant in terms of those upper with Jack is terrible. Another massive supplement lost people points on car imports, Children They supported resistencia itwas eliciting the most. They re propose is nothing and support that he's anymore. Where is nothing? A. Their assistance. Hear My massive simplemente was called La Comida Feel person poke over the media's um it is sometimes better than the really has only friend Talismanic. Alas, poor mazzotta escape command most Westerners because Ontario areas mass like on fulfilling the people points was Neuza Ulan determine our fears that phone as they for the supporters . All the fourth assistant basketball. Almost almost car. Ah, but I feel nice income. But it Yes, Dr Apulia, that bill US bonuses, musty and contra Most people, if they for my feeling, is that they think that they were fantastic, none of us. 10. Money Management: Well, uh, on this DVD, Obama's opening day Don't local of yours. And mine is when the last part is most important, This or past and important trading. Bali is seen on a hospital monitor area. Correct up was practical. And then nunc ELISA in Mali. Um, well cremated, ready and four ticks in through here. One of the last buses during a credit is like system or daddy on money management. Serena System Monetary a correct and new Calamos honoring both Esther is we both. And so in this video, Christina Element Mom was his best. The character is in Lahore. Not a moment they know. But I feel as they've also going for six this woman recommend our own benefit. You pelita No, no Or they will all of us. It's talking significa We'll have him blow with a simple lesson if you can get comparable to get active. He was coming from benefits Everything. When the windows Mr Perry a maximum Know what they said? Superior? I think one documentos It's the Syria Mr Syria. Rather there You know completely on Korcula Baratheon whose camels it is more benefits. You can use my idea, but it doesn't brother there. Another, ahem blow is a data there. Another's second promotion act people. It was come over. No, Katie, about this. The benefit here I think one does that better than a maximum number of breast surgery or peeps Historical in the few minutes within severe biography is the street trading or trading in drugeon its basic amend their lobbies. Mo que este was condo in Dublin benefit here, Molly, what is the Syria and radio OIOS is my ahora si pero tambien is mass local, probably to get with us about it. Well, yeah, Sopon Gama's when this came up my nose, then it when the well, the Buchanan toes the thing, Camille, that the meal, the theme meal or the media honest but an affair between dating you're going on a solo, but I feel that it must be for Central and Western Lanka. But it's not regular, depending other up persona. You know, quantum patina fists. Yeah, we had come poking about in Quintas Maskin, and this says, Well, 800 nothinto call Maxine. There is still a big, difficult climb, Molly Toronto Centre, making Inter stolen. This is gonna be Gothia. And you know Baratheon trunk in for them. It is maximally better here. It's don't depict, but it or K or keep our accomplice in Kenema happened then mean millions of dollars, you know, parathion. But then there the most pristine does the running. And what happened after his master knows him or from another like winter? No Tinian looking. I stopped you. I don't know a new birth in tow. See better the skin Technologies said. I'm with math. Facile regularity. That's just consider lettuce. OK, do not international, but I guess it Amazon brought Theo. They benefit Theo. Barely interest in Taos, isn't I think a pretender. They probably that is that other female. But I got an indoor. But if but I don't really important in a scalping, either. Portable Frank Fiona is like and did up there in a sweep. Trading is Mahar is interested in, you know, Molly European clientele. West is everyone there and call myself a stop. Was was England millions of generous in La Quinta Barkindo? The period some keen federal is the area Maxima. A little bit of we're kind of in a position to stop the barrier. No, with a sort of limited the piece of all of this sympathetically mosquito who stand alone. But I got here. No Gondo together over half in maximum rebuilding American policy. There isn't any was in attendance there. Put a compliment for the history while sister week Lana Well, there was a whole start. Muscle is top people. There was agreement on a lotta It's sort of bigger in the partners with years concept import Sunday you can never get out of class or less PICO in a proxy war post. Well, it Yes, Dr Unbeatable the Wallabies Morgan Love Osama Important is no bear Their mass they would you know both in talk and cartography in Mali, it's top secret image has got on those Bali when I was a federal Bali Beato journal of on going solo. Hold on top. I must feed a maximum years ago Miranda for the Rio Grande. Um what about the highest that this day will Ah, when Thomas pay Kenya mooch? Um I don't know. Number thin. This said is laconic Chaveleh capital Getting opinion money when lacking in a system No Got a master number three and we got a panacea. We general, we present their mother the moment a plus esto severe portent today 11. 1 Operation Nzd/Usd Supports and Resistance: Well, I honorable stumbles are Don't favor if greater than those me being there. Come on, man. Stumbles in a graphical They part the lot of new fell on this americano and graphic go they think of, you know, ekhomu salmon was coming almost entirely voluntary room in there. Ah, it must be so cocky and stuff. Another key. But are you gonna combust until assistant millions donuts and intel Sista? Yes. You know Linda E three a mosque in Estefan Oppose the breath. Your support area. The Internet O incluso dar Selah. Uinta Uh, common. Yeah. We don't know what I think of in time. You step into that kid Yoda. But what if you need a poco mas por que? Have your first stop? TiVo Almost coming. Developers. One system, starting with Jackie. It was a look pretty well versed on the cercano Molly Islah party harvesting this stuff from there. Yeah. Go get any one like him. Atacama. God, they got us No go. More system or you see the president, the we would give ourselves up was one. Okay, breath. Your final made their $10 from Iraqi call. Went any. Almost 11 trees resistant. You know dress. They'll, uh, the people point the earlier but hockey Tenemos la resistencia numero uno. The people 0.0.7. But it isn't Bali. The Jonah the Resistencia about Islam. Isma, Montana, la misma four fa Will liar address Kayla. Kayla, Every we live in the other in the American local system. Movie in Better when I address was using Take back America and before Just be there, Mr Castle Siriano's support trays. On what? Um, it starts in the gut game. They're going beyond just balance. Calmus in its tunnels. Practical individualist phone at the resistencia report Putting FEMA from being the most Mr Sona. The resistencia is Mr Pento e n graphical. The 18 seminal was in court. Oh, and stuff. Well, it was kind of hoping that even if it was a straight job, just I'm be Theoneste Bali got with incomparable purpose stapled Iraqi parted Bassa this day Durango, Get in America! I joined Telco Money Management The calorie stop step into that e mama's car were scared in a new school so oversee safe era with yes 12. 2 Operation Nzd/Usd Closed Position: Well, I WASI was also the bridge section. Some people points in its there. In this castle is Thomas. They were working on dollar New Fillon days, our americano and graphical against us. One of the study and yourself, the ego of imports Winner will until I know Chapuis which Espanola and one day behind a media, uh was a terrible I can't take profit in this stuff. Yeah, Lamar Camels is the front. How many guys that rectal Meridia keeping It was nothing of it that if you stand in the Western, they pretended Ambien Ballet Akitani. Almost liar. You know, salmon but young Cool the phone a day. Still fear. Go there. You see que aqui? Yeah. Breath one DACA there to a problemas Giacomo supported Comore resistant in tow. Estefania Yucky. Well, mundane. Well, if you think kids basada the whole bit about it, I don't see a way. Don't know. Best into the Santa is local areas. E g was a Viet Aleister. Pretend feeling the brief you But don't the most, um is this lovely Minot? But Afghan cake just like other the transaction ballet simplemente detonating winter. Yeah, which are much of it is in America Latina, Memoria Mallet, Fallacy Corbyn. And it's taken us a voice service store based on the ladder. Okay, He every I'm not fanatical up. So that very few if you don't get that was one of political theory video soon. What? It, uh, the moment of stolen Hamasaki. You see, very contra. Who now? We bury Fiona? No waiting around the videos. Explain Condo not convicted the market's Central America, okay? 13. 1 Operation Usd/Cad Supports and Resistance: Well, argument those then. We've always thought was operated their favorite. And that was me being there. Mr. Mazin Graphic. Go. Uh, they think of me new clothes that bad. I don't have any gun. All the letter cannot be unsaid. Ego event was have you talked to you know, But I think they're in that the other way. Speak. And, um, it is, if it can was established in one time. I was on the street job people. They've been 1/5 year. Um, it'll see Observe Yamazaki Mercado is Does those things that goes phone us their support. A distancia money. They must kill political with care. Canvassed afanah a cigarette. Follow Nike. I'll be there. Okay. That people point system being a cigarette. Your father the other than was thinking Dando ways I can fight it. Stuff another. Come on. Was it made graphic? But it you stop. Let's climb in there. Yeah, and it's tough ona with breath. You savor the detainee in Mali. Three interest every me that jacket just a little. Well, it No, I meant there one cigarettes will be star. Is there a tougher you say? Well, we are key. Start another resistencia posted in Davila. Then we were like the nuevo esta is like Atocha. Yeah, people point that somebody before no on Seaga. Yucky. Then we go Woon attacking I stuff on anarchy by the Iraqi Well, where I should be asked. Life ona there de Plessis 10th here, eager for immediate comment And most people 0.3 area. Well, it we've been, uh so it is to a stop Gap was in America. And Bente, you go. Nope. Debo course The limited benefit Fear stepping toe. Police pulled us off. Spent the off line there. You know Barack a synth end up was his enterprise actually money and like feeling that Britain Okay, stuffing will briefing down where the men were like You're a tough of a job for each other . They give well balanced Sammo Hung graphical even moss Who must cloudy now Must can a body here and breath you please carry on forest a phone A see the wretched lamented the stuff Lucky they know about tougher Bali bomber see deploys in Kabul country most terrorist 14. 2 Operation UsdCad : Well, they say you must call ties Time Indiana. And but the lad already kind, although a lot of kind of being tipped s a He wasn't going to go. They continue to us, you know. Cassie. Cassie, steer aloe vera. Fee in body as you go. Knock another Meaning they fear. But look, people limited. If you can't say hostal, they, uh the compress, killin andrology and stuff you can Okay, one of the moment A lot. Then anything is in the history, but don't. Okay, I think I was alone. A drop or two. Now, let's see. See that? I mean affair from the start. Off with you, Molly Little Boko, Keystone and defendant Complicity Last Millikan was starting. Handle I c a c gonna drink Tinto Concezio They got ah. 15. 3 Operación USD/CAD Closed: I will say most part dolar americano the canopy and say graphical they continue Esta matar the after it's the defibrillator that does well being there, Eagle man. But one of Helmond Day is a rather low, but I feel Manuel meant it. We support the, you know, on the people point theory. Oh, Bali local What? Any of the history. But you could tell it was our star Ian Abbey in the state and the Gambia. This anti, though, was up until the work for you. Radio ballet attorney Akil Libby there for poquito pocket of those every day being double Scotty stuff on Iraqi. No joke Aguila. Okay, Like and they're barely there. They love Lativa, Molly, but Bogle of your most. We don't eat the most when I was an early must be stoking key beyond our phone support Something Ah e uh, Fierro Boys Club. I'm indicating recover system or unionised. Ah, a more visto Jackie and Jackie Wasn't the local determined a miracle? Oh, karatedo assessed a food critic ized Iraqi. And you know this their condo our, uh it was the stock DACA Liza, you know the people pointing people point semanal recuperate Stop if you then we were asked a key. A key. I turning it into their own half. Also Aleppo. Most column in the salido. This stuff ona the resistencia within Yamazaki It was Ah, gravel Esta villa. Case number Winter weather is time. Baldwin Defensa esta esta esta Istanbul Money e believe that keep was okay. Yoda. Ah, alas, toothy grin. Dark area on Wall Street was the moment of my karsiyaka Endo Joe Carioca committed job was cassia got buried in the stuff on Iraqi Give me their support. The people put into the area or the area. Ah, you're intensely on Iraq. A few nine price action bear coma 12 Breath you and cannot momento and Alaska knows the family line for Matthew was the America. We come up the moment a key Go away most seeing and render compress mundane stuff on anarchy. Fado The most K, I presume, Batista, But I'm going while que momento bordry around stuff ona este extending this support you could Okay, See gondola's stratosphere Sea Siempre a of money management stores we import. And what was video? It was a bit of an escape. Okay, pull this finger. Kabul is locked. Came in the second half. India 16. 1 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S: Well, I mean, maybe those then We've always known that. They say they have literally those meal being there. A lot of these motion last, though. Think one in the U Children media area. Yes, Thomas Window and Bar Liberte. And Japanese and graphical. They think money and one of them talking points. Graphical diario. Yes, I In what? Poin and Simon. I'll Okay, point. Ah, yeah. Okay. Upset. Ah, to the mobile. Scared our key, Mr. From the most game. Resistencia acumen afecta fun of this report. What? I'm gonna get along money. Come on, us, Mikey, Going around any out sometime. Like you keep on it will be in. Uh, Arlacchi gave a mosque a few key I want. Then we'll caiied us that stepleman eyes that siendo I started in theater Key key political She always are My character Obama's our does the most. Caleb and then fia boys Samri Arado. But it wasn't said about Jackie Salvia Kajiado Carisa, You can t focus So we're not positive Southeast us In most key moment the refuses different under this stuff you go through the the closest I stuff in the area. Mutually. Okay. They must get well I could eagerness to my window warily video the medical Mafia style. Wasn't Ramos comprising medical progress in the case of the Yellow God with that yesterday , the invertido Yes, I do know, is that he owned record. Really, really going. There was t Echerem pieces E C. It's had a romp in the post for almost an aide on mineral miners who recorded Oh, they dreamed up on those pay for our people if that stuff on our G Mommy knows. But in the BDO even 17. 2 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S: in Khowst. Oh, Maximus, the Keegan was postal on this money. I stuff Another key s there is the son of the resistencia. Were them, uh or can travel up with graphical They continue does, if you can say finalmente la presse. You Nathi stock alienist. The system went global seeking Christa Mr. Fiona Income Bra's the weirdo in khaki. Any ill will there again? Feeling the breath, your cough Come over and stuff on a mentalist until you know I want it. And in this form, I feel numb. Broke up with Umbro Kit and Jackie he gets up to up was one of the other knows about this time, You know, Obviously I stuff another Keep getting more scary moment Mother is more now they the limiting while there. Yeah, I think you guys stop. He he 18. 3 Operation Gbp/Jpy S.H.S: Well, I have you, Maybe those venerable stuff they hear a prize? Actually, I think it was gonna bar libera happen is a graphical the continual does, uh, within apathy are you stands out there? I think if you were just being dead nothing Germans area authority. No better feeling the complainant staple e was explicable. Park area most often go home broke down during the Edo. Ah, you're part of this case. Ah, line Rather they Cobra's balanced Ofonagoro. We must keep the most esta directories. Molly Savino, Brief your stuff on Iraqi again. Stefano Boco who wore over there the the calm presence. Telephone a value with a professor. Continue war jacket and run on compressed air. People still government lackey say it didn't difficult especially They are okay. Yes, it's the Pakistani. Tell on this about your keys again, Beth. Alone on draft. Then we're all come. Bra's units comprise about stunting their sentence. But hagoromo sisters, Bela just doesn't make just when it starts balance there. That's compressed best and therefore no joy, Mr Stowe, But I feel I know most market lucky. Happy that e oppose the government daily jacket Cuando se Sevilla burial. They've been in the area. The coma with Pharrell available Interim using in narrow, tormented the damage. Yeah, I say go for killer Medicaid. They cook it. Stop Lobos. Tommy Farr verbally a stopper. And they Well, it it Ah, you know, if they don't do it, the other boys custom. Seven top off Viento thing Go around Trained up or Cinderella paraffin The compra in America be a pretty bow They stayed in double center But where? See? A Gallup Catatumbo fanatic Estela keep better picked up. But hey, bilking before that America only mentor intercity stuff phone up was because Sarah is a stone poquito mas stop. He was still SK stopping off in general, I think here the projectionist in style casino from the Carioca was standing on a, uh is thus it's the pattern is they found one that was stolen from the Boston area in for extra in, for example, mass balance though muscular for Mafia in Europe looking elegant in l. A and A Is Karsay a lesson? Travers Davina in Los Angeles The camera and the stuff on Molly. A lot of Alaska knows Decca in a key cabinet. Most then Weber Bente Zestafoni Rocky body summary interpret our number can be found Rumor Tito Puente was really fitted. I met this quest A bellows Malice depending kiss Kaledin Peralta Rockets was critical Starting pocket Imagine Domino's does This must be the door. Ah, explica I was with Soto's key Poquito mas or the Haram See Iraqi. But it is still dependent on the Federal Theatre with Body Armour GC. Montalban, You close? Okay. Travel school. The moment of the whole hockey. I believe I see what has escaped. What about Matias? 19. 1 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge: Well, I mean, it does. Then we wanna stumbles. And of course, So the price action. Oh, yes. Tunnels at the FTC a day for Britain was being there, Come up with an upset. Palestine was in Dolan Americana cannot be. And saying graphical the those orders it 51 s delivery Those but the other lost participated in this. Ah, we got within. Comparable are key. Did Amos look about them? Was that he did not kuna Behe sta you can say guess looking was explicable and course assembly store video. They form a theory. Honest The patroness E o carro. They in trouble Breath. It grew into a lot of minustah minustah and it's tough. Okay, was seen as the most K. Um, give this Tepito Secondo, Qaida Mikey esta linea occurred Animals market Lucky are almost speaker in graphical the area telephone A super important. A case like a lot of chicken. Say it is the affair More gc Mahdi in books are there not resistencia movie importante? We had anything when that on talk Persistent coma Supporting is the castle. You can say you know what organised Afanah copper viviendo way Say friend AKI. Then we'll go Guy Mucci. Seamus Methods one If you can say teen walk like Iniesta. Fiona came said keeper in fema containing a terrific first party style saliva When FEMA jacket and we will hear the middle way Then we're about in FEMA money faking to want on defense system Assholes Tennis star in the stuff back. But it my part of this story go away. Famous was clad. I'm in debt, Mikey. Up there The stuff Ana Molly came off Markawasi in Merida. Memos GNA Mr. Video, the patroness, the technicals. Ballet gets within about a year and and los mercados palette upset about ik if us more just with this. No, Mr. People from the America Bama's ah was still have been in 50 years. You know that a bomb we, Brandon So most think with guy people peeps money their strength I your your peeps Approximate element Bismol there the, uh critical. That better here, you hear? That was a stuff on a move for their support. How much is the most leather I started Aksum. Lucky nobody was feed his number. Win day, boss. Ah, Equitable Way a k a. The most common Tando army that care about you 20. 2 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge: Well, I haven't videos then We've always stumbles. Are if your Children if it really was you being there Same owes a lot of Canadian say and grafico the those orders you come over most puzzle of Katie will practicum in this area can probably my Stein kay yo a key and ETS tabula rockiest Africa. You know, they see No Say what I'm until we set a rather Lopa rafia cap. Assad Okay. Posterior minted was America e r. Yes, I almost cocky you. Nothing. Us, the resistencia something like Keep your focus just like you can side step into the beginning of trouble The cage was sick. I mean, they are hosting Stop Army for nothing will stop him fema they perfectly complement But don't let us stop Enough Indian Oliver began the choice though See the stuff on you? Same with forest A phone app was the 1st 1 Wildman What's in My cancer is stable door other than it was a limit a lot of people in that case put on the past people boring semanal what you're gonna see visible that comes that better one. Come on. Well, Marquis standing defenders have been dust by was already approaching our Belacevac obeyed algo people was Ceravolo Master, can I stuff? But ah, the joy stuff My personal Bogo will pour cane Trammell's in America and the government in Kiev Unifier. So we're hunting a kiss A creo star involvement of Feaster Bali. Okay, in the corner here Ah, sort of the end. Get that. It was a case that was leaning as a star speaking most people swelling better Our office Morsi Emperor North Sea and with this sizzling from bear put a lot of Montevideo Montevideo Finn blobs I keep the most Clennam and then Malika Syria is Takuya e posterior meant a place Sayeeda Alpha. Yes, I washed the most Mr Video The people's they patroness. Nicos was K common full human body is the people that we have a history of social and said to the fiesta eso when I'm in there again No professional hockey aria been Salo America, though say Valkyr. Really? Who isn't Cortona? Step into our key. Molly e finalmente lo be enough. Begala posts. She was supposed to stop capers. Yellow is they don't have an office is to people about this. Ah, the key developing human Well, e ah, the 21. 3 Usd/Cad Price Action Falling Wedge: Well, I mean, maybe those Then we'll is. Thomason is part of a larger cannot get better than a lot of really Cannell the canopy and say in graphical they does hold us on our disposal Last those men but it ego up within a breath er oppose phenomena. Distintas author of a lot better off you are getting the animals are year the desktop are Malik every mother here Ah, the condo I love people. The fifth year in a row on there's a lot of little way safer ravenous toughen up between Odhiambo coexist Are you okay? Okay, okay In the intel for color But if he does better Finalmente was said this parable Alfa e Bay most gave ah bottled in welcoming SK sick leave has a hint Take a zany Theoneste innuendo with co star last Sunday and contact restores Patrone is, uh In contrast, Bella's bona was pulled off the support a assistant keeper was carioca samba. Fact is, they said bottom better Your local akin to Sullivan for Karmazin, local staff in the American Hospital as Berlin isn't price action, It ended up red iwas or at least not enough in this state. People was born it up A couple of examples Got no se in yellow in straight. You can tell your peeps. Ah, he was 22. Eur/Usd Preparatory 17/02/2020: although there will be many Those there for a while called So they're plays action and it's locascio. Estamos handlebar alot, though are Americana and graphical those or us? You know what, though? Ah, Bones on upset about it. No book, Okay? Stuck in No, but a lot of people upset about when I got you that move. We drove in Berlin before the they lost no DF wall separates Master the momento Carlos. You know Ferro Horchow. He begins second practical Mente asi though there's there, innit? Years the vibrato? Yes, Thomas I mean that defibrillator I have seen a lot of debt. Uh, if you can say like, I was a cattle of cocoa going to get that it was long Nothing I support. They are on their way directories business. We'll see he going almost puts the moment Latin enthusiastic motor going to get who's in the galleries the most? Yes, yes, in history seeking algunas calm plus well, if again said I wanna support blessed Estefania graphical must continue. So we have a very inclusive whore by that lucky No, not for another like I either but it was the rewards are given intending then were organised Afanah better. A lot of investigation Don't move a history it graphic go. There was a lot of platforms. You get bored and was upset about what's Kit s Thomas Enough. Ona the movie for support and stuff, but it's not getting better there, but it better if you can say practicamente that is the those meal B If you see it a barricade on this knuckle moment with our resistencia No, no, Maybe it'll cover stuff. Location Afanah at a near bus stand They were stenting window on it, Um, Obama's I spit out of mother seals Americano and cover knows that. Well, you know, soon them travel ballet No, sissy, I said, Oh, my nana in a momento kit and being a graphical the audio or three anos been SAR key Aparecido Marty Leo in Gardena Awas Ah, the moment Obama's Sea Consider our battery on DiBella. You know, split. I are even difficult. See America or keep of here in Continental Nothin. I support a pineapple in a lot of money. The moment of video of the Kentucky See, I love putting up was called in right now. Yes, yes, 23. Eur/Usd Open operation Hammer and Tweezers Bottom 20/02/2020: Well, I'm a movie. Maybe those were stomach indentified a little bit there. Say he must bar a lot Americano in graphical us Sam reasonably made a video for the land was kick him in the mosque. A lot of India brutal history Star planner E k r. Your comment jalape whiskey and stuff Area Uh, no. One key area. Almost nothing. They support the movement 1,000,000 Board that when I finally support taken any Yeah, there's day or no Syria Avocado. There's there off meal, the FCC there. Ah, canto the he most momentum. Okay, it's been come or accent on a pretty honest afanah finalmente stuff over the Endo Parrot Second field Brando e momento stuff it's not become was and stuff Another keep was what was up with yet? Okay, I mooching brother the compass stuff on African Say calm Braskem for a keepsake For the O malley Several your star is bringing a foreigner in Syria They support is No. Two. The fanciful in this was the practicum in the prison yard. Eyes move if it is a bigger than it was intent on a better leader. Mr. Fiona I, Compass Cay the renewable and battery well are called is a worldwide and dark hair. Dunakey then will say Farina and whoever if you can say AKI Basin and compress the Nuevo Ballet aqui Signoria with almost 1/3 martini. Oh, money. I wasn't a car Global case, but I don't think it is under threat. Ik almost Come on. Come on, come in. Hello and video They the patroness was his interests and they upset about the financing. Martino second Ribalta, I you mean didn't know? Then move on a bad leader if he can see Jackie, the new Ebola intern, Cobra's decompress scalable interim mass compress into lest a phone a ballet asked a k a. The other it was established in instead Gordon in trouble. In the moment you come, Okoto Nothing a week Lado seven AKI Yurt Esto Los Thrace perimeters aggressive If you wanna team using masking Bolton Valaika Telemundo prolific are gets on the perimeter is a drink The future 40 into it. And if you wanna tear, think when double kindred Officer, if you wanna tear city in the U $14 off the solid want the toda esta Qaeda last I step, uh, joke Ariel killed about the common Medio The area, their nose, You know, uh una correct Feehan Domino's asked that stuff ona Jackie injury, but it entry is different. Limited Everyone achieved during the future even the Dynamos People pointing salmon el mercado I see. And it's the longer than ever since people pointing where the kids marshall minnows locally correspond the area the toda esta Qaida que Ramos bill the total Control Bama's I sped up the mercy acaba from Fernando Po is esta static is D o g um A post Oh, stop the they e the couple under the money management Molly Cohen lovin prize actually skipped with is a start simply are a scandal Abysmal ballet better this way Yeah, it was called cointelpro issued A press here knows them will just piss Koskinen stuff ona istan and just complicity 24. EurUsd Closed operation Hammer and Tweezers Bottom 26/02/2020: Well, I have been in those then. Rebel call. So there is like chunk of people Points say he must school a little a lot. American biographical us government was Can Father Yeah, Joel. Okay, Joe Bockius Ido I studied history for but a moment kid e a hotel stop was looking for a miracle. This tale Yes, their alibis Martino something cuenta por ciento up enough young Could any have yet run it in the star? And it's time for lucky. Ah, poco por que they stop it Kiev Montecarlo find support a way for tanto que no podia target He anticipated your but it was especially found support among their most everything went ok on support Is this the kind of feel throw preview Cipolla require money better guys step on top with video Lagunas saying again The Gambia Ah kee! Mr Hockey was a fear that mean fastball that was being but better last last mustn't resent is the first person Mr Tusk a matter covered Want this stuff on Iraqi The most cocky breath you the right stuff ona so that the different under compresses or I see that NFL season them with what they Yankee knows Decca Hammer or Martina when I stop Fiona most money it was a key. Isn't Adam into Martina Posterior mente? Viviendo complete in India Love directories Bautista came when the Americans started. I started telling sentimental No, Consider down there. Well, the corner here seven aqui live working and move Just compress. But he was the number one has been fast. See, Syrian has been fast 10 million Winter storm off with three Mr Marty Leo happen if in fact the mobile telephone A they eso 40 in a current in terrible that I'm no longer on CNN Weber Corica be finalmente poise VFA without any of the other members are Sister Yaki. One hasn't been fast K when What? We almost the seed cannot come feel Marianne Light and then fear that anything went up was a de e Marty reentering those patroness lab at any rate went up arrest a communed most they call it Stop. Yeah, yeah, so damn book. Oh, I see. But I think when the office if you are are you okay? Okay. Rosemary Carlos at the time this will be your key. Ah, good Tambien is where they would be more video Bando was split. Candor, steeps or winos? Consequence by price action is consequence Implies is serious. E nella spit. Okay, let's start. Ah, okay. Length and fueling The explicar plays located transaction Like a lot of Muslims plus Mallya Indestructible years he win perspective. Come in A startled But after his camera jockey for Sandalow mess pronto can really practical in the canopy. And was that out of your eyes? Money is implemented. Incontrera Possibles. Carlos, he approached us. 25. Tips And Tricks For Price Action: Well, I hardly believe those than mobile adfl focal that I saw a man they locate. I'll call something. Valley is a local Distract our power in the ah, the beginning Video on water. Concert goers can get from them in Dallas, but price action Bali. You know, the rather did John tricks. But on a winner this that I hear the protection Don't drink being a cell come upon Sarkozy . True cause ah is more simply. But this one was that squatter conclusions about it. Okay, Okay. But then into the sand. In a moment you love the media. These a licking. But the pieces last and it's ok. Last gave it dissenters mass Komuro Twellman data the archaeological But he says it is and I have been looking as apprehended. Oh, it was a patroness gossip with an appropriate most unlucky on Thursday on Elita being lenient Expedia lead injury from Dallas Directory says Gupta Durangos todo esto is more important. Park it taste this, does it. It's important that will be that said their readers x Terry Oreste. But alas, gave the plant is one Principia poor winner. Sac Capital's protest conclusion is, but it will be that thin The gurus entered into analysis is second with copious come close , to be honest with a total of everything because because yes, Obama harkis toe Bassel Very Cassie. But it will be that interest or second too slow. Pius conclusion is control is the key here. We'll be, they told the Lord posted on Monday. Take a bullet to money management. We important tickle color to monitor management that is, they require care of Gadhafi on the scalp. Where to? Money management Parasitic. Our conclusion is Europe DeBose Jelimo committed salary seven Disturbia Their money management for stroke is very important to know my sad Muka They Mr Oh so the bunny's gonna the CIA, you know, if you know it starts on a release for Dallas Guarantee in Britain Man Si entra You know this year they need a Yukon Fear into started here for analysis and recovery could escape said Winner noted And ground cover Cigna. Then there is the medical was no yes down No, there was absolutely ended. Mullah Nice part based on video and a human scalp was no strong money management, he asked, Well, yeah, but it e uh just that it's just looking all scary argument that even I mean, tip was one of just a few years. You think you know where this the auto Vice? The Mr Close Enough? Yes.